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Sect hearings open calmly


									THURSDAY        Clearwater
May 6, 1982        Metro Clearwater

              Sect hearings open calmly
               By STEVEN GIBARDI
               Sun staff writer
                 Edward Walters was fidgety and ner-
              vous as he embarked on five hours of
               testimony Wednesday during the city of
              Clearwater's first day ot public hear-
              ings into alleged criminal activities by
              the Church of Scientology.
                 "Excuse my nervousness," began the
              44-year-old former high-ranking Sci-
              entologist. "I've never been in public like
              this before."
                 "We're all a little a tensed-up, I sup-
              pose," Mayor Charles LeCher replied.
                 So began testimony in the much-
              awaited and much-publicized hearings
              that city officials said could result in
              two ordinances aimed at curbing Sciento-
              logy solicitation and alleged fraudulent
                 And while the hearings attracted more
              than a dozen print, radio and television :
              news reporters from local and national
              media, the large crowd of spectators ,
              many expected never materialized.
                 No more than 80 people showed up at
              City Hall and many had left by the time .
              the hearings entered the eighth hour. The
              crowd was quiet and reserved throughout
              the day, many scratching notes on legal
              pads. One elderly man sat quietly in the
              fourth row clutching an American
              flag and the Holy Bible.

                                                            A crowd is packed into City Commission chambers as testimony gets under way in Scientology hearings.
 Hearings televised
    Also among the crowd was Paulette
  Cooper, a New York freelance writer
  attacked by the church for publishing a
  book in 1971 titled "The Scandal of Sci-
  entology." Ms. Cooper has a $15.4 million
  lawsuit pending against the church, which
  in turn has filed as many as 14 suits
  against Ms. Cooper.
    A large television screen was set up at
  the City Hall Annex to handle the ex-         Commissioners cautious
  pected crowd overflow, but it rarely
  attracted more than 15 people at a time.        City commissioners and officials
                                                were cautious throughout the hearings,
    Vision Cable of Pinellas, Inc. is           careful to stick to the business side of
 broadcasting the hearings live and rerun-      the church and not delve into religious
 ning them from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m., pro-          aspects.
 gram director Don Mains said.
    Those who showed up for the hearings
 seemed to be intrigued by what they
                                                  Clearwater Mayor Charles LeCher said
                                                he was pleased with the way the hearings
                                                                                            Three faces of DeWolf
 heard.                                         were conducted, but "they moved a little
                                                slower than we would have liked."                 Ronald E. DeWolf, the son of Church of Scientology       (from left), then gives his response and is ready for
    "It is gripping," said Laura Brunnelle,       "Some of these people are very ner-             founder L Ron Hubbard, testifies Wednesday in the        another query. He testified for about an hour during
 an elderly Clearwater woman who sat            vous," he said of the witnesses. "I have          hearing on the sect at City Hall. He fields a question   the proceeding.
 through most of the day's testimony.           to be very careful not to intimidate
 "It's a very convincing thing because of       them, but try to lead them through their
it is being so well done.                       testimony."
    "It's logic. It's calm. And we're hearing
the truth rather than hysteria."                  Clearwater Police Chief Sid Klein
   Vincent McAvoy said he was surprised         headed a six-man police squad that mon-
by some of the information about the            itored the hearings and escorted the wit-
church's inner workings.                        nesses. Each of the witnesses is receiv-
   "I wonder about their purpose," said         ing around-the-clock police protection at
McAvoy, 1739 Woodridge Drive, who               their request, Klein said.
watched the hearings from the annex.              He said none of the witnesses or city
"And frankly I don't think it's too good.       officials has been threatened.
Hopefully, Scientology will move out. I           Klein said police scoured the building
think there is a chance they will."             before the hearings began, but declined
                                                to comment about what they were looking
                                                  "Basically we're dealing with a large
                                                number of people in a small physical
                                                area in a highly controversial matter,"
                                                the chief said, explaining the police
                                                presence. "It seems to make good sense."

                                                                                            «-:•„ r n m m : « ! o n » r t lict^n to testimony about Scientology activities durine Wednesday's hearing.
                           Volume 69, Number 2

May 6, 1982
              L. Ron Hubbard's son says
              his father 'destroys' foes
              By BILL PRESCOTT
              Sun staff writer
                The son of L. Ron Hubbard, founder of
              the Church of Scientology, testified Wednes- a.m. today. Also scheduled to speak, according
              day his father was obsessed with controlling to city consultant Michael Flynn, are Laurie
              people and "destroyed" those who opposed him • Taverna, Rosie Pace and David Ray, all for-
              and the church.                                 mer workers in the church's Clearwater orga-
                "My father only knew how to do one thing; nization.
              that was destroy them," said L. Ronald Hub-       The scheduled 10 days of hearings are the
              bard Jr., who has changed his name to Ronald culmination of close to a year of behind-the-
              Edward DeWolf.                                  scenes work by the Clearwater City Commis-
                DeWolf contended also the elder Hubbard sion and Boston attorney Flynn, who has bat-
              fabricated most of the personal qualifica- tled the sect in court for three years.
              tions and scientific expertise he claimed         City officials have said the public hear-
              when forming the sect.                          ings will help determine whether charitable-so-
                 "I can say flat that 99 percent of what my licitation and consumer-fraud ordinances are
              father wrote about his own life is false,       needed to control alleged criminal activities by
              said DeWolf.                                    Scientology.
                DeWolf, 47, was the second witness to testi-    The hearings began on a tense note as Tam-,
              fy ' in the opening session of Clearwater's pa attorney Paul B. Johnson, representing Sci-
              public hearings on Scientology. Edward Wal- entology, walked out of the City Hall proceed-
              ters, at one time a high-ranking Scientologist, ings when commissioners denied him a chance'
              testified earlier he would not have joined the to make an opening statement. Johnson said he
              church had he known the alleged discrepancies was "shocked at the attitude" of the commis-
              of Hubbard's past.                              sion.
                DeWolf will continue his testimony at 9                      (* See HUBBARD'S, next page)
 "They'll take the Kool-Aid'
By STEVEN GIRARDI                                    Scientologist attorney Paul Johnson of
Sun staff writer                                   Tampa said later Wednesday he was disturbed
   The Fort Harrison Hotel in downtown Clear-      and outraged by the statement.
water could be the scene of another                  "I cannot believe what I'm hearing," John-
Jonestown-type mass suicide when Scientology       son said. "To say people in Clearwater will
founder L. Ron Hubbard dies, a former              take the Kool-Aid or be jumping out of win-
high-ranking church official said Wednes-"         dows or something, that's just blatant sensatio-
day.                                               nalism.                            ....
   Edward Walters, the first witness called          "And if it's typical of what they're going
during Clearwater's public hearings into Sci-      to hear during these hearings, how is the           (from page 1A)                                          from the church in 1979, about the time he was
entology practices, said under oath that many      church going to combat those type of wild,            He-said he had reached a status of Class Eight in     talking about quitting and going to the FBI with
Scientologists are "addicted" to Hubbard the       slanderous and irresponsible statements that        the church's technical division, one of few to         information, which he eventually did.
way members of the People's Temple were to         will be disseminated throughout the whole           achieve a level that high. He was in charge of            Walters, a New York City native, said he spent
their leader, the Rev. Jim Jones.                  country?"                                          auditing, a form of church counseling that probes       five years, between ages 15 and 20, as a nationally-
   "If Hubbard decides to leave this planet           Walters, who called The Fort Harrison, 215 S.   •the past of church members..                           touring pool player.
he'll take the others with him—they will take       Fort Harrison Ave., the sect's most prestigious      He said he kept "confessional files" on church          "I was one of the best in the country," he said.
the Kool-Aid," Walters said referring to the       headquarters, said he is worried about the de-     members, occasionally releasing the personal in-           He wound up eventually in Las Vegas and went to
poisoned drink Jones and his followers swal-        votion to Hubbard by Scientologists who have      formation to the sect's Guardian Office in some         work as a card dealer for a gambling casino "the
lowed in a November 1978 murder-suicide at         reached upper levels in the church's structure.    investigations.                                         day after I turned 21." He worked his way up to a
Guyana.                                                                                                  But he said that after nine years in the organiza-   boxman—supervising dice games—then to a boss
   Walters, 44, said he first realized this fear     He called rank-and-file church members           tion he called "intriguing," he had become disillu-     and executive.
after seeing a television movie account of         "nice, decent people. If they were not in          sioned with it.                                            He gave up the job to join the church in 1970 but
the Jonestown incident, in which 913 people        Scientology, I believe many would be in the           He decided to quit when the church was accused       has since returned to the the casino business.
died.                                              Peace Corps or something like that."               of breaking into the U.S. Department of Justice            He said he kept the couple's two children, Steve,
   "I was astounded how Rev. Jones did the           He said not all Scientology methods are bad      and "they started lying to the Scientologists about     26, and Kim 22, away from the church.
same things Hubbard did," he said. "The peo-       and that as a church member "I believed it. I      the break-in," he said.                                    "I was going to audit them myself." he said. "I
ple are totally dedicated to him. They are ad-     loved it."                                            Wallers said he and his wife were expelled           did some with my daughter. Not all auditing is bad."
d i c t s •« him mentally and physically."                           (• See THEY'LL, next page)
Fort Harrison:
'horror house'
Sun staff writer
  A 17-year veteran of the Church of Sci-
entology told Clearwater city commissioners
Thursday she lived through "horror" while
staying at the former Fort Harrison Hotel
three years ago.
  Lori Taverna, who said she broke with the
sect two months ago, was asked by Mayor

       Son thinks Hubbard dead, 3A
      Writer contends harassment, 3A

Charles LeCher to describe a "normal day"
while she worked as a Scientology trainer.
   "Most of it was horror, so I don't know,"
said Mrs. Taverna. 39.
   But in about three hours of testimony dur-
ing the second day of the city's public hear-
ings on church activities, the New York City
resident alleged a wide range of abuses to
sect staff members and their children.
   Mrs. Taverna took her seat before the City
 Commission after the son of Scientology
 founder L. Ron Hubbard completed testimony
 he began Wednesday. In his Thursday appear-       LORI TAVERNA
 ance, Ronald Edward DeWolf told more
 about bis father and the origins of the con-      . . . Hubbard was worshiped "
 troversial church.                                          . . . treated a s a god.'
   And as the day's proceedings ended, a for-
 mer church financial officer, Casey Kelly,
 discussed weeks when the Fort Harrison
 church brought in up to $2.3 million.
  Kelly is scheduled to continue his testimony
at 9 a.m. today, according to city consultant
Michael Flynn, along with ex-church members
Rosie Pace and David Ray and longtime sect
foe Paulette Cooper.
  Mrs. Taverna said she joined Scientology in
June 1965 after attending a free lecture in
New York City.
  "It sounded good to me," recalled the wom-
  The group's goal, she said, was described as
"a world without war, crime and insanity." She
took courses to become an auditor—a Scientolo-
gy counselor—and became "very dedicated" to
founder Hubbard, she said. He attained "su-
pernatural" status in her thinking, she said.
  "Ron Hubbard was worshiped by many peo-
ple, treated as a god," Mrs. Taverna said.
  Her first experience with the sect's Clear-
water Flag Land Base at The Fort Harrison
Hotel, 215 S. Fort Harrison Ave., came in June     CASEY KELLY
1978, she said. She was asked, she said, to join
                   (• See HORROR, next page)       . . . 1 don't know where
                                                                  that money goes.'
                                                                                                                     'FRIDAY, MAY 7, 1982

          Witness said she lived through 'horror'
  (from page I A)                                       ed constantly, she said, but escaped finally when.
 "Operation Z," a program to disseminate Scientolo- she promised to sell her business to buy more
 gy literature on a large scale, and receive the train- courses.
 ingin Clearwater. It was considered a great honor to . In her experiences with the sect, she said, she saw
       come to Flag, she said. '                        children neglected, sick people (intended and people
    "it was promoted as the most beautiful place on harassed.
 earth," Mrs. Taverna said.                                "I felt like 1 was in an insane asylum," she said.
    Instead of paradise, she said, as many as 10           Mrs. Taverna said she was "shocked" when she
 staff people were crowded into dirty, insect-in- learned that Hubbard's past allegedly had been
 fested rooms.                                          fabricated.
    'The purported well-organized program was in dis-     She said she came to the hearings because she
 array, she said, and a planned two-week stay feels "responsible to . . . the hundreds of people
'stretched until September 1978 when she was pressed I've trained," and that Scientology is "a fraud."
 info service to audit lower-level members.               Mrs. Taverna's testimony ended with applause
    There was great pressure to sell church services, from t h e crowd, and witness Edward Walters
 she said and at one .point the staff was fed hugged her.
 nothing but rice and beans for a week when sales         Earlier, Hubbard's son DeWolf testified he
 dropped below quota.                                   left the church when Hubbard "wanted me to de-
    In June1979 she returned to Clearwater, she said, vise a plan to steal an H-bomb." He derided the
 when "New Era Dianetics" was introduced as the alleged powers of Scientology to cure cancer and
 "most spectacular thing in Scientology." Mrs. Tav- other diseases.
 erna said she, her then-10-year-old daughter, and her    "In all my experience with Scientology, I have
 two sisters signed billion-year contracts to join the never see'n a remission or cure of cancer, period,"
 "Sea Org" (Flag Land staff) in order to take the DeWolf said. "Scientology is a money and power
 high-level courses.                                    game. It doesn't have much to do with reality."
    But instead of finding new material in the new        He said several books, allegedly backed by exten-
 higher-level courses, she said it was mostly recycled sive research, were written by his father "off
 from lower-level programs. All they did, she said, the top of his head." Boston attorney Flynn pro-
 was hold out "the last hope" to people who had duced two—"All About Radiation" and "Dianetics:
 completed the highest available courses but still The Modern Science of Mental Health"—and said
 experienced the ills and problems they were sup- they had been purchased "within the past 24 hours"
 posed to dispell.                                      in Clearwater.
    Mrs. Taverna completed the coursework quickly         Kelly, who was in Clearwater from late 1977 until
 and wished to leave, she said, but officials 1980, described financial transactions in the
 found fault with with her work constantly. The church. He said up to $2.3 million was taken in
 "technicalities" stretched her stay into months, she weekly and "that's tax-free.
 said, and she was forced again to audit others 14        "I don't know where that money goes and the
 hours a day.                                           people who do, don't tell."                             Attorney Michael Flynn holds pamphlet as evidence.
    The stress caused her chronic arthritis to flare, • He said he was told the 1975 purchase of $25                                                                   out the truth," he said.
 Mrs. Taverna said, almost crippling her. After a million worth of property around the world made               called the hearings."a mockery" and said allega-
 short-lived escape, she said guilt forced her to just "a dent" in the organization's cash reserves.            tions made in the "sweetheart presentations" so          The hearings, Johnson said, "are carefully calcu-
 return.                                                  Church spokesman Hugh Wilhere referred ques-          far are too "vague" for a response.                    lated to cause maximum damage to the Church of
                                                                                                                  "No one there is asking questions trying to ferret   Scientology."
    She was disciplined with manual labor and guard- tions to Paul B. Johnson, the sect's lawyer. Johnson
Friday, May 7,1982

