O'Kief_ Coshe Mang_ Slieve Lougher and Upper Blackwater in Ireland

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					       O’Kief, Coshe Mang, Slieve Lougher and Upper Blackwater in Ireland

                                     Volume VII

    Historical and Generalogical Items Relating To North Cork And East Kerry


                             Albert Eugene Casey, M. D.

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Marriages Kilarney Roman Catholic Church 1839 - 1900


April 11, 1880 James Wrixon, Killarney, s. Robert & Cath. Burns, Mallow; m. Mary
O’Donoghue, Clasheens, d. Patrk. & Mary Leary; wit., Tatrk. Morrill, Gortdroumakerrie,
and Cath. Wrixon, Mallow; cel., Rev. J. Counihan.

Items on Families, Cork and Kerry, in the ―Establishment of Ireland‖, Liber
Hiberniae, Volume II


Cloyne Diocese

Benefices / Church / Glebe House / Incumbent & Year of Admission / Reputed Patron
45. Mallow – R.       do.   None Nicholas Wrixon, 1808         D. Jephson’s rep.
Deeds, Barony of Duhallow, County of Cork, 1725 – 1779
Deeds Registry, Henrietta Street, Dublin


59.38.39778; mortgage 14th March 1727, between Daniel Swayne of Ballincurrigg. Co.
Cork, gent. and Henry Wrixon of Flintfield and Glinfield, co. Cork, esq., said Daniel
Swayne by deed of lease and release first and second of October 1726 for 300 lbs.
conferred to said Henry Wrixon lands of Clongile and Knocknamanduffe in parishes of
Clonfert, bar. of Duhallow; Daniel Swayne having occasion to borrow an additional sum
of 350 lbs. from said Henry Wrixon, same transfer of last Henry Wrixon, void, on
payment of 650 lbs.; witnessed by Hugh Swayne, son of said Daniel Swayne, John
Pierce, clerk to ober Willis, city of Cork, public notary and signed by John Peiroe and a
signature, William Simmins, city of Cork, gent., Henry Wrixon; recorded: 2nd May 1728,
Robert Wallis, Boyle Daniel and John Bowerman.
[Probably Henry Wrixon born 1678]

63.266.43490; may 2nd 1728 between Robert Wrixon of Killroe, co. Cork, gent., to
Abraham Lawton of Colelykirane, co. Cork, gent., Durrantins, 603 acres, Colskirane, 589
acres,bar. of Duhallow during his life and after his descmt. 999 yrs at 168 lbs. Sterling;
witnessed by Robert Wrixon son of John Wrixon of Blossomfort, co. Cork, gent.,
William Simmins, city of Cork, gent. And by Robert Wrixon and John Peirce; Robert
Wallis of said public notary, recorded: April 15, 1730 by Daniel Crone, John Atkins,
Major, Robert Wallis.
[Robert Wrixon, b: 1667 and Robert Wrixon, b: about 1710]

50.401.33548; Lease 20 Feb. 1725, whereby Hugh Dickson of Ballybrickson in co. Cork
did make over to John Wrixon of Closromfort, Co. Cork the lands of Lybane lying
southwest of high road leading from Ballyclough to Kanturk for 31 years at yr. Rent of
24 pounds. Witnesses: Joseph Collins, Cork, Joshua Dobbin, Ballybrickson, and Edmond
Barry, City of Cork.
[Probably John Wrixon, b: 1676 of Blossomfort]


53.355.35830; Indentive of sale 7 Aug. 1727, whereby R. Rev. Father in God, Henry
Maule, Lord Bishop of Cloyne did transfer to Robert Wrixon Killroy among other lands
Meenagloherana left of Cullen by est. 582 acres, Laughtsie of 100 acres and
Knockgrenane 100 acres in consideration of sum of #829-10-0. Witnessed by: William
Cope and Henry Whitcraft, Merchants, City of Corke.
[Probably Robert Wrixon, b: 1667]

57.230.38224; Indentive of lease and release 28 and 29 April, 1728, whereby John
Wrixon, Lissardlah, Co. Cork and Abraham Lawton, Cookekirane in consideration of
sum of #980-13-6 to Robert Wrixon Killroe, towns and lands of Duargins (693 acres)
lands of Coolekivans (589 acres), subject to redemption. Witnesses: Robert Wrixon, son
of said John and William Simmins, City of Corke.
[John Wrixon, b: 1676; Robert Wrixon, b: 1667; Robert Wrixon, b: about 1710]


57.425.39140; Articles of Agreement 10 Oct 1728, whereby Mary Lawton, widow,
Abraham Lawton, late of Coolekerane in consideration of yearly sum of 30 pounds per
annum did make over to William Hales, Cork City, brother-in-law of said Mary Lawton;
her right of dower out of lands of Coolekeranee previously conveyed to Robert Wrixon
and his heirs, Witnesses: Lydia Evans, Spinster,Cork, Samuel Croker, Merchant, and
Charles Dawly, Merchant.

58.356.39777; Deed of Mortgage 1 June 1727, whereby after reciting former lease by
Abraham Allan of Kanturk on 27 September 1725 to Abraham Dickson, said Abraham
Dickson of Ballybrick, co. Cork and Hugh Dickson did make over to Henry Wrixon of
Glinfields towns and lands of Fermoyle and Boherkill, Br. Duhallow in consideration of
sum of #602-11-0 subject to redemption. Witnesses: William Simmins, Robert Neillis,
Notary and John Peirce.
[Henry Wrixon, b: 1678]


67.404.46550; Whereby Henry Bowen, Gent, late of Glanacomane, Co. Cork, did for
ever acquit claim to Henry Wrixon of Glenfield, Co. Cork, 11 Aug. 1731, the late three
plowlands of Glanicomane, Gorterehanagh, Coolebane, Muckenagh, Currilugh and
Killeenahodeege being in Perish of Tullylease, Bar. Duhallow. Wit.: George Crofts, City
of Cork (Cooper), John Obrien, Public Notary, Clerk to Robt. Wallis.
[Henry Wrixon, b: 1678; appears to be just prior to his death]


77.438.34265; Lease and release 23 & 24 May, 1731,whereby Thos. Nodder, Ballea, Co.
Cork in consideration of 1050 lbs. Did make over to Robt. Longfield, Castle Mary the
towns and lands of Lubulter, Rackinleagh and Croghteege, Duhallow for ever, subject to
a lease made to Henry Wrixon, Ballygiblin, Co. Cork. Wit. Walter Goold & Edw.
Delaney, Gents, City of Corke & Wm. Simmins, Public Notary

79.150.55067; Lease 22 April 1732, after reciting former lease 18 Nov 1696, whereby
Robert Longfield, Castle Mary in the Co. Cork and Brelridge Badham of Rockfield same
county did make over unto Henry Wrixon towns and lands of Subulter, Lackinleagh, and
Croghteege (240 acres) bar. Duhallow during the lives of Robt. Wrixon, eldest son of
Henry Wrixon and Henry Wrixon only son of Nicholas Wrixon at yr. Rent of 42 lbs.
Wit.: Robt. Wrixon, Killroe, Robt. Wrixon, City of Cork, Merchant and William
[Henry, ?; Robert, ?; Henry, ?; Henry, b:1716; Nicholas, b: 1680; Robert, b:1667;
Robert, b:?]


89.309.63357; Deed 15 Dec. 1737, Warner to Yeamans to Warner to Wrixon, whereby
Henry Wrixon of Glinnfield, Co. Cork did recover the lands of Glanicomane,
Gortenehanagh, Coolebane, Muckenagh, Currileigh, and Killenahadeege, Parish of
Tullylease, also Rathneguard and Mehanogh, Bar. Duhallow, from Richard Yeamans,
City of Cork, Merchant, and Mary Warner, widow of Lisicrimin, Co. Cork, due to
mortgage. Wit.: Wm. Ellis Cloughnakilly, Co. Cork, Edward ufton, Lislevane,
Schoolmaster, and Dan Donegan, Servant to Henry Wrixon.
[Mary Warner not a widow (via Henry Wrixon) in 1737; previous marriage?; Henry
Wrixon born in 1711?]


