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                              Table Of Contents

Introduction ...................................................................................... 6 

Chapter 1: The Internet Revolution................................................... 11 
The Proper Mindset .............................................................................. 13 
Web 1.0 vs. Web 2.0 .............................................................................. 15 
Why More and More People Are Going Online ........................................... 17 
High Touch Versus High Tech................................................................. 19 

Chapter 2: Branding Is The Key ........................................................ 21 
Credibility is Vital ................................................................................ 23 
The Speed of Trust............................................................................... 25 
Know Thyself....................................................................................... 27 
Tell Thy Story ..................................................................................... 29 
Branding Yourself With A Blog................................................................ 31 
Branding Yourself With Social Networking ............................................... 34 
Brand Yourself By Writing A Book ........................................................... 37 
Outsourcing an E-book ......................................................................... 39 

Chapter 3: Generating Leads ............................................................ 41 
Traffic is King ......................................................................................................... 43 
Capturing Leads ..................................................................................................... 45 
Creating Your Funnel ............................................................................................ 48 
Building Your TARGETED List .............................................................................. 51 
How to Drive Traffic Using Craigslist ................................................................... 54 
How Blogging Can Work For You ......................................................................... 56 
How to Get Leads Through Social Networking ..................................................... 59 
How to Get Leads Using Press Releases................................................................ 62 
How to Get Leads From Ad Swaps ........................................................................ 65 
How to Drive Traffic Using Forums ...................................................................... 68 

Getting Traffic Through Article Directory Submissions ........................................ 71 
Getting Traffic Through Search Engine Optimization ...........................................74 
Getting Traffic Through Google AdWords ............................................................. 77 
Automating Traffic................................................................................................. 80 

Chapter 4: Monetizing Your Leads................................................... 82 
Generic Info Products at the Front End ................................................................ 84 
The Free-Low-High Model .................................................................................... 86 
Dealing With Sales Letters .................................................................................... 88 
Affiliate Marketing For Profits .............................................................................. 93 
Going At It For The Long Term ..............................................................................97 

Chapter 5: Examples Of Powerful Home Businesses At Work .......... 99 
Magnetic Sponsoring ............................................................................................ 101 
The Renegade Network Marketer ........................................................................103 

Recommended Resources .............................................................. 109 

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Welcome to Maximum Profit, Zero Competition!

My name is Khai, and if you do not know who I am, you might have encountered
my handiwork on the Internet as I run one of the most successful Internet
marketing services for the past 2 years.

In this book, you will learn all about a special technique called “Market Fusion”.

This is the one and only marketing technique that you will hear me talk about for
many years to come because it has enabled me to generate more than 6 figures
over the last couple of months and if it has worked very well for me, it will work
for you too!

You will be shocked to know that about 24 months ago, my financial situation
was so bad; you would never believe that I was actually in that state. Here’s what

Worse Than Broke…

I won’t say that I’m a fast learner. Before I got started in Internet marketing, I
was what people considered as an ‘MLM junkie’.

I’ve tried virtually every business under the sun because I wanted nothing but
success for myself – no matter how long it took. It has led me to join one network
marketing opportunity after another. At least 10… Yes, I joined more companies
than some people switched jobs in a lifetime.

Not convinced? Look…

These are all my starter kits stacked together. (For your information, a ‘starter kit’
is a catalog of materials you get when you first join a network marketing

I was worse than broke – spending money I didn’t have on costly business
opportunities. My then girlfriend even threatened to leave me if I kept on
persisting in these ‘schemes’…

After stubbornly joining so many opportunities, I kept on searching for the Holy
Grail of marketing techniques. But alas, I kept forgetting the golden rule – “The
definition of INSANITY is by doing the same thing over and over again and
expecting different results!”

The Birth Of A Ground Breaking Concept…

Somehow, I just didn’t ‘get it’.

I knew that these business models were definitely profitable. The question is…
“HOW”? How do I make it work? So I was forced to try something different.

After all these companies, I started dabbling online late 2006.

Back then, I was in my first joint venture or JV with another marketer who
excelled at selling E-books on the Internet. I compiled all the knowledge I knew
about network marketing and wrote 3 books on the subject.

The books sold like HOT Cakes! For ONCE, I actually did something RIGHT!

That was the birth of the concept called Fusionology. Although I never named it
as such, the concept was already working for me during my early days.

Since then, I never looked back!

There IS An Easier Way…

Here’s why it finally ‘worked’ for me.

What are the biggest markets you can name on the Internet?

Internet marketing? Network marketing? Home business? Personal Development?
Motivation? These niches make big money, right?

There’s only one problem… competition!

So how does one get around it? Simple – by combining the niches together to
create a special ‘FUSION Niche’ like what I did with Internet Marketing and my
network marketing knowledge.

Here’s how I did it…

It works because:

   (1) You are getting the best of all the worlds by getting a slice from all the
       profitable markets!
   (2) There are very few competitors in the Fusion niches. Sure there are
       Internet marketing gurus and Personal development experts, but rarely do
       you find both. There are home business or network marketing experts as
       well, but how many do you know are actually good with Internet

   (3) You can develop a personal brand on the Internet because the Internet
       basically levels the playing field! So it doesn’t matter if you have been
       marketing for years or if you are brand new – anyone can bring their
       market online and make it BIG!

More Than Just Theory

What you will learn in the rest of the book is not just theory but the exact
methods that I use to combine the three markets together. Make sure you check
out the recommended resources and you will be able to make 6 figure income just
like me.

To your success!

Founder Of “No Competition, Fusionology Marketing”

                                       - 10 -
 Chapter 1:
The Internet Revolution

         - 11 -

The Internet has changed the way we do business.

                                    - 12 -
                  The Proper Mindset

We all have an image of home businesses as it once was. Perhaps when you hear
the term you’re picturing the home parties. Or people who don’t know when to
leave family and friends alone. Perhaps you see long hours of door knocking or
telephone prospecting that are not only tedious but largely ineffective.

Fortunately, the world has changed, and home businesses has changed with it.
The single greatest home business tool has become the Internet, the place where
people from all over the world connect. Inherent in the Internet is a tool which
can bring prospects to you—rather than you going out to find them. With the
Internet, you’ll be able to spend your time talking to people who have a real
interest in what you’re doing, instead of trying to convince poorly qualified
prospects that they do, in fact, have an interest. You’ll be able to put together
powerful downlines which will make you the kind of success you want to be. Best
of all, you can build credibility and trust—and do so with hundreds of people at a
time, instead of only one person at a time.

The Internet, when used correctly, is the single greatest tool a network marketer
can have at his disposal. Respect the net, follow its unwritten rules, and use it
correctly, and you’ll find it serves you for years to come. Ignore its power or use it
in an ineffective fashion, and you’ll find yourself buried at link number 500,000
out of 1 million, and you won’t see any money at all.

First, however, you’re going to have to let go of one myth. This is not a “plug and
play” proposition. You may have a company issued website, but if you think you
can simply sit on that website and hope that people find their way to it and begin
ordering, you’ve got a long way to go. Remember that the hundreds of thousands
of people in your organization all have websites just like yours, and many of them

                                        - 13 -
have websites that have been around a lot longer. Unless you can find a way to
start standing out, the other websites are going to be walking off with vast
portions of the business you want.

                                     - 14 -
                     Web 1.0 vs. Web 2.0
Not only do you have the power of the Internet to use, but you also have the
power of Web 2.0.

Web 1.0 is the term for the old days of the World Wide Web, when a webmaster
would put together a site and people would come visit a site. There wasn’t much
more interaction in Web 1.0 than you might have found watching your average
television program.

In Web 2.0, the playing field has been altered by social networking and social
bookmarking. Through these mediums, some people become contributors to the
process. They help other users find their way to the best of the best on the
Internet, and they comment, provide their own information, and get links to their
own sites in return. If Web 1.0 was like a television show, Web 2.0 is like a
massive party that never stops, a never ending conversation about any topic you
can imagine.

In short, Web 2.0 is about meaningful participation. So a good, thoughtful user
of Web 2.0 is not only going to offer meaningful participation, but will also find
ways to foster it.

A Web 2.0 user is always going to be more focused on the content and the
delivery of the content than the packaging. It’s all well and good to have some
pretty graphics, but if you don’t have some substance to back it up, you’ll lose.
Today’s Internet user is quite impatient with sites that don’t deliver. If your
presence on the web doesn’t deliver the “goods”—fails to capture interest and
provide value—then it will show.      It will show as your rankings on social
bookmarking sites plummet to zero or to virtual non-existence. It will also show
as your Google rankings plunge in turn. It will show in your traffic, in your

                                      - 15 -
comments, in what’s said about you elsewhere on the Internet, on the number of
times people link to you.

Which is why, a static, single, company-provided web page is only a tool in your
toolbox, not the entirety of the work you need to be doing.

                                       - 16 -
   Why More and More People Are
          Going Online

They say real estate is all about “location, location, location.” A new restaurant is
going to want to be as close to where people go as possible. A hot downtown
hotspot or a prominent location along a busy street is going to bring people and
profits fast, where a location on the very outskirts of town, as things begin going
rural and traffic disappears, could be a disaster. You go where the money is.

In the modern world, unless you happen to be a restaurant or an amusement
attraction, the “money,” more and more, is going to the internet. With nearly

                                       - 17 -
everybody living in a time crunch and families struggling just to sit down at the
table with one another, fewer and fewer people have the patience for long lines
and pushy crowds. Why should anyone put up with such things when, with the
touch of a button, the shopper can ensure quality products come right to the door
with a mere shipping surcharge that amounts to little more than what the price of
gas would have been anyway?

Let’s not even talk about telemarketing. Businesses either try to navigate the Do
Not Call list, resort to annoying computers and auto-dialers, or drop phone sales
altogether. Some of the more unscrupulous businesses pretend they never heard
“take me off your list” the first nineteen times. It’s getting to where nobody wants
to answer their phones anymore, because the phones have been abused. Now if
someone filled out a form somewhere, saying “please call me,” and got a call,
they’re expecting that. They want the contact. But for the most part, people are
perfectly willing to keep watching television while the caller eats answering

Door to door is getting dangerous. Parties are just as time consuming as
traditional shopping—and rely on starting up with that old tired standby, friends
and family. Even if you’re shameless enough to start there (or are marketing the
kind of product that makes all your girlfriends want to come play), that is a pool
with finite resources. You can only sell to the same pool so many times unless
they really like your product. Hotel meetings are expensive for very little return,
and are more about hype than substance. Furthermore, you already know
that you don’t want to do these things. You picked up these books because you
don’t like to “sell”, even though selling is a crucial part of your business, and you
don’t feel right trying to get something for nothing, even if the only price of
“something” is some sort of mutually beneficial relationship.

That’s where the internet can swoop in to save the day.

                                       - 18 -
      High Touch Versus High Tech

What if you could make a pitch strictly to the people who were intrigued enough
with what you had to offer to come looking for you? What if you built a
marketing campaign around the concept that you only wanted to market to
people who had given you permission to share your information with them?
Wouldn’t that be powerful? Wouldn’t that put your conscience at ease?

What if you could put this power to work for you whether you were at home, on
the golf course, playing with your two year old, or composing your next

You could spend 8 hours a day with a “high touch,” face-to-face campaign and
talk to maybe 12 people. There’s nothing wrong with this approach. It is
personable and it is traditional—for the people with the personality to withstand
high degrees of constant rejection and who are naturally charismatic and
talkative. If this isn’t you, great news: you can beat them out every time.

Because you’re going to put the power of the Internet to work for you in order to
reach 120 people today, in about 18 minutes of focused effort the right way. You
may not sell to 120 people, but all 120 people want to be there for the few minutes
you have them. If said 120 people reject you, you rarely, if ever, even know about
it or notice it, unless you get the rare odd duck who wants to send you nasty e-
mail. Instead of having to pump yourself up to stay positive, you hit “delete” and
notice someone else has deposited money into your account, signed in for your
opt-in e-mail list, or requested more information about your work-at-home

Sales—any kind of sales—has a wonderful quality. It’s this: it is the only scenario
in all of the planet where the so called “Law of Averages” actually works. This
means the more people you get in front of, the more likely you are to sell. It’s that
simple. Even someone with a rotten 50% close rate is going to sell more if he
talks to 120 people than someone with a stellar 85% close rate talking to only 12.

