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                               HIDDENBROOKE COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION
                                                                                                          Volume 4, Issue 2
                         IMPORTANT LEGAL NOTICE!                                                          February / March 05
                              Attention all Property Owners                                               Inside this issue:
                  A public forum information meeting about the upcoming                                   President’s Message                  2
            Master Declaration (CC&R) Amendment Vote                                                      HB Community School                  3
                        will be held at the Hiddenbrooke Golf Club on
                                                                                                          CC&R Update                          4
                  Sunday, February 27, 2005 at 4:00 PM                                                    Holiday Lighting Contest             5
      Optional Pasta Buffet Dinner will follow the meeting. Cost $10.00 per person.                       Recent Home Sales                    5
            You may attend the information meeting and not stay for dinner                                HCA Nominating Committee             6
               Please RSVP by Feb. 23rd to Welcome Center: 558-9697                                       Keep Our Cities Clean                6
                  (Numbers attending for meeting and/or for buffet.)                                      HB Resident Golf Club                7
                This meeting shall be the only public information meeting                                 HMD Update                           8
             regarding these important legal matters that affect your property.                           Over The Back Fence                  8
                 Please attend to be informed about the upcoming vote.                                    Classified Ads                       9
            Copies of the draft amendment when received will be available via                             Recycle More Trash              10
            HB-News and the Welcome Center (look for a sign in the window)
                                                                                                          Important Phone Numbers         11
                        For Information: Ricki Ingersoll 642-6618                                         Important Dates                 12

   Optional Pasta Buffet includes: Assorted Pastas – Penne, Tortellini & Linguine,
               Assorted Sauces– Pomodoro, Pesto & Cream Sauce,
                    Mixed green salad with assorted dressings,
                 Grilled Chicken, Garlic Bread, and Cheese cakes.
              Thank You Triad Communities for underwriting part of this cost.

By Bob Sampayan,
Take a moment and imagine another Loma Prieta earthquake,             but being prepared for disasters is es-
but this time it’s on the Green Valley Fault that lies about four     sential for public safety in Hiddenbrooke.
miles Northeast of us between Cordelia and Hiddenbrooke.
Homes shake for several minutes, several buildings fall, all the      The HCA Board is exploring the possibility of establishing Com-
utilities fail, and phone service stops. We try to call for help on   munity Emergency Response Teams (CERT) to deal with disas-
our cell phones but the cell site is also out. We try to leave Hid-   ters and emergency preparedness. The CERT idea is nothing
denbrooke but find that the Parkway is blocked by downed high-        new, and has been around since 1994 and has established itself
tension lines that cross over it at the waterfall. Somehow, one of    in many communities throughout the United States. The volun-
our neighbors is able to call out of Hiddenbrooke but learns that     teer personnel that make up the teams are community residents
the damage of the quake has strained the resources of the pub-        that have skills in various areas, such as advanced first aid,
lic safety agencies that serve us. We’re told we may be on our        CPR, search and rescue, fire fighting, just to name a few. How-
own for a day or so. Now what? Are we really isolated from            ever, you don’t have to be skilled in any of these to participate in
basic emergency services? Scenarios similar to this can happen                                                        (Continued on page 10)
               Page 2                                                                         NEIGHBORS

By Paul Norberg,
Now that the holidays are over we are all getting back to our normal routines. The holiday
lighting contest was a big success, and we all enjoyed the many beautifully decorated homes.
A big round of thanks to all who participated in the contest. Don’t forget to take your lights down and put them
away for next year.

Hiddenbrooke resident Bob Kile met with the Hiddenbrooke Community Association Board of Directors in Janu-
ary to help develop a plan for recruiting committee members and identifying the most important issues impact-
ing all of us. Bob is a recognized expert in recruiting board members for non profit organizations and has writ-
ten a book on the subject. If you have any Hiddenbrooke issues you feel need to be addressed, please let me
know. The list will be used to identify special skills needed to solve these problems, and to recruit qualified indi-
viduals to serve on committees and board positions.

The school committee conducted Operation Kid Kount on January 8th and 9th. Over 75% of the homes in Hid-
denbrooke were contacted and 471 kids up to18 years old were counted with another 33 on the way bringing
the total to over 500. Out of that total only 40 are attending Vallejo public schools. The committee is working
on the possibility of getting a charter or magnet school established on the Orchards school site. Sally Dutcher
is the chair of the school committee and needs your help to get a functioning school. You can contact her at or give her a call at 553-8121.

The Welcome Center is currently managed by Triad Communities. As Triad will be leaving Hiddenbrooke when
the build out is completed, the Hiddenbrooke Community Association voted at the June 2004 annual meeting to
take over managing the Welcome Center. Hiddenbrooke resident Allen Wildermuth is working with the city to
make the transition on 7/1/05. The Welcome Center is funded by the taxes we all pay to the Hiddenbrooke
Maintenance District. There is no financial cost to the HCA, and Allen will be volunteering his time. We believe
this change will result in a better run Welcome Center and more responsive to our needs.

A reception in February is being planned for new Vallejo City Manager Roger Kemp, and all Hiddenbrooke resi-
dents are invited to attend. The exact date will be announced on Hiddenbrooke News and published on our
web site If you are not yet a subscriber to Hiddenbrooke News, you can sign up
at We now have 319 residents using Hiddenbrooke News
and exchanging information on a daily basis. There is no cost to join, and it is a great place to find out what is
happening in Hiddenbrooke.

