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									                                                            Dear Friends of St. James!
 SEPTEMBER 2009                                               Today, September 1, 2009 is another
                                                            milestone of my life. There have been many
                                                            such events as I grow older, some good:
 INSIDE THIS ISSUE                                          Baptism, marriage, the birth of three
 1 ~Dear Friends                                            fantastic boys and of course being the
 2 ~Dear Friends cont.                                      Deacon of Outreach and Administration
   ~What’s Behind the Council of Elders                     here at St. James. Others were not so good:
 3 ~What’s Behind cont.                                     paralyzed leg, two back surgeries and the
   ~Time to Vote                                            development of fibromyalgia.
   ~From the Pastor
 4 ~From the Pastor cont.                                     Yet, with each of these milestones has
   ~Buildings & Grounds                                     come both joy and sorrow. Joy of becoming
 5 ~Buildings cont.                                         and learning more about life; sorrow
   ~Jubilate Ringers Get Ready                              because the days seem to pass much faster
   ~Breakfa$t Club                                          as my hair turns gray. Even the not so good
 6 ~Spice and Herb It Up
 7 ~Knit or Crochet?                                        milestones have taught me much about life.
   ~Time to Prepare For Your Flu Shot                       Indeed, my suffering and pain has taught me
 8 ~Time to Prepare cont.                                   more than the days of joy. So many events
 9 ~Time to Prepare cont.                                   in my life at St. James have meant growth
   ~Wisconsin Lutheran College Presents                     and growing maturity for me.
   ~Message from the Master
   ~Lutheran Radio Church Service                             Yet, I believe, within all those milestones,
   ~Time of Grace                                           the one that has been the best teacher
   ~News from the WELS                                      (Except for marriage and fatherhood!) has
 10~News cont.                                              been being your deacon. You have all
 11~News cont.                                              taught me much in the eight years that I
 12~September Birthdays
                                                            have had that privilege. There were some
                                                            rough roads, especially in the beginning, and
                                                            there were some tears. Yet, with your
                                                            patience and guidance I have grown to the
                                                            person I am today, not perfect and still
                                                            growing. The difference between today and
CHURCH OFFICE HOURS                                         then is that now I know my imperfections
  Monday through Friday
                                                            and now I am willing to grow. That is
   8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.                                   because of your love and understanding.
                                                              Over the last year I have not always been
                                                            able to fulfill my responsibilities to you, my

                                 St. James Evangelical Lutheran Church
        2028 North 60th Street   Milwaukee, WI 53208-1640     414-453-5770     www.saintjames-mke.org
congregation, and even then you reached out         We now come to the meat of the meeting.
and held me up during my surgeries and           The focus of the Elders’ work is ministry to
recuperations. In all that you have done for     people, whereas the focus of the Executive
me because of your love for God you have         Board is support of that ministry (facilities,
been an example to me.                           finance, etc.). Our by-laws structure that
   And that is the purpose of this letter, to    people ministry around worship, groups, and
express my gratitude to my congregation for      service. Each of the Elders has a lead
all you have done for me. As of September        responsibility in one of these three areas.
1, 2009 I will no longer be your deacon. In      Six agenda items cover review of member
a way that is good. (I never really liked the    involvement and upcoming plans in each
title. It sounded so formal!) Now I am just      area. During this part of the meeting, the
plain old Les. And that is a blessing, also.     Elders also offer prayers for specific
   Thank you, my brothers and sisters!           members of the congregation.
                               Leslie Baker         We then hear reports from committees, the
                                                 Lead Elder and Executive Board, and the
                                                 Pastor. Often these reports lead to further
  What’s Behind the Council of                   discussion and/or action items. Following
           Elders?                               the reports, New Business is where any
                                By Steve Groth   items, such as annual planning, that don’t
  Have you ever wondered what happens at         neatly fall under one of the other agenda
a Council of Elders meeting? What do those       items are brought up.