                                       - 19 -
The Law of Averages goes even a little bit further. If you are a network marketer
in New York City, practicing the old way, you are limited, more or less, to the
number of potentially interested people in New York City. That’s a pretty big
number and you could potentially do very well with that number—if you are
effective enough at the kind of time, travel, and talk that would allow you to find
these people.

People who use the internet have, potentially, every potentially interested person
on the planet who has internet access. Stop and think about that for a moment.
Think about the differences in the numbers. Stagger a little.

Then realize this: because of the way a downline works, you only need to connect
and hold on to a QUALITY FRACTION of that planetary number.

Utilize the internet effectively, and you cannot fail. The reason so many network
marketers fail is because they don’t utilize the internet effectively. They lack the
business skills, they’re caught up on the easy money, they’re so sold on the
product they can’t see why everyone doesn’t want it, or they’re still back in the
Stone Age. They don’t invest anything in their educations the way you have, so
they fail.

You’re going to succeed.

                                       - 20 -
Chapter 2:
Branding Is The Key

       - 21 -

You can have the best product in the world, but if nobody knows about it, you’re

                                     - 22 -
                    Credibility is Vital

No matter what your business is, no matter how you bring it to the world, your
success or failure will rise and fall on one thing: your ability to establish and keep
your credibility. We’re living in a world where customers have been burned
again…and again… and again.              Shoddy, overpriced products.          Planned
obsolescence. Items that are unsafe, services that don’t do what they promise,
customer service lines that instruct you to keep right on talking to the computer
and pressing buttons until that computer is ready for you to hurry up and wait on
hold for the next 45 minutes.

Is it any wonder any company and any leader who can demonstrate qualities like
integrity and excellence can captivate a crowd and bring prosperity to his door?
There are so many business vampires out there that we’re all in search of some
business knight. It doesn’t take the next big invention, it doesn’t take the
snazziest gadget, and it doesn’t, even in today’s economy, take the lowest price.
What it takes is nothing more than doing what you promised and being direct
when you’ve made a mistake that might negatively impact your ability to do so.

Yet credibility can be a catch-22. It takes time to build relationships and time to
build a reputation. A new business can feel like the frustrated college student
who is trying to get a job. “In order to have a job I need experience, but how can I
get experience if I can’t get a job?” Fortunately, there are other ways you can
build credibility. They work no matter where you are in the life of your business.
Some of them don’t cost very much money. Some of them will even help
you make money. What they will cost you is time, effort, and commitment. This
is not a path for the lazy or the faint of heart.

Of course, it does you no good to have credibility if nobody knows that you’re out
there, so along the way you’re going to learn some strategies to get visible, so that
everyone is able to find out for themselves how trustworthy you are. Instead of

                                        - 23 -
begging the world for new customers month after month, you’ll enjoy an
established relationship with your old customers that will simply attract the right
new customers to you. You’ll spend more time providing value than talking about
value, and you’ll reap the rewards for your diligence.
Just keep this in mind at every step: credibility is the new currency of the new
economy. The money that you receive is just a placeholder for the value you
provide and the trust you inspire. Money is getting from point A to point B,
credibility and value are the fuels that get you there.

                                      - 24 -
                    The Speed of Trust

Business today occurs at the “speed of trust.” This phrase is a catchy way of
saying that the life of your business is more dependent on your ability to keep
customers than it is to catch them. Of course, you always want new customers.
But focusing all your effort on gaining customers is a little like standing in a wind
tunnel full of butterflies, holding a net. If the butterflies don’t like the net, you’ll
catch each of them one time before they’re on to you. Pretty soon, you’re out of

Customers who have spent money with you once are more likely to spend more
money with you again. They already had an interest in your products. They
already demonstrated that they are a motivated buyer. You have a relationship
with these people. Spending $20.00 with you worked out the first time, so if you
offer the right things there’s much less resistance to spending the next $40.00.

Like attracts like. Happy customers attract more happy customers. They write
glowing testimonials, provide referrals, and proudly display their involvement
with your business. Take care of the client base you have and you’ll find your way
to more clients. It’s just that simple.

It’s not just a matter of “underpromise and overdeliver!” That’s a great maxim,
and it’s certainly not something you should forget to do. It’s also in knowing
when you can’t deliver and having the guts to say so, preferably before you take
on the commitment. It is amazing what lengths customers will go to work with
you when you’re clear. Most customers don’t expect you to always be able to
conform to their schedules. They’d rather know for a fact that you’ll tell them
exactly what you can and can’t accomplish for them. Trust that if they have to go
somewhere else for this one job they’ll still come back to you again for future
ones—but it’s more likely that they’ll be blown away by your ability to walk away
from their pocketbook for their own good. By putting their needs ahead of yours,
nine times out of ten, you’ll find, “I need it by Friday!” can become, “You know
what, Monday’s actually fine.”

                                         - 25 -
In the day to day motions of your business you can do this in a number of ways.
If you have a lot of employees you can set up clear, easy to follow guidelines for
dealing with customers. If it’s just you, you can be very careful and honest about
how you manage your time. If you take on too much you have to be willing to go
ahead and outsource some labor so that you can deliver as agreed. Most of all,
you can stay educated so that you always know what you’re talking about.

                                      - 26 -
                          Know Thyself

It’s all about focusing on your strengths.

A parcel service called Spee-D Delivery is going to deliver a different kind of
service then Get It There With Care. They’re not going to attract the same
customer base, because different things are important to different customers.
But you can bet both parcel services are going to do well. These businesses know
what they’re good at. They know what they’re about and they’ve taken the time
to communicate what they’re about. They’re certainly going to beat out the parcel
company down the street, the one named, i-Deliver. Chances are i-Deliver is
trying to be all things to all people, and they’re going to end up failing.

Branding isn’t just about attracting the right customers—the ones who want
speed versus the ones who want their packages handled with the utmost care—
but also about implying a specific promise. A company like i-Deliver is leaving
the promise up to the imagination of the consumer, leaving the consumer to fill in
the blanks themselves and figure out what the definition of “good” service is to
them. Thus he can only keep the customers who don’t care very much one way or
another, and is left with very little to distinguish himself from the competition—
except maybe price. Yet even price will not save him if a fourth business, Deliver
Cheap, opens up three blocks down.

Get it There With Care is never going to bother selling how fast they can get
something somewhere. It gets there when it gets there, because they’re trying to
make sure the package doesn’t break. It’s the top rated service for fragile items
that need a little TLC. A customer is unlikely to complain if it takes Get it There
With Care up to two weeks to get the goods where they’re going—especially
because the company has posted this fact plainly for anyone to see.            The
company is promising care, and not speed, and so the only angry customers Get it
There are likely to see are the rare ones for whom there was an accident leading
to a package break. Conversely, Spee-D might offer to insure your package, but
they’re certainly not going to go about guaranteeing that nothing’s going to

                                        - 27 -
happen. Therefore, the only angry customers Spee-D will have to deal with are
the ones whose packages arrived late. The unfortunately named i-Deliver is
going to end up with all sorts of angry customers, because there’s no implicit
promise at all, leaving customers only with “I want what I want when I want it.”
That’s not a good place to leave your customers in.

So today, sit down and write down what makes your business unique. Are you
fast? Affordable? Dependable? Careful? Do you excel with communicating with
your customers? There are always going to be other people in the world who
have your same product or your same skill set. What sets your business apart
from all the other businesses that do exactly the same thing? When you know
your primary strength you can begin emphasizing that strength in everything that
you do, so that the people around you associate that specific quality with yourself
and your business.

                                      - 28 -
                         Tell Thy Story

Once you understand who you are and who your business is, you’ve got to find a
way to get that knowledge to everyone else. It doesn’t matter how brilliant you
are. You’re not going to get anywhere if the only people who know how to find
your brilliance are down the hall from your mother’s basement.

Marketing is nothing more than the simple act of finding a way to get the word
out about who you are and what you do. Some methods are better than others,
and some are more expensive, but you’ve got to dive right in somehow. Even if
you make some mistakes, you have to start. You should avoid being intimidated
by the term if you’ve never dealt with marketing before. Even placing a classified
ad is a form of marketing.

Luckily, the days where your marketing efforts might have revolved around
sticking fliers under windshield wipers on a hot summer’s day are gone. You can
use the internet to do the bulk of the job for you. While you’re getting your name
out there, you can be showing what you know. You’ll be building your credibility
and your brand all at the same time, and because you want that credibility to be
synonymous with your brand this won’t be a problem at all.

You just have to be ready and able to learn how to bring your authentic you to
your marketing efforts on the internet. You have to learn how to tell your story in
a way that provides solid value to your readers instead of just another commercial.
You want people to think of you and think, “Now there’s someone who knows
what he’s talking about.”

Internet marketing is cheap, fast, effective, and even fun. Increasing your
visibility in a mature, thoughtful way will increase your credibility before you’ve
even signed a single customer. By sharing the value of your time and knowledge
at no additional expense to the consumer you’ll ensure that the right customers,
the paying customers who want your product exactly as you deliver it, will come
flocking to your door both online and offline.

                                      - 29 -
Did you know there are some people today who won’t buy anything from a
company that does not have some sort of presence on the world wide web? These
days it looks downright unprofessional not to have some sort of internet presence.
It makes you look like you’re on a tight budget, or as if you’re stuck in some rural
area that hasn’t heard of the internet yet. This is not the impression you’ll want
to convey. People want to check things out for themselves on the internet before
they ever talk to a human being about it—when they want to talk to a human
being at all. So you want to make sure that you’re packing a powerful leadership
punch with every word you type.

                                      - 30 -
       Branding Yourself With A Blog

Blogging is a great way to market yourself and to interact with other people on
the internet who are interested in what you have to say. This isn’t a personal blog
which might wax poetic about yesterday’s trip to the grocery store. This is going
to be a targeted blog which focuses on offering specific information to tackle
specific problems.

Let’s take our parcel business Spee-D Delivery. Spee-D wants to start a blog, and
he wants to come up with nine starter posts that he can auto-load into Wordpress
so that they post at regular intervals without him having to constantly manage
entries and to give him time to come up with another set. He knows he wants to
establish himself as a leader in the industry, so he sits and thinks about some
topics which might get him where he wants to go. He might choose:

   •   Challenges small business owners face with shipping
   •   The importance of speed in shipping
   •   How Spee-D handled the speed problem
   •   Packaging tips for safe, fast delivery
   •   Things to look for when you choose a packaging company
   •   An announcement about how Spee-D just hired three more customer
       service agents so that orders can get processed faster
   •   Why you always want to insure your packages
   •   Things you want to send slow (this goes to implied promise: Spee-D
       doesn’t really want to deliver a box full of china)
   •   How to sell shipping on your website (with specific instructions on how to
       get set up with Spee-D shipping for your product or service)

Of course, not every post on the list is going to talk about how fast Spee-D is.
That doesn’t create very much value at all. Most of the posts all focus on the
customer’s needs and problems, with just enough posts that point back to Spee-D
to keep what the company does clear in the customer’s mind. Spee-D might

                                        - 31 -
name the blog, “The Small Business Solutions” blog and branch out into other
sorts of customer issues as well, because Spee-D is certainly a small business and
has all the other headaches a small business owner has: taxes, marketing,
advertising, customer service, and whatnot. What good is it going to do Spee-D
to post on these? Just this. Spee-D is further branding himself as the fast,
friendly, small business expert, making small businesses who are in a position to
use his services far more likely to come to him.

People like faces. They like faces better than they like brand logos and pictures.
Brand logos and pictures are necessary tools, of course, but it is people who
people relate to. Traditionally this is done with a face to face sales team, but
tradition never accounted for a global economy and a booming internet
marketplace. You might be operating out of the attic, and your customers may
never see the inside of your building at all.

Even if there is a physical building somewhere for customers to visit, do you
really want to miss out on customers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana just because
you’re sitting in an office up in Flint, Michigan? Your competitors certainly are
finding ways to tap into business markets all across the countries. It is a sink or
swim economy.

Whether you’re on Facebook, making an About page for your blog, or joining a
forum, a profile page is the way you put a face on your business. You’re telling
people who it is they’re going to relate to when they do business with you. It tells
people that you, personally, are a leader. It tells them you might be someone
worth getting to know, and that you might care about more than just your bottom
line. So it’s important to get your profile right.