 Sect founder's son thinks dad is dead
 By STEVEN GIRARDI                               "Zip! Off we went," said the red-        the hearings also works in a Nevada
 Sun staff writer                              haired, fair-complexioned DeWolf,          casino, DeWolf smiled and called the
    The son of Scientology founder L.          who changed his name after break-          business a "great deprogrammer."
 Ron Hubbard said Thursday he thinks           ing from the sect.                         Three times he hopped on the floor
 his father probably is dead, although           In a hallway interview following         as he laughed and told of what a
  "I have never seen his dead body or          his testimony, DeWolf said he              former Scientologist faces in a ca-
 anything."                                    walked out of the sect's Washington       sino.
    Ronald Edward DeWolf, the eldest           D.C. headquarters without saying             "OTs (advanced Scientologists)
 son of the Scientology recluse, told          goodbye to his father.                    think they can do it all—see through
 Clearwater city commissioners that              "You don't say goodbye to L. Ron        walls, leave their bodies and fly to
.changes in the letters he has received        Hubbard," he said, lighting a menthol     other countries, travel to distant
 from his father "leads me to be-              cigarette. "He was in Melbourne, Aus-     stars," he said. "They look at a Black
 lieve he just possibly might be dead,         tralia. I threw a resignation letter in   Jack table and figure they can do it.
 but I just don't know."                       the mailbox as we drove out of town       They lose it all. It puts their feet
    The letters, he said, began changing       to Los Angeles."                          back on the ground pretty quick."
 in 1975 "and more recently, some of             He called his father a "paranoid,          DeWolf said he leads a quiet life
 the letters I've received have changed       schizophrenic, megalomaniac—if it's        and does very little physical activity:
 in syntax." He said his father had a         physically possible to be all of           "I watch a lot of television."
 distinctive "way he put words togeth-        those."                                       He said he belongs to the Episcopal
 er" which he would recognize immedi-            DeWolf said he never dreamed Sci-       Church. He has six children, none of
 ately.                                       entology would reach the power it has,     whom are involved with Scientology.
    DeWolf, who at 18 helped his fa-          but said his father did. And as for           But as an expert on the workings
 ther set up some of the early Sciento-       possible guilt feelings about control-     of Scientology, he said he "enjoys
 logy ground rules, said he has not seen      ling the lives of so many people,          just sitting around talking about it."
 Hubbard since 1959 but has received a       .DeWolf suggested his father has               He said he liked the Clearwater
 steady flow of correspondence.               none.                                      hearings and hopes his testimony will
    If his father is still alive, he said,       "Does a king worry about being a        "keep a few more people out of
 he has no idea where he might be or          king?" he asked.                           hell.                          i
 who is with him.                                DeWolf said that when he left the         "It may sound a little strange, but to
   DeWolf, who turns 48 today, left           sect he did not know how to perform        me the subject is boring. And then at RONALD DeWOLF
 the organization in November 1959            at a regular job and had difficulty        times, I say 'Gosh! I thought every-               . . . letter syntax changed
 when his wife, "who gets angry once          finding work. He since has found a         body knew that.'
 every five years," offered him a             job in the security division of a Car-       "I'd hate to be known for only one Public speaking, maybe. People have
 choice between Scientology or her and        son City, Nev. hotel casino.               thing in my life. I'd like to get into convinced me I have something impor-
 the children.                                   Told Wednesday's first witness in       something else, but I don't know what. tant to say."
Friday, May 7,1982
                     Writer says sect harasses her
                      By STEVEN Girardi                     cause of her damaging writings           , ters to Johnson.
                      Sun staff writer-                     about the sect and its activities.            Ms. Cooper , called the city's
                         It has been 11 years since            According to the documents,             hearings a "wonderful fo-
                      freelance writer Paulette Coo-        she was the target of "Opera-              rum," even if they serve no oth-
                      per published what she calls "the     tion Freakout," a plan to get her          er purpose than "to educate the
                      book that launched a thousand         "incarcerated in a mental institi-         people."
                      suits." And it has been about a       tution or jail, or at least hit her so        She said she thought the sect
                      week since she was served with        hard that she drops her attacks."          has been growing weaker in re-
                      the eighteenth lawsuit filed            The subsequent lawsuits have             cent years and, when asked how
                      against her by the Church of          cost her $19,000 and led her to a          long she thought it would survive,
                      Scientology.             ,            nervous breakdown, she said.               said "I plan to outlive them."
                         "I handled the eighteenth bet-       The church has said it no longer            But she predicted the sect
                      ter," the thin, blond woman said     'engages in such attacks, but Ms.           would always have a "hard core"
                      Thursday. "But how can things         Cooper, who will speak's          following of at least 1,000,
                      not bother you? I work day and        hearings, said otherwise.                  "and this, Clearwater, is where
                      night to pay lawyers."                  "They say they've changed,"              they're going to be."
                         Ms. Cooper, in Clearwater this     she said, chain-smoking Kent cig-             Ms. Cooper's book was
                      week for the city's Scientology       arettes. "I want you to know that          prompted by a friend who she
                      hearings has been embroiled with     Scientology has not changed, I             said Joined Scientology in the
                     the sect since she published a       don't ever want anybody to go               1960s and wound up in a mental
                     book in 1971, "The Scandal of        through what I went through."               institution. She said she does not
                     Scientology."                            Ms. Cooper, 40, said that this          know the sect drove her friend
                        The New York writer said the      past week someone canceled the              to the institution, but the incident
                     latest suit charges her with con-    airline reservations for her                raised her "curiosity."
                     spiracy against the church, as do    Clearwater flight to the hear-                She began research in 1968 and
                     most of the recent suits. Ms.        ings. "That's the third time this          said she ran into trouble with the'
                     Cooper, meanwhile, said she has      year," she said.                           sect soon after.
                     two suits pending against the sect       The sect's Tampa attorney,                 "They made it clear to me
                     and one counter-suit charging Sci-   Paul B. Johnson, declined to reply         about what would happen," she
                     entology with harassment.            to the comments until after Ms.            said. "That they'd make me an
                        In sect documents released by     Cooper testifies. Scientology              example so no one would ever do
                     federal court order in 1976, Ms.     spokesman Hugh Wilhere repeat-             it again. I was scared, but being
                     Cooper emerged as perhaps Sci-       ed the sect's policy of refer-             scared is a very stupid reason to
                     entology's most hated enemy be-      ring all inquiries on hearing mat-         be quiet."
              Sect witnesses recount
Mav 8, 1982
              fear, deception, 'suicide'
              By STEVEN GIRARDI                                                                       Hubbard's ship in a Morocco port. The          agrees. Flynn, a Boston attorney who rep-
              Sun start writer                                                                        church said the single gunshot wound in        resents several former Scientologists,
                Teen-ager David Ray testified Friday                                                  her forehead was self-inflicted.               called some of Friday's testimony
              he bad a spectacular start with the Clearwater—and testified about de-                  Meister said he is not so sure.                "compelling," especially in indicating
              Church of Scientology in California, plorable living conditions and an instilled          And Rosey Pace, a 17-year Scientolog-        "the realm of deception" practiced by
              but quickly became a rebel trapped in      {
              The Fort Harrison Hotel, relegated to fear of breaking fromHartwell, of Neva-
                                                                                the sect.
                                                                                                      ist, said she got to the point where she
                                                                                                      hoped she would die in order to finally
                                                                                                                                                     the church.
                                                                                                                                                       The 18-year-old Ray joined the sect in
              cleaning rooms and stomping garbage.         Ernest and Adelle                          leave the sect: "I was hoping when I           San Diego in March 1981. A few months
                                                         da, had expected at one time that they too   went to the doctor (for eye surgery) he        later, his mother said he "blew their
                Casey Kelly, 23, testifying for the could have spoken about Clearwater
              second day, said he "wasn't a very good Flag. But the Scientology-chauffeured           would tell me I bad cancer so I could get      minds" by recruiting his friends in a
              Scientologist," either. "One thing you trip they began three years ago with a           out"                                           matter of three days.
              don't do in Scientology is joke around, so promised destination of Clearwater             The first half of the hearings is              He said he was rewarded by being post-
              obviously I didn't make out very well," wound up in the California desert where         expected to wind up today with the city's      ed in Clearwater within a week to begin
              he quipped.                                they said they were abused by "the           final seven witnesses taking the oath,         auditing courses, but fell quickly into
                Like one other witness called in the boss," L. Ron Hubbard.                           The hearings begin at 9 a.m. at Clearwa-       disfavor when he refused auditing, a
              third day of Clearwater's Scientology                                                   ter City Hall.                                 sect form of counseling.
              hearings, Kelly and Ray spent time at the    George Meister is not a Scientologist at     The hearings have been criticized as            He said he was assigned to the Rehabil-
              church's "Flag Land Base"—formerly all. But be testified about his daughter,            being vague, a label with which the city's .   itation Project Force and worked 14-hour
              The Fort Harrison Hotel in downtown Susan, found dead 11 years ago aboard               special consultant Michael Flynn dis-                    (• See WITNESSES, next page)
        Witnesses recount fear
 (from page 1A)                                           church. "No one was getting any better," she said.
  days cleaning 32 hotel rooms. He earned $9.60 a            She quit two months ago.
  week. He said he performed well and was pro-               In emotional testimony, the Hartwells said they
  moted to head of housekeeping for the hotel,            turned to Scientology at the recommendation of
"which meant my room quota went from 32 rooms             Mrs. Hartwell's daughter, who suggested the church
 to 78 each day."                                         could cure Mrs. Hartwell's intestinal problem.
    At other times he worked 18-hour days cleaning           They were offered an escort to Clearwater in
  kitchens and toilets and had to stomp wet kitchen        1979 but ended up in the desert town of Indio,
  garbage into dumpsters, sometimes sinking to his         Calif., with the church's founder, Hubbard. The
  waist.                                                   Las Vegas, Nev., couple said they do not know why
    RPF members ate leftover food which he said            they were chosen to meet Hubbard, a recluse few
  was so bad he mostly survived on cookies he bought       have ever seen, but said the church realized it was a
  across the street.                                      mistake.
    He called the hotel dirty and a fire hazard. It has      "We were not programmed into Scientology," the
 no sprinkler system, he said.                            62-year-old Hartwell said.
    Ray said he lived in a 12-by-16, insect-infested         They were put to work, Mrs. Hartwell, 58, said,
 room, with 24 other Scientologists. They shared one       and at times worked through the night carrying
 bathroom and posted shower schedules which allow-        buckets of water.
 ed each person five minutes, if he found time to            They tried to leave and did eventually, though
 shower at all. Conditions were the same, he said, on     separately because they were told Hartwell was the
 the third, fourth and fifth floors of the ho-            cause of his wife's sickness. They said they came
 tel.                                                     close to divorcing and were harassed by church
    He said he left the hotel without permission on       members after they left.
occasion, once swapping punches with another Sci-            The church never cured Mrs. Hartwell, who later
entology before leaping to a garage roof and              underwent surgery for colitis.
then to the ground.                                          Meister, the day's final witness, said he went to
   But he returned because "I was scared to death to      Morocco in 1971 to identify his 22-year-old daugh-
be kicked out. I was led to believe I was doing           ter's body after a Scientology minister notified
something good for a lot of people, and I didn't          the family she committed suicide.
want to lose that."                                          But he said a picture he saw led him to believe
                                                           otherwise. The .22-caliber, long-barreled pistol that
   Mrs. Pace, the 30-year-old sister of Lori Tav-         killed her was tucked beneath her folded arms as
erna, who testified Thursday, said, "The worst            she lay on a cabin bed aboard Hubbard's ship, he
part about Scientology is . . . you're brainwashed to
the point you believe you can't leave."
                                                          said. A bullet-hole pierced her forehead.
                                                             "How do you do that?" Meister asked of the
                                                                                                                   Death description
   She said she was in Clearwater from May to              gun's position.
December 1979 and was told she would "be treated             He said he battled with the church to have the           George Meister (right), of Greeley, Colo.,   (left) holds photo of Susan Meister, who
like gold. I later found out it was an absolute lie."      body returned to his Colorado hometown for burial.         describes how his daughter Susan, who        was a Scientologist aboard L. Ron Hub-
   After living in ant-infested rooms, seeing her          But the church had buried her in a burlap sack in          reportedly committed suicide, was found.
sister abused and being lambasted by some church                                                                                                                   bard's yacht Apollo just prior to her death
                                                           Morocco and had to be exhumed and shipped to the           Anti-Scientologist attorney Michael Flynn
Officials, she began to doubt the purpose of the           United States, he said.                                                                                 in Morocco.
                                                                                                                                   SATURDAY, MAY 8, 1982

             By BILL PRESCOTT                    DeWolf testified Wednesday            the press and hearing witnesses,      lacked a basic understanding of      public hearings but was turned,
             Sun staff writer                    and Thursday his father fab-          Kelly has asked the question, "L..    Scientology.                         down.
               This week's public hearings on    ricated church versions of his        Ron Hubbard where are you?" .            He sought to reform the             Kelly said he agrees with Flynn
             the Church of Scientology is just   past and most of the supposedly         The tall, thin, quick-talking man   church and attempted to commu-       the fundamental problem with.
             a case of sect founder L. Ron       researched material the sect is       has been something of a thorn         nicate his ideas to Hubbard. At      Scientology is Hubbard, whom he'
             Hubbard getting a dose of his       based on. Other ex-Scientologists     in the side of Clearwater Sci-        the time, church spokesmen said      sees as a "pathetic" figure.
             own medicine, according to one      expressed disillusionment and         entologists since he arrived here     he was a confirmed outcast and
             interested spectator.               outrage about their treatment         two years ago from Ottawa.                                                    The m a n , he said, is hiding
Hearings       "This is an auditing session,"
             said George Kelly, who has at-
             tended all three days of the
                                                 while in the church.
                                                   The process, Kelly said, has
                                                 been essentially like auditing, the
                                                                                          Kelly said he was a member,
                                                                                       of the church in the early
                                                                                       1970s—serving two years on Hub-
                                                                                                                             wished he would just go away.
                                                                                                                                 Their level of understanding
                                                                                                                             is so bad they can't explain
                                                                                                                                                                  from himself and his responsi-
                                                                                                                                                                  bility for the alleged abuses of
                                                                                                                                                                  the organization he founded.