97.494.69316; Glauntane, O’Keeffe to Wrixon, 27 March 1740, whereby Owen O’
Keeffe of Cullen after reciting lease from Manus O’Keeffe dec. to Thady O’Keeffe dec.
did make over to Robt. Wrixon, Killroe, lands of Knockduff, Kockeenalaght, Glauntane
& Derry, and Knockeenacluig (530 acres) for 99 years, being term granted unto Owen
O’Keeffe by Mary Conron, Widow. Richard Keeffe and Manus Keeffe sons of Chas.
Keeffe, dec. at yr. Rent of 35 lbs. Mick McCarthy and Robert Wallis, City of Cork.
[Robert Wrixon, b: 1667]

98.198.68113; 20 April 1738, Keeffe, Owen to Wm. Winthrop et al. City o Cork
Merchant and Robt. Wrixon of Killroe, Co. Corke, Guardian to Edward Bullen and
William Bullen, minors, children Wm. Bullen, dec’d by his wife the sd. Robt. ‘ Wrixon’s
dau. Catherine Bullen, als. Wrixon, etc. Keefe, Owen of Cullen, Co. Cork, Gent. Deed
Jan1, 1738 lands of Cullen, Bar. Duhallow ot Owen Keeffe, 99 yrs., d/o Hugh Connor,
s/o Maurice Connor of Cullen, Richard Keeffe and Menas Keefe, sons of Charles
Keeffe, late of Knocklucoge, Co. Cork, Gent, 69 lbs. Signed, Owen Keeffe; Wit., John
Duggan of New market, Gent, Michl. McCarthy, Clerk to Robt Wallis of Cork City.
Recorded 3 may 1739, Cork City, Hugh Miller and Robt. Wallis.
[Robert Wrixon, b: 1667; Perhaps his daughter Catherine was also named Ellinor?]

99.38.69688; Tulladuffe, Boyle to Wrixon, 8th and 9th. Sept. 1740, 283-12-6 lbs. Per
annum rent, between Bellingham Boyles of City of Dublin and Henry Wrixon of
Glenfield in Co. Corke, B. Boyle did demise grant set to farm let unto Henry Wrixon all
the part of Killballyvorihy, 286 acres, Killenane, Knaghall and Tulladuff, 522 acres in
Barony of Duhallow. Wm. Bullen, son of Wm. Bullen late of Brownstorm near Kinsale
in Co. Cork, deceased and Nicholas Wrixon, brother of Henry Wrixon. Witnesses: John
Moffit of Dublin City and George Butler, his clerk. Reg. Wm. Parry, Dep. Reg. 27th
Sept. 1740.
[Probably Henry, b: 1711 and Nicholas, b: 1717; The earlier Henry / Nicholas brothers
were both dead by end of 1740]


99.387.69688; Killvallyvorrihy, Boyle to Wrixon, Lease, 8 or 9 Sept, 1740, whereby
Bellingham Boyle, city of Dublin did make over that part of Killballyvoorihy (286 acres)
Kileenane, Knaghall and Tulladuff, part of the same (272 acres) to Henry Wrixon of
Glinfield during natural lives of Henry Wrixon, Wm. Bullenson of Dublin and George
Butler, Clerk, Dublin.
[Henry Wrixon, b: 1711]


100.87.69689; Garrygart, Bayle to Wrixon, Lease and release, 8 & 9 Nov., 1740;
whereby Bollingham Boyle, City of Dublin, did make over to Henry Wrixon, Glenfield
town and lands of Garrygarth (129 acres), Bar. Duhallow, for lives of Henry Wrixon,
Wm. Bullen and Nicholas Wrixon, brother at yr. Rent of 30 lbs. Wit.: John Moffit and
Geo. Butler, City of Dublin.
[Henry Wrixon, b: 1711; Nicholas, b: 1717]


112.438.78808; Kockaneglass, Freeman to Wrixon, Deed of Assignment, 7 April 1744,
1744, after reciting fromer lease Boyle to freeman, 7 Jan. 1739, John freeman of
Cregane, Co. Cork, did make over to Henry Wrixon, Glinfield, town and lands of
Kockaneglass, and Killynicronane and Killberryhirt, subject to rents and dues to
Headlandlords. Wit.: Robt. Wrixon, Jun. Killroe, and Robt. Crofts. Of Bally.
[Henry Wrixon, b: 1711; possibly Robert born 1705 is witness]


113.272.78246; Freemount, Crofts to Freeman, Deed, 1 Jan. 1742, Whereby Wills Crofts,
Churchtown, Co. Cork, in reciting a marriage between said Wills Croftand Elinor
Freeman, Ballingoile, Co. Cork in consideration of intended marriage and sum of 500 lbs.
Marriage portion among other lands Freemount in trust to John Freeman, brother, and
Henry Wrixon, Glinfield. Wit.: George Brereton, Carrickslaney, Co. Carlow, and Robt.
Wallis, City of Cork.
[Probably Henry Wrixon, b: 1711]

114.267.78897; Knockskehy, Beare to Crofts, Release and Release, 29th March, 1743,
whereby Thomas Beare, City of Cork, and Robt. Crofts of Ballythomas, after reciting
former lease 13 Jan. 1718, did make over to Robert Crofts lands of Knockakehy, bar.
Duhallow, during lives of Wm. Norcott, Ballybeggan, Hugh Norcott and Arthur Norcott,
sons, at yr. Rent of 31 lbs. Wit.: Henry Wrixon, Glinfield and Henry Wrixon,
[Probably Henry Wrixon, b: 1711; possibly Henry Wrixon, b: 1705]


Muckenagh – 123.100.83746
4 & 5 April 1746: Wrixon to Wrixon, Lease & release, after reciting a marriage between
Henry Wrixon of Glenfield, e. son of late Henry Wrixon and Bridget Baldwin, dau. of
Rev. Richard Baldwin, Bandon, the said Henry Wrixon gave in trust for one year the
three plowlands of Glenicomane, Gortenagh, Coolebane, Muckenagh, Currylagh and
Killensdeege, parish of Tullylease, Bar. of Duhallow, to Henry Wrixon of Dromcastle &
John Wrixon, City of Cork, merchant. Wit.: Robert Crofts, Ballythomas, Lacey
Williams, City of Cork.
[Henry Wrixon, b: 1711; not clear about other Henry & John Wrixon]


KNOCKNAMANDUFFE – 126.73.85718
13 & 14 April 1747 – Whereby after reciting former lease 1 & 2 Oct 17, 1726 of Daniel
Swayne, Ballincurrig to Henry Wrixon, Glinfield, now decd. Henry Wrixon, eldest son
in consid. Of L.650 had made over to William Freeman, Castleecorr the lands of Clongill
and Knockmanaduffe be. Duhallow, subject to redemption, Witt: Robert Wrixon, gent.
Corke John Wallis, Dublin, gent.
[Henry, b: 1678; Henry, b: 1711; Robert ??]