Your photograph is perhaps the single most important part of this equation.
People are going to forget what your profile said before they forget what you look
like. Choose a clean, face shot photograph. It does not matter if you’re gorgeous
or not, just be smiling and try to avoid anything with red eyes. Most people don’t
like what they look like, even supermodels. So just find something that expresses
who you are. You need a relaxed photo in reasonable clothing.

                                       - 32 -
Once you’ve chosen a photo you should use the same one for every site you create
a profile on. If you change one photo you should change them all.

You should also use your own name. People want to know Joe Smith, they don’t
want to know js389. It can be difficult, sometimes, to work a name around your
own name, because all too often someone else is using the same name. But there
will always be places where you can slip your own name in there, enough that
people at least understand the name of the person behind that string of lowercase
letters and frustrated numbers.

Think up a few focused words to say about what your business is about and don’t
just say what kind of business it is. Again, this is an opportunity to brand
yourself. If you’re Spee-D, you might say, “My goal in life is to help small
business owners impress their customers through unparalleled delivery services
that the bigger packaging companies just can’t provide.” That’s going to be far
more effective then, “I deliver packages. Fast!”

                                     - 33 -
     Branding Yourself With Social

If you’re not on Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter, you need to rectify that
situation today. You should also be checking out social bookmarking sites
like or Squidoo is like a blog, social
bookmark, and social networking site all in one, and is definitely worth a visit as
the essence of Web 2.0.

The thing to remember about all of these tools is that you are networking, which
means you can’t get away with a hit-and-run strategy. You’ve actually got to stick
around to contribute and network. If you place social bookmarks to your own
stuff you can’t do it every single time you make a blog post—but do it when you
put the really good stuff up. In the meanwhile, look for relevant sites that you can
bookmark, so that you look like a contributor—not a billboard. The same is true
for Squidoo.

On Myspace and Facebook the trick is to join some relevant groups and start
talking so that you can honestly make some friends. Your friends will find their
way to your profile, which you’ll take some time to set up. You’ll use your picture
to increase trust. You’ll also use your links to get traffic to your sites—but that’s
secondary to making a name for yourself on this most important of forums.

Facebook can link to Squidoo and Twitter. You can use Twitter to announce new
blog posts and updates to Squidoo which then get social bookmarked through
Digg. An integrated strategy can really drive your business. It also makes you
more accessible.

Whatever you do, don’t comment spam. Comment spamming is the practice of
making a friend request just so you can hop onto someone’s page and make a
comment with one’s ad on it. On Myspace, if your profile isn’t set private, some
people even go so far as to just show up and comment. This is rude—the

                                       - 34 -
equivalent of showing up at a party just to shove an ad in a person’s face before
walking off again. That’s not networking and that’s certainly not friendship.

If you can’t find a relevant group, start one, and start discussion threads to get
people talking! You need to talk too—you can’t just sit back and sponsor. Act as a
moderator and get your own point of view in there. Who knows? You might even
learn something.

If you really can’t find a group that works—and you should check to make sure
you’re not re-inventing the wheel—it’s easy enough to create one of your own.
Again, the question in your mind should be how much you can contribute, not
just how much traffic or how much of a friend’s list you can hijack.

You want to make sure the emphasis of your group is focused. Within the broad
category of “forests” there are dozens of sorts of trees. If you’re a birch tree, then
create a group that focuses on other birch trees. There’s no point talking to pine
trees, they’re not on the same wavelength. Just stick to the birch trees.

Make sure there’s enough to talk about. What issues are people in your
demographic facing? If you’re a network marketer, and you’ve narrowed yourself
down to “Moms in network marketing,” then what problems are Moms in
Network Marketing facing? This will become the basis for your discussion

You can add value to your group by hosting group events and seminars. You can
take some of your e-book content, or blog post content, or e-mail content and
repackage it into a seminar. You’ll brand yourself as an expert, network live, take
questions and answers, and perhaps gain some dedicated downline members on
the spot. You’ll do this the fair and reasonable way, not the spazzy way.

Write a solid description of your group. Make sure the description is “keyword
rich.” That is, when someone types a relevant keyword into the search box you
want reasons for the group to show up. You need interested people to find your
group. Another way to ensure you get people is to choose a relevant category and
sub-category. People who don’t know exactly what they are looking for often
browse by category.

                                        - 35 -
Keep things fun and lively. Imagine your group is a never-ending party which
you are hosting. You want your group to be a fun place to “be” on the Internet so
that your users continue to interact with you. Remember, interaction is key to
Internet 2.0. You just can’t get by without it.

                                     - 36 -
Brand Yourself By Writing A Book

There’s no denying it: e-books are hot. They’re a great way for a customer to
learn about who you are and what you know: and they make great digital “give-
aways” that you can use on your lead capture page. For the price of a name and
an e-mail address a prospect can have a good, quality e-book. The e-book helps
you connect with your prospect and puts you on warmer grounds because you’ve
given away something of genuine value at no charge. It reassures the prospect
that you’ve actually got something to offer once he starts entering his credit card

The subject matter that you choose for your e-book should serve the customer’s
needs and it should not represent an overdone sales pitch. It can be about your
business or about things that helped you in your business. “7 Principles of Power
Shipping” can make a good e-book, so can “7 Principles of Value Oriented

When you write your e-book it’s important to remember you’re writing for the
internet and not for a print audience. This means chapters, paragraphs, and
sentences should be short and to the point. The subject matter should be
focused. In general, 20-50 pages is a good length, with between 5-10 chapters.

You’ll want to format your book in a professional manner and convert it over to a
pdf form so that you’ll be standardized to the rest of the internet.

After that, remember: value, value, value. This is your in-depth introduction to
the customer. You want them to remember your first experience with you as
something that was worth their time. This will make them far more likely to
check out your website and give your product a chance.

Conversational language is best—no thick academic writing or jargon. Again,
you’re trying to connect with your prospect on a very personal level, and even if

                                      - 37 -
the prospect can’t speak back directly they’ll generally be able to offer you some
feedback at some point.

Make sure you remember these points and stick with them. You can become an
eBook writer quite easily and a very effective one at that!

                                      - 38 -
              Outsourcing an E-book

It may be that you don’t feel you have the skill to write an e-book. Or perhaps
you feel like that’s not the best use of your time. You might be marketing around
a full time job at the moment, working forward to the day when you actually can
fire your boss. That’s fine.

If   you    visit   sites   like,,
or you can set yourself up as a buyer for a nominal fee. There you
can have writers bid on your work. Writers who ghostwrite for a fee are readily
available on such sites. The rating and escrow system will keep both you and
your provider protected through the entire process.

The best way to get results from your professional is to maintain clear
communication. This starts with your outline. Providing your professional with
a clear outline of the points you wish to see included is one of the best tools you
can use towards ensuring both you and your writer have a good experience. This
sort of clarity is equally true if you outsource someone to do your cover and
layout as well.

If there’s a lot of jargon, do your best to explain it in the outline. Yes, the writer
could simply do the research, but what emphasis do you want to see put on the
material? Your explanation of the topic can help the writer understand where
you are coming from and what you want done. The writer then fleshes out what
you’ve provided and puts it in a clear, understandable format.

If you want regular updates be sure to let the writer know, otherwise you might
end up with a writer who just quietly delivers the project in full. Projects often go
best when the provider and the buyer both get a chance for some early feedback
in the first 1-2 chapters of the project. Of course, if you’re ordering lots of e-
books and you come to stick with the same writer, you’ll both know where you
stand after awhile and this step may be a lot less necessary.

                                        - 39 -
When you write up your project, try to stay positive. You might scare off some
perfectly good providers by getting snippy in your project description. It has
been known to happen, and it makes you look impossible to please. Think of
your writer as a business partner you’re trying to woo. Who knows? In the
course of writing your book the writer may want to open up a little side business
as a member of your downline!

                                     - 40 -
Chapter 3:
Generating Leads

     - 41 -

  - 42 -
                         Traffic is King

You could have the best product, the most stellar service, and all the expertise in
the world—but if nobody knows how to come to your door, then all your efforts
will not amount to very much at all. On the World Wide Web, this translates
into traffic, the number of people who visit the websites you control.

Not all traffic is created equal of course. If 3,000 people visit your site and only
10 stop to interact with it and only 1 buys anything, then you’re probably not
capturing the right kind of traffic. You’re probably promising one thing in your
advertising and delivering another, or you’re failing to stand out. A user’s
response should be excitement, surprise, and interest—never, ho hum, yet
another site selling hyped up products.

Traffic is so important that there are professionals who devote themselves to
doing nothing more than figuring out SEO, or “search engine optimization.” The
placement you get on a search engine like Google or Yahoo can be a huge factor in
the number of visits you receive. People are most likely to visit the first page
worth of results, not the fifth or sixth page.

Getting traffic isn’t an instant, overnight process, but there’s a science to it. Get
the word out to enough places and you’ll start seeing traffic. Do what you do well,
and you’ll start seeing a lot of traffic—and you’ll figure out how to separate the
browsers and tire kickers from the real, interested prospects who you can turn
into paying customers or solid business partners.

You have to become a contributor, however. In Web 1.0 it was enough to toss
some ads up and hope for the best. Web 2.0 relies on recommendations,
networking, and word of mouth. So roll up your sleeves and prepare to dive right
on in.

In order to make the most of your traffic gathering efforts you need to focus on
two key principles: value and consistency. Without value nobody will care.

                                       - 43 -
Without consistency, nothing will stick. It sometimes takes seeing a thing more
than once to entice people to take action. You must focus on delivering substance
and doing so often, so that people come to rely on you. When the Internet starts
expecting to hear your voice, great things can happen.

                                     - 44 -
                      Capturing Leads

This is an example of a good lead capture page (also called landing page, squeeze
page or opt-in form)

Creating a lead capture page is quite easy actually.

                                       - 45 -
All you need is one or two compelling headlines that address the common home
business problem and you can give away a free report to get people to sign in to
your mailing list or your home business name list.

A good lead capture page can help you separate the interested from the
disinterested before you waste any time. A lead capture page usually offers a free
product (like your e-book). Visitors fill out their first name and their e-mail
address to get the book.

When someone does this, you know a few things about them. First, you know:

      1) They have some sort of interest in your product, as reflected by their
         interest in your free e-book. People know darn well they’re inviting you
         to market to their inbox when you fill this form out, so you know
         they’re at least a little bit “warm”. You’ll be using an opt-in e-mail list
         to market to these types.
      2) You know that they’re willing to invest in themselves and their own
         education, at least enough to take the time to read. This is extremely
         important if you’re building your downline.

Another type of lead capture page gets even more information. It captures names,
addresses, phone numbers, and whether or not the user is interested in your
product, in working from home (i.e. your business opportunity) or both. These
can be leads that you give an actual phone call to follow up on.

Ensure that your page is effective by using a clear, intriguing headline. This
should be a bold, clear statement that captures interest, solves a problem, or
implies some manner of promise. Then you’re going to want to authentically talk
about your story—about why it’s of any benefit to the user to take advantage of
even so much as your free product.

The best lead capture pages are the ones that separate the buyers from the tire
kickers. These are the people you can safely talk to about your product and your
business opportunity without needing to worry that you’re wasting time, breath,
and space.

                                      - 46 -
This is another one of those things you might want to consider outsourcing. It’s
going to take some writing skills to write the copy on the lead capture page, and
it’s going to take some web skills to get them up, on the web, and in possession of
a useable form. If you can’t do these things yourself it is again well worth the
money to go to a freelancer site and put in a bid. These are above and beyond the
initial investment in your business, but they are investments you should make.

                                      - 47 -
               Creating Your Funnel

You did not step into this venture so you could spend all your time working a
second job. You stepped into it for the freedom to make the internet work for you
so that you could make money work for you. You stepped in to leverage the new
marketplace to your advantage. In order to do this you need to create a funnel
and then put the funnel under a faucet.