eight guys do every month and why do they           The Elders thoroughly work through each
always seem to agree on everything?              issue before taking action or advancing it to
  The Council consists of five Elders, and       the Voters. Some issues can consume an
the Lead Elder, Secretary, and Pastor. Each      hour at a single meeting or span numerous
meeting has a definite agenda that we            meetings. Until an issue is completely
follow, beginning with a half-hour to forty-     addressed, it is typically not publicized or
five minute devotion or Bible study.             brought in front of the congregation. We
Starting around God’s word sets the tone         want to avoid rumors and unproductive
and directs our minds for the rest of the        discussions among the membership before
evening.                                         we consider all of the ramifications of the
  After the devotion, we attend to any old       issue and know what direction our collective
business, or items initiated at previous         recommendations might take. Sometimes an
meetings but not yet concluded. Many of          issue ends up dissolving and never goes
these items are carried over because of work     beyond the Council. To some in the
that one or more of the Elders need to           congregation, it may appear that the Elders
accomplish between meetings.                     are “yes men,” always agreeing on
  Following the old business, we attend to       everything; however, many issues begin
membership changes. According to our by-         with differing opinions on how to proceed.
laws, the Council has the authority to           It may be only after many hours of work
approve transfers to and from other WELS         achieving consensus among the Elders that
congregations. Any other type of                 the congregation first hears of the issue.
membership action (acceptance via                   A list of assignments for the Elders to
confirmation, profession of faith, or other      carry out, typically before the next meeting,
means, suspensions, and excommunications)        is developed. This list may contain ten to
are discussed and placed on the next Voters’     twenty specific tasks.
Meeting agenda with the Elders’                     The meeting concludes with the Elders
recommended action.                              offering prayers for each other and for
                                                 anyone else brought to our attention.

  While serving on the Council of Elders          the life and family of a fellow brother in
can involve long meetings, a commitment           Christ.
outside of meetings, and require addressing         I find it ironic that, while women are not
highly stressful issues, each one of us feels     able to vote, the attendance of women at the
privileged to serve in the capacity to which      voters’ meetings very often equals the male
you have elected us. We have found                attendance. While they are not able to vote,
innumerable blessings in the work we do           they have strong opinions and voice them.
and pray that we glorify and honor our            They have had an impact on decisions
heavenly Father as we guide the ministry at       affecting St. James and I would encourage
St. James.                                        the women to continue attending those
                                                    And to the voting men of the
                                                  congregation, we need to step up to meet our
             Time To Vote!                        obligations !
                          By Randy Eagon, Elder
  How many times during the past
presidential election did we hear that voting
was a privilege earned by the sacrifice of our                                By Pastor Kassulke
men and women fighting to defend our                             One of the phrases that has
country’s freedom?                                               been popping up in my
  We also vote at St. James for the direction     reading more and more is “unintended
of our church. Some people would say that         consequences”. Unintended consequences
is a privilege also. I would counter that by      are those things that happen when we make
saying it is a privilege to a select group of     a decision and something we had not
people—the male members of our                    planned for takes place because of the
congregation. I would also say that it is an      choice we had made. Even in the best laid
obligation for those male members to              plans there can be unintended consequences.
support our church and help to make               However, unintended consequences are
decisions that will have an impact on the         more apt to spring up when we have failed
future of St. James.                              to think things through as fully as we are
  The Lord also paid the ultimate sacrifice       able.
of His Son that enables us to be a church and       This phrase has come up quite a bit in the
to be able to worship freely.                     Cash for Clunkers program. The unintended
  It’s sad that we can voice our opinion          consequences have to do particularly with
about government policies, such as                the used car market. Because the cars that
healthcare, the economic situation, war, and      were traded in under this program had to be
so many other things that affect our daily        destroyed, one of the unintended
lives, but we are not willing to spend a few      consequences will hit us when prices of used
hours at a voters’ meeting to express our         cars go up because there will be fewer used
thoughts and views on the future of St.           cars on the market. The unintended
James.                                            consequence will hurt those who could not
  There are times when there are almost as        afford to buy a new car because they will
many council members as there are voting          now have to pay more for that used car.
members. At our last voters’ meeting, a             Or consider the unintended consequences
very important decision about the                 when taxes continue to climb on those who
elimination of the Deacon’s position was          are wealthy. Already there are reports out of
being addressed. I was shocked by the very        various popular vacation spots that, even
low attendance for this extremely important       though bookings are holding steady, the spas
meeting, not only because it was the              and retail stores that have grown up in these
elimination of a position, but it was affecting   areas are seeing a decline in their bookings
and sales. Here again, the vacation still       your ways my ways,’ declares the Lord. ‘As
takes place but the “extras” of the vacation    the heavens are higher than the earth, so are
are being cut back. And who does this           my ways higher than your ways and my
affect? The “regular” people who made           thoughts that your thoughts.’” I do not
their livings by working in the stores or the   know what blessings God has in store for
spas – not wealthy by any means but             me. I can only guess on what I might be
suffering the consequences of the wealthy       missing out on when I let my thoughts and
not having as much wealth to spread around.     ways take precedence over his revealed will.
