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                                The Official Publication of the Airforwarders Association
                                                                                                                                                   Spring 2011

                                                                       750 National Press Building • 529 14th Street N.W. • Washington, DC 20045

Airfreight Hits
the Ground
What’s Inside:
AfA Member Profile:
Forward Air
Affinity Spotlight:                     Printed on 10%
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HI-SCAN and IONSCAN are trademarks of Smiths Detection Group Ltd.
   A f A     B O A R D             O F      D I R E C T O R S
 Anthony V. (Tony) Deltuva, Jr. –              Ron Lee – Director

        Vice President*                  Transgroup Worldwide Logistics
      Service By Air, Inc.                        Seattle, WA
        Woodbury, NY
                                      Preston G. Murray – Director
   Richard Fisher – Chairman*        National Air Cargo Holdings, Inc.
    Falcon Global Edge Inc.                    Ypsilanti, MI
          Boston, MA
                                           Fred Parshley – Treasurer*
    Jennifer Frigger-Latham –                UniGroup Worldwide
             Director                           Fort Wayne, IN
          Freeport, NY                Gerry Post – Member-at-Large*
                                     GWN Logistics & Transportation,
  Steven Goldberg – Secretary*                     LLA
       SEKO Worldwide                          Eagan, MN
           Itasca, IL
                                            Laura Sanders – Director
    Sasha Goodman – Director                  Lynden International
          Rock-It Cargo                           Seattle, WA
        Los Angeles, CA
                                           Dan Stegemoller – Director
    Michael Hess –President*                Radiant Global Logistics
  Associated Global Systems Inc.                 Bellevue, WA
         Sharon Hill, PA
                                              Beti Ward – Director
  David Hockersmith – Director                 Pacific Air Cargo
        Trans-Soft, Inc.                       Los Angeles, CA
         Scottsdale, AZ

    Robert Imhof – Director
 RR Donnelley Logistics Services
       Worldwide, Inc.
       Bolingbrook, IL                       * Executive Committee Members

                                                                                          12    Member Profile: Forward Air

                                                                                          16    TSA — Investigations and
                                                                                                Enforcement: Flying High Off
                                                                                                the Radar Screen

                         FORWARD                                                          18    Saving you More by Going
    The Official Publication of the Airforwarders                                12
                    Association                                                                 the Extra Mile
              Richard Fisher: Chairperson
                Michael Hess: President
            Brandon Fried: Executive Director                                             20    Airfreight Hits the Ground
                Tara McLaughlin: Editor
               John Ferraro: Staff Director                                               22    Contracts: Be Careful What
                         FORWARD                                                 16             you Agree To
             is published four times a year by the
                  Airforwarders Association
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                    529 14th Street, NW
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                                                                                          6    Chairperson’s Corner
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  claims, damages or expenses arising out of or attrib-
  uted to the contents of FORWARD, insofar as the con-                                    10   Government Affairs
  tents are based on information, representations, reports                                26   Member News
  or data that have been publicly disseminated, furnished or                              45   New Members
  otherwise communicated to FORWARD.

airforwarders.org                                                                     Spring 2011 Q Forward Magazine         3
                                 Executive Director’s Report

                                                  about our plans for the future, the AfA will bestow two exciting Carrier of the Year Awards
                                                  including one for the best domestic carrier and another for the most preferred international
                                                  member carrier. Finally, the annual Jim Foster Memorial Award will be presented to the
                                                  individual voted as contributing the most to the airfreight industry.
                                                  This year’s event promises to have one of the largest groups of attendees in our history
                                                  gathering to network, make deals, meet colleagues and enjoy an exhibit hall with over 100
                                                  booths containing goods and services designed to make you more successful. Welcome to San

                                                  AfA is Busy in Washington!
                                                  Recent attempted terrorist bomb plots have certainly focused the government’s efforts on
                                                  dealing with the air cargo security threat. AfA now serves on several important working
                                                  groups in Washington at the TSA, CBP and DHS. Recent personal meetings include sessions
                     Brandon Fried                with CBP Commissioner Alan Bersin, TSA Administrator John Pistole and Department of
                AfA Executive Director            Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. Each meeting focused on the potential use of
                                                                                                               data mining to discover threats
                                                                 You will hear from before flight departure.
It’s Conference Time!                                many experts who will                                     AfA’s Government Relations

                                                                                                               Coordinator Michelle Lancaster
       pring is one of our busiest times of            explain how trucking                                    discusses our many activities in
       the year as we prepare for the annual      companies have not only                                      the Nation’s Capitol as well as our
       AirCargo event while keeping pace
with our many other activities throughout          always been part of the                                     legislative and regulatory strategy
                                                                                                               in the upcoming year.
the country. This year’s conference theme              first and last mile of
                                                                                                                The AfA Board of Directors
entitled “A World of Opportunities: Asia          airfreight shipments but
2011” explores the ways forwarders and other                                                                    recently met in Washington for a
industry participants can capitalize on the       have served as the eyes                                       strategic planning session designed
many profitable opportunities available in         and ears of forwarders.                                      to focus on our current path
this exciting region.                                                                                           and map out the future of our
                                                  organization. The process was difficult since there are so many possibilities but the group was
The conference begins with our increasingly
                                                  able to reach consensus. The AfA will continue to be the voice of the industry while expanding
popular Women’s Networking Event,
                                                  its horizons overseas through involvement with foreign forwarding organizations.
featuring an insightful panel of airfreight
industry experts discussing important issues      The planning group also decided to continue the process of encouraging AfA members to stay
and solutions. Mimi Donaldson will then           involved with our many committees. The Regulatory Compliance Committee for instance,
deliver our keynote address about the contact     under the leadership of Director Tony Deltuva, has now expanded to fifteen members, meets
sport of business and what you can do to          monthly and has provided several recommendations to the Board of Directors. Director
become a more skillful player. An esteemed        Jennifer Frigger-Latham is guiding the Education Committee by working on an agreement
panel of Asian business experts will provide      with a new educational partner to be announced shortly. Director Dave Hockersmith
insight into the unique cultural follows and      continues to lead the active Communications Committee with numerous changes to
business methods used to make profits in          FORWARD magazine, the AfA website and the creation of a new set of recently produced
those countries. Our goal is to help you          promotional videos. If you would like to get involved, please let me know.
understand Asian business principals in order
to capture the most profit.                       AfA Hits the Road!
Once you have learned ways for doing              Finally, our mission to spread the word about the AfA continues at a brisk pace. Recently, we
business with Asia, safeguarding all that         appeared in New York, Long Beach, Miami and Seattle with many more trips planned. If your
newfound business is crucial. Two panels will     local group would like to host AfA at one of its upcoming events, drop me a line and we’ll plan
address this, each containing a team of legal     a visit. The sessions not only get the word out about our organization but also help to increase
experts who will discuss the new CSA 2010         our ever-growing membership.
requirements, complex bill of lading strategies
and FAA hazardous material rules that may         I hope that you enjoy this edition of FORWARD magazine that focuses on trucking’s ever-
have a profound impact on your business.          increasing role in the air cargo business. You will hear from many experts who will explain
                                                  how trucking companies have not only always been part of the first and last mile of airfreight
While at the conference, our Airforwarders        shipments but have served as the eyes and ears of forwarders. Airfreight will continue to have
Association annual meeting will be held           a ground component as it continues to roll down the road in an increasingly exciting and
on Friday morning. In addition to learning        competitive market.

4          Forward Magazine Q Spring 2011                                                                               Airforwarders Association
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airforwarders.org                                                                                Spring 2011 Q Forward Magazine                      5
                          Chairperson’s Corner

                                            t’s that time of year again, where we give thanks to the air cargo gods that it’s almost time
                                            for us to congregate somewhere warm for Air Cargo 2011. For those of us in the great
                                            frozen North, this event is truly a blessing. For all you regulars at the event, it’s time to drag
                                        out the golf clubs and prepare to network among old and new friends. For first timers, look
                                        forward to the premier air cargo event of the year!
                                        2010 was a very busy year for the Association and 2011 is going to be even busier and more
                                        We need your help! We survive and prosper based on the funding we receive from the
                                        membership. If you haven’t paid 2011 dues yet, please take a moment and walk that invoice
                                        into your finance department and explain to them how important it is. If you have, thank you,
                                        and please consider making a contribution to our advocacy fund.
                          Your Association just finished a strategic planning session in Washington, DC. Among our
                          goals for 2011 are strengthening our coalitions with other like-minded associations as we
          Richard Fisher visit Capitol Hill and meet with the regulators. 2011 will be an intense year for all of us in
             AfA Chairman the industry as we face challenges ranging from inbound international cargo to potential
                          lithium battery policy changes. And, as you may have noticed, TSA has accelerated their
                          transition from policy to enforcement with the CCSP. Your Association has fully backed the
                                                                        CCSP from its inception. Now is the time for
                                                                        all participants within the CCSP, including
Your Association will continue to work shippers, forwarders and truckers, to review and
closely with TSA on these mechanisms update their compliance mechanisms at their
   and foster necessary communication various facilities. Your Association will continue
                                                                        to work closely with TSA on these mechanisms
between TSA and industry. Safety and and foster necessary communication between
        security are our common goals. TSA and industry. Safety and security are our
                                                                        common goals.
                                        Lastly, I am pleased to report that your committees, Regulatory Compliance,
                                        Communications, Carrier and Education are hard at work on the challenges each will face in
                                        2011. They are energized by our two newly elected Board members, Sasha Goodman of Rock-
                                        It Cargo and Jennifer Frigger-Latham of Emo Trans. Both have jumped in and are working
                                        hard for the membership.

                                        Welcome to AirCargo!

6        Forward Magazine Q Spring 2011                                                                          Airforwarders Association
    We’ll Take it From Here
    No other carrier knows Alaska better than Alaska Air Cargo.
    With 20 Alaska destinations and more than 75 years of
    experience, we’re the best choice to keep your freight
    moving forward.

    Whether your shipment is big or small, count on us to deliver.


                    more than 80 nationwide destinations             i
airforwarders.org                                                        Spring 2011 Q Forward Magazine   7
                    Secretary’s Report

                                         s I prepare to write this, my first column in Forward Magazine, I was reminded of a
                                         quote I once read by Samuel Johnson; “A man who uses a great many words to express
                                         his meaning is like a bad marksman who, instead of aiming a single stone at an object,
                                 takes up a handful of stones and throws at it in hopes he may hit it.” Thus you can expect my
                                 “Secretary Column’s” to be direct and to the point. However, nothing ever seems wrong with a
                                 good analogy, metaphor or simile, just to keep all on their toes.
                                                                            During the first quarter, the Association’s usual
                                     We will keep our                       business is focused on this conference - AirCargo
                                      readers advised                       2011. While this has kept many of us quite busy,
                                     as the Strategic                       this year current events and changing times have
                                                                            presented different challenges and demands on the
                                           Plan comes                       Association.
                                     together and we                          Just recently we concluded a full day meeting in
                                      build a stronger                        Washington, DC., updating our Strategic Plan.
           Steve Goldberg                                                     This document highlights trends, needs and values
               AfA Secretary           Association for
                                                                              our Association provides for its membership. While
                                       the Forwarding                         the previous Strategic Plan has some open-ended
                                           community.                         items, the newest plan incorporates those items
                                                                              as well as many new initiatives that will help
                                 guide our Association for the years to come. Two items that most frequently surface are that
                                 of Global expansion and the ever-present issue of Security. Surprisingly, they may be directly
                                 related, as our Association has become the US voice in many security issues. We will keep our
                                 readers advised as the Strategic Plan comes together and we build a stronger Association for the
                                 Forwarding community.
                                 In closing, I would like to thank Laura Sanders, Beti Ward and Brandon Fried for their tireless
                                 work on AirCargo 2011. It is their efforts representing the AfA that makes our conference one
                                 of the best for Networking and Education in the US. Welcome to AirCargo!

8   Forward Magazine Q Spring 2011                                                                    Airforwarders Association
                                           When AMI was founded 34 years ago, it
                                           aimed to provide it’s customers the leverage
                                           to compete in an increasingly competitive
                                           market. We set out to do all the “heavy
                                           lifting” so our customers didn’t have to.

                                           34 years on, the bar is being raised, and AMI
                                           is right there in your corner developing
                                           advanced online tools to continue to make
                                           life simpler.

                                           Take our online express system, Click2Ship.
                                           As an AMI customer you can login, fill out a
                                           few details, and within seconds be presented
                                           with a page of options to choose from. There
                                           is nothing to handle, no paperwork to
                                           manage – no “heavy lifting”, just profit.

                                           AMI is all about making life easy for the Air
                                           Forwarder, we can help you do more business
                                           by investigating the options and finding you a
                                           better deal. So you can spend more time
                                           doing what you want.

                                               So why not get out of the office and have
                                                           some “me time”!

                                                             Atlanta : +1 404 765 9090
                                                             Chicago : +1 630 595 6300
                                                              Dallas : +1 972 426 6535
                                                             Houston: +1 281 443 7356
                                                         Los Angeles : +1 310 649 5678
                                                           New York : +1 718 785 9410

                      I’m with AMI

 Follow us on:      air-menzies   airmenzies                           www.airmenzies.com/us/
airforwarders.org                                                   Spring 2011 Q Forward Magazine   9
                                   Government Affairs

by Michelle Lancaster and Abbey Race,
Stanton Communications

             hile the aftershocks of the Yemen    occurring in isolation. There is little            action in two different areas – aggressive
             bomb plots continue to ripple        dialogue between Congress, the agencies            rulemaking by regulatory agencies and an
             throughout the industry, it is       and international organizations, creating          equally tough oversight ‘watchdog’ role by
perhaps the most intense here in our nation’s     a void that the Airforwarders Association          Congress.
capital. Early November 2010 served as a          has stepped in to try and fill. By applying        While prospects for passage of any major
sobering reminder that securing air cargo is      lessons learned in the bruising battles of         legislation may be dim, it is clear from recent
an ongoing mission of the utmost importance       domestic screening legislation, AfA is in          moves that legislative intent and interest
and one that is still far from done.              a unique position to offer the historical          in homeland security, particularly aviation
As the industry continues its work primarily      perspective, knowledge and experience to           security, is still alive and well. The House
behind the scenes with regulatory agencies        play a leadership role. That background gives      has already held hearings and to address air
to achieve meaningful reforms, the political      the association the ability to utilize the power   cargo security issues, including appearances
machine of Congress has begun to gear up in       of coalitions, the press and well-established      from Secretary Janet Napolitano and
a very public way for a legislative solution to   relationships with agencies and legislators        Administrator John Pistole in early February.
the dilemma of international cargo security.      to build consensus on smart, common-               Additional hearings are planned on border
Already, members of Congress have proposed        sense solutions to all-cargo aircraft and          and transportation security, areas of interest
two pieces of legislation – one dealing with      international screening.                           to both the House and Senate committees.
screening and the other with the manifest                                                            Beyond legislation that may impact screening
data.                                             An Effective Advocate in                           policies, attention must also focus on the
Congress isn’t alone in feeling the need to       Washington                                         financial side of the issue. The House Budget
‘do something’. TSA has announced a new           The 112th Congress convened on January 3           Committee has proposed funding DHS at
December 2011 deadline for international          with a significant shift in power. Republicans     a substantially lower level than proposed by
cargo screening, moving up by two years           now hold the majority in the House of              the President, arguing for a ceiling of funds
the original 2013 deadline. Add to that the       Representatives while Democrats actually           at the 2010 levels. The budget posture may
fact that the agency has yet to determine the     lost seats in the Senate but managed to            mean there will be no available funding to
best mechanism for accomplishing that lofty       keep a majority. With this delicate balance        TSA for new screening efforts. If history
goal, and the difficulties facing our industry    of power, many pundits are predicting that         is any indication, the private sector may
become apparent. International organizations      few issues will move through this Congress.        be tasked once again with shouldering an
are also already working to establish a set of    Conventional wisdom supports a lull in             immense financial burden to execute a federal
principles to guide a global security policy.     legislative passage and actual lawmaking, and      responsibility – ensuring cargo crossing our
This flurry of activity is, unfortunately,        suggests instead, a likelihood of increased        borders is safe.