You want a wide net to catch as many people as you can. As they travel with you,
some people will get stuck in the middle of the funnel. Some people, though, will
fall down through the narrow tube at the bottom and become buyers or team
members. Yet your goal should never be the first sale to each customer, but the
fifth or the tenth: repeat customers are the cornerstone of every successful

Your opt-in marketing list is the key to your funnel: it holds on to your customers
until they are ready to take the next logical step or buy another product,
whichever makes more sense. Your lead capture page is part of this funnel, as are
any marketing efforts you undertake to get people to that page. The more you
build your sales infrastructure the less you will ultimately have to do. You will
eventually run out of things to say on your topic, perhaps, but that is okay.
Everything you will have said is still posted on the internet or loaded into your
auto-responder, waiting for the next person to come along and benefit from it.
There will never be a shortage of people who will want or need your product or
service. There will always be people looking. If you can automate the process of
being found and automate, as much as possible, the process of following up, then
there may be little else to do but sit back and collect your checks.

At some point you won’t even be recruiting directly. You’ll be teaching others
how to recruit on your behalf and earning a hefty commission these people’s
efforts. You’ll teach your own hard-won system to everyone on your downline
and gain massive profits from it—and ultimately this can be automated too.

                                      - 48 -
Eventually, this can become a business you only have to occasionally manage
rather than one you have to consistently babysit. Whatever your passion is,
whatever else you’d rather be doing, go do it. Your financial future is about to be
secured. You will have truly created multiple streams of income and made at
least one of them passive.

As you progress in the world of Internet marketing, you’ll start to hear some
terms like “lead filter” or “sales filter”. Simply put, your sales filter or your sales
funnel is the process by which browsers become buyers.

At the start of the process you drag in all sorts of people in one big net (traffic).
Some of those indicate interest (lead capture page) and you follow up on that
interest, either with your opt-in e-mail list or a phone call. Some of those go
ahead and buy one of your products. Some of those buyers go on to buy still
more product, or more expensive product. Down at the bottom of your filter go
the smallest number of people, but the most important: the people who
eventually follow you into your opportunity and join your downline.

Obviously there’s a bit of a numbers game going on here. Sales is the only place
where the law of averages actually works: the more people you talk to, the more
chances you have. Your lead capture page is the equivalent of “talking” to every
person that you can drive to your page. It talks when you are awake, asleep, or
working another job. It keeps right on going. It’s up to you to create the value
that gets that initial drag net lower and lower into your filter.

You have to understand your filter or your efforts won’t be aimed with the
greatest possible accuracy. You might focus too hard on traffic at the expense of
what actually happens when the traffic gets to your door, and that could be fatal.
You don’t want 1 million people who won’t spend a dime when 100 buyers is what
it’s going to take to get you to your personal income goals.

Lead capture pages are the best possible way to sort through and use your filter.
You never bother with the top of the funnel beyond getting them there. It focuses
the majority of your time on the bottom halves of your funnel, where the money

                                        - 49 -
Too many Internet marketers and network marketers forget that their activities
matter little if each step does not ultimately lead to increasing their business.
There is no activity that should not be aimed squarely at that goal. Activities that
are not aimed squarely at that goal are piddling, playing, and wasting time, not
working on your business.

                                       - 50 -
     Building Your TARGETED List

This is one you’re going to hear again, so take note of it. The hot buzz phrase in
internet marketing is “the money’s in the list.”

It’s so hot because it’s true. E-mail list building is a cornerstone of what’s known
as “permission marketing.” Here’s the premise. You have a web page of some
sort which offers information to a consumer for free. The consumer, if interested
enough, provides a name and an e-mail address, then confirms through an auto-
responder e-mail that yes, he wants to receive your information.

The customer has just told you he’s okay with you bringing on your special
knowledge, your marketing, your sales pitch, and will eventually either act on
what you offer or drop from the list. The trick is making sure you have valuable
things to say every time your email shows up in the prospect’s box, and that it
does so on a consistent basis without flooding him. Two to four times a month is

He’s interested in what you have to say, and here’s something really great: it
doesn’t have to be about your product at all to make sales for you. The people on
your list will get to know you and might eventually go see what you’re doing for
themselves. Or you’ll have a signature line at the bottom of every e-mail which
points back to your home business page, and people will check out the link
because they like you and the link is attached to you.

You can build the list offline a little bit too, because eventually you’ll be asked
about your internet business and you can always pass on your lead capture page
or your main page which will also have links to your opt-in email list. But for the
most part, list building is an online activity and should be treated as such.

If of course you can find some way to make your list relate to your business, that’s
even better, because now you are targeting your traffic. The concept of targeting
is very easy. It says you don’t try to sell nutritional supplements to the guy who

                                       - 51 -
eats three cheeseburgers a day. He doesn’t care. You don’t try to sell make-up to
a woman who sees make-up as, at best, a necessary evil. You don’t try to sell
scented candles to people who are allergic.
You sell nutritional supplements to people who want to know more about
improving their health.

You sell make-up to people, primarily women, who want to know more about
how they can put their best foot forward and improve their appearance.

You sell scented candles to people who like a touch of elegance in their home or
who like aromatherapy or who just like candles.

If you have to go a little broad so that you can find things to write about—that’s
fine. You’re trying to pay the bills so you can do your other thing you want to do,
not supercharge your marketing efforts to build a multimillion dollar home
business empire. If your goals change your strategy is going to have to change a
little bit, but one might assume that if you chose to sell nutritional supplements it
is because you, too, are interested in improving your health, and can provide a
service to your customers by keeping them informed of health news so they don’t
have to scour newspapers and blogs for the information themselves.

A lead capture page can help you separate the interested from the disinterested
before you waste any time. A lead capture page usually offers a free product (like
your e-book). Visitors fill out their first name and their e-mail address to get the

When someone does this, you know a few things about them. First, you know:

They have some sort of interest in your product, as reflected by their interest in
your free e-book. People know darn well they’re inviting you to market to their
inbox when you fill this form out, so you know they’re at least a little bit “warm”.
You’ll be using an opt-in e-mail list to market to these types.

You know that they’re willing to invest in themselves and their own education, at
least enough to take the time to read. This is extremely important if you’re
building your downline.

                                       - 52 -
Another type of lead capture page gets even more information. It captures names,
addresses, phone numbers, and whether or not the user is interested in your
product, in working from home (i.e. your business opportunity) or both. These
can be leads that you give an actual phone call to follow up on.

Ensure that your page is effective by using a clear, intriguing headline. This
should be a bold, clear statement that captures interest, solves a problem, or
implies some manner of promise. Then you’re going to want to authentically talk
about your story—about why it’s of any benefit to the user to take advantage of
even so much as your free product.

The best lead capture pages are the ones that separate the buyers from the tire
kickers. These are the people you can safely talk to about your product and your
business opportunity without needing to worry that you’re wasting time, breath,
and space.

This is another one of those things you might want to consider outsourcing. It’s
going to take some writing skills to write the copy on the lead capture page, and
it’s going to take some web skills to get them up, on the web, and in possession of
a useable form. If you can’t do these things yourself it is again well worth the
money to go to a freelancer site and put in a bid. These are above and beyond the
initial investment in your business, but they are investments you should make.

                                      - 53 -
          How to Drive Traffic Using

You cannot simply post to every single city on Craigslist. There are duplicate
content rules and your content will get flagged this way. You are going to want to
pick a few key cities to post your content in. So if you’re back to rose gardening,
avoid posting in cities where it’s all but impossible to grow roses. If you’ve got a
book about avoiding foreclosure, then you might choose to post slightly different
ads in the Top 5 cities where the foreclosure rates are highest.

The good news is this: Google picks up on Craigslist postings fast. You can
increase traffic to your website anyway just by posting the right ad with the right
key words. Individual ads show up on Google searches.

You need to make sure that you post in the appropriate category. This will help
target your traffic as well as ensure you don’t get flagged. For example, if you are
selling an e-book, then you could post under “Books.” This will ensure you get
traffic from people who want books and are likely to read books.

Next, you want a clear headline that people will click on. In general, you want to
ensure the following:

Don’t bother with some sort of hyped up teaser headline. Most craigslist users
won’t click on them. It’s annoying to click on ads that look like one thing and
turn out to be another.
Be precise. If you are selling a self-help e-book, a good headline is going to say:
E-book: Tomato Soup for the Cucumber’s Soul (or whatever the title of your e-
book actually is).
Make sure you list the price. Don’t get coy! Some users search by price alone.
Other users won’t click on an ad unless the price is listed right up front.

                                        - 54 -
Once you’ve tackled your headline it’s time to write your content. You don’t want
to go overboard here. You are competing in a marketplace where people are
sifting through 2-3 line advertisements. Try to write them a novel and you’ll lose
them. A good ad might begin with what your e-book is meant to teach, and then
add a few bullet points about what the user will find inside. Then add the link.

Pictures are never a bad idea. If you have a great cover, by all means show it off!
Place the picture in the center of the ad or at the bottom. Users are far more
likely to click on ads with pictures. It’s just one more way to look professional in
a sea of amateurs and scammers.

If you have multiple products at your website, you’ve got an edge. You can do
more with Craigslist, because you can do 5 slightly different ads on Product #1 in
5 cities, then 5 slightly different ads on Product #2 in 5 more cities, and so forth.
If all links lead to your website where all of your products are displayed, then
you’ll get the most bang for your Craigslist time.

Getting still more creative, you can post a few more ads that lead readers to your
article directory entries. Learn how to get rid of aphids! Free! In this case you’d
just use the “free” category of the For Sale site. You’re handing out free
information. Information IS the commodity over the Internet.

Don’t overlook the posting forums either. If there is a category on the forums
appropriate to what you’re marketing you have the chance to generate a little
more traffic by posting on those as well.

                                        - 55 -
  How Blogging Can Work For You

Bloggers pick a topic of interest and write articles or diary entries about their
topic. Readers of the blog can usually comment on the content, and the blog is
usually updated on some sort of regular basis: daily, weekly, or monthly.
Through “RSS Feeds” users can subscribe to blogs; this keeps them from missing
any content.

Anybody can start a blog, but if you do, you’re going to want to be in it for the
long haul. It takes time to build up a blog following, and blog are at their most
useful in the context of having regular readers. Make sure, before you start a blog,
that you’ve picked a topic or a focus that are important enough to you that you
will feel comfortable posting variations on the theme over and over and over

When you get started with blogging, the first thing you are going to need is some
inexpensive hosting space. There are certainly blogging sites out there,
like,, and,
but these are not sites that tend to get taken seriously. As you want to be viewed
as a serious businessperson, you’ll want your own blog hosting site with your own
domain name. Besides, any communal blog site like these is going to be making
money off of your content by posting their ads, a situation which is not ideal for
maximizing your business.

Next you’re going to need some blogging software. Word Press is the easiest to
use and
will explain how to get your site started using Wordpress.

The first thing you want to do, the moment you begin with Word Press, is to get
off the default layout. Again, using the default lay out makes you look
unprofessional. If you don’t have a whole lot of money to spend you can change
the lay out, easily enough, with options inside of the program itself. If you do

                                       - 56 -
have a little money though, and plan to keep this blog open for a long time, you
might want to invest in having someone design a wordpress theme for you. If you
take this route, make sure you go for a theme that is unique to you and the
content you are offering.

Developing a following will take time, and nearly as much marketing as your e-
book, though you’ll also be able to add “blog carnivals” to your toolbox. A blog
carnival is essentially a “blog magazine,” where a host will decide on a topic and
different bloggers will all write about that topic. The host will then post links to
each entry.

Again, blogging is a long term tool, not a flash in the pan, short term tool. This is
an option to use if you are serious about building a long term business and if you
believe you can find so much to say about the nature of that business that you
won’t be flailing for content. If you can do this though, the sky’s the limit! Your
following will follow you because they like and trust you, so when you use your
blog to announce a new product launch you’ll be extremely likely to get business
from your blogging site.

If you are going to start a blog, you must commit to writing high quality content.
Your content must provide consistent value to your readers or you lose. There
are bloggers who think they can post two or three lines of fluff and expect to build
traffic. There are bloggers who think they can cut, paste, and regurgitate other
people’s content. You might be able to get away with this for a little while, but if
you try it you’re cutting yourself off from your chances of becoming a trusted
expert in the field.