'an audit'   hearings. "This is L. Ron Hub-
             bard's auditing session and Mi-
             chael Flynn is the auditor."
                                                 Scientology method of counsel-
                                                   "The whole idea of auditing is
                                                                                       bard's yacht—and was booted out
                                                                                       for attempting to convince Ca-
                                                                                       nadian Prime Minister Pierre El-
                                                                                       liot Trudeau to join the sect.
                                                                                                                             (church philosophy)," Kelly said
                                                                                                                             Friday. ''If you don't know the
                                                                                                                             notes, you can't play the tune."
                                                                                                                               Much f Scientology's technol-
                                                                                                                                                                  Hubbard's disappearing act, Kelly
                                                                                                                                                                  said, puts the master at the bot-
                                                                                                                                                                  tom of the personality rating
                                                                                                                                                                  scale he invented for his fol-
of sect's      Kelly, a 34-year-old Canadian
             and ex-Scientologist, based his
             analysis on his 14-year study of
             the Church of Scientology and
                                                 to bring to light the unknowns
                                                 that cause aberrant behavior," he
                                                 said. "This is it."
                                                   Kelly said the basic philosophy
                                                                                          After working in Canada for
                                                                                       several years and studying Sci-
                                                                                       entology, he said, he came to
                                                                                                                             ogy is valuable, he contends, but
                                                                                                                             has been lost by the "insanity"
                                                                                                                             of the leadership. -
                                                                                                                                                                     He contended that much of
                                                                                                                                                                   the alleged criminal conduct of
founder      his personal knowledge of the
             reclusive Hubbard.
               Throughout the week, Boston at-
                                                 of most religions foretold the
                                                 troubles of Hubbard, who has
                                                 been in hiding at least 10 years.
                                                   "As you sow, so shall ye reap,"
                                                                                       Clearwater in late 1979 in an at-
                                                                                       tempt to rejoin. But his radical
                                                                                       views about what the church
                                                                                       should be resulted in another ex-
                                                                                                                               Since his second expulsion, he
                                                                                                                             said, he has stayed in the Clear-
                                                                                                                             water area working in various
                                                                                                                             business ventures and living with
                                                                                                                                                                   the church's Guardian Office,
                                                                                                                                                                   an enforcement arm, was de-
                                                                                                                                                                   signed "to protect L. Ron Hub-
                                                                                                                                                                   bard from his own lies."
             torney Flynn has presented wit-     said Kelly. "The cards are on the     pulsion, he said.                     friends.
             nesses and documents he con-        table now.                               He felt that the escalating          Kelly said he has watched with       That time is over, Kelly said.
             tends prove most of the sect's        "Now it's up to Hubbard to pick     prices of church coursework           interest the developing battle be-     "LRH has no other options but
             alleged abuses stem from Hub-       'em up."                              was pricing the organization out      tween Scientology and the city.      to confront it," he said. "He
             bard's own personality.               And in a three-page essay he        of existence and that most of         He offered his services to           can't run away from it any
               Hubbard's son Ronald Edward       has given to city commissioners,      the sect's high-level officials       Flynn to act as a witness in the     more."
                                     May 9, 1982

    Witnesses tell
     of break-ins,
Sun staff writer
  In a story of international intrigue, a for-
mer senior executive of the Church of Sci-
entology testified Saturday about a worldwide
sect network involving infiltrations, conspira-
cies and smuggling.
  Scott Mayer, 38, told Clearwater city com-
missioners "I have personal experiences of
all of these," in the fourth day of the
city's Scientology hearings, where legal consul-
tant Michael Flynn paraded seven of his most
damaging witnesses.
  Commissioners heard also from a former
Guardian Office worker who said she used
the sect's "confessional files" during seve-
ral campaigns to discredit defected Sciento-
logists; a man who said he participated in
burglaries to obtain confidential legal records
to help frame defectors; and two people
who said they were targets of those activities.
  Saturday marked the final day of testimo-
ny against the church. This week has been set
aside for church counter-arguments, but the
sect has said it has not decided whether to
  Mayer said the Scientology Flag Land Base
in Clearwater was the central point of his
activities as a worldwide church "troubleshoot-
  "I'm not here to complain about what the
church has done to me," the articulate Mayer
told commissioners, "but to impress upon you
the magnitude of what you're dealing with.
  He said the church uses its community orga- SCOTT MAYER
nizations to infiltrate the community. "I'm                      . . . sect members well trained
talking about infilitration in your community
by a group of psycho-political operators who town, world headquarters for the Guardian
have been well-trained.                           Office, the sect's enforcement arm.
  He said the infiltration, which is part of "That's where I was briefed" for missions,
the sect's goal to convert the planet to Sciento- he said.
logy, permeated the U.S. Congress, where spies      He said also that he briefed couriers, dis-
"routinely report to the Guardian Office guised as students or tourists, "on how to get
daily."                                           through immigration, customs, postal offi-
  Spies were placed also in Massachusetts gov- cials, to get money in and out of the coun-
ernment agencies as part of a seven-man try."
conspiracy established in Boston, testified         The church has more than 30 bank accounts
Robert Oardano, a member of the team.             worldwide, he said.
  Janie Peterson, who worked in the Las Vegas       The sect used five "front companies"
Guardian Office until 1979, testified ear- which it used as addresses for the money and
lier the office operated community pro- documents smuggled in and out of the coun-
grams such as Gerus Society, Apple Schools try.
and Narconon with a stated purpose "to make         Illustrating his ability to help people leave
Scientology indispensable to the community. It the country, he said he once arranged passage
was basically public relations."                  to Canada in a matter of days for a Sciento-
  The money from the programs, she said, logist conspirator in Boston whose cover was
went to a fund to finance church attacks on blown. The church, he said, had left the man
its enemies.                                      "high and dry."
  Mayer said that during his seven years as a       Mayer, who, while in Vietnam, piloted the
senior executive his orders "came from flagship aircraft carrier of the U.S. Na-
Clearwater, right here in your city."             vy's Seventh Fleet, said he joined the sect with
   He said he was sent to Scientology outposts a promise to get certification to skipper un-
around the world to handle resistance and de- limited tonnage in any sea or weather condi-
vise ways to make more money. He said he tions.
combed purportedly private confessional re-         He was assigned to sect founder L. Ron
cords of auditing sessions, gleaning any per- Hubbard's ship "Apollo," and said he saw se-
sonal information that could help in smear vere punishments meted out. One woman, he
campaigns or any other way.                       said, was confined in a compartment where
   He said confessional files on all church the anchor chain is housed, "notoriously the
 members and mission files were stored in the filthiest place on a ship." She was fed only
 former Bank of Clearwater building down-                                   (• See WEB, next page)
                                                                                                                                                             SUNDAY, MAY 9, 1982

         Sect's web spans globe, witnesses say
(from page 1A)                                   "I think enough light has been shed on    urday.                                         Dardano, 31, testified he was part of     almost-constant harassment, including
bread and water, he said.                     the church that they'd have to be fools         Although she had been told the sect       a seven-man Boston conspiracy trained to    death threats, they incurred after crit-
  He said he was once locked in a room        to start knocking people off," he said.      eliminated its "Fair Game" policy, a         burglarize legal offices in a campaign      icizing the church.
"with bilge water up to my waist" be-          "I don't intend to run from Scientology     plan to deal with enemies by any possible    to secure confidential information on         Ms. Cooper was the target of "Opera-
cause he reported late for duty.              the rest of my life."                        means, "I found out it was not true,"        church enemies.                            tion Freak Out" while "Operation Shake
   He said that while in Clearwater shortly      He warned commissioners they have         she said. "The words weren't used. It was      The group, organized by the sect's Bos-  and Bake" was directed at Mrs. Van Sch-
before he left the sect in 1977 he            become "active enemies" of the               not canceled."                               ton bureau of the Guardian Office,         aick, they testified.
worked at The Fort Harrison "setting up       church. "That's when they start getting         The information was sent to newspa-       planted members with the Massachusetts
bunk beds to the ceiling. We were just         (personal background) data together," he    pers and other public agencies to discred-   Attorney General Office, the Better          Mrs. Van Schaick, who left the church
packing them in like rats. This is rou-       said.                                        it them.                                     Business Bureau, the Consumers Council    in 1979 after nine years, broke into tears
tine."                                           And he told the stunned panel that he        She said she was taught to "handle" the   and the Law Enforcement Assistance        when she told of the 1977 shooting death
   In his last mission with the church, he    was "small potatoes" with the church          press, FBI raids and knew of "tell a        Agency, he said.                          of her brother-in-law David, a Sciento-
said, he and his wife smuggled $200,000       and "there are people I know who have       ! lie" drills which taught guardian agents                                              logist found dead in Las Vegas. Nevada
in Krugerrands into the country from          things that could really curl your hair,     to successfully lie about activities if        "We had all the bases covered," he      officials called the death a suicide but
South America.                                but they're afraid to come out."             ever questioned.                             said, adding each of the plants handled   she questions that ruling.
  Mayer said he went into hiding for             Mrs. Peterson, the 34-year-old former        "Always attack, never defend," she        Scientology complaints which they never      She said many of the higher ranking
three years after leaving the sect, until     Guardian Office worker, said she par-       said of the policy.                           registered. .                             Scientologists are beginning to leave the
he was found by the Internal Revenue          ticipated in several smear campaigns           She said she was taught to shred docu-       Dardano said the group wrote smear      church and warned that the sect eventual-
Service. The IRS used Mayer as a witness      against church enemies while working in      ments in the event of an FBI raid. May-      letters in a 1974 campaign to discredit   ly would "be left with a bunch of
and consultant in the 1978 U.S. Tax Court     the office until 1979.                       er testified that the sect's most sensi-     New York writer Paulette Cooper, who      crippled, psychotic kids . . . Nazis."
trial concerning sect financial practices        She said she got the information          tive "red box" files were always ready       published a 1971 book called "The Scan-
between 1968 and 1971, he said.               from confessional files "looking             to be loaded onto one of Hubbard's two       dal of Scientology," as well as against       Church spokesman Hugh Wilhere main-
    Mayer, who maintains a secret address,    for blood-dripping crimes" about            ships. Those files escaped discovery          Mrs. Van Schaick.                          tained his policy of referring all ques-
 said he came to the hearings because         church enemies, among them Edward            when the FBI raided the sect's Washing-                                                 tions to sect lawyer Paul B. Johnson.
 going public may offer him some pro-         Walters, who testified Wednesday, and        ton, D.C. and Los Angeles offices in            Ms. Cooper and Mrs. Van Schaick testi- Johnson, unavailable for comment, has
 tection.                                     Lavenda Van Schaick, who testified Sat-      1977, Flynn said.                            fied also Saturday that they received called the hearings a "witch hunt."
Monday, May 10,1982