  In Bible study the other Sunday, we talked      I avoid the unintended consequence of my
about an article that spoke of the unintended   sinful nature and its desires when I not only
consequences of believing that sexuality is     recognize that God’s ways are way better
simply a private matter with no                 than my ideas but actually put into practice
consequences for society. The author of the     the verses just preceding the ones I have
article, Kelly Boggs                            already quoted: “Seek the Lord while he
(www.baptistmessage.com), notes that one        may be found; call on him while he is near.
of the best ways to gain perspective            Let the wicked forsake his way and the evil
concerning unintended consequences is           man his thought. Let him turn to the Lord,
through the lens of history. And history, she   and he will have mercy on him, and to our
notes, has much to say about the impact of      God, for he will freely pardon.”
collective sexuality on a society. She noted      When I renew my mind (Romans 12) in
a study done by the British anthropologist      the mercy of God, I grow in my ability to
J.D. Unwin, who studied 86 cultures through     think things through from God’s perspective
5,000 years of history. Unwin’s findings,       and, trusting in his good pleasure, avoid
published in 1940, showed that cultures that    many of the negative unintended
observed a strict sexual ethic – especially     consequences of my decisions. Trusting in
valuing pre-nuptial chastity and post-nuptial   my God’s direction and will, the unintended
monogamy – thrived and flourished.              consequences of life prove to be blessings
However, those societies that rejected sexual   that I had not seen coming.
restraint withered and died – “I know of no
exceptions to these rules,” Unwin wrote. I
will leave you to draw your own conclusions            Buildings & Grounds
on where our society is heading.                                           Bob Wilson, Director
  This however, got me to thinking about                  . A company called “Smoke
how many of us consider the “unintended                    Stacks” has repaired the church
consequences” when we do not keep regular                    chimney. The bricks were
weekly worship as a priority in our                          starting to fall out of the
schedules. How can we know in advance           chimney and the top 18 courses of bricks
whether or not God has a special word for us    had to be removed and then rebuilt. The
in a service we planned not to attend? We       chimney on the parsonage has some loose
believe that we will not be missed, but can     mortar joints and needs attention also. The
we really be sure that our involvement in       last week in August this company will tuck
worship will not touch the life of someone      point the parsonage chimney and install a
else? We intended that our missing worship      new chimney liner.
would not be a big deal, but what if God          The next big job will be replacement of
intended our presence to be or bring a          the heating unit for the gym and the heating
blessing?                                       and air- conditioning for the offices. These
  One of my favorite Bible passages that        units are as old as the gym and have
helps me each day is found in the 55th          exceeded their life expectancy. The plans
chapter of Isaiah’s prophecy: “’For my          are to have this done before winter.
thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are
   Since early spring we have had about           Jubilate Ringers Get Ready to
eight service calls for the elevator. The Otis                 Ring
Elevator repairman advised us after the first                                    By Neva Kimble
or second service call that we should not          Are you interested trying something
shutdown the power when the elevator door        different? Do you have basic music reading
gets stuck, the door opens automatically         skills? Enjoy light-hearted camaraderie with
when the power is shut off. He told us that      fellow Christians while working toward the
when the power gets shut off the elevator        goal of creating praise-worthy music?
loses the trouble code and it is harder to       Come and give the Jubilate Ringers, our St.
diagnose the problem. For one reason then        James handbell choir a try!
another, the power was shut off each time          The Jubilate Ringers will meet for the first
the door got stuck. We finally posted            time after our summer hiatus on Tuesday,
notices at the elevator doors and in the         September 15th beginning at 7:00 p.m. in
power room notifying everyone that we            church. We rehearse for about 90 minutes
should use the special key to open the           on Tuesday evenings from September
elevator door if it gets stuck and do not shut   through late May. We are a very welcoming
off the power.                                   group and would enjoy guiding a novice
  The elevator has been behaving itself for      ringer or two in the art of handbell ringing, a
over a week. Maybe it is going to be ok for      rather unique form of musical expression.
a while. If however someone gets stuck on        Please give some serious thought to the
the elevator, there is an alarm button on the    possibility of joining this ensemble. We
control panel that can be pressed to             would love to have you use your time and
summons help. There is also a telephone          talent to enhance the Jubilate Ringers! For
inside the control panel that can be used to     questions or more detailed information
call for help. The phone numbers for             please contact Neva Kimble .