The good news is this: if you’re already writing content for article directories, you
can repackage a lot of this content for your blog and get great results. What you’ll
need to do is change your style a little. Blog readers come to blogs for a personal
touch. They want to get to know you, and perhaps read some stories about the
ways in which the information you present or have learned plays out in your own

                                        - 57 -
If you have a digital camera and there is anything about your content that could
be photographed, take pictures. Pictures make a blog look more attractive, more
interesting, more fun, and more professional. Your readership will skyrocket
with pictures. Try to post a good, professional face shot of yourself at least.
Readers want to know who they are dealing with.          Blogs are little cults of
personality. You’re trying to create the difference between watching, “A cooking
show,” and watching, “Alton Brown.”

If you are running out of ideas you can find out what the hot-button issues in
your field are. One place you can try is If your field is cars
repair, type in car repair. It will immediately bring up the most popular items in
that category, which means you’ll have your pick of topics that are important to
your readers. You can sort article directory articles by popularity too, or go over
to and see what sorts of topics are hitting the best seller lists.
If you go to the Yahoo Answers site at, you can find
out what questions are getting asked about your field, giving you another source
of content to write about.

If you think what you’re selling would be of worldwide interest, be sure to install
a translator plug-in on your blog so that people who don’t speak English can
access your content too. Plug-ins can be a great idea in general; you can use them
to ping other sites every time you’ve updated which can be another boon in
getting more traffic to your blog.

There are going to be those who recommend driving traffic to your blog by going
to other people’s blogs and posting a link. However, this could backfire by
making you look tacky and desperate, and eat up all of your marketing time in
reading and commenting on blogs. Focus on good content and others will link
to you. If your Internet business is a blog then spending time in the larger
blogging community is a great idea, but not if you’re just using this as a
marketing tool to make a name for yourself and launch products.

                                      - 58 -
  How to Get Leads Through Social

Has anyone asked you to “Follow them on Twitter,” yet? Social networking is a
big Internet marketing tool because it allows you to forge meaningful, individual
connections. It is like face to face networking without the bad coffee and

Every social networking site is a little different. has a
different demographic than It is to your benefit to take the
time to study different social networking sites. Do a search on your product or
service to see what pops up. Other companies? People whose interests
correspond with your product?

For example, if you type the word “sales” into the search box of Facebook, 500
sites pop up. The first ten are all groups of people who are interested in sales and
marketing. If you have a book about sales and marketing, you are looking at a lot
of individual prospects. Typing the same word into MySpace is going to bring up
the profiles of individuals who have listed “sales” as an interest or occupation of
theirs. These profiles will look less serious and might not serve you as well. Yet if
you have a science fiction or fantasy novel and want to offer a few sample
chapters to find readers, a similar search for SF/Fantasy fans might be a more
productive MySpace exercise.

These efforts can easily turn viral. Friends of your new friends might well wish to
friend you, and in turn you might draw in their friends. It’s important to target
the right kind of friends for your efforts. You’re looking for consumers who might
buy your product, fellow members of your industry who might take an interest in
you or your product, and anybody who might want to hire your services, promote
your product, or work with you in some beneficial way. You also want to keep
your eye out for profiles which interest you personally, because networking is all
about give and take. Nobody wants to deal with somebody who is engaged in a
self-serving spam campaign.

                                       - 59 -
In some cases you can combine some of your marketing functions through social
networking. MySpace has a blog option that you can use for posts, and Twitter is
essentially a “microblog” as it is.

You’re going to have to actively seek out friends and groups, because few people
are going to search you out on these sites. Yet these sites can be a major time
trap, so you might want to devote just a few hours a week towards making use of
this medium for your marketing efforts.

As with blogging, content that provides value is better than some sort of info blitz.
Seek out opportunities to post meaningful comments. Take this as an
opportunity to start or contribute to a relevant conversation. You don’t want to
promote your product with every other sentence—you’re just trying to make a
name for yourself that will get people curious about who you are and what you do.
Occasionally you’ll mention your product, but that can’t be your focus on these

Post helpful information or tips. Post things about your industry or the shared
interests that draw your industry together. Post product reviews. Look around
for people who are expressing questions or problems and look for opportunities
to provide good, solid answers.

Conversations are better than posts. Interactive marketing campaigns are better
than passive ones. Again, if you have pictures or video give yourself an edge and
use them. The Internet is a visual medium, not just a text-based ones, and
pictures tend to make things more “real” for readers.

Make sure you spend a lot of time on your profile. Again, you’re going to want to
change the default lay-out, and if you have the time or money to get a custom lay-
out designed you’ll be ahead of the game. Post a nice, professional, face-shot
picture of yourself, and make sure your profile is clear about who you are, what
you do, and the value you provide to others. This is a personal, face-to-face
introduction to the world, essentially a handshake with the Internet. Make
absolutely sure there is a link back to your primary website on your profile.

                                       - 60 -
Start groups! People like groups. People want to meet other people interested in
the same things they are. In groups, people will begin their own conversations,
and you, as the group leader, will still receive some attention because people will
want to know who is in charge of the group. People will respond more favorably
to an invitation to join a group based on their interests than they will to a straight
ad that’s designed to promote a product. This also helps manage your social
networking time—you can focus on contributing to the group you’ve created
instead of focusing on running all over the social networking site looking for
people to friend. If people on the group like you they will friend you, and you can
friend them right back.

Reciprocate wherever possible. If someone in your network is promoting a
product or service that you end up buying, be sure to post a review of it and a link
back to their profile. Your reputation will then grow as a person who is genuinely
interested in other people. This builds trust, which drives sales.

                                        - 61 -
      How to Get Leads Using Press

A press release is a very professional way to get the word out about your product.
Every major company uses press releases to announce everything from new store
openings to new software launches.

Press releases have always had the advantage of being a cheap way to market.
Newspapers are constantly looking for content. Press releases make great filler,
and this hasn’t changed with the advent of newspapers moving online. Press
releases can now be released to various news wire services over the Internet.
News media already have a lot of traffic, so once you publish your release you are
able to leverage their traffic to drive some of your own.

Press releases are yet another strategy that allows you to increase your search
engine rankings. As you gain more links through the release your position on
Google and other search engines rises.

Regular exposure through press releases will help keep your site in the forefront
of customer’s minds. The more visible you are, the more credible you appear.
Just as with any Internet marketing venture, however, you must not spam. Issue
a release when there is something to talk about. Do not issue a release for the
same thing over and over again. The point of a release is that it is a type of news:
something that has already happened is not news.

You can get your release submitted free through sites like
or Newswire will submit releases, and
journalists also search sites like this in order to find things to report on. Though
you cannot determine which papers will see your press release on some of these
sites, you can nevertheless ensure exposure with the touch of a button.

There are also paid press release sites that can offer a bit more visibility and
better placement, such as

                                        - 62 -
Using one of these services can give you even more credibility than a free press
release, but a free press release can still be very effective! Remember that one
of the major advantages of doing business on the Internet is the low start-up and
overhead costs. You want to maximize inexpensive methods as much as possible
without shooting yourself in the publicity foot.

In order to get the best results from your press release it is important to write it
correctly. The major thing you want to remember is that a press release is not the
time to invite someone to come look at your great new product. It is the time to
make your product into news. The difference is this:

Come read all about my self-help book, “Tomato Soup for the Cucumber Soul!”

                                          vs. announces the release of “Tomato Soup for the
Cucumber Soul,” effective March 22, 2009.

Press releases follow a specific format that you must adhere to. The formula is:


Contact Information:
Personal Name
Company Name
Company Address
Company Phone Number
Fax Number
E-mail Address
Website URL

The Headline. Announces… is an example of the

City, State, Date – Body of the press release. A press release should typically take
up about three to four paragraphs answering the old journalistic stand-bys of
“who”, “what”, “when,” “where,” and “why”. It can help to add a few quotes, as if

                                       - 63 -
an interview has taken place. If you’re the only person to quote, that’s absolutely

At the end of the release, but before you talk about your company, make sure you
put “For more information, contact:” and a contact person, phone number, and
web URL. Do this even though the exact same information is up at the top of the

When you’re done discussing the subject of the release, it’s nice to end with an
“About” section that tells a little bit about your company.

You can indicate that you are finished with your press release by putting three
###’s at the bottom. has a sample
press release that you can look at so you can see this format in action.

                                       - 64 -
 How to Get Leads From Ad Swaps

A person who is interested in cooking is going to be interested both in cooking
utensils and in new recipes. Both of these items are vital elements in the process
of getting good food made.

Therefore, if you are selling a cookbook, it would behoove you to partner with
someone who sells cooking knives.

Everyone who is marketing on the Internet needs places to put their ads. Paying
to place ads can get pricey very quickly, and you may be on a limited marketing
budget. You don’t necessarily have a lot of room to make mistakes with where
you advertise.

Swapping ads with another provider who is in your industry but not a direct
competitor can be a win-win situation that benefits both you and the other
provider. It gives you one more place to post an ad, and it gives you another way
to add value to your consumers by giving you something else to post and talk

You have got to make certain that you trust the reputation of anyone who you
swap with, as your reputation will end up linked to your swaps. Putting an ad on
your website is not always an endorsement, but it can be taken that way.

You also want to be sure to swap with other effective Internet marketers. In this
way you double your presence. It does you little good to swap if you’re going to
bring 1,000 people to the table and your swap is only going to bring 10. You want
to double both your business and his by reaching people you might not have
otherwise reached.

There are, however, sites that will automate some portion of the ad swapping
process for you, and guarantee you a certain number of clicks or impressions for
working with them., for example, promises “50 Free
Website Hits and 200 Banner Impressions once your account is verified and

                                      - 65 -
activated.” Those aren’t huge numbers, but they’re a start and they don’t cost you

You can go with a banner ad swap or you can go with a straight up link exchanges.
Link exchanges are nice in that they don’t clutter up your website with a bunch of
unrelated graphics and people tend to expect a “links” or “resources” page on
most websites. Including someone else’s links with a quick blurb about them
helps make sure you keep paying attention to what you’re doing and helps build
you up as an expert in the online community.

Few things in life trump the basic win-win situation, and when it comes to
internet traffic one of the easiest win-win situations to create is the basic ad swap.
An ad swap is most appropriate when you have created an opt-in mailing list. It
doesn’t work nearly as well for blogs or article directories.

The idea is this. You have 1,000 people on your list. If you find someone with
1,000 people on his list with similar interests, then you can both gain leverage
with each other’s lists. Perhaps there was a little overlap on the lists to begin with,
but it’s easy to see how someone who joins a list dedicated to increasing blog
traffic might want to join a list dedicated to increasing site traffic as well.

When you add the other list to your e-zine resources, and the other list ads your
list to his e-zine resources, both of you have the potential to gain a percentage of
each other’s readership without taking anything away from one another. For that
matter, the people who went ahead and joined the other list obviously found
some value in your recommendation, which means both of you have a shot at
increasing your credibility.

If you have a mailing list there is every reason under the sun to pursue this
strategy aggressively. Sites like can even help you
find other list owners who are looking for ad swaps as well.

                                         - 66 -
You can either use formal ads or recommendations within the body of the e-mail
itself.   This is a strategy you might want to change up.       Make too many
recommendations and every recommendation you make will start to have less
power. Stick every ad at the bottom of your email and your partner may not get
all of the benefit of the exchange. Mutual benefit is what will encourage your
business partner to support you in turn.

One principle you may want to note as you start seeking out ad swaps is this: you
want to find people who compliment what you do, not compete with it. It makes
no sense to endorse someone who is doing the exact same thing you are doing.
Chances are, however, that you’re only taking up a small corner of your industry’s
real estate and can find plenty of people within your industry who do things that
you don’t that don’t take away from what you are doing.

                                      - 67 -
          How to Drive Traffic Using

In general, people who participate in forums are looking for information. They’re
there to find out things, and they’re there to share information with people who
are interested in the same sorts of things. This means that if you choose the right
forums to participate in you are going to find a large group of people who are
hungry for what you have to offer.

If you say something in a forum someone likes and users click on your link as a
result, then you’re already dealing with someone who has found something you
have to say helpful. As you can post links as part of your signature down at the
bottom of your post you don’t even have to draw particular attention to them. In
fact when it comes to forums, it is better not to. You can also tuck links into your
forum profile.

You’re fixating on the human element with forums, just as you are with email lists,
blogs, and social networking. While some parts of your marketing strategy are
aimed primarily on getting a good spot in the search engine, this isn’t one of them.
Post responses that make sense, not responses that are chock full of keywords.
Keep them short and simple. Post responses before you post your own thread—
forum members want to see contributors.

