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									                           National Depository of Ukraine

•   Established according to the Law of Ukraine “On National Depository System and
    Peculiarities of Electronic Circulation of Securities in Ukraine” to ensure functioning of a
    single depository record-keeping system
•   The National Bank of Ukraine and the State Securities and Stock Market Commission signed
    an Agreement on establishing a National Depository of Ukraine (December 18, 1998)
•   Registration with the State (May 17, 1999)
•   the State owns 86% of shares
•   14% of shares belong to more than 20 stock market participants
•   NDU share capital – UAH 30 million

                                     NDU Membership

2000 – Association of National Numbering Agencies (ANNA S.C.)
2003 – International Association of Exchanges of CIS countries
2004 – Brussels International Banking Club
2004 – Association of Eurasian Central Securities Depositories
September 19, 2006 – license to exercise depositary activity of a securities depository
April 21, 2008 – license to exercise clearing and settlement activity

                                        NDU Activity

NDU objective: to meet capital markets demands by setting efficient functioning of the National
Depository System

According to the Law „On National Depository System and Peculiarities of Electronic
Circulation of Securities in Ukraine‟, the National Depository of Ukraine exercises the following

   •   maintaining and servicing of securities circulation on custodians‟ securities accounts
   •   servicing of issuer‟s operations with outstanding securities
   •   clearing and settlement of securities transactions
   •   keeping records of registered securities owners

                               NDU Special Functions

•   standardization of depository record-keeping and management of documents related to
    operations with securities
•   numbering according to international standards of securities issued in Ukraine
•   establishment of relations and ongoing cooperation with depository institutions in other
    countries, concluding bilateral and multilateral agreements on direct partnership or
    correspondent relations aimed at servicing cross-border securities transactions by
    participants of the National Depository System

                                      NDU Clients

Main NDU clients are as follows:

•   custodians (on the grounds of the Depository Agreement)
•   issuers (on the grounds of the Agreement on Servicing Securities Issue)
•   exchanges and their participants (securities traders)
•   correspondent depositories
•   registrars

                               Rendering Services to Issuers

•   opening and maintenance of issuers‟ securities accounts;
•   assigning international securities identification numbers (ISIN codes) as well as CFI codes;
•   safe-keeping issues‟ global certificates;
•   servicing operations related to securities placement on owners‟ accounts;
•   servicing IPO on exchanges;
•   reflecting issuer‟s securities buy-back operations;
•   reflecting circulation of issuer‟s securities on the secondary market;
•   servicing income distribution on outstanding securities by the issuer;
•   processing corporate actions in regard to issuer‟s securities issue;
•   drawing up a list of securities owners (in electronic and hard copy forms);
•   issuing information certificates to be submitted to the public authorities;
•   certifying issuer‟s reports with regard to IPO results;
•   providing information and advisory services (including information on shares issues

                            Rendering Services to Custodians

•   opening and maintenance of securities accounts;
•   performing operations with immobilized securities;
•   performing record-keeping operations related to book-entry securities placement;
•   performing record-keeping operations related to settlement of securities transactions:
          FOP (delivery/receipt);
          DVP, RVP;
          servicing IPO on exchanges;
•   reflecting issuer‟s corporate actions on custodians‟ securities accounts;
•   providing information about issuer‟s corporate actions;
•   record-keeping of encumbered securities on custodians‟ accounts;
•   processing the procedure of refinancing by the National Bank of Ukraine under collateral
    securities accounted by the National Depository of Ukraine;
•   servicing operations of interbank lending under collateral corporate securities accounted by
    NDU for custodians-commercial banks;
•   processing income payments on custodians‟ accounts for their further distribution among
    beneficial owners;

                                       Technological Support of NDU Clients

                        Technological complex of NDU depository activity (NDU Data Processing
                        System) is developed within the framework of implementation of the State
                         Program for Development of the National Depository System of Ukraine.

•   NDU Data Processing System (DPS) provides for performance of all operations envisaged in
    current legal and regulatory acts that stipulate depository, clearing and settlement activity, and
    includes all technological facilities needed for exercising depository activity of a securities

•   NDU offers custodians and their deponents full-fledged depository servicing of cross-border
    securities transactions (together with foreign correspondent depositories, via S.W.I.F.T.

•   NDU provides custodians with the opportunity to use a “custodian branch” module, thanks to
    which custodians can provide services in their remote branches, i.e. render full-fledged
    services to clients in different regions of Ukraine.

    Secure Circulation of Documents Related to Depository,
    Clearing & Settlement Operations is Attained Thanks to:

•   National Information Network and Data Transfer System, the means of which
    enable market participants to use advantages of electronic documents circulation
    while performing professional activity, including drawing up of reports in
    electronic form for submission to public authorities

•   Backup Datacenter is located remotely; the catastrophe-resistant software
    technological complex provides the highest level of reliability and stability for
    depository, clearing and settlement activity - operations are continuously serviced
    for all participants of the National Depository System of Ukraine (NDSU) even
    when the main NDU datacenter is out of order

•   NDU Certification Authority provides participants of the national record-keeping
    system with the means of electronic digital signature and enciphering; electronic
    documents are circulated among NDSU participants in keeping with the Law of
    Ukraine “On Electronic Digital Signature”

               NDU Links with Correspondent Depositories

•   Clearstream Banking Luxembourg;
•   OeKB (Central Securities Depository of Austria);
•   “Rosbank” Depository (Russia);
•   “INFINITUM” Specialized Depository (Russia);
•   Central Moscow Depository (Russia);
•   “Depository and Corporate Technologies” Depository (Russia)
•   “Depository Clearing Company” (Russia)

To facilitate reliable and continuous securities record-keeping in Ukraine a correspondent
    account of the All-Ukrainian Securities Depository operates in NDU since January,

                          Interaction with Stock Exchanges

NDU services securities transactions executed on exchanges by using the following
• DVP/RVP – without preliminary securities and/or cash reservation by participants of
exchange trades;
• DVP/RVP – with preliminary securities and/or cash reservation by participants of exchange
• servicing securities transactions executed on exchanges upon IPO.
Exchanges - NDU partners: East-European Stock Exchange (Kyiv), “Perspektyva” Stock
Exchange (Dnipropetrovsk), “PFTS” Stock Exchange (Kyiv), “Ukrainian Interbank Currency
Exchange” (Kyiv), “Ukrainian Stock exchange” (Kyiv), “Ukrainian International Stock
Exchange”, “Kyiv International Stock Exchange”, “Ukrainian Exchange” (Kyiv), “Innex”
Stock Exchange (Kyiv)

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