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I                                                                                                                                 S, 2.£> t (
•J   -                                                                                                                        2350 W. Latham
               MET UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT                                                                                   Hemet, CA 92545
         II                                                                                                                    951-765-5100

                                                                                                                                January 2005

              Citizens' Oversight Committee                                                                       To request additional
                                                                                                              information, e-mail IIUSD at:
              Annual Report on Measure "E"                                                                   MeasureE(ayhemetusci kl2. ca. us
                                                                                                                Or visit the HUSD web site:
                                                                                                                 www, hemetusd. k!2. ca. us

              Letter from the Chairman
              T h e Citizens* Oversight                 der the provisions ofProposition 39                One ofthe most important fac
                      Committee issues the Citi         (2000). The Building Fund (Mea            tors to note is that the District has
                      zens ' Oversight Commit           sure E)Audited Financial Statement        matched the $60 million of Measure
              tee Report on Measure "E" two             is not included inthis report, but can     E funds with over $85 million ofState
              or three times a year to keep the         be accessed through our website at         SchoolFacilities Program Funding as
              public informed on the progressand or by               planned inconjunction with the Mea
              expenditures of the Measure *'E"          contacting the HemetUnified School         sure E program. With the costs soar
              generalobligation school facilities       District at (951) 765-5100, exten          ing, the District has to augment the
              bond passed by the voters in 2002.        sion 2401.                                 building program withdeveloper fees,
              This edition presentsthe public with          Much has happenedsince Mea             which are paidon new housing,com
              the budget expenditures and status        sure "E", the $60 million school fa        mercial and industrial construction.
              ofprojects report and is the Annual       cilities general obligation bond                   At tin's time we would like to ac
              Report issue for 2003-04. This is         passed in March 2002. Three years          knowledge and thank those members
              the third Annual Report, issued, re       alter passage of the bond, four (4)        who have served two consecutive
              viewed and approved by the Gov            of the six (6) new schools funded          teims on the Comm ittee: GerryAgnes,
              erningBoardand theCitizensOver            by the bond have been completed.           Rohn West, Jim Calkins, and Marga
              sightCommittee.                           One is currently under construction        ret (Peggy) Kissack. I also will be
                  Article X1IIA of the California       with opening scheduled for fall of         fullFillingmytwotenns.
              Constitution and the Education            2005. The new Tahquitz High
              Code Section 15728 requires dis           School will be bid on May 3,2005.
              tricts to prepare an annual report in     Construction will start in mid May         Joe Wojcik, Chairman
              cluding the building fund audit for       with completion expected in fall
              general obligation bondspassedun          2007.

              Members Needed for the Citizens' Oversight Committee
                   'he Committee, as established        able terms June 30,2005. Only one          please obtain an application from the
                   by the Hemet Unified School          required category willremain unfilled      Superintendent's Office by calling
              District's Governing Board, consists      as mandated:.Category 3 - a repre          (951) 765-5100, extension 2434 or by-
              ofeleven (II) members. Proposition        sentative from a Bona-fide Tax Payer       visiting the district's web site at
              39 mandates five ofthose positions        Association. The other four mem            www.hemetnsd.kl Q
              must represent established catego         bers will not be required to meet any
                                                                                                     Inside this Issue
              ries. Members may serve two con           ofthe established categories.
                                                                                                     >*•     Budget Summary
              secutive terms.                                In March the Governing Board
                                                        will begin actively recruitingfor new        )*• Annual Report
                 Currently fiveofthe Committee
              members arecompletingtheirallow           members. If you are interested,              >       Projects Status Summary

                    Mr. Joe Wojcik, Chairman      ♦   Mr. Frank Lewis, Vice Chairman ♦ Mr. Gerry Agnes ♦ Mr. Matt Brudin
                 Mr. James Calkins   ♦   Ms. Anna Marie Dalbey       ♦   Mr. Thomas Green   ♦   Ms. Peggy Kissack       ♦   Mr. Rohn West

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