Pastor, Deacon, & Bob Wilson are listed on
the inside of the door. We have a special
key, which fits into a hole in the middle of
the elevator door near the top, for                          Breakfa$t Club
emergency use. This special key (which
looks like a tool rather than a key) is stored     The Breakfa$t Club met August 15, 2009.
in the elevator power room.                      Those attending listened to the CD from the
  We don’t need to have anyone who is            Financial Peace University Course titled,
stuck in the elevator stay there until the       “Cash Flow Planning.” A lively discussion
elevator man arrives but we need to use the      followed.
special tool to open the door without              The next meeting of the Breakfa$t Club
shutting down the power.                         will be held September 19, 2009 in the
                                                 church basement. We will listen to another
                                                 of the CD’s from FPU. This one is titled,
                                                 “Dumping Debt.”
                                                   You are invited to join us and bring a
  BLOOD PRESSURE CLINIC                          friend for these meetings. If you have
  September 10 & 13                              questions about this small group, please
    following the                                speak with Bob or Yvonne Wilson.
  worship services

        Spice and Herb It Up                                 *Short-Cut Paella
                                  by Sue Groth    A simplified version of a classic Spanish
         Featured Spice: Turmeric                dish. Choose smoked sausage for a mild
  Turmeric is the dried root (rhizome) of the    smoke flavor or chorizo for a bit more heat.
plant Curcumin longa. India is the primary
producer of turmeric. China and Indonesia        Prep Time: 10 minutes
also grow this spice. Indian dishes and          Cook Time: 30 minutes
Southeastern Asian cooking incorporate           Makes:     6 servings
turmeric in their lentil and meat dishes.
Turmeric is routinely added to mustard           Ingredients:
blends and relishes. It is also used in place    1 tablespoon olive oil
of saffron to provide color. Because of its      ½ cup chopped onion
bitter taste, turmeric should not be used as a   ½ pound smoked sausage or chorizo, cut
flavor substitute for saffron.                   lengthwise in half, then into ¼ inch slices
                                                 1 cup long grain rice, uncooked
  Turmeric is produced by boiling/steaming
                                                 2 teaspoons Italian seasoning
the rhizomes for several hours and then          ½ teaspoon Turmeric, ground
drying it in hot ovens, after which it is        2 cups chicken broth
ground into a deep orange/yellow powder.         1 can (141/2 ounces) dices tomatoes, drained
  Store your ground turmeric in an airtight      1 pound shrimp, peeled and deveined
container, out of sunlight and it will last      1 cup frozen peas
indefinitely if you are only using it to add     Black pepper to taste
color to your food. The flavor however, will
diminish over time, so buy in moderation.        Directions:
  Blend turmeric with melted butter and              1. Heat oil in large skillet on medium
drizzle over cooked vegetables, pasta or                heat. Add onion and sausage; cook
potatoes to enhance these side dishes.                  and stir 3 minutes or until the onion
  Turmeric is used as a coloring agent in:              is softened. Add rice, Italian
canned beverages; baked products; dairy                 seasoning and turmeric; cook and stir
products, such as ice cream and yogurt;                 2 minutes.
orange juice; popcorn; sweets; cereals;              2. Stir in broth. Bring to boil. Reduce
gelatins and some sunscreens, to name a                 heat to low; cover and simmer 15
few. As a food additive turmeric protects               minutes. Stir in tomatoes. Place
food products from sunlight                             shrimp in single layer on top of the
  Turmeric has been discovered to be an ant             rice; top with peas. Cover.
deterrent in the garden. The reasons why it          3. Cook on medium-low heat 8 to 10
works aren’t clear yet.                                 minutes or until rice is tender and
  Attributed medicinal properties of                    shrimp turn pink. Season to taste
turmeric include being a mild digestive,                with freshly ground black pepper, if
being aromatic, a stimulant and a                       desired.