LACKINLEAGH – 128.522.87852
Wrixon to Mansfield: 26 & 27 Jan. 1747, after reciting marriage arrangement between
Henry Wrixon of Ballygibbin and Ann Mansfield of City of Corke, the said Henry
Wrixon & in consid of marriage portion of L.1000 did make over to Wm. Mansfield,
father of said Ann and Art, Bastable, Castlemagner town & lands of Subulter,
Lackinleagh & Croghter in trust. Wit.: Geo. Allen city of Crke, merchant & Arthur Lane,
P. Notary.
[Henry Nicholas, b: 1716]

SUBULLER – 129.316.87185
Thornhill to Wrixon, 18 Nov. 1746: L.42 yearly rent. Between rich. Thornhill of
Rockfield, Co. Cork & Sophia Thornhill (otherwise Badham) his wife & hairess of
Bretridge Badham decd. To Henry Wrixon of Ballygibbin of Co. Cork son of Nich.
Wrixon late of Ballygibbin decd. Lease made by Edward Hoare to Hen. Wrixon decd.
Gr,father of Hen. Wrixon of all townlands tenements & hareditanents of Subuller,
Lechinleaght & Croghteage as they were then in possession of Edw. Hoare bought by the
late Edw. Hoare of Tanner & Chinery & containing 240 acres. L.42 yrly. Rent of L.21 as
a fine for asserting the life of Wm. Bullen s.o. Wm. Bullen late of Oldhead, Co. Cork.
Lands granted to Henry Wrixon were tenements & hereditanants of Subulter,
Hackinleagh & Croghtaegas, formerly in poss. of Edw. Hoare. Wit.: Anthony Lane of
City of Cork, Hen. Wrixon. Reg. 21 Nov. 1747. Robert Travers.
[Henry Nicholas, b: 1716]

DROMAHOE – 143.529.98065
1 & 2 Oct. 1750 – Between Denis Callaghan of Drumskehy & Michael Creagh of City of
Cork merchant.. release made by Denis Callaghan who confirmed that Michael Creagh
all those lands of Dromaloe & Dromskehy, in B. of Duhallow. Wit: Wm. Ellis & John
Verdon, City of Cork. Reg. 5 Feb. 1750. H. Wrixon and Robt. Wrixon, mayor, justices.

KILLEENHADEAGE – 144.324.97692
28 & 29 Nov. 1750 – Between Robert O’Callaghan of Clonmeen, Co. Corke son of the
late Robt. Callaghan of Clonmeen, Co. Cork. To Sampson Towgood & Francis Power
surviving Ex. of Robert Callighan. to Henry Wrixon of Glenfield son of Henry Wrixon
late of Glenfield the three townlands of Glenicomane, Coolbane, Mucknaghcurryleagh &
Killeenhadeage in parish of Tullylease, barony of Duhallow. Wit.: William Austen &
John Austen both of City of Cork. Reg: 12 Feb. 1750 by James Saunders, Dep. Reg.
[Henry, b: 1711]

Loghert castle – 141.455.96156
13 July 1750. ………… payable lands of Leghert Castle & Coolrenagh then in the
tenure or occupation of Robert Wrixon & undertennants …… Reg. 24 Sept. 1750

LOHORT – 152.383.102207
10 Dec. 1750. ……….townlands of Coolclogh (278 acres) townlands of Knockardrahan
(526 acres) in tenure of John Wrixon @ L.86 rent p.a.


RAHEEN – 152.293.101793
7 June 1751. Henry Boyles, Lord Justice Kingdon of Ireland sole Executer of last will of
Hugh Dickson late of Ballybrickan, Co. Cork did let to Henry Wrixon of Glinfield, Co.
Cork those towns & lands of Raheen & Knockaturnpare with one Gneeve of lands of
Clongown now in possession by Henry Wrixon in B. of Duhallow to hold during the
lives of John Wrixon e.s.o. Robt. Wrixon of City of Cork & George Crofts s.o.Will
Crofts of Churchtown & Thomas Smith s.o. Jas. Smith of Altimira during their natural
lives. Wit: Geo. Allen of City of Cork (merchant) & Wm. Ellis of City of Cork. Reg. 8
June 1751, Robt. Wrixon, major & N. Wrixon, justices.
[Henry Nicholas, b: 1716; probably John, b: 1742 and Robert, b: 1710]
DROMRASTLE – 153.511.103511
10 april. Henry Wrixon of City of Cork, Robt. Wrixon of Dromrastle Co. Cork, Samson
Twogood of City of Cork, farm let to Henry Wrixon previously Robert Wrixon did grant
& let to Robert Wrixon lowlands of East Dromtarriffe containing 160 acres plantation
L.70 Rent p.a. Wit: Nicholas Wrixon, City of Dublin, Tim. Riordan of Dromtariffe,
Reg. 5 June 1752, James Saunders, Dep. Reg.


LOGHERT CASTLE – 157.8.103570.
24 Dec. 1750. Sir. Frances Clerke of Scotland Yard, ……. All in town & lands of
BallyMcguish, Knockeraragh in B. Of Duhallow, John Wrixon to be paid rent of L.45
p.a. also all o towns & lands of Ballinbrittig & Kilgilcogh, …….. Reg. On 26 Dec. 1750.


FERMOYLE – 158.222.105587
17 Aug 1752. Rt. Hon. Henry Boyle one of the Ld. Justices of Kingdom of Ireland &
William freeman of Castlecor in Co. Cork, whereby Henry Boyle did demise to William
Freeman all those lands of Cremane & Gorthahir, part of the lands of Fermoyle as the
same have been helby by William Freeman to hold during the natural lives of John
Wrixon son of Robert Wrixon of City of Cork, Robert Swayne son of Hugh Swayne &
Benj. Winthrop son of Wm. Winthrop of City of Cork L.10 yearly rent. Wit: Thomas
Shadwell of City of Cork, shopkeeper, & George Allen of City of Cork, merchant. Reg.
17 Oct. 1752. Robert Hoare & Thomas Campion, justices.
[probably John, b: 1742 and Robert, b: 1710]


DROMSKEHY – 164.2.107991
3 Apr. 1773. ……Reg. 7 May 1753, Robert Wrixon.


KNOCKARDAMARUM – 166.370.111897
1 Dec 1753. Henry Wrixon of Corke, Nicholas Wrixon of City of Dublin gent. Town &
lands of Coolenamenagh, partly in B. of Duhallow & partly in B. of Orrery & Killmore &
Co. Corke. Robert & Nicholas Wrixon Walter Goold & Patrick Brown of City of
Dublin, gent. Wit.: Patrick Browne & Henry Britchy. Reg. 2 Mar. 1754. Dep. Reg.
James Saunders.
ISLAND DUHILL – 166.58.110273.
16 May 1753. William Freeman of Castle Corr, Co. of Corke. John Mahoney of Island
O’hilly, Co. Corke. Lands of O’Hilly in B. of Duhallow. Lands of Derrynagree &
Clounbaneen then in possession of Henry Leader. Wit.: Robt. Wrixon of City of Corke,
Robt. Crofts of Ballythomas, Co. Corke, Nicholas Wrixon of City of Dublin, gent. &
Robert Wrixon of City of Dublin, gent. Reg. 22 Sept 1753. Dep. Wm. Heard, Justices
present, Nicholas Chinnery & James Colthurst.
[Robert, b: 1710; Nicholas ??; Robert ??]

KNOCKNAGREE – 166.297.111612.
20 Aug. 1753. Charles McCartie, late of Carrignaverr, Gurlee, Daniel McCartie,
Carrignavarr, Co. Corke, Daniel Croneen, lands of Bellyvillin to David Barry son of
Standish barry, Lands og Killiblaferr, yearly rent L.73 for he three Plowlands of
Knocknagree &p. lands of Ballyvillin & under the yearly rent of L.70 for lands of
Killblaferr. Wit.: Thomas Abrry, Killientinin, Co. Corke, gent. John Mahoney, Slugging,
Co. Corke, farmer John Ellis of City of Corke, Michael McCarthy, city of Corke, Reg.:
30 Jan 1754 Thos. Beamish, Justices Robt. Travers & Henry Wrixon.


