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       MAY 8, 2011
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      SANCTUARY CANDLE                                         SCHEDULES FOR WEEKEND OF MAY 14 & 15
    SPECIAL INTENTIONS OF:                                                               LECTORS
                                                4:00 PM                8:00 AM                10:00 AM                12:00 PM
 FROM: RAY & ISABELLA VARGA                     Bill Wencel            Tony Tucci             Elaine Jacek            Mary Jane Budai
                                                Diane Balikowski       Don Turczyn            Gerry Green             Jane Dewald

         MASS INTENTIONS                                                    MINISTERS OF THE EUCHARIST
                                                Abby Clark             Olive Jacques          Bennie Belknap          Chuck &
                                                Cindy Clark            Sally Turczyn          Barb Zub                Sylvia Vella
Monday, May 9                         8:45 am
                                                Eric Szor              Bill Ehred             Ed &                    Cathy Elliott
†Marion Alagna (Ron & Loretta Gruse)            Cindy Resovsky         Nanette Sabell         Linda Bollman           Barbara Parish
†Paul Mc Eachern (Family)                       Dennis Pietrowski                             Marion Przytulski       Catherine Audia
                                                Linda Staber                                  Cindy Peterson          Gary Wilson
Tuesday, May 10                       8:45 am   Cathay Czerwonka                              Cheri Antonnicola       Theresa Sheehan
†Joseph Ozimek (M/M Thomas Ozimek)              Mary Jourdan                                  Jeanette Robidou        April Beydoun
- Fr. Bernard Fraser (Irene Nowak)
Mass followed by Mother of Perpetual                                                 ALTAR SERVERS
Help Devotion
                                                Haley Rasmussen        Steve Byrne            Joe Kimes               Jessica Liebeskind
Wednesday, May 11                     8:45 am
                                                Samantha Stout         Michael Wallace        Roman Williams          Kathleen Szczesny
- Prayer Service

Thursday, May 12                      8:45am                                             USHER’S TEAM
†Irene Serian (Joann Jurdzinski)
†Fr. Robert Cislo (Jim & Helen Plitt)           Team 1                 Team 2                 Team 4                  Team 6
                                                Ben Bazanski           Ed Mazurek             Carl Partrich           Mike Tanner
Friday, May 13                        8:45am
- Prayer Service                                                                   ALTAR SERVERS NOTES
Saturday, May 14                     4:00 pm    To All Mothers From The Altar Servers!
†Thomas Jourdan, Jr. (58th Birthday)            A VERY BLESSED AND HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!
(Wife & Family)                                 Mass Attendance Report:
†Arthur Fish (Wife, Marilyn)                         Holy Thursday, April 21st at 7:00 p.m. ~ 100%; Good Friday, April 22nd at 1:30
†Sr. Marion Mackey (Friends)                    p.m. ~ 100%; Holy Saturday, April 23rd at 8:00 p.m. ~ 100%; Easter Sunday morning
†Ken Seel (Mary Ellen Seel & Family)            Masses, April 24th ~ 100%
                                                     Again ―A BIG THANK YOU‖ to all the altar servers who were faithful to their as-
Sunday, May 15                8:00 am
                                                signments during Holy Week and Easter.
†Dan & Ann Mac Eachern (Family)
†Ted Jamroz (Family)                            Paschal Candle
†Maury Watters (Bob Sharkey)                         Please remember to light the Paschal Candle before Mass when you light the other
                                                altar candles. Put it out after Mass with the large snuffer.
                                    10:00 am         If you can’t get it lit tell the priest or deacon.
†Bernice Lezuch (Devolder Family)                    This will continue for seven more weeks until Pentecost Sunday, June 12th.
