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BIOS Passwords: The most common backdoors

Award BIOS                           AMI BIOS
589589           CONCAT              A.M.I.
589721           HLT                 AMI
ALLY             J256                AMI_SW
ALFAROME         J262                AMI?SW
AWARD_SW         LKWPETER            BIOS
AWARD?SW         SER                 HEWITT RAND
AWKWARD          SKY_FOX             LKWPETER
BIOSTAR          SYXZ                PASSWORD

Floppy drive rattling (98)

If you hear a noisy rattling of the floppy drive when you boot, if windows goes into an
error when you put a floppy
in drive a:, here are some of the most common causes:
Antivirus program set to scan on boot or at a pre-determined interval Office FindFast
Recent documents history: Right click the clock > Start menu programs > Clear Boot
floppy seek enabled in the BIOS
Control panel > System > Performance > File System > Floppy disk: Uncheck Search for
new floppy disk.

Change the computer's clock to match the network's (9x, XP)

At the command prompt, type: NET TIME\computer name /SET /YES (for example,
NET TIME \My server /SET /YES).
Even better, put that line in your client PC's network log-on sequence, and the client will
be updated with the
server's system time whenever it's restarted.

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