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									        An Introduction to Google Plus
        Another social networking service was launched by Google Inc. recently. Currently, it is on its invite-only testing phase in which
        current Google plus users were allowed to send 150 friend invites. Google plus basically integrates social services such as Google
        Profiles and Google Buzz. In addition, it launched new interesting features such as circles, hangouts sparks and huddles. It is not
        limited to being a website, because it is also available as a desktop application and a mobile application which is only limited to
        Android and iOS operating systems at the moment.

        Know Google plus' features:


        This Google plus feature enable users to organize contacts into separate groups for sharing across different Google products and

        The idea is just drag and drop your friends into different Circles which you can then use for sharing different types of things
        according to such particular Circle's interest. For instance, you can create a 'family' circle where you might want to share things only
        with your specific family members, while another circle 'work. Circle which might consists of your work colleagues. Meanwhile,
        although other users can view a list of people in a user's collection of circles, they cannot view the names of those circles. In addition,
        the privacy settings also allow users to hide the users in their circles as well as who have them in their circle.


        Basically, its like a video chat. It lets a Google plus user to video chat with his friends. It usually could accommodate ten people max
        at any point in time. Furthermore, anyone could join the hangout provided you have the unique URL of the hangout feature. With
        Google hangouts, you can chat in real time with any one you like. May it be with your co-workers, friends or even total strangers.


        This is a group text chat service and its available to Android, iPhone, and SMS devices for communicating through instant messaging
        within circles.

        Instant Upload

        This feature simply allow a Google plus user to immediately upload any picture they may want to share, and this could be done
        privately or publicly. For those with Android phones, you can have any picture you take be uploaded to a centralized — and private
        — photo album area.


        This feature allows a Google plus user to get a constant feed of things that one wants to share with his friends. In here, one could just
        click any image and it will be immediately added in your sparks list. You can also search for more interesting topics related to your
        interest. In the event that you added a particular spark you can then see news which are related to such. In a sense, the sparks feature
        helps to keep users posted on the latest about any topics of their interest.


        The stream feature users to see updates coming from people their circles. It also offers a Google plus user a way to effectively filter
        the content that they just wanted to see. In here you will have more choices like just being in the place you really wanted to belong
        with. For example, if you wanted to read a particular topic or to know about a particular thing, just make a circle dedicated to it and
        you can just choose it from the streams list and presto! You’ll hear only what you want, when you want. No more hodge-podge of


        Of course, no social networking would thrive without any game applications. Hence. Google plus also have its own social gaming
        application. As of now there are 16 games and unlike facebook games the games on Google plus are located under a games tab which
        gives games less visibility with notifications that are separate from the rest of a user's notifications.

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        +1 Button

        Lastly, the the +1 button. You will usually see this on the bottom of any content you shared in Google plus. Hence, if ever someone
        likes your post they can +1 it using the +1 button, in the way that anything you like in the facebook can be like using the facebook
        buttons. So basically, the +1 button allows people to recommend sites and parts of sites similar in use to Facebook's Like button.

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