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									                                                         Maine, USA
                2011                                            HEALTH CARE, THE ENVIRONMENT
                                                                  AND MEDICAL HUMANITIES ON
                                                                  MOUNT DESERT ISLAND, MAINE
                                                                                JUNE 1–30, 2011
Application Deadline
January 15, 2011
                                     This summer
Application Information:          study program
Submit directly to Dr. Rick       in Acadia
Mayes, Department of
Political Science,                National Park
Weinstein 202M
                                  and Bar Harbor,
Approximately $4,250              Maine, focuses
Payment Schedule                  on both health
• Non-refundable $150
  deposit due January 15,         care in the U.S.
  2011.                           (doctors, dis-
• 1st payment of $2,050 due
  March 15                        ease, hospitals,
• Final payment of $2,050
  due April 15                    health insurance,
                                  pharmaceuticals, Medicare, mental health, pediatrics, etc.) and environmen-
                                  tal public health. As the first class explains, over the past 150 years, major
                                  breakthroughs in public health and medicine have enabled humans to live
                                  longer, healthier and more productive lives. Clean drinking water, modern
                                  sanitation and good nutrition—along with the development of highly
                                  effective vaccines and antibiotics—have increased average western life
                                  expectancy by an unprecedented 35 years. Yet our nation’s health care
                                  system is the costliest in the world and in serious need of reform.
                                     The second class explores the integral relationship between human well-
            Program Director:     being and their environment. We will explore a number of major environ-
                    Rick Mayes
                   Department     mental issues and policies that affect public health, such as air quality/pollu-
           of Political Science   tion, water quality/pollution, agricultural practices, deforestation and loss of
          with Jerry Giordano,    species, climate change and more. The class will also teach students how to
        President of GreenUR      enjoy a healthy outdoors lifestyle in one of the country’s most visited and
               Phone Number
               804 287-6404
                                                                  Maine, USA
                2011                                                   HEALTH CARE, THE ENVIRONMENT
                                                                         AND MEDICAL HUMANITIES ON
                                                                         MOUNT DESERT ISLAND, MAINE
                                                                                       JUNE 1–30, 2011

beautiful national parks. The program concludes
with a policy-making project to develop legislation               Activities Included:
for improving public health through environmental                 • hiking, Ranger tours of Acadia National Park
legislation.                                                      • biking, sea kayaking and trips to local islands
Details:                                                          • visit The Jackson Lab
    This program is offered June 1-30, 2011. It                     (a leading Genetics Research Firm)
includes 2 units—or half a semester—of UR aca-                    • housing at Atlantic Oceanside Hotel with
demic credit with PLSC 365 “Health Care Policy and                  waterfront rooms
Politics” (1 unit) and PLSC 379 “Public Health and                • daily buffet breakfast and 2 units of UR credit:
the Environment” (1 unit). Both courses count for                 • lobster picnics and S'mores parties
elective Political Science and Medical Humanities
credit. PLSC 379 can also count as elective credit
for Environmental Studies. Approximate cost:
$4,250. Each student MUST bring or rent a moun-
tain bike. Any questions or want additional informa-
tion? please email Dr. Mayes at bmayes@rich-
Courses (2)

PLSC 365 “Health Care Policy and Politics”

PLSC 379 “Public Health and the Environment”

All dates and costs are approximate and subject to change as
are program details. The University of Richmond reserves the
right to alter the program costs as a result of fluctuations of
international currency.

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