A number of Hiddenbrooke residents have inquired about getting a separate zip code for Hiddenbrooke. We
took an informal poll and found that 41 residents wanted a separate zip code and 15 didn’t. Congressman
George Miller offered to help and wanted a letter stating that a majority of the residents supported a new zip
code. As only 56 out of 850 homes responded, I didn’t feel I could write the letter without a petition signed by a
majority of residents, and the HCA board decided to take no action on the issue. Recently both Discovery Bay
and Bay Point in the East Bay requested separate zip codes but were turned down by the Post Office. Discov-
ery Bay with 9,000 residents and 3,800 homes is in the same zip code as Byron. Bay Point with 17,500 resi-
                   2004-2005                     dents and 6,300 homes has the same zip code as Pittsburg.
               Board of Directors                Hiddenbrooke currently has about 850 homes and will have
                                                 about 1220 when completed. As Hiddenbrooke is much
   President       Paul Norberg      552-5145    smaller than both Discovery Bay and Bay Point, we didn’t feel it
   Vice President  Jim Libien        554-0226    was worth the effort to continue the application.
  Secretary        Joyce Estes       647-7053
  Treasurer        Linda Servis      557-0458
  Director         John Rosenberg    557-5100
  Director         Bob Sampayan      645-1371              Hiddenbrooke — Where families thrive, and
  Director         Kevin Elliott     557-9340                   friendships & memories are made!
   February / March 05                                                                                    Page 3

                                                                                          GOLF CLUB
          MEET YOUR NEIGHBORS                                              HIDDENBROOKE CRAB FEED
             IN THE LOUNGE                                                             Saturday, February 5
                                                                             Reservations between 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
 The Lounge is open Friday nights from 5:00 pm to 8:30                          Hiddenbrooke Clubhouse Pavilion
 pm. Friday nights are a great opportunity for you to meet
 fellow Hiddenbrooke neighbors while enjoying a great                   Buffet Includes: Caesar Salad, Cheese Tortellini,
 dinner.                                                                   Fresh All-You-Can-Eat Crab, Garlic Bread,
 Please note, during the busy banquet season, the                                     Cookies & Brownies,
 Lounge is closed for private events. Call 558-0330 ext.                             Iced Tea & Lemonade
 248 for the Lounge’s Friday night schedule.
                                                                                          $19.95 per adult
                                                                                $9.95 per child (12 years & younger)
               UPCOMING EVENTS                                                        Excludes tax & gratuity
           Wine Dinner – Thursday, February 24
       St. Patrick’s Day Buffet – Thursday, March 17                    Reservations required. Please call 558-0330 x211
                                                                          Deadline to RSVP is 5:00 pm on Thur, Feb. 3
            Easter Brunch – Sunday, March 27
                                                                                                                                 6/7 04

                   By Elizabeth Weinberg
                     Our first fundraiser on December 12 was a Of the 674 responses:
                         very enjoyable event. “Brunch with           Number of kids, aged infant-18:           471
                         Santa,” in collaboration with realtors       Number of babies on the way:               33
Desiree Conley, Melinda Mares, and Jennifer Stephenson, the               (We have a baby boom, folks!)
Hiddenbrooke Golf Course, and the Hiddenbrooke Community Breakdown of Kids/No Kids:
Association, was a success and drew over 200 neighbors on a           Number of homes w/ kids, or expecting: 306
lovely holiday Sunday for brunch, free pictures with Santa, holi-     Number of homes w/NO kids:                 368
day crafts for the kids and raffles to benefit the future school.
We had more than 200 reservations, and had to turn people         Over the next weeks, we will have the statistics compiled and will
away! And, we raised nearly $400 which will be used for opera- upload a file to the School and HCA Yahoo Groups. If you have
tional costs associated with the numerous tasks at hand, includ- not yet responded, please give us a call at 642-6346 and leave a
ing preparing and submitting grants, preparing and submitting     message with your address and kids’ ages, or let us know that
the charter documentation, preparing and filing tax-exempt (non- there are no kids in your home.
profit) status documentation, etc. It was a great start, and we Our sincerest appreciation goes out to the following people who
thank the community for their generosity.                       gave up their weekend to join us out in the elements for this ef-
The next big event was Operation Kid Kount 2005, held on the    fort: Kimber Smith & kids, Wilma and Dan Kiernan, Paul and Pat
wet and windy weekend of January 8 and 9. A group of hardy      Norberg, Lynda and Derrick Aynaga, Elizabeth Bates, Michelle
volunteers succeeded in knocking on 863 doors — a very signifi- Hunter and the whole Hunter family, James and Cynthia Murphy,
cant achievement! We’ve now completed the preliminary num-      the Imlach family (Jason, Diane and Mom), Priscilla Solomon,
ber-crunching, and here’s what we have as of January 17:        Craig and Victoria Danby, Terrie Taylor, and Laura Hayes. We'd
                                                                also like to thank the community for answering our questions and
Total Homes contacted:                    863                   for the numerous offers of support we have received. We’ll be in
    Total responses as of 1/17:           674
    *Still waiting for a response:        189*
          (It’s not too late! Call us!)                                                                          (Continued on page 7)
                  Page 4                                                                                        NEIGHBORS