CLANNTANE – 167.560.114328
13 Aug. 1754. Henry Wrixon, City of Corke, surviving ex. Of the last will of Fr. Robert
Wrixon late of Killroe, Co, Cork. Robert Wrixon, e.s.o. Henry Wrixon one of the
legatees named in the last will of Robert Wrixon, decd. & Rev. James Huleatt of City of
Cork, clerk. By indentture of mortgage Henry Wrixon & Robt. Wrixon inconsideration
of L.400 paid by James Huleatt did sell to James Huleatt the lands of Cullen called
Knockduff, except Knockenlagh, Glountane & Derry & therin before newaddition
excepted Knockeanaclury & lands between the Millstream & the River comprehanded &
contained in the premises allotted to Thady Keeffe all in B. Duhallow. L.400 at rate of
L.6 for the L.100. Wit: John Long, cCity of Cork, Bennett Meade, City of Corke, clerk to
John Long. Reg. 16 Aug. 1754, Robert Atkins, justice.
[Henry, b: 1703; Robert, b: 1667; probably Robert, b: 1738]

DUARIGINS – 169.552.114941
20 June 1754. Henry Wrixon of City of Cork, Robert Wrixon e.s.o Henry Wrixon did
sell to Nicholas Wrixon of City of Dublin & William Goold of City of Dublin those
lands & towns of Killcollman except Garryapasage, Garryfeasoge, Meeniglogherane, aprt
of Cullen, Knockagrenane, & towns & lands of Duarigins & Coolkerane all in B. of
Duhallow. Sum of L.2000 by mortgage for a term of 500 years. Wit: Pierre Santer,
servant of Henry Wrixon & William Heard of City of Cork, John Verdon, City of Cork,
Reg. 27 July 1754. John Freker & Robert Atkins, justices.
[Henry, b: 1703; probably Robert, b: 1738; Nicholas, b: 1717? Seems like only choice]
LISLEHANE – 171.526.115721
4 Feb 1746. Henry Wrixon, city of Cork, Esq. George Justice of Lislehane in B. of
Duhallow, farmer, to hold for term of lives of Thomas Justice, Robert Justice – 4
Gneeves of the Vicar Land & 5 Gnives of Leslehane both in the B. Of Duhallow, yearly
rent of L.46. Wit: Charles Allen of City of Corke, cooper, James Mahoney then clerk to
Henry Wrixon, Abraham Downs city saddler. Reg: 20 Dec 1754. Dep. Roger Power,
justices Robt. Wrixon & Wm. Busteed.
[Henry, b: 1703; Robert, b: ??]


DUARGINS – 174.2.114946
27 July 1754. Henry Wrixon City of Cork. Robert Wrixon s.o. Henry Wrixon did sell to
James Cotter, Rockforrest, Co. Cork in consideration of sum of L.200 paid by James
Cotter the townlands of Killdeman except Gorry gapas L.1.2.6 rent. The town & lands of
Meeneglogherane part of Cullen, Laghtsey & also Knockagrinane, Duargive &
Coolkerane in B. of Duhallow, Wit: William Heard & John Verdon of City of Cork.
Reg.: 27 July 1754. John Freake, Robert Atkins, justices.
[Henry, b: 1703; probably Robert, b: 1738]

KILLPATRICK – KILROE – 174.86.115250
24 jan 1753. Anthony Curtis, Coast officer, Connemara, Co. Galway did let to John
Collins of Cobh, Co. Cork all those lands of Gurtnagruss & Killoraneallan situated in B.
of Duhallow, & sixteen Gneeves enjoyed by Mr. Robert Wrixon for & during his life &
also Anthony Curtins & Richard Curtis. Wit: Dennis Foorde of Mallow, Joseph Mantle,
City of Cork (Inn holder) Daniel McCarthy, City of Cork. Reg. 13 June 1754 Robert
Wrixon & Will Winthrop, justices.


DROMRASTLE – 175.244.116893
20 June 1754. Henry Wrixon, City of Cork did sell & make over to Robt. Wrixon City
of Cork s.o. the said Henry Wrixon those towns & lands of Gurteenuclony & Killroe,
situated in the b. of Duhallow – a lease formerly made by Barth. Purdon, decd. Wit:
Piers Santer, servant of Henry Wrixon, William Heard, City of Cork, Anthony Lane,
City of Cork. Reg.: 10 April 1755. George Hodder, Rd. Bradshaw, justices.
[Henry, b: 1703; probably Robert, b: 1738]


Rate of L.6 perL.100 John Dennis by consent of sd. Bernard Feet, Hugh Goggin & Mary
Ann his wife in consideration of L.338.14e paid by Thomas Bonefield of City of Cork,
merchant. Witnesses: William Thomas of Dromminine, Co. Cork, Brent Spencer, city of
Cork, coachmaker. Reg. 27 May 1757. N. Wrixon & Eman. Moore, justices

Gremagh – 188.82.124643
10 May 1757. ……………… Reg. 21 may 1757. Christopher Conron, Henry Wrixon,


DOONEENY – 194.440.130313
14 & 15 Sept. 1758. ………..Reg. 31 Oct. 1758, John Swete & H. Wrixon, justices.

MEENTHETHREE – 194.252.129421
28 & 29 July 1758. ………….Reg. 31 July 1758. Henry Wrixon & Walter Simons,

Knocknihorna – 195.522.131358
16 April 1757. …..Reg. 23 Oct 1758. Henry Wrixon & John Vowell, justices.

Feemoyle – 198.26.130630
15 Nov. 1758. ….Reg. 22 Nov. 1758. H. Wrixon & G. Conron, justices.

Garrycloyne – 198.242.131997
28 Jan. 1759. …..Reg. 26 Apr. 1759. N. Wrixon & Thomas Campion, justices

DROMRASTLE – 198.300.1822425
21 may 1759. Henry Wrixon, City of Cork, Eliz. Cossart, City of Cork, widow exr. Of
last will & testament of Peter Cossart of City of Cork, merchant, Robt. Wrixon, e.s.o.
Henry Wrixon. Whereby Henry Wrixon did sell & make over to Robt. Wrixon those
towns & lands of Gurteenuclony & Killroe. Otherwise Dromrastle, in B. of Duhallow for
term of 1000 years. Wit: Charles Dwyer, Dennis Keeffe, & Kingamill Barry, all of City
of Cork. Reg. 1 June 1759. John Swete & Rd. Cooke, justices.
[Henry, b: 1703; probably Robert, b: 1738]


MEENIGLOGHERANE – 200.166.132555
2 May 1759. James Cotter of Rathforrest, Co. of Cork. Rev. Rt. Fr. Jenmett Browne Lord
Bishop of Cork & Ross. John Rye of Ryecourt, City of Cork, Henry Wrixon of City of
Cork. Robt. Wrixon of City of Cork. James Cotter & Jemmett Lord Bishop of Cork &
Ross in consideration of L. 2188.16.5d. paid by John Rye to then sold to him the town &
Land of Killcoleman except Garryafiasoge plus L.1.2.6 chief rent from lands of
Garrygepasiga towns & lands of Meeneglougherane, part of Cullen Laughtsey & also
Knockagrenane, Duarigine & Coolkerane in B. of Duhallow. To hold to John Rye for the
remainder of term of 500 yrs. @ yearly rent of 1 pepper corn if demanded. Wit: Anthony
Lane, City of Cork, gent. Thomas Skeys City of Cork. Reg. 12 June 1759. Dep. Wm.
Snowe. H. Wrixon & Robt. Atkins, justices.

DROMRASTLE – 200.170.132570
9 June 1759. Henry Wrixon, City of Cork. Robt. Wrixon e.s. & heir of Henry Wrixon.
Henry Wrixon made over to Robt. Wrixon the lands of Cullan ?? in B. of Duhallow.
Henry made a mortgage to Rev. Sam. Brown for securing the payment of L.600 &
interest lands of Rossecon, 4 houses in Mallow rd, from Henry Archdeacon & 22 houses
in the Old Market Place. Wit: Dennis Keeffe & Richard Dillon. Reg. 10 June 1759.
Justices: John Surte & Robt. Atkins. Roger Fowere, Dep. Reg.
[Henry, b: 1703; probably Robert, b: 1738]


24 may 1759 …….. lands of Coolnanagh late in tenure of Robt. Wrixon. ………. Reg.
1 June 1759.

LACHEEN – 203.331.135608
22 Feb. 1760 Earl of Egmont Rt. Hon. John James Percival commonly called Visc.
Percival s.o. John earl of Egmont ………. Including the lands of Ballybane now or late
in tenure of Henry Wrixon & all those farms in Churchstown ……. & all farms & lands
called Coolelogh & Knockadraha in tenture of Henry Wrixon. …Reg. 28 Feb. 1760.