- Health Intention for Alison Kilduff           Scrabble
(Mary Jourdan)
                                                     Last week’s Scrabble word had six letters and the clue was; ―A religious season‖
†Jack Stapleton (M/M George Korman)
†Helen Mancos (Family)                                                                    E A S T E R
†Ollie Houlihan (Anne Robinson)
†Gary Ames (Family)                                 This week’s word has seven letters and the clue is; ―A Special Day‖
†Harriet Shaw (Victoria De Plata)                                                 _ O _ H _ _ S
                               12:00 pm
- Living & Deceased Members of Our Lady              “GEE, I DIDN’T KNOW THAT!”                             NEW SUPPLY
of the Angels                                                                                       OF ROSARY BOOKLETS
                                                       The official name of VATICAN                Rosary booklets with ―How To Say
                                                  CITY is “STATO DELLA CITTA                  The Rosary‖ a list of the mysteries of the
      OUR RETURN GIFT TO GOD                      DEL VATICANO”. It covers 108.7              rosary and scriptural references are now
                                                  acres. It is politically a neutral state    available in the pamphlet rack in the nar-
          SUNDAY, MAY 1, 2011                     but enjoys all the privileges of a sov-     thex.
                                                  ereign power. It has diplomatic rela-            With the month of May this is a great
COLLECTION . . . . . . . . . . . . $12,204.46     tions with many nations.                    companion to saying the Rosary during
TO MEET BUDGET . . . . . . . . $13,907.00                                                     the month of the Blessed Mother.
    NUMBER OF ENVELOPES               467
                                                                      Page 3
          PARISH DIRECTORY                                                     A few words from Fr. Dariusz
      OUR LADY OF THE ANGELS                         First of all, I would like to congratulate those 28 children who
 6442 PELHAM RD. ~ TAYLOR, MI 48180                  made their First Communion this Saturday. I am very proud
      (313) 381-3000 Fax (313) 381-5528
           E-MAIL: mail@loacc.org                    of you that you have learned a lot about our Lord Jesus Christ.
           WEBSITE: http://loacc.org                 May the Lord be a guest in your hearts for ever. My thanks
Office Hours:                                        and appreciation go also to your family members and those
M - Thurs: 9 a.m. – noon, 1-8 p.m.                   who took their time to teach you how to walk with the Lord.
Friday: 9 a.m. - noon, 1-5 p.m.
Saturday: 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.
                                                     Thank you our religious department office and teachers for your commitment to
                                                     educate the little ones as well as their family members.
           Rev. Dariusz Strzalkowski
                    Pastor                           Mothers are very special for us. We love, honor, and respect them. Because of
Daniel Hurley               William Thome            their acceptance of us we want to thank them for their love, and sacrifices they
  Deacon                         Deacon
Dir. of Faith Formation & Pastoral Minister
                                                     have made to raise us. May the Lord Jesus and his Mother Mary, who is the
Michael Grube ~ Patty Regnier ~ Rel. Ed. Sec.        Mother of all of us bless our mothers, those who are with us. Those of our moth-
Christian Service Coordinator: Joan Forrest          ers who are not with us any longer, who have been taken from us may the Lord
Music Ministry Leader: Tom Smith                     grant them eternal peace. Happy Mother’s Day to all of you.
Parish Nurse Ministry: Mary Catherine Wright
Youth Ministry: Tom Kupovits                         As some of you know, my mother has been very sick. I know that she is waiting
                  Office Staff                       for me. Since Lent was a busy season of the liturgical year, I could not leave. I
          Patty Baringer ~ Bookkeeper                wanted to stay and do my priestly duty. However, this coming Monday in the
         Mary Jourdan ~ Sally Turczyn                evening, I am going to see her. I will be traveling to Poland. Please, keep her
                 Rose Zakrzewski
                                                     and me in your prayers. I am well aware that this will not be an easy trip for me.
Parish Council Members: Fr. Dariusz, Deacon
Bill Thome, Gerry Green (Pres.), Mary Jane Bu-       Thank you all for your prayers and support.
dai, Rose Campbell, Bob Cooper, Shari Cybert,
Randy Regnier, Monica Griffin, Jerry LaMonica,
                                                     The Gospel Readings for the last two weeks showed not only Thomas being con-
Larry Mitchell, Tony Tucci, Don Zub                  fused but also the rest of the apostles. It would be easy to call this Sunday a con-
                                                     fused Sunday. We read of two disciples going to Emmaus. Their discussion was
             Order of Masses                         about Christ’s death. They could not understand that Jesus was put to death?