10          Forward Magazine Q Spring 2011                                                                               Airforwarders Association
Engagement by legislators and others                become as familiar to those with international        for policies supported by the membership.
demonstrates that the Airforwarders                 operations as TSA agents are to our domestic          With appearances in NPR, CNN, WTOP,
Association continues to be a trusted               members. AfA has been working closely with            Washington Post and the Associated
voice on Capitol Hill. The Government               CBP on manifest data pilot programs, an               Press, AfA made sure that the public fully
Accountability Office (GAO), the                    industry led initiative, and will continue to         understood the high level of security already
investigative arm of Congress, immediately          provide updates to members on its progress.           in place.
contacted AfA to evaluate international cargo       Given the increasing level of regulatory              These efforts have continued as TSA has
screening security and discuss possible policy      activity, AfA has redoubled its efforts with          moved on regulations and other global
proposals. Committee staff at the House             TSA. We are a part of an independent                  organizations have become more involved.
Homeland Security Committee has reached             listening group to discuss various issues of          AfA appeared in a New York Times piece that
out to AfA as a valued resource to provide          importance concerning our members and                 was the front page of the Business section
up-to-date information as they prepare for          TSA. Recent discussions have centered on              – a particularly important placement as it
the session.                                        the challenges concerning the inbound                 explored the pros and cons of various security
AfA will be working aggressively to advocate        screening of international cargo. AfA was             solutions. This article positioned domestic
for common-sense approaches to cargo                also tapped to participate in a group focused         forwarders as professionals focused on safety,
security, including an appropriate amount           on cargo screening, with special attention            with much insight on how to improve
of federal funding for new screening efforts.       to postal service. This is in addition to our         security in a practical, effective manner.
We will continue to work with our partners          long-standing role as a member of the TSA             With Congress now back in session, we
in the coalition, including the Chamber of          Air Cargo Working Group, which is also                are focused on obtaining regular coverage
Commerce, CAA and NITL, to educate                  increasingly active.                                  of cargo security issues in the ‘inside the
Congress on existing efforts, the need to           Security remains a central focus for AfA, but         Beltway’ publications that have a great impact
ensure security while preserving the flow           we also are working with TSA on other key             on policymakers. This outreach resulted in
of commerce for our economy as well as              areas. We remain engaged in the process of            two full-length features in Congressional
advocate for risk-based assessment of freight       trying to ease challenges with the current            Quarterly and National Journal. Both
and funds to carry out new requirements.            Known Shipper Management System and                   evaluated the various policy proposals for
While the pundits may be correct about a            have provided numerous recommendations                cargo security and featured AfA as the key
slow legislative session, attention to this issue   for TSA's consideration. We look forward              industry stakeholder.
will remain intense, and our efforts must be        to receiving responses from their technology
proactive and consistent throughout the year                                                              The impact of these placements goes far
                                                    staff and hope that many of the outstanding           beyond self-congratulatory remarks and
to provide the best possible protection for our     issues get resolved soon.
members.                                                                                                  publicity. AfA has continued to forward
                                                    From an international perspective, the AfA            concerns on the efficacy of screening
                                                    will continue to work closely with officials          compared to a risk-based approach, the
A Familiar Face at                                  as well as international carrier partners to          need for the supply chain to be involved
TSA &CBP                                            work towards harmonization agreements                 domestically and abroad and for additional
While power struggles on Capitol Hill               and to apply risk-based strategies until              federal assistance to meet these goals. As
may mean few legislative outcomes this              100% screening of cargo placed on inbound             Republicans moved into the majority
year, the same cannot be said for regulatory        international passenger flights can be                position for various House Committees, both
action, which is occurring at more rapid            achieved. With the hope of securing a global          CQ and National Journal noted their public
pace. As noted above, the Yemen bomb                cargo security program that relies on risk-           statements on cargo screening - statements
plot and ongoing terrorist threats has              based freight assessments, AfA will endeavor          that are so closely in line with AfA’s messages,
already prompted the TSA to re-evaluate its         to secure passage of legislation with the most        various points are verbatim from previous
original deadline and propose a new goal of         favorable impact on forwarders, airlines, the         association interviews.
screening all international cargo by December       flow of cargo and public safety.                      We look forward to continuing to build
31, 2011. Meeting this deadline will be                                                                   media awareness and policy support for
challenging, to say the least, given that some      The Voice of the Industry                             AfA’s mission to better protect our members’
countries have either refused to provide the                                                              interests while improving security. 2011
                                                    Over the past several months, AfA clearly has
visibility TSA needs to access their programs                                                             is already showing signs of becoming
                                                    established itself as the ‘must have’ source for
or have not met the commensurate cargo                                                                    an extremely busy year for our issues in
                                                    media covering the complexities of air cargo
screening standards.                                                                                      Washington, and your membership dues and
                                                    security. While the association earned the
Additionally, Customs and Border Patrol             ‘voice of the industry’ title following its work      advocacy fund donations ensure that AfA will
(CBP) has become a pivotal player in the            in 2007 on screening legislation, the title           be prepared to meet this agenda.
international movement and screening of             that has deepened in resonance. The Yemen
cargo. Their manifest data systems may be           bomb scare solidified AfA’s role and once
used to speed the delivery of information           again dmonstrated its ability to secure high-
for risk assessment. Agents from CBP may            profile interviews and advocate effectively

airforwarders.org                                                                                      Spring 2011 Q Forward Magazine                 11
                                  AfA Member Profile

Forwarder’s Partner
     Forward Air has redefined the concept of time-definite service and
                         forwarders are grateful. By Robert W. Moorman

        orward Air may not be the savior of       lower cost alternative for time-definite freight   also be why it’s a leading logistics and
        the independent forwarding industry,      service. “What probably makes us more              transportation provider. The company
        but its successful formula of providing   credible, and able to grow, is that we never       reach is noteworthy. Through the Complete
a lower cost alternative to time sensitive        breeched the wholesale side of the business,”      Cartage product, it can deliver products to
airfreight put a crimp into the integrators       said Campbell.                                     93 percent of the U.S. zip codes. At any time,
plans to dominate the industry.                   Forward Air’s national network of 85               Forward Air has over 500 trucks on the road.
The company’s business model provided             locations, of which 65 are owned, might            It utilizes over 2,400 all-composite Air Ride
a lifeline to forwarders, particularly the                                                           logistics post trailers.
smaller variety when it began operations in
November 1990, trucking products between
Dallas and the East coast.
“From day one, I was told by a number
of people, including investors, that
forwarders wouldn’t be around in ten years,”
remembered Chairman, President and CEO
Bruce Campbell, who has been with the
Greeneville, Tenn.-based company from the
beginning. “Our argument was always that if
we could provide forwarders with the type of
lift already provided by integrators than we
could ensure that forwarders would have a
place in that market.”
Campbell acknowledges that Forward Air
isn’t the only logistics provider offering a

12         Forward Magazine Q Spring 2011                                                                               Airforwarders Association
Locating terminals on or near airports also    by the summer of 1990, it was on its way             829 trucks. It owns 197 trucks for short
makes for a more efficient service. Less-than- to becoming one of the more consistently             haul delivery only. Forward Air stock
truckload (LTL) shipments are received at      profitable logistics and transportation              hovered around $28 per share, as of early
various terminals and transported by truck     providers.                                           February 2011.
to the destination                                                      Rapid growth occurred
terminal or                                                             between 1995 and            Important Issues
routed through its              “What makes                             2007, posting revenue
Columbus, Ohio                                                                                      During a lengthy interview, Campbell
                                  Forward Air                           of $63.6 million            touched upon several issues concerning the
central sorting hub                                                     and $292.7 million,
or various regional               stand out is                                                      freight hauling industry, including what
                                                                        respectively. In 2008,
facilities.                    its leadership,                          the company posted
                                                                                                    discernable affect the 100% cargo screening
                                                                                                    law has on Forward Air. “They key word
Apart from its                 technology and                           revenues of $474            there is discernable,” Campbell said. “It’s
operational                 very strong sales                           million and $417            hard to tell whether the law pushed freight
excellence, Forward                                                     million in 2009.
Air should be                  presence,” said                          Fourth quarter and
                                                                                                    off an airplane and on to a truck. Logically, it
                                                                                                    makes sense.” The hassle factor was reduced
credited with                   Laura Sanders                           full-year revenues for      certainly, he said.
helping to change                                                       2010 had yet to be
the industry mindset                                                    released when this           Another concern to industry is the raft
that products “absolutely-positively” had to    profile was written. Yet Standard & Poor’s is       of new and pending DOT/Federal Motor
be delivered the following day. Time definite   projecting revenue growth of 16% in 2010            Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)
service was defined years ago by integrators as and 9% in 2011. Industry growth overall,            rules, such as the CSA 2010 safety standard.
guaranteed next day delivery. But that service  said S&P, will be due to a better economy,          Campbell said Forward Air, which has
is often costly to the customer. Forward Air    along with improvements in “rates, volumes          implemented several tough in-house safety
saw a business opportunity and ran with it.     and shipment weights.”                              standards for drivers and equipment, is not
“It may be a two-day product, but it is still   Also noteworthy: Over 97.5% of Forward              threatened by the U.S. government’s CSA
time-definite,” said Craig Drum, senior vice    Air revenue comes from company owned                2010 safety standard. Campbell described
president sales. “That is our niche.”           and operated locations. “While we value our         CSA 2010 as a “good program in the long
In trade speak, Forward Air is a provider        agents, it’s important to note that the vast       term.” “But the marginal players could start
of time-definite surface transportation and      majority of our shipments and revenue come         disappearing over the next few years because
logistics services to the North American         from our owned operations,” said Chris C.          they can’t comply with the regulation,” he
airfreight and expedited LTL market.             Ruble, executive vice president.                   predicted.
Like most startups, Forward Air struggled        Asset adverse, Forward Air is a favorite of        CSA 2010 rates a surface carrier’s safety
early on, losing $250,000 in the first month     Wall Street. It owns the trailers but has          standard by several criteria, from roadside
of operation, according to Campbell. But         contracts with several owner-operators on          inspections of the vehicle to reviewing the
                                                                                                    driver’s driving record. The rating is added up
                                                                                                    for a total score. Despite changes benefiting
                                                                                                    surface transportation, CSA 2010 still
                                                                                                    presents significant issues for motor carriers.
                                                                                                    “There is no due process for carriers to
                                                                                                    challenge violations in their CSA scores,” said
                                                                                                    Tim Wiseman, an attorney with Scopelitis,
                                                                                                    Garvin, Light, Hanson & Feary, a large
                                                                                                    transportation law firm. Wiseman said the
                                                                                                    inspection process needs improvement as
                                                                                                    At present, there are around 15 “probable
                                                                                                    cause” states. Meaning, in order for a law
                                                                                                    enforcement officer to stop a truck, they
                                                                                                    have to note a probable cause for the stop
                                                                                                    and subsequent inspection. Speeding is given
                                                                                                    typically as the reason for random inspections
                                                                                                    although the driver rarely gets a ticket.
                                                                                                    “The way the states handle inspections can
                                                                                                    create a bias toward carriers that operate in
                                                                                                    those states,” said Wiseman. Plaintiff’s lawyers

airforwarders.org                                                                                Spring 2011 Q Forward Magazine                 13
                                 AfA Member Profile

