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 Instead of focusing your attention on new and exciting things to come at SHPC, this
         month we’re giving you insight into some of the exciting things just past!

                     Find out about our Family Retreat on page 11
   Discover what some of our Mexico Mission participants experienced on pages 3 – 7
                   Read about an adventure in California on page 15
Check out the impact Serengeti Trek, our vacation Bible school program, had on both the
                    children in it and the people leading it on page 14
                                                                         Great News on every page…

                                                                          Mexico Stories                 3-6
                                                                          Adult Ministry               7-10
                                                                          Student Ministry           10, 14
                                                                          IHN is coming ...               10
If you have a moment to daydream this summer you might linger             Tales of Family Retreat         11
upon a memory from the past. Those memories will play like mov-           Children’s Ministry       12 - 13
ies in your mind, complete with the events and people that helped         DSPC July Jubilee               13
shape your life in the past. Those memories also help explain             Serengeti Trekking              14
where you are today.                                                      California Adventure            15
Our Church has memories too. They are the stories of events and           Church News & Thanks       16, 18
people that make up our life together. They help shape our                Ask the Budget Guy              17
corporate life and help explain where we are today. In this issue           Excerpts from the Best-Selling
we have asked several people to tell their stories of events and            Personal Finance Book
trips, people and programs that our church has had this summer.           Presbyterian Personals    19 - 20
God is doing marvelous things here at SHPC.                               SHPC Calendar                   21
Enjoy the stories.

    Serengeti Trek (VBS) page 14

                                                                           Tales of Family Retreat, page 11

                                                                         Sermons for July
                                                               July 3      Questions God Asks:
                                                                           Whom Shall I Send?
                                                                               Isaiah 6:1-8

                                                               July 10     Questions God Asks:
                                                                                Who Is This
                                                                         That Darkens My Counsel?
                                                                                 Job 38: 1-5

                                                               July 17       Defining Moments

                                                               July 24         IN-dependence

                                                               July 31     Questions God Asks:
                                                                          Do you want to be well?
                                   Mexico Stories, pages 3-6                    John 5:2-9

 Mexico Mission Housebuilding                                           Snapshot: Mexico Mission 2005
 Project—Huge Success through                                                                by Bill Brock

        SHPC Teamwork                                                 This year’s Mexico Mission trip was notable in
       by Gaston Broyles and Junie Ledbetter Broyles
                                                                      several respects. We had almost 40 participants
This year SHPC’s building teams erected two                           — a new high — and because we did the trip in
houses and added a concrete roof to a third in a                      early June, the temperatures were low. Of
poor neighborhood wedged in the shadows of an                         course, we Mexico veterans count temperatures
industrial zone of maquilladores on the outskirts                     in the high 90’s as “low” so go figure.
of Reynosa, Mexico. Three families who were                            And as we have come to expect, the trip was so
without basic living structures now have sturdy                       well planned by our devoted leader, Gaston
houses to protect their precious families. Erica                      Broyles, that we had very few difficulties. We felt
Hernandez’ family consists of her four children.                      safe, the food was fantastic, the hotel was clean
                                                                      and cool, the work was rewarding, the families we
                                                                      worked with were immensely grateful.
                                                                      We drove down on Sunday, May 29, arriving in
                                                                      Reynosa, just across the border from McAllen,
                                                                      about 7:00. After dinner in a “real” Mexican res-
                                                                      taurant, we shared fellowship with each other
                                                                      around the hotel pool and divided ourselves into
                                                                      two teams. The next day we drove to the border
                                                                      ministry that has organized these trips for the last
                                                                      20 years, Ministerio de Fe (“Ministry of Faith”) to
                                                                      get our assignments. There we met our Mexican
                                                                      partners and they guided us to the two houses we
             SHPC and friends, raising the roof                       were to help build.
She is now a single mom, but her mother and
                                                                      How do you build a house, anyway?
father live close by on a dusty, crater-ridden
street. Margarita Silva, mother in another family,                    Building a house takes about four days, organized
rejoiced in her new roof. When we finished the                        in the following way:
work of hauling and lifting concrete, she stood                       Day 1, on a flat spot in the yard, mix 8 wheelbar-
teary-eyed with thanks in the hot street and wrote                    rows of sand, 8 of gravel, and continued, next page
in Spanish in my notebook: “I give thanks for
everything and especially that God brings you to                        Nancy Marroquin and Larissa Tillinger on bucket brigade
me, and that you do not tire of doing the good
work. I hope that you return soon.” Sarah
Morgan writes a bit about the third family, the
Garcias, in her article.
How is this possible?
All of this work is possible only through the
team efforts of the whole congregation —
and those efforts are heartwarming. SHPC works
all year to collect the $15,000 necessary for the
annual project. There’s an offering on Christmas
Eve, members donate items
                                           continued, next page

Housebuilding, continued                                             Snapshot, continued

and shop at the silent auction at the Valentine’s                    about 300 pounds of cement into concrete; lay 8
Dinner, there are private donations, the Mission                     to 10 layers of concrete blocks (about 500-600
Committee apportions some of their budget to the                     blocks) so that they make walls; a sub-team cre-
project, and each participant who plans to                           ates rebar sections that are used in Day 2 to
actually work on the site in Reynosa, Mexico also                    strengthen the walls.
contributes. And above all, there are prayers for                    Day 2, build 1’x 1’ wooden troughs on top of the
the working group while they are on-site in                          walls, lay the rebar into the troughs, then mix
Mexico. Thank you, SHPC, for all that you do to                      even more concrete than Day 1 and form a
foster and implement Christian mission!                              bucket brigade and haul all the concrete up to the
Those who participated in the project this year at                   troughs.
the worksite included: Cindy, Billy, Brianna and                     Day 3, mix about 12 wheelbarrows of sand, and
Brittany Baschnagel; Madeline, Bill and Andrew                       12 gravel, and maybe 500 pounds of cement and
Brock; Larry and Kelly Coulter; Dan, Aaron and                       make a really big batch of concrete. Form a
Derek Brinks; Don, Kevin and Mark Greathouse;                                         bucket brigade and haul it over
Carlen, Beaman, Anna and                                                              and pour it into the house to
Katie Floyd; Kim Klotz; Gary                                                          make a nice concrete floor. We
Mann; Nancy Marroquin; Greg                                                           had some cement left over so
Miller; Sarah and Eliza Morgan;                                                       we made a nice cement front
Dan Mudgett; Tyler Penrod;                                                            porch for the family. Their kids
Kent Stromberg; Larissa                                                               pressed their hands into the
Tillinger; Marie Ullrich; Tori                                                        cement!
VanOssalear; Steve Vittorini
(summer intern for Dripping                                           Day 4, make even more con-
Springs church); Christy Wright; and Gaston and  crete (if you’re tired of reading about concrete,
Junie Broyles.                                   well, you can imagine what we were thinking) and
                                                 form a bucket brigade and haul it up and pour it
                                                 into a roof form to make a really strong roof for a
If you would like to join SHPC members on future house. This was on another house whose walls
projects like this, watch the website and the    had set and which was ready to support the con-
newsletters, or just call Gaston Broyles (301-   crete roof.
8357). We hope to be able to schedule our 2006
mission at the end of May.
                                                                     Grubby angels
the whole Reynosa team, clean, well- rested ... must be Day 0!
                                                                                   As we were leaving that last house,
                                                                                   the lady of the home was standing
                                                                                   outside crying and waving as we
                                                                                   drove off. She had told us that for
                                                                                   her, we were angels because she
                                                                                   had never seen us before and prob-
                                                                                   ably never would again, but we had
                                                                                   completed a dream that she had
                                                                                   waited years for. That about sums
                                                                                   up the trip. We felt exhausted and
                                                                                   grungy, but were hailed as angels. It
                                                                                   was a great feeling, and I know
                                                                                   many of us will do it again.

