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ANNEX A by stariya


									                                                                           ANNEX A TO


The Standard                How an applicant           How your current or     How you might
                            without Royal              recent service in the   demonstrate this as
                            Engineers service          Royal Engineers         someone who
                            might demonstrate          meets the               retired from the
                            this                       requirements of the     Royal Engineers
                                                       UK-SPEC                 more than 2 years
            (a)                       (b)                        (c)                     (d)
Engineering                 Tell us about your         Royal Engineers         For some criteria,
Technicians must be         career and the             employments have        your Army service
competent throughout        education and              been mapped             may provide
their working life, by      training you have          against the UK-SPEC     sufficient evidence
virtue of their             received. Explain          and found to meet its   of your skills and
education, training and     how the experience         requirements in full.   knowledge, whereas,
experience to:              you have gained has                                for others, additional
                            made you more                                      current evidence
                            competent.                                         must be provided (ie
                                                                               not more than 2
                                                                               years old).
A Use engineering           The reviewers will be      Some or all of the      Valid evidence for
knowledge and               looking for evidence       following education     this is only available
understanding to            that you have the          and training            from your current
apply technical and         know-how to do the         combined with           employment. Some
practical skills            job, and were able to      Regimental Duty will    examples are
                            go beyond the              have enabled you to     suggested below.
                            immediate                  meet these
                            requirements and use       requirements
                            your experience to
                            solve a problem or
                            improve a process
This includes the ability   Describe something in      Recruit training        Management
to:                         your work you were         (CMS(R))                statement
A1 Review and select        involved in which didn’t   ME Combat training      Post activity report
appropriate techniques,     quite work and explain     Class 0-2 & 2-1
procedures and              why                        Artisan training
methods to undertake                                   Regimental Duty
                                                       JNCO Cadre and JCC
A2 Use appropriate          Drawing from your          ME Combat training      Management
scientific, technical or    direct experience, this    Class 0-2 & 2-1         statement
engineering principles      might be an explanation    Artisan training        Post activity report
                            of how a piece of          Regimental Duty
                            equipment, system or
                                                       JNCO Cadre and JCC
                            mechanism works
          (a)                  (b)                   (c)                          (d)
B Contribute to the     Explain how you      Some or all of     Valid evidence for this is only
design,                 contribute to        the following      available from your current
development,            one or more of       education and      employment. Some examples are
manufacture,            these activities     training           suggested below.
construction,                                combined with
commissioning,                               Regimental
operation or                                 Duty will have
maintenance of                               enabled you to
products,                                    meet these
equipment,                                   requirements
systems or
In this context, this   Show an example      ME Combat          Management statement
includes the ability    of how you have      training           Post activity report
to:                     used                 Class 0-2 & 2-1    Customer feedback
B1 Identify             measurement,         Artisan training
problems and apply      monitoring and       Regimental Duty
diagnostic methods      assessment to
                                             JNCO Cadre and
to identify causes      identify the
and achieve             source of a
                        problem              RETCC
B2 Identify,            Illustrate how you   ME Combat          Management statement
organize and use        make decisions       training           Post activity report
resources               about what           Class 0-2 & 2-1
effectively to          material,            Artisan training
complete tasks, with    component,           Regimental Duty
consideration for       people or plant to
                                             JNCO Cadre and
cost, quality, safety   use or how to
and environmental       introduce a new
impact                  method of            RETCC
C Accept and            Describe an          Some or all of     Your evidence may either be from
exercise personal       experience or        the following      your current employment or from
responsibility          instance where       education and      your service with the Royal
                        you have had to      training           Engineers. Some examples are
                        accept personal      combined with      suggested below.
                        responsibility       Regimental
                        for seeing a         Duty will have
                        process through      enabled you to
                        to completion        meet these
                        within agreed        requirements
This may include        Your evidence        Class 0-2 & 2-1    Proof of Royal Engineer service
the ability to:         should who how       Artisan training   Management statement
C1 Work reliably        you personally       Regimental Duty    References/testimonials/commendations
and effectively         identified and       JNCO Cadre and
without close           agreed with what     JCC
supervision to the      had to be done
appropriate codes       and to what
of practice             standards on a
                        typical project
C2 Accept               Minutes of           Class 0-2 & 2-1    Proof of Royal Engineer service
responsibility for      meetings; site       Artisan training   Management statement
work of self and        notes and            Regimental Duty    References/testimonials/commendations
others                  instructions;        JNCO Cadre and
                        Variation Orders;    JCC
                        programmes of
C3 Accept, allocate    work;                Class 2-1 Artisan   Proof of Royal Engineer service
and supervise          specifications,      training            Management statement
technical and other    drawing and          Regimental Duty     References/testimonials/commendations
tasks                  reports;
                                            JNCO Cadre and
                       Voluntary work
                       not associated       RETCC
                       with your job can