could use the surface carriers’ CSA rating
against them in court, added Campbell. The
LTL trucking community has made huge
strides in maintaining fixed schedules and
reducing transit times.
Any competitive threat? “We measure service
in terms of 15 minutes. They measure service
in terms of 24 hours,” said Campbell, who
came from the LTL world. Before Forward
Air, Campbell served as Vice President of
Ryder-Temperature Controlled Carriage in
Nashville, Tenn., from September 1985 until
December 1989.
There is a bigger concern for forwarders.
When forwarders give shipments to, say,
Yellow Freight Services, they reward a
competitor. Which is why Forward Air
“protects that wholesale side of our business
so strongly,” Campbell said.
On expanding beyond Forward Air’s                point-to-point consignments and dedicated        booking freight; it doesn’t have to wade
traditional role as shipper for forwarders,      fleet services, is another offering gaining      through Forward Air’s website. Having IT
Campbell said: “We’ve always been                popularity. At present, Forward Air claims       as an integral part of the overall operation
committed to the forwarder and don’t see         38 partnerships with major forwarders and        “allows us to not only improve visibility of
that changing.” That said, Forward Air does      domestic and international airlines. The         our customer’s shipments, it improve the
have specialized, retail-related programs, but   company’s fan base continues to grow.            quality of our overall shipping system,” said
Forward Air’s core business is to support the                                                     Ruble. Forward Air has inserted “freight
                                                 “Customer oriented, flexible and attentive” is
forwarder.                                                                                        alerts” into its electronic tracking and tracing
                                                 how Michael Hess, vice president of strategic
While Forward Air’s business model               planning for Associated Global Systems, a        system for high value, sensitive-to-damage
provides a savings for both the company          logistics provider, described Forward Air.       cargo, along with providing standard
and customer, there is a potential downside,                                                      operating procedures for how to handle the
                                                 Others are equally effusive in their praise.     material.
Campbell admitted. The market is limited
potentially if the forwarder decides not to      “What makes Forward Air stand out is its         The company’s tracking and tracing system
call on a specific retail company. Campbell      leadership, technology and very strong sales     also helps management produce better
is not particularly concerned. Nor does he       presence,” said Laura Sanders, vice president    operations evaluation reports, said Ruble.
plan to alter the business model. “We provide    of operations for Lynden Air Freight, an air     Reinvestment has been key to Forward
the operations expertise to move the product     and ocean shipper. A major factor in Forward     Air’s continued success. Many companies
and the forwarders provide the sales and         Air’s ongoing success is the management          have inventive business plans that lead to
marketing and local operations expertise. I      triad led by Campbell, Ruble and Drum.           significant yields. But some fail to evolve
think it is a good marriage,” he said.           Then there is the important role played by       in an ever- evolving industry. Forward Air
                                                 the sales and support staff, she said, a point   realized years ago that it was only as good
                                                 Campbell highlighted several times during
Service & Kudos                                  the interview.
                                                                                                  as its last earnings statement and invested
Forward Air offers customers an array of
                                                 Forward Air handles significant amount of        With its earnings, Forward Air has built
logistical services to ensure growth including
                                                 Lynden’s surface carrier freight volumes, and    facilities in Atlanta, Dallas and Chicago
the single-source Forward Air CompleteSM,
                                                 its advanced online Information Technology       and doubled the size of its sorting hub in
an end-to-end service for the wholesale
                                                 (IT) plays a big role in the process. “That’s    Columbus. It has also leased a new 250,000
shipping community, combining linehaul
                                                 important,” Sanders said, “because shipping      square foot facility in Los Angeles.
with pickup and delivery options. The
                                                 customers have grown accustomed to Fed-Ex
program offers customers the option to                                                            Forward Air continues to invest heavily in
                                                 and UPS’s tracing and tracking capability.”
request pick-up and/or delivery in addition                                                       technology. “It used to be that you were
                                                 The technology-aided service is expected
to its traditional airport-to-airport ground                                                      judged solely by how you moved freight,”
                                                 today, regardless of who carries the freight,
service. The product has “taken off” in the                                                       summed Campbell. “Today, you’re also
                                                 she said.
last few years, Campbell said.                                                                    judged on the information you provide.”
                                                 Another cost and timesaving plus is that
Forward Air Truckload XpeditedSM, or TLX,
                                                 Lynden can use its own internal system for
an exclusive-use truckload service for larger

14         Forward Magazine Q Spring 2011                                                                             Airforwarders Association
         When your air cargo screening
         solution works the way it should,
         the sky’s the limit.
          When efficiency and security must work hand-in-hand, you need a solution with superior
          throughput, accuracy, and reliability. Rapiscan Systems Air Cargo Screening solutions use
          advanced technologies that comply with stringent TSA and international standards and succeed
          in even the most complex of environments.

                                                    As one of Rapiscan’s 12 systems on the TSA Air
                                                    Cargo Screening Qualified Technology List, the
                                                    Rapiscan 638DV features advanced threat detection
                                                    capabilities in a cost effective system. Now deployed
                                                    at many of the world’s leading freight companies, the
                                                    638DV is the latest example of our commitment to
                                                    outstanding detection and operational efficiency.

          With 15 years experience, a global installation base and a worldwide service and support
          network, Rapiscan Systems can meet your demanding requirements – on time and budget.

                                          Visit Rapiscan Systems March 10-12, 2011 at
                                          Air Cargo 2011 in San Diego, CA - Booth #300

             To learn more or to schedule a demonstration, contact us at
             +1 310-978-1457 (Americas) or +44 (0) 870-7774301 (EMEA).

             sales@rapiscansystems.com • www.rapiscansystems.com                  ONE COMPANY - TOTAL SECURITY

airforwarders.org                                                             Spring 2011 Q Forward Magazine   15
                           AfA Special Features

     TSA – Investigations and Enforcement:
“Flying High Off the Radar Screen”

       By: Lenny Feldman, Esq.

16     Forward Magazine Q Spring 2011             Airforwarders Association
                                                                    action), economic impact          and report include similar elements at
                                                                    of the civil penalty, criminal    different levels of detail. The report should
                                                                    sanctions already paid for        include: specific TSA regulations violated,
                                                                    same incident, disciplinary       description of violation, description of
                                                                    action by violator’s              immediate action taken, verification of an
                                                                    employer for same incident,       evaluation, explanation of inadvertence,
                                                                    artful concealment, and           evidence demonstrating an analysis of the
                                                                    fraud/intentional violation.      violation, detailed corrective action plan, and
                                                                    If you are a small business       identification of the responsible person for
                                                                    entity, the maximum               monitoring and implementing the plan.
                                                                    civil penalty that can be         TSA regulated entities are advised to follow
                                                                    assessed if $11,000. TSA          their security procedures and ensure staff is
                                                                    may consider this factor in       regularly trained in order to comply with
                                                                    deciding the appropriate          TSA requirements. Entities that are under
            Developing the proper                amount of the civil penalty, but if not readily      investigation and/or receive a proposed civil
            procedures, ensuring they are        available may consider such information at           penalty should consider all legal options and
            followed and keeping your team       any time after initiating the enforcement            carefully respond to any allegations brought
            well-trained are the cornerstone     action.                                              against the company.
of any successful TSA security program.
                                                 Where multiple violations arise from the             Lenny Feldman, Esq. 305.913.8654.
The TSA can impose civil penalties, per          same incident, inspection or investigation, a        lfeldman@strtrade.com
violation, up to $27,500 for air carriers;       sanction amount generally will be calculated
$11,000 for airports, IACs, CCSFs and            for each violation of the regulations.
individuals; and $10,000 for surface
transporters. However, in determining the        TSA’s policy is to provide incentives for              Most common
severity of a penalty, TSA considers the         aircraft operators, indirect air carriers, foreign     penalties include:
totality of the circumstances, including any     air carriers, airports and flight training
                                                 providers to identify and correct their own            • serving as an IAC without approval
aggravating and mitigating factors.
                                                 instances of noncompliance. The TSA                    • failure to provide required training
If the TSA suspects a violation has occurred     has stated that where such entities detect
it may initiate an investigation and the                                                                • failure to retain or produce training
                                                 violations, promptly disclose them, and take
inspector will prepare an enforcement                                                                     records,
                                                 prompt corrective action to ensure they do
investigative report, which eventually may be    not recur, this encourages compliance with             • failure to produce relevant portions of
obtained from the TSA. The TSA attorney          TSA regulations and the development of                   a program where cargo is handled
then decides whether a violation occurred        secure practices.
and, if so, sends a proposed civil penalty                                                              • failure to comply with known shipper
along with a proposed fine.                      TSA will send a letter of correction instead             requirements
                                                 of a civil penalty action, as appropriate,             • failure to control unauthorized
Violators can elect to pay the fine, submit      where noncompliance occurred but they
evidence demonstrating that no violation                                                                  cargo access
                                                 are voluntarily disclosed in accordance with
occurred, demonstrate an inability to pay,       proper TSA procedures.
request an informal conference with the TSA                                                             Voluntary disclosure
attorney (most common option) or request a       As is always the case with disclosures – it’s all
hearing before an administrative judge. If no    about the timing. Typically, TSA will proceed
settlement is reached, the TSA attorney issues   with legal enforcement if the company                  • notify TSA of violation immediately
a final notice of the proposed penalty.          informs TSA of the violation during, or                  after detecting it and before agency
                                                 in anticipation of, a TSA investigation/                 learns of it
TSA's Enforcement Sanction Guidance              inspection or in association with an incident.
Policy sets forth the gravity (minimum,                                                                 • violation was inadvertent
                                                 Also, the voluntary disclosure
moderate or maximum) associated with the                                                                • violation does not show a lack of
various penalties as well as the aggravating     policy typically will not apply if TSA becomes           reasonable qualification or testing by
and mitigating factors TSA considers. These      aware of a violation before the company                  the company
factors include: significance or degree of       notifies TSA of the violation.
                                                                                                        • immediate, satisfactory action taken
security risk created by violation; nature       The company must provide an initial                      upon discovery to terminate conduct
of violation (inadvertent, deliberate,           notification as soon as practicable, but no              that resulted in apparent violation
gross negligence), past violation history        later than 24 hours upon discovering the
(compliance should be the norm), alleged         violation. Within 10 calendar days a detailed          • company is developing a corrective
violator’s level of experience, attitude of      written report must be provided to the                   action plan including a follow up self
alleged violator (including any corrective       principal TSA inspector. The notification                inspection

airforwarders.org                                                                                  Spring 2011 Q Forward Magazine                   17
                         AfA Special Features

     Saving You More by
     Going the Extra Mile
     By Southwest Air Cargo

18   Forward Magazine Q Spring 2011             Airforwarders Association
                                                                                                  convenience for our Customers, eliminating
                                                                                                  the need for them to make the drive
                                                                                                  themselves. And, even with the strength of
                                                                                                  our Southwest Airlines network , we utilize
                                                                                                  Road Feeder Service as a way to expand
                                                                                                  service options and add additional “dots
                                                                                                  to our map” which allows us to provide
                                                                                                  our forwarder and courier Customers with
                                                                                                  additional shipping options to/from high
                                                                                                  demand markets.

                                                                                                         Before an
                                                                                                       agreement is
                                                                                                     made, we reach
                                                                                                        out to local
                                                                                                      Customers to
                                                                                                       inquire about
                                                                                                     the performance
                                                                                                      and Customer
                                                                                                       standards of
                                                                                                      each contract
                                                                                                       handler being

         s you probably know, Southwest          • Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport
         Airlines provides very extensive          (DFW) to/from Dallas Love (DAL)                      considered.
         service to the lower 48 states in the   • Greensboro, NC (GSO) to/from Raleigh
U.S. with 547 Boeing 737 aircraft and over         Durham (RDU)                                   Customer Service is a priority of Southwest
3,100 flights per day. As of March, 2011, our                                                     Airlines Cargo and we’ve been very selective
network will be expanding to serve over 70       • Harrisburg, PA (MDT) to/from
                                                   Baltimore (BWI)                                in our efforts to partner with contract
destinations and will include Newark, NJ,                                                         handlers that display the same level of
Greenville/Spartanburg, SC, and Charleston,      • Houston, TX Intercontinental                   award-winning service our Southwest
SC. With over 200M pounds of available             Airport(IAH) to/from Houston                   Airlines Employees are known for. Before
air cargo lift domestically each month, we         Hobby (HOU)                                    an agreement is made, we reach out to local
have your domestic shipping needs covered.                                                        Customers to inquire about the performance
                                                 • Huntsville, AL (HSV) to/from
On top of providing Relentlessly Reliable®                                                        and Customer Service standards of each
                                                   Nashville (BNA)
air cargo service across the map, Southwest                                                       contract handler being considered. This
Airlines Cargo also provides our valuable        • Memphis, TN (MEM) to/from
                                                                                                  has proven to be a very effective way to
Customers with complimentary Road Feeder           Little Rock (LIT)
                                                                                                  find high quality service providers. We
Service to/from several key markets across       • Miami, FL (MIA) to/from West Palm              work closely with our strategic partners to
the U.S. This provides shippers across our         Beach (PBI)                                    ensure Customer Service expectations are
network with access to key cities we don’t                                                        consistently met.
currently serve with our own aircraft. Those     • Newark, NJ (EWR) to/from
cities include:                                    Philadelphia (PHL)                             In 2010, over 2M pounds was moved via our
                                                 Specific schedule, location, and hours           Road Feeder Service. And, adding additional
• Atlanta, GA (ATL) to/from                                                                       Road Feeder Service markets to our strong
  Nashville (BNA)                                of operation information can be found
                                                 on our web site at www.swacargo.com.             existing network will continue to play an
• Charlotte, NC (CLT) to/from Raleigh            Southwest Airlines provides this benefit         important role in our growth strategy and
  Durham (RDU)                                   to our Customers for a couple of different       bringing added value to our Customers. If
• Chicago, IL O’Hare Airport (ORD) to/           reasons. In a few key markets, Southwest         you haven’t had an opportunity to utilize
  from Chicago Midway (MDW)                      Airlines serves what’s considered to be the      this convenient shipping option, please give
                                                 secondary airport (for example, Chicago          us a try. We think you’ll be pleased with the
• Cincinnati, OH (CVG) to/from                                                                    service!
                                                 Midway vs. O’Hare), and thus we provide
  Indianapolis (IND)
                                                 the complimentary service as a value added

airforwarders.org                                                                              Spring 2011 Q Forward Magazine              19
                      AfA Special Features

“Airfreight Hits the Ground”

         ransportation is a great enabler of economic
         growth, the lifeblood of commerce. It moves
         people to jobs and goods to the marketplace.
Without strong transportation arteries, economies
stagnate.” www.dot.gov/recovery
 The “Air Freight” community itself has been an
evolution over the past 30 years. What started as purely
expedited shipments moving on airplanes has evolved
to Expedited Freight that has multi-modes of transport
including air and land. There is no greater example of
the evolution of Expedited Freight than the shift from
pure airfreight to “expedited” freight (Ground and Air).
Truly, airfreight has hit the ground…running!