        My Mexico Mission Trip                                             Meeting the Garcias
                     by Katie Floyd                                                by Sarah Morgan

The smiling. The sweat. The hugging and crying.                  The father’s name was Damion. He was 29 years
This is what I saw, what worked in my heart to                   old and had been one of the fortunate ones who
change the person I was into the person that I am                landed a job at one of the many factories that
now.                                                             have relocated across the border to take
                                                                 advantage of a labor force that would work for low
I have participated in the Mexico Mission Trip
                                                                 wages. In January, in an industrial accident, his
three years in a row, and every time, I have come
                                                                 thumb was crushed. There have been two
back home with a new perspective on life as we
                                                                 attempts at reconstructive surgery, but to date,
know. The thing that really got me the first time I
                                                                 the thumb is not functional enough for Damion to
experienced the trip is that the Mexicans, the peo-
                                                                 meet the demands of his job on the line. He has
ple with we become so close to, don’t know the
                                                                 been out of work since January, with a wife,
life we do. They live in almost complete poverty.
                                                                 Aracely, and three small children to support. To
Most of the people will or have lived their entire
                                                                 top it off, shortly after the accident someone broke
lives without the “luxuries” of clean water, electric-
                                                                 through the fence surrounding what was then his
ity, and even a roof over their heads.
                                                                 house and burned it to the ground. All the
Yet, in the midst of all the toughness and struggle,             family’s possessions were lost.
they are not in the least bit
                                                                                 Monday we descended on his
weary or depressed, but the
                                                                                 home site, piled out of our cars
complete opposite. When at
                                                                                 and got to work moving sand
                                                                                 piles, mixing concrete, bending
                                                                                 bars and laying blocks. After
                                                                                 the obligatory greetings,
                                                                                 Damion retreated into the
                                                                                 house. He was either shy,
                                                                 overwhelmed or humiliated that he could not help.
                                                     It wasn’t long though, before he came back out.
                                                     He simply couldn’t stand by and watch while a
                                                     team of three inexperienced workers from our
                                                     church proceeded to lay blocks for his house with
                                                     an end result that was not…. Straight? Level?
                                                     Not good enough. He sought out Dan Brinks,
                                                     who had demonstrated that he was absolutely
                                                     fluent in Spanish, and asked that he pass along a
Gaston Broyles, Marta Almanza                        few pointers to the team. Dan complied and then
                                                     invited Damion to work with him, engaging him in
lunch and at the work site, we would sing, play,     the conversation that led to his telling his story.
sweat, eat and laugh together, there is no differ-   He became involved, he discovered he was use-
ence between us and them.                            ful and most importantly, he discovered that he
I’ve found that it’s hard for me to understand how was welcome to join in the effort to build his own
                                                     house, working side by side with people who for
they live this way, but still have so much joy and
                                                     some reason had decided to work together for his
happiness and enthusiasm inside. But at the
                                                     family’s benefit. From that point forward Damion
same time, I know exactly how; it comes from
their hearts and souls. There really is not a single remained active, even joining in one heck of a
difference between the people
                                      continued, next page                                           continued, next page

My Mexico, continued                                                  Skilled or unskilled? We did
of Shepherd of the Hills and the con-                                 have a builder amongst us who
gregation of Ministerio de Fe. We are                                 qualified as skilled. The rest of us
brothers and sisters through Jesus                                    thought we were skilled, but don’t
Christ, and that’s all that really mat-                               ask our Mexican partners for their
ters.                                                                 opinion on that question!
So, I suggest that anyone and every-                                  Finally, you are probably assuming
one who has not had the privilege and                                 that the same group of long time
joy of going and working for and with                                 members go on this trip every
these wonderful people, do so…you’ll                                  year.
be surprised.
                                                                       Well, over half of the people had
                                                                       been before and that was a gener-
Impressions, continued                                                 ally great thing, with one caveat.
dusty and aggressive game of soccer                                    Because they were so good at
in the lane by his house.                                              knowing what needed to be done,
Who goes? Who’s qualified?                                             when and how, both teams were
                                                 Mark Greathouse       able to complete our houses a day
So who were these people from Shep-                    early, which led to the invitation to spend our last
herd of the Hills who went on this trip to help Da- day putting on a roof. That was a huge job!
mion and his family and the other family? I have
                                                       But the rest of us were first timers and we were
sat in the congregation and heard stories told by
                                                       thrown into the mix quickly, believe me. The
those who have returned from these trips. In pre-
                                                       Greathouse family (they get the award for having
vious years I would ask myself, should I go? Do I
                                                       the most appropriate name) have been members
have something to offer? Would I be welcome
                                                       at SHPC longest, I believe, just over fifteen years.
and fit in? Let me tell you who we were.
                                                       And Kent had joined the church just two weeks
First, there is a pretty tight age range that you prior to the trip. So that ought to narrow it down
should fit into. The youngest of our group was         for you!
ten and worked hard with the rest of us daily. She
distinguished herself by joining in the soccer         In deed, indeed
games that were played daily after our lunch at        At Easter, Larry closes the service with the proc-
the church. The guys who played and were locals lamation, “He is risen!” And our response is, “He
were big twenty-somethings, and Anna ran circles is risen indeed.” My husband, Chris, left the Eas-
around them, scooting the ball through their legs ter service this year hearing something different in
and scoring goals much to our cheering delight         those words. He is risen, he is risen – in deed.
and their amazement.                                   We went to Reynosa, and we offered ourselves
The oldest of those who would admit their age          not in word, but in deeds. And what we did for our
was sixty. On the last day, Bill stood at the top of brothers and sisters in Christ was good for them,
the bucket brigade, where he would catch the           and was most certainly very good for each of us.
bucket after bucket loaded with concrete and lift it
over his head to the rooftop receiver. So, you
should probably fit somewhere within that fifty
year span, give or take ten years on either side.
And it helps to have a birthday during the week of
event, as we celebrated five of them!
Adults or children? We were 35, with about half
under twenty years old and the rest above. Men
or women? Again, pretty evenly divided, although
as is often the case, the women were better look-

      the SPRING. The new dates are April 4, 5 and 6, 2006. Mark your calendars NOW!