Saturday 4 pm ~ Sunday 8 am, 10 am, 12 pm            The one who was mighty in words and actions was dead. However the confu-
   Mon., Tues., Thurs., & Fri. ~ 8:45 am
    Wednesday: 8:45 am ~ Prayer Service              sion was more about the fact that no one could find Jesus’ body. They talked.
        Holy Days: As Announced                      They questioned. They remained confused. Not knowing what happened we
                                                     read that Jesus started to walk with them. He explained the Scriptures, the Word
            Eucharistic Adoration:                   of God, how the Messiah would first suffer and then enter into His Glory. He ate
           Thursdays 9:15 am - 6 pm
                                                     with them. During the meal He recreated the Last Supper. He took bread,
         Sacrament of Reconciliation                 blessed it and gave it to them. And they recognized Him in the breaking of the
      Saturday: 3 pm ~ and by appointment
                                                     bread, the first Christian name for the Eucharist.
Baptisms: Infants and young children are bap-
tized at 1:00 pm on Sundays throughout the year      Peace can be found in the middle of confusion when we are open to the second
or by special appointment. Parents must attend a     great gift presented in today’s Gospel, the Eucharist. Those disciples finally rec-
Baptism Preparation Class prior to Baptism.          ognized Jesus in the Breaking of the Bread. I hope we all can say what the disci-
Please call Michael Grube.
                                                     ples said when they shared the meal with Christ ―Were not our hearts on fire?‖ I
Marriages: Couples who wish to be married at         hope they are.
OLOA will meet with Fr. Dariusz to discuss their
plans and set their marriage date. Prior to the      God bless you all.
wedding, the couple attends an engaged couples
workshop. Please contact Fr. Dariusz to schedule
                                                     Fr. D
your pre-marriage appointment at least 8 months
in advance of your wedding date.
   Our Mission Statement Reflects our Spirit         We would like to take this opportunity to wish all the women in the parish a
―Our Lady of the Angels is a worshipping com-        HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY … Mother’s day is a day when we take time out to
munity dedicated to the education and spiritual      thank all women for the many things they do to make life easier for all. The con-
growth of the whole parish family. With guid-        cept of being a mother is to be a person who cares, serves, and loves. Many women
ance from the Holy Spirit we extend our Chris-       who do not have children still do for other people and are people who make life
tian love to the community we serve. We pro-
                                                     easier and richer for others. So, yes, if you do have children this is a day to cele-
claim Jesus Christ as Lord with all our hearts and
we welcome all to join us on our journey in fol-     brate but also it is a day that ALL women can take pride in - for you all make this
lowing Him.‖                                         world a better place. We would also like to thank all of the women in the parish
                                                     for the many services they render - this parish is blest and enriched because of
New Parishioners: Register at Parish Office          YOU, HAVE A HAPPY DAY ! CHRISTIAN WOMEN of Our Lady of the An-
Change of Address: Notify Parish Office
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 Seaway Chorale & Orchestra under
  the direction of Gerald Custer pre-
                sents . . .                                 THE YOUTHFUL CORNER
The Best of Seaway ~ 35th Anniversary
    Featuring: “Les Miserables” ~
 “Wizard of Oz” ~ “Porgy and Bess”            Next Youth Mass
    Friday, May 13, 2011 ~ 7:30 pm            Sunday, May 15th at 12 p.m. This Mass is ministered by the youth: Lectors, Music,
   Saturday, May 14, 2011 ~ 7:30 pm           Offertory Gifts and Eucharistic Ministers
  Flat Rock High School Community
  Auditorium ~ 25600 Seneca Drive ~           May 8th                   May 15th                           May 21st-22nd
               Flat Rock                      Youth Group               Youth Mass 12 pm                   Youth Group Lock in
       Adults $15 ● Seniors $12               6pm-8pm                   Youth Group
      Students $9 ● Family $30                                          6pm - 8pm

                                              Talking in Tongues: Sunday’s reflection was held outside in the prayer garden. Say
   ANNUAL MARIAN SERVICE                      Ahhhhh was the name of the reflection. After eating a couple of popsicles, the kids
  SUNDAY, MAY 22nd AT 7:00 PM                 were paired up to examine their partner’s tongue and write a poem about it. We then
                                              talked about how our speech can sometimes steer us in bad and good direction. And
     May, being the Month of the Blessed      why speech was an important part of the disciple’s lifestyle. The group then reflected
Mother, is a perfect time to honor her        upon ways they can speak this week - encourage a friend, thank a parent, share your
with a special devotion. This service will    faith with your friends.