20    Forward Magazine Q Spring 2011                       Airforwarders Association
According to Bureau of Transportation         of transport in terms of e-commerce,” Bill           safety of the flying public when it comes to
Statistics publication “Freight in America”   Gottlieb, FIATA’s immediate past president           cargo. The presumption that freight safety
(www.bts.gov), “growth in air freight creates said in a statement to Air Cargo World               only matters for air freight and TSA Indirect
demand for more truck and intermodal          magazine January 2011. Just as transportation        Air Carriers is a fallacy. Freight security is an
services because almost all air cargo         is an enabler of economic growth, a strong           urgent issue for everyone. Clearly, the effects
shipments begin and end their journey by      data and communications infrastructure is            of terrorism have taken front and center for
truck.” The publication continues, “During    necessary to keep up with the increased pace         everyone’s life. Expedited freight handlers
the past two decades, growth in the number    of demand for information and product.               have had to change the ways of thinking
of parcels shipped has transformed America’s  Increased electronic data transmissions and          about shipments and the effect a single
parcel industry and its impact on the freight the utilization of IT infrastructure is still        persons actions can have on the country as
transportation system. Increasing global      an untapped resource that can only aid all           a whole. Hiring standards for all employees,
integration of the U.S. economy has become    logistics companies in providing even better         owner operators and vendors for every facet
a significant force in shaping the nation’s   freight service and customer satisfaction.           of a freight handling company has new
freight transportation system. A truly        Technology, however efficient and available, is      requirements, challenges and obstacles not
multimodal industry, parcel and express plays not a cure all. A computer cannot substitute         only for the employee but for the expedited
an important role in the American economy     for customer service, professionalism and            companies that might utilize the company’s
as it enables the                                                    accountability. Cell          services as well. Forwarders, brokers, carriers
transportation                                                       phone batteries fail,         and the like are working even more closely
of time-sensitive          Things change in                          websites go down              than ever before. The cartage, courier and
shipments that              today’s dynamic                          and sometimes, data           expedited motor carriers have always been the
are critical to the                                                                                “eyes and ears” for the logistics community,
                          market place and                           is simply lost. The
                                                                                                   communicating back the pieces, weight and
                                                                     ability to communicate
of U.S. businesses          the ability to be                        shipment needs, work          condition of a shipment. Now, more than
domestically and             flexible around                         through distribution          ever, ground carriers are the eyes, ears and
abroad.”                                                                                           direct extension of the logistics communities.
                          shipment needs                             projects, have
As credit to
the industry’s
                       helps to keep costs specialized freight           handling put in place
                                                                                                   After 28 years of serving the airfreight and
                                                                                                   now expedited freight communities, Freight
adaptability, the         low and customer                               is paramount to           Force, Inc. has worked to be as flexible,
air and expedited          satisfaction high.                            allow shippers and        creative, cost effective and inventive as our
community has                                                            their forwarders as       customers. Past experiences have included
continued to                                                             much control over         harvesting serial numbers from electronics to
grow even in the face of increased challenges     time sensitive freight shipments. Quality,       the very critical deliveries of 3D glasses for
in the past few years. With big challenges        licensed and insured ground service providers    a movie opening weekend – each customer
including implementing TSA cargo security         connect the freight to the forwarder. Call       requires, deserves and gets the personal
regulations, the rise of ever-larger integrators, centers are wonderful cost cutting measures      attention to let them know the job will be
the crush of the Great Recession and an           that still keep the human factor but they,       done and done correctly. Hard freight, pick
increase in e-Commerce, expedited freight         too, are hampered by the timeliness of           and packs, white glove work, distributions,
has had to become ever increasingly flexible,     the information supplied to them and             warehousing, project roll outs and even
creative, resourceful and cost effective.         the knowledge of the center operators.           special deliveries to Presidential households
The market place is a global economy.             Call centers are not location specific and       are all part of the evolving nature of the
The Internet, mobile phones and on-line           not directly in control of the shipments.        expedited freight community. At the end of
tracking have bridged the barriers of time and Experience has shown that expedited logistics       the day, we sell service. Whether the freight is
geography. Customers are no longer willing        providers need accurate, timely and precise      booked for airfreight service or ground freight
to wait for information in a world that is “on    information in order to control their critical   service is selected to save money, expedited
demand” as reflected in the steady increase       shipments. Things change in today’s dynamic      freight still has the same expectation of
in online sales. As a whole, the industry has     market place and the ability to be flexible      premium service, high quality and timely
seen an increase in smaller, time sensitive       around shipment needs helps to keep costs        arrival. Airfreight will always hit the ground –
shipments generated by direct consumer            low and customer satisfaction high.              even if it is simply to land, however, airfreight
spending. According to Forrester Research,        Customer retention is key and the                is also rolling down the road in an ever
an independent technology and market              infrastructure of your organization is           increasingly cost competitive market.
research company in Massachusetts, 2009           paramount to the success of any shipment         Robert Serra is the CEO and Partner if Freight
on line commerce was $155.2 Billion dollars       and ultimately the customer’s satisfaction.      Force, Inc. Freight Force, Inc. has been a Service
and 2010 increased to over $172 Billion with      While much of the US public is well aware        Provider to the Expedited Freight Community
steady increases projected through 2014.          of the TSA and how it shapes their personal      for over 28 years. He is also the Past President of
However, it is interesting to note that “Air      flying experience, many are unaware of the       the AEMCA Board. www.freightforce.com
cargo remains woefully behind other modes         extraordinary steps being made to assure the

airforwarders.org                                                                              Spring 2011 Q Forward Magazine                     21
                          AfA Special Features

     Be Careful What You Agree To
     Contributed by Roanoke Trade

22    Forward Magazine Q Spring 2011             Airforwarders Association
     n these challenging economic times,        insurance coverage in the event a client takes       the actions of your' agents’, 'servants’, 'sub-
     one may tend to take on risks they         action against you.                                  contractors’, ‘carriers’ or other third parties
     would not ordinarily accept in order to    It is also important to be cautious of entering      in general. This would place an unfair or
secure business. The prospect of obtaining      into any contract that would require you to          disproportionate amount of responsibility on
a large client can sometimes trump prudent      guarantee performance that is not within             your company—and it may be in your best
decision making and agreements are made         your company’s control. For example, you             interests to abstain from accepting a contract
when they shouldn’t. Worse yet, a contract      may be asked to sign a contract requiring            that attempts to take advantage in this
may be signed without really knowing all of     delivery of merchandise to occur within a            manner. Instead, seek alternative language
the possible ramifications and repercussions.   specified time frame. Or, you may be asked           which will be satisfactory to you, to your
Forwarders are often asked by shippers to sign to sign a contract requiring that any claim           prospective client and to your insurers.
contracts, which if signed as presented, are in it brings for loss or damage to cargo will be        Contracts between you and your clients are
conflict with their                                                       resolved within a          an important part of doing business, and
insurance policies…                                                       certain amount of          most likely will become more important in
and such conflicts              Transportation                            time. Such time            the months and years to come. It is essential
could serve to void             intermediaries                            frames are often           that you enter into contracts that work
liability coverage in
the event of a claim
                                  operate in an                           unrealistic and not        for you, as well as for your clients. Before
                                                                          within your control.       entering contracts, it is essential to carefully
or suit.                         incredibly fast                          Time limitations for       review and challenge them internally and
Of equal concern            paced environment, filing claims may                                     with your attorneys and insurers.
is that many of                        where the                          even fall outside of       Minor Routine Operating Procedures
these contracts are                                                       statutory limitations
completely one-
                              practice of proper                          set by the trade or
                                                                                                     Minimize the Potential for A Major Liability
sided in favor of the        documentation can governing laws.
shipper and/or force         easily lose priority. Clearly, a forwarder                              Transportation intermediaries operate in an
you to agree to levels                                                    cannot possibly               incredibly fast paced environment, where
of performance                                                            guarantee when, or              the practice of proper documentation
which are simply not achievable on a             if, an insurance company will pay a cargo                can easily lose priority. All too often,
consistent basis. The reality is that many these claim. Nor can you guarantee if and when                  when a dispute arises between a
contracts begin as a shipper’s ‘dream’ contract  a steamship company, airline or trucking                  logistics provider and their client, we
with the full expectation an experienced         company will ultimately deliver freight to a               find that the logistics provider’s file
logistics provider will alter the contract to    given consignee. You also cannot                            does not contain the adequate level
service commitments that are reasonable.         guarantee how customs will                                            of confirmation letters or
For example, a forwarder may be asked            treat a shipment or how a
to sign a contract where it must "hold           third party or independent
harmless and indemnify" its client for           warehouseman will
virtually anything which may go wrong.           handle a shipment
Many times clients go so far as to require       received during the
payment for a lawyer of their choosing in the    course of transit. Time
event of a dispute or problem. This presents     element insurance
a number of exposures to the forwarder           such as Delay and
entering into such an agreement. Most            Start Up may be a
insurance policies (specifically Errors &        better means for the
Omissions, Bill of Lading Legal Liability and    shipper to address
Comprehensive General Liability) either (a)      these risks.
prevent an insured from holding harmless or       Be cautious of
indemnifying another without the insurance        signing a contract
company’s permission, and/or (b) prevent          containing phrases
an insured from choosing its own counsel in       such as ‘any and all’,
the case of a legal action (let alone choosing    ‘always’, ‘immediately’,
counsel for one of its clients), and/or (c)       ‘at all times’ or other
completely exclude coverage for liability         types of
assumed under contract. Entering into these       absolute
types of contracts, without first getting         wording.
permission from your insurers (and without        Similarly, be careful
first getting the advice of legal counsel), may   with contracts that attempt to hold
possibly place you in a position of having no     your company completely responsible for

airforwarders.org                                                                                 Spring 2011 Q Forward Magazine                   23
                                  AfA Special Features

                                                                                                   publications including American Journal of
                                                                                                   Transportation and Heavy Lift & Project
                                                                                                   Forwarding International. She regularly
                                                                                                   conducts cargo insurance seminars for clients
                                                                                                   and trade organizations, and is an instructor
                                                                                                   for the Houston Export Academy. In 2006,
                                                                                                   she was named in the Top 10 Women in
                                                                                                   Gulf Transportation by the Gulf Shipper
                                                                                                   Richard Bridges is vice-president of
                                                                                                   Roanoke Trade Services, Inc. located in
                                                                                                   its Boston, MA, office. Rick is a graduate
                                                                                                   of the University of Rhode Island where
                                                                                                   he completed a BA in marine affairs and
                                                                                                   went on to complete an honors degree in
                                                                                                   maritime business and law at the University
                                                                                                   of Plymouth in England. Rick was one of
                                                                                                   the youngest insurance brokers to become
                                                                                                   tribunalized with Lloyd’s of London and
                                                                                                   he holds full underwriting privileges on
                                                                                                   cargo insurance risks. Rick specializes
                                                                                                   in the customization of supply-chain
                                                                                                   insurance and surety solutions backed by
other forms of documented communications        • Create procedures identifying when your          major international insurance companies.
needed to shed light on the dispute and           operations staff must report a potential         He currently manages cargo insurance
potentially could have operated to absolve        problem to their supervisors or risk             and bond programs for various shipper
them of liability or responsibility.              management.                                      associations and manufacturing groups. Rick
To correct this problem, the following          • When in doubt, seek legal advice or risk         also works closely with freight forwarders
documentation procedures are                      management advice from counsel rather            and customs brokers to design programs
recommended:                                      than acting first.                               to best suit their clients’ needs. Currently,
                                                                                                   Rick is President for the Coalition of New
• When opening a new file, be sure to have      While most transportation intermediaries           England Companies for Trade (CONECT),
  the customer complete a properly worded       have well designed procedures in place, it’s       and is a regular contributor to industry
  customer profile.                             easy to forget about them. Let this serve          publications including American Journal of
• Periodically check to be sure that you have   as a gentle reminder to review company             Transportation, Shipping Digest and Heavy
  an up-to-date, properly executed power of     procedures and ensure they are adhered to          Lift & Project Forwarding International.
  attorney that specifically incorporates by    and enforced. While Professional Liability         Rick also assists with Rotary International
  reference and your terms and conditions of    or Errors and Omissions insurance policies         in transporting much needed medical
  service.                                      are a necessity to protect against mistakes,       supplies and equipment to various third
                                                procedural compliance is the best policy of all.   world countries. Working closely with
• To ensure that all parties understand your
  terms and conditions, require a signed copy   Theresa Garcia is a vice-president for             underwriters and US air cargo industry and
  of your company’s terms to be completed       Roanoke Trade Services, Inc, specializing          associations, Rick helped develop insurance
  on an annual basis. Should your company       in cargo insurance, training/education             for the Support Anti-Terrorism by Fostering
  be operating under the shipper’s terms and    and sales support. Theresa received                Effective Technologies (SAFETY) Act.
  conditions, review them annually or each      a business management degree from                  Notable achievements include working
  time there is a significant change to the     LeTourneau University. She is a member             with fellow Roanoke Trade teammate, Billie
  services you are providing.                   and past-president of the Organization of          Sullivan, to provide cargo insurance to the
                                                Women in International Trade, a member             United Nations on the first democratic
• Be certain to have a shipper’s letter of      and past-president of the International            election ballots shipped into Iraq.
  instructions on file.                         Transportation Management Association,             Roanoke Trade is a member of the Munich Re
• In the event of any uncertainty, write your   a member and participant of the District           Group and an affiliate of Watkins Syndicate
   customer to confirm instructions.            Export Council and committee chair for its         at Lloyd’s of London. An underwriting
                                                Export University program and serves on            agency and broker with 12 US locations and
• Take the time to e-mail or write
                                                the advisory board for Houston Community           resources worldwide, Roanoke Trade has been
  confirmations of discussions to clients,
                                                College of Business Administration.                providing transportation-related insurance
  agents and carriers.
                                                Theresa is a regular contributor to industry       solutions since 1935.

24          Forward Magazine Q Spring 2011                                                                            Airforwarders Association
Placing The World Within Your Reach

         International Air Cargo Directory

                                                    Leonard’s Guide has been serving the freight
                                                    shipping industry since 1912, and is the
                                                    leading provider of print and online directories
                                                    of North American Trucking, Warehousing,
                                                    Third Party Logistics, and Air Cargo Companies.

                                                    Freight shippers, carriers and many other
                                                    industry professionals around the world
                                                    rely on Leonard's Guide as a source for
                                                    comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date
                                                    information on freight shipping and
                                                    warehousing companies.
Air Cargo Directory

                                                                                           Free RFP Feature
                                                      LEONARD’S GUIDE
                                                      North American Trucking Directory
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                                                                                           companies that

                               Warehouse and
                               Directory                                                   provide the
                                                                                           you need.