You’ll need to stay positive, ignoring trolls and flamers. You’ll want to keep your
own responses intelligent, cool headed, and nicely formatted for easy reading
with proper grammar and spelling.

Forums, like social networking sites, can become huge time-suckers, so focus on
one or two that fit nicely into your niche and who have enough members to be
useful. That said, if you’ve really got a lot to contribute and think that the forum
has a chance of taking off, spending some time as an early, start-up member of a
new forum won’t hurt a bit. Oldbies are way less suspicious than newbies.

                                        - 68 -
You can gain many of the benefits of forums by creating one on your own website.
You’ll get visitors who are looking, specifically, for forums on your topic. Forum
posts show up in search engines, which will in turn drive more traffic. You’ll be
providing a service which will help you create value, and your loyal readers and
writers are right there on your site on a regular basis in full view of anything new
you have to offer. is an example of a high traffic forum
for Internet marketers. Not only will you get the benefit of seeing how a forum
works here, but you might pick up a new trick or two as well! Since we’ve
touched on affiliate marketing a little bit without really getting into it, here is an
affiliate marketing forum as well: http://affiliate-marketing-

Your avatar is all part of your forum “package,” so choose a good, attention
grabbing avatar. Animated avatars should be avoided because they’re distracting
to the eye and make it difficult to read the actual post. Failing to use any avatar
at all makes you look like you’ve got something to hide. If you’ve been using a
nice picture on your social networking site or blog, you’ve everything to gain by
using a nice picture on your forum posts too. People just respond better to
talking to real people as opposed to anime characters and regurgitated movie

Make sure you follow each and every one of the forum rules. You are not going to
make a good impression if a moderator has to slap you down for breaking a
simple rule. Read them and understand them—which is great advice for
participation on any part of the Internet.

Start with responses. Start with good, quality, helpful responses, and do this for a
long time before you post any threads of your own. Again, if you care enough
about your market to devote an Internet business to it, you should have plenty to
say. If you jumped in without knowing much about your market, now is the time
to educate yourself as much as possible before you open your Internet “mouth”
and look foolish.

                                         - 69 -
Don’t ever repeat what someone else has said, or bother posting an agreement.
That just spams up the list and tends to annoy forum members. This means
you’re going to have to stay on top of your chosen forum enough to post useful
things early, before other experts swoop in to give the answer you were going to

Remember that you’re having a conversation, so don’t write small novels. You’re
writing for Internet people, who are time strapped and not known for their
patient. Keep it short, sweet, and simple. Get right to the point. You want to be
an expert in your field, but you don’t want to come across as an insufferable
know-it-all who doesn’t know when to stop!

The only places you are going to “market” your website are in your signature line
and on your profile page, never in the body of a post. If your readers like what
you’ve got to say on the forum then they will click on your link anyway.
Conversely, it is a waste of time to get in on a forum without the links in your
signature line and profile.

                                      - 70 -
    Getting Traffic Through Article
        Directory Submissions

If you’ve ever gone looking for information on a topic and pulled up an Ezine
article, you are already at least a little familiar with article directories.
Contributors write a short article about their topic which is then made available
on the web for free. At the bottom of the article there is usually a “resource box,”
and then links to other articles by the same author.

Article directories gather up thousands of articles each day, sort them by category,
and make them available. They’re aimed at providing free content to webmasters
and e-zine editors. Anybody who submits an article to an article directory is
consenting to have their topic picked up and reprinted anywhere on the web.

                        This actually works in your favor.

When you submit a short piece to these sorts of sites, you are essentially creating
a viral marketing piece that is going to be spread from site to site without any
additional effort on your part. In addition, people wanting to know more about
your topic will stumble upon these articles, ensuring that when they click on the
link to your sales site that they are actively interested in pursuing what you have
to offer. At the very least, the reader has some sort of need that has something to
do with the article you wrote up.

This form of marketing does not cost you a single thing but time. Most of these
articles are anywhere from 3-5 paragraphs long. Done correctly, they become an
ad that your reader chose to read, that requires no graphics, and is free to submit.

Each site has different guidelines you must follow, however, and it is very
important that you understand and abide by the guidelines prior to submission.
Failure to do so can waste your time by getting your articles flagged and rejected,
instead of out and about where people can read them, find them, and follow them

                                        - 71 -
back to your website. When you first start submitting you may have a limit on
how many articles you can submit.

There are many, many article directories. You can kick off your article directory
campaign by starting with these:

Ezine (
Idea Marketers (
Buzzle (
Amazines (
Article Dashboard (

If you want to make a little extra money on the back end, Associated Content,
( will pay you a little bit for posting your content on
their site, or you can publish your content in a “non-exclusive” format. Either
way you make a bit of residual income on the site page views, and if you are
sticking to more or less the same topic you can develop a following there that
might well serve as your initial customer base.

You are going to want to craft the best article you possibly can. Your article is like
an introduction you’re giving to your buyers. Don’t just dash off a bit of content
hoping to rush the buyers to the link at the end. Focus on content that
provides value to the reader, but does not tell them the entire story.

For example, perhaps you are marketing an e-book about how to grow lush,
lovely rose gardens. You might put together an article directory campaign that
gives just a few short tips on how to get rid of aphids. Make sure you give good,
solid tips that show your expertise and give tastes of what you have to offer.
Leave your readers wanting more to increase the chances they will click on your
link rather than moving on to read still more content.

Keep the focus tight. If your product is about rose gardening, then you want rose
gardeners. This is true whether you are selling books about roses, rose seeds, or
tools for better rose gardening. People want to buy from an expert, and this is
your chance to make yourself into an expert.

                                        - 72 -
The better your article, the more chance it is going to be picked up by the e-zine
editors and webmasters. You are going to have the most luck with your campaign
if you create an article that any of these people would be proud to have on their

Imagine this. You’re marketing the perfect aphid removal spray. You write an
article about aphid removal that is so tight, so interesting, and so useful that
every single e-zine that pertains to gardens or roses picks it up and plugs it in,
complete with your resource box and your link. Not only will the people who just
go to ezine looking to read articles see what you wrote, but you have the potential
to get your link in front of nearly every person on the web that you can possibly
reach with a single submission.

Of course, you can’t just post one article and expect great results. If you produce
quality content again and again, these same webmasters are more likely to come
back looking for your content. In addition, as you list out other articles you’ve
written, people who read your articles might click on the next one down the line,
even if they didn’t buy from your initial article.

Perhaps the subject of aphids didn’t grab your buyer, but maybe cross-pollination
to achieve lavender roses might do the trick.

You should also try to submit to as many of these directories as you can find. The
more article directories you can get your article into, the better you are likely to
do with an article campaign. Remember that this is one of the strongest ways to
get your name out there. You’re not enticing anyone to click on an annoying
interstitial. You’re not relying on placing a link of to the side somewhere of
someone else’s content. Your advertisement is the content. The content is the
advertisement. You’ve done it all for free, without buying space or hosting. It
doesn’t get any stronger than this.

                                       - 73 -
    Getting Traffic Through Search
         Engine Optimization

If you are using your blog for your business, then the search engines will be your
best friend because a BLOG stands for Better Listings On Google.

Each post represents another chance, another link or page that your potential
readers can use to make it to your front door through organic (free) search
engines, perhaps to stay.

Your title is the place to start. Make sure your titles are short and maximize the
keywords you want to emphasize. If the primary focus of your blog is coffee then
for heaven’s sake try to make sure the word “coffee” makes it into as many blog
titles as makes sense. That said, your goal is to sound like the person that you are,
not like some sort of coffee robot. People go to blogs for vibrant points of view
offered by real people about subjects they’re interested in. Focus on that with an
eye towards keywords, don’t focus on keywords with an eye towards content.            gives    you     a
simple Wordpress plug-in where you can address SEO issues on each blog post if
you’re not a web expert. Many internet marketers are just good writers or good
marketers or passionate about their products—the tech stuff takes a distant
second. Using Wordpress at all is a good choice for your blog because there are
so many plug-ins that will do so many things for you, or at least aid you in doing
them. Blogger is also meant to be user friendly.

Still, you can play all the meta tag and titling and description tricks you want, and
if the key words don’t appear in your content in some sort of meaningful fashion,

                                       - 74 -
then you’re not going to get anywhere. Search engines are getting pretty savvy
about things that people do that are meant to “trick” them.

Host your blog on the same domain as your primary site so that the keywords of
the two combine to pack a powerful punch.

Archiving can help your SEO as well. If you archive your posts by date and
subject with a title link to each, then let that scroll on the side of each blog page,
then every key word in the archive titles still registers as being a part of your page.
This can only work to your advantage.

Here’s one of the best ways to boost the rankings from Google:

High-authority back links are important for getting traffic to your blog. Create a
Squidoo lens to target your blog, and increase your chances of enjoying ranks.
Sites like and are also good bets. These
sites also allow you to tag every post, which is yet another place where you slip
your keywords in. Tags should be reserved for keywords. You might have 15
concepts in your blog post, but if you only have 3 keywords, then tag the post
with your 3 keywords and be done with it.

Beware of over-doing it. Bloggers who try to market each and every post that
they write this way are going to look desperate. Pick your best posts, perhaps one
in every ten, fifteen, or twenty, to use in social bookmarking. Make sure you have
a post or two ready to go after you bookmark a new post, and watch your
analytics. If you get traffic boosts from the bookmarks you can update quickly
with another high-quality post that you might not have necessarily used as a
direct traffic tool, sending the message that you are a regular writer with lots of
good things to say.

It can’t be stressed enough, however, that if you’re going to use social
bookmarking sites then use them. Take the time to create a list of favorites with

                                        - 75 -
other people’s, related work in them. Nothing says “spammer” like a list full of
your own links and your own links only. For this reason you might want to be
careful about automated submissions. Automated submissions to a broad range
of social bookmarking sites will never be as effective as choosing one or two social
bookmarking sites to focus your efforts on in a clear, meaningful way.

If your stuff’s good, other people will be bookmarking you on all those other sites.
So choose one, maybe two, that have a format which appeals to you and makes
you actually want to participate. Think of it this way: handing someone your
business card at a trade show is always going to trump sticking your card into one
of those little restaurant fishbowls.

Since your credibility is on the line, be sure when you bookmark someone else’s
work it’s something you stand behind. Promoting excellence can only pay off and
show that you’re someone worth paying attention to. Swapping a bunch of links
because you’re hoping to artificially increase your exposure only decreases the
effectiveness of these sites for everyone and makes you part of the general
background “noise” of the World Wide Web.

                                        - 76 -
    Getting Traffic Through Google

You only pay for Google AdWords when somebody clicks on your ads, which
means now that you are getting into paid advertising at all, you are paying only
for focused, interested traffic. You can choose from a variety of placement
options, but the simplest is contextual targeting.

Through contextual targeting, Google will place your ads on sites that relate to
your keywords. So if you are selling a special report on self-publishing, your ad
will show up on a page with content about self-publishing. This even works on
Gmail, which means if your potential customer mentions to Aunt Mary on an
email that she’d like to self-publish her book, an ad for your self-publishing
report could end up getting run nearby, thus increasing the chances that she is
going to click on it.

You have to determine the maximum you’re willing to pay per click for specific
keywords. The more you are willing to pay the more times your ad is likely to
show. Google has a very nice keyword tool that will suggest keywords to you tell
you the search trends associated with the keyword. You can try this out for

You have to bid on each keyword, so choosing enough keywords and bidding high
enough on each keyword is vital. You do not want any keywords that do not
generate sales for you. The more you can focus your keywords to your specific
product, the more likely it is that you’ll find the traffic you need. You’ll also tend
to pay less on “niche” key words. can help you with a free keyword
suggestion tool. You might think that keywords are obvious, but you’ll find that

                                        - 77 -
just using the obvious keyword might make your campaign a little too expensive
and not quite focused enough.

You also are going to need to write your ad. You only get one headline and two
lines to make your best impression, so spend some time studying ads that grab
your attention so you can get a feel for them. The best ad provides an immediate
hook and benefit to going to visit your website over all the thousands of websites
out there. This can be accomplished with a call to action that focuses on the
benefit you’re offering. For example, an ad for a site that’s meant to increase
Internet traffic might read:

Increase Your Traffic Today
Our traffic service maximizes profits!
Visit today!

