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					Saint Francis Xavier
      House of Prayer                                              An apostolate of Saint Ignatius Church and the Baltimore-area Jesuits

Friends in the Lord,
Friends with One Another
   2006-2007 Program

    The Saint Francis Xavier House of Prayer is a retreat house located in the urban setting of downtown
    Baltimore. Our mission is to assist individuals and groups in furthering their spiritual development, and
    to promote Ignatian Spirituality as embodied in the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, the
    founder of the Society of Jesus.

Friends in the Lord,
Friends with One Another
   2006-2007 Program

                           “A Jesuit parish is energized by Ignatian spirituality, especially through the
                           Spiritual Exercises, and by individual and communal discernment. It tries to provide well-
                           developed programs in catechesis and formation for both individuals and families; it offers
                           opportunities for spiritual direction and pastoral counseling. Following the model of the
                           election in the Spiritual Exercises, it helps individuals to discern their vocation in life.”
                           Documents of the 34th General Congregation of the Society of Jesus (GC 34), 1995. Decree 19, #423

                           The speakers’ program is one component of an integrated approach by Saint Ignatius Church
                           and the Saint Francis Xavier House of Prayer to provide an ongoing “formation” program
                           that incorporates scriptural, theological and practical dimensions.

                                           Saint Francis Xavier House of Prayer
                                                 c/o Saint Ignatius Church
                                                 740 North Calvert Street
                                                   Baltimore, MD 21202

                                                       House Location
                                                     108 East Madison Street
                                                      Baltimore, MD 21202

                                                       Brendan Hurley, SJ
   Saint Francis Xavier
           House of Prayer                                          An apostolate of Saint Ignatius Church and the Baltimore-area Jesuits

                                                                                     Friends in the Lord,
                                                                                     Friends with One Another
                                                                                          2006-2007 Program

Friends in the Lord, Called to Serve
During the Year of Prayer, the four seasons led us through graces of personal Gratitude and Healing, to a Call of
Co-laboring with God and others. This movement from individual to community reflects the basic Christian vocation: the
turning away from sin, the turning to Christ and becoming a member of the Church. First St. Ignatius Loyola and later his
companions experienced such a movement. Ignatius’ vision at La Storta confirmed his prayer to be placed in the company
of Jesus to share in his mission and lifestyle. These companions saw their union rooted in being “Friends in the Lord.”

This year commemorates events that proceed from those first “Friends in the Lord.”

    - The Jubilee Year celebrates the anniversaries of               - Restoration and Bicentennial of the Basilica of the
    the death of St. Ignatius and the births of St. Francis          Assumption of the Virgin Mary
    Xavier and Bl. Peter Faber, Ignatius’ first companions.
                                                                     - Loyola College’s announcement of a Year of the City.
    - St. Ignatius Parish celebrates its 150th anniversary
    here in Baltimore at Calvert and Madison Street

In the joyful spirit of these celebrations we invite you to a program of presentations and prayerful moments to continue the
interior movements of the Year of Prayer while we consider the world in which we co-labor.

Oct 9          The Early Christian Community as Described in the Acts of the Apostles
               John R. Donahue, SJ, Professor Emeritus of New Testament Studies,
               St. Mary’s Seminary and University
                                                                                                           Christian Spirituality
                                                                                                               and Practice
Nov 13         The ‘New Immigrant’ Church in the United States: Implications for Community
               and Ministry, William C. Rickle, SJ, Latino Migration and Ministry Consultant            A catechetical-style course
                                                                                                        covering the history and
                                                                                                        development of Christian
Dec 1-3        Prepare the Way of the Lord: The Prophet’s Voice in Advent
                                                                                                        spirituality over the centuries
               During this weekend retreat we will listen to the Prophet’s voice as echoed in
                                                                                                        and traditions. Class meets
               the lives of Isaiah, John the Baptist, and Mary, and consider our response as we
                                                                                                        select Sunday mornings
               prepare ourselves for Christ’s birth. Separate registration through Bon Secours
                                                                                                        before 10:30 Mass October
               Spiritual Center. 410-442-1320
                                                                                                        to May. Readings provided.
               Brendan Hurley, SJ, Director, Saint Francis Xavier House of Prayer

Dec 11         Advent Healing Service
               Brendan Hurley, SJ, Director, Saint Francis Xavier House of Prayer                        Eleven Spiritual Exercises
                                                                                                        Personal daily exercises for
Dec 31         Saint Ignatius Ecumenical Service, 8:00 p.m.
                                                                                                        prayer accompanied by
                                                                                                        periodic group meetings to
Jan 23         City, Church, and Jesuit Urban Service Strategy
                                                                                                        reflect upon the fruit of these
               Thomas M. Lucas, SJ, Professor of Visual and Performing Arts, University of San
                                                                                                        exercises. These facilitated
               Francisco [Loyola College, 4501 North Charles St., Baltimore, McGuire Hall]
                                                                                                        small groups will help us to
                                                                                                        recognize God’s movement
Feb 12         Building Community Across Religious Lines                                                in our lives.
               A Panel on Interreligious Dialogue
               Moderator: John Borelli, PhD, National Coordinator for Interreligious Dialogue,
               U.S. Jesuit Conference; Siva Subramanian, MD, Board Member, Interfatih
               Conference of Metropolitan Washington; Earl S. El-Amin, Resident Imam,                     One Week “At Home”
               Muslim Community Cultural Center of Baltimore; Joel H. Zaiman, Rabbi Emeritus,               Directed Prayer
               Chizuk Amuno Congregation, Baltimore, MD; Victoria Barnett, Staff Director
                                                                                                        Participants pray over select
               for Church Relations, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, DC.
                                                                                                        passages for at least 30
                                                                                                        minutes each day and meet
Mar 12         For the Life of the Church: A Call to Lay Leadership
                                                                                                        with a spiritual companion
               Dolores R. Leckey, Senior Research Fellow, Woodstock Theological Center                  for another 30 minutes daily.
                                                                                                        The retreat begins with
               Taizé Lenten Prayer Service
Apr 2          Michael Smith, PhD, Chair, Music Education, School of Music,
                                                                                                        Sunday evening liturgy and
                                                                                                        concludes the following
               Catholic University, Washington, D.C.                                                    Sunday. Offered twice each
                                                                                                        semester with a different
               African American Catholics in Baltimore: A Proud Historical Tradition
May 14         Diane Batts Morrow, PhD, Associate Professor of History and African Studies,
                                                                                                        focus each week.

               University of Georgia

                                                                                                           For more information on
                 Presentations will be held at 7:30 p.m. at Saint Ignatius Church,                       any of the above, please call
                740 North Calvert Street, Baltimore, Md., unless otherwise noted.                               410.727.2539

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