                                                                                           ■ One click and your request for
                                                                                           rate / service information is sent
                                                                                           to multiple service providers.
 National Third                National Warehouse       North American
 Party Logistics                  & Distribution           Trucking
   Directory                        Directory              Directory

               Since 1912
Leonard’s Guide

airforwarders.org                                                                         Spring 2011 Q Forward Magazine   25
                                  Member News

CargoWise Announces Deal With BNSF Logistics                                                            break-bulk with low-cost conventional X-ray
                                                                                                        systems (PX™ 6.4, PX-107™, PX-208™), AT
Successful Implementation of ediEnterprise System                                                       systems (ACX® 6.4, ACX® 6.4-MV, VDS-
                                                                                                        108™, VIS-HR™, MVT-HR®) and certified
Positions 3PL for Growth                                                                                EDS equipment (eXaminer® 3DX, eXaminer®
Chicago, IL — CargoWise®, a globally recognized technology supplier for logistics service               HTSA). In addition, L-3 offers the PX-
providers, has announced the completion of a successful ediEnterprise system implementation             160P™ and CX-Pallet 6000 P DV to screen
with industry leading 3PL provider, BNSF Logistics LLC.                                                 consolidated cargo on skids.
BNSF Logistics selected CargoWise to provide a comprehensive single platform ERP                        For more than a decade, L-3 has been
accounting, logistics and customs brokerage solution to meet current requirements with the              providing airports and shippers with a
added flexibility to execute its future growth strategy.                                                conventional and high-energy X-ray line
                                                                                                        of inspection systems for break-bulk, skids,
“CargoWise provided our business and technology resources with ready access to their                    pallets and ULDs. L-3’s equipment screens
product development team, streamlining the issue escalation and resolution process during our           cargo ranging from containers of fruits and
implementation,” said Andrew Cordischi, Vice President of Technology for BNSF Logistics                 vegetables to electronics and is currently
LLC. “We were also able to leverage the latest features of the application, like enhancements to        in operation at shipping, forwarding and
the customs brokerage module, to the benefit of our customer base.”                                     independent cargo screening facilities
Gene Gander, Vice President Business Development – Americas for CargoWise said: “A                      worldwide.
successful implementation depends on a commitment from each partner. The exceptional
internal management provided by BNSF Logistics, working directly with CargoWise product                 About L-3 Security & Detection
managers, contributed to the success of the ediEnterprise implementation project from                   Systems
the time of uptake to the time the system went live. We look forward to continuing our
                                                                                                        With a broad range of systems and
partnership with BNSF Logistics.”
                                                                                                        technology and an installed base of more
                                                                                                        than 20,000 systems worldwide, L-3
ABOUT CARGOWISE®                                                                                        Security & Detection Systems offers
CargoWise is a globally renowned technology provider that delivers an innovative, single                screening technologies for numerous security
platform solution to improve customers’ visibility, efficiency, quality of service and profitability.   applications that include aviation systems
It provides dynamic and efficient solutions for logistics service providers focused on effortless       for hold baggage explosives detection and
supply chain execution capability in an integrated globally capable enterprise system.                  checkpoint screening, cargo and air freight
                                                                                                        screening, port and border inspection, and
ABOUT BNSF LOGISTICS                                                                                    facility protection. L-3 Security & Detection
                                                                                                        Systems’ customer base includes the U.S.
BNSF Logistics, an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of Burlington Northern Santa Fe LLC,
                                                                                                        military and numerous government agencies,
provides sustainable supply chain solutions that range from single shipment execution to
                                                                                                        major airports and airlines, national and
complete network design and operations. BNSF Logistics offers safe, secure and cost-effective
                                                                                                        local authorities, and high-risk commercial
transportation intermediary services around the globe. For more information about BNSF
                                                                                                        enterprises throughout the world. To learn
Logistics, visit www.bnsflogistics.com.
                                                                                                        more about L-3 Security & Detection
                                                                                                        Systems, please visit the company’s website at
L-3 Offers Broad Portfolio of TSA-Qualified Air                                                         About L-3 Communications
Cargo X-Ray Screening Systems                                                                           Headquartered in New York City, L-3
Woburn, MA – L-3 Security & Detection Systems announced today that 12 of its X-ray                      Communications employs approximately
screening systems have been placed on the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA)                65,000 people worldwide and is a prime
Air Cargo Qualified Technologies List. L-3’s air cargo portfolio of products screens both               contractor in C3ISR (Command, Control,
break-bulk and skid-based air cargo with systems covering TSA’s small, medium and large                 Communications, Intelligence, Surveillance
X-ray classifications. L-3 also offers shippers, forwarders and independent screeners a broad           and Reconnaissance) systems, aircraft
selection of technologies to meet their unique requirements, including systems with multi-view          modernization and maintenance, and
capabilities, Advanced Technology (AT) algorithms and certified Explosives Detection Systems            government services. L-3 is also a leading
(EDS).                                                                                                  provider of a broad range of electronic
“From the cost-effective PX 6.4 to the world-class CX-Pallet, L-3 is dedicated to providing and         systems used on military and commercial
developing configurable screening solutions that meet stringent detection, throughput and cost          platforms. The company reported 2009 sales
of ownership criteria,” said Thomas M. Ripp, president of L-3 Security & Detection Systems.             of $15.6 billion. To learn more about L-3,
                                                                                                        please visit the company’s website at
L-3’s TSA Air Cargo Qualified Systems address a full range of air cargo requirements to screen          www.L-3com.com.

26          Forward Magazine Q Spring 2011                                                                                 Airforwarders Association
Smiths Detection Product Update
IONSCAN 500DT is Only Explosives Trace
Detector to Offer Integrated Operation With
Barcode Scanners
TSA-Qualified Air Cargo Screening Technology Offers
Enhanced Reporting and Package Tracking Capability.
                                                 Morristown, NJ — The popular IONSCAN
                                                                                                         Looking for an

                                                                                                                                                              The Trademark TRAXON is used with the consent of the owner.
                                                 500DT Explosives Trace Detector (ETD),
                                                 a TSA-qualified technology for air cargo                e-freight solution to
                                                 screening on passenger planes in the United             optimize your
                                                 States, now offers the ability for integration
                                                 with most USB or wireless commercial, off-              air cargo shipments?
                                                 the-shelf (COTS) barcode scanners.
                                                 This new feature gives freight forwarders,
                                                 air carriers and shippers the ability match
                                                 package barcode scans with their associated
                                                 ETD analysis results for a streamlined record-
                                                 keeping and reporting capability. All saved
                                                 data references the barcode scanner, sample
                                                 ID, analysis result, user, date and time. XML
                                                 reports can be generated directly from the                                     Meet us du
                                                                                                                                          d Cargo

                                                 IONSCAN 500DT and then uploaded to                                             IATA Worlm 2011
                                                                                                                                Sym posiu       , Turkey
                                                 a client FTP server or downloaded from the                                      March 8-10
                                                                                                                                                 , Istanbul

                                                 system via the USB connection.
                                                 The IONSCAN 500DT is the only system
                                                 to offer this capability for air cargo screening
                                                 and the only unit that offers dual detector             Make paperfree global cargo a reality.
                                                 tubes for an expanded range of explosives               Find out more about eCargo Pouch, the
                                                 detection, including “home-grown”                       central document and message manage-
                                                 explosives.                                             ment system. eCargo Pouch offers fast
                                                                                                         and reliable cargo communication across
                                                  There are approximately 4,000 IONSCAN
                                                                                                         the entire supply chain.
                                                  trace detectors and 1,500 HI-SCAN X-ray
inspection systems deployed at airports in the United States alone for passenger and baggage
screening. An additional 600 X-ray and ETD systems are deployed with air cargo carriers and
freight forwarders.
Smiths Detection (www.smithsdetection.com) offers advanced security solutions in civil and
military markets worldwide, developing and manufacturing government-regulated technology
products that identify explosives, chemical and biological agents, weapons and contraband. It
is part of Smiths Group (www.smiths.com), a global leader in applying advanced technologies
to markets in threat as well as contraband detection, energy, medical devices, communications
and engineered components. Smiths Group employs around 22,000 people in more than 50                     www.traxon.com

airforwarders.org                                                                                   Spring 2011 Q Forward Magazine                            27
                                 Member News

Centra Worldwide, Inc. expands footprint
through acquisition
                            Jacksonville, FL — The Suddath Companies, headquartered in
                            Jacksonville, Fla., recently announced their acquisition of Barrett
                            Moving & Storage Company based in Minneapolis. These two
                            industry leaders combine to create a $325 million corporation with
                            diversified transportation and relocation service offerings. With
                            more than 1,500 employees and 18 nationwide locations, The
Suddath Companies will continue to offer globally-recognized quality service and innovation
to corporations, individuals and institutions around the world.
Centra Worldwide, Inc. (dba Suddath Logistics Group), a division of The Suddath Companies,
is a member of our Airforwarders Association. Centra Worldwide is a single-source provider of
global logistics solutions, providing customized services that help customers streamline their
operations and improve efficiency. Centra Worldwide is affiliated with a global network of
trusted agents and commercial partners, and has an operations team experienced in solving
even the most unique logistical challenges.
“With Barrett, we have added a well-established presence in the upper Midwest, which will
expand our footprint and increase logistics capabilities for our customers,” said Brett Macker,
president of Centra Worldwide. “We are bringing these two storied and highly-reputable
cultures together and merging the very best of both worlds into one superior organization.”            ALG Worldwide
With more than 200 combined years of experience, the expanded Suddath Companies will
continue to offer innovative transportation, relocation and logistics solutions to an ever-            Logistics wraps up
growing global customer base.
                                                                                                       2010 with positive
For more information about how Centra Worldwide can improve your logistics efficiencies,
visit www.suddathlogistics.com.                                                                        results on all fronts
                                                                                                       New offices were added
                                                                                                       in IAH and IAD!
BTX Air Express Announces New Office in                                                                Mark Spisak, Executive Vice President,
Phoenix, AZ; New CFO, VP of International                                                              Sales is optimistic for 2011. Gross
BTX Air Express (BTX), a Shelton, Connecticut-based leader in transportation logistics, is pleased     Sales increased YOY by 21% and new
to announce the opening of a new office in Phoenix, AZ. The office will be managed by Dianne           business is continuing to accelerate sales
Walsh who’s experience and knowledge will add a new dynamic mix to BTX’s southwestern foot             numbers in 2011. Increased volume
print. Brian McConaghy, Vice President Operations of BTX notes the strategic importance of the         has been brought on by the addition of
Arizona location. “We have been looking to establish an operations in this ever expanding market       three sales agents that have a great deal
area for some time and we feel confident that Dianne, who shares our corporate philosophy, is the      of freight and experience in the industry.
perfect leader to run this location.” This office location is a great addition to the BTX family and   The international network continues to
we look forward to a very promising and bright future for them.                                        expand and premier partners have joined
                                                                                                       the ALG network in China, Norway
BTX Air Express (BTX), is pleased to announce it has appointed Patrick J. Lapera, Esq. as its          and across the globe. The expansion
Chief Financial Officer. As CFO, Mr. Lapera will be responsible for all financial, accounting,         of marketing efforts in key industry
insurance and legal matters. Mr. Lapera holds a BS (with Honors) in accounting from the                segments has seen positive results in
University of Scranton, an MBA from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business              Asset Recovery, Cruise, Automotive
and a JD (with Honors) from Syracuse University College of Law. Mr. Lapera has over 30 years           and other segments. The Print
experience in advising companies on business and financial matters. “I look forward to my role as      Media Division relocating to a 540k
a member of the BTX executive team to enhance growth and profitability.”                               square foot, state of the art facility in
BTX Air Express (BTX), is pleased to announce it has appointed Dave Kemmer as the Vice                 Romeoville, IL is also very encouraging.
President of International. As the Vice President of International Mr. Kemmer will be responsible      ALG Worldwide forecasts an increase of
for sales, operations and global development of the BTX International program. Mr. Kemmer is           20% YOY for 2011.
a 1996 graduate of Augsburg College (Minneapolis, MN). Mr. Kemmer graduated with honors                For further information please contact
while earning a communications degree with a focus on sports information. Mr. Kemmer has 16            Mark Spisak, (888) 655-4237, or
years of operational and sales experience in the International Logistics field. Mr. Kemmer joined      mspisak@algworldwide.com
BTX in 2009 and is looking forward to the challenge of his new role.

28         Forward Magazine Q Spring 2011                                                                               Airforwarders Association
CV International (CVI) Opens Atlanta Office and Expands Airfreight
and Logistics Presence

In March of 2010 CVI opened an office in        supervised the delivery operation. “This was           About CV International
Atlanta by acquiring Alpha Sun International.   a great opportunity to highlight our diverse
“Atlanta was a must for us in order to offer    capabilities as a provider of logistics services.      CV International (CVI) is a provider of
the most flexible and competitive airfreight    This was not typical business for us, but              freight forwarding, customs brokerage,
services to our clients,” commented CVI         using our years of experience and industry             regulatory compliance, and international
president Mike Coleman. Donna Mullins,          knowledge we were able to get the job done             logistics services. A leader in the industry, CVI
previous president and owner of Alpha           for the customer,” commented Mullins.                  established its reputation through a strong,
Sun was retained as CVI’s Atlanta branch                                                               reliable staff and an unmatched commitment
                                                In January of 2011, Donna was appointed                to customer service. Today, the company
manager.                                        Chairperson of the National Customs                    maintains fully operational branch offices as
In November CVI Atlanta received a request      Brokers and Freight Forwarders Airfreight              well as several sales offices throughout the
by Extreme Makeover Home Edition to             Committee. “Donna’s appointment is a                   southeastern section of the United States. The
coordinate delivery of new Ford Explorer to     testament to her industry knowledge and                company also maintains a vast network of
a family in Savannah, GA being featured on      leadership ability. We are fortunate and               domestic and international agents and affiliate
the show. CVI arranged for the charter of       honored to have her as a part of our team,”            offices to provide its customers with the
a Bell Helicopter, coordinated all necessary    commented Coleman.                                     highest level of customer service door-to-door
licensing, permits and insurance, and                                                                  and around-the-world.


    When CCSP, TSA regulations and increasing liabilities put your
    business at risk, have no fear – Avalon Risk Management works
    to save the day. With insurance coverage stronger than a
    locomotive and technology faster than a speeding bullet, you’ll
    think we’re superheroes.

    • Customs and Transportation Bonds          • Property & Casualty Insurance
    • Cargo Insurance                           • Truck Insurance
    • Errors & Omissions Insurance              • Courier Program
    • Air Cargo Legal Liability Insurance

    We look forward to seeing you at AirCargo 2011 where we’ll reveal
    more of Avalon’s powers to AEMCA, AFA and XLA members.


airforwarders.org                                                                                   Spring 2011 Q Forward Magazine                  29
                                Member News

TransGroup Worldwide Logistics Opens New
Station in Anchorage (ANC), AK
TransGroup Worldwide Logistics is pleased to announce the opening of their newest station,
TransGroup-ANC, located in Anchorage, Alaska.                                                     Aerocheck Cargo
TransGroup-ANC operates as a full-service freight forwarder and logistics provider and is
located within close proximity to Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (ANC).
                                                                                                  Security Now
Station management is run by Vanessa Keyes, Regional Director – Alaska. Vanessa is an             Offers Certified
industry veteran with over 30 year experience. She began her career in 1976 with Northern
Airfreight in Seattle, Washington, then transferred to Anchorage in 1983 and remained with        Screening at PDX!
the company through its transitions into/within the Danzas system.                                Aerocheck Cargo Security opened a
Vanessa is extensively familiar with and experienced in handling the unique challenges of         TSA certified cargo screening facility
moving freight into, out of and within the State of Alaska. She is excited and ready to take on   conveniently located at Portland
her newest challenge of growing TransGroup in the 49th State.                                     International Airport. Using state of
TransGroup-ANC is located at 3501 Postmark Dr., Ste B., Anchorage, AK 99502 and can be            the art dimming, weighing, and X-ray
reached by phone at TF: (855) 244-4345 / Lcl: (907) 223-8107, or via e-mail at                    technology, our staff of experts are ready
anc@transgroup.com.                                                                               to serve you.
                                                                                                  • Reduce your screening costs by having
                                                                                                    Aerocheck pre-screen your cargo.