                  KNOCK, KNOCK – WHO’S THERE?
                  By Kathy Wildermuth
                  Soon, you will be hearing the gentle “knock-knock” on your door from neighborhood volunteers to tell you of the
                  exciting changes coming to Hiddenbrooke. That's right, you might think of it as the Changing of the Guards re-
                  garding the Hiddenbrooke CC&Rs.
As most of you may know by now, Triad has been the single dominant force in working with property owners to obtain compliance
with the Hiddenbrooke CC&Rs. Triad is going to be leaving soon, and this very important responsibility must now be transferred to
another group. The new group will be the Hiddenbrooke Architectural Review Committee (HARC), which many of you may already
be familiar with, having submitted your landscaping plans for review and approval. This same group will expand their efforts
to ensure that the Hiddenbrooke CC&Rs remain viable and in force, to protect your property values and continue to preserve Hid-
denbrooke's reputation as a special place to live.
The effort to transfer this responsibility for CC&R compliance has been a long and tremendous undertaking. Thanks to Geoff
Albrecht's prior HCA committee, followed by Terry Reilly, then Ricki Ingersoll, John Rosenberg, and other dedicated residents, Hid-
denbrooke property owners are about to savor the fruits of these previous diligent efforts. Coming soon, a community meeting will
be held to inform Hiddenbrooke residents of the changes to our community, which will provide stability and value to all of our proper-
At this meeting you will hear about the changes to the CC&Rs, and learn about the community vote that will implement these
changes. After this meeting, neighborhoods will be canvassed to ask each household to support HARC in establishing the mecha-
nism to take over this important responsibility. In addition to further explaining the CC&R transition effort, property owners will have
the opportunity to ask the walkers specific questions about how this effort will improve Hiddenbrooke. To cover the entire Hidden-
brooke community, 35 of your neighbors have volunteered to walk door-to-door and inform each household of the importance of
supporting the HARC. As these dedicated residents come to your door, you will learn the importance of supporting this effort to
preserve Hiddenbrooke's inherent beauty, and maintain and improve your property values.
So when you hear the doorbell ring, or hear that knock on your door, welcome your neighborhood walker, and find out how this ef-
fort will change Hiddenbrooke for the better, and how you can help by voting in favor of HARC taking over responsibility for CC&R

Complete landscaping: Sod, plants, trees, sprinklers
(drip & auto), rock gardens, ponds, waterfalls, flagstone,
rock walls, concrete work, lights, arbors and complete
Free Estimates                             Mark Pritchard, Broker/Owner
Vince Martino                  License 425882 insured                          Melody Pritchard, Agent
21 Snowdrift Ct.
El Sobrante                           Phone 707 747-0545                                  (510) 303-6129
Some satisfied Hiddenbrooke customers:                                                    (707) 558-9233
     Paul & Pat Norberg*            Tanya Tudor                                               Available 24/7
     Joe & Carolyn Appenzeller*     Don & Rosa Tolbert*
     John & Joyce Estes*            Warren Kofler
     Don & Connie McGregor*         Jay & Kathy Martin               
     Hugh & Priscilla Silvey        Art Hyman                            
     Ed Skelly                      Diane & Mark Oehlke
     Dennie & Mary Perrelie
                                                                                        1235 Wildwing Lane
          * Featured on Hiddenbrooke Garden Tours
                                                            6/7 05
                                                                                       Resident, HCA Member                          4/5 05
   February / March 05                                                                                                                               Page 5

LET THERE BE LIGHT…                                                                                                RECENT HOME SALES
                                                                                                                   Recent Home Sales information is from BAREIS mls. Provided by
AT HIDDENBROOKE                                                                                                    Mark Pritchard, Broker, Hiddenbrooke Realty
By Valerie McCormick                                                                                               PRICE SOLD       ADDRESS                    BD/BA SQ FT

Hiddenbrookers once again rallied to array our neighborhoods                                                       $570,000        4076 Summer Gate            3/3     2,205
with light for the holiday season! The sense of community was                                                      $599,500        4083 Summer Gate            4/4     2,652
incredible this year as more and more families participated in set-                                                $635,500        5034 Staghorn Drive         3/3     2,580
ting Hiddenbrooke aglow with a wide variety of creative effects.                                                   $665,000        4040 Nottingham Court       4/4     2,652
                                                                                                                   $690,000        2947 Carlingford Lane       4/3     2,518
Displays varied from traditional elegance to a riot of lights that                                                 $700,000        2285 Bennington Drive       4/3     2,646
were sure to draw Santa (and, just maybe, a Travis C-5) to their                                                   $725,000        3064 Overlook Drive         4/3     2,918
location! The homes along Bennington were awarded a special                                                        $834,500        1338 Swainson Court         4/3     3,134
“Spirit Award” ($100 towards their next block party) for their out-
                                                                                                                   $840,000        1000 Songwood Road          4/4     3,612
standing participation with nearly all homes in the area sporting
                                                                                                                   $860,000        2650 Avocet Lane            4/4     3,300
holiday celebrations of light and décor. Many Village homes took
care to assure a consistent appearance of village festivity. In sev-
eral areas throughout Hiddenbrooke contiguous properties
seemed to band together to effect a thematic approach. All
neighborhoods throughout our community were alight with festive
arrangements providing exciting reminders of the holiday season.                                                                    Accent Curbs
There were an abundance of deer that surely provoked envy                                                                       Concrete Mow Strips
among the natural deer population with their bright finery! I was
tempted to try counting them but, with the other holiday activities                                                Allen Hochstetler         
needing attention, a deer count never made it to top priority.
                                                                                                                   707-437-4002                             CA. Lic. 706314
Bears, snowmen (& women), Santa’s, gifts, trains, snowflakes,
carolers and a large variety of tree decorations and bows all
added to the festive look of Hiddenbrooke! Angels and mangers                                                                   Call For a Free Estimate
reminded us of the religious meaning of Christmas, adding a
                                                                                     (Continued on page 9)

                                     North Bay College Funding
                                                         Gene Altaffer

                            Telephone: 707-554-0442                            Fax: 707-554-0670
                  101 West American Canyon Road #508-333
                         American Canyon, CA 94503
        Securities offered through Securities America, Inc. A Registered Broker/Dealer Member NASD/SIPC
                               Registered Representative (CA Insurance Lic#0D22645).
                           North Bay College Funding is independent of Securities America.
                                                                                                          6/7 05