                 JULY ACTIVITIES                             The Fellowship Bridge Group will play the 2nd
                                                             Friday in July – the 8th – at 7 p.m. Hosting in
July 5         No Game Day                                   July will be Bill and Lydia Ellison. Please call
July 8         Fellowship Bridge Group                       Virginia McNutt (288-7187) or Martha Meador
July 9         Golden Years Lunch Bunch                      (288-3341) by Tuesday July 5 if you would like
July 12        Kit Ministry Workshop at 1:30 p.m.            to play.
July 16        Men’s Breakfast Fellowship
July 19        Health Seminar at 11:00 a.m.                         The June winner was Lydia Ellison.

                AUGUST ACTIVITIES                                      KIT MINISTRY WORKSHOP
August 2       “Groan”-Ups Game Day                                          July 12th at 1:30
August 9       Old Fashioned Hymn Sing                       Come learn how to be a part of missions by creat-
August 12      Fellowship Bridge Group                       ing kits for people who have been victims of di-
August 13      Golden Years Lunch Bunch                      sasters. We will assemble a health kit and learn
August 16      Soup to Nuts Luncheon                         how to create flood buckets.
August 20      Men’s Breakfast Fellowship
August 23      OWL Group                                     Health kits provide basic necessities to people
August 30      TRUE TALES                                    forced to leave their homes due to human conflict
                                                             or natural disaster. Health kits can be used as
                                                             learning tools in personal hygiene, literacy, nutri-
                                                             tion and cooking classes. When people gain the
                                                             knowledge and materials to maintain personal
                                                             hygiene, their overall health improves.
                                                                  Please bring one or more of the following items to
                                                                  be included in our kits:
                                                                          1 wash cloth
                                                                          1 comb (large and sturdy, not pocket –
                                                                          1 nail file or fingernail clippers (no em-
 Blanche and Mal Hunter play “Chicken Foot“ with Lydia Ellison at         ery boards or toenail clippers)
                   “Groan”-Ups Game Day.
                                                                          1 bath-size bar of soap (3 oz. and up)
            “GROAN” - UPS GAME DAY                                        1 toothbrush (single brushes only in
  One of our most successful activities for fellow-                       original wrapper)
ship has been our “Groan”–Ups Game Day on the                             1 large tube of toothpaste
 first Tuesday of every month. We will be resum-                          6 adhesive plastic strip sterile ban-
   ing our activities again in August. We meet at                         dages
 10:00 in the morning and play until noon. There                          1- gallon plastic bag(s)
   is always something delicious to munch and a                      Note: All items for this project must be new!
                                                                                      (continued, next page)
bunch of fun group games to join. Herk and Judy
  Johnson have been our hosts for this wonderful
 fellowship time and make arrangements for any-                      The Men’s Breakfast Fellowship will meet
                 one who needs a ride.                                 at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday, July 16th in the
              Contact them at 894-0749.                                narthex. To RSVP, call Jim Black at 892-
                                                                              2982. All men are welcome!

 WORLD TRAVELER TO SPEAK IN AUGUST                               The Golden Years Lunch Bunch will be
The Soup to Nuts luncheon in August will feature                 meeting at Donn’s Barbecue (behind
a world traveler. Mark your calendars now and                    Albertson’s in Oak Hill) at 11:30 a.m.,
plan to hear this fascinating tale of adventure.                 Saturday, July 9th. Call Margaret and Richard
                                                                 Nakamura, 301-2602, or e-mail to
           August 12th at 11:00 a.m.                    if you can join us.
       Watch the bulletins for more details!

  The library has added quite a few                                          your name…listen as you read
  new titles recently. Look over the list and see if              about
  you recognize some popular authors:                                  A devoted apostle—alone, broke, worn
                                                                  out, but still listening.
  Charles Swindoll Perfect trust; ears to hear,                        A quiet, unassuming man snowbound in
  hearts to trust, and minds to rest in Him                       a church without a preacher, without a ser-
    The author begins with two key questions,                     mon, but hearing a voice that urges him to
    “Can you trust God?” and “Can you trust                             speak.
    God?” He then examines how we can
                                                                                A displaced brother, who knows
    answer those questions by looking at
                                                                        the grace in giving grace.”
    scripture and citing the experiences of
                                                                        248.4 LUC
  248 SWI                                                              Martha Whitmore Hickman A day of
                                                                       rest; creating spiritual space in your
  Bruce Wilkinson The dream giver
    The author of The prayer of Jabez
                                                                       The title says it all!
    offers a modern-day parable about Ordinary,
                                                                263.2 HIC
    a Nobody who leaves the Land of Familiar to
    pursue a dream. Wilkinson serves as Dream                   Ron DiCianni The heart of a mother
    Coach, offering insights and practical solu-                  This is a collection of scripture and quotations
    tions.                                                        to encourage all mothers.
  248.4 WIL                                                     248 DIC
  Max Lucado When God whispers your name Use the easy self-service check-out system in
    “Somewhere between the pages of this book the library to borrow books and media.
   and the pages of your heart, God whispers

Eremos, 6210 Adel Cove (near our church), 891-9948              Seton Cove, 3708 Crawford Avenue, 451-0272
First Mondays, 10:00-12:00  A quiet interlude, gathering in A wide variety of programs on spirituality and faith in action,
Fourth Mondays, 1:00-3:00   the silence and peace of        including luncheon series. For a complete listing, call or visit
                            Eremos. Reservations on pre- the website at
                            ceding Fridays.
               $10 donation requested.

                              Alpha is Coming!
                    We Need Participants! We Need Helpers!
 If you love to eat, watch movies, meet new peo-         any point to life; others are concerned about what
ple, and have interesting conversations, Alpha is        happens after death. Still others may have at-
the place for you!                                       tended church on and off all their lives but feel
                                                         they have never really understood the basics of
Join the Alpha team! We would like you to                the Christian faith. People come from many differ-
consider being part of a special ministry called         ent backgrounds, holding many different view-
Alpha that is a ten-week practical introduction to          points – but all come with the same objective:
the Christian faith. The Alpha Course gives peo-              to establish whether Jesus Christ has any
ple a chance to raise questions and discuss                   real relevance in their lives. No matter what
relevant topics.                                             their background, whether investigating
Each evening begins with supper, includes a                 Christianity for the first time or revisiting their
video and ends with small group discussions.                faith, participants get a lot out of an Alpha
There are a number of roles in the weekly pro-              course.
gram including a need for table hosts, table set-        Questions asked about God have fascinated hu-
up, video operation, food service and break-down         man beings since time began. Now is your
team. If you are an Alpha “graduate” and remem-          chance to explore any questions you may have!
ber the friendships you formed and the interesting       Look for the signup table in the Narthex or for
discussions, volunteer to help make that happen          more information, call:
for others.
                                                                     Leslye Womack, 288-6118
You’re Invited! People attend an Alpha                                  Diana Gill, 892-2410
Course for a wide variety of reasons. Some want                      Lauren Tarrant, 448-9797
to investigate whether God exists and if there is