carminative. In Malaysia an ointment base        Note: ¼ teaspoon of saffron, crumbled may
on the spice is used as an antiseptic. In Asia   be used in place of the turmeric.
turmeric water is a cosmetic applied to the
skin to impart a golden glow to the                 380 calories, 13g fat, 1010mg sodium,
complexion. Curcumin has been shown to                        139g cholesterol
be active against Staphlococcus aureus (pus-     Reduce the sodium by using low sodium
producing infections).                           chicken broth and diced tomatoes. Smoked
  In 1280, Marco Polo described turmeric as      turkey sausage could be substituted to reduce the
                                                 amount of calories, fat and cholesterol.
“a vegetable with all the properties of true
saffron, as well as the smell and color, and
                                                 *Recipe taken from www.mccormick.com.
yet it is not really saffron.”
           Knit or Crochet?                        influenza virus infection develop in the
                                By Yvonne Wilson   body.
  Calling all who can knit, crochet or quilt!         There are two types of vaccines: The “flu
Northside Lutheran Ministries can use small        shot”— an inactivated vaccine (containing
blankets, approximately 45 inches by 60            killed virus) that is given by injection,
inches. If you would like to make a blanket,       usually in the arm. The flu shot is approved
Knitted Together has a supply of yarn free         for use in people older than 6 months,
for you to use. Ask Linda Reed, Becky              including healthy people, and people with
Kassulke, Kathy Bigalke, Linda Zellmer, or         chronic medical conditions.
Yvonne Wilson to show you the supply.                The nasal-spray flu vaccine — a vaccine
You do not have to be a member of Knitted          made with live, weakened flu viruses that do
Together to use this supply to make blankets       not cause the flu (sometimes called LAIV
to donate to Northside. Enjoy the cool fall        for “live attenuated influenza vaccine” or
weather by knitting a warm blanket.☺               FluMist®). LAIV (FluMist®) is approved
                                                   for use in healthy people 2-49 years of age
                                                   who are not pregnant.
                                                     Yearly flu vaccinations should begin in
   NEWS, INFORMATION,                              September or as soon as vaccine is available
   ARTICLES, WANTED!                               and continue throughout the influenza
                                                   season, into December, January, and
    The church newsletter committee is             beyond. This is because the timing and
  always looking for interesting                   duration of influenza seasons vary. While
  material from the organizations                  influenza outbreaks can happen as early as
  within our congregation. Place
  information in the R. Wilson mailbox .           October, most of the time influenza activity
                                                   peaks in January or later.
     Deadline for October 2009 issue:                Annual vaccination against influenza is
      Friday, September 18th, 2009                 recommended for any adult who wants to
                                                   reduce the risk of becoming ill with
                                                   influenza or of transmitting it to others.
                                                   Vaccination is recommended for all adults
                                                   without contraindications in the following
                                                   groups, because these persons either are at
  Time To Prepare For Your Flu                     higher risk for influenza complications, or
             Shot                                  are close contacts of persons at higher risk:
                                                   ·     persons aged 50 years and older;
                       By Parish Nurse Committee
                                                   ·     women who will be pregnant during
  The single best way to protect against the
                                                   the influenza season;
flu is to get vaccinated each year.
                                                   ·     persons who have chronic pulmonary
  The 2009-10 trivalent vaccine virus strains
                                                   (including asthma), cardiovascular (except
are A/Brisbane/59/2007 (H1N1)-like,
                                                   hypertension), renal, hepatic, cognitive,
A/Brisbane/10/2007 (H3N2)-like, and
                                                   neurological/neuromuscular, hematological
B/Brisbane 60/2008-like antigens. The
                                                   or metabolic disorders (including diabetes
viruses in the vaccine change each year
based on international surveillance and
                                                   ·     persons who have immunosuppression
scientists’ estimations about which types
                                                   (including immunosuppression caused by
and strains of viruses will circulate in a
                                                   medications or by human immunodeficiency
given year.
