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        ChargeSmart Further Enhances Anti-Fraud Measures to Help Thwart Identity Theft

San Francisco, April 12, 2011 – ChargeSmart, a provider of convenience fee-based card
acceptance for organizations, announced it has added an additional layer of screening to its anti-
fraud protection measures in an effort to further deter potential fraudulent transactions on consumers’
    ChargeSmart has rolled out an additional layer of security that combines social data with
traditional anti-fraud measures like geolocation tracking, IP authentication and biller information to
cross reference against customer-provided data. ChargeSmart leverages this information along with
its historical records to recognize abnormal behavior and has implemented appropriate processes for
payment handling according to calculated risk.
    If the system determines the level of risk to be above acceptable levels, the transaction is tagged
and passed to one of ChargeSmart’s fraud specialists. A specialist manually reviews the payment,
and in some cases, will contact the customer directly to confirm the payment is authorized and not
made with fraudulent intent. Payments that are deemed high risk upon review are canceled and fully
    ChargeSmart has always been committed to protecting the privacy of its customers, and as part
of its industry leading anti-fraud solution, ChargeSmart currently executes the following measures to
maintain account security and mitigate risk:
        Checks every card-funded transaction against the Address Verification System (AVS) and
         Card Security Code (CSC) to validate the customer’s identity and possession of the card
         being used;
        Uses advanced ID verification software to run a soft check against the customer’s information
         for any instances of reported fraud to prevent further abuse;
        Employs a dynamic flagging system within ChargeSmart that tags payment patterns
         consistent with those that have been historically observed with fraud on ChargeSmart or its
         affiliated sites.
    “By enabling customers to pay their bills with a card through ChargeSmart, organizations
can ensure heightened levels of security and industry leading fraud prevention measures,
mitigating risk and providing peace of mind to their valued customers,” said Tim Brinkman, CEO
of ChargeSmart.
   More than 300,000 consumers nationwide currently use ChargeSmart to facilitate card
payments to their utilities, auto finance, student loan and mortgage companies, among others.
About ChargeSmart
       Founded in 2008, San Francisco-based ChargeSmart is a provider of convenience fee-
based card acceptance for organizations, allowing businesses to meet their customers’ card
payment preferences without the expensive fees and technical challenges associated with
traditional card acceptance programs. For more information, visit the company's website at


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