take place on Sunday evening, May 22nd
at 7:00 p.m.                                  A huge THANK YOU to Monica Griffin, Gloria Tomashunas, Robin Partrich for
     Marian hymns, the rosary and the         overseeing our vendor show, it was greatly appreciated!!!
litany of the Blessed Mother along with
benediction of the Blessed Sacrament          Join our Facebook Group: OLA T.U.F.F. Youth Group page.
will be included in the service.
     Also all attending will be given a       An Open Invitation Our Lady of the Angels youth group is open to all youth ages 11-
petition card to fill out and be invited to   18. Our gatherings are about having fun with friends and living out your Christian
bring it forward during the service.          faith. If you are shy, bring a friend with you! Parents and grandparents, we invite you
     Another good reason to attend is that    to bring your youth and have them try it out for a few visits … every week is unique.
our parish is named in honor of the           If You have any questions please feel free to contact youth leaders: Tom Kupovits,
Blessed Mother as the patron saint of this    (313-522-4020) or Monica Alabastro (734-306-1086)
                                                              Please continue to pray for the youth of our parish.

               CHAIR FITNESS
              9:30 Tuesday & Thursday
                       mornings                                 Congratulations First Communicants!
              St. Ann Room
         $3 per class ~ Join us for Mass      Our Lady of the Angels Community proudly welcomes the fol-
at 8:45 a.m., stay to exercise at 9:30 a.m.
 For more information please call Rose
                                              lowing children to the Lord’s table. May the Eucharist forever
      Femminineo (313) 928-3522.              remain at the center of your lives.
                                              Julia Beaudrie                              Briana Huizar
                                              Justin Burns                                Emily Lane
                                              Donovan Browne                              Mariel Luecke
                                              Antonio DeBono                              Kailee Ransom
                                              Alexander Demorow                           Kenna Ragaller
                                              Ivan Fecker                                 Evan Sadler
Our Lady of the Angels Parish Family          Faith Ferrante                              Joshua Miller
offers our prayers and sincere sympa-         Kyle Fisher                                 Ashley Stanley
thy to the family and friends of:             Nicholas Fisher                             Steven Stempien
                                              Carly Gosdzinski                            Abigail Walton
                                              Erica Gotzfried                             Megan Warren
was buried on Friday, April 29, 2011.
                                              Maggie Hansen                               Tanner Webb
    JAMES OSIPOWSKI age 77                    Lauren Hutchison                            Corey Welsh
was buried on Wednesday, May 4, 2011.         Kadie Hayden                                Ryan Zacharias
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        Events and Activities                                          APRIL PANTRY STATISTICS
Sunday, May 8
Mothers Day Roses ~ Narthex
Festival Ticket Return ~ Narthex                  Our pantry was a very busy place during April even though it was closed a week
10am ~ May Crowning ~ Ch                     during the Easter holiday. We were able to provide food to feed 372 people. A good
6-8pm ~ Youth Group ~ PC
                                             indication that many people are still in need and looking for help because of a slow
Monday, May 9                                growing economy. The fact that we are able to help so many families is due to your
10-11:45am ~ Food Pantry                     generosity and concern for the hungry. We could not do it without your donations.
7:30pm ~ Men’s Prayer Group                  We are very fortunate that we have been able to meet the needs of those who come to
                                             us for help. Sometimes our pantry supplies can diminish quickly so we continue to call
Tuesday, May 10                              on all of you to replace the food donations we sorely need. We also need personal
9:30am ~ Chair Fitness ~ St. Ann             items such as Hand Soap, Dishwashing Soap, Deodorant, Toothpaste, Mouth
7:00pm ~ Vicariate Planning ~ Sacred Heart   Wash, and Detergent. Although they are items normally used each day, they cannot
7:00pm ~ Usher’s mtg ~ St. Jos               be purchased with food stamps making it difficult for people who need them but can-
7:00pm ~ Evangelization Team ~ St. Ann
                                             not afford to buy them. All perishable foods such as milk, butter, eggs, etc., should be
Wednesday, May 11                            brought to the Parish. Please know how much we appreciate your generosity.