  About 2 weeks after vaccination,
                                                   ·     residents of nursing homes and other
antibodies that provide protection against
                                                   long-term care facilities;
                                                   ·     health-care personnel;
·      household contacts and caregivers of      ·       People who developed Guillain-Barré
children aged <5 years and adults aged 50        syndrome (GBS) within 6 weeks of getting
years and older, with particular emphasis on     an influenza vaccine.
vaccinating contacts of children aged <6         ·       Children less than 6 months of age
months; and                                      (influenza vaccine is not approved for this
·      household contacts and caregivers of      age group), and
persons with medical conditions that put         ·       People who have a moderate-to-severe
them at higher risk for severe complications     illness with a fever (they should wait until
from influenza.                                  they recover to get vaccinated.)
.      All children aged 6 months--18 years         The ability of flu vaccine to protect a
should be vaccinated annually.                   person depends on the age and health status
  Children and adolescents at higher risk for    of the person getting the vaccine, and the
influenza complications should continue to       similarity or “match” between the virus
be a focus of vaccination efforts as providers   strains in the vaccine and those in
and programs transition to routinely             circulation. Testing has shown that both the
vaccinating all children and adolescents,        flu shot and the nasal-spray vaccine are
including those who:                             effective at preventing the flu.
·      are aged 6 months--4 years (59               Vaccine Side Effects (What to Expect):
months);                                         Different side effects can be associated with
·      have chronic pulmonary (including         the flu shot and LAIV.
asthma), cardiovascular (except                     The flu shot: The viruses in the flu shot are
hypertension), renal, hepatic, cognitive,        killed (inactivated), so you cannot get the flu
neurological/neuromuscular, hematological        from a flu shot. Some minor side effects that
or metabolic disorders (including diabetes       could occur are
mellitus);                                       ·       Soreness, redness, or swelling where
·      are immunosuppressed (including           the shot was given
immunosuppression caused by medications          ·       Fever (low grade)
or by human immunodeficiency virus);             ·       Aches
·      are receiving long-term aspirin therapy      If these problems occur, they begin soon
and therefore might be at risk for               after the shot and usually last 1 to 2 days.
experiencing Reye syndrome after influenza       Almost all people who receive influenza
virus infection;                                 vaccine have no serious problems from it.
·      are residents of long-term care           LAIV (FluMist®): The viruses in the nasal-
facilities; and                                  spray vaccine are weakened and do not
·      will be pregnant during the influenza     cause severe symptoms often associated
season.                                          with influenza illness. (In clinical studies,
  Note: Children aged < 6 months cannot          transmission of vaccine viruses to close
receive influenza vaccination. Household         contacts has occurred only rarely.)
and other close contacts (e.g., daycare          In children, side effects from LAIV
providers) of children aged < 6 months,          (FluMist®) can include
including older children and adolescents,        ·       runny nose
should be vaccinated.                            ·       wheezing
  Who Should Not Be Vaccinated: There are        ·       headache
some people who should not be vaccinated         ·       vomiting
without first consulting a physician. These      ·       muscle aches
include:                                         ·       fever
·      People who have a severe allergy to       In adults, side effects from LAIV
chicken eggs.                                    (FluMist®) can include
·      People who have had a severe reaction     ·       runny nose
to an influenza vaccination.                     ·       headache
·    sore throat                                    council. The work carried out by Parish
·    cough                                          Assistance and the commissions on
  We can all protect ourselves and our              Evangelism, Youth Discipleship, Adult
loved ones with minimal discomfort.                 Discipleship, Worship, Special Ministries,
                                                    and Parish Schools will now be carried out
                                                    as a part of the Ministry Support area of the
    Wisconsin Lutheran College                      synod’s work and will be accountable to the
            Presents:                               Conference of Presidents through the synod
 Artists John Bergmeier and Paula Schultze          president. Second, the budget for the
      September 18 – October 30, 2009               ministries of Parish Services was further
            Schlueter Art Gallery                   reduced. Reductions had already been
          8800 W. Bluemound Road                    planned before convention; with these
Opening Reception: Sept. 18, 6:00-8:00 p.m.         additional reductions, three more called
                                                    positions and possibly one staff position will
                                                    need to be eliminated. The specifics of
MESSAGE FROM THE MASTER                             those reductions and what programs might
  Message from the Master will continue its         be reduced or eliminated are being identified
program of sermon series, now available on          and will be finally determined by the
CD, e-mailed or mailed manuscript, or               Conference of Presidents. In keeping with
downloaded at the                                   the recommendations of the Ad Hoc
www.messagefromthemaster.com website.               Commission and the resolutions of the
Sign up on line or call 414-259-0654.               convention, every effort will be made to
                                                    preserve as many functions of the Parish
THE LUTHERAN RADIO CHURCH                           Services ministries as possible.