Cont. from prev. page. Reg. 26 Apr. 1759. N. Wrixon & Thomas Campion, justices.

KILLCOLLMAN – 203.4.132916
29 / 30 June 1759 Henry Wrixon of City of Cork & Robt. Wrixon of Killroe, Co. Cork,
e.s.o Henry Wrixon & John Rye of Ryecourt to William Austin of City of Cork, lands of
Killcolman except Garryafiasoga, Meenloghorane part of Cullen, Laghtesey,
Knockagranane, Duargins & Coolekerane sit. In B. of Duhallow. L.108 Wit: Daniel
Mahoney, City of Cork, vintner, James Wallis, City of Cork, & Thomas Whiting, City of
Cork, shopkeeper, Reg. 3 July 1759. Savage French & Rd. Tooker.
[Henry, b: 1703; probably Robert, b: 1738]

MEENGLEES – 206.8.134638
28 / 29 July 1758. …….. Reg. 29 Dec. 1759. …. Justices Michael Creagh & H. Wrixon

FREEMOUNT – 215.494.142621
13 Apr. 1762. Barth. Purdon otherwise Coole of Ballyclouch, Co. Cork, Esq., Henry
Wrixon of Blossomfort, co. Cork,gent. Henry Wrixon of Ballygiblin, co. Cork, gent,
Henry Wrixon of Glinfield, co. Cork, Esq., Mary Wrixon youngest dau. of Henry
Wrixon of Glinfield marriage to be solemnized between Barth. Purdon & Mary Wrixon.
Barth. Purdon in consideration of intended marriage & sum of L.3000 (marriage portion
of Mary) sold & made over to Henry Wrixon the lands of Gorteenacluna, Killroe, East
Gortnegross, Beasley, Gortnagross in B. of Duhallow & also sum of L.1000 bequeathed
to Barth. Purdon by Robt. Coole, late of Ballyclogh. Henry Wrixon of Glinfield sold to
Henry Wrixon & Henry Wrixon three plowlands of Glanicomane, Gurtenereaghs,
Coolebane, Muckinagh, Curreleigh, Killnahadoga, Knockanglass & Killnicronane
otherwise Freemount, in B. Of Duhallow. Wit: Nich. Lysaght of City of Cork,Esq., Nich
Wrixon of City of Dublin, Gent, James Gubins, Corke City, gent, Reg. 17 May 1762
Dep. Reg. Wm Hall.
[Henry, 1705 ?; Henry Nicholas, 1716 ?; Henry, b:1711; Mary, b: 1746; Nicholas, 1717?]


KILLCOLLMAN – 215.79.140856

1 & 2 May 1761. Henry Wrixon of City of Corke, Esq, Robt. Wrixon of Killroe, Co.
Cork, gent, e.s.o. Henry Wrixon. Richard Tonson of Dunkettle, Co. Cork, Esq., Henry
Wrixon & Robt. Wrixon sold to Rich. Tonson & his heirs the lands & town of
Killcoleman, except Garryfiasoge, Meenegloherane, part of Cullen, Lathsay,
Kuorkagunave, Duargin & Coolekerane, sit. Lying & being in the B. Of Duhallow. Wit:
John Rye of Rye Court, Co. Corke, Esq., John Moriaty of Dunkettle, Elke Richard
Tonson, ryder Dorire, City of Corke, gent, reg. 22 June 1761 dep. Roger Fower.
[Henry, b: 1703; probably Robert, b: 1738]

KILCOLEMAN – 222.58.145525
22 Feb. 1763. Newton Radford of City of Dublin had plea a bill of discovery founded
upon the Popery Acts against Corn, Buohilly, John Mullowney & John Murphy as the
first real Protestant Discoverer to the Benefit of the lead in the said bill mentioned of the
lands of Killcoleman & Garvesoga in B. of Duhallow, made by Henry Wrixon to Denis
Shea, Corn. Buohilly, John Mullowney & J. Murphy. Newton Bradford trustee ffro John
Webb of Mallow Co, Cork. Wit: John Hopkins & Thomas Walton, City of Dublin. Reg.
25 Feb. 1763. William Hall, Dep. Reg.
GURRANE MAGARRETT – 231.23.149161
1 / 2 June 1764. Henry Wrixon of Ballygibbon, Co. Cork did let to Thomas Harris of
Harisgrove, Co. Cork all that & those plowlands of Gurrane MacGarrett containing 196
acres in B. of Duhallow. To hold during the natural lives of Charles Bastable & George
Bastable sons of John Bastable now in Rockfield, Co. Cork & John Wrixon present
major of Cork. L.117.19.3 yearly rent. Wit: Henry Lysaght of Cork, Willam Harris of
Harrisgrove & William Bowan Webb of Mallow. rEg. 18 Jan. 1764. John Webb, dep.
[Henry Nicholas, b: 1716 ?; John. b: 1703]


Continued from previous page ……. Reg. 15 Oct. 1764 Henry Wrixon & Boyle
Travers, mayor, justices.


RATHANANE – 239.116.156417
25 June 1765 ……………. Lands of Ballybane in occup. of Henry Wrixon under
yearly rent of L.62.10.5 ……Reg. 27 July 1765.

RATHANANAE – 240.469.156420
3 June 1765. …………. Lands of Ballygiblin now or late in the tenure of Henry
Wrixon @ L.143.11.6d. Lands of Kilpatrick @L30.7s. now or late in the tenure of
robert Wrixon. ……. Lands of Coolclogh & Knockardrahan now or late in tenure of
Henry Wrixon @ yrly. Rent of L.88.2.6d.


Continued from previous page ……. Reg. 7 Jan. 1766. Anthony Lane, Robt. Wrixon &
John Wrixon.

ROCKHILL – 246.119.157406
18 June 1765. ……… Reg. 24 Sept. 1765 Joseph Capal & Hen. Wrixon, justice.

KILLBERRYHERT – 247.529.163493
19 / 20 Sept. 1766. ……….. Lease made between Sir. Mat. Lamb & sir John Wynn
concerning farm & lands of Kilberryhert now in occup. of Owen Cfomer & Hugh
Wrixon at yearly rent of L.136.6s …….. Reg. 16 Oct. 1766


KNOCKALOGHERT – 256.274.166073
18 may 1767 ……….. reg. 25 June 1767. Samuel Taylor, major, Robert Wrixon,


WOODPARK – 240.613.175797
27 March 1769. Robert Wrixon of Ballingguile, Co, Cork, Nicholas Lysaght of
Curryglass, Co. Cork, Robert Wrixon did demise grant release & let to Nicholas Lysaght
the plowlands ½ of East Dromrastle otherwise called Wood Park, 164 acres in B. Of
Duhallow during the natural life of Henry Wrixon then of Glauntane, Co. Cork & Mary
Wrixon, wife of Henry Wrixon, 164L yearly rent. Wit: Atwell hayes, City of Cork,
brewer, William Jones, City of Cork & Timothy McCarthy City of Corn, writing clerk.
Reg. 20 may 1769, Henry Wrixon & Wm. Snowe, justices.
[Robert, b: 1738; Henry, b: 1703; Mary, b: 1709]

KILLCOLIMAN – 261.142.166980
Nicholas Lysaght of City of Corke, sq. William Lysaght of City of Corke, Esq. Barth.
Coote Purdon Esq. demised to Nicholas Lysaght the lands of Kilmaclenen containing 242
acres plantation measure, and formerly in possession of Henry Wrixon of Ballygiblin, B.
of Duhallow, Wit: Rudy Pothert, clerk to Michael McCarthy, Michael McCarthy, City of
Corke, pub. Not. Reg 29 Aug. 1767. Justice, George Chinnery.
[Henry Nicholas, b: 1716 ?]


MAUN – 262.318.171160
………… Reg. 13 June 1768. Henry Wrixon & James Chatterton, Major, justices.