                               Mark Tarrant
Beginning Sunday July 10th, and continuing for the       1. Introductory history to the Book of Confes-
following seven Sundays, I will be presenting a             sions.
class in the library at 9:30am. The focus of the         2. Who was Jesus.
class is to explore eight separate Christian con-        3. The mystery of the Trinity.
cepts or doctrines using the Book of Confessions         4. Justification by grace through faith.
as our reformed tradition’s historical guide. Each       5. God's sovereignty.
class will focus on one Christian doctrine, with the     6. Stewardship of God's creation.
exception of the first class which will be an intro-     7. The covenant life of the church and the no-
ductory history to the confessions. The classes             tion of True Church.
are expected to be about one hour long and in-           8. Uses of the law.
clude 30 to 45 minute presentation with time for
                                                     I look forward to a spirited discussion geared to-
conversation and discussion afterwards. The
                                                     ward the life and times that we live in today. I
subject headings for each of the eight classes is
                                                     hope to see you there.
as follows:

Foundations Class will review 2 books this sum-                     young couples to come join us - at

mer during our monthly meeting time, the last                     SeaWorld, Lake Travis and more!
Sunday of the month. Please join us in the                      For more information about Founda-

portables for these discussions. Service                    tions, please contact John and Lynette

and Social events are also scheduled                      Gillis at (512) 453-7866.
throughout the summer, and we invite

                                     July Student Events

                    7/3 No group                         7/6 Evermore
                    7/8 Fantastic Four Movie Night       7/13 No Evermore
                    7/10-15 Fun in the Son               7/20 No Evermore
                    7/31 No Group                        7/24 End of Summer Pool Party
                    8/7 Visit Austin Stone Church

              IHN guests are coming!
              IHN (Interfaith Hospitality Network) guests are families with children who, because of a
              crisis situation in their lives, have lost their homes. The program provides for them to
              live at Austin area churches while they find housing and get back on their feet.

             We’re home at Jesus’ House! These were the words of a 2 yr old IHN guest each
             day as they came in the doors of our church. During the week of July 31 - August 6,
             four IHN families will live at our church and will be fed and sheltered by volunteers at
our Church. This is your opportunity to help these families feel “at home at Jesus’ house”. Tasks
performed by hosts (Church members and members of Faith Presbyterian Church and Abiding Love
Lutheran Church) include:

  Move-in: Sunday 12:30 – move guest’s be-           Saturday Hosts and lunch: several shifts
     longings and bedding into rooms and set-up      Supply Donors: all week
  Breakfast Servers: 5:45 a.m. to 7:15 a.m.          Transportation Volunteers and Linen Washers.
  Dinner Preparers: 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.           Move-out: Sunday 6:30 am – load guest’s be-
  Overnight Host: 8:00 p.m. to 7:15 a.m.                longings on trailer, cleanup and straighten
  Evening Host: 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.                  up church, transport guests to Day Center,
                                                        and take trailer to next church
Young children make excellent hosts, because the guests are mostly young children. Sign up in the
narthex for this volunteer opportunity or contact Sarah Stranahan at 264-2319

by Abby Brady

Benadryl, bandaids, sunscreen, three pairs of                                                          by Lisa Crawford
shoes each (water shoes, sandals, tennis shoes),                                                          This was a blast
bunny, blue blankie….                                                                                     for the Crawfords!
We had so much stuff in the car that we could                                                             Our family is pretty
have stayed for a week. But it was just one day. It                                                       active, so it was
seemed like a lot of work for just one day. As we                                                         great to see the
arrived I could hear other families joking about                                                          full gym, ultimate
how much stuff they had to pack and other famil-                                                          frisbee court and
iar remarks about the difficulty of traveling with                                                        pool — we were
kids. And I began to relax a little.                                                                      off to a good start.
                                                                                                          When you are
                                                                                                          sleeping in a room
                                                                                                          with two young
                                                                                                          children, exhaust-
                                                                                                          ing them is my
                                                                                                          kind of plan!
                                                                                                          The most impor-
                                                                       Tamara teaches everyone  tant part for us was the op-
                                                                        to squish the bumblebee
                                                                                                portunity, as a family, to
                                                                     build friendships within our church community.
                                                                     We got to know some folks better and meet some
                                                                     new families. The kids had a ball playing and
                                                                     learned some new songs we continue to sing at
                                                                     bedtime. Stanley and Ameila, our children, did
                                                                     not want to leave. Neither did Steve and I. In
  Emma Schultz with tennis ball; Sam Brinks, Abby Brady, Tamara Bell
                                                                     fact, the next day the children asked when we
We spent most of our time at the pool and exploring were going back.
the camp. Our time was balanced between just our When we asked about their favorite part, they
family and mixing with other families. We had the                    said, “Playing with our church buddies ... And
opportunity to meet new people, like Nancy’s hus-                    candy!” Now those are friendships to encourage
band who we both enjoyed but can’t remember his (though we have toned down the treats a bit).
name, and hang out with old friends like Bruce and
Eva.                                                                 We plan to be back next year — sign us up!
                                                                                      Stanley and Ameila Crawford, Kendall Whitmire
New running jokes emerged and of course we all
laughed about Martin’s lawn chair from the last re-
treat. We loved that our kids had a blast and were
worn out and that the adults (also worn out!) had a
chance to hang out and laugh in the hallways after
Sunday breakfast was heavenly, eating breakfast
that I didn’t have to clean up afterwards. We weren’t
ready to go when it was over. Mike and I were re-
laxed and the kids were happy. We had made plans
to get together with some families, which we have
actually followed up on! All that for just a little work.
Thanks God.
We’ve been busy this summer in Children’s Minis-      assist with getting kids to the water destination
try! VBS has come and gone, and with over 100         each day. (See below for further details.)
children ages 3 through 3rd grade in attendance       Meanwhile, Bright Lights Summer School has
and countless volunteers of all ages ... we were a    given us the opportunity to greet some new smil-
packed house. But even with all those people          ing faces as well as maintain a connection to our
running around SHPC, we still made new friends        old friends who are here all year long. Our
and grew deeper in our relationship with Christ.      mixed-age format for the summer has encour-
And we had fun and learned some cool new              aged new friendships to grow even among old-
songs.                                                timers from different grades. The last day of
We are now looking forward to Club H2O, our           Summer School is July 31st.
water-themed summer camp for kids going               Keep Rally Day on your calendars —
into the 4th-6th grade. Look for registration forms   August 21, 2005. It’s our official kick-off of the
in the narthex or online at Club        2005-2006 school year where Sunday School
H2O will be July 25-29, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.         teachers and Bright Lights kids re-connect with
each day. Each day starts off with a Bible lesson     their Sunday School classes. Until then, enjoy
before we travel to that day’s watery locale. We      the rest of your summer!
end the morning in small groups to discuss the
lesson over lunch. Parents drop off and pick up               In Christ,
their kids at the church, so drivers are needed to            Liz Boyce

                         Drivers needed!
Club H20

                                                                           CHILDREN’S MINISTRY
           Do you have a van, suburban or other large                          CALENDAR:
           vehicle? Are you available in the mornings and
           early afternoon? Are you over 18 and do you             July 25-29 Club H2O
           have a good driving record? If you answered             July 31     Last Day of Bright
           yes to all of the above questions, we need you                      Lights Summer School
           during the week of Club H2O – July 25-29! We
                                                                   August 7    No Sunday School
           need drivers to help transport pre-teens from
           the church to one of five different water-themed        August 14 No Sunday School
           destinations and back.                                  August 21 Rally Day
If you can assist us with this need, please contact Liz            August 28 1st Day of Fall Sunday
Boyce ( or Michael Killeen                                      School
( or call the church office, 892-3580.