The final line of the ad will be the link back to your website.

But you have to be careful of one thing…

An Adwords campaign can quickly get out of control if you don’t know what
you’re doing, and the best way to get a handle on what you are doing is to use
Google’s analytics tools. It’s all well and good to drive traffic to your site, but
you’re looking for buyers. Most other methods of Internet marketing are free, but
this one is not, so people who are going to maximize your Adwords dollar from
the very first click are where you want to focus this campaign.

Keep an eye on which of your keywords led to sales and which only led to traffic.
Eliminate any keyword that just is not producing results. This will save you
money, but you won’t lose any sales, because you weren’t getting any sales from
those words anyway.

Very general phrases with multiple words in them can be a problem. If you are
selling hair spray, you do not want to deal with people who are looking for bug
spray. Yet because the search engine will pick up sites with either the word
bug or the word spray in it, this is exactly the type of situation you’re setting
yourself up for. Putting your keywords in brackets, as in [hair spray] will ensure

                                         - 78 -
that your ad will come up only when someone has typed those two words in that
specific order.

Use “free” as a “negative keyword,” that is, a key word that is going to keep your
ad from getting displayed. Right now you don’t want anybody interested in
“free.” People looking for “free” are not buyers.

In spite of the fact that you are competing for position, it’s not a great idea to get
into bidding wars. Not only will this cost you money but it’s a waste of energy.
Your quality content and product will increase your rankings and ensure you get
seen. Get yourself a solid placement and relax. It is not necessary to be #1 to see
success with your AdWords campaign. The higher your “Click Through Rate,”
that is, the higher the rate of clicks for your keyword, the more visibility you’ll get
and the less you’ll pay for your keywords, so that is where you want to focus.
Google wants customers to see high quality ads long before they see low quality
ads, so competence is its own reward.

Set your budget before you begin. AdWords allows you to set the maximum
budget that you want to spend, and it’s going to be important to stick to that
budget. You don’t want to eat all your profits on your AdWords campaign—that’s
just bad business.

Make sure you use keywords in the body of your ad. Your ad should always end
with a “call to action.” Visit, buy, try, test, come, see – all of these are “call to
action” words. Using numbers and prices in your ad can also be really helpful,
because it tells the reader that he’s not going to show up at your site only to be
disappointed by a much higher price tag than he is willing or able to pay. This
also weeds out the people who aren’t that interested—they wouldn’t click on your
ad in the first place if they didn’t want to buy something and the price wasn’t
appealing enough for them to consider it.

                                         - 79 -
                   Automating Traffic

You don’t have to attend to traffic 24/7. In fact, traffic will be working for you
24/7…awake, asleep, or somewhere in between. You just have to plant enough of
the right kinds of seeds. Then you can rest assured that the Internet is working
for you.

You automate traffic by getting out there and posting content with your links
attached to it. People will come to read your content and click on your links at all
hours of the day. You don’t have to stare at a seed to force it to grow; you just
have to plant it in fertile soil.

You can even use some programs and plug-ins to do this for you. Some software
will tag and ping your pages for you in order to increase your traffic. It’ll increase
your backlinks, that is, links from someone else’s page to your page. The more
backlinks you can achieve, the more traffic you’ll get—it’s just that simple.

You don’t even have to pay a great deal of money to get backlinks. The social
networking sites are free. It just takes a little bit of work. I’m sorry to tell you
that there’s just nobody out there who is going to let you slap up a website and
then pay you thousands of dollars for just sitting there. At least, not until you can
get a steady stream of traffic to your door. Once you’ve got the river flowing you
can sit back, but until then you’ve got to get out there and turn on the faucet.

If you type “automating traffic” into a search engine you’re going to get a whole
lot of links inviting you to buy fancy software for thousands of dollars. Maybe
this stuff works and maybe it doesn’t, but it’s certainly not helpful to someone
who doesn’t have thousands of dollars to spend yet. Luckily, if you can get real
people on your side then you won’t need to pay for robots.

Eventually you might want to use one of these programs—that’s up to you. But
you have to understand that would be a side sauce to your main dish, not the

                                        - 80 -
main dish itself. Social bookmarkers are not impressed with automated
bookmarking and pinging. They’re impressed by actual interaction.

The best way to gather traffic is by being authentic. You need to create a presence
on the Internet who is there when you’re not—and who is a great reflection of
who you are and what you have to offer.

                                      - 81 -
Chapter 4:
Monetizing Your Leads

        - 82 -

An e-book has almost become an Internet marketing must.

                                   - 83 -
Generic Info Products at the Front

It’s important to have a generic information product, or two, to pitch before you
leap right into your main business opportunity. The reason is simple—you don’t
ask for marriage before you get on the first date. Even the product your network
marketing company pushes is more of a second or third date. Getting in on your
downline, however, is commitment, and you want it to be. You want a lasting
relationship that is going to work well for both of you. Remember, you make
income in direct proportion to your downline’s success. That means getting
people who want to be there and who want to know what they’re doing.

You can offer your initial e-book for a low cost to help people understand what
you’re about. You can also offer, as bonus products or as additional products,
quality e-books registered for resale. You can learn how to increase leads and
profits with resale here at Edmund Loh’s website. This young Internet marketer
offers a free product on this very subject, as well as some quality pay content.
You’ll also get to see a great example of a lead-capture page when you visit.

Because front-end products aren’t a high commitment item they act as another
method of sifting through your prospects. By the time your buyer gets to the
meat of the opportunity you can be absolutely certain you’re looking at a business
partner. You know that it is worth your precious time to forge a relationship
with that individual. This is critical. You just don’t want to spend personal time
or energy on anyone who is not serious. It doesn’t pay off, and while you aren’t
out to use people you are a busy individual. Use the automated stuff for building
casual relationships but save yourself for the really important ones.

You also achieve another end. If all or most of your products are about home
businesses (and not, say, about make-up or cooking utensils or whatever it is you
sell) you know that the people who get to you have invested in reading up on
home businesses. You know they have a better foundation to succeed then most

                                      - 84 -
of the people who just plunk down their credit card and say “let’s do this.” The
second group often fails because they have no earthly idea what they’re doing.
And while it’s okay to play mentor, and it’s okay to hand hold your list or blog
subscribers a little bit for content, you just don’t want to deal with anybody who
thinks this way.

 This individual is still way back in NeverNever Land where he buys a website and
watches the profits roll in. He hasn’t figured out that he’s the key to the equation,
that nobody in their right mind gives money to anybody for owning a website! If
the website were all that were necessary you certainly wouldn’t need a downline!
You want people who have taken the time to figure that out before they ever
commit to your opportunity—and who see you as the leader who can take them
straight to the top.

                                       - 85 -
          The Free-Low-High Model

Here is a very good way to illustrate the proper funnel and how we can apply the
points emphasized in the page before this:

The majority of network marketers fail to succeed in network marketing because
they don’t know how to build enough cash flow to fund their business.

If you want to generate cash flow the proper way, you must observe a proper sales
funnel. (Remember not everyone will join your downline so you might as well
make money off them anyway!)

It’s logical to assume that you will get more customers buying low-ticket items
compared to high ticket items. Asking someone to join your downline is like
going straight for high-ticket which usually doesn’t work most of the time.

                                      - 86 -
Here is one of the best way to get leads and make profits:

  (1) Start from giving something away free upfront. Not only do you get a
      chance to build a HUGE list (because everyone loves free samples), you
      will later on be able to turn ‘free’ prospects into ‘paid’ prospects! (After all,
      it is all a numbers game, right?)

  (2) Sell them a low-ticket, generic information product (about network
      marketing, network marketing training or information regarding a
      network marketing company). Imagine for a moment why Robert Kiyosaki
      (of Rich Dad, Poor Dad fame) is making so much money from network
      marketing – because he sells a generic product that all network marketing
      reps need – training, motivation and sales skills! (And he doesn’t even
      need to recruit a single rep in doing so!)

  (3) Retail off some of your products (from your auto-ship or additional stock).
      This is to build trust with your prospects. When they love your retail
      products, they are more likely to become a distributor to get the wholesale
      discount or join your downline because they love your product so much,
      they will go all out to promote it (and make cash at the same time).

  (4) Once all the pieces are in place, you will be able to identify who the serious
      network marketing builders are, you can start training them to purchase
      products at the most committed entry level. Don’t waste your time training
      downline who are not motivated enough – only work with those with the
      most potential because you only have 24 hours a day.

  (5) There’s more even after you have built a huge downline. Most network
      marketing leaders know this for a fact – that the biggest money is in
      selling training courses, seminar tickets, motivational audio CDs/DVDs
      and other high-ticket products. It doesn’t matter if you are cut out for the
      seminar industry or not – just JOIN an affiliate program and
      promote it to your list or your downline and you can easily
      make money from it as well!

                                        - 87 -
          Dealing With Sales Letters

What is a sales letter?

A sales letter looks something like this:

                                        - 88 -
Basically, as far as direct response marketing or web marketing is concerned,
your sales letter will be your bread and butter because it is the single, most
important tool used to monetize your leads.

There are two schools of thought:

   (1) You sell your own products
   (2) You sell other people’s products for a commission (known as affiliate
       marketing… this will be discussed in the next sub-chapter)

Let’s talk about creating your very own info product first.

If you want to monetize your leads and make money, you have to write your own
sales letter or outsource it. But what if you can’t or don’t wish to outsource?

What do you do?

You’re no copywriter, but that’s okay. You need a sales letter that’s professional,
attractive, and effective. It’s important to create a letter which follows a format
which the average internet user is more or less familiar with. It’ll trigger the right
keys in the minds of those users. You won’t get the same conversion rates as
someone who hires a professional copywriter to do their letter to the tune of
$25,000 a letter, but…you won’t be paying $25,000 a letter, either.

You need to write a good headline. The best headlines tell the customer what
they can do with the product or what kind of effects the product will
achieve. Numbers are great. Your product will let the customer increase
something by 25%. Your product will let the customer do something in 30 days.
Or 7 days. Or 48 hours.

Place a graphic of your e-cover to the left or the right of the headline. The graphic
helps because it fixes the customer’s mind on the idea that this really is
something tangible that he’s paying for.

Grab a couple of benefits of your product from your table of contents and list
them down the letter in bullet point form. Make sure you list benefits, not

                                        - 89 -
features. A “feature” is something like, “10 fact filled chapters.” A “benefit” is
something like: Every scrap of information you’ll need to create your very own
digital product in 48 hours or less. Features are dry little pointers about your
product. Benefits actually let the customer know what’s in it for him.

Next you’ll need one or more testimonials.

Testimonials are important because they’re a good way to build trust. Some sort
of risk free, no hassle money back guarantee in a specific frame of time (usually
3-30 days) is getting more and more standard. Offering such a guarantee does
mean you’re going to have to be prepared to give out refunds if you get requests
for them within the specified time frame, but can help put the buyer’s mind at

Make sure you have a working order fulfillment method and a good order button
with the price right on the button. That’s it. Your crash course in sales letters.

You need testimonials—but you haven’t even sold your first product yet. You’ve
got two options. First, you can do some sort of limited time offer at a lower price
for a specific period of time and promise some sort of free gift with the return of a
testimonial. This has the disadvantage of meaning you sell less at lower prices in
the beginning but the advantage of knowing you’ve got genuine testimonials
about a product that is worth having.

You can also give out the book for free to a select group. If you went the route of
getting people to contribute content, it’s good practice to make sure those 30
people get a copy anyway. You can ask for a review. Use the good ones as
testimonials for your sales letter.

You can also request a testimonial from any expert you partnered with while
making your audio product. You’ll need testimonials for the audio product and
the e-book, so you can explain that the e-book is there to complement the audio
product. You can also offer to write a testimonial for the expert’s newer work in

Here is a sample testimonial.

                                       - 90 -
         Product Feedback - James Brown

                 "This Will Easily Become The
                Essential MUST HAVE Network
                     Marketers Tool Kit!"
         Hi Jaz & Khai,

         You've put together a killer package exclusively
         for network marketers or any who wish to target that

         After reading & 'm sure it will
         bring great value to anyone who is struggling to build
         their network marketing business.