        (a)                      (b)                (c)                           (d)
D Use effective        You will need to     Some or all of      Your evidence may either be from
communication          show you can:        the following       your current employment or from
and interpersonal      contribute to        education and       your service with the Royal
skills                 discussions;         training            Engineers. Some examples are
                       make a               combined with       suggested below.
                       presentation;        Regimental
                       read and             Duty will have
                       synthesise           enabled you to
                       information;         meet these
                       write different      requirements
                       types of
This includes the      Letters, faxes,      Class 0-2 & 2-1     Proof of Royal Engineer service
ability to:            reports, drawings,   Artisan training    Management statement
D1 Use oral, written   advice, minutes,     Regimental Duty     References/testimonials/commendations
and electronic         including of         JNCO Cadre and
methods for the        progress             JCC
communication in       meetings,
English of technical   appraisals, work
and other              instructions and
information            other task
                       planning and
                       Certificated by
                       clients, customers
                       or management.
                       Your application
                       itself will be
D2 Work effectively    Examples of how      Class 0-2 & 2-1     Proof of Royal Engineer service
with colleagues,       this has occurred    Artisan training    Management statement
clients suppliers      and your role at     Regimental Duty     References/testimonials/commendations
and the public         the time             JNCO Cadre and
E Make a personal      Your                 The                 Your evidence will be drawn from a
commitment to an       commitment will      commitment          combination of your current
appropriate code       be to become         that you have       employment and from your service
of professional        part of the          shown to the        with the Royal Engineers. Some
conduct,               profession and       ethos and           examples are suggested below.
recognizing            uphold the           standards
obligations to         standards to           required by the
society, the           which all              Army will have
profession and         members                been
the environment        subscribe. You         exemplified by
                       need to show           the following:
                       that you have
                       read and
                       understood your
                       Institution Code
                       of Conduct
In order to satisfy    You will need to       Your conduct at    Proof of Royal Engineer service
this commitment,       sign a personal        Regimental Duty    Management statement
they must:             undertaking. The       and in training    References/testimonials/commendations
E1 Comply with the     professional           must
Codes of Rules of      review involves        demonstrate that
Conduct of their       demonstration of,      you are of good
Licensed Institution   or discussion of       character
or Professional        your position on       Your Personal
Affiliate              typical ethical        Development
                       challenges.            Plan
E2 Manage and          Evidence of            Class 0-2 & 2-1    Management statement
apply safe systems     current safety         Artisan training   Post activity report
of work                requirement –          Regimental Duty
                       examples of good       JNCO Cadre and
                       practice you           JCC
                       adopt in your
                       work. You will
                       need to show that
                       you have received
                       a formal safety
                       instruction relating
                       to your workplace
                       such as a CSCS
                       safety test, or an
                       update on
                       regulations such
                       as COSHH
             (a)                         (b)                         (c)                      (d)
E3 Undertake their           Examples of methodical       Class 0-2 & 2-1           Management
engineering work,            assessment of risk in        Artisan training          statement
making and utilizing risk    specific projects; actions   Regimental Duty           Post activity report
assessments, and             taken to minimize risk to    JNCO Cadre and JCC
observing good practice      health, safety or the
with regard to the           environment
E4 Carry out continuing      This means                   Class 0-2 & 2-1           Management
professional                 demonstrating that you       Artisan training          statement
development, including       have actively sought to      Regimental Duty           Personal
opportunities for this       keep yourself up to          JNCO Cadre and JCC        Development Plan
offered by their             date, perhaps by                                       Certificates of
                                                          Army Specialist
Institution to ensure        studying new standards                                 attendance and/or
competence in areas          or techniques, and                                     achievement
and at the level of future   made use of                  Personal
                                                          Development Record        Civilian qualifications
intended practice            magazines, Branch
                             meetings and other           Civilian qualifications   Application for
                             opportunities to network     Application for           MInstRE and Eng
                             in order to keep abreast     MInstRE and Eng           Tech
                             of change.                   Tech

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