                       Team Leaders and Support Teachers Needed!
As Rally Day approaches, we are actively recruiting Sunday School teachers. We
need leaders for most of our classes, and Support Teachers for all of our classes
(2s, 3s, 4s, Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade and 4th/5th grade). As a
team leader, you are responsible for organizing your team of teachers (comprised of
“Support Teachers”) by creating a teaching schedule and ensuring that the curricu-
lum is disbursed to your teachers. Support Teachers sign up for just one Sunday a
month, and follow the given curriculum with the assistance of their Team Leader.
No formal teaching experience is required. We just ask that you love kids, love
the Lord and have a desire to share Christ’s word in a fun and active environment. If
you have questions, please contact Liz Boyce at 971-9107, or

       July Jubilee: Children's Day at the Ranch
                      Saturday July 23, 2005
  Children ages 5 through 10 are invited for a day of fun includ-
  ing fishing, arts and crafts, music, stories and much more!
  Invite your Dripping Springs friends and neighbors, especially
  those not attending church right now. We’ll have a whole lot of
  fun while sharing the excitement of DSPC!
  Call the Dripping Springs church office at (512) 858-1788 for
  more information.

                      July Jubilee: We Need You !!!
         Volunteers are needed for the July Jubilee July 23rd at Dripping
          Springs PC. Come help with game booths, a fishing pond,
                        greeting and other FUN STUFF!!
                 Please call Doug Budd at 280-0904 for details.

    Childcare providers needed for SHPC nursery
If you love babies and toddlers, we can use your help in the church
          nursery on Sundays and on Thursday mornings.
If you are interested, please contact Pamala Walls Flores, Nursery
     Coordinator, at 891-0350 or, for details.

                  Josh Budd jumps for joy                              the Serengeti, where we would
                                                                       learn about God and his followers.
                                                                       It was amazing to see the kids
                                                                       learning so much and becoming
                                                                       closer to God at such a young
                                                                                       age. We feel so
                                                                                       good that we were
                                                                                       able to bring
                                                                                       smiles to these
                                                                                       kids faces and we
                                                                                       hope that we
                                                                                       made a difference
                                                                                       by showing them
                                                                                       how great it is to
                                                                                       have God in your
Helping Lead Serengeti Trek                                                            life. VBS was an
by Corey and Paky Callahan
                                                                                       awesome experi-
This was our 2nd year being group lead-                                                ence and the little
ers at VBS. We have so much fun hanging out          kids weren’t the only ones that learned some-
with the little kids and being able to go completely thing. Our job was made easy and fun because of
crazy. It’s just plain awesome!! Each day the kids the tremendous amount of work that Liz and Ker-
in our group would show up with smiles on their      rie put into this program. We are already looking
faces, ready to learn and play. “He’s the King”      forward to being a part of VBS next year!
would blare from the speakers
and everyone would jump up                                                  Getting Wild About
and sing.                              It was amazing to see                          God
After the songs we would all sit                                    by Greyson and Abby Bourgeois
                                    the kids learning so
down (the kids all wanting to sit
in the leader’s laps) and watch     much and becoming Greyson and Abby summer.
                                                               attending VBS this

skits and share how we helped      closer to God at such Greyson especially liked singing
each other “know God” and “tell         a young age.           the fun and energetic songs that
about God”. The groups would                                   were a part of the morning
then split up and go to stations                               welcome and afternoon closing.
like Wild Games, Chadder’s Adventure                   It is not unusual to see the Bourgeois
Theater, Watering Hole Snacks, Critter                 family jamming to "He is the King of
Crafts, Bible Expedition, and Songs of                 Everything" as we drive around town.
                                                       Through the music and lessons
                                                       Greyson learned that God is always
                                                       with us and that He protects us.
                                                                  Abby enjoyed the theatrical talents of
                                                                  some of the volunteers and campers.
                                                                  Through watching and participating in
                                                                  scenes from the Bible, Abby learned
                                                                  about Daniel being thrown to the lions,
                                                                  and Shadrach, Meschach and Aben-
                                                                  nego being thrown into a fiery furnace.
                                                                  The live performances helped her
                                                                  understand "that God can save you if
                                                                  you pray to him."
                                                        We’ll be at the top of the sign-up sheet next year!

                                                                                              walk with the fools will
                                                                                              be punished." I'm not
                                                                                              sure why that stuck
                                                                                              with me but it was just
by Whitney Gabbart                                                                            something that stayed
If someone would have told me a year ago that I                                               in my head and I think
would be going to California, seeing all these                                                that I've said that at
Christian bands at Spirit West Coast, going to                                                least once a day since
Disneyland and meeting so many new people, I                                                  I've been back.
would have told them that they were crazy.                                                   When I finally de-
I never thought that I would actually go on this                          the author      cided to go on this trip
trip, although I really did want to go. While I was I was a little nervous because there were only
in California I learned so much about God, friend- three other girls going and I didn't know them that
ships and how lucky we are to have all the things well, but as the trip progressed I got to know them
                              that we have.             a lot better and I would consider us friends now.

                              I would have to say       We also got to meet one of Mike's students from
                              that Spirit West Coast his old youth group in California — Travis. He
                              was the best part for     was a really cool guy and very easy to get along
                              me.                       with, when you could get a word in! Even though
                                                        he did talk a lot I had a lot of fun with him and I
                              I know that a lot of you think that the other girls would say the same thing
                              don't know me but if      if they were asked.
                              you did you would
                              know that I'm not the This trip was a great experience for me. I got to
                              type that listens to      know people better and had a blast. If this trip
                              Christian music. I've     ever happens again I would suggest it to anyone!
                              never found it that in- I would like to say thank you to Mike for giving us
                              teresting until I went to this wonderful trip. Thanks, Mike!
                              California. There are
                              so many Christian
                                                                      Emily Jordan, Whitney Gabbart, Kristen and Lauren May
bands out there that are so talented — some
of them you wonder if they're even singing
about God. It's so crazy but it's so great.
Another thing I liked about it was that there
were so many people there that you would
never expect to see there.
Every morning when we woke up we had our
devotional time. It was our Bible study that
taught me so much. In that Bible study, every
morning we were given verses to write on our
arms so that we could memorize them. Now
to tell you the truth, there was really only one
that stuck with me and I don't think that I
could even tell you what book or chapter it
was from, but it was, "Those who walk with
the wise will become wise and those who

                                                 submitted by Allen Gunter, Endowment Committee

                    I struggle to find a way to express the gratitude the Session and the Endowment Committee
                    have for your continued generosity and support for the Caring Forever Endowment Fund.
                    Many of you chose to honor your mothers or someone else with your contribution, and this
                    note we received from one of those mothers sums it up best:
                              Thank you for the beautiful Mothers Day card and for the note about
                              my daughter's gift to your missions fund. It is the best gift she has
                              ever given me. Actually it is the best material gift I have ever been
More than $8,800 was contributed by the following during Caring Forever 2005, and we thank each and every
one of you for your contributions. The investment return on this money will be used for years to come to sup-
port significant mission and education projects to further God’s work through SHPC. May God’s blessings be
upon you.