Sect to participate in hearing today?
By BILL PRESCOTT                      a statement to city commissioners         The City Commission approved
                                                                              spending $110,000 to hold the hear-
                                                                                                                    wound up Saturday, commission-
                                                                                                                    ers said they hope sect represen-
                                                                                                                                                           seized in FBI raids on the sect in
Sun staff writer                      this morning when they gather in                                                                                     1977.
  The Clearwater City Commis-         City Hall.                              ings by hiring Boston attorney Mi-    tatives will appear today to shed,
sion opens the second half of           During the hearing's first            chael Flynn as a consultant and to    light on allegations.                     The stated purpose of the
its public hearings on the Church     four days, 16 witnesses told sto-        pay the witnesses' travel and                                               hearings is to. aid commissioners
of Scientology at 9 a.m. today.       ries that alleged the Church of          lodging expenses. Among the wit-       If they do not, City Manager
                                                                                                                    Anthony Shoemaker said, the pan-       in their decision whether' city con-
  The next four days have been        Scientology is a world-wide opera-      nesses were Ronald DeWolf, the                                               sumer-fraud and charitable-so-
set aside for the sect to present     tion that routinely engaged in co-      son of Scientology founder L.         el likely will use the time to ex-
                                                                                                                    amine reams of documents               licitation ordinances are needed.
its side of the story. As of          vert criminal activity against gov-     Ron Hubbard, and Scott Mayer, a                                              Flynn's contention is that Sciento-
Sunday, however, church spokes-       e r n m e n t o f f i c i a l s , ex-   former sect senior executive          Flynn introduced into evidence.
                                                                                                                    During the course of the hear-         logy engages in deceptive trade
man Hugh Wilhere said no deci-        Scientologists and others consid-       who said he handled world-wide                                               practices in sales of books and
sion had been reached as to           ered "enemies" of the sect.             infiltrations, conspiracies and       ings, the lawyer produced affi-
                                                                                                                    davits from about a dozen ex-          services.
whether the organization will take    They also charged the sect de-          smuggling for the church.
advantage of its half of the          ceives and brainwashes its mem-           This past Tuesday, Plynn chal-      Scientologists, sect policy letters,
                                                                                                                                                   Sect lawyer Johnson repeatedly
                                                                                                                    enemies lists and orders for co-
forum.                                bers.                                   lenged the church to present wit-                                  has called the public hearings an
                                                                                                                    vert activities he said originated
  This past week, Tampa attorney        One of the main bases of              nesses and evidence for com-          in Clearwater.               "unfair" violation of the
Paul B. Johnson, the sect's attor-    operations, several witnesses           missioners to examine. As the                                      group's First Amendment rights,                  HUGH WILHERE
ney, said it is likely he will make   said, is Clearwater.                    first phase of the hearing              Many of the documents were a "witchhunt,"and a "mockery."                      ...Scientology spokesman
Sect to counterattack, city told
 By BILL PRESCOTT                            of an internal shakeup and that Hub-           Mayor Charles LeCher asked what city
 Sun staff writer                            bard has moved in his personal staff        officials should anticipate. Walters
   Clearwater city commissioners re-         to deal with city officials.                suggested that "young secretaries": might
 ceived a warning and some advice Satur-        "They have declared 'ethics' on Clear-   come "looking for jobs."
 day as witnesses gave final testimony       water, Walters said. "Hubbard is not          Wilhere referred questions about Wal-
 against the Church of Scientology dur-      fooling around."                            ter's predictions to sect attorney Paul B.
 ing public hearings on. the sect's activ-     He translated that as a campaign to       Johnson, who was not available for
ities.                                       reverse the negative impact the hearings    comment.
   Scientologists' four-day time slot to     so far have had on the church. Walters        Asked if he would take any action
 present their side in the controversy be-   predicted all city commissioners will be    based on the warning, City Manager An-
 gins Monday. Church spokesman Hugh          sued, a "massive" public relations cam-     thony Shoemaker said, "That's his opin-
 Wilhere said Saturday night it has not      paign will begin, city government will be   ion. We don't have the right to prohibit
 been decided whether the sect will take     infiltrated by sect agents and that of-     somebody' from working for the city
advantage of its rebuttal time.              ficials may be harassed.                    because they're Scientologists, nor would
   The warning came near the end of the        "If the standard policy of Scientolo-     I."
hearings as consultant Michael Flynn, the    gy continues, you can expect an attack,"      LeCher considered Walter's statement
 Boston attorney hired by the city to pro-   he said.                                    "a strong warning.
vide evidence and 'witnesses, showed           Commissioner Rita Garvey noted the          "I hope the Scientologists are here
commissioners church documents con-          city was sued by the Church of Sciento-     Monday and tell me whether or not it's
fiscated by the FBI in 1977.                 logy about two weeks ago in an attempt      true."                                       ED WALTERS
   Flynn asked Edward Walters, a for-        to stop the hearings.                         Earlier in the proceedings, former
                                               Walters referred to a church policy to    Scientology senior executive Scott Mayer          . . . L Ron Hubbard is enraged
mer high-ranking Scientologist for nine
years, to explain a Church of Scientolo-     attack "enemies," those who criticize the   offered commissioners advice to deal
gy organizational chart that detailed the    organization. Church officials have         with the sect. Mayer said he was a Sci-
top hierarchy. Walters was the first         said the policy was cancelled years ago,    entologist from 1969 to 1977 and had      • A halfway house for sect mem-
witness to testify and considered one        but several witnesses countered that                                               bers to stay after they leave the organi-
                                                                                         authority to carry out covert operations
of the most valuable by Flynn.               claim during the hearings.                  for the church on a worldwide basis.  zation. They are usually penniless and
   As he pointed out details, Walters said     The campaign, Walters said, will proba-                                         confused, Mayer said.
                                                                                           Mayer suggested the city set up a con-
he talked Friday with his contacts within    bly be conducted by the Commodore's         sumer affairs office as has been         • A research team to investigate legiti-
the Clearwater Scientology organization.     Messenger Organization, which witnesses                                           mate counseling groups to let disillu-
                                                                                         suggested by Flynn in a preliminary re-
   "Insiders tell me that (sect founder      described as Hubbard's personal messen-     port to the city. The office would have
                                                                                                                               sioned church members know they can
L. Ron) Hubbard is enraged (about the        gers in their early teens who have the      the power to investigate allegations of
                                                                                                                               get help for their problems.
hearings)," Walters said. "The Guardian      authority to take over departments within   consumer fraud and. deceptive, trade     • Make use of existing fire, zoning
Office was supposed to stop the hear-        the sect.                                   practices.                            and health ordinances and conduct in-
ings so he sacked them."                       "They are a young, tough, elite group                                           spections "surprise, sudden and often."
   He said the Clearwater Flag Land          and totally dedicated to Scientology," he     He also advised the city to:          "I think there's too many people leav-
Base—located in The Fort Harrison Hotel      said. "Do not underestimate their clever-     • Set up a hotline for people being ing the church for (sect officials) to
and other local buildings—is in the midst    ness and dedication to duty."               held against their will.              cover all the bases," Mayer said.
                                                                                TUESDAY, MAY, 1 1 , 1982

Sect lawyer calls hearings
'a Roman Circus,' walks out
Sun staff writer
   Calling Clearwater's public hearings on
                                                                                          tive ombudsman" be selected to inter-
                                                                                          view witnesses to "get to the heart of
                                                                                          the testimony."
                                                                                                                                         ments admitting he had stolen from the
                                                                                                                                           Johnson contended the hearings were
the Church of Scientology a "Roman                                                           Noting Saturday testimony by Lavenda        not the proper forum for the issues
Circus," the sect's lawyer walked out on                                                  Van Schaick, who broke into tears when         they addressed. He said the church would
the proceedings Monday.                                                                   discussing her Scientologist brother-in-       defend itself against the charges in a
   "The Church of Scientology has been       as they decide whether to pass ordinances    law's suicide, Johnson said objective          court of law, "where the evidence will
embarrassed and scandalized," said           aimed at stopping Scientology's practices.   questioning "would have helped you             be presented in a proper way."
Tampa attorney Paul B. Johnson before          With the Scientologists refusing to use    find out if her brother-in-law had been          He said alleged violations of feder-
leaving.                                     the four days set aside for its presen-      under psychiatric care and had previous        al, state and county laws should be di-
   In a brief presentation as Monday's       tation, the public hearings ended early.     suicide attempts."                             rected to the State Attorney and that
session began, Johnson chastised city          Johnson prefaced his remarks by say-         Johnson also contended that Ronald Ed-       fraud allegations are being tried in
commissioners for what he said was           ing, "Much of what I have to say is too      ward DeWolf, son of sect' founder L.           Flynn's lawsuits. He contended Flynn's
their lack of objectivity. He also ques-     late to be of much use to you," refer-       Ron Hubbard, had recanted testimony he         participation is a conflict of interest
tioned the selection of Boston attorney      ring to his attempts to address the Com-     had made in an Internal Revenue Service        because he is involved in 27 suits against
Michael Flynn as the city's consultant       mission prior to the hearings.               suit against Scientology. In hearings testi-   the church.
and the credibility of "handpicked" wit-       He criticized the ground rules set up      mony, DeWolf said his father had                 The Commission and the hearings,
nesses Flynn provided.                       for the hearings, which allowed only         fabricated his background used in              Johnson said, have "unwittingly helped
  Commissioners, however, gave Flynn a       city commissioners, City Manager Antho-      church publications.                           Mr. Flynn in giving widespread publicity
vote of confidence and directed him to       ny Shoemaker and City Attorney Tom             The lawyer said witness David Ray,           to his allegations against the Church of
write a legal analysis of the hearings.      Bustin to question witnesses. Johnson        who testified about alleged poor living        Scientology."
They said they will consider the analysis    said he would have suggested an -'objec-     and health conditions, had signed docu-                    (* See HEARINGS, next page)
                                                                                         TUESDAY, MAY 1 1 , 1982

              (from page 1A)                             the information had strengthened indi-         City officials expressed disappoint-      tions campaign designed to deceive."
                Johnson said the church had not been     rectly his allegations against the church.   ment that the Church of Scientology           In his summation, Flynn reviewed the

Hearings     afforded "due process" and had been
             presumed guilty. Accusing commission-
             ers of prejudice against the church, the
             lawyer said, "I don't plan to submit my-
                                                         Flynn alleged sect staff members are
                                                         deceived into signing waivers and con-
                                                         fessions routinely to protect the church.
                                                           Flynn said Ray would have signed the
                                                                                                      declined to participate in the hearings.
                                                                                                        Reacting to Johnson's statement about
                                                                                                      Flynn's income potential from his va-
                                                                                                      rious lawsuits, Commissioner Rita Gar-
                                                                                                      vey said Johnson was no doubt being paid
                                                                                                                                                  testimony, documents and affidavits
                                                                                                                                                  that went on the record during the four
                                                                                                                                                  days of hearings. He said taken as a
                                                                                                                                                  whole, they showed a consistent policy
                                                                                                                                                  throughout Scientology.
             self or my client to be tried in an atmo-   confession for no other organization
called       sphere of this kind."
                In the hall outside Commission cham-
             bers, Johnson and Edward Walters, an
             ex-Scientologist who testified Wednes-
                                                         than the church "and then the church
                                                         came in here and told you about it."
                                                           Johnson's presentation to the commis-
                                                         sion, Flynn said, was indicative of
                                                                                                      by the church.
                                                                                                        "I would presume that's a personal fi-
                                                                                                      nancial interest," she said.
                                                                                                        Answering Johnson's criticism about
                                                                                                                                                    "The key to the hearings is deception
                                                                                                                                                  and what the city can do about decep-
                                                                                                                                                  tion," he said later.
                                                                                                                                                    He said the most important testimony

a 'circus'   day, got into an argument about where
             the attorney obtained information to
             which he referred in his statements
             about other witnesses.
                                                         church "fair game" and "attack the
                                                         attacker" policies, which sect officials
                                                         have said were canceled 14 years ago.
                                                           "In a small way, you have just seen
                                                                                                      the structure and guidelines of the hear-
                                                                                                      ings, City Attorney Bustin said they were
                                                                                                      conducted like a congressional hearing.
                                                                                                        "You cannot confuse the function
                                                                                                                                                  for the city's case came Wednesday and
                                                                                                                                                  Thursday. On Wednesday, Walters told
                                                                                                                                                  of the technical basis for Scientology's
                                                                                                                                                  internal policies.
                Back inside commission chambers,         their representatives employ those two       of a legislative body with a trial," he       "The kids followed (the next day) and
             Flynn said that Johnson's reference to      policies against me," he said,               said. "No way can a legislative body        said that, 'Yeah, we were duped by those
                                                                                                      function under the same rules as a          policies,'" Flynn said.
                                                                                                        Flynn argued that an ombudsman              Bustin recommended, based on the evi-
                                                                                                      would have prevented commissioners          dence submitted, that commissioners di-
                                                                                                      "from asking questions the people of        rect Flynn to write the legal analysis of
                                                                                                      Clearwater elected them to ask."            the proceedings. He also asked that a
                                                                                                        He contended the Church of Scientolo-     transcript of the hearings be submitted
                                                                                                      gy could not produce witnesses who could    to a "constitutional scholar" for pe-
                                                                                                      rebut the testimony of his own wit-         rusal.
                                                                                                      nesses.                                       "This is only the beginning and hope-
                                                                                                        "They did what they've always done,"      fully will start a ripple effect," said
                                                                                                      Flynn asserted, "started a public rela-     Commissioner Garvey.
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Tuesday, May 11,1982