DROMCASTLE – 264.578.178679
31 March 1769. Nicholas Lysaght of Curryglass, Co. Cork, Esq. Wm. Lysaght of City of
Cork, Esq. Robert Wrixon of Ballinguile, gent had let to Nicholas Lysaght all that &
those plowlands of east Dromrastle otherwise called Wood Park containing 164 acres in
B. of Duhallow, during lives of Henry Wrixon, Mary Wrixon & Robert Wrixon, rent
L.164 payable half yearly. Wit: Ruby Pothet, clerk to Michael McCarthy,City of Cork,
Pub. Not. & Michael McCarthy. Swo. 1 April 1769.
[Robert, b: 1738; Henry, b: 1703; Mary, b: 1709]


LEABANE – 265.494.14221
13 April 1762. Barth. Purdon otherwise Coote of Ballyclough in Co. Cork, Esq. Henry
Wrixon, of Blossomfort & Mary Wrixon younger d.o. said Henry, Marriage between
Mary Wrixon & Barth. Purdon. L.3000 marriage portion paid to said Henry Wrixon
& Henry Wrixons gentleman 3 half plowlands of Glanicomane, Gurtaneraegh,
Coolebane, Mucknaugh Curralaigh, & Killnahadoge in B. of Duhallow 7 lands of
Knocknaglass 7 Killnicronane also in B. of Duhallow otherwise called Freemount. Wit:
Nicholas Lysaght, City of Cork, Esq, Nicholas Wrixon, City of Dublin, gent. Swo. 17
May 1762.
[Henry, b: 1711; Mary, b: 1746; Nicholas, 1717 ?]


Continued from previous page
Longfields lands on the east, assigned for & during the natural lives of Henry Wrixon
then in Glantane, Mary Wrixon w.o. Henry Wrixon & Robert Wrixon then of Ballingui,
Co. Cork, Yearly rent of 30 / per acres. Wit: Timothy McCarthy, City of Cork, writing
clerk. William Jones, City of Cork, Public Notary. Reg. 13 June 1770. Giles Busteed,
Dept. Reg.
[Henry, b: 1703; Mary, b: 1709; Robert, b: 1738]


ROSSANKNEAW – 281.511.187760
18 May 1771. …………… reg. 10 Sept. 1771 Will Owgan & John Wrixon, justices.

DROMAHANE 287.431.187762
1 Sept. 1770 ………… reg. 10 Sept. 1771. John Wrixon & William Owgan, justices.


TULLIGE – 287.132.185846
26 Sept. 1770 ………. Reg. 26 Apr. 1771. John Wrixon & William Owgan, justices


DROMTARRIFF – 294.12.193512
13 May 1770. ………… Reg. 12 Nov. 1772 John Wrixon & John Smith, justices

KILVERLATON – 194.40.193689
10 June 1772. ………… reg. 19 Nov. 1772. John Wrixon & Alex. Purdin, justices

MILLEEN – 295.559.198131
21 Oct. 1773. Wm Tonson, Esq. Lt. Gov. of Cork, Robt. Wrixon of City of Corke, Esq.
Wm. Tonson demised to Robt. Wrixon the towns & lands of Killcoleman, Garryafiasoge,
Meeniglogherane, Cullen, Laghtsey Knockagreanane, Duargins & Coolakerane, sit in B.
Duhallow & also the lands of Knockigillane otherwise knockindullane, Nancys Farm &
Knocknsbart * also Milleenoleagane, yearly rent, L.265. Wit: Thomas Chatterton &
Patrick Hawkins of City of Cork, gent. Reg. 13 Nov. 1773. Dep. Jacob Crawford.
LYNABOVIG – 295.550.198132.
20 Oct. 1773 Robt. Wrixon of City of Cork, Esq. Wm. Tonson, Esq. Lt. Gov. of Corke,
Robt. Wrixon sold to Wm. Tonson & his heirs the town & lands of Killcoleman,
Garryafieasoge, Meenigloghenane, Culghlan, Laghisey, Knockagrenane, Duargins &
Coolekererane, situated in B. of Duhallow. Wit: Thomas Chatterton & Pat. Hawkins of
City of Cork,, gents. Reg. 5 Nov. 1773. Dep. Jacob. Crawford.


KILLBERYHERT – 303.247.200935
June 1774 …. The farm & lands called Killberryhert now or late in tenure of Owen
Cromer & Hugh Wrixon @ L136.6s yearly rent ….. Reg. 16 June 1774

Knockneshanage …….. Reg. 22 Sept 1775 …… John Wrixon Justices

Killpatrick – Killruddery – 309.529.216961
23 Jan. 1775. Robt. Wrixon then of Ballingguile, Co. Cork, gent. Sold to Wm. Lysaught
of Castle Harrison, Co. Cork, Esq. all that & those the ten Gneeves of Middle
Gurtnegross containing 230 acres in B. of Duhallow, half plowland of Killcranathan
containing six Gneeves, which Robt. Wrixon was the seized of. ……Reg. 29 Jan. 1776 ..
[Indicating that Robert, b: 1738 is dead in 1775?]

RATHMAGARD – 323.429.217601
2 Sept. 1778. ………… Reg. 11 Nov. 1778. John Travers & S. Wrixon.

KILLEVARRIG – 326.181.314758
20 June 1777. ……… Henry Wrixon of Ballygibbon, Co. Cork, Esq.

Continued from previous page
……… assigned to Henry Wrixon among other lands not in barony the lands of
Ballyhane containing 377 acres plantation measure then in tenancy of Hen. Wrixon of
City of Cork, Esq. ……….. Reg. 5 Feb. 1778.

A Collection of Abstracts from Newspapers Printed in Cork City, 1761 – 1799,
taken by John T. Collins, Esq., of Cork for Presentation to Basil O’Connell, K.M.

Mar 30, 1769

m. On 28 March at Lower Shandon, Mr. Wm. Bullen to Miss Elinor Wrixon d.o. Henry
John Wrixon, Esq. of Blossomforth.

Dec 18, 1769
d. On 17 Dec. near Mallow, Henry LaFiere Wrixon, Esq.
[Possible Henry Wrixon born 1711]


Apr. 29, 1771
m. On 27 Apr. at St. Pauls Mr. Benj. Wrixon to d.o. Sober Kent, Burgess of this city.

Sept 20, 1771
m. On 28 Sept. at Ballindie Ch. Anthony Harris of Bandon to Miss Wrixon.

1786 cont’d
d. On 30 Sept. at Carrigoon near Mallow Master Harry, s. & heir of Wm. Wrixon
[Only logical match is William Wrixon that married Becher. Harry (Henry) not amoung
listed children]

1789 cont’d
d. On 17 Nov. on Morrison’s Island, John Wrixon, Esq. Burgass of Cork.
[NO IMMEDIATE MATCH; Possibly one of John Wrixon’s born 1742]
d. On 28 Nov. at St. Barry’s w.o. Sober Kent, Esq., Alderman.

1794 cont’d
d. On 19 Sept. inGeo. St,, Mr. Edw, Wrixon

A Collection of Abstracts from Newspapers printed in Cork City, 1753 – 1864 by
Basil O’Connell, K.M.
d. p.o 10 June, of water on the brain at Chelsea, Henrietta Wrixon d.o. (eldest) William
Wrixon of Ballygiblin, Esq. aged 16.


The Cork Advertiser 1801
m. on 12 Sept. at Glanmire Ch., Edward Allen, Esq. to Miss Wrixon,

d. p.o. 12 Apr. at Ballymena near Belfast, Lt. Col. Wrixon of 50 th Regt.