SERVICE can be heard on WJYI 1340 AM                  The convention delegates received some
in Milwaukee on Sunday mornings at 7:00             unexpected good news when WELS VEBA
a.m. Listen anytime at                              announced that there will be a one-month
www.LutheranRCS.com.                                premium holiday sometime this fall. In
                                                    other words, for one month all calling bodies
TIME OF GRACE can be seen on Sunday                 will not be required to send premium
mornings at 7:30 a.m. on FOX channel 6; on          payments for their workers who are
Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m. EST Daystar                 participants in the VEBA health insurance
Television Network; Dish Network channel            plan. The convention passed a resolution
263; Direct TV channel 369; AT&T U-                 strongly encouraging congregations and
Verse channel 563 or on the web at                  schools to redirect the money they would
www.timeofgrace.org.                                have sent to VEBA to the synod instead. If
                                                    all calling bodies follow the convention’s
                                                    encouragement, there is potential benefit to
                                                    the synod of up to $2.5 million. Since
        News from the WELS
Compiled from Together Message from the office of
                                                    congregations and schools have already
President Mark Schroeder                            budgeted for these payments, this step could
  It’s only two weeks after the conclusion of       provide the synod with significant additional
the synod convention, but already work has          financial support with no additional sacrifice
begun to implement the various resolutions          from congregations. More information on
that were adopted.                                  this will be shared in the coming weeks.
  Convention decisions directly affected the        New members of the Synodical Council
work of Parish Services in a number of                The Synodical Council supervises the
ways. First, the Board for Parish Services          mission and ministry of the synod between
has been replaced by a Parish Services              conventions. New members will be joining

the Synodical Council when it meets in           have started Hmong congregations, and
November.                                        we’re there at a time when a lot of people
● Rev. Joel Voss (second vice president)         are moving there.”
● Rev. Phil Hirsch (chairman of the Board          About 50 Hmong have been meeting
for Ministerial Education ● Rev. Jonathan        regularly at Faith for about a year. Many of
Schroeder (pastor at large)                      the core members relocated from Fresno,
● Teacher James Moeller (teacher at large)       Calif., where WELS already has a Hmong
Called workers without calls                     congregation. Before Moua came, Rev. Jim
  As the budget was developed last year,         Oldfield from Faith had been preaching once
there were concerns that the reductions          a month with an interpreter, and Hmong
would result in a large number of called         elders had led simple services on the other
workers without calls. In all, about 38          Sundays.
occupied and vacant positions for called           Since there is no funding for this mission,
workers were eliminated. Thankfully, our         Moua will be working a full-time job in
worst fears have not been realized. The          addition to preaching, holding Bible study,
Lord has provided other calls for many           and conducting ministry training at the
whose positions were eliminated. Only six        mission. Congregational lay leaders will be
pastor-trained men, two staff ministers, and     responsible for community outreach. “Our
six teachers have not yet received a call. All   goal would be to gather more donations and
but 4 seminary graduates and 12 MLC              commitments for this mission in Anchorage
graduates have also been assigned. We will       so that eventually Pao could scale back to a
keep all of these workers in our prayers until   part-time job and do more ministry,” says
the Lord calls them to the field of service he   Piepenbrink.
has planned for them.                              Although not financially responsible for
  Not to be forgotten are the many faithful      the Hmong mission, Faith is hosting the
staff people across all areas of ministry        mission at its church and allowing the Moua
whose positions have been eliminated. Our        family to live in the nearby parsonage.
prayers are with them, too, as they struggle     Moua was one of three Hmong men who
to find new employment.                          graduated in May from the Asian Ministry
One other convention note: every                 Training Program, a satellite program under
congregation will be sent the September-         the auspices of the Pastoral Studies Institute
December 2009 episodes of WELS                   of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary.
Connection. The September episode is             Hard times in Pakistan and Nepal
devoted exclusively to convention coverage.        WELS’ contact in Pakistan reports that
A longer, more in-depth version of that          Christians in Gojra, Pakistan, were attacked
episode—designed for church councils,            by Muslims on Aug. 1. A number of
voters meetings, and other leadership            Christians were killed, and many homes
groups—is provided in the “toolbox”              were burned. Exact numbers are difficult to
feature of the DVD.                              obtain because of the anti-Christian
Hmong pastor to be installed at mission in       atmosphere in Pakistan.