 Sdentology starts publicity campaign
Sun staff writer
                                      formation to the people of this
                                      community," said Wilhere. Ear-
                                                                             ern Science of Mental Health."
                                                                             The church has made the book
                                                                                                                        Klein said Monday his depart- James T. Russell was not avail-
                                                                                                                     ment has been investigating a able for comment Monday.
                                                                                                                                                                                               of the publicized church activ-
                                                                                                                                                                                               ities occurred before he became
  The Church of Scientology has       lier he said he has been a church      available at all "major bookstores      possible unreported death of a Pinellas County Sheriff Gerry             mayor in 1979. "What I had heard
embarked on a citywide publicity      minister for many years but            in Clearwater and surrounding           two-year-old child at the former Coleman said his department              I was hesitant to raise in public
campaign in the wake of five          just recently began using the title.   areas," Wilhere said.                   Fort Harrison Hotel, 210 S. Fort would be interested in any investi-      because I didn't know if it was
days of public hearings on the           "We want to remedy that possi-         Full-page advertisements fea-        Harrison Ave., the sect's down- gations that may result from              true.
sect by the Clearwater City Com-      ble omission on our part starting      turing five separate Hubbard            town Clearwater headquarters.       hearing testimony, but Clearwa-          "Now we'll have to gather it all
mission, a church minister said       today," he said."You have noth-        essays are scheduled to appear in      . Lavenda Van Schaick testified ter activities of the church were         up and look at various ways to
Monday.                               ing to fear from us."                  the Clearwater Sun, Wilhere said.       Saturday that a child was killed in not in his jurisdiction.             enact legislation," he said.
   At a 10:30 a.m. press confer-         The church announcement of             "In short," Wilhere said, "we        the hotel parking lot while she       Commissioners said they were           Commissioners agreed to pur-
ence, Scientology spokesman the       increased publicity plans holds        like Clearwater just like you and       was living there in 1979. Klein pleased with the outcome of the          sue the evidence and voted unani-
Rev. Hugh Wilhere announced the       true to what several of the city's     . . . plan to remain here and make      said if the incident indeed oc- hearings and some said they were         mously to retain Flynn to do a
beginning of an "open house"          witnesses predicted the sect           this our home."                         curred, it was not reported.        surprised by some of testimony.      legal analysis of the hearings.
  publicity campaign. Less than an    would do in response to the ad-           Meanwhile, commissioners at                                                "I never knew it was so wide-         Commissioner Rita Garvey said
E hour earlier church attorney Paul
B. Johnson of Tampa had told
                                      verse publicity created by the
                                                                             City Hall heard from Boston at-
                                                                             torney Michael Flynn, who
                                                                                                                       Klein said his department will
                                                                                                                     review the entire transcript of spread and that so many were
                                                                                                                     the five days searching for working something like 18 hours a
                                                                                                                                                                                              she believes the witnesses told the
the Commission he would not use          The church will offer a             summed up the hearings by advis-        "any incidents that were reported day for. $9.60 a week," Mayor              "1 can't believe anyone would
the four days set aside for           free introductory audit "to those      ing the city on possible ways to        to have occurred in our jurisdic- Charles LeCher said of the testi-      say those things if they were not
church rebuttal.                      who would like to experience au-       curb alleged deceptive trade prac-      tion and examine those incidents mony. "I had never suspected the        true," she said. "My basic im-
  The open house includes tours       diting firsthand," Wilhere said.       tices by the church.                   in regard to the statute of limi- kids had no education in schools."      pression was the hearings really
of the Fort Harrison, a filmed          After the brief conference,             Flynn, hired by the city to bring   tations and proceed accordingly.       He said he was surprised to        confirmed the rumors and sto-
interview with Scientology            a church minister and member           the 16 hearing witnesses, said he          "A lot of the areas discussed hear allegations of overcrowded         ries" about the church.
founder L. Ron Hubbard, dem-          provided an E-meter demonstra-         will meet today with city offi-        pertained to health, safety and living conditions, people sleeping           She said she was curious about
onstrations of the E-meter used       tion for the press, inviting re-       cials "tying up a lot of loose         welfare," Klein said.                in the hotel garage, an hotel epi-   how the witnesses could have
during church auditing or counsel-    porters to take part but finding       ends."                                    Sect attorney Johnson criticized demic of hepatitis in 1977 and        stayed with the church for so
ing, lobby displays of church         no takers.                                He said he has been in contact      the city for dealing with issues that nearly all of Hubbard's             long.
programs and "all aspects of             "Oh, it won't hurt you," one        also with Clearwater Police            not within its jurisdiction and church-reported background is                "Everyone who was there testi-
Scientology," Wilhere said.           member told a reporter.                Chief Sid Klein "concerning spe-       which should be turned over to . fictitious.                              fied about experiences and ded-
   "In pursuit of what we consid-       Church members on Sunday cel-        cific areas of examination and         the State Attorney's Office            "I didn't have anything (about     ication they had to an organiza-
er important, our church has          ebrated the 32nd anniversary of        actions which could be brought on      for investigation.                   the church) before the hear-         tion that I would have perceived
failed to provide adequate in-        Hubbard's book, "Dianetics: Mod-       behalf of the city."                      Pinellas-Pasco State Attorney ings," LeCher said, adding much          as destroying me," she said.
                          TUESDAY, MAY 1 1 , 1982

16 witnesses unlock
sect's closed society
Sun staff writer                                                            Hubbard's ship Apollo in Moroc-
   The 16 witnesses who testified                                           co. He said Moroccan and church
in Clearwater's public hearings on                                          officials said the single gun-
Church of Scientology activities                                            shot wound to her forehead was
provided the first-hand infor-                                             self-inflicted.
mation city officials will use                                                • Lavenda Van Schaick, 32,
if they decide to design ordi-                                             said she is in hiding from
nances to regulate the sect.                                               church harassment. She said she
   Boston attorney Michael Flynn,                                          spent nine years in Scientology
who gathered the witnesses, said                                           and that she received no schooling
he questioned them extensively                                             during her teens. She testified
about their Scientology experi-                                            about living conditions of chil-
ences and people they knew in the                                          dren .and contended hepatitus
sect. He confirmed that infor-                                             swept through the Clearwater
mation through other witnesses                                             base in 1977 but was not reported
and contacts inside the church, he                                         to health officials.
   If they had not been in the                                                • Janie Peterson, 34, said she
sect, Flynn said, "I'd have to be                                          lives in Las Vegas, Nev., and was
pretty much of a dunce to allow                                            a member of the sect's en-
my witnesses to get up there and                                           forcement arm, the Guardian
say the things they did."                                                  Office. She said sect commu-
   He said church contracts and                                            nity programs such as the Gems
waivers signed by several wit-        operates a souvenir stand in         Society, Apple Schools and Narco-
nesses were put into evidence. He     Times Square. She said she was a     non are "basically public rela-
can obtain other documents, he        17-year veteran of the sect and      tions." As part of her job, she
said, if necessary.                   alleged a wide range of              used information in confiden-
   Witnesses who testified of         abuses—including medical ne-         tial confessional files to fuel
 personal involvement in crimes       glect—of church staff mem-           smear campaigns, she said.
 were granted immunity by pros-       bers and their children. Altogeth-
ecutors, or were out of jurisdic-     er, she said she spent 11 months     • Scott Mayer, 38, said he lives
 tional boundaries, Flynn said.       in Clearwater during two stays.    in California and is a legal ad-
   Of the 16 who testified,                                              ministrative assistant to the city
Flynn said he represents Lavenda        • Casey Kelly, 23, said he is of Santa Monica. Mayer, who
 Van Schaick and Paulette Cooper      stationed at a U.S. Navy radar said he was a former sect senior
 directly in separate lawsuits        school in Virginia. He said he executive, told of a worldwide
 against the Church of Scientolo-     spent three years in the Clearwa- network of infiltration, con-
 gy. He said he is involved also      ter Flag Land Base handling spiracy and smuggling.
 indirectly in lawsuits filed by      church finances and recruit-
 Ernest and Adelle Hartwell and       ment.                                 • Robert Dardano, 31, said he
 Janie Peterson. ..                                                      is a carpenter in Boston. He said
                                         • David Ray, 18, said he lives he burgled legal and medical of-
   The witnesses came from            in San Diego, Calif, and works fices .on church orders to steal
 throughout the country and rep-      at his grandparents' motel. He confidential files on sect ene-
 resented involvement in all levels   said he was in the church six mies.
 of the Scientology organization.     months, most of that time in
 In the order they testified, they    Clearwater doing menial labor.        • Paulette Cooper, 39, said she
were:                                 He testified about poor living is a free-lance writer in New
    • Edward Walters, 44, said he     and health conditions.             York City. She testified she was
is a gambling casino executive                                           a target of intensive church ha-
living in Las Vegas, Nevada. Wal-        • Rosie Pace, 30, lives in hid- rassment after publishing a 1971
ters said he had been a high-level    ing in the western United States, book, "The Scandal of Scientolo-
auditor with the church's organi-     Flynn said. She said church indoc- gy."
zation in Las Vegas. He summa-        trination made it difficult
rized church policies and organi-     for her to leave and that she         • Dr. John Clark said he is a
zation.                               spent eight months at the Clear- physician at Massachusetts Gen-
    • Ronald Edward DeWolf, 48,       water- base.                       eral Hospital. He said he was ha-
said he is the eldest son of Sci-        • Ernest and Adelle Hartwell, rassed after giving lectures
entology founder L. Ron Hub-                                                        dangers
                                      62 and 58, respectively, said they about the cults. of Scientology
                                                                         and other
 bard. DeWolf said he lives in        were taken to Hubbard's desert
 Carson City, Nevada, where he is     hideout after being promised a        • Brown McKee said he lives in
 a security officer in a hotel        trip to the Clearwater Flag. Mrs. New London, Conn., and was a
 casino. He alleged his father        Hartwell said she was promised a sect minister for 24 years. He
 fabricated most of the bio-          cure for an intestinal condition, said he and his two Scientology
graphies circulated by the church.    later diagnosed as colitis by a missions broke away from the
 He also told of the sect's for-      medical doctor.                    main church in December 1981
 mation and early years until he         •. George Meister said he is a after attempting a reform
 quit in 1959.                        businessman living in Greeley, movement.
    • Lori Taverna. 39, said she      Colo., and that his 22-year-old      Staff Writer Steven Girardi
 lives in New York City, where she    daughter Susan died while on contributed to this story.
                                                                                                                                   4 JANUARY 1984

Sect member 'ordered' to block taxi
 From Sun reports                                                                                            Wilhere said of Wilson. "I think he's entitled to his
  A 69-year-old Texas man trying to leave the                                                                privacy—it came down to a misunderstanding."
Church of Scientology in a taxicab was kept from                                 'I think somebody             The cabbie, Garry Vinyard of Yellow Cab, said,
doing so by sect members until Clearwater police                                 didn't realize he           "All 1 know is that the guy was scared."
intervened, according to police records.                                                                       Vinyard said that he tried to stick up for his
                                                                                 was" leaving. I             customer and soon found himself confronted with
  Sect member William B. Wilson of Midland, Tex-
as, was trying to leave the sect's headquarters at                               thinfc he's entitled        "about five" members of the sect, who wanted
210 S. Fort Harrison Ave., at 4 p.m.. Monday when a                              to wis privacy—it           Wilson's suitcases from the trunk of the cab,
                                                                                                               "I said, 'Sorry buddy, you're not getting anything
                                                                                 carrie down to a            out of this cab,' " Vinyard said, adding that he then
  • Sect foe goes on hunger strike, 28                                           misunderstanding/           called the police. Vinyard took his fare to Tampa
                                                                                                             International Airport after the police arrived to
car and a pickup truck blocked the cab's oath,                                         -Scientology          investigate the incident.
reports state.                                                                                                 Wilhere said, "No," when asked whether the inci-
  Police said the driver of one of the cars—Henry C.                                     spokesman           dent stemmed from a dispute about a refund or any
Billings, who gave his home address as that of the                                     Hugh Wilhere          methods involved in counseling offered by the sect.
sect—said he was told to block Wilson's cab and be                                                             The sect spokesman also said that Wilson will be
"merely followed ... orders" in doing so.                On Tuesday, sect spokesman Hugh Wilbere de-         returning to Clearwater.
  Wilson, who police said was "reluctant" to offer     scribed the incident as a "misunderstanding," but       Wilson could not be reached for comment. A wom-
any information about himself, declined to file a      refused to elaborate.                                 an who answered the telephone at Wilson's Texas
complaint and left in the cab.                           "I think somebody didn't realize he was leaving,"   residence said be was en route to Midland,
                                                                                                                                                               7 JANUARY 1984

Sect holds conference
to debunk kidnap story
   When 69-year-old Texas multi-
millionaire William "Willie B."
Wilson made headlines after his
cab was blocked Jan. 2 while
leaving the Church of Scientolo-                                                                                 (from page 1C!)                         son said he now realises the full     and me??????? the finest Angus
gy's Fort Harrison Hotel, be said                                                                                to Tampa International Airport         extent of his "spiritual being" and   cattle."
he took the incident in stride.                                                                                  when other sect members blocked        he has no fear.                         Wilson, who said he is active in
   But it bugged-him. Wilson told                                                                                his cab.                                  For Wilson, the $100,000 be said   political groups he founded called
reporters Thursday; when Pinel-                                                                                     "As far as I'm concerned it was      he has spent on Scientology          the Republican Eagles and the
las County Commissioner Gabriel                                                                                  a five-minute detention and I          courses and counseling has been       Republican Senatorial Trust,
Cazares sent a letter to US Rep.                                                                                 didn't agree with them," Wilson        worth every penny.                    added that be raised $500,000 on
Michael Bilirakis, R-Palm Har-                                                                                   said. "I'm a very forthright guy."        "It's like playing polo," Wilson   behalf of Ronald Reagan's 1980
bor, condemning the sect of nil-                                                                                    The flap stemmed from a mis-        said. "You can spend a million        presidential campaign.
handling a senior citizen.                                                                                       understanding about checking out       down to six-thousand a year.... It
    "Anybody who knows me knows                                                                                  of the hotel, Wilson, said.            costs a lot of money, but it's all      "I thought Carter was a disas-
I'd never be victimized," Wilson                                                                                                                        beneficial."                          ter," Wilson said.
                                                                                                                    Cabdriver Garry Vinyard, who                                                What does Wilson say about al-
said in a Texas drawl, adding that                                                                               later said Wilson appeared                Richard Haworth, assistant
 he got no response when he chal-                                                                                                                       public relations director for the     legations of past illegal activity
                                                                                                                 "scared," called police. Wilson                                              by the Church of Scientology?
 lenged Cazares to an arm wres-                                                                                  declined to press charges, but the     local Church of Scientology, com-
 tling match.                                                                                                                                           pared the payments with tithing         "Totally absurd" he said. "It
                                                                                                                 cabbie sued the sect for $10 mil-                                            doesn't affect me, but it affects
    "I'd rather challenge him to a                                                                               lion and settled out of court last     in other churches.
 truth or consequences contest,"       he estimates at $100 million, said month as a ''misunderstanding,"                                                  A graduate of the University of    people that could be helped."
                                       he got involved with Scientology and get a personal glimpse of Sci-       week for an undisclosed sum.
 the 63-year-old Cazares said                                                                                                                           Texas law school, Wilson said he        Wilson criticized reports on Sci-
 Thursday. "The Scientologists         in 1976 after the sect helped one of entology:                               "Lady, I play polo," Wilson         became a small-time rancher af-       entology that have appeared on
 know that this is the senior citi-    his five sons conquer a drug prob-     "This is not Scientology talk-     countered when a reporter asked        ter serving in the U.S. Army Air      CBS' news show "60 Minutes,"
 zens capital of the world, and they   lem.                                 ing-this is Willie B. Wilson talk-   if be was scared. "Every time          Corps during World War II. The        Reader's Digest and other media.
 want them to beat a path to their       With a Church of Scientology ing," he said. The Midland, Tex-           you play polo you take your life in    business blossomed.                   Instead, he placed opposition to
 door with their bank books,"          public relations man nearby, the as, oilman/rancher said he was           your hands."                             Besides oil and gas exploration,    the sect in a historical perspec-
    Wilson, whose frontier ways (he    sect held an "open house" for re- on his way from the Port Harri-           Previously an Episcopalian,          Wilson's business card lists such     tive.
 says "thar" for "there") belie a      porters to meet Wilson, hear him son Hotel in downtown Clearwater         Wilson said Scientology solved his     ventures as waste disposal and          "Look at the Christians and the
 personal oil and ranching fortune     debunk the incident earlier this (Please see * CABBIE, next page)         anxieties about life hereafter. Wil-   reclamation, office automation        lions," Wilson said.
                                                                                                                                           22 JANUARY 1984

