Overview Math 11 Hon Precalc by linzhengnd


									ASFG Curriculum Summary Page
Grade 11                          Subject: Honors Pre-Calculus
Time (% or month or # of weeks)   Unit / Essential Question       Concepts/Content                               Skills
                                                                  Expressions,exponents, radicals,factoring,     Simplify, evaluate, use exponents and radicals,
August                                Summer - Algebra Review     functions, rationals                           solve equations, polynomial operations, use
                                                                                                                 complex numbers.
                                                                  Slopes, functions, domain and range, graphs Find parallel & perpendicular slopes, find domain
                                                                  max. and min., transformations, composite and range of graphs and max. / min. points, use
August - September                     Functions & their graphs   and inverse functions                       transformations for graph information, find
                                                                                                              inverses and composites.

                                                                  Quadratic basics, leading coefficient test,
                                                                  zeros of functions, intermediate value &       Find vertex & x-intercepts of quadratics, use
                                                                  remainder theorem, long division, complex      leading coefficient and other tests to analyze
September - October                   Polynomial & Rationals
                                                                  numbers,asymptotes of rational functions       polynomials, use long/synthetic division to find
                                                                                                                 factors, perform operations with complex
                                                                                                                 numbers, graph & solve rationals, find asymptotes
                                                                  Transcendental functions: Logarithms,          Evaluate, analyze and graph transcendental
                                                                  exponentials, "e", common logs - graph,        functions. Solve application word problems. Solve
October - November                   Logarithms & Exponentials    transform and solve equations. Financial &     transcendental equations. Use properties to
                                                                  scientific applications                        evaluate logs of any base

                                                                  Unit circle angles in degrees and radians.     Find unit circle measures in coordinates, degrees
                                                                  Trigometric functions and inverses in right    and radians. Solve right triangles with trig and
December - February                    Trigonometric Functions    triangles. Graphs of trig functions, using     inverse functions. Graph and transform trig
                                                                  period, amplitude, and phase shifts. Solve     functions. Solve trigonometric equations.
                                                                  trigonometric equations
                                                                  Basic trigonometric identities and special     Use basic identities to simplify and verify
February- March                        Analytic Trigonometry      formulas to solve trig equations               expression. Use six special relation formulas to
                                                                                                                 verify identities and solve equations.
                                                                  Laws of sine & cosine, area formulas, vector   Solve triangles and find areas. Perform vector
April                                  Topics in Trigonometry     operations                                     operations

                                                                  Conic sections: Parabola, Circle, Ellipse,     Use general and standard form of conic equations,
                                                                  Hyperbola, Parametric equations and polar      find focus, vertex, eccentricity and axis of
April - May                         Topics in Analytic Geometry   coordinates                                    symmetry. Graph conics and parametric
                                                                                                                 equations and use polar coordinates.

                                                                  Arithmetic sequences and Sigma (∑)             Find nth terms, use recursive formulas, find partial
June                                    Sequences and Series      notation, geometric sequences and infinite     sum series
                                                                  geometric series.

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