Lesson Plan 26 by linzhengnd


									                                                                   ALGEBRA 1-B

   2/28-3/4              Monday                    Tuesday                   Wednesday                    Thursday                    Friday

Objective      Review Polynomials        Review Polynomials        Test                         Factoring Trinomials       Factoring Trinomials

Materials      Text                      Notebook                                               Text                       Notebook
               Notebook                  Practice Test                                          Notebook                   Factoring Handout
               Review Problems Handout                                                          9.5 Worksheet

Introduction                                                                                    Pass Back Tests

Lesson         Students will practice    Test Breakdown                   Test on Polynomials   9.5 Factoring Trinomials   Students will play a game
               solving all types of      Students will complete                                 pg. 583-589                with factoring trinomials.
               polynomial problems.      Practice Test.
                                                                                                Factor x^2 +bx+c
               Work in groups of 4.      Review at end of class.                                Trial and Error Method
               Review Answers                                                                   Check using FOIL method
                                                                                                Several Examples

Evaluation     Monitor Classwork         Monitor Class                                          Monitor Class              Monitor Activity

Assignment     Complete Review Problems Study for Test                                          pg. 586                    NO HOMEWORK
                                                                                                problems 3-19

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