Cy Albertson                               Steve & Andrea Gerlach                     Steve & Sharon Peurrung
Alpha Class                                Jack & Carol Gilchrist                     Fred & Nancy Peyton
Matt & Kim Arthur                          Laura Gore                                 Bryan & Renee Philips
                                           Don & Karen Greathouse                     Kathy Proctor
Vic & Rosemarie Barnett                    Allen & Pam Gunter
Don & Jody Barrett                                                                    Rusty Ray & Jodie Dunbar-Ray
Bob & Raynell Barry                        Howard Haberman                            Rebecca Robertson
Cathy & Steve Beard                        Porky & Pat Haberman                       Fred & Sharon Rothert
Pauline Beezley                            Bill & Jane Hall
Jeff & Jennifer Benner                     Sandy Hill                                 Jenny Sawyer
Dan & Marguerite Bjeletich                 Gordon & Marsha Holt                       Ron & Kim Sellers
Ben & Tammy Boehman                        Mary Hurd                                  Jettie Sherrier
Howard & Marian Bonebrake                                                             John & Elizabeth Shumaker
Julie & Richard Bonnin                     Glenna Jaeger                              AC & Barbara Skannal
Clift Bowman                               Brenda Johnson & Robert Hicks              Dave & Sherry Smith
Mike & Abby Brady                          Herk & Judy Johnson                        Richard & Karla Snell
Sybil Brady                                Rob and Karen Johnson                      Tary & Nita Snyder
Carol Brandt                                                                          Kimbol & Marty Soques
                                           Kim & Mike Klotz                           Troy & Holly Spink
David & Cindy Breed                        Marie Kluckhohn
Debbie and Rollin Breed                                                               Marijohn Stansbury
                                           Richard & Susan Klusmann                   Charles & Jane Staton
Bill & Madeline Brock                      Phil & Polly Kruczkowski
Gaston Broyles & Junie Ledbetter-Broyles                                              Lewis & Joyce Stewart
Doug & Debbie Budd                         Ken & Claudia Lauber                       Bill Stokes
Peter and Ruth Budic                       Steve & Robin Lenertz                      Lynne Stokes & Dan Moulton
Mike & Jennifer Bullock                    Allen & Audrey Lepley                      Sarah & Buddy Stranahan
Marylou Busch                              Anna Littrell                              Gary & Gwen Stroud

Phil & Jenny Callahan                      Dana & Julia Manuel                        Mark & Lauren Tarrant
Steve & Sue Cozart                         Karen & Scott McCoy                        Terre Thomas
Michelle Craft & David Paniagua            Jim & Virginia McNutt                      Jinny Thompson
Barb Coulter & Jon Valvano                 Jim & Martha Meador                        Fred & Peggy Tinnes
Wayne & Georgia Crawley                    Ron & Trinka Miller                        Maria Tissing
Lindsay & Elza Crump                       Ted & Fran Miller                          Helen Turrentine
                                           John & Sandi Moehlman                      Richard & Bonnie Vaughn
Mike & Teena Davis                         Sarah & Chris Morgan
Esso & Joy Essary                          Alice Morrill                              Tommy & Stella Warner
                                           Grady & Thelma Morris                      Ruth Weese
Tom & Jan Fiedler                                                                     Doug & Jackie Wilkins
Foundations Class                          Richard & Margaret Nakamura                Mary Wilson
Ken & Sue Frye                             Don & Rita Nowakowski
                                                                                      Bill & Nancy Zuraitis
                                           David Palmer & Linda Hargrove
                                           Angela & Jeff Peterson

                                  submitted by Allen Gunter

 Some Excerpts From the All-Time Best-Selling
            Personal Finance Book
Looking for some good reading this summer?               The Bible has some very specific advice on how
How about the best-selling personal finance book         to handle your money. Borrowing for example. It
of all times – the Bible! The Bible covers all of        doesn't say you can't do it, but it definitely
the fundamentals you need for managing your              discourages it – like Proverbs 22:7:
money with over 2,300 verses and most of Jesus'                       The borrower is servant to the lender.
parables dealing with money and/or material
wealth.                                                  That was given to us long before credit cards,
                                                         home equity loans, and auto leasing.
Here are some of my personal favorites, starting
                                                         Unfortunately, our society must have been absent
with 1 Chronicles 29:11-12:
                                                         that day since it seems to thrive on making
   Everything in the heavens and earth is yours, O       servants of as many of us as possible.
  Lord, and this is your kingdom. Riches and honor
                                                         How we handle money and debt helps determine
                come from you alone.
                                                         who is wicked and who is righteous. Psalm 37:21
We all agree that everything we are and have             says:
comes from God the Creator, but do we always               The wicked borrow and do not repay, but the
remember that it's really only a loan? It still                       righteous give generously.
belongs to God, and Luke 16:11 tells us there are
some strings attached:                                  And it's not just an Old Testament thing. In
                                                        Romans 13:8, Paul says:
  If therefore you have not been faithful in the use of
  worldly wealth, who will entrust the true riches to      Let no debt remain outstanding, except the
                         you?                                    continuing debt to love one another.
To me, "true riches" can only mean one thing –           Paul also helps us deal with the constant "buy,
that perfect relationship with God in heaven. I          buy" pressures of society when he says in
don't know how God chooses to grant grace, but           Philippians 4:11:
it's clear to me that he wants us to be good                    For I have learned to be content in whatever
stewards of all that he has entrusted to us. Just                            circumstances I am.
to make sure we don't have any doubts, Jesus
left us with the parable of the talents where the        Instead of waiting for contentment to somehow
servants who were good stewards entered into             happen (if only I had the new V-8 Whiz-Bang
the joy of their master.                                 4000 I'd be sooo happy!), I can learn to be
                                                         content. Where do I start? By loving and serving
Speaking of masters, take a look at Matthew              God, not by trying to buy happiness and
6:24:                                                    contentment at the mall.
  No one can serve two masters. You cannot serve         Ooops – no more room for this month. I'll be
                 God and wealth.                         back in August with some more of my favorite
It doesn't get much clearer than that. The more          excerpts from the ultimate financial guide.
importance we place on money and material
things, the more they get in the way of our
relationship with God. Seems like a no-brainer,               Want to learn more about what the Bible says about money? Want
                                                              some help getting out of debt? Try one of these:
but how much time do we spend thinking about
                                                                  Crown Financial Ministries small study group classes
what we want to buy versus thinking about God                     (Margaret Fetty, 288-9034)
and all He has given us?
                                                                  Personal budget counseling (free and confidential; Allen
                                                                  Gunter, 292-4035 or