9:30-11:30am ~ Charity Stitchers ~ #5
1-3:30pm ~ Charity Stitchers ~ #5                                        The Food Pantry Committee
1-2:45pm ~ Food Pantry

Thursday, May 12                                              OUR LADY OF THE ANGELS GARDEN NEWS
9:15-6:00 pm ~ Adoration ~ Ch
9:30am ~ Chair Fitness ~ St. Ann
3pm - 8pm ~ SVdP Camp Enrollment ~ PC        Mother Nature tried her best again this year to stop the Garden Warriors from doing
6:30-9:30pm ~ Music ~ Ch                     their job. But alas it did not work and those brave souls came out and did the clean-up
7:30pm ~ Choir ~ Ch                          work in the gardens. We would like to thank Clare Jozsa, Sue Kozar, Bob and Pam
                                             Schierschmidt, Bill Stack and John Mosella for all doing such a fine job. After brav-
Friday, May 13                               ing the cold and rain the gang was treated to lunch from Papa’s Pizza and we heard it
9:30am ~ Women Of Prayer ~ St. Ann           was delicious. Our gardens are beginning to look great again this year and there is more
10-11:45 am ~ Food Pantry                    beauty to come. Once again thank you all for coming out and all your good work.
Saturday, May 14
                                             On Saturday, May 21st the Garden Committee will be at it again, this time we will be
Volunteer Sign-Up                            planting new flowers and putting down mulch. We are in need of some strong, happy
Festival Ticket Return                       and healthy young men and women to join us for this project. We will be providing
10am ~ Mass/Anointing                        morning snacks, and lunch. If you can join us please call Stella Mosella at 313-388-
3:00 pm ~ Reconciliation ~ Ch                8970 by Tuesday, May 17th. God bless you all.

                                                                      Nurse Ministry Notes

                                                  The members of the Parish Nurse Ministry would like to acknowledge the follow-
Christnet the Downriver rotating shelter     ing vendors who participated in the Family Health and Wellness Fair this year. Wal-
for the homeless, moves each week to a       green Pharmacy-nutrition; Weight Loss Visalus; Kidney Foundation– Organ Dona-
new church. It is a nighttime program        tion; The Information Center; A Special Place; Amelia’s Little Treasures; Natural
where the homeless receive meals and a       Family Planning; Karmanos Cancer Center; Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital-
warm, safe place to sleep.                   breast feeding; Josephine Ford Cancer Center Downriver-breast cancer; Maplegrove
The host Church for this week: Bethel        -substance abuse, camp for kids; Wayne Lawn and Garden Center-outdoor safety.
Assembly of God ~ Lincoln Park               Special thanks to Leon’s Restaurant of Taylor for their donation of delicious chicken
                                             noodle soup, Dino Pizzeria of Dearborn for their pizzas, Tim Horton’s for their great
                                             coffee to keep us going throughout the afternoon. Many of the vendors contributed
                                             sandwiches, beverages, vegetables and desserts. Thank you to those great bakers from
                                             our parish who so willingly helped with desserts. The success of our fair would not
        Food Pantry Donations                have been possible without the many volunteers who gave up their Saturday to help in
Cash and checks are needed to buy per-       the kitchen and with clean-up. This was truly a total parish effort. Finally, we would
ishable items. Checks should be made         like to thank all of those persons who took the time to attend our fair. Your positive
out to: Our Lady of the Angels SVdP          comments made it well worth our effort!
Food Pantry. All monetary donations               The next meeting of the Parish Nurse Ministry will be Saturday, May 21st at
should be brought to the Parish Office.      5:00pm in the St. Joseph Room.
                                                            Page 6
     We believe in the power of prayer!
The names submitted will continue on                                    ―His heart was moved with pity for them
the list for approximately one month.                                     and he cured their sick” Matt 14:14
If you wish to extend that period,
please call the parish office.