Alaska                                             WELS began working with a Christian in
  Rev. Pao Moua will be installed Aug. 23        Pakistan in 2006, but his identity must
as the pastor of WELS’ first Hmong mission       remain protected for his safety. Since 2006,
in Alaska. The mission—currently called          WELS has distributed more than 60,000
Faith Hmong Mission—is holding services          pieces of Christian literature to people in
at Faith Lutheran Church, Anchorage.             Pakistan, and 19,000 students are enrolled in
  “I think it looks really promising as a        the Bible correspondence and teaching
mission field for us,” says Rev. Leon            courses translated into Urdu by WELS
Piepenbrink, Hmong ministry coordinator.         Multi-Language Publications.
“We’re there before a lot of other churches
  Rev. Michael Duncan, WELS’ mission             synod, especially in the mission field. I
outreach coordinator for Pakistan and Nepal,     thank God for the awesome tool that this can
says, “Christians in other parts of the world    be for reaching the lost and strengthening
experience extreme persecution for their         our members in their knowledge of God’s
beliefs. The devil is alive, and we must do      plan of salvation.”
all we can to share the gospel in parts of the      According to Rev. Dave Kehl,
world where it is unknown. It’s critical that    administrator for Adult Discipleship, the
we pray for Christians in countries like         movie is part of a larger effort of the
Pakistan and for the work that we are doing      Publication Coordinating Commission, a
to share the gospel with these people.”          group of representatives from WELS entities
  Duncan also reports that a cholera             involved in material publication, to focus its
epidemic in midwestern Nepal has killed          publishing efforts on a central message—
260 people and left thousands sick. Through      Christ’s victory on the cross and how we’re
the synod’s contact in Nepal, WELS has           involved in his mission to reveal that to the
access to these remote regions where people      world. “Here in a simple, 30-minute movie
are not receiving medicine, so the contact,      is an explanation of what the whole Bible is
along with leaders in the church, will bring     about—zeroing down to the core of what
medicines to these people. WELS                  Christ has done for us and our mission,”
Committee on Relief is supplying $1,000          says Kehl.
and WELS Humanitarian Aid Committee is              Road to Emmaus was produced and
supplying $1,100 for medical clinics to treat    directed by Boettcher/Trinklein Television,
this cholera epidemic.                           Inc., the same group that produces WELS
  Rev. David Valleskey, chairman of the          Connection. Filmed entirely in Wisconsin,
Humanitarian Aid Committee, says, “The           it stars Bruce Marchiano as Jesus.
Humanitarian Aid Committee exists to             Marchiano also portrays Jesus in the
demonstrate the love of Jesus to people by       Matthew video put out by The Visual Bible.
providing gifts to them in times of trouble,        According to Kehl, the movie is simple
which is obviously what this is for the          enough for congregations to use with those
people in Nepal. One of our goals is to have     who have never heard of Christ but meaty
people ask, ‘Why are you giving us this          enough for lifelong Christians. Available in
gift?’ Then Christians in the area have an       English and Spanish, the movie also will be
opportunity to share the gospel with their       translated into several other languages for
neighbors.”                                      use in world mission fields. The movie is
DVD debuts at synod convention                   made possible by grants from the
Road to Emmaus, a new DVD that portrays          Publication Coordinating Commission,
the discussion that Jesus could have had         Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, and WELS
with the two disciples after his resurrection,   Kingdom Workers. It is available from
debuted at the 2009 synod convention.            Northwestern Publishing House,
  “It was outstanding,” says Rev. Ed             www.nph.net.
Schuppe, a pastor delegate. “It will have
many uses for congregations throughout our


Trudy Keske       Gerald Bequest
Trenton Glosson   Dave Ladewig
Emil Strehlow     Dallas Smith
John Baker        Ruth Niemuth
Brad Grochowski   Alice Muenkel
Marilynn Brown    Selina Trbovich
Ruth Senft        Tami Berka
Mary Simpson      Louise Kante
Aimee Lau         Stacey Sudbrink
Andrew Scott
Jason Bond
Angela Glaeske
Eric Muenkel
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