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Title of the book: Literacy Place

Title of the story: Cinderquacker

Author: Mike Thaler

Page: 21


    Wand- a slender stick or rod, esp. one carried by a fairy, magician, conjurer,


    Bill- a beak a narrow promontory the end of an anchor fluke (of doves) to

      stroke each other with their bills.

    Fairy- a small super natural being, capable of intervening in human affairs,

      usually in order to help.

    Yelled- to utter a loud, inarticulate cry on shout esp. in expression of

      emotion, pain or excitement.

    Mean- small minded, petty, unkind or positively spiteful and bad tempered.


     A little duck name cinderquacker had 2 sisters, cinderquacker made her mop

the floor, fill the pots and wash pans her friends were only a cat and a rat Don and

Ron. She always dreams of the Prince.

      One day the prince was having a big dance all ladies in their town went to

the big dance only cinderquackers left alone. So she was very was until her fairy

mom came. So fairy mom gave her gave her wand a top and she became very
beautiful with a nice and pretty dress, her two friends became a van and a man to

drive the van so she went to the big dance. At the dance cinderquacker and prince

got a dance until the clock got 12:00 she runs out the door and she left her shoe.

The prince find the owner of the shoe, the prince asked cinderquacker to put her

on the shoe, the prince felled because it fits. They were so very happy and they

lived happily ever after.


The story tells about that there is always a rainbow after the rain meaning if you

suffered a lot yesterday, tomorrow will bring the best that you can be just hope

and pray God is always there anywhere we go.

       Once there was a little duck. Her name was Cinderquacker. Cinderquacker

had two mean sisters. They made her mop the floor. They made her fill the pots.

They made her wash the pans. Her only friends were a cat and a rat- Dan and Ron.

She sat on the mat with the cat and the rat. They would sit lap to lap and all take a

nap. Cinderquacker would dream of the prince. The prince was a big dance. But,

he did not ask cinderquacker to go to it. Cinderquacker sisters got to go.” Off we

go”. They said and they ran to the dance. Cinderquacker was sad. Then in came

her Fairy mom. “Would you like to go the dance?” She asked.” Yes,yes”, said

Cinderquacker. So her Fairy Mom gave her wand tap. And pop…Cinderquacker

had on a pretty dress. Then she gave her wand another tap. And pop… Don

turned into a van. Ronturned into a man to drive the van Cinderquacker got in

and off they went at the dance, Cinderquacker ran up to the prince. “I like you”,

she said. “Let’s dance” And they did, until the big clock hit twelve! “I have to go”,

said Cinderquacker. Then she ran out the door. As she ran, Cinderquacker

stopped to toss off her shoe. “I will find the foot to fit this shoe”, said the Prince.

All the birds ran to put it on. Ram! It did not fit. I am! It did not fit. Hop! It did not

fit. Pop! It did not fit. Then the Prince came to Cinderquacker’s house. “Will you

put this shoe on? He said.” It fits”, yelled the prince. He gave Cinderquacker a big

kiss on the bill. “You fit the bill”, said Cinderquacker . Then they ran off and lived

happily ever after.

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