Southern Reporter 1830
m. on 26 Apr. at Mallow, Pat. Tacitus Mullane to Nancy Wrixon, 3 d.o. Sam. Wrixon,

m. On 17 July 1856 at Melbourne Australia, Anthony O’Connor, Esq. of Firm Wrixon &
O’Connor Solr, 4 s.o. late ____ O’Connor, Esq. of Mallow to Jane Mary Hunt, 2nd d.o.
late John deVere Hunt Esq. of Hunts Grove, Co. Tipp

Abstracts from Council Book of Cork , 1200 – 1800 (as published by Richard
Caufield, 1876 – 78) abstracted by Miss Nell Lowery Addenda—Council Book of

15 Feb. 1739
John Wrixon having served Walter Lavite; Richard Airay, having served Phineas
Bagwell, Jonas Morris, having served William Sleigh, to be admitted free at large.

4 May 1751
That Thomas Newanham, Esq., be presented with his Freedom, by Mr. Hoare, Town
Clerk, Henry Wrixon, brother to the Mayor, be admitted freeman.
[Henry, b: about 1705]

16 August 1754
……… Henry Wrixon, esq., …. Admitted freeman

20 Aug 1755
…….. Thomas Allen, merch., having served Robert Wrixon and John Wrixon; …..
13 April 1757
Henry Wrixon, esq., of Glinfield, be admitted free.
[Probably Henry; b: 1711]

28 Sept. 1759
Alden. Westropp, Wrixon, Reily, Robert Traveres, esq., and Mr. Izod apptd. For settling
the public accounts, examined Francis Carlston’s accts. As Chamberlain.

17 Dec. 1759
Robert Wrixon paid for tables and soales.

21 Sept. 1761
Richard Harris, mercht., having served Ald. Wrixon and Burgess Wrixon, ….

4 Dec. 1761
Nicholas Wrixon, attorney, apptd. Agent for Corp, for all matters transacted in Dublin.

9 Dec. 1761
Alden. Westropp, Wrixon, Bury, Robert Travers, esq., John Lapp, Peter Cossart, Richard
Marrett, Godfrey baker and Boyle Travers apptd. To audit public accounts.

1 Nov 1762
John Wrixon, esq., Mayor.
Nicholas Wrixon, attorney, paid his bill of cost;
[John, b: 1703; Nicholas, ??]

6 May 1763
Henry Wrixon of Ballygiblin, at request of Mayor; …. be freeman at large.

31 July 1764
; 99 lbs, 0s, 8d, to Nich. Wrixon, atty., for law business

15 Aug. 1764
That Robert Wrixon be forgiven his bond for 18 lbs. 15s., as he is a very poor man and
has nothing to subsist on but a pension of 7 lbs. a year, as an old soldier;
Nicholas Lysaght, Esq., son-in-law to Sheriff Elect Wrixon, be admitted a freeman at
[Robert, ??; Henry; b: 1711 (implies an additional daughter I don’t have]
26 Sept. 1764
Barth. Coote Purdon, Esq., son-in-law to Sheriff elect Wrixon, be admitted a freeman at
[Henry, b:1711]

9 Apr. 1765
James Gubbins, mercht., having served Ald. Robert and John Wrixon; … and John
Wrixon, mercht,, eldest s/o Robert Wrixon, Ald., be admitted free.
[Probably Robert, b: about 1710; John, b: ??; John, b:1742]

Sheriff Wrixon and Butler, Burgess Izod and Baker, and John Lapp be added to
Committee for building the Majoralty House on Haman’s Marsh.
[Henry, b: ??]

19 June 1765
George Busteed, be paid for printing work; Sheriff Wrixon, for work done at the Lough.
[Henry, b: ??]

24 Sept. 1765
…Ald. Westropp, Sher, Wrixon and Butler, with those of the C.D.H. be a committee
 to prepare a plan of necessary ground for the aforesaid purposes.
[Henry, b: ??]

30 July 1766
John Wrixon, C.S., took the oath of a Common Council man.

27 Nov. 1766
Robert and John Wrixon, for sheet leas and scaffold ropes for Majoralty House.

3 June 1767
By Act of Parliament …….shares of said prifits …Robert Wrixon, esq.; … John
Wrixon, esq.; …Henry Wrixon, esq.; ……. Henry Wrixon, of Blossomfort, esq.;

22 July 1767
Ordered, a committee to carry out the act of supplying this city with water …… Robert
Wrixon …… Henry Wrixon

18 Aug., 1767
That Robert Wrixon be paid for flag-stones; ……
14 May 1768
Samuel Mayor, Esq., be of Committee (in the room of Robert Wrixon, Esq., dec.) to
carry into execution Act for Supplying City with Water. & c.

9 Aug. 1768
One hundred part share of profits arising from reservors, &c., and water to be erected for
supplying this City, to have granted to Robert Wrixon, Esq., dec., be granted to his eldest
son, John mercht.
One hundred part share of said profits be granted by Major, &c., to following gentlemen,
freedom at large, to wit, Hugh Millard, Esq.,; Nicholas Lysaght, Esq.; Nicholas Wrixon,
gent., and Adam Newman, jur., gent.; their heirs, &c., for 999 years …………
[Robert, b: about 1710; John, b: 1742; Nicholas, b: ??]

Volume VI
14 Oct 1768
…… to Burgess Wrixon and Butler, to buy a clock for Mayoralty House.

23 Nov. 1768
John Wrixon, sq. be paid for sundry articles supplied;

29 Sept. 1769
Elias Wrixon, Esq.; Robert Wrixon, gent.; and Edward Cooke, butcher, be admitted

15 May 1770
Nicholas Wrixon paid his bill of cost;

14 Aug 1770
Benjamin Wrixon, mercht., having served Robert Wrixon and John Wrixon; ….
Admitted freeman at large.

21 July 1772
We do hereby appoint …..; Henry Wrixon, Esq., William Butler, burgess, Joseph Harris,
mer., and James Lombart, do. Of S. Peter’s parish; ……. To be valuators for purposes
mentioned in certain Act of Parliament for regulation of the city.

28 July 1772
Edward Wrixon, gent. be admitted freeman at large
15 June 1773
Henry Wrixon, esq. do get King William’s statue in dining room of Mayoralty House
painted white

8 May 1776
Robert Wrixon, esq., eld. S/o Henry Wrixon, esq., dec.; ……. Admitted free.

21 June 1781
Henry Wrixon, esq., paid estimate for repairing and painting late King’s statue on Mall.

5 June 1782
William Wrixon of Ballygiblin, eld. s/o Henry Wrixon, of Assolas, esq. . Admitted free
[William, b: 1749; Henry, b: 1716]

11 March 1783
100 guineas to Henry Wrixon, esq., towards rebuilding St. Peter’s Church.

23 Feb 1783
Michael Busteed Westropp, Esq., in the room of Randal Westropp, Esq.,dsc.; …. Edward
Jameson, Esq., in the room of Henry Wrixon, Esq., dec.,; …be added to the Committee
for carrying into

24 Oct 1788
John Wrixon; mercht., having served Jonathan Morgan, do.; …..be admitted freeman


Mayors and Bailiffs of Cork
1742 William Owgans
1743 Randal Westrop           Robert Wrixon         William Harding
1750 Robert Wrixon
1752                          John Wrixon
1757                                                P. Westrop
1762 John Wrixon              Walter Travers        Robert Lee
1764 Bole Travers             Henry Wrixon                 William Butler
1771 John Webb                John Wrixon           Henry Puxley
1777 Thomas Owgan
1778 Palms Westrop
1801 Michael Roberts Westropp        John G. Newsom        J. N. Wrixon
[Possibly John Nicholas, b:1760]

Cork marriages (Wespley II, p.617); ……. John Freeman and Alicia Wrixon, 1706;

Garrycloyne – Alcock to Carbery ……… reg., 26th April 1759, …..justices present, H.
Wrixon, T. Champion

Killuraugh; Thornhill to Thornhill ……. Reg. 3rd Aug 1755; N. Wrixon and Robert
Travers, justices.

