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									Sneak Peak at Facebook’s new feature for
 All the small business owners who have adopted Facebook to promote their business and to
engage with their customers have another tool at their disposal. This new tool is the Facebook
Page recommend feature. With this new feature you can recommend Facebook Pages just like
you are used to recommending other content which you find all over the web.

Sneak Peek at Facebook's New Feature

This is how we think this feature works:

        User opens a Facebook Page and clicks on the “Like” button
        A pop-over opens which allows you to write a small recommendation for this Facebook
        This recommendation is shown on the user’s wall and in her friend’s updates stream

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A few things to note about this new feature are that this feature is still not released publicly and
Facebook seems to be trying this feature out to see the reaction of users to this feature. Also
nobody knows the Edgerank such a recommendation will have (higher edge rank would mean
that more people see your recommendation)

So what do you think about this new feature? Do you think this can help your business get new
customers? Or is this just another feature which nobody cares about?

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