                  Now booking advertising                                                         • Shipments from the Portland area

                   for the Summer issue
                                                                                                    departing from PDX, SEA, SFO and
                                                                                                    LAX can now be screened prior to
                                                                                                    acceptance by air carriers.
              ForWArD Magazine                                                                    • Banded pallets and other challenging
                                                                                                    shipments can be screened,
                         Deadline to reserve space                                                  reconfigured, and built up in any
                                       April 30, 2011                                               format required by the airlines,
                                                                                                    including all ULD configurations.
     Want to get your message out to the forwarding industry? Then you
                                                                                                  • Expertise in shipping hazardous
     need to advertise in the next issue of Forward Magazine, the official                          materials.
                     magazine of the Airforwarders Association.                                   Our focus is safety. Our process is
                                                                                                  efficient. Our commitment is service.
     If you have not already pre-booked an ad for the next issue and
                                                                                                  Call us today at 503-688-5094 or visit
           would like to, please call 202-393-2818 for a media kit.
                                                                                                  us at www.aerocheckcargo.com

30         Forward Magazine Q Spring 2011                                                                          Airforwarders Association
Geodis Wilson Selects CargoWise and ediEnterprise Platform
Geodis Invests In Technical Leadership
Sydney, Australia — CargoWise®, a globally       million euros into this project.                   ABOUT CARGOWISE®
recognized technology supplier for logistics     According to Jean-Louis Demeulenaere,              CargoWise is a globally renowned technology
service providers, recently signed a major       CEO of Geodis Group: “This cooperation             provider that delivers an innovative, single
agreement with global multimodal transport       is a strategic keystone to transform Geodis        platform solution to improve customers’
and logistics provider, Geodis Wilson,
                                                 Wilson into one of the world’s leading players     visibility, efficiency, quality of service and
to implement its global logistics product
                                                 in global freight forwarding.”                     profitability. It provides dynamic and efficient
                                                 “We were looking for the best, currently           solutions for logistics service providers
In winning one of the most fiercely                                                                 focused on effortless supply chain execution
                                                 available operating system in the market,”
contested and most comprehensive product                                                            capability in an integrated globally capable
                                                 said Hakan Nilsson, Chief Information
selection processes against 18 other vendors,                                                       enterprise system.
                                                 Officer at Geodis Wilson. “More precisely,
ediEnterprise becomes the core component
                                                 we were focusing on the future capabilities
for Geodis Wilson’s “NextGen” logistics                                                             ABOUT SNCF Geodis
                                                 of different products and service providers,
management project. The new system is key
                                                 their flexibility and the potential speed of       SNCF Geodis, the Transports and Logistics
to simplifying and automating the operations
                                                 innovation. In other words, we were looking        Division of SNCF Group, provides a global
planning, freight, customs clearance,
                                                 for a partnership that enables us to position      multimodal offering and end-to-end flow
logistics, operations, billing and customer
                                                 Geodis technically ahead of the market, both       management solutions for its customers in
functions across Geodis Wilson’s global
                                                 in the near future and also in the long run.”      Europe and worldwide.
business. ediEnterprise’s underlying single
database, single file and “Only Enter Data       CargoWise CEO, Richard White said: “The            Through a network covering 120 countries
Once” (OEDO) design delivers transparent         Geodis Wilson agreement, along with several        and a 46,000-strong workforce, SNCF
information flows and operational efficiencies   other major deals in ANZ, USA and EU,              Geodis is the fourth-largest transport and
required by Geodis and its customers. In         confirms CargoWise’s leading position in the       logistics operator in Europe, with revenue of
total, Geodis Group will be investing 20         global logistics market.”                          7.4 billion euros.

airforwarders.org                                                                                Spring 2011 Q Forward Magazine                 31
                                  Member News

Trans-Soft Announces Strategic Alliance With Structured IS
Phoenix, AZ — Trans-Soft, Inc. a leading           from user desktop management, to server           CIO services for technology consulting and
provider of IT services and managed                and application hosting, as well as consulting    strategic planning.
data centers for the logistics industry,           and implementation services. This will allow
today announced a strategic alliance with          our customers to better utilize their own         About Trans-Soft, Inc.
Structured IS, Inc, a leading provider of          assets and resources while we manage their IT
managed IT services covering many business         requirements.”                                    Trans-Soft, Inc provides managed data center
markets.                                                                                             services and software application hosting for
                                                                                                     clients in the freight forwarding and logistics
“Despite recent economic conditions many           About Structured IS, Inc.                         industry. For over 15 years Trans-Soft has
of our customers have continued to grow and        Structured IS, Inc., headquartered in Los         provided software application development
expand their business. Some of them have           Angeles, provides managed IT services to          and business consulting services, as well as
struggled with new or existing technology          businesses throughout the US. Structured          general IT support.
systems”, says Brad Hockersmith, President         IS provides pro-active systems management
of Trans-Soft, Inc. “Our partnership with                                                            For more information about this partnership
                                                   and monitoring using advanced remote              or our products and services, visit our
Structured IS will allow us to leverage the        management tools to reduce network
resources and technology of both companies                                                           websites at www.trans-soft.net and www.
                                                   issues and downtime using best practices.         structuredis.com
to offer a more complete range of services         Additionally, Structured IS provides virtual-

Roanoke Trade Services Announces Glenn Patton as
Regional Vice President
Los Angeles, CA — With nearly 20 years             insurance broker. His technical expertise         Foreign Trade Association (FTA) of Southern
of insurance experience, Glenn Patton              is concentrated in cargo insurance, errors        California and a board member of his local
was recently promoted to Regional Vice             & omissions, property/casualty and bonds          Organization for Women in International
President of Roanoke Trade’s Los Angeles,          for transportation specialists. This technical    Trade (OWIT), Glenn actively contributes
San Francisco and Seattle offices. As such,        competence coupled with consistent follow-        to the trade community that Roanoke Trade
he is responsible for overseeing the service       through ensures a quality service experience      serves. Glenn also conducts various risk
performance and operations of these                for Roanoke Trade clients, and that is            management workshops for trade groups,
locations. Prior to this role, Glenn was a sales   his mission for his region — and for the          and has been a speaker at the Air Freight
executive for Roanoke Trade, where he won          organization. As Patton remarked, “In an ever     Forwarders (AFA) and National Customs
the loyalty of new and existing clients with       changing world in which we all take certain       Brokers and Freight Forwarders of America
consistent delivery of effective coverage and      risks, clients rely on us to help identify what   (NCBFAA) annual conferences.
service. His experience as a claims adjuster       risks are worth taking and what risks can be      Roanoke Trade is a subsidiary of Munich
when joining Roanoke Trade in 1998 gave            managed through insurance. What we do is          Re and an affiliate of Watkins Syndicate
him insight into the company’s strength            beyond just selling insurance or bonds... we      at Lloyd’s of London and was originally
in client advocacy and claims settlement           make certain that our clients ascertain peace     established in 1935. Its focus is providing
expediency. Prior to joining Roanoke Trade,        of mind knowing that we are continuously          long-term value to clients by meeting their
Glenn worked at a property and casualty            looking out for them and helping eliminate        transportation related insurance and surety
brokerage firm.                                    financial losses they can suffer as a result of   needs as part of a forward-thinking global
Glenn is a Finance graduate of California          overlooking specific exposures.”                  organization. To reach Glenn or his service
State University, Northridge and is a licensed     As a board of directors member for the            team, you may call 1-800-ROANOKE.

32          Forward Magazine Q Spring 2011                                                                              Airforwarders Association
airforwarders.org   Spring 2011 Q Forward Magazine   33
                                   Member News

SEKO Expands its Ownership
Itasca, IL —SEKO Worldwide (www.                     "I view the transition of the company to         Strategic Partners, will provide vision and
sekologistics.com) – a global provider               the equity model as a very positive move         guide the company to attain its goal of
of supply‐chain solutions, including                 that will further strengthen the fabric of our   becoming the most successful network of
comprehensive transportation, logistics and          organization by putting a stronger emphasis      independent contractors and the preferred
IT solutions – is thrilled to announce a             on local ownership, which is SEKO's core         logistics solutions provider worldwide.
major milestone in the advancement of the            competency."                                     "Seven of the past eight years we have driven
company.                                                                                              double digit revenue growth. I am proud that
When Bill Wascher, Tom Cagney and Steven              Seven of the past                               we were able to fulfill these commitments to
Goldberg purchased SEKO on October 31,                                                                our Strategic Partner network", says President
2002, they made three commitments to the             eight years we have                              and CEO Bill Wascher. "This transition helps
network's Strategic Partners (independent             driven double digit                             enable SEKO to continue its accelerated
contractors). First, they would return the             revenue growth.                                growth and best in class customer service by
company to profitability. Second, SEKO                                                                attracting other key Strategic Partners to the
would be transformed into a global logistics                                                          SEKO network and equity group!"
provider. Third, the network would be re‐            Vinnie Smith, the Strategic Partner in
engineered with an equity model allowing             Buffalo, agrees. "Having been with SEKO          About SEKO
the Strategic Partner's input and ownership          for over 26 years, I am proud to be part of
in SEKO.                                             an organization that has developed a model       Founded in 1976, SEKO Worldwide is a
                                                     that will support future growth. What surer      global, third‐party logistics provider with 50
After eight years of consistent and profitable                                                        offices in the United States and more than 50
growth, including establishing a presence            investment can we make than in ourselves?
                                                     It's a great opportunity and I am honored to     offices in 40+ countries worldwide. It offers a
around the globe, SEKO is pleased to                                                                  full range of supply‐chain solutions including
announce that it has fulfilled all of its original   be a part of it."
                                                                                                      domestic and global air, ocean, and ground
commitments. Effective January 1, 2011,              While the ownership grows to include             transportation freight forwarding, customs
the Strategic Partners and senior managers           Strategic Partners and senior managers,          brokerage, trans‐border distribution,
of SEKO joined Bill Wascher and Steve                SEKO's dynamic management team will
Goldberg as owners.                                  continue in place. SEKO's newly elected          U.S. home delivery, and DC bypass shipping.
                                                     Board of Directors, a combination of in‐         To learn more about SEKO visit us at www.
Kevin O'Malley, long time Strategic Partner                                                           sekologistics.com.
in Philadelphia, is thrilled with the change.        house and external executives, along with

Roanoke Trade’s Rick Bridges Elected President of the Coalition of
New England Companies for Trade (CONECT)
Boston, MA — Rick Bridges, Vice President            and other governmental organizations, is a       complex and challenging global trade
of Roanoke Trade Services, Inc. was elected          frequent speaker at transportation association   environment, CONECT provides
as President of the Coalition of New England         conferences and is frequently published in       educational and networking opportunities
Companies for Trade (CONECT) in the                  transportation-related trade magazines on        to keep its members informed, while also
fall of 2010. Rick resides in Massachusetts          topics surrounding risk management.              serving as a highly effective voice to enhance
and his scope of responsibilities at Roanoke         As CONECT’s President, Bridges comments          the trade and transportation infrastructure
Trade include service and sales within the           that one of the objectives of the association    of New England. CONECT’s mission is to
New England region. Rick is an approved              in 2011 is to advocate for meaningful trade      educate local, state and federal government
Lloyd’s of London cover holder and presently         agreements that encourage international          representatives and the entire New England
holds underwriting authority for the Watkins         commerce. “Whether bilateral free trade          business community as to the benefits
Syndicate.                                           agreements, or multilateral regional             and importance of free and fair trade to
With over twelve years of international              agreements such as the TransPacific              our region. CONECT is comprised of
trade and insurance experience, Rick advises         Partnership, it is essential that barriers to    manufacturers, traders, importers, exporters,
clients on insurance matters involving the           trade be reduced if not eliminated,” states      customs brokers, freight forwarders,
trade and transportation of freight and is also      Bridges.                                         NVOCCs, transportation providers,
a multi-lines commercial insurance agent                                                              financial institutions, law firms, accounting
                                                     CONECT serves the interests of New               firms, consultants and other firms active in
licensed in several states. He has worked on         England businesses that depend on
special projects with the United Nations                                                              international trade.
                                                     international trade. In the increasingly

34          Forward Magazine Q Spring 2011                                                                               Airforwarders Association
                                                                                                     Dachser opens
                                                                                                     branch in
                                                                                                     Atlanta/Grevenmacher — Dachser
                                                                                                     is reinforcing its position in the
                                                                                                     Benelux countries. With a new branch
                                                                                                     in Luxembourg, the internationally
                                                                                                     operating logistics provider is now
                                                                                                     present with its own facilities in 17
                                                                                                     countries across Europe.
                                                                                                     Operating under the name Dachser
                                                                                                     S.a.r.l. Luxembourg, the new company
                                                                                                     based in Grevenmacher is directly