                                            THE SACRAMENT OF THE SICK

Dear God,                                       The Church today continues the ministry of Jesus in many ways: in prayers, out-
     We place our                           reach to the home-bound, care and concern to the ill and their families. The Sacrament
worries in Your hands.                      of Anointing reminds us that God is alive. He cares when we suffer and we can only
We place our sick
                                            overcome the tough times together.
under Your care and humbly ask that You
restore Your servants to good health once
more. . . Thomas Barnes, Jeff Baren, Judy   The sign and symbols of the Sacraments help everyone to be in touch with the mystery
Belknap, Jenny Brownes, Kevin               of God’s healing power. The ritual of anointing has always been a sign of grace. The
Burke, Madeline Carpenter, Clarence         oil of the sick, oleum infirmorum, blessed by the Bishop on Holy Thursday, is used to
Choate, Donald & Lori Cline, Robert         anoint the forehead and palms of the sick, praying that God will heal, forgive and raise
Colasinski, Leona Converse, Joseph          them up. This sacrament is not to be seen as a magical action but rather an expression
Cuccaro, Lorraine Davis, Debbie Di          of our faith in the reality of God’s abundant love.
Franco, Tom Dupuis, Ed Dushefski,
Roland Erickson, Butch Evans, Gloria        The Sacrament should be requested by people for themselves or for loved ones who
Fairbanks, Mike Ferguson, Michelle          have a serious illness, who are facing surgery, or who experience the chronic pain and
Fitzgerald, Joe Galbraith, Ruth Gar-        limitations of old age. It is also appropriate for those who suffer from mental or emo-
bacz, Eric Gotz, Eric Hall, James           tional illness. Anointing can be celebrated as often as needed and is a source of healing,
Hamilton, Hermie Hammon, Claire             peace and acceptance for all who participate.
Hayes, Angela Honeycutt, Mary Jolo-
kai, Don & Audrey Jones, Michael            The Parish will celebrate the Sacrament of Anointing on Saturday, May 14th. Mass
Kava, Michael Kelly, Debbie & Jack          will be celebrated at 10:00am. Anointing will be part of the Mass. Afterward, we will
Kerr, Alison Kilduff, Aaron Klacker,        continue to strengthen ourselves with brunch and with the support of others.
Irene Knecht, Kelly Koson, Gertrude
LaMonica, Marilyn Lau, Reg Lezuch,                             Mark your calendars. May 14th ~ 10 o’clock
Dolores Locher, Karen & Angelo Lo-
rick, George Mancos, Joan Miruzzi,
Zoe Nicholas, Anna & Joseph Nowak,
Lindsey Pederson, James Perotta,
Sonja Petersen, Diane Pietrowski,
Anna Pike, David & Madeline Placido,
Kevin Poirier, Nicole Real, Sheila
Reaume, Cindy Resovsky, Mary Lou
                                                                 65 EASTER BASKETS! (1 LEFT OVER)
Reynolds, Scott & Brian Riggs, Jerry
                                                                      YOU ARE SO-o GENEROUS!!
Riopelle, Charlie Risch, Angie &
Dominick Savona, Megan Schultz,                  Easter Candy, plush bunnies, tiny stuffed animals, coloring books, stickers, toys
Loretta Seluk, Francis Seymour, Sr.,        EVERYTHING TO MAKE 65 EASTER BASKETS for some very deserving children.
Dan Shirey, Trisha Skomski, Carmella        Some of the 65 baskets were extras which the food pantry distributed on Wednesday
Smith, Collin Smith, Vivian Sobocin-        prior to Easter, when all were given out, only 1 basket remained. The parents picking
ski, Marianna Strzalkowski, Holden
                                            up these baskets has this to say: ―The baskets are so nice.‖ ―I didn’t expect this much.‖
Tesin, Joshua Theeck, Bron Thoma-           ―My kids will be so happy.‖ These were some of the remarks from parents picking up
son, Gerald Thome, Nancy Tockstein,         their children’s baskets. This Christian Service project works so well because you,
Lu Tulik, Liz Turski, Stanley Venne-        our generous parishioners invest in it. THANK YOU! As always we were helped
bush, Gary Voisin, Paul Voisin, Ron         by parishioners who gave their time to prepare the baskets. (It’s great fun!) Thanks to
Voisin, Sherman Vollans, Dorothy We-
                                            “Our Basket Brigade”: Peggy Vennebush ~ Chairperson; Ethan Marshall (Peggy’s
glarz, Andrew Wilson,
                                            helpful grandson), Josie Garcia, Barbara Prindiville, Susan Rigley, Cindy Grassa,
                                            Mary Vermette, Suzanne Choraszewski, Cindy Nagy, and high school students
    2011 Children’s Choir Schedule
                                            Quinn Garcia, Kayla Nagy, Joe Kimes, Veronica Grassa, and junior high student
                                            Trevor Kimes, all of whom did a fantastic job!