Feds eye alleged sect plot
to corrupt U.S. judge
By GEORCE-WAYNE SHELOR              volved an attempt to lure U.S.       investigation, Clearwater Police      er, discuss the specific nature of      "Ben Krentzman is a respected       • with a former high-ranking Sci-
(c)1984 Clearwater Sun              District Judge Ben Krentzman         Chief Sid Klein acknowledged Sat-     his department's investigation.      judge," Peterson said. "There is        entologist, a witness whose identi-
                                    aboard a boat off the Pinellas       urday his department has been           Pinellas County Sheriff Gerald     no way we would ever in our wild-       ty is a tightly guarded secret f
   The US. Attorney's Office in     Suncoast where prostitutes and       investigating the activities of the   Coleman said his department, too,    est imagination dream that Ben            The witness, a former officer in
Tampa is investigating a sus-       drugs were to be used to put the     controversial sect.                   is involved in a criminal investi-   Krentzman would get on a boat           Scientology's "Guardian Office/
pected 1982 extortion plot by the   judge in a compromising position,      "The Clearwater Police Depart-      gation of the sect's activities,     with drugs and prostitutes."            Watchdog Committee", became
Church of Scientology to entrap     was authorized personally by re-     ment has been conducting an           "(but) I'm not at liberty to dis-       And although no law enforce-         "disenchanted" with-the church
and compromise a Tampa federal      clusive Scientology founder L.       ongoing criminal investigation in-    cuss any of the details," he said.   ment agencies contacted within          in recent months and is believed
judge who presided over a suit      Ron Hubbard, confidential            volving the Church of Scientolo-        John G. Peterson, a Beverly        the past three weeks would con-         to have details of the plot to en-
against the Clearwater-based        sources have told the Sun.           gy," Klein said. "Pertinent infor-    Hills, Calif., attorney for the      firm a federal investigation, confi-    trap Krentzman, according to
sect, a Clearwater Sun investiga-     Although U.S. Attorney Robert      mation related to this case has       Church of Scientology, dismissed     dential sources have told the Sua       sources.
tion has revealed.                  Merkle would neither confirm nor     been turned over to a federal         the substance of the story when      mat federal investigators have            The witness reportedly was or-
  The purported plot, which in-     deny his office is involved in the   agency." Klein would not, howev-      reached late Saturday.               been in contact in recent weeks          (Please see * SECT, next page)
                                                                                                                                  22 JANUARY 1984

(from page 1A)                           newspaper stories about "some
 dered by Hubbard—through                wild story," but be declined to
 other sect official—to use $250,000     elaborate further.
 to execute the plan to compromise          "I was given notice two or three
 Krentzman because Scientology          days ago that something may be
 officials anticipated an unfavora-     in the newspapers" about the al-
 ble ruling in the trial, according     leged plot, Krentzman said. "I
 to sources.                            never heard anything about it un-
   Prosecutors have reportedly           til just recently.
 guaranteed the witness protection         Krentzman said he had no
 and immunity from prosecution in        "feelings at all" about the devel-
 exchange for testimony which           oping investigation, and he was
 may implicate a number of              reluctant to comment further on a
 Church of Scientology officials        matter on which he is not fully
 and others in the reported plot,       versed.
 the Sun has learned.                      Although Merkle and other law
   Although specifics of the plot       enforcement officials refused to
 have not been disclosed, the Sun       confirm details of the case, the
 has confirmed through several          Sun has learned and confidential
 sources that it involved the at-       sources have confirmed:
 tempt to lure the judge aboard a          Krentzman was the chief judge
 large boat equipped with drugs,        of Florida's 32-county Middle Dis-
 prostitutes and hidden cameras         trict, at the time of his semi-re-     BEN          KRENTZMAN                 ROBERT MERKLE               SID             KLEIN             L.             RON HUBBARD
 and microphones.                       tirement it late 1982. (Federal
   Although the alleged operation       judges are appointed for life and      church's international headquar-      demanding mat Krentzman re-          said.                                  were found guilty four years ago
was reportedly implemented to a         never actually retire. Upon step-       ters.                                move himself from the case be-         Also during early 1982, the          of a massive criminal conspiracy
degree, the conspirators were un-       ping down, they still draw full           The church, which has affiliated   cause the judge's son, John, bad     Clearwater City Commission held        to steal thousands of government
successful in getting Krentzman        salary and may preside over             outlets throughout the world, has     at one time worked for the Pinel-    a series of public hearings, pro-     files and to conduct burglaries,
aboard the boat, sources said.         some cases.)                            headquarters in Clearwater, Los       las-Pasco State Attorney's Office    ducing witnesses attesting to the     wiretapping and spying on more
Krentzman, however, was un-                                                    Angeles and Suffolk, England. It      on a Scientology investigation,      sect's purported criminal activ-       man 120 public agencies, includ-
                                           One of Krentzman's more con-        claims a worldwide membership         and Krentzman was thereby prej-      ities not only in Clearwater but in   ing the FBI, the Internal Revenue
aware of the 1982 plot until recent-    troversial cases was Tonja C.
ly-                                                                            of 6 million. A former church offi-   udiced.                              other areas of the United States.     Service and the CIA.
                                        Burden vs. the Church of Sciento-      cial recently estimated the              However, sect attorney Peter-        A number of ex-Scientologists
   Curiously, such a plot was re-      logy, a long and complicated trial                                                                                                                          The sect, claimed the Justice
                                                                               church's assets at $300 million, a    son said Saturday the church nev-    called the church's Fort Harrison     Department, was "involved in a
ferred to in an edition of a weekly    which began in July 1980.               figure investigators have labeled     er once sought to have Krentzman     headquarters in downtown Clear-
newsletter which circulated pub-           Miss Burden, then 20, filed a $16                                                                                                                    widespread conspiracy to subvert
                                                                               "conservative."                       removed from the case. "I think      water "a horror" and told of the      not only the government but;the
licly in Southern California in De-    million suit against the sect to           During the trial, Krentzman or-    somebody is using your paper to      sect's "Fair-Game Doctrine,"
cember. The newsletter, a copy of      compensate her for alleged men-                                                                                                                          judiciary as well."
                                                                               dered the sect to reveal the          get a story going," be said.         which states that an enemy "may          While the city of Clearwater
which the Sun has obtained, car-       tal abuse, brainwashing, impris-        whereabouts of the reclusive Hub-       Krentzman refused to step down     be tricked, sued, lied to or de-
ries no disclaimer as to whom or       onment and fraud, according to                                                                                                                           was holding the hearings, Sciento-
                                                                               bard, who had not been seen in a      from the case. And although he       stroyed."                             logy officials were issuing press
what organization is responsible       public records. Miss Burden said        number of years. Church officials     went into semi-retirement in No-       Also, since 1975, when the Sci-
for its publication. But the con-      she entered the Church of Sciento-                                                                                                                       releases saying that any trans-
                                       logy with her parents at age 13         told Krentzman that Hubbard,          vember 1982, Krentzman retained      entologists made Clearwater their     gressions were in the past, and
tents of it are decidedly anti-Sci-                                            who founded the sect in 1954, re-     jurisdiction over the Burden trial   international headquarters, doz-
entology, revealing many facets        and was for a time a "personal                                                                                                                           the sect was no longer, if ever,
                                       slave" to former pulp science fic-      tired from the organization in 1966   until November 1983. At that time,   ens of lawsuits have been filed       involved in any subversive activ-
of the sect's operation which, if                                              and had no hand in its everyday       U.S. District Judge Elizabeth Ko-    against the sect. Allegations of
factual, appear to come from for-      tion writer and Scientology found-                                                                                                                       ities.
                                       er L. Ron Hubbard.                      affairs. They said they did not       vachevich assumed jurisdiction,      the sect's involvement in fraud,         But it was at this time, from
mer church insiders.                                                           know where he lived and thereby       according to Tony Cunningham, a      enslavement, entrapment, theft        February to May 1982, that the
  Contacted at his Clearwater              Miss Burden's seven years in        could not reveal information they     Pinellas County attorney rep-        and harassment have filled the        alleged plot was being con-
home Saturday, Judge Krentzman         the sect ended when she fled from       did not have.                         resenting Miss Burden. The case      court system.                         structed, according to informed
said federal authorities have re-      the garage of the former Fort              The Scientologists' attorneys      is unresolved but "is at issue and     Eleven church leaders, includ-      and reliable sources and the Cali-
cently briefed him of impending        Harrison Hotel in Clearwater, the       countered Krentzman's order by        ready for trial," Cunningham         ing Hubbard's wife, Mary Sue,         fornia newsletter.
Monday, January 23, 1984

Officials 'not surprised'
by investigation into sect
By GEORGtWAYNE SHELOR                     Contacted Saturday night, prior what will."
Sun staff writer                       to publication of the report,              Cazares, a former Clearwater
    An investigation by federal au- Chufch of Scientology attorney mayor presently involved in liti-
thorities into the Church of Sci- John G. Peterson dismissed the gation with the sect, said he
entology for complicity in a ins- gubtftance of the siory.                      hoped recent charges and allega-
pected scheme to entrap a Tampa            The alleged plot was con- tions of Scientology wrongdoings
federal judge "came as no sur- structed during February through "will alert the people of this city
prise, and that's unfortunate," May 1982, and was implemented to what is really going on."
several Clearwater official Pine to a degree, sources said. But                    "I hope this puts to an end for-
llas County politicians and others Krentzman, now semiretired from ever to people saying, 'I don't
involved in legal action with the the bench and no longer presiding want to get involved.' They don't
Clearwater-based sect said Sun- over the Burden trial, never have to get involved, they already
day:                                   boarded the boat and was un- are involved," he said. "They live
    Responding to a copyright story aware of the operation until in this city which has, going on
in Sunday's edition of the Clear- briefed recently by authorities.              eight years now, been occupied by
water Sun, which detailed the sus-        Contacted at his Clearwater a paramilitary organization.
pected 1982 plot and subsequent home Sunday, Krentzman said, "I                    "Are they blind? What more do
Investigation by the U.S. Attor- thought (Sunday's report) was a they need to know?"
ney's Office, Pinellas County very fair article. ... It was a bal-                 Charles LeCher, also a former
Commissioner Gabe Cazares said ance0 presentation. But I really mayor of Clearwater, said he was
be was "appalled, but not at all have no other comment."                        "glad they've been exposed."
surprised," by the details of the          Others, however, were less re-          "It looks like they have not,
suspected plot because "this is served in their statements.                     contrary to what they've said,
the kind of             thingsthey(ve 'I think that the city of Clear- changed their spots," LeCher
doing for years."                      water is very concerned about the said. "They're just worse than
. According to a month-long in- allegations (in Sunday's paper ever. And thank God that Judge
v e s t i g a t i o n by the Sun, the U.S the past) about the Church Krentzman is not corruptible."
                                        and in
Attorney's Office Tampa is in- of Scientology," Clearwater May-                    LeCher said that, in light of
vestigating the purported sect or Kathy Kelly said Sunday af- Sunday's revelations, "I'm sorry
 plot which involved an attempt to ternoon "We also are very con- that the (present Clearwater City)
 lure US District Judge Ben cerned on behalf of the people of Commission did not vote unani-
Krentzman aboard a boat Clearwater who are very con- mously on both readings of the
equipped, with drugs, prostitutes cerned about such allegations.                ordinance."
and hidden cameras, and micro- l. «The type of allegations we see                   LeCher was referring to the re-
 phones. At the time, Krentzman and hear are, unfortunately, not cently adopted charitable-solicita-
was presiding over a $16 million shocking. There have been many tion ordinance, aimed at the
lawsuit filed against the sect by similar allegations in the past, Church of Scientology, which calls
 Tonja Burden, who asked for                                                al- for registration of all groups that
compensation for alleged mental and that is unfortunate. And yet raise more than $10,000 a year
abuse, brainwashing, imprison- though no finding of guilt has                    from the general public in Clear-
meht and fraud, according to pub- been handed down in a court, the water. The city has been sued by
 lic documents. Sources told the fact does remain mat we con- a number of religious groups who
 Sua that Scientology officials an- stantly near such allegations."
ticipated an unfavorable ruling in         Speaking as the representative oppose the ordinance.
                                        for Clearwater's 100,000 residents,         The City Commission adopted
the case and the elaborate extor-                                                the ordinance late last year by a
tion operation was implemented MRS Kelly said, "We are also ?? vote, with Commissioner
  to compromise Krentzman.              very unhappy that such an organi-
                                         zation, continually surrounded by James Berfield casting the dis-
                                                                                  senting vote.
     Although V.S Attorney Robert controversy, is in the midst of our                "Now hope
  Merkle declined to confirm or city" said that in the future, as in 'no' will I changethose who voted
                                            She                                                       their vote be-
  deny bis office is conducting the
  investigation, details of the sus-     the past, city officials in every cause of this latest development,"
  pected scheme and federal inves- department "will cooperate LeCher added.
   tigation were confirmed by confi wherever they can when asked for                 Clearwater City Commissioner
  dential informed sources.              assistance by other law enforce- Jim Calderbank, who sat on the
                                                                                  board                the
     Sandy Block, a sect spokesman ment agencies." (Scientologists) series in 1982 when into city held a
                                                                                          of hearings
  in Los Angeles, denied the allega- have apparently done to try to ities of the controversial the activ-
                                            "What they
                                                                                                            sect, said
  tions.                                 intimidate and compromise a fed- the the details of the Sun story
     "After reading the article," eral judge is just beyond belief," are "very much like what we
   Block said, "our position is thai said County Commissioner Ca- heard throughout the hearings.
  it's based on manufactured docu- zares, who himself was the target And I would hope that the U.S.
   ments and unverified. We're nol of Scientology plot several years              Attorney goes forward and pros-
  particularly Interested in ago, according to seized sect doc- ecutes those involved.
   talking..."                            uments.                                    "Whether or not you claim to be
     Block said the Sun "made the           "And if this revelation does not a religion, this type of alleged
  article up."                                put to rest (Scientology) apolog- offense should be investigated and
     "There's no basis for fact in the E    ists' claims that 'We're just a prosecuted. Claiming to be a reli-
  story. There's no investigation," poor, mistreated, misunderstood gion does not put you above the
  he said, refusing to elaborate.         religion,' then I don't understand law."
TUESDAY, January 24, 1984