L-3 eXaminer® XLB Explosives Detection                                                               connected to the Eurohub in Überherrn,
                                                                                                     Saarland/Germany. “This enables us
System Receives New EU Standard 3 Approval                                                           to offer all European facilities regular
                                                                                                     connections with standardized shipment
Woburn, MA — L-3 Security & Detection Systems announced today that its eXaminer® XLB                 times, even if they don’t run direct
explosives detection system (EDS) has passed the European Union Commission Regulation                services to Luxembourg,” says Michael
Standard 3 for Aviation Safety under the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC)                   Schilling, Dachser managing director
Common Evaluation Programme of Security Equipment (CEP). The system was successfully
                                                                                                     for European Network Management &
tested by the Service Technique de l’Aviation Civile (STAC), the engineering department of
                                                                                                     Logistics Systems. European customers
France’s aviation regulatory agency.
                                                                                                     thus benefit from optimal access to the
The eXaminer XLB is the first high-speed CT EDS to achieve EU Standard 3 approval under              Luxembourg market.
the new CEP and delivers operational throughput greater than 1,200 bags per hour.
                                                                                                     The Grevenmacher branch is located
“The eXaminer XLB is the highest-performing in-line CT EDS available and the only EU
                                                                                                     between Trier (Germany) and
Standard 3 system with sufficient throughput for European Level 1 operation,” said Thomas
                                                                                                     Luxembourg City. The site encompasses
M. Ripp, president of L-3 Security & Detection Systems. “We continue to invest in the
eXaminer platform to meet current and future EU standards.”                                          a 2,600-square-metre transshipment hall
                                                                                                     with 18 bays, and 800 square metres of
Featuring a meter-wide tunnel, the eXaminer XLB generates high-resolution 3-D image                  offices. Initially, Dachser will employ
data for explosives detection by combining helical CT with dual-energy imaging. Using 3-D
                                                                                                     a staff of 25 in Grevenmacher. Torsten
Continuous Flow CT technology, the system generates high-resolution medical quality images
                                                                                                     Baasner, responsible for forwarding
in real time. With advanced tools that include 360-degree rotational views of entire bags
                                                                                                     management at the Überherrn facility
and individual threat objects, operators can quickly and confidently clear bags for flight or
designate bags for search.                                                                           since 2006, will be manager of the new
Since 1998, L-3 has used medical-grade imaging technology developed for aviation security
with an understanding of the complex demands faced by airport personnel and regulatory               Dachser is present in the Benelux
agencies around the globe. Nearly 1,000 eXaminer systems have been deployed at airports              countries with another nine branches,
domestically and internationally and supported by L-3’s world-class service organization.            five in the Netherlands and four in
                                                                                                     Belgium. Via Dachser’s Air & Sea
About L-3 Security & Detection Systems                                                               Logistics business segment, five of
                                                                                                     these locations have connections to
With a broad range of systems and technology and an installed base of more than 20,000
                                                                                                     intercontinental markets.
systems worldwide, L-3 Security & Detection Systems offers screening technologies for
numerous security applications that include aviation systems for hold baggage explosives             In 2009, Dachser generated total
detection and checkpoint screening, cargo and air freight screening, port and border                 revenue of EUR 3.2 billion. 17,500 staff
inspection, and facility protection. L-3 Security & Detection Systems’ customer base includes        working in 306 locations worldwide
the U.S. military and numerous government agencies, major airports and airlines, national and        handled 41.8 million consignments
local authorities, and high-risk commercial enterprises throughout the world. To learn more          weighing a total of 29.4 million tonnes.
about L-3 Security & Detection Systems, please visit the company’s website at

airforwarders.org                                                                               Spring 2011 Q Forward Magazine               35
                                       Member News

                                                                                                                     Estes Executive
                                                                                                                     Appointed to
                                                                                                                     Virginia Board of
                                                                                                                     Richmond, VA — Governor Bob
                                                                                                                     McDonnell has appointed Curtis Carr
                                                                                                                     of Estes Express Lines to Virginia’s Board
                                                                                                                     of Transportation Safety. His term will
                                                                                                                     expire June 30, 2014.
                                                                                                                     Carr has served as vice president of
 From left to right: Jürgen Siebenrock, Vice President Sales & Marketing Germany at Lufthansa Cargo; Jürgen Huber,
 General Manager Dachser Air & Sea Logistics Germany; Fokko Doyen, Lufthansa Cargo Fleet Commander MD-11)            safety and risk management for Estes
                                                                                                                     Express Lines in Richmond since

Dachser receives Lufthansa Cargo                                                                                     1998. A graduate of the University
                                                                                                                     of North Carolina, Carr is active
Quality Award                                                                                                        in state and national trucking
                                                                                                                     associations and currently serves on the
Winner in the major German forwarders category                                                                       American Trucking Association Safety
                                                                                                                     Management Council.
Atlanta/Frankfurt — On 18 January, Lufthansa Cargo announced the winners of the Quality
Awards 2010. The internationally operating logistics provider, Dachser, convinced Lufthansa                          About Estes
through high delivery quality and secured first place among Germany’s major air freight forwarders.
                                                                                                                     Richmond, VA-based Estes is a full-
Performance was measured according to quality parameters such as compliance with the scope                           service freight transportation provider
of delivery, punctuality or handling care. Dachser secured first place in the category for major                     offering a full range of shipping
forwarders with over 10,000 air waybills.                                                                            solutions including LTL, Time Critical,
The objective behind the Lufthansa Cargo Quality Awards is to achieve highest quality standards in                   Volume & Truckload, Global and
the interaction between air freight forwarding and airline. “Quality has top priority at Dachser. The                Custom Solutions. Founded in 1931 by
Lufthansa Cargo Quality Award enables us to assess our own quality by comparing it directly with                     W.W. Estes and still owned by the Estes
that of our competitors,”                                                                                            family, the company has grown from a
says Jürgen Huber, general manager of Dachser Air & Sea Logistics Germany. The mission of the                        small, local carrier into one of the most
family enterprise is to create the world’s most intelligent combination and integration of logistical                respected total-solutions providers in the
network services.                                                                                                    industry. More information about Estes
                                                                                                                     and its shipping options is conveniently
In 2009, Dachser generated total revenue of EUR 3.2 billion. 17,500 staff working in 306                             available on www.estes-express.com and
locations worldwide handled 41.8 million consignments weighing a total of 29.4 million tonnes.                       www.worldofways.com.

36           Forward Magazine Q Spring 2011                                                                                           Airforwarders Association
SBS Worldwide Wins 2010 BIFA Freight Service Award
Sponsored by CargoWise
Recognized For Excellence In Ocean Freight Category
Milton Keynes, UK — CargoWise®, a                  attitude to providing an enhanced supply          Clark, Business Development Manager
globally recognized technology supplier for        chain experience for its clients included         – EMEA for CargoWise, presented the
logistics service providers, and a sponsor         making a significant investment in new            award and said: “We are extremely proud,
of the 2010 British International Freight          shipping equipment to streamline the              as part of our ongoing commitment to
Association (BIFA) Freight Service Awards,         handling of the logistics process while also      the logistics industry, to sponsor this
is pleased to announce that logistics specialist   reducing costs. The end result has provided       award and congratulate SBS Worldwide
SBS Worldwide is the winner of 2010’s              a superior service to its client base that        on this accomplishment. The standard of
Ocean Freight Award.                               was extremely effective during the rapidly        competition between the finalists this year has
SBS Worldwide was chosen by a panel                changing market conditions of 2010, and           been higher than ever, but SBS Worldwide
of industry judges as the winner of this           secures SBS Worldwide’s reputation as a           stands out from the others and deserves this
year’s award for demonstrating progressive,        valued partner of choice.                         year’s recognition as a leader in the Ocean
innovative approaches to meeting the needs         The prestigious award ceremony took place         Freight category due to their refreshing and
of its customers. The Company’s proactive          in London on January 20, 2011. Simon              innovative approach and professionalism.”

   “Air Charter Made Easy”
                 Worldwide Air Charter Solutions
                 24/7/365 – Rapid Response
        Toll Free: (USA) 800-805-JETS (5387)
            Local phone: 1-954-713-9363
        info@thecharterstore.com • www.thecharterstore.com

airforwarders.org                                                                                 Spring 2011 Q Forward Magazine                37
                                  Member News

Port San Antonio Is Region’s Latest ISO-Certified Organization
Adherence to internationally recognized standards support Port’s growth, delivery of
high level of customer service
San Antonio —Port San Antonio has                Miller, President and CEO of Port Sanpast year Port employees became familiarized
joined the ranks of the region’s entities                                             with respective areas of responsibility under
                                                 Antonio. “Certification is not an endpoint,
certified by Direct Assessment Services                                               ISO and developed an organizational
                                                 but rather the latest milestone in our
Certification for the ISO 9001:2008 standard                                          system to continually improve processes.
                                                 commitment to improve on an ongoing basis
of the Switzerland-based International                                                ISO procedures were established for key
                                                 and exceed our customers’ expectations.”
Organization for Standardization, or             Certification                                            functional areas at Port
ISO. The ISO 9001:2008 certification for                                                                  San Antonio, which
quality management reflects the Port’s focus
                                                 is of particular            Upon renewal                 include, among others,
                                                 importance to Port
on following best business practices as it       San Antonio to
                                                                              the Port will               real estate development
continues to grow as a regional industrial       support its existing        again undergo                and management; leasing
airport and railport.                                                                                     and sales; marketing;
                                                 customer base and          an independent                business development;
ISO 9001:2008 is a group of quality              as it works to attract
management standards that include                new businesses and
                                                                            audit review by               and airport and railport
set procedures for key processes within          investors. While          an ISO registrar. management.
certified entities, including their regular      certification does                                                       Port San Antonio’s
monitoring to ensure effectiveness, quickly      not relate to the quality of an organization’s     certification is valid through September
resolve discrepancies and help ensure that       end products, it lets potential customers          2013. Upon renewal the Port will again
the certified organization is continually        throughout the world know that standardized        undergo an independent audit review by an
improving.                                       and well-recognized business practices are         ISO registrar. Furthermore, during its first 18
“Port San Antonio has been hard at work          being applied. ISO certification is available in   months of certification, the Port will undergo
for several years to refine our processes and    over 160 countries.                                audits every six months to ensure that its
prepare for ISO certification,” said Bruce       As part of the certification process, over the     quality complies with the ISO 9001:2008

                                                                                                             WHAT IF WE TOLD YOU THAT
                                                                                                             WE COULD DO IT FOR YOU?
                                                                                                              Freight Forwarders
                                                                                                              Indirect Air Carriers
                                                                                                              Third Party Logistics Providers
                                                                                                              Distribution Centers


         Currently servicing 18 states throughout the country and expanding, we offer
         the experience, knowledge and resources to run your CCSP. We are committed
         to managing all your cargo screening needs, allowing you to manage more freight.

         FIND OUT MORE AT WWW.INTESECURITY.COM OR CALL TOLL FREE 888.808.9119.                              Security & Investigative Solutions.

     305 Madison Avenue, Suite 1563 New York, NY 10165 T:(212) 808-4153 Toll Free:(888) 808-9119 F:(212) 808-4655 www.intesecurity.com

38         Forward Magazine Q Spring 2011                                                                                Airforwarders Association
National Airlines Appoints New President Colonel (Ret) Steven B. Harrison
Airline Continues Rapid Evolution Focused on Expanding Global Footprint
                                                                                                      Harrison was Deputy Director for
                                                                                                      Operational Logistics, Joint Staff, J4. He
                                                                                                      has served as the commander, 89th Airlift
                                                                                                      Wing, Andrews Air Force Base, MD,
                                                                                                      where he was responsible for worldwide
                                                                                                      special air mission airlifts, logistics, aerial
                                                                                                      port and communications support for the
                                                                                                      President, Vice President, Cabinet Members,
                                                                                                      Combatant Commanders and other senior
                                                                                                      military and elected leaders as tasked by the
                                                                                                      White House, Air Force Chief of Staff and
                                                                                                      Air Mobility Command. Colonel Harrison
                                                                                                      also commanded the 436th Airlift Wing at
                                                                                                      Dover AFB, DE, and was the Vice Wing
                                                                                                      Commander of the 437th Airlift Wing at
                                                                                                      Charleston AFB, SC.
                                                                                                      Colonel Harrison was commissioned from
                                                                                                      the U.S. Air Force Academy in 1988. He
                                                                                                      has served at United States Transportation
                                                                                                      Command, commanded an airlift squadron,
                                                                                                      and led two Expeditionary Airlift Squadrons
                                                                                                      and an Air Expeditionary Group in support
                                                                                                      of Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring
                                                                                                      Freedom. The Colonel served as the Division
                                                                                                      Chief for Global Mobility Concepts of
                                                                                                      Operation in the Directorate of Operational
                                                                                                      Plans and Joint Matters, Headquarters AF,
                                                                                                      Pentagon, Washington, D.C.
                                                                                                      Colonel Harrison received a BS in
                                                                                                      Aeronautical Engineering from the U.S. Air
                                                                                                      Force Academy, a MA in Politics, Philosophy
                                                                                                      and Economics, and a MS in Engineering
                                                                                                      Science from Oxford University, England
                                                                                                      (Rhodes Scholar), a MA in National Security
Buffalo, NY — National Airlines, a wholly        both the Department of Defense and the
                                                                                                      Strategy, and various other curriculums
owned subsidiary of National Air Cargo           commercial sector.”
                                                                                                      during his career. He is highly decorated
(NAC), announced the appointment of              In his new role Colonel Harrison will                and his major awards and decorations are
Colonel (Retired) Steven B. Harrison as          specifically be responsible for operations           numerous and with distinction. In addition,
President. The airline is in a period of rapid   including fleet integration, quality,                he is a command pilot with more than 3,400
growth, including the recent expansion of its    maintenance, supple chain/procurement,               hours in the C-32A, C-5B, C-17A, KC-10A,
fleet. As President, Harrison will hold senior   security, human resources, and finance and           T-37B and T-38A.
executive responsibility for all functions and   administration reporting directly to Preston
facets of airline operations.                    G. Murray, CEO and President of National             About National Airlines
“Colonel Harrison had a highly distinguished     Air Cargo.
career serving the Department of Defense”                                                             Founded in 1985, National Airlines operates
                                                 “We are in an extremely exciting and fast-           three long range intercontinental 45 ton
stated Christopher Alf, Chairman of National     paced period in our corporate evolution”
Air Cargo Holdings, Inc. “We’re thrilled                                                              capacity jet freighters. National Airlines
                                                 stated Preston Murray, CEO and President             is based in Ypsilanti, MI and operates on
to have someone with his immense talent          of National Air Cargo. “Colonel Harrison’s
and record of leadership joining National. I                                                          demand cargo and passenger services. The
                                                 expertise in aviation and military affairs will      company’s main base is Willow Run Airport
have great confidence in his abilities to help   be a great asset to us during this period.”
lead this company as we expand our fleet                                                              in Ypsilanti.
and increase our capabilities in support of      Before joining National Airlines, Colonel

airforwarders.org                                                                                  Spring 2011 Q Forward Magazine                 39
                     Member News

                                      Falcon Global Edge Announces
                                      Transportation Success
                                      On January 4th 2011 Falcon Global Edge working with our Shanghai
                                      based partner Sea-Air Logistics China organized an uplift of (2)
                                      bundles of Platen Panels urgently needed at a factory located on Long
                                      Island, NY. Each bundle weight over 14,045 Kilos with an overall
                                      length of 39 feet. The units were nose-loaded on a SQ 747 Mega Ark
                                      freighter that took off from Nanjing International Airport located in
                                      China on January 6th, 2011 and landed in Los Angeles, CA at 1400
                                      hrs on January 6th, 2011. Upon arrival, they were removed from
                                      the aircraft and carefully placed on (2) 48' flat bed trucks and driven
                                      across country in order to meet the clients protect date.

