Magnetic Therapy and Menstrual cycle

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					How to Free Yourself from Those Dreaded Monthly Abdominal Cramps with Magnetic

Well, what I say ladies , we've all been there at some time or another; first comes the
tiredness, pre-menstrual tension, not too mention a good dose of back pain right across
your lower back and last but certainly not least are those painful stomach cramps!

Approximately 50% of women are affected by painful abdominal cramps every month.
According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, painful menstruation or
Dysmenorrhea as it is medically known is officially defined as,

"A normal cramping of the lower abdomen caused by hormone-induced uterine
contractions before the period."

Painful abdominal cramps have plagued women since the beginning of time; and most
women have developed their own strategy for coping with them. Some of those remedies
include reaching for the good old hot water bottle or over the counter pain killers or anti
inflammatory drugs.

So Why Do Menstrual Cramps Hurt?

Now ladies, let’s travel back in time to your Biology class; you will probably recall these
all important facts:

The body prepares itself for pregnancy each month by allowing the lining of the womb to
When a pregnancy does not occur, this lining becomes swollen and dies
The uterus begins to contract to rid itself of the dead lining
The lining is then passed through the cervix and out via the vagina, which we see in the
form of a period each month.

Sound familiar right? Well, I am sure that there are many among you, who know at least
one person who appears to sail through their 'time of the month' without any problems at
all. Now, as annoying as that may seem for the those of you who don’t ‘sail through’,
there is a possible reason for it, and it's mainly due to a molecular compound called
'Prostaglandin' .

Your body releases Prostaglandin when the lining of your womb breaks down. Research
has shown that women who produce high levels of Prostaglandin tend to experience more
painful cramps than those with lower levels.

Additional Factors Which Contribute To The Pain

Other factors that can have an effect on the amount of pain you experience are:
Lack of exercise
A narrow cervical canal
A retroverted uterus (a uterus which tilts backwards)

Treatment Options – An Alternative for You to Consider

No doubt, you are familiar with the various drug based options available for controlling
the pain; you may even take supplements like Evening Star Primrose Oil or B Vitamins
as part of your regimen. However, if you’re not very good with tablets, then you may
want to consider a natural pain relief alternative known as Magnetic Therapy

Never heard of it? Well, not a problem; Magnetic therapy can be defined as a safe,
natural and non-invasive method of applying high strength negative magnetic fields to the
body for therapeutic purposes. It is a Complementary Therapy which is used to treat
certain medical conditions by exposure to permanent or pulsed magnetic fields.

When magnets are applied directly above the site of pain or injury, the iron content
within your blood becomes responsive to the magnetic field. This process results in
improved circulation. The increased amount of blood supply means that the Magnetic
Field also relieves pain, by tackling any inflammation present. It does this by drawing out
excess fluid and toxins from the surrounding tissues and then expelling them on route via
the Liver and Kidneys. Once the excess fluid and toxins are removed, the swelling will
begin to reduce.

According to Dr K. Kalita who is a specialist in the field of Magnetic Therapy, menstrual
cramps have been successfully treated by placing a 4” x 6” x ½ magnet directly over the
cramping area. He also recommends sleeping on a Magnetic Mattress Pad with four 4” x
6” x 1” ceramic magnets at the crown of the head for relieving menstrual irregularities
and any related symptoms.

It may interest you to know that Magnet Therapy has been around for centuries. It was
used extensively by the ancient Greeks, Indians and Chinese. It was even good enough
for the likes of Cleopatra, the question is, is it good enough for you…only you can


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