Newmarket; 206.172.135564; ……..reg. April 2, 1760; Ph. Barry, mayor, H. Wrixon,

Reanamirrane; 206.172.135563 ……… reg. 2nd April 1760; Phin. Bary, and H. Wrixon,

Nohovale; 181.391.121061; reg. 21st May 1756; H. Wrixon and Christopher Conron,

Killroo; 224.138.156200; 13th May 1762; Robert Wrixon, eldest son and heir of Henry
Wrixon late of city of Cork, esq.; Robert Freeman, now of Ballyguile in co. Cork, gent.;
Robert Wrixon demised to Robert Freeman his heirs the town and lands of Kilbroal in
barony of Duhallow ( containing 160 plantation acres) lately held by William Bullen,
gent. For terms of 999 years at yrly. Rent of 12s; wit.: Thomas Fitzgerald, Ballygibbin,
co. Cork, gent.; Henry Wrixon, Ballygibbin, co. Cork, gent.; Daniel Crone of
Donneraile, co. Cork, gent.; reg. 20th Jan. 1763; dep. Daniel Crone.
[Robert, b: 1738; Henry, b: 1703; Henry, b: ??]

Knockgurane; 225.541.14757; ………town gneeves of Duarguin commonly called the
Castleland together with two gneeves and half of the west part of Knockgurane in barony
o Duhallowfor 18 years to Robert Wrixon of city of Cork; 1 / 15 yrly. Rent ,….. reg.25
Aug 1763

Milleen; 266.535.177732; ….. the farm commonl called Milleen situated in barony of
Duhallow ……. To Robert Wrixon, esq., yrly, rent ….. reg. 20 Oct, 1769
Kilberryhert; 263.233.167444 …..confirmed on Henry Wrixon of Ballygiblin, co. Cork,
all those farm and lands called Kilberyhert then in tenure of Owen romer or Cronine and
Hugh or Henry Wrixon at yrly, rent ……. Reg. 9th Oct 1767.

Meeniglogherane; 276.496.179353; 6th July 1769; Robert Wrixon now of Bath in
England did grant to Dennis Keeffe of Kilcrea in co. Cork all those lands of upper and
lower Meeneenaglsherane in barony of Duhallow lately in tenure ……reg. 29th Jan. 1770.

Kilberyhert; 293.278.195171; 10 March 1766; Sir George Colebrook of New Broad St.
London ……. Late in occupation of Owen Bromer and Hugh Wrixon ……. Reg. 13th
Feb. 1773.

Dromcastle; 292.709.197954; 13th Oct. 1773; Robert Wrixon eldest s/o Henry Wrixon
late of city of Cork did sell to Robert Wrixon, younger eldest s/o Robert Wrixon, the
half plowland of Dromcastle situated in barony of Duhallow containing 160 acres…..
reg. 9th Nov. 1773.
[Robert, b: 1738; Henry, b: 1703; Robert, b: 1732]

Dormcastle; 303.525.202152; 9th Sept. 1774; Robert Wrixon of Ballingguile, co. Cork to
William Lysaght of Castleharrison, city of Cork, esq., half plowland of East Woodpark
containing 161 acres in barony of Duhallow …….reg. 9th Nov. 1774; Samuel Mayloer
and John Wrixon, justices

Dromcastle; 311.71.206965; 23rd Jan. 1775; Robert Wrixon, then of Ballinguile, co.
Cork, gent.; Robert Freeman of Ballinguile, co. Cork, gent.; Samuel Wrixon, gent., only
brother of Robert Wrixon, Alicia Wrixon and Ann Wrixon, spinster sisters of Robert
Wrixon; William Lysaght of castle Harrison, co. Cork, esq.; Robert Wrixon and Robert
Freeman sold to William Lysaght and his heirs the half plow land of East Dromcastle
otherwise called Woodpark situated in barony of Duhallow containing by estimate 161
acres, 1 rd., plantation measure; witnesses: William Norcott …… reg. 29th Jan. 1776
[Robert, b: 1732; Samuel, b: 1734]

Knocknashannage, 310.219.206151; ….. reg. 9th Nov. 1775; Jno. Wrixon, Noblet
Phillips, justices.

Leases Duhallow

78.65.53313: 31st May 1731 between Bartholomew Purdin of Ballyclough county of
Cork to Robert Wrixon of Killroe, gent., county Cork, 10 gneeves of middle
Durtngronass … Killtrantptan ….Killerranaptan …. To hold these Robert Wrixon his
heirs, etc. , during the lives of ….. John Wrixon of Glosgonfort, ….recorded April 22,

87.77.60661; indenture of lease 11th Feb. 1736, …Knockalogher late under occupation or
tenure of Henry Wrixon ….. Shaneloghert late or now of John Wrixon

148.82.98512. 24 mar. 1750 & 25 Mar. 1751. …..Henry Wrixon of Cork City, esq.,
draper. ……. Rec. Apr 12, 1751…

Hugh O’Keeffe Garriviasoge ……..mortgage for 125 lbs …..the lands of Garriviasoge &
pt. Of Killesleman, Br. Of Duhallow; sd mortg. assigned to sd. Henry Wrixon ….. on 13
Mar. 1713 Henry Wrixon of Ballygibbin

Tithe Applotment Book, Mallow Parish
Diocese of Clyne, County of Cork
(Part in Duhallow Barony, only was composed of Firville, Gortnagross & Newtown)
Dated Oct 28, 1823

Rev. Nicholas Wrixon                 44     85
Rev. Michael Becher           0       1
William Wrixon Esq.           0       1
John M. Wrixon Esq.           0       1
Henry Wrixon Esq.             0       1
John Wrixon Esq.              0       1
Rev. Nicholas Wrixon                  0      1


John Wrixon, Esq.            48      96

Tithe Applotment Book, Castlemagner Par.
Diocese of Cloyne, Duhallow Barony, County of Cork
(Part in Duhallow Barony, only was composed of Firville, Gortnagross & Newtown)
Dated Jan 27, 1834

John M. Wrixon, Esq.                 74     ____

Sir W. W. Becher, Bart.      243     ____
Tithe Applotment Book, Ballyclogh & Dromdowney Parishes
Diocese of Cloyne, Duhallow & Orrery Baronies, County Cork
Dated 26 Oct, 1831

Representative of
Captain Wrixon               13     21


John N. Wrixon, Esq.         75     113

Tithe Applotment Book, Killbrin Parish
Diocese of Cloyne, County of Cork
Dated Feb 27, 1832

Rev. Nicholas Wrixon, Vicar
John Michael Wrixon & Richard Smith, Esquires, Commissioneres

John M. Wrixon Esq.          51     6

Primary Valuation of Tenements 1852
County of Cork – Barony of Duhallow
By Richard Griffith
(for Nohavaldaly, Cullen, Dromtarriff, and Kilmeen Parishes
see Okeif etc. Vol. I pp. 5 – 690
Union of Kanturk

Parish of Castlemagner
Assolas S23
Rep. Sir William W. Becher
Bart in fee                         L      14     16

Ballygiblin S24
Reps. Sir William W. Becher HOL 442        420

Ballyhas S24
Reps. Sir William W. Becher Bart. Or
Reps. Sir William W. Becher Bart. L    27         18
John Wrixon                        HOL 144        120
Ballynamona S24
Henry Wrixon lessor

Cecilstown S24
Reps. Sir William W. Becher Bart.
Bart in fee                         L    0     0
John Wrixon                         L    32    25


Lohort, East S24 & 32
John Wrixon ee               HOL 14
John Wrixon                  HOL 166     100

Lohort, West S24 &32
Reps. Sir William W. Becher Bart.., or   HOL 63     32
John M. Wrixon                           L   53     27

Town of Kanturk
Edward Wrixon                HOYG        0     13

Gortmore S31 &32
Ellen Wrixon                 H      0    0

Freemount S6 & 15 cont. Knocktemple
John & Henry Wrixon              L       59    30

Kilcraneathan S24 & 32 cont.
John Wrixon                HOL 70        35

Mallow S33 cont
Charlotte Wrixon             HOG 0       3

Blossomfort S24 &32
Edward Wrixon, Esq.          L      56   22
Kilpatrick S24 &32
Denis Wrizon         Sm   0    0

Churchtown S7 &16
Henry Wrixon              HO   0   3

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