         Prior sect
         try at judge
          Sun staff writer                        D Church of Scientology
            A current probe into a sus-         to join suit against city of
          pected 1982 extortion plot by the     Clearwater, 1D
          Church of Scientology to corrupt a
          Tampa federal judge might not be
          the first time law enforcement        dle District, was presiding over
          officials have investigated the       the Tonja C. Burden vs. the
          sect's efforts to compromise a        Church of Scientology case in
          U.S. magistrate presiding over a      which Miss Burden was seeking
          Scientology trial.                    $16 million from the sect, claim-
            In an article titled "Scientolo-    ing mental abuse, brainwashing,
          gy's War Against Judges," which       imprisonment and fraud, accord-
          appeared in the December 1980         ing to public records. The trial is,
          issue of The American Lawyer,         to date, unresolved, and Judge
          author James B. Stewart Jr. de-       Krentzman has retired
          tails the sect's efforts to compli-     Through several confidential
          cate, delay and quash the trial of    sources, the Clearwater Sun has
          11 Scientology defendants charged     verified the current federal probe,
          with spying, wiretapping and          although as of Monday, U.S. At-
          breaking into government offices.     torney Robert Merkle would nei-
             The U.S. Attorney's Office in      ther confirm nor deny it.
          Tampa currently is investigating        But four years ago in Washing-
          a purported plot involving an at-     ton, D.C., a U.S District Court
          tempt to lure U.S. District Judge     judge stepped down from a feder-
          Ben Krentzman aboard a boat off       al criminal conspiracy trial in-
          the Pinellas Suncoast where pros-     volving the controversial sect.
          titutes and drugs were to be used       Stewart, presently a staff writer
          to put the judge in a compromis-      with the Wall Street Journal, was
          ing position.                         for three years a practicing attor-
             At that time, Krentzman, chief     ney and, at the time he wrote the
          judge of Florida's 32-county Mid-      (Please see * SECT, next page)
(from page 1A)                         in-house documents, according to     $321,000 plus expenses to investi-      was not included as part of the,, volved.                                affair "is only the tip of the ice-
 article about the trial, a senior     Stewart.                             gate Judge Richey's security pre-       motion, be gave it to political col-    On July 16, Richey issued his    berg," and if necessary, would
editor at The American Lawyer.           But during the next two years—     cautions. One of the detective's        umnist Jack Anderson.                 opinion on the case. Apparently    expose additional damaging testi-
   In bis report, Stewart described    when the trial moved back and        first steps was to infiltrate Rich-       Bast showed to one of Ander- referring to the upcoming column          mony.
 the intensive campaign by Sci-        forth from Washinton, D.C, to        ey's inner circle at the court-        son's reporters a video recording, (which he knew about from re-            Ultimately, all of the de-
entology attorneys to discredit        Los Angeles to accommodate wit-      house.                                 during which the prostitute re- porters' calls), Richey called the        fendants, including Scientology
and cause to resign from the case      ness's testimony—they apparently        Several of Bast's employee's be-    called "in titillating detail" her dismissal motion "the latest effort    founder L. Ron Hubbard's wife,
 three judges over the duration of     became displeased with several of    friended Richey's court reporter       encounter with Judge Richey and in the escalating attack on the           Mary Sue, were convicted of the
the trial.                             Richey's rulings, Stewart said,      and tape-recorded several conver-      his procurement of her services. court" and said the motion was           federal charges.
   The trial of the 11 defendants     adding that at one point, attor-      sations which were the basis of        Bast also provided a lie detector based on "hearsay, rumor and              Stewart, contacted at his New
began Aug. 15, 1978. The group of     neys for the sect filed a motion      the most recent dismissal motion.      test indicating the prostitute was gossip."                              York office, said be developed his
Scientologists was indicted on a      asking the judge to disqualify       Some Scientology lawyers, howev-        telling the truth, and a statement      Richey continued, admonishing    story from "court records ... and
number of federal charges, in-        himself from the case. Richey dis-   er, thought the strategy had            from a U.S. marshal who had the defendants and their counsel             my own interviews.
cluding obstruction of justice. The   missed the motion.                    "gone too far" and withdrew as         guarded the judge claiming Rich- for their "groundless" attacks on          "I spoke with the prosecutors
first two judges assigned to the         By June 1960, according to        counsel.                               ey said, "Let's go get a woman." his character, by saying that the        (of the case), and I did a lot of
case—D.C. District Court Judge        Stewart's report, defense counsel       Although the motion noted a            Also made available to Ander- proceedings had been turned              legwork" on the story, which he
George Hart Jr. and Judge Louis       were ready with another dismiss-     number of reasons defense law-         son's reporter was a tape record- "into a trial of this judge."           says is completely factual.
Oberdorfer—stepped down during        al motion, one which was damag-      yers believed Richey was preju-        ing of Richey's court reporter           In a state of exhaustion and        Judge Richey has recovered
the course of the protracted pro-     ing and threatening to Judge         diced—including Richey suspect-        purportedly saying the judge near-collapse, the 58-year-old               and is still on the bench of the
ceedings, bowing to defense mo-       Richey. The groundwork for that      ing the sect was spreading             "was always picking up girls."         judge withdrew from the case. On   Washington, D.C, district. Con-
tions for dismissal.                  motion, Stewart wrote, had been      rumors about him as part of a             After Anderson's syndicated July 18, Anderson's column ap-             tacted at his chambers, the judge
   Shortly after Feb. 5, 1979, when   laid nearly a year before, shortly   "plot" to discredit him—it failed      column detailing Richey's alleged peared in newspapers nationwide         declined to comment for the re-
Oberdorfer stepped down, the          after the hearings in Los Angeles.   to detail the alleged rumors about     procurement of a prostitute was and five days later, Judge Richey         cord on the allegations, the Jack
case fell to Judge Charles Richey,       According to Stewart's pub-       the judge, citing "respect for the     sent to newspapers July 11 (for was hospitalized for treatment of         Anderson column or the substance
a jurist with a respected national    lished report:                       court as an institution."              July 18 publication) the court re- two pulmonary embolisms.               of the story.
reputation. The Scientologists ini-      During the summer of 1979, a        Bast, the detective, had secured     porter denied the remarks attrib-        His ordeal may not be over,         Clearwater Sun Managing Edi-
tially were pleased with Richey's     Scientology lawyer paid a private    damning information about Rich-        uted to him. The Sun was unable Stewart's report states. Scientolo-       tor Sam Fenton contributed to
appointment, saying as much in        detective named Richard Bast         ey's personal habits, and when it      to contact the U.S. marshal in- gy attorneys said the prostitute          this report.
Sunday, January 29,1984

Sect keeps high profile in Boston
Sun staff writer
                                       seem to be well aware of—if not
                                       generally apathetic to—the sect's
                                                                             Ron Hubbard, a pulp science fic-
                                                                             tion author who founded the sect
                                                                                                                   named Nick politely shows visi-
                                                                                                                   tors around the lobby, explaining
                                                                                                                                                         or deny Flynn's statements.        with community indifference and
                                                                                                                                                           Nonetheless, the sect has be- have had little impact
   BOSTON—The Church of Sci-           presence.                             in 1954. Hubbard's picture is         how buying and reading Hub-          come very visible in tbe area         In Boston, a federally funded
entology keeps a high profile in          In the Back Bay district, which    prominently displayed. Circulars      bard's books can "change your         through community programs agency adopted some of Hub-
this seaside city of 600,000.          borders the Charles River, the        and reprints of newspaper inter-      life" and offers a tour of the fa-   aimed at helping others.           bard's teachings in 1978 to tutor
   Radio advertising entices listen-   Church of Scientology has estab-      views with the reclusive man are      cilities. But even though Nick as-      Throughout New England, the     candidates for the city's three se-
ers to buy Scientology founder L.      lished Us headquarters at 448 Bea-    given to visitors.                    sured a visitor that Hubbard does,   Church of Scientology has been lect academic high schools.
Ron Hubbard's book, "Dianetics,        con St., in a massive five-story        And near the front door, sitting   Indeed, personally answer all         active in working for mental         But mere has been a somewhat
                                       brownstone which formerly             on a small wooden table, is a         messages left in the box, he said    health reforms, according to darker side to the sect's presence.
The Modern Science of Mental                                                                                      he had no idea where the man is.
Health." Televison ads have            housed the Chandler School far        small black box with a sign on it                                          newspaper clippings, and at one
                                       Women.                          «     which reads, "You can commu-                                                                                    In 1974, Scientologists stole doc-
touted the same literature as well                                                                                   At one time there were several     time set up an organization to uments from a Boston law firm
as the sect's "Purification Proc-        A sign out front offers a "Free     nicate with Ron. Any message left    other sect "missions" in tbe ur-      lobby for more benefits for the representing The Boston Globe as
ess."                                  Personality and IQ Test" to any-      here he will answer personally."     ban neighborhoods surrounding         elderly. Such programs are simi- part of a sect plan to monitor the
  Scientology, Dianetics and Pu-       one interested in taking the tests.   This despite the fact that Hubbard   Boston. They are now closed. Bos-     lar to attempts by the sect's newspaper's preparation of an ar-
rification posters are displayed       Another sign, hand-printed with a     has reportedly not been seen for     ton attorney Michael Flynn, who       Clearwater organization, which ticle on the sect, according to affi-
oitywide. Smartly dressed, artic-      felt-tip marker, tells passers-by     more three years and courts          is engaged in about 35 lawsuits       created "New Clearwater for tbe davits and sworn testimony.
ulate Scientologists hawk sect-re-     that "Jobs for 1984" are available    throughout the United States have    against the sect, said the other      '80s," an effort to revitalize tbe
                                                                             been unable to locate him.                                                                                      A Scientologist was reportedly
??ted books on street corners and      inside.                                                                    missions folded due to a drop in      downtown district, and the Gerus at one time planted inside the
down in the "T," Boston's subway         The lobby, surrounded by              A 20-minute film about Hub-        local membership and subsequent       Society, intended to promote equi- state Attorney General's Office to
system.                                shelves filled with volumes about     bard, Dianectics and the sect is     financial problems. However, a        table treatment of the elderly.    intercept consumer complaints
  And Bostonians, by and large,        Scientology, is a testament to L.     available for viewing. A clerk       sect employee declined to confirm        Both Clearwater programs met about the sect.
                                                                                                                                                      29 JANUARY 1984

Lawyer sees smear campaign, slams sect
 •y GEORGE-WAYNE SHEfeQ^                                                                                          On that date, a man who identified himself as Mr,     Ingram, who placed the $14,000 ad, confirmed to a
Sun staff writer                                                                                                Abdulamiar tried to open an account with the check reporter with The Boston Herald that Flynn is in-
   BOSTON—The attorney who coordinated Clearwa-                                                                 at the Middle East Bank of New York City. Ques- deed a "suspect" in his investigation.
ter's 1962 hearings into purported criminal activities                                                          tions were raised about the check and it was not        However when contacted Saturday, Ingram told
by the Church of Scientology this week sent letters      count belonging to Scientology founder L. Ron Hub-     honored. The account did not lose any money and the Clearwater Sun that be "never, ever has given
to      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx         District Attorney's    bard.                                                  Abdulamiar was not seen again.                        Michael Flynn's name as a suspect.
Office and other officials charging the sect with          Eugene Ingram, a California private investigator       Flynn, who last week filed statements in federal      "(Boston newspaper reporters) said they bad spo-
promoting a smear campaign directed at him.              retained by a law firm representing Church of Sci-     court here detailing his knowledge of a purported ken to Michael Flynn ... (and they) said Michael
   The letters, attorney Michael Flynn said, were a      entology, placed the ad asking for information lead-   Church of Scientology scheme to entrap a Tampa Flynn told them that he was the suspect," Ingram
response to a full-page advertisement Monday in          ing to the arrest and conviction of the person or      federal judge, has told investigators mat at least 10 said. He said he only verified that Flynn "has not
The Boston Globe offering a $100,000 reward for          persons who forged and attempted to pass the check     persons who have contacted Ingram in response to been ruled out" as a suspect.
information about a purloined $2.1 million check         drawn on a cash reserve account at the Bank of         the ad were told that Flynn and his brother, Kevin,
which, according to sources, was drawn on an ac-         New England on June 7, 1962.                           are "prime suspects" in the case.'                                       (Please see • SECT, page 7A)
                                                                                                          29 JANUARY 1934

