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					                                 Procedure for withdrawing money from ATM

This document aims at explaining the procedure for withdrawing money from the ATM.

ATM stands for Automated Teller Machine. In banks a teller is a person who issues and collects negotiable instruments like
cash, check, traveler's cheques, draft etc and deals directly with the customers.

An Automated Teller Machine (ATM) is a computerized telecommunications device that provides access to financial
transactions in a public space without the need for a bank teller. The Banks are encouraging customers to use ATM’s by
installing more and more ATM’s in their close vicinity.

To be able to use the ATM facility customers need to have an open account with the Bank. The account can be of any type:

a. Savings Bank Account

b. Current Deposit Account

c. Fixed Deposit Account

d. Recurring Deposit Account.

Banks then issue ATM card as per the account opened by customers for easy transaction of money from their accounts.
This card can be used for withdrawal of money through Automated Teller Machine (ATM).

The ATM card is a magnetic card, which can be operated by using a particular secrete PIN number provided by the Bank. It
is advised to change the PIN number after the first transaction for future use.

Following is the procedure for withdrawing money from ATM in easy steps:

Step 1: Insert the ATM card into the ATM slot

Step2: Enter the four digit PIN number

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Step3: Press ENTER on the ATM keyboard

Step4: Enter the amount you wish to withdraw. You can either choose to punch in the amount or select from fast money
       option. To select the amount from the fast money options press the arrow to select the amount.

Step5: Now remove your ATM card from the ATM slot

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Step6: Wait for the ATM machine to process and count the currency for the amount entered by you.

Step 7: Collect the Money from the cash slot on the machine.

Step 8: Count the currency notes to match your withdrawal amount. Collect the receipt of the transaction.

Follow the following steps as precautionary measure:

     1.   Enter the PIN without the presence of another person.
     2.   If you feel threatened in any way, you can cancel the transaction by pressing the “Cancel” button. The operation will get
          cancelled if transaction is not already in the process of providing the cash and the card will be returned.
     3.   Immediately take your card and the cash from the ATM machine.

The ATM can also be used for following purposes:

     1.   Bill Payments
     2.   Balance Enquiry
     3.   Cash / Cheque Deposit

If you do not agree with the amount, currency or transaction that appears on your ATM card statement, check the
transaction with your receipts and contact the helpline of the bank.

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