                                     We’re home at Jesus’ House!
           These were the words of a 2-year-old IHN guest each day as the family came in
           the doors of our church. Thank you, volunteers, for making our church
           welcoming and “like home” for our IHN guests.
           I appreciate your continued support:
Gayle, Hanna, Jane & Greg    Rita Nowakowski               Bill & Jane Hall             Marsha Holt
   Guernsey                  Jane Thompson                 Chris Boyd                   Paula Pellerin
Mo & Tom O’Meara             Fran Webb                     Richard Chase                Fran Miller
Chris, Sarah, Eliza & Clay   Diane & Katherine Ramirez     Jody Barrett                 Sarah Golliher
   Morgan                    Jane Staton                   Ann Alexander                Jinny Thompson
Nita & Tary Snyder           Helen Turrentine              Lisa Middleton               Andrea Gerlach
Debra & Wes Jr Ballew        Margaret Hanks                Caren Zyola                  Jennifer Franco
Rita Teague                  Nora Gonzalez                 James Edwards                Jackie Williams
Ernie & Matt Lopez           Kim, Matt, Jacob & Benjamin   Barbara Christenson          Hester Louw
Anita Savage                    Arthur                     Randy Lugo                   Christie Clouse
Wayne Crawley                Tommye Sprotte                Maria Tissing                Buddy Stranahan

and volunteers from our supporting churches Faith Presbyterian Church and Abiding Love Lutheran Church.
If I’ve missed your name or misspelled it, please let me know and I do apologize. May God’s bless-
ings return to you. Sarah Stranahan 264-2319

                Times change, e-mailboxes move ... have you let the church know?
              SHPC manages a number of e-mailing lists with church members’ addresses. “E-
              mail blasts” are a great way to get last-minute updates. Unfortunately, we are seeing
              more and more “bounced” email messages from the addresses we have in the
              church e-mail directory! Please send a note to with your cur-
 rent preferred email address so we can make sure our messages get where they need to go.

           Giving Statements
Last year we found that very few of our
members were actually interested in the                                    Hot Topic, Cooled Off
semi-annual statements. Therefore, we                              Thank you to all who contributed to the
believe it is more cost-effective to produce                       new stoves for the church!
statements as requested.
                                                                   You may have noticed that the stoves
Giving statements may be requested at                              were purchased on faith that sufficient
any time by contacting Holly Spink,                 submitted by   funds would be made available by mem-
accountant, by e-mail,, or            Ron Miller
                                                                   bers of the congregation — and you
by calling the church office (892-3580)                            clearly came through.
and leaving a voice mail on extension 102.
                                                           Please stop by the kitchen and view them. They
Semi-annual giving statements, which were                  are a thing of beauty and are a good thing since
previously provided as a matter of routine at the          we Presbyterians like to eat!
end of June each year, are being discontinued.
 Your annual giving statement will still be
produced and made available to you. You will
not need to request this. It is scheduled to be
  produced no later than January 31, 2006.

                 From Paula Boatright —
                 Just a quick note to let you know that we are doing fine
                 enjoying the beautiful nature up here. David is playing
                 in the area's community orchestra and busy with his shop and
                 refurbishing a 1948 Ford tractor.
                 I am not active in Hospice/Transitions and trying to get some flower
                 beds going. Mother, who moved here with us, is also doing fine. We
                 miss everybody - still haven't found the 'right' church up here, so still
                 visiting. Take care, everyone!

                   Joys – Steve and Laurel Calhoun welcome a new grandchild, Charles Michael
                   Calhoun, born June 21st — Will and Aimee Petty welcome William Byers Petty IV,
                   born June 9th — Richard and Debbie Chase welcome a grandson, Blake Garrison,
                   born May 31st — Clay Stowe, home from Iraq — Eric Jacobus, returned from duty in
                   Sorrows – Lubica Malovich, grandmother of Lynn Kelley, passed away June 29th —
Gary Ervin, brother-in-law of Rick Vaughn, passed away June 11th — Kelly Todd passed away
unexpectedly June 8th — Ted Low, father of Dennis Low, passed away June 8th — Jim Vest, brother of
Maryellen Albertson, passed away May 5th — Kathryn Barlow, grandmother of Michelle Craft-Paniagua
and great-grandmother of Olivia Paniagua, passed away June 1st
Please pray for       — Alma Moore, friend of Tom and Michael McNelley, leukemia — Carolyn
Weirshausen, friend of Ruth Stein, seriously ill with a strange infection — Lt. Stephen Hartman, nephew
of Karla and Richard Snell, preparing to be sent to Baghdad for a year — Hugh Flewellen, stepfather of
Lynn Kelley, hospice care for pancreatic cancer — Zora Flewellen, mother of Lynn Kelley, strength and
grace in this time of stress — Clay Stowe, son-in-law of Rebecca Robertson and husband of Farrah,
hospitalized with a mystifying illness — Virginia Krueger, sister of Mo O'Meara, recovering from surgeries
— Brian and Kelly Melnyk, moving to China — Dodie Stockwell, sister-in-law of Sarah Stranahan, cancer
not responding to chemotherapy — Jayne and Sherm Williams, friends of the Gilchrists, cancer — Erin
Foster, neighbor of Sally Schilstra, non-Hodgkins lymphoma and financial concerns — Linda Evans,
chronic health condition

  Please pray for Members of the Armed Forces and all world leaders involved in war zone
                                    crises including:
 Stephen Hartman, nephew of Karla and Richard Snell... John Steele, nephew of Martha Meador... Ryan
 Moeller, friend of Carol Ideker… Ron Fore, nephew of Joy and Esso Essary… Michael Williams, nephew of
 Marty Starkjohann… John Sanchez, son of Birdie Lindsey… Jason Addison, son of Al and Jai Leigh
 Addison… Clay Narey, cousin of Aimee Killeen … Chase Breed, son of Rollin and Debbie Breed… David B.
 Craig, son of Linda Kimmons… Kenneth McKinney, friend of Carlen Floyd… Jason Mills, son-in-law of Gaston
 and Junie Broyles… John Paul Hipolito, son of neighbor of Bill Stokes… Ryan Keeney… Eric Wesley, friend of
 the Gilchrists