                                                 Alison W. Fleck
                                        Landscape Consultant & Designer

          Simply Perfect Gardens
                                            743 Cheryl Dr.
                                            Benicia, CA 94510
                                            Home Phone: 707-747-9463
                                            Cell & Voicemail: 707-319-9797                                6/7 05
                                                                                                                                                                            8/9 04
                Page 6                                                                                        NEIGHBORS

               2005 ELECTION
               By Priscilla Silvey, Chair
It’s a new year, and we are in the early stages of preparing to      We are also very interested in hearing from HCA members
elect four (4) Hiddenbrooke Community Association (HCA)              who are willing to submit a “Hiddenbrooke Community Associa-
Board Member Positions for Fiscal year 2005.                         tion 2005 Board Candidate Profile.” Please note that only HCA
                                                                     members may run for the Board and only members may vote
In preparation for filling these positions, which are effective July for the Board. However, don’t let that stop you -- if you are
1st, several steps are currently underway. For example:              interested in joining HCA, and or preparing to run for the Board,
(1) A Nominating Committee has been established.                     please call John Rosenberg on 557-5100 to register as a HCA
(2) A Strategic Board Recruitment process is underway to             member.
     determine key Board initiatives/goals and required Board        Candidate Profiles for Board positions will be available by Feb-
     member’s skill and talent slates required to meet those         ruary 6th via HB-News and or directly from Priscilla Silvey at
     goals.                                                 If you are unable to send the Profile via
(3) We are requesting interested HCA members to submit a             email, you may deliver or mail it to the Hiddenbrooke Commu-
     “HCA-2005 Candidate Profile” to the Nominating Commit- nity Association, Welcome Center, 850 Hiddenbrooke Park-
     tee by March 1, 2005.                                           way, Vallejo, CA 94591,(attention: Priscilla Silvey). And, if you
Here is a little more information with reference to each of the      want to talk to a “live person” about Board member positions
above steps:                                                         and requirements before posting your profile, please call
                                                                     Priscilla on 643-0995. Please note that all Profiles should be
Nomination Committee Members are:                                    dated no later than March 1, 2005.
        Priscilla Silvey, (Chair)
        Regina Lau (Committee Member)                              We are very pleased with the accomplishments of current and
        Kevin Elliot (Board Liaison)                               past Board members. These members share that they typically
        Bob Kile (Strategic Board Recruitment Consultant)          spend 8 hours (or more) each month on HCA business. In
                                                                   addition, many Board members share that they benefit by at-
The Nominating Committee is working with Bob Kile to facilitate tending many of the HCA Community functions. While this is a
a Board Member’s workshop to identify key 2005-2006 Board          commitment in time, Board member’s have accomplished
initiatives and goals, along with relevant Board members           much and have found the time rewarding. We hope YOU are
skills/talents required to meet those objectives. This information willing to share your time and talent to support the develop-
then helps us round out Board member’s backgrounds neces- ment of our great community!
sary to meet future Hiddenbrooke Community needs.

                  By Joyce Estes,
                 Our committee has been working with Vallejo         the gratitude of all the residents. (Thank You Todd & Lynn!.)
                 Code Enforcement (Vallejo Adopt A Street            And Triad Communities is still on the list to adopt a segment for
                 Program), CalTrans (Adopt A Highway Pro-            trash removal.
gram) and Napa County (Adopt A Road Program) to make the
streets and highways around Vallejo cleaner.                      McGary Road is being adopted by HCA through the Vallejo
                                                                  Adopt A Street Program and a sign will be installed in the next
Our initial goal was to find businesses who would a adopt sec- few weeks. (McGary Road runs in front of our waterfall and is
tion of Highway 80. To kick off the program, HCA submitted an also home to the informal park and ride.) HCA has agreed to
application to adopt the two-mile section in front of Hidden-     remove trash from this area four times per year and the Vallejo
brooke on the Hiddenbrooke side, but the application was de-      Garbage Co. and/or CalTrans will pick up the bagged trash.
nied because CalTrans just recently discovered they had an        The first clean up will be late January or early February and
application from Jelly Belly filed in 1999 and from Triad Commu- then quarterly thereafter. My husband and I have agreed to co-
nities filed in 2000. So Jelly Belly will be adopting the area in ordinate the clean ups, and I will post a notice to HB-News to
front of Hiddenbrooke from about the end of the narrow Bike       notify every one of the clean up days which will be a weekday
path to about the Red Top exit. The adoption will require that    and a Saturday. If you aren’t on HB-News and want a personal
they use a paid contractor to pick up trash once per month.       notification, please call or email me. I will need a count of those
                                                                  planning to participate so that we will have enough orange
Todd & Lynn Honderd agreed to pay for a second trash pick up vests, pickers and bags. The first clean up will be the most labor
each month on Highway 80 in front of Hiddenbrooke at a cost of intensive. All participates will need to sign a release. Also So-
about $50 per month. We are calling them Silent Adopters be-
cause they won’t get their name on the sign, but they will have                                                     (Continued on page 9)
 February / March 05                                                                              Page 7

                                    Hiddenbrooke Neighbors; As a resident, I have a personal
                                    investment in this community; I can offer you valuable workable
                                    solutions to your specific real estate needs.
                                            My commitment to you!
                                           Always represent your best interest.
                                           Highest level of integrity
                                           Keep in touch with you regularly.
                                           Sell your home as quickly as possible at the highest
                                        attainable price.
                                          Assure you an efficient and stress free transaction.
                                        Call today….Don’t delay!
                                    FOR ALL BROKER LISTING INFORMATION LOGON TO:
     Mary Ann             

