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Free SEO good Articles by HarisZubay


Free SEO good Articles

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									Free SEO good Articles

Free SEO Articles is a great resource to find articles, posts, snippets and other relevant

information regarding Search Engine Optimization. You will find that most of the resources

can be found by trawling the web; however we decided to try and pull in all those resources

to one central location so you don’t need to go hunting for it. Instead you just come to Free

SEO Article and browse our pages.

The Advantage of a central point for all the information is that you only need to bookmark

one site. In most cases people tend to find additional information that is relevant to them and

want to book mark it for later. This is fine however after a period of time you end up with a

whole load of bookmarks which you have to search through which in turn doubles the time

you end up searching for information.

Search Marketing is becoming more and more important to businesses and not just those

solely online. As already mentioned there are a lot of information to weed through and the

benefits of having us as the single point. Search Marketing of which it is now commonly

known has come a long way since the days of Search Engine Optimisation. In the early days

all you had to do is build a nice site with some good content then off you go building links to

your site. With good content and enough backlinks with a particular anchor text would be

enough. However things have changed a lot over time and search engines also. More people

now use the internet than ever. And it is of course big business with everyone wanting a slice.

Because of the nature in which things have evolved the names Search Engine Optimisation

has too. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Search Marketing has really taken over the

whole SEO thing. This is due to whole new wave of ways in which we use the internet and of
course how search engines have advanced. The most prominent advance is in Social Media or

Social Networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. These not only serve as a way of people

communication with each other, but also are a powerful marketing tool. Google is still the

number one place to be seen, but an equal amount of publicity and traffic can be obtained

from twitter and Facebook.

We hope you find our site useful and are able to obtain some very useful ideas from the



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