General Aviation Engine Management Predictive-Analysis Systems by linzhengnd


									                                  General Aviation Electronic Pilot Reports
                                   ARNAV Systems, Inc., Puyallup, WA
Graphical display of Weather Information (not data) in
the Cockpit made possible through low cost, datalink for
ground to cockpit transmission for General Aviation;
provides “e-mail” messaging from the cockpit.

    Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) navigation, graphical display on cockpit
    management systems, and wireless datalink communications technology, has
                                                                                             Cockpit Navigation Display + Weather Overlay
    formed the hardware basis for the Weather in the Cockpit System

                                                                                              Government/Science Applications -
                                                                                              Weather Display on its Moving map for situational awareness
                                                                                              Two-way datalink communications& Cockpit Display of Traffic
Commercialization                                                                             Partnerships created with major weather research vendor - NCAR to
                                                                                              improve hazardous weather prediction & depict it intuitively for future
•     Sales of DataLink & Display Products exceeded $1 million in 1997, expected orders in
                                                                                              GA cockpit. The technology creates a reduction in pilot work load and
      excess of $30 million over next 5 years
                                                                                              improve safety
•     Equipment used in 100 aircraft for Operation Helistar during 1996 Olympic Games, the
      largest ever “Free Flight” demonstration
•     Equipment credited by the FAA in saving 50+ lives during 1995-96 in Emergency
      Medical use in Chattanooga, TN                                                                Points of Contact:
                                                                                                     - NASA:           Henry Jarrett III; (757) 864-1917
                                                                                                     - ARNAV:          Susan Hamner
    LaRC NASA Field Center                                                                                             253-848-6060
    1993 SBIR Phase II; NAS1 # -96036                                                                                  http:\\
    SS # 1-013                                                                                                         ARNAV Systems, Inc.
    Last update: 4/99                                                                                                  16923 Meridian East
                                                                                                                       Puyallup, WA 98373

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