         The content is well written, and you have even provided
         them with quality materials such as graphics, emails and
         even lead capturing pages to boot!

         This will easily become the essential MUST HAVE network
         marketers tool kit - a job well done :-)"

                                             This Customer Review

          - James Brown                         5 out of 5 Stars
          Marketing Coach

You can ask people in your niche to give you feedback on your books as well.
Bloggers, internet newsletter writers, forum posters, Facebook members—all of
this feedback can be used to create testimonials.

                                    - 91 -
If you have an existing e-mail list you can also ask list members to provide a
testimonial about you (while slipping in a convenient note about the launch of
your new product to boot).

Eventually, you’ll have actual testimonials from actual buyers to use, and those
will be the strongest testimonials of all. For now, however, you’ve got solid copy
for your sales site.

                                      - 92 -
     Affiliate Marketing For Profits

A lot of marketers are seriously using affiliate marketing to drive traffic to their
sites. If you are finding one of the fastest ways to monetize your network
marketing or home based business then affiliate marketing is the way to go. All
you need to do is just start driving traffic and voila! Cash flow to fund your

However, this traffic is not just any traffic – it is targeted traffic. The traffic is of
people who already have some kind of interest in what the website is promoting
and hence there are some unbeatable business potentials here.

But how do affiliate marketing sites go about it? To understand that, we shall first
need to understand how affiliate marketing works.

Basically, affiliate marketing is a relationship between an advertising site (also
known as an affiliate marketing site) and a sponsor (also known as a partner).
The advertising site needs to promote its wares and hence it “buys” space from a
sponsor. But the payment terms are different from normal hosting. Here, in
affiliate marketing, the payment is decided on either a cost-per-click or a cost-
per-sale basis.

Simply put, a cost-per-click strategy is when a sponsor gets paid for every visitor
that it sends to the advertising site. This is determined by the number of clicks
that the advertiser gets from the sponsor. The cost-per-sale policy is when the
sponsor gets paid only for every purchase made by a visitor it sends to the
advertising site.

Now, if you have read through the above paragraph and understood how the
sponsors get paid, you will understand that it is in the greatest benefit of the
sponsor to drive as many people as possible to the advertiser. That is what an
affiliate partner will do. The income that the partner gets depends in direct
proportion to the amount of traffic that it sends.

                                         - 93 -
This is where the concept of targeted traffic comes into the picture. Only those
people who find the advertisement on the sponsor’s site interesting will click it to
follow through to the advertiser’s website. Hence, there is already an element of
inquisitiveness about the product. There is a higher degree of chance that such a
visitor will make a purchase.

The biggest affiliate site of the world today, Google AdWords (available
at follows such a pattern and makes things sweeter
for the advertiser as well as the sponsor. This eBook will discuss later how this

We shall now discuss what the different benefits of being an affiliate marketer are.

Focusing on Your Business and not the Product

If you think about it, an affiliate marketing business is the only business that
allows you to earn money – good money at that – without actually having some
product or service of your own. If you are the sponsor, you only have to place the
link of the advertiser on your website or blog. You have to then make efforts so
that you divert as much traffic as possible from your website to yours. Well, that
is the effort you have to put. But, that’s just about it.

You are not actually spending any time or money in actually making the product.
That is the reason this is a zero investment business, at least in most of the cases.
Now, how many low investment businesses do you know which genuinely go on
giving you some residual income?

You don’t have to deal with Giving Support

This is another big advantage. Anyone who has had any kind of production
business will know what a headache it is to be available for support all the time.
Even if you hire someone to handle this aspect, it is an added burden of the

                                       - 94 -
However, if you are merely hosting someone’s ad on your website or blog, the
question of you giving any support does not arise at all. If the support is to be
given, it will be given by the advertiser. This does save a lot of emotional and
mental stress and keeps you living longer!

The risks for you are low in every regard when you are into affiliate marketing. In
fact, you can say that the risks are nonexistent. It is a great profession to be with
if you are in the lurch about what business you must begin and have no
investment to call your own.

One benefit of being an affiliate marketer will not be evident to you at the outset,
but will become clearer as you move ahead. But being aware of this benefit when
you begin is best because it tells you what direction you can take. If you play your
cards well, you can go from being an affiliate to being a super-affiliate. In simple
terms, this simply means that you can earn several times of what you earn as an

The whole secret here is of building relationships. You can do that through so
many Internet marketing ways, such as blogging, article marketing, lead
capturing, email marketing and so on. Just make a simple blog
using and start an affiliate business through this blog. The blog
will also help you make relationships with other people and at the same time you
can use the space to host affiliate advertisements.

Now, if your affiliate business becomes successful, you could gradually begin
inducing other people to get into this business too. These people are those who
you have built a relationship with. It becomes easy to convince them into getting
into this opportunity.

What you can do is, offer them a commission lower than what you are getting, for
the same product line that you have. You will get many people ready to work with
you on this. Slowly, more such people will come forth to become your affiliate
partners. You have to do practically nothing here – the people will come because
they have the lure of easy residual income.

                                       - 95 -
In time, you will be able to forge some interesting and profitable business
partnerships with some more affiliate marketers. When you have a handful of
affiliate marketers, you graduate onto becoming a super-affiliate. In simple
language, you become a super-affiliate and that means a sizzling income, more
that what you get with a single affiliate venture.

                                   - 96 -
     Going At It For The Long Term

Your entire monetization strategy can be summarized with this chart. This chart
symbolizes the ‘ultimate’ model – how you can drive traffic, capture leads, build a
list and monetize with all sorts of money making methods besides just building a

The network marketing industry is truly dynamic and more than ever, there are
just so many ways to monetize your list.

                                       - 97 -
In fact, more and more people are investing money in their LIST rather than their

The main reason why this is so is because downlines are unstable.

Things can happen to your downlines like:

   -   Attrition
   -   Competing companies
   -   Company termination of your distributorship

If your main source of income is only in ONE business opportunity then it is
really risky because you are putting all your eggs in one basket.

But with a good list, you are not that vulnerable because while you can refer your
list to join your business opportunity and become your downline, you do not need
to worry if you move to another opportunity because they are still in your list.

They will follow you no matter what.

So the lesson is, instead of building a downline, you should build a down LIST.

This is the right way to build a long term business that is immune to competition
or attrition.

                                       - 98 -
           Chapter 5:
Examples Of Powerful Home Business Systems

                  - 99 -

Let’s examine successful systems and how you can use them to generate endless
leads, cash flow and help you to brand yourself like a home business superstar.

                                    - 100 -
                Magnetic Sponsoring

Magnetic Sponsoring contains information that may sometimes go against the
grain of what the majority of network marketers believe. Therefore, if you truly
desire success in your home business, you must be willing to learn new things
(after all, the mind is like a parachute - it only works when it is open).

The home business industry has changed since the Internet emerged. Buyers are
becoming more aware. The ball is on their court and you will need to adapt to
new prospecting methods.

Basically, if the Internet is not working FOR you, the Internet will be working

Magnetic Sponsoring will do the following for you:

   -   It contains a 7 day free online course that is instantly delivered to your E-
       mail. It contains a series of videos that will teach you all about the
       important home business prospecting methods.Education is very
       important so the first thing you need to do is to click here and subscribe to
       the free E-course.

   -   You will learn how to brand yourself as a real expert in the home business
       industry. Let’s face it - the network marketing industry has a negative
       connotation because of people using sleazy prospecting methods.
       Magnetic Sponsoring will teach you how to become the hunted instead of
       the hunter - in other words, your prospects will respect you enough to
       want to sign up as your downline with credit card in hand!

   -   You need to make sure you generate enough cash flow in your network
       marketing business. Magnetic Sponsoring teaches you how to create cash
       flow to fund your network marketing business.This is called a ‘funded
       proposal’ system. In a nutshell, you will be able to keep your business alive

                                       - 101 -
    so that you do not burn yourself out when you buy advertising. It is very
    important because without money, you can’t buy products and you can’t
    spend money on training courses, books and seminars. The best thing is,
    Magnetic Sponsoring even teaches you how to make money even if your
    prospects refuse to join your downline!

-   Most important of all, Magnetic Sponsoring teaches you how to generate
    endless leads and prospects for your name list. Most of the time, people
    run out of names on their list and they quit network marketing because
    they don’t know what to do next.Magnetic Sponsoring uses Internet
    marketing methods to generate leads for you on autopilot. You will not
    have any trouble sponsoring new reps when you have a large list of leads to
    choose from.

                                   - 102 -
  The Renegade Network Marketer

Ann Sieg, author of the 7 Lies Of Network Marketing and the creator
of The Renegade Network Marketer has put together a system.

This System teaches struggling network marketing reps how the current network
marketing system is filled with outdated and inefficient techniques for
prospecting that contributes to the reason why 97% of network marketers
fail in their businesses.

She teaches a few things in The Renegade System:

   -   The awful truth that most network marketing uplines themselves are
       clueless when it comes to marketing and they teach all the wrong ways to
       approach their prospects (cold calling, going through your name list,
       dragging prospects to attend opportunity meetings…)

   -   How to look for the right TARGET market. This is something not
       taught in network marketing circles who preach that EVERYONE is your
       prospect regardless if it is an 18 year old kid or your 80 year old
       grandmother. These people might not or are not interested in your
       ‘business opportunity’ and you should focus on people who are true
       opportunity seekers

   -   How to use a variety of effective Internet methods to bring in
       targeted, hungry prospects who want to buy your products and
       opportunities with credit card in hand.

   -   How to develop the proper posture in MLM prospecting making you
       the hunted (branding yourself as an expert) instead of the desperate

                                     - 103 -
 -   The RIGHT way to build a network marketing business so that
     you will have constant leads, proper training (easily duplicated) and cash
     flow as well
     Under normal circumstances, people in the network marketing industry
     are actually quite hesitant to embrace these ‘unconventional’ techniques.
     This is actually quite normal because they were taught otherwise.
     Therefore, this information is not for every casual network marketer
     unless they are prepared to go through a paradigm shift and they want to
     succeed badly enough.

Click Below To Find Out More About Renegade Network Marketer.

                                    - 104 -
                              The Lead Filter

As you progress in the world of Internet marketing, you’ll start to hear some
terms like “lead filter” or “sales filter”. Simply put, your sales filter or your sales
funnel is the process by which browsers become buyers.

At the start of the process you drag in all sorts of people in one big net (traffic).
Some of those indicate interest (lead capture page) and you follow up on that
interest, either with your opt-in e-mail list or a phone call. Some of those go
ahead and buy one of your products. Some of those buyers go on to buy still
more product, or more expensive product. Down at the bottom of your filter go
the smallest number of people, but the most important: the people who
eventually follow you into your opportunity and join your downline.

Obviously there’s a bit of a numbers game going on here. Sales is the only place
where the law of averages actually works: the more people you talk to, the more
chances you have. Your lead capture page is the equivalent of “talking” to every
person that you can drive to your page. It talks when you are awake, asleep, or
working another job. It keeps right on going. It’s up to you to create the value
that gets that initial drag net lower and lower into your filter.

You have to understand your filter or your efforts won’t be aimed with the
greatest possible accuracy. You might focus too hard on traffic at the expense of
what actually happens when the traffic gets to your door, and that could be fatal.
You don’t want 1 million people who won’t spend a dime when 100 buyers is what
it’s going to take to get you to your personal income goals.

Lead capture pages are the best possible way to sort through and use your filter.
You never bother with the top of the funnel beyond getting them there. It focuses
the majority of your time on the bottom halves of your funnel, where the money

Too many Internet marketers and network marketers forget that their activities
matter little if each step does not ultimately lead to increasing their business.
There is no activity that should not be aimed squarely at that goal. Activities that

                                        - 105 -
are not aimed squarely at that goal are piddling, playing, and wasting time, not
working on your business.

                                    - 106 -

Let’s do a quick recap.

What are the biggest markets on the Internet?

   -   Internet marketing
   -   Network marketing or home businesses
   -   Personal development and self-improvement

All you need to do is to apply the Fusion methods and you will easily become the
next home business superstar.

I strongly urge you to check out my Fusionology Blueprint.

                                     - 107 -
If you have enjoyed reading the book and learning all the strategies in it, I’m sure
my entire blueprint will help you to implement the methods easily.

Good luck and cheers to your success!

- Khai

                                       - 108 -
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