   Garay-Gutierrez                       Member of Solano County MLS
  Realtor Executive, SRES                Member of Central Valley MLS
     (707) 558-8188                       Member of San Mateo MLS
 (650) 619-3060 Cellular              Member of San Mateo Board of Realtors                   100 El Camino Real
 (650) 696-1838 ext. 289                                                                     Burlingame, CA 94010                                                                                                   6/7 04

HIDDENBROOKE COMMUNITY SCHOOL (Continued from page 3)                     HMD (Continued from page 8)
The next big project is to expand our Steering Committee. We need five    make it difficult to navigate and potentially dan-
to seven very dedicated volunteers to manage the daunting task of cre-    gerous for strollers, walkers or runners. Replac-
ating our school. If you are interested, please contact us. We hope to    ing the asphalt is not a viable long term solution,
have a meeting scheduled in late February or early March. An excellent    so the LMD staff have been researching alter-
resource for learning about Charter Schools is the California Charter     natives for us. Our plan is to agree on a solution
Schools Association website,                                              and have the work done as weather permits We highly recommend you       later this winter and spring.
take a look if you are serious about committing to this project.          The HMD Committee worked early this year to
                                                                          set priorities for the LMD staff that support us,
Elizabeth Weinberg,, 642-6346
                                                                          and we hope you’ll agree that things are looking
Sally Dutcher,; 553-8121
                                                                          good at Hiddenbrooke.

                 By John Estes, 647-7052 or email
                 The Hiddenbrooke Residents Golf Club is open to all residents of Hiddenbrooke. We will continue with a
                 Monthly Golf Tournament with a buffet afterwards. We are going to add Special Weekend Tournaments and
                 some more weekday play. To become a member of the HRGC you must have a Hiddenbrooke Residents
Card and a NCGA Handicap Card. The Residents Card entitles you to discount rates when you play Golf at Hiddenbrooke.
These cards may be purchased at the Pro Shop. The Monthly Golf Tournament will be held on Sunday Afternoons, and the
Special Weekend Tournaments will be held on Saturday or Sunday. The Weekday play will be Tuesday mornings and on one
weekday, there will be a tee-off at 5:30 pm to play nine holes.

The schedule for Monthly Tournaments are: Feb 20 (weather permitting), March 20, April 10, May 22, June 26, July 17, Aug
21, Sept 18 (HCA nine hole Tournament) Oct 16 and Nov 20. This year, all HRGC Members will be notified by e-mail or tele-
phone. To become a HRGC Member, you need to mail or email me the following information per golfer: Name, Address,
Phone Number, Email Address, Hiddenbrooke Residents Card Number and NCGA Card Number.
               Page 8                                                                                            NEIGHBORS

                 By Ginger Bryant,
                    Each homeowner in Hiddenbrooke pays an          California Poppies, Arroyo Lupine, Baby-blue-eyes, Bluebells,
                    assessment with their property taxes for the    Godetia, Beach Evening Primrose and other native plants on
                    Hiddenbrooke Maintenance District. In addi-     the hillside. Also added this year, we planted daffodil bulbs on
tion to routine landscaping work, irrigation of lawns and           Landmark by the new trash can. Although the raccoons had
planted areas, weed control and the Welcome Center, our             great fun digging the daffodil bulbs up, we replanted and are
annual budget includes funds for repairs and renovations. So        hopeful they will bloom and naturalize, creating a colorful dis-
far this fiscal year (July 04 to June 05), the HMD Committee,       play for years to come. If these efforts are successful, we will
working with the City of Vallejo’s Landscape Maintenance Dis-       evaluate similar plantings next year in other areas of Hidden-
trict (LMD) staff, has completed the following projects:            brooke.
• Reworked the irrigation system in three areas – to the            The Committee has asked the LMD to plant additional trees in
right of our main entrance, the grassy area behind the mail-        some of the HMD areas. Since these are not irrigated, we will
box, and the grassy area with benches along Bennington              support the water needs with a system called Tubex and plan
near Waterfall                                                      to test this along the Overlook hillside and in front of the re-
• Installed cobblestones near the trailhead where we have           taining wall at the top of Landmark (below the water tank) be-
been unable to successfully maintain planted materials              fore the entrance to Costello. A date has not been set yet for
• Repaired and painted the trellis at the Welcome Center to         this planting to be completed. If the tests are successful, there
prevent water damage and dry rot                                    are a number of other areas we will look at for tree plantings in
                                                                    future years.
• Replanted a few sections along the Parkway and in the
median after the trailhead                                          Our final, and major, project for this fiscal year will be repairs
                                                                    to the asphalt walkway along the Parkway from Bennington to
The LMD staff are also experimenting with adding a bit of
                                                                    the Fairway Villas sidewalk. Because of the expansive soil in
natural color to Hiddenbrooke. Some hillsides along Overlook
                                                                    Hiddenbrooke, this asphalt pathway has suffered significant
have been seeded with a wildflower mix. This area is usually
                                                                    ‘heaving’ over the years, leaving large cracks and areas that
just treated to control weeds, but we are hoping that when the
rains are over this spring and through the summer, we’ll enjoy                                                           (Continued on page 7)

      MERCEDES INTERIORS                                           Skilled Labor 4 Less*
                                                                   Fence-Deck-Shed | Concrete-Stone-Sprinkler
                                                                   Paint-Seal | Kitchen-Bath | Tile | Floors | Finish

                                                                   “Local Refs”      “Local Refs”      “Local Refs”
                                                                     Get a FREE Estimate at:
                                                                                           ph 510-444-2462