Sunday, May 8th ~ Rehearsal 11:10 am
                                                 Special thanks to Marvel Boyd, and our Food Pantry who supplied hams and
Sunday, May 15th ~ Sing at Mass 10 am
                                            Easter dinner food for many of the families receiving baskets for their children.
Please be in Church and ready to practice                                 Working Together Works !!
by 9:30 am on the days we sing for 10 am
Mass!                                       Joan Forrest
Nicholas Urbiel (Mr. Nick)                  Christian Service Coordinator
                                                             Page 7
       SCRIPTURE READING                                                 PRAY FOR OUR MILITARY

             WEEK OF May 8                   All Powerful God,
Sunday ~ Third Sunday of Easter                   Watch over all our dear ones who serve this day in the military. Hold them safely
Acts 2:14, 22-33; Ps 16; 1 Pt 1:17-21;       in the palm of your hand. Walk with them in your strength. Bring comfort when they
Lk 24:13-35                                  are troubled; hope when they are weary. Remind them of our love.
                                                  Merciful Lord, bring a lasting peace into our midst. Heal our hearts and help all
Monday ~ Acts 6:8-15; Ps 119; Jn 6:22-29     nations find ways to live in harmony so that blood is shed no more.
Tuesday ~ Saint Damien Joseph de Veuster
                                                  We ask this in the name of Christ Jesus, Prince of Peace. Amen.
of Moloka’I, priest Acts 7:51—8:1a; Ps 31;
Jn 6:30-35                                   Petty Officer Patrick C. Dauphinais ~ SSG Lepine, Christopher
                                             LT. COL. David Fleckenstein, ~ Army ~ LTJG. Michael A. Molnar ~ Navy ~ Ft.
Wednesday ~ Acts 8:1b-8; Ps 66; Jn 6:35-40   Rucker, Alabama ~ Jack Desrosiers ~ Marines ~ Nic Destosiers ~ Air Force
                                             Eric Dettloff ~ Marines ~ Josh Ward ~ Marines ~ Daniel J. Lyson ~ Navy
Thursday ~ Saint Nereus, Saint Achilleus,    Nicholas Lyson ~ Navy ~ CPT. Glen Dowling ~ LCP1 Gregory S. Liphard ~
and Saint Pancras, martyrs Acts 8:26-40,     Marines     ~ Kevin Karbon ~ Marines ~ Afghanistan ~ Ryan Karbon ~ Ma-
Ps 66; Jn 6:44-51
                                             rines ~ Afghanistan ~ Lt. Joseph Murphy ~ Army Infantry ~ Afghanistan ~
Friday ~ Our Lady of Fatima Acts 9:1-20;     Gunny Sgt. Brian Dimock ~ Afghanistan
Ps 117; Jn 6:52-59
Saturday ~ Saint Matthias, apostle
Acts 1:15-17, 20-26; Ps 113; Jn 15:9-17
Sunday ~ Fourth Sunday of Easter                                       MARK YOUR CALENDAR
Acts 2:14a, 36-41; Ps 23; 1 Pt 2:20b-25;                           MAY 21-22 AFTER ALL MASSES
Jn 10:1-10                                                      On the Rise Bakery “ROPE” BAKE SALE
____________________________________                    IN       in Our Lady of the Angels Parish Center
           In The Journey Book
     For the Third Sunday of Easter, May               Sponsored by: The Capuchin Soup Kitchen
8th. Readings are on Page 924

    For the Fourth Sunday of Easter, May
15th. Readings are on Page 927

                                                             OUR LADY OF THE ANGELS PRAYER GARDEN
                  ITEMS NEEDED
                   FOR BASKET                Our garden is becoming more beautiful each year thanks to the wonderful group of
                     BOOTH                   dedicated volunteers who do such an admirable job of tending it. In the past few years,
                                             the number of flowers and plants has greatly increased due to the tender, loving care of
                                             our master gardeners. And it shows with all the beautiful flowers blooming each year.
