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Kureekkal House,
Kalady P.O, Chengal,                                              Mob: (91) 9544593357
Ernakulam (Dt),                                                   House: (91) 484 3224117
Kerala-683574                                                     E-mail:

Career Objective:

        To work with fervour, enthusiasm and dedication in the field of research and engineering and
to divert my skills and knowledge for the benefit of nature.

Educational Background:

2005-2009       Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) in Biotechnology from Vivekanandha College of
                Engineering for Women, Anna University, Tiruchengode, India with 79%

2003-2005      Higher Secondary Education from Brahmanandodayam Higher Secondary School
               (State Board), Kalady, Kerala, India with 82.83%

2002-2003      Seconadry School Leaving Certificate (S.S.L.C) from Anita vidyalaya (State Board),
               Thannipuzha, Kerala, India with 80%

Professional Experience:

1. Current Project:
       Project Title: “Establishment of a disease diagnostic and virus indexing unit at BRS,
                      (funded by Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana, Govt. of India)
       Institution:   Banana Research Station
                      Kerala Agricultural University, India
       Position :     Skilled Assistant
       Duration:      July 2010 - December 2010

2. Other projects:
       Project Title: “Isolation and characterization of genes encoding disease resistance
                      (bacterial wilt and ToLCV) in tomato”
                      (a part of International Solanaceae Genome Project funded by Department of
                      Biotechnology, Govt. of India)
       Institution:   Centre for Plant Biotechnology and Molecular Biology
                      (Plant Biotechnology Research Institute)
                      Kerala Agricultural University, India
       Position :     Research Assistant
       Duration:      November 2009 – July 2010
3. Bachelor’s Thesis Work:
       Project Title: “DNA Barcoding of selected species of Zingiber using matK target”
       Institution   : Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology
       Description :    Morphologic similarities between closely allied species make the identification
                       and classification too complex. DNA barcoding is an easier and accurate
                       diagnostic technique for species identification, using a short, standardized DNA
                       region, i.e., the „„DNA barcode”. My work was mainly focussed on barcodig of
                       selected species of Zingiber like Zingiber roseum, Zingiber neesanum and
                       Zingiber zerumbet by using the chloroplast matK gene sequence.

Professional Experience:

Molecular Techniques:             -DNA Isolation from plants and microorganisms
                                  -Restriction, Ligation
                                  -competent cell preparation, cloning, plasmid isolation
                                  -PCR, RAPD, SSR, ISSR, Colony PCR
                                  -Southern Blotting
Immunology Techniques:            -ELISA, IC-PCR
Electrophoresis Techniques:       -AGE,SDS-PAGE and Denaturing PAGE
Bioinformatics:                   -Sequence analysis (BLAST, Bioedit, MEGA etc)
Software Profile:

Computer Languages Known: -C++, C

Industrial Exposure:

   Undergone an industrial training at “Arjuna Natural Extracts Ltd”, Edayar.
   Undergone an industrial training at “Peoples Dairy Development Project”, Kalady.
   Attended 5days workshop in Bioinformatics at MIT campus, Chennai.

Personal Information:

Date of Birth          : 5th May, 1987
Sex                    : Female
Permanent Address      : D/o Joy Antony,
                          Kureekkal House, Kalady P.O,
                          Chengal, Ernakulam (Dt),
Nationality             : Indian
Marital Status          : Single
Linguistic Ability       : English, Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil

          Dr. P. A. Nazeem
                 Professor& Head
                 Centre for Plant Biotechnology & Molecular biology
                 Kerala Agricultural University
                 Kerala, India

           Dr.Anita Cherian K

                 The Professor (Plant pathology) and PI
                 Banana Research station,
                 Kerala Agricultural University
                 Kerala, India


I solemnly declare that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

Place : Kalady
Date : 09/09/2010
                                                                      Twinkle Joy

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