                                                                    Over The Back Fence
                                                                   Births! Molly and Dana Hanson wel-
             Liliana Mercedes Keating                              comed Blue Michael on January 10th.
                                                                   He weighed in at 8lbs and was 19.5
                  Interior Designer                                inches long. Blue joins older brother
               Allied Member, ASID                                 Max, and all are doing well!
                    707-254-8770                                   Birthdays! Don Demmon will be 70 on
                                February 26th. Rick Joslin will be 50 on
                                                                   February 27th. Happy Birthday to Don
                                                                   and Rick!
                                Services include:                  Condolences Our condolences to Shirlee & Geoff Albrecht on the
                          •   Hourly Design Consultation           passing of her mother, June, on December 31, 2004.
                          •   Window Treatments
                                                                   Keep those items coming! If you have a Birth, Adoption, Marriage,
                          •   Color Consultations                  Graduation, Congrats, Hole-in-One, or other happy news to share, please e-
                          •   Furniture Purchasing        6/7 04
                                                                   mail Jamie Clark at
 February / March 05                                                                                                          Page 9

LET THERE BE LIGHT (Continued from page 5)                                         Special Merit Awards
sense of gratitude to faithful believers.                                          Bailey’s Irish Cream Gift Baskets were awarded to:

Trying to judge the lighting effects was difficult with the myriad                   2029 Bennington, Michael & Paulette Brown
of exciting arrays to choose from. The Judges: Curt Johansen,                        2408 Waterfall Way, John & Joyce Estes
Carmen Juarez, Annette Taw, Laurie Colter, Peg Reilly and I                          2057 Bennington, Dennis & Amalia Ocampo
had a good time selecting award winners. A big “THANKS” to                           2062 Bennington, Michael & Elizabeth Delaney
Cole Klokkevold for making the great looking signs awarded to                        5079 Staghorn Dr., Edgar & Elnora Fuentecilla
the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners and for the top three Special Merit                  1851 Landmark Dr., Minda Bundggay
Awards! We would like to thank Curt Johansen of Triad Com-                           1535 Landmark Dr., Jose & Sandra Palomo
munities for co-sponsoring the ten Merit Awards.                                     4072 Summergate Ave., Maricon Fejardo
                                                                                     2042 Lansdowne, Guillermo Macayan, Jr.
The “Big Three” were found at:                                                       2914 Carlingford (Tree), Tim & Debbie Corbett
1st Place: $200 - 2361 Feldspar Ct, Timothy & Pattie Henry
2nd Place: $150 - 3076 Overlook Dr, Tony & Mary Pearsall                           Holiday Lighting Committee: Joyce Estes, Laurie Colter,
3rd Place: $100 - 1312 Landmark Dr, Michael & Genie Murphy                         Susan Fetty, Lory Sevillena, Valerie McCormick and Peggy

KEEP OUR CITIES CLEAN (Continued from page 6)                                      scaping on Tuesdays and Fridays as part of their contract with
lano County has removed the weeds in the roadway on the                            the Hiddenbrooke Maintenance District.
North end of McGary Road towards Lynch Canyon. We are
working on getting the City of Vallejo and Napa County to re-   Money Makes A Difference: You can all help make a differ-
move the 3-foot tall weeds from the roadway on the South end.   ence. There are many places along Highway 80 in Vallejo that
We know the bike riders will appreciate this.                   would benefit from a second trash pickup each month and that
                                                                sometimes can be done for just $50 a month on a one year
Cleto & Fe Lastrella, Better Homes Realty will be adopting one contract. Of course some areas just need a one time clean up
side of American Canyon Road from the Solano County line to because of illegal dumping. So HCA is collecting funds to be
the City of American Canyon. (Thank You Cleto & Fe!) And my used specifically for trash and clean up purposes. So far we
husband and I adopted the No Name Street on the other side of have collected $450, which was donated by: Cleto & Fe
the Hiddenbrooke/American Canyon Overpass and continue to Lastrella, Pete Patterson and John & Joyce Estes. The commit-
pickup trash as needed to keep the area neat.                   tee plans to use the first $600 collected to pay to have the other
                                                                side of Highway 80 (American Canyon Side) picked up a sec-
The Hiddenbrooke Golf Course is also supporting the cleanup     ond time each month.
program by contributing 12 rounds of golf as a thank-you. Glen
Lowe and his crew at CalTrans who have been so wonderful to Join us in the fight against trash and send a check for any
pick up the Adopt A Highway bags and the big pile of trash that amount to the Hiddenbrooke Community Association.
was removed from the No Name Street have already played         Mark your check for TRASH. If you would like to work on
four rounds of golf. And finally, Hiddenbrooke Hugs to Kathy    this committee, please contact me as we have room for a cou-
Wildermuth and Lena MacFarland who regularly walk the Hid-      ple more people. Keep Our Cities Clean Committee: Joyce
denbrooke Parkway and always come home with a bag of            Estes-Chair, Lynn Honderd, Tony Pearsall and Allen & Kathy
trash! This is in addition to the trash removed by Coast Land-  Wildermuth.