Baskets (medium to large size)               The prayer garden is a picturesque tribute that honors so many of our family parish
CLEAR Cellophane to wrap baskets             members. A commemorative brick can have a very special meaning. It is a way of
  Here are this week’s basket ideas:         remembering someone who has passed or can serve as a special keepsake to honor your
                                             family. The garden is a memento befitting our parish that signifies the love and unity
Cash donations (I will shop for              that draws us closer together as God’s family. We encourage the many of you who are
you.)                                        still debating about buying a brick to do so. Bricks can be purchased by either filling
6) Birthday (cake-mix, frosting,             out the form in the Parish Office or on the Parish website. The cost is $110 with 3 lines
    theme plates, napkins, candles,          of inscription. Each line can accommodate 14 characters including the spaces. Sym-
    party favors, banners)                   bols can also be inscribed on the bricks at a cost of $5.00 for each one. There is a chart
7) Breakfast (coffee/tea, jams, jellies,     in the office to help you pick the symbol of your choice.
    gift certificate for bagels/muffins)
8) Coffee/tea (flavored teas and cof-             JUNE 17, 18 & 19 ~ FESTIVAL COUNTDOWN - 6 WEEKS TO GO!
    fees, mug, etc.)
Be Creative!!! (More ideas next week)        Return your ticket stubs, money and blue incentive ticket in the Parish Center after all
                                             the Masses and become eligible to win:
If you would like to help make bas-
kets or have questions, call Gloria at                         May 14-15         1 - prize of $100 & 1 prize of $50
313-381-6987 after 6 pm. Bring items         Drawings will be held at 1:30 p.m. on May 15. Returns made before May 15 are eligi-
to the Narthex or Parish Office              ble for the respective incentive drawings shown above.
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May 19th Through 22nd

                Jerry Ziemba 313-295-4985
                                                        Page 11
                                                                                         GARAGE CLEANOUTS
        WASHER & DRYER                           BULLETIN BOARD                           Call for an appointment
           NEEDED                                                                      734-444-6155 or 734-444-4731
                                                                                 We will clean out garages at a low price
    Disabled low-income woman with                                               and haul the trash away and will accept
children has no washer / electric dryer.        Downriver SHRED DAY              all useable items.
Can you help her?                                      Sponsored By                        Sr. Citizen Discounts
    Call Joan Forrest (313) 381-3000             The Southgate Rotary &                    References Available
                                                    Open to the Public
                                                 Saturday, May 21, 2011               St. Joseph Women’s Guild
                                                  10:00 AM to 1:00 PM                13th Annual Salad Luncheon
        CUSTOM FRAMING                                                                Date: Friday, May 13, 2011
                 by                               15185-15195 Allen Rd.
                                             (S. of Eureka / E-side of street)          Time: 11 AM - 1 PM
              Al Peller
                                            Southgate (Downriver, Michigan)
         Call 313-404-5176                                                                   $7.00 includes:
                                                   Office Parking Lot of
                                                  Drs. Zammit & Russell             Salads, desserts, and a beverage
            H. STABER                              FREE SHREDDING                   Carry-out orders are available
         FINISHERS, INC.
      Hans Staber ~ Parishioner            Care to give back to our Downriver    50/50 drawing (need not be present to win)
            313-790-3520                   Needy? Donations of food or cash          Door prizes and Basket Raffle
      Remodeling ● Cabinetry               will be given to: DOWNRIVER
        Drywall ● Painting                 COMMUNITY FOOD PANTRY.                Located in the Parish activity Center,
              Insured                                                                   Third Street, Trenton
                                                                                   More info call Meg 734-676-3145

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