                                          7/3    Suzanne Gross                    Katie Bonnin
                                                 Liz Boyce                 7/17   Sue Lagerquist
                                                 Kristen May                      Brenda Gonzales
                                                 Lauren May                       David Erps
7/1    Carol and Larry Cunningham                Sam Benner                       Julia Domicoli
       Cathy and Steve Beard                     Olivia Warren                    Zachary Erps
7/3    Anne and Marc Kirsch               7/4    Alan Combs                7/18   Anita Savage
       Sherry and Dave Smith                     Tony Ginko                       Allen Gunter
7/4    Lynne Stokes and Dan Moulton       7/5    Marian Bonebrake                 Mike Brady
       Bill and Annette Chambers                 Madison Taylor                   Tommie Bates
7/6    Rhonda and Joel Cabello                   Seth Bates                7/19   Lloyd Goehring
7/8    Clint and Leah Wheeler             7/6    Marijohn Stansbury               Karen Barnhart
7/10   Don and Tiffany Hardwick                  Curtis Cline                     Baker Petty
7/14   Madison Jechow and Deena Perkins          Josh Budd                        Mollie Hicks
7/16   Rusty Ray and Jodie Dunbar-Ray     7/7    Rhonda Cabello            7/20   Margaret Fetty
       Tim and Kathy Coolman                     Megan Hauck                      Carlen Floyd
7/18   Chris and Christine Gordon                Lindsey Teague                   David Hauck
7/19   Ellis and Helen Windham            7/8    Dick Moore                7/21   Gabriela Proctor
       Mark and Michelle Thompson                Jennifer Hanna                   Anne Primeaux
       Chuck and Alma Moore                      Todd Thompson             7/22   Judy Litteaur
7/20   Deborah Rich and Robert Vela              Kelly Schiller                   Anna Dawson
       Dave and Jenn Folkers              7/9    Mary Wilson                      Amadeo Andrade
7/22   Dick and Gayle Grance                     Maryellen Albertson       7/23   Joanna Farwell
       Jeff and Kerry Long                       Jamie Courtney                   Rachel Hakim
       Steve and DeAnne Pearson           7/10   Terri Courtney            7/24   Sybil Brady
       Ken and Regina Rosilier                   Courtney Hackett                 Joyce Stewart
       Ruth Ann and Shane Widner          7/11   Beth Armitage                    David McDaniel
       Ron and Kim Sellers                       Don Barrett                      Gena VanOsselaer
7/24   Troy and Holly Spink                      Wayne Gonzalez                   Stan Wade
7/26   Jim and Martha Meador                     Wade Pellerin                    James McDaniel
       Bill and Jane Hall                        Jacob Natale              7/25   Abbey Hamilton
       Jason and Marcey French                   Emma Schultz              7/26   Dan Dawson
7/31   Richard and Margaret Nakamura      7/12   Paula Flowerday                  Jessica Meyer
       Marisa and Kent Stromberg                 Jeff Peterson             7/27   Ernie Lopez
                                          7/13   Linda Hargrove                   Justin Crabb
                                                 Becki Breed                      Cameron Bell
                                                 Jason Addison             7/28   Jim Garrett
                                                 Chrissy Hinkle                   Mary Cognetti
                                          7/14   Bailey Folsom                    Scott Cook
7/26   Chuck and Terri Courtney                  Windsor Hall                     Bailey Arnold
                                                 Robert Buffler            7/29   Bill Ellison
                                                 Luke Buffler                     Alan Pegg
                                          7/15   Laurel Calhoun                   Mark Lord
                                                 Bruce Litteaur                   Abby Brady
                                                 Joe Tracy                        Deena Perkins
                                                 Sarah Golliher                   Nicholas Blacklock
                                          7/16   Gary Gibbs                       Jason Landry
7/1    Kimbol Soques                      7/16   Kenneth Lauber            7/30   Tom McNelley
       Brianna Womack                            Jane Brock                       Chris Morgan
7/2    Esso Essary                               Karen Greathouse                 Kristy Ruiz
       Kim Coulter                               Tamara Bell               7/31   Lauren Laird
                                                 Aaron Craig                      Abby Wheeler

                        Jason Addison, serving with the Navy in the Persian Gulf,
                        may be reached through his email address:
                                         Stan and Jessica Wade
                                                                              4513 Manzanillo Drive
                                                  Curtis and Kim Cline        Austin TX 78749
                                                  9405 FM 1826
                                                  Austin TX 78737
                                                  New phone: 394-9570

2 Saturday                                                    17 Sunday
   9 a.m.     Chancel Choir Rehearsal                             Family Retreat at T-Bar-M ends
                                                                  9:45 a.m. Finding Financial Peace, library
3 Sunday
                                                                  6:30 p.m. Senior High Evening Fellowship
   9:30 a.m. The Confessions, library *
   6:30 p.m. Everlast (Senior High) Evening Fellowship        19 Tuesday
                                                                 11 a.m.      Health Seminar
4 Monday      Independence Day                                   6 p.m.       Stephen Ministry group meeting, room 7
   Church office closed                                          7 p.m.       Beta
5 Tuesday                                                        7 p.m.       Evening Mom’s Bible Study, Starbucks
   7 p.m.     Evening Mom’s Bible Study, Starbucks            20 Wednesday
6 Wednesday                                                      6:30 p.m. NO Evermore (Mid-High) Youth Fellowship
   6:30 p.m. Evermore (Mid-High) Youth Fellowship                7 p.m.    Chancel Choir Rehearsal

7 Thursday                                                    23 Saturday
   9:30 a.m. Mothers of Young Children Fellowship                9 a.m.   Chancel Choir Rehearsal
8 Friday                                                                  DSPC July Jubilee
   7 p.m.     Fellowship Bridge Group                         24 Sunday
              Everlast Fantastic Four Movie Night
                                                                 9:30 a.m. The Confessions, library *
9 Saturday                                                       5 p.m.    Dripping Springs PC Gathering
   9 a.m.     Chancel Choir Rehearsal                                      Evermore (Mid-High) Pool Party
   11:30 a.m. Golden Years Lunch Bunch                           6:30 p.m. Senior High Evening Fellowship
10 Sunday                                                     25 Monday
    9:30 a.m. The Confessions, library *                         Club H2O begins
              Fun in the Son (Everlast) departs               26 Tuesday
    6:30 p.m. NO Everlast (Senior High) Evening Fellowship       7 p.m.  Evening Mom’s Bible Study, Starbucks
    11:59 p.m. August Newsletter deadline
                                                              28 Thursday
12 Tuesday                                                       California Adventure (Everlast) begins (ends June 5th)
   1:30 p.m. Kit Ministry Workshop
   7 p.m.    Evening Mom’s Bible Study, Starbucks             29 Friday
                                                                 Club H2O ends
13 Wednesday
   6:30 p.m. NO Evermore (Mid-High) Youth Fellowship          30 Saturday
                                                                 9 a.m.   Chancel Choir Rehearsal
14 Thursday
    9:30 a.m. Mothers of Young Children Fellowship            31 Sunday         IHN Begins
                                                                  9:30 a.m.   The Confessions, library *
15 Friday
              Fun in the Son (Everlast) returns                   9:45 a.m.   Last day for Summer Bright Lights
                                                                  5 p.m.      Foundations Class
16 Saturday                                                       5 p.m.      The Shepherd’s Ringers Rehearsal
    7:30 a.m. Men’s Breakfast Fellowship
    9 a.m.    Chancel Choir Rehearsal

* Adult Sunday School Class

 Feel free to tear off and save this page to help you keep on top of everything that’s happening at Shepherd of the Hills!


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