                                                   Classified Ads
CUSTOM INTERIOR PAINTING — Specializing in Hiddenbrooke.                           DOG WALKS & MORE offers quality pet sitting, walking, day care and
Liven up your new home with our custom colors from Sherwin Williams.               boarding. Overnights with us are so much more than a kennel. Our
We use top quality 20 yr paint and do custom Suede finishes. TD Rose               daily care fits your pet's needs! Home and errand assistance also avail-
Painting, Lic # 790690 Bonded & Insured. Call 567-0975 or 745-6829.                able. Call 656-0056 or visit
flow, debt restructuring, equity repositioning, accelerated payoff, lower pymnts   Specialties include: Tendonitis, carpal tunnel, ergonomics, golf elbow,
& reverse mrtgs. SF Mortgage Consultant, HB Resident/HCA Member. Free              tennis elbow, back pain, fatigue, PMS, infertility& more. 15 Years Experi-
comp loan analysis 553-2261. CA/DRE#01245355.                  ence! Susan Cupples MS 707-553-2434. HB Resident/ HCA Member.
PET & HOUSE SITTING – Care for your pets out of your home while                    EXPERIENCED, LICENSED THERAPIST with appointments available in
you're on vacation; pick-up mail, newspapers, water plants, run errands,           Hiddenbrooke . Special expertise in stress, anxiety and marital prob-
etc. Contact Candy (The Heights) for more info, christensencandy@hot               lems. Many insurances accepted. Find me at; key or 647-1765.                                                              in zip code 94583. Pam Hargrove, RN, MFT (925) 901-4963
COMPUTER HELP – RoverTech is ready to help! Virus/worm/spyware
                                                                                   Classified Ads: HCA Members: $16; non members $21 for your
removal, DSL/Internet setup, networking, hardware/software setup and
                                                                                   FOUR line ad. Send your ad to by March 15th
maintenance, troubleshooting, support and more! Call Evan for a free
                                                                                   for the April/May issue. Ads may be edited to fit space.
estimate at 208-6024 or e-mail
                 Page 10                                                                                        NEIGHBORS

DISASTER PREPAREDNESS (Continued from page 1)                          emergencies.
                                                                       CERT members maintain and refine their skills by participating
The Vallejo Fire Department teaches the CERT program.                  in exercises and activities. They can attend supplemental train-
CERT training promotes a partnering effort between emergency           ing sponsored by public safety agencies that further their skill
services and the people they serve. The goal is for emergency          base. Finally, CERT members can volunteer for projects that
personnel to train members of neighborhoods in basic response          improve community emergency preparedness.
skills. CERT members are then integrated into the emergency
response capability for their area.                                    During the next couple of months, we will be formalizing the
If a disastrous event overwhelms or delays our public safety           CERT program for Hiddenbrooke and will begin recruiting vol-
agencies, CERT members can assist others by applying the               unteers. Let us know what you think and, most importantly, if
basic response and organizational skills they learned during           you’re willing to be a member of the team. Let’s make Hidden-
training. These skills can help save and sustain lives following       brooke a safe place for all of us by being prepared. With CERT
a disaster until help arrives. CERT skills also apply to daily         teams in place, we won’t be isolated during a time of disaster.

                                               We're recycling about 42 percent already, tips to help you recycle more of your
            RECYCLE                            says Derek Crutchfield, Vallejo's recycling trash.
            MORE TRASH                         coordinator.
                                                                                                 Shredded Paper: Vallejo Garbage Co.,
            By John Estes                      A little extra effort will pay off big. It should on Broadway will accept paper for shred-
                                               be habit by now for all Vallejoans to never ding on Thursday, Friday or Saturday
From the Vallejo Times Herald, January         throw a can, bottle or paper into a trash         from 8 am to 4 pm. The cost is $30 for
16, 2005: “As reported by Times-Herald         can. We have curbside recycling that              the first 100 pounds and then $.16 a
staff writer Chris G. Denina, Vallejo          makes it simple to sort these items into          pound thereafter. If you want to observe
should be recycling half of its trash by the   tidy bins throughout the week, then set           the shredding, you must call 552-3110 to
end of this year, or face steep fines from     them out for easy pickup.”
                                                                                                                      (Continued on page 11)
the state - as much as $10,000 per day.        With that in mind, here are some simple

Hiddenbrooke Political Committee was formed on
Jan 20th by 17 Hiddenbrooke residents. The next meeting
is Feb. 17th. Call Jim Libien, Chair, (554-0226) or Paul                                       For the ULTIMATE in
Norberg, Treasurer (552-5145) for details. Dues are $100
to participate and speak at meetings.
                                                                                               Satisfying Your Real
                                                                                                   Estate Needs
 Disclaimer: The goal of Neighbors is to provide residents
 and friends with information about the Hiddenbrooke de-                                          Eric or Alicia Marshall
 velopment, City of Vallejo, local businesses, community         
 activities and the Hiddenbrooke Community Association                                                    TIPP REALTY
 and its committees and activities. Since opinions ex-                                                    146 Robles Drive
 pressed maybe the sole expression of the writer and                                                      Vallejo, CA 94591
 not endorsed by HCA, we encourage residents to do their
 own research and/or obtain professional advice on the                     Free Broker Price Opinion
 information provided in this newsletter.
                                                                                     SERVING THE
                                                                               HIDDENBROOKE COMMUNITY
     Full Service Dry Cleaning & Laundry Facility
        Cleaning & Pressing on the Premises
        “Free Pick Up & Delivery
         within Hiddenbrooke”
         610 San Pablo Avenue, Pinole, CA 94564
            Call Gudi or Peter at 510-724-0750                                         Eric Marshall      Alicia Marshall
                                                                                       (707) 486-9886     (707) 246-6742
              or 707-246-4214 (Cell)
                                                                                                                                      12/1 05

                                                              6/7 05
   February / March 05                                                                                  Page 11

