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									SMBs embrace social media to grow their
“The Internet is an important tool for business growth, and it is savvy SMEs who understand its
potential beyond e-commerce,” – Katie Ledger, a Professional Branding Expert.

A global survey conducted by Regus shows that seven percent more SMEs have found new
clients through business social networks as compared to the second quarter in 2010. The report
also states that globally, more companies are using social networks to diversify their businesses,
attract new customers and also to increase their profits. As reported, 39 percent of the SMEs
around the globe use 20 percent of their marketing budget for social networking.

A recent survey conducted by HP in the UK shows that 48 percent of UK’s SMEs are using
social media to propel their business and also to reach their target audience. The report also
states that 83 percent of SMEs are benefiting from using social media as an advertising
mechanism and networking tool. Professional branding experts opine that blogging, tweeting and
active participation in business forums will help the SMEs to build their credibility and also gain
potential customers. HP’s survey also reports that 18 percent of the SMEs are contemplating
about introducing tablet devices in their businesses. However, 55 percent of the SMEs are
concerned about the investment in social media marketing and tablet devices.

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How Social Media Helps to Grow your Business

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube are the popular social media sites that are

Used by most of the businesses – small and large. Tech-savvy entrepreneurs use social media
sites to share information, ideas and opportunities. In brief, SMEs, which have

A presence in the various social networking sites has advantage over those who do not. One of
the greatest advantages of using the social media sites is that your clients and customers give
publicity for your products and services. That is indirectly marketing for you. Let’s take a look at
how social media can help to grow your business.

Make Your Brand Visible – The spending pattern of consumers has changed drastically in the
recent years. They decide what to buy and from who to buy after a thorough research on the
Internet, and the social media is being used by the consumers to make decisions on their
purchases. Therefore, the time has come for you to change your marketing strategies. Create
your brand’s social presence on the various social media platforms. There are many websites like
Apptivo, who are more than willing to lend you a helping hand.

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Go where your Customers are – Remember that your customers are leveraging the social
media platforms before they make a decision. A tech-savvy entrepreneur would make use of the
social media to build up trust by engaging in direct communication with his customers/clients.
Social media also helps you to target potential customers. Once you have a social profile,
remember to update it frequently. Also respond to your customer’s queries and complaints. Once
the customers realize that you take pains to resolve their problems or clarify their doubts, they
would start trusting you and understand that you value them.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Use the latest SEO techniques to highlight your social
media profile. When you create keyword-rich social profile content around your brand name, it
helps to generate traffic to your official website and to your social networking sites. Search
engines such as Google and Bing have devoted time to index and rank information and posts
from social networks. Even the videos are being indexed by prominent search engines.

Social Media and Marketing – Social media platforms gives opportunity to reach out To
specific group of people based on their personal preferences and interests. Social Media sites
allow you to create a social profile to target these audiences who could be your potential

There are many social media monitoring tools that can be useful to measure and also Track your
company’s brand image on a social web. These tools help you to analyze the impact of social
media on your business. SMEs are thus encouraged to leverage social media to boost their
business products.

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