                                      Falcon GlobalEdge...We make the impossible...

                                        Where in the World is Brandon?
                                        Executive Director Brandon Fried is constantly on the move
                                        on behalf of the Airforwarders Association. He travels over
                                        the country and the world speaking to groups concerned with
                                        the current status of the airforwarding industry. Do you want
                                        Brandon to come to your city? If so, just contact him at bfried@
                                        airforwarders.org. Here is a look at where he has been and where
                                        he is going:

                                        Cities Recently Visited:           Upcoming Visits:
                                        Miami, FL                          Newport, RI
                                        College Park, MD                   Philadelphia, PA
                                        Washington, DC                     Las Vegas, NV
                                        New York, NY                       New York, NY
                                        Long Beach, CA
                                        San Diego, CA

40   Forward Magazine Q Spring 2011                                               Airforwarders Association
Mid-America Overseas Selects CargoWise ediEnterprise Platform
Single Global System Integrates Offices Worldwide; Positions Company for Growth
Chicago, IL— CargoWise®, a globally               Overseas and its customers.                    true value of ediEnterprise as the best-of-class
recognized technology supplier for logistics      Michael Mierwinski, CIO of Mid-America         solution to support their global strategies now
service providers, recently signed an             Overseas, Inc. said: “Implementing             and in the future. We feel truly rewarded to
agreement with global logistics provider,         ediEnterprise throughout our organization      be expanding our relationship with Mid-
Mid-America Overseas, Inc.                        will allow Mid-America Overseas to             America Overseas.”
CargoWise will implement its ediEnterprise        consolidate many legacy systems into one
solution across Mid-America Overseas offices      global platform, thereby improving the         ABOUT CARGOWISE®
in the U.S. and worldwide. ediEnterprise          efficiency of our employees and providing      CargoWise is a globally renowned technology
will replace Mid-America Overseas’ legacy         increased value to our customers.”             provider that delivers an innovative, single
system to achieve a streamlined, single global    “We are excited to partner with a company      platform solution to improve customers’
platform across its logistics and customs         of Mid-America Overseas’ caliber,” said        visibility, efficiency, quality of service and
brokerage operations. Following a successful      Gene Gander, Vice President Business           profitability. It provides dynamic and efficient
proof of concept and extensive review of the      Development – Americas for CargoWise.          solutions for logistics service providers
system, the company selected CargoWise to         “Through comprehensive field-testing Mid-      focused on effortless supply chain execution
deliver the operational efficiencies, data flow   America Overseas was able to discover the      capability in an integrated globally capable
and transparency required by Mid-America                                                         enterprise system.

2010 a Year of Growth for CargoWise
CargoWise®, a global leader in platform     vendors claims, IT companies are generally           agreement, provide increased global reach for
software for logistics service providers,   in a strong position and CargoWise has               CargoWise. However we have also focused
                                            had accelerating growth again this year.
reports significant acceleration of growth in                                                    on our small and mid-market customers and
                                            Customers are opting to replace their
all global markets over the course of the 2010                                                   these volumes are where we have experienced
calendar year.                                                        legacy systems             the most rapid increases, with 25 customer
Despite global                      CargoWise                         with the powerful          ‘go-lives’ in October and 27 ‘go-lives’ in
market variables in               continues to                        and feature-rich           November across the business.”
the past two years,                optimize its                       platform, which
                                                                                                 CargoWise continues to optimize
the company has                                                                                  its licensing, hosting, training and
reported consistent        licensing, hosting,                        is a true “single          implementation models to reduce the
quarter on quarter                 training and                       global platform”           complexity of implementation for its
                                                                      for logistics services
growth over the past          implementation                          providers. We have
                                                                                                 customers. Direct customer feedback has
three years resulting                                                                            consisted of higher levels of satisfaction and
in annual growth            models to reduce                          worked very hard on        fulfillment. This has resulted in significant
rates exceeding 45          the complexity of                         providing customers        growth rates as customers show strong
                                                                      with practical and
percent.                  implementation for agreeable conversion                                support for a low risk, low cost, high
                                                                                                 performance migration from aging legacy
CargoWise CEO,                 its customers.                         options and our            technology.
Richard White                                                         On Demand
confirmed: “There has been no slowdown      Licensing and easy hosting capabilities have
at CargoWise regardless of the economic     removed many of the traditional pain points.
conditions. Despite some logistics software Recent major deals, like the SNCF Geodis

airforwarders.org                                                                             Spring 2011 Q Forward Magazine                 41
                                        Member News

          First Time
         Members Can
         Join now for
                                                     ICAT Logistics Has Added A New Office in
                                                     Indianapolis, Indiana
                                                     Elkridge, MD — Fitzharris Logistics, Inc. teamed with ICAT Logistics, Inc. a leading provider
                                                     of worldwide transportation logistics and expedited freight services. As ICAT, this group will
                                                     serve the greater Indianapolis area.

                                                             “We are fortunate to have                   This partnership enables the new ICAT
       AfA is a non-profit industry
                                                                                                         office to build on its strengths in specialized
        association of, by, and for                   Fitzharris Logistics join the ICAT
                                                                                                         expedited freight delivery services. With 28
        the air forwarder industry.                       team. We are excited to have                   years in the industry, this team is recognized
        Our mission is to promote                        the opportunity to collaborate                  for their extensive experience. When
       and advance the common                                    with customers in the                   discussing his choice to join ICAT Logistics,
                                                      Indianapolis area, and to provide                  President Mike Fitzharris stated, “I chose to
       interests of those engaged
                                                         them with the right solutions.                  join ICAT Logistics because of the amazing
      in the air forwarder industry
                                                                                                         amount of support and respect they extend
     throughout the united States                    to their agents. Both the corporate staff and other agency owners I had met are truly industry
     and abroad. Through industry                    professionals.”
        meetings and educational                     Ginger Bartlett, Exec. Dir. Agency Relations, states, “We are fortunate to have Fitzharris Logistics
        seminars AfA provides an                     join the ICAT team. We are excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with customers in the
         excellent opportunity to                    Indianapolis area, and to provide them with the right solutions. We have a partner who is capable
        network with others in the                   of delivering our commitment to our customers, One Call, Right Solution…DONE! Mike
      business and stay on top of                    Fitzharris is an entrepreneur who has found the right partner who can consistently provide their
                                                     customers with the “WOW” experience. We welcome Mike and his team in joining the ICAT
             industry trends.
                                                     family and to future growth in the Indianapolis area.
     * Good for all of 2011. Regular dues schedule
                    applies thereafter.              ICAT Indianapolis is located at 4018 S. High School Road, Indianapolis, IN 46241
         To join AfA, please visit our website,
                                                     About ICAT Logistics
                                                     Established in 1993, ICAT Logistics is a leading specialty provider of global transport logistics
       AfA, 529 14th Street, NW, Suite 750
             Washington, D.C. 20045
                                                     and expedited freight services. Based in Elkridge, Maryland with locations nationwide, ICAT's
               Tel (202) 393-2818                    customers rely on innovative solutions to meet their logistics objectives and enhance profitability.
                                                     Visit http://icatlogistics.com for more information.

42           Forward Magazine Q Spring 2011                                                                                   Airforwarders Association
Eagle’s Wings Air team
Cleveland, OH — Inman Shipping Worldwide, funeral service                     Air, but is also a significant event within both the funeral service and
industry shipping leader, has announced that the Eagle's Wings                airline industries. We are humbled by the opportunity to serve the
Air team of experienced airline professionals will manage the air             shipping segment's market leader and offer new value to Inman's
transportation portion of the traditional shipping transaction on             shipping clients."
behalf of their firm. The agreement immediately strengthens Inman             For more information on Inman Shipping Worldwide, visit www.
Shipping Worldwide's current service offering by introducing proactive        inmanshippingworldwide.com or telephone Robert Inman at (800)
shipment tracking for human remains at no additional cost to Inman's          321-0566. For more information on Eagle's Wings Air, visit www.
current and future funeral home clients.                                      eagleswingsair.com or telephone Frank Kaiser at (866) 550-1392.
According to Robert Inman, founder and CEO of Inman Shipping
Worldwide, "I have been serving our funeral home clients for over 30
years and I'm proud of the fact that Inman Shipping Worldwide has
been an innovator within our industry. After many months of due
diligence and careful planning, we are confident that a new shipping
model has arrived through our partnership with Eagle's Wings Air."
Established in 2007, Eagle's Wings Air (EWA) is the leading provider
of air transportation management services to North American funeral
homes and shipping services. Through a centralized customer service
center, EWA leverages proprietary software and their knowledge of
airline operations to find the best flight itinerary, make the reservation,
and proactively monitor progress from start to finish; thus delivering
time savings and peace-of-mind to their funeral service industry clients.
"The airline industry has been passively serving the death care
community for too long. Frank Kaiser and the EWA team recognized
this fact and developed a system to manage the air transportation
process, to the benefit of our entire industry. Together, Inman
Shipping Worldwide and Eagle's Wings Air form the new standard
for shipping human remains anywhere in the world," adds Marilyn
Nixon, president of Inman Shipping Worldwide.

Special affiliation benefits Eagle's
Wings Air offers:
• Eagle's Wings Air pre-pays the airline charges at time of booking,
  thereby eliminating COD requirements and offering Inman clients
  15 day terms
• Eagle's Wings Air proactively tracks the air transportation of the
  deceased from departure to arrival, and works with the airline to
  resolve problems if they arise
• Staffed by former airline employees and led by a former airline
  logistics executive, Eagle's Wings Air leverages air transportation
  and aviation security expertise to the benefit of Inman's funeral
  home clients
Frank Kaiser, president & CEO of Eagle's Wings Air, remarks, "As
a neutral provider of air transportation management services, our
team has successfully served the shipping segment since our business
launch over three years ago. EWA's agreement with Mr. Inman and
his company is an important milestone for not only Eagle's Wings

airforwarders.org                                                                                  Spring 2011 Q Forward Magazine                   43
                            AfA Affinity Spotlight

              Attention: Freight Forwarders                               

             DGI offers several Dangerous Goods Training options to fit your needs! 
     DGI's new Freight Forwarder Program is designed to provide a basic outline of the steps necessary to comply with the 
     various transportation regulations, to enable a freight forwarder to verify compliance of a completed shipment for 
     transport by air or ocean. It is designed for freight forwarders who handle, or process dangerous goods shipments.  

     The Freight Forwarder program is available for IATA, IMDG, or both, depending on the methods of transport you are 
     using. The IATA DGR and IMDG Code are recommended, but not required for this course.  We currently offer the 
     Freight Forwarder program via Webinar, and Private Onsite. 
      Public Webinars:                                               Private Webinar:  
      In 2011 we will offer two public Recurrent Freight             Train when the time is right for you! Private webinars  
      Forwarder IATA Webinars. The course will cover air             are available now for recurrent and initial students.  
      shipments, and will run 6‐8 hours. Students download           Allow one day per mode for recurrent, and two days  
      and print the student workbook and take the exam               per mode for initial. Students download and print the 
      online. Check out www.dgitraining.com for registration         student workbook and take the exam online.$1350 to 
      information.                                                   $1550 per day, includes up to 12 students, $40 to $80 
                 Public Webinar Dates:                               per each additional student. 

                         June 16, 2011                               Private Onsite:  
                         October 20, 2011                            Much like a private webinar, except we come to you, 
        Public Classroom Training:                                   and teach at your facility. Additional expenses are 
        If you feel more comfortable in a public classroom           instructor airfare and per diem, ground transportation, 
        setting, or if you perform certain shipper                   reasonable hotel accommodations and shipping 
                                                                     charges to return classroom materials.                     
        responsibilities, such as classification of hazardous 
        materials, or are offering hazardous materials for            
        domestic transportation by highway, you will require         To Schedule a Private Freight Forwarder Webinar or 
        additional training designed for shippers of hazardous       Onsite: contact Frank Nerli at: 805‐479‐0978 or 
        materials. If this applies to you, consider taking one of    dgifn@dgitraining.com. 
        these courses:                                                
                   49CFR ‐ Ground Shipping: 
                       2‐Day Initial or 1‐Day Recurrent 

                 IATA ‐ Air Shipping: 
                     2‐Day Initial or 1‐Day Recurrent 

                 IMDG ‐ Ocean Shipping: 
                    2‐Day Initial or 1‐Day Recurrent 

                www.dgitraining.com ‐ 800.338.2291                                                                       

44      Forward Magazine Q Spring 2011                                                                     Airforwarders Association
                                                                                         New Members
                    Meet our Newest Members!

                                         1 Trade Logistics

                                     Aerocheck Cargo Security

                                         Air Canada Cargo

                                        AirNet Systems, Inc.

                                       Basic Enterprise, Inc.

                                      Cargo Channels Pvt Ltd.

                               Chimerica International Logistics, Inc.

                                     Countryman & McDaniel

                                Distribution Management Corp., Inc.

                                         Freight Force, Inc.

                                          GIO Express Inc.

                           International Air Cargo Association of Chicago

                                      Northern Air Cargo, Inc.

                                        Perimeter Logistics

                                 South Jersey Funeral Associates

                                  Swedish Delivery Solutions, Inc.

                                 Transportation Logistics Solutions

                                    Tri-State Expedited Service

                    For more information on these and all AfA members, visit our
                         membership directory at www.airforwarders.org

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46        Forward Magazine Q Spring 2011                                                                  Airforwarders Association
 the pharmaceutical
 market is expected
 to grow to more than
 $900 billion by 2012.

                                                                                                                                     Make the most of every business
                                                                                                                                     opportunity with AA Cargo. With
                                                                                                                                 ExpediteTCSM you can maintain your
                                                                                                                               unbroken cold-chain for temperature-
                                                                                                                                           sensitive pharmaceuticals,
                                                                                                                                        combined with flight-specific,
                                                                                                                                          high-touch service, priority
                                                                                                                                                  boarding and more.

                                                                                                              NOT JUST                   To get the full story on this
                                                                                                              BUSINESS               and other market insights, visit


 American Airlines CargoSM mark is owned by American Airlines Inc. Terms and conditions apply. Source: IMS Health Market Prognosis
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