                                                                               IMPORTANT PHONE
                                                                     Hiddenbrooke Golf Club
                                                                     Pro Shop Tee Times                       558-1140
             Happy New Year!                                              Grille
                                                                          Lounge Schedule
                                                                                                              558-0330 x 217
                                                                                                              558-0330 x 248
                                                                          Maintenance                         557-8160
          As your neighbors we were pleased to                            Membership Info                     558-0330 x 208
          sponsor the free Santa photo session                            Catering                            558-1153
        and holiday carolers at Brunch with Santa.
                                                                     Triad Communities                        557-1184
              Hiddenbrooke is our home
     and our aspiration is to build bonds within our                 Azevedo Farms (cows out)                 552-9967
                      community.                                     Welcome Center                           558-9697

Please consider us for your next real estate or mortgage             City of Vallejo Web Site
                      transaction.                                   Abandoned Vehicles                       648-4682
                                                                     Code Enforcement/litter/weeds
      Call Melinda at 707-557-5936 or                                    General Information                  648-4469
       Call Desiree at 707-749-6387                                      Nimat Shakoor-Grantham               648-4522
                                                                         Illegal Dumping                      648-4469
                                                                         Weed Abatement (Fire Dept)           648-4565

                                                                     Fire – Non-Emergency                     648-4526
                                                                     Fire – Emergency                         911
                                                                     Fire – Emergency from a cell phone
                                                                            in Vallejo                        552-3285
                                                            2/3 05

                                                                     Hiddenbrooke Maintenance District (HMD)
make an appointment.                                                 (broken sprinklers, landscape issues in common areas)
                                                                          Jeanine Perasso-Kaczmarczyk         553-7219
Extra Garbage: Vallejo Garbage Co. will pick up extra gar-
bage, but you must call the day before (551-3110) to schedule             Emergencies after 6PM/Weekends 648-4315
the pick up on your regular garbage day. The cost is $5.60 per       Humane Society/Animal Control
garbage can or plastic bag.                                             Lost or Injured Animals               645-7906
                                                                        Dead Animals on Street                552-3110
Recycle: In addition to your two recycle bins, you can put out
an unlimited amount of sorted recycle stuff but the containers             (Answering machine)                552-0221
can be no larger than your bin. They will also take shredded
                                                                     SBC – Phone Out of Order                 611
paper in paper bags, which are marked “Shredded Paper” and
                                                                           Order Phone Books                  1-800-848-8000
are taped shut. We have found that we can cut down on the
amount of regular garbage by separating the cardboard into a         PGE – Power Outages                      1-800-743-5000
small box and putting out a box each week.
                                                                     Police – Non-Emergency                   648-4321
                                                                             Emergency                        911
                                                                             Neighborhood Watch               648-5262
  Orlando & Beth’s                                                   Public Works
  Dog Boarding, Walking, Daycare & More!                                     Street Light Repair              649-5413
                                                                             Pot Hole Repair                  648-4556
               415-820-3240 or
                                                                     Vallejo Garbage –Garbage Service         552-3110
               707-656-0056                                                         Recycling Center          552-3174
                                                                                    Curbside Recycling        644-2413
  Highly reputable, caring alternative
                                                                     Water Emergencies                        648-4313
  to kennels. Daily activities to fit your dog’s needs.
                    HIDDENBROOKE                                                                                                        PRSRT STD
                                                                                                                                        U.S. Postage
                    COMMUNITY                                                                                                              Paid
                                                                                                                                        Vallejo, CA
                    ASSOCIATION                                                                                                        Permit No. 168
                    Welcome Center
                    850 Hiddenbrooke Parkway
                    Vallejo, CA 94591

 HB-News is an email list serve to which 320 residents have
 subscribed. They receive the latest information or requests
for information delivered each day to their email box. To join
send an email with your name and Hiddenbrooke address to:

HTTP :// WWW . VISITHIDDENBROOKE . COM                                         NEIGHBORS DELIVERY INFORMATION:
                                                                          If your name or address is incorrect on Neighbors, or you are
                                                                          not receiving it via U.S. mail, please send your changes to
                                                                          Joyce Estes at
                  Publishing Info
     The “Neighbors” newsletter is a publication
     of the:                                                                           Important Dates
               Community Association
                                                                                     Mark your Calendars!
         Editor:                                                          5       Sat          Hiddenbrooke Crab Feed, 6pm
          Jamie Clark, 644-7764,                                          9       Wed          HARC Meeting, 6pm
                                           10      Thurs        HCA Board Meeting, 7pm
                                                                          17      Thurs        Hiddenbrooke Political Committee
         Editorial Assistant:                                             20      Sun          HRGC Golf Tournament
          Joyce Estes, 647-7053                                           24      Thurs        Hiddenbrooke Golf Course Wine Dinner
                                                                          26      Sat          HCA Cocktail Party, 6-8pm
         Advertising Manager:
                                                                          27      Sun          CC&R Transition Community Meeting, 4:00pm
          Charleen Caabay,
         Printing provided by:
                                                                          9       Wed          HARC Meeting, 6pm
          The Copy Shop, 644-2679                                         10      Thurs        HCA Board Meeting, 7pm
         Contributors To This Issue:                                      17      Thurs        St. Patrick’s Day Buffet at Hiddenbrooke Golf Club
                                                                          20      Sun          HRGC Golf Tournament
         Bob Sampayan, Paul Norberg, Elizabeth
                                                                          27      Sun          Easter Brunch at Hiddenbrooke Golf Club
         Weinberg, Kathy Wildermuth, Valerie
         McCormick, Mark Pritchard, Priscilla                             APRIL
         Silvey, Joyce Estes, John Estes, Ginger                          10      Sun          HRGC Golf Tournament
         Bryant                                                           13      Wed          HARC Meeting, 6pm
                                                                          14      Thurs        HCA Board Meeting, 7pm

                                                                 4/5 05               4/5 05                 840 Tuolumne Street

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