 * Sect
(from page 1A)
                                                   the sect, according to; court documents.          len thousands of documents, "most of an
                                                      Her affiliation with, the sect—which in-       attorney/client character," from Flynn's
    Flynn denies having had any involve-           cluded a time when she was Hubbard's              office, have contacted his clients "for the
  ment in the attempt to pass the counterfeit      "personal slave"—ended when she fled              purpose of separating them from me as
  check. And sources close to federal and          from the former Fort' Harrison Hotel in           clients," and have "engaged in a wholesale
  Massachusetts investigations into the            Clearwater, the sect's international head-        pattern of 'operations' to dissuade (Flynn)
  check-writing scam have said Flynn is not        quarters, according to court testimony.          from representing" plaintiffs suing the
  a suspect in their probes.                          Court documents state that Scientology        sect.
  •Flynn contends the Clearwater-based             officials "feared he (Krentzman) was                Richard Haworth, a spokesman for the
  sect is trying to discredit him because of       about to render a decision (in the Burden        sect in Clearwater, said Saturday he had
  his involvement in a number of suits             trial) that would directly and adversely         seen an ad in the Wall Street Journal iden-
  against the sect and Hubbard. "This is an       affect Hubbard."                                  tical to the one in The Boston Gobe, but
  example of their counterattack measures-          . As a result of that concern, the purported    was unaware of Flynn's allegations.
  attack the attacker," Flynn said Friday.         plot was implemented However, Krentz                "I don't know that any of this stuff is
  "Whenever any adverse publicity comes            man, was never lured aboard the boat.            true-... I just don't have any information on
 out about them they go on a real publicity        Krentzman said he did not know of the            what he said," Haworth said.
 campaign of, their own. They're trying to        purported plot until recently.                       A young man at the sect's Boston mis-
 counteract the facts that are coming out."          Although U.S. Attorney Robert Merkle           sion, citing church policy, said he could not
    Specifically, Flynn said, the ad is part of   has neither confirmed nor denied that bis         discuss Flynn's allegations.
 "a classic Scientology operation" to damn        office is investigating the matter, court            "Normally there's like, you know, a de-
 him for his cooperation with federal au-         documents filed to Boston and confidential       partment of officials here to handle this
 thorities involved in an investigation of an     sources have detailed, the alleged plot and       type of thing," he said. "But they're not
 alleged 1962 sect plot to entrap then-U.S.       subsequent investigation.                        here and I can't talk about something like
 District Judge Ben Krentzman.                       The Sun has also learned that the former      that."
 \ A Sun investigation has disclosed a U.S.       chairman of the Watchdog Committee, an               Flynn was hired by the city of Clearwa-
 Attorney's Office probe into the purported       arm of the sect's Guardian Office, received       ter to coordinate May 1982 hearings into
 plot to get Krentzman aboard a 77-foot           orders from Hubbard through another sect          the sect's alleged criminal activities.
 yacht off Clearwater where drugs, prosti-        officer to implement the suspected scheme            Last fall, the city enacted a charitable-
 tutes and hidden cameras and microphones         to "set up" Krentzman.                           solicitation ordinance, a product of those
 were to be used to compromise the judge.            Now disenchanted with the sect, the for-      bearings, requiring organizations that
    According to documents and affidavits         mer chairman has sought protection and,          raise more than $10,000 annually from the
 filed in District Court in Boston by Flynn       immunity from the federal government in          public to register with the city clerk. If the
 and several former high-ranking Sciento-         exchange for his testimony about his             city receives 10 legitimate complaints
logists, the purported scheme relates to the      knowledge of the alleged plan, according to      against an organization, the ordinance
payment of $250,000 to a private investiga-       court documents.                                 says, the city attorney may be empowered
 tor, to lure Krentzman aboard the yacht             A number of other: farmer sect officials      to demand the offending organization's fi-
on the pretext of a fishing trip and then, to     also have contacted hutnorities to discuss       nancial records.
distribute photographs arid the recordings        what they know about purported sect                 Last week, two lawsuits challenging the
for the purpose of destroying his (Krentz-        wrongdoings.                                     measure were filed, one by the Church of
man's) - reputation and removing him"                Flynn said the suspected campaign to          Scientology, the other by the Americans
from a case in District Court in Tampa.           discredit him is not the first tune the .sect    United for Separation of Church and State,
   At the time, Krentzman, now retired,           has tried to'"harass ana" discourage''iiim       the National Council of Churches of Christ
was presiding over a suit against the sect        by using "a black PR campaign to de-             in tbe„U.S., the American Jewish Commit-
brought by Tonja C. Burden. Miss Burden           stroy his reputation and to discredit him        tee and the Suncoast American Baptist
filed $16 million suit against the Church         so thoroughly be "will be ostracized."           Church of Clearwater. The city has decided
af Scientology in 1960 to compensate her             According to an affidavit filed to District   not to enforce the ordinance, pending the
for alleged abuse, brainwashing, imprison-        Court, "'Hubbard and his agents" have sto-       outcome of the s u i t s .
ment and fraud during her seven years in
                                                                                                      1 FEBRUARY 1984

Sect reveals undercover
probe ofcivic leaders
By GEORGE-WAYNE SHELOR                     statements, sect officials pai? Richard
Sun staff writer                           Bast, a Virginia private detective, to in-
  A private detective was hired by Sci-    vestigate a suspected conspiracy against
entologists in 1982 to investigate dear-   the Clearwater-based organization. Doc-
water "businessmen ... influential citi-   uments state the sect did not ask Bast to
zens ... and people concerned with real    entrap and compromise a Tampa federal
estate" who the sect believed were in-     judge as part of his investigation, a sus-
volved in a "conspiracy" to violate the    pected operation under federal investiga-
organization's constitutional rights,      tion which was reported in a copyright
according to documents filed Tuesday in    story in the Jan. 82 edition of the Clear
U.S. District Court.                       water Sun.
  According to the affidavits and sworn          (Please see * PROBE, next page)        JUDGE BEN KRENTZMAN
 * Probe                                        by Bast was not "unique, " adding that      knowledge Judge Krentzman's name wat        discuss investment of "old European
 (from page 1A)                                 Clearwater City Attorney Tom Bustin         never mentioned in the investigation on     money" in the dry's downtown area. The
   The Sun imported a U.S. Attorney's          used a "cover story" of attending a land-    the ship and there newer was a plan to      boat's crew was dressed in white "naval-
 Office probe into a purported 1982 plot by    use seminar when be met with Boston         approach/entrap, corrupt him in any          type" uniforms and acted "politely," one
 the sect to lure U.S. District Court Judge    attorney Michael Flynn to discuss legal     manner."                                     of the businessmen said.
 Ben Krentzman aboard a yacht where            action involving the sect The motion           The Sua has learned mat a yacht             "I asked them if they were Scientolog-
 prostitutes, drugs and bidden cameras         also states that City Manager Tony Shoe-    called the Trianon, reportedly out of Fort   ists or if they had dealings with the Sci-
 were to be used to compromise him.           m a t e concealed the dry had retained       Lauderdale, docked at Clearwater Mari-       entologists, and they said, 'No,' " the
   Krentzman, now retired, was presiding       Flynn "by using the deceptive tech-         na on March 26, 1962. The owner of the       man recalled of the April 14 excursion
 over the Tonja C. Burden vs. the Church       nique" of paying Flynn in increments of     81-foot Trianon was listed as Robert         into the Gulf of Mexico. The man said he
 of Scientology case, in which Miss Bur-       less than $5,000. (Any dry expenditure      Keefer, according to the harbor master's     felt "somewhat leery" about the men
 den was seeking $16 million for alleged       over mat amount requires public disclo-     log sheet Keefer paid $663.39 slip rental,   and their trip into the Gulf. "What they
 sect crimes against her. The case is, to     sure, according to the Clearwater City       in cash, before leaving April 21.            were trying to achieve was so strange we
 date, unresolved and Judge Krentzman          Charter.)                                      However Sun inquiries with the Coast      were extremely cautious ... but we were
has retired.                                     The documents filed Tuesday were a        Guard Documentation Office and Head-         treated very well."
                                              legal response to strike a motion filed      quarters have revealed the only boat           The day after the boat trip, one of the
   However, confidential sources told the     last week by Miss Burden's counsd,           longer man 40 feet registered as the         Clearwater businessmen had lunch with
Sun that sect officials, fearing a ruling     Flynn. In the sect's Tuesday motion, sect'   Trianon is a 77-foot yacht, registered in    the man identifying himself as Keefer.
against them in the trial, paid $250,000 to   attorneys state that Flynn's motion and      1962 to James F. Keenan of Washington,       Over lunch, the businessman was told
have Krentzman corrupted.                     several Sun newspaper articles "were         DC. Efforts by the Sun and the Coast         that because of his reluctance to em-
   "I categorically deny these allega-        not made on personal knowledge, but,         Guard to contact Keenan or locate the        brace the investor's offer and due to
tions," Bast said, labeling them "com-        rattier, on unverified, inadmissible hear-   Trianon have been unsuccessful.              questions about Scientology, the "old Eu-
pletely false," according to a sworn          say."                                           Two of six Clearwater businessmen         ropean money" people no longer were
statement. "(No one) ever received any           In a sworn statement, Robert S. Keefer    interviewed by the yacht owner identify-     interested.
direction by anyone to 'entrap' Judge         said he was parry to the sect inquiry into   ing himself as Keefer contacted the.Sun        The Clearwater businessman, still in-
Krentzman ... none of these things oc-        the suspected "conspiracy" and that he       last week after reading of the current       terested in helping "Keefer" invest in
curred or were attempted."                    used the "cover identity" of a "represen-    federal investigation.                       the c i t y , invited him to continue dis-
   Bast acknowledged, however, that           tative of European investors wishing to         "We were approached (by Keefer) be-       cussions at an April 24 breakfast talk
Krentzman's name was discussed prior          invest large sums of money" in the           cause of our standing in the community       featuring Flynn, the Boston attorney.
to the Clearwater operation, "(but) we        Clearwater area for the purpose of ac-       and our affiliation with the (Clearwater)      The businessman said a woman called
were specifically instructed not to con-      quainting himself with some of the city's    Chamber-of Commerce," said one of the        him the next day confirming the appoint-
tact or communicate with Judge Krentz-        more influential persons.                    businessmen, who asked that his name         ment for "Mr. Keefer." However, Keefer
man."                                            "Under this identity I interviewed        not be used.                                 failed to make the breakfast and that
  Bast said his use of a "cover story"        businessmen and people concerned with           He said Keefer and an associate identi-   was the last time any of the businessmen
was customary. And the motion filed by        real estate development in Clearwater,"      fying himself as Rollin F. Perry, invited    saw or heard from Perry or Keefer
the sect states the use of a cover story      Keefer said, but be added that "to my        the businessmen aboard the Trianon to        again.
                                                                          4 FEBRUARY         1984

FBI expands probe
of alleged sect plot
By GEORGE-WAYNE SHELOR                       eral information gathering investigation
Sun staff writer                             into a possible conspiracy against the
   The FBI, apparently acting on docu-       Church by influential citizens in Clear-
ments filed in U.S. District Court this      water."
week, has expanded a federal investiga-         The Clearwater Sun has learned that
tion into an alleged 1962 Scientolaogy op-   Bast, with at least one other man, used
eration to entrap a Tampa federal judge.     the 77-foot Trianon to entertain the six
   Initially, the federal probe was aimed    businessmen while leading them to be-
at uncovering the circumstances sur-         lieve he represented clients—"old Euro-
rounding a purported Scientology plot to     pean money"—who wanted to invest in
hire U.S. District Judge Ben Krentzman       downtown Clearwater. Bast acknowl-
aboard a taut where drugs, prostitutes.      edged in his statement that there was no
and hidden cameras were to be used, to       "old European money'' and that, indeed,
compromise him.                              the entire scheme was an intelligence-
   However, the investigation was ex-        gathering operation.
panded after the Clearwater-based sect          Bast denied any involvement in the
filed documents Tuesday detailing its        purported scheme to corrupt Krentzman,
own involvement in a 1982 "undercover"       although he acknowledged the Judge's
probe of prominent local businessman         name had been mentioned prior to ini-
the sect believed were involved in a         tiating the undercover operation.
'conspiracy' to violate the organiza-           Paul Johnson, a Tampa lawyer who
tion's constitutional rights.                 represents the sect, was ou> oi the coun-
   Although FBI Special Agent in Charge      try and unavailable for comment Fri-
Robert Butler declined Friday to con-        day. Sect spokesman Richard Haworth
firm or deny the Investigations, at least    said he knew "nothing more than, what is
one of the businessmen targeted by the       in the documents" and only Johnson
sect's operation said he has been con-       could elaborate on the undercover opera-
tacted by the officials.                     tion and why Scientology officials
   Clearwater lawyer Timothy Johnson         thought there was a conspiracy against
Jr., one of six local men invited aboard     the sect.
the boat Trianon by sect representatives,       Bast's statement and accompanying
said the FBI called him after newspaper      affidavits and motion* were a response
reports appeared about the sect's under-     to a motion filed in late January by
cover operation.                             Boston lawyer Michael Flynn, who rep-
   "(The FBI) called and basically asked     resents Tonja Burden in her $16 million
me about what appeared in the paper,"        suit against the sect.
Johnson said. He recalled speaking with          In Flynn's motion filed in that case, he
the U.S. Attorney's Office lata last         and a former high-ranking Scientologist
month, "and they said the FBI would          outlined the alleged plot to corrupt
probably do a follow-up (investigation)."    Judge Krentzmaa. The sect, in denying
   According to documents filed Tuesday      Flynn's allegations, outlined the under-
 in U.S. District Court in Tampa, the sect   cover operation aimed at the business-
retained a Virginia private detective to     men.
 investigate Clearwater "businessmen ...        The ruse the sect initiated in Clearwa-
influential citizens ... and people con-      ter in 1982 is not unique. Sect docu-
cerned with real estate," who sect offi-      ments—seized during FBI raids in Los
 cials believed were conspiring against      Angeles and Washington, D.C., and en-
 the sect.                                    tered as government exhibits in several
   Attached to the documents was a            trials—detail a number of sect activities
.sworn statement'by the detective, Rich-      using covert methods to gather informa-
 ard Bast, who said he was hired by an        tion.                                         (from page 1A)
 attorney for the sect "to conduct a gen-            (Please see \ SECT, next page)            On one occasion, when the sect
                                                                                            was moving into Clearwater and
                                                                                            searching for a safe, secret loca-
                                                                                            tion for Scientology founder L.
                                                                                            Ron Hubbard to live, a person
                                                                                            named "Ron" outlined the ease in
                                                                                            moving about the city.
                                                                                              "Probably my best layout is to
                                                                                            get very well known in the CW
                                                                                            (Clearwater) area with a camera
                                                                                            in my hand and my Universial
                                                                                            News press card taking pictures
                                                                                            of "beautiful CW," states a seized
                                                                                            Nov. 26, 1975, document stamped
                                                                                    9 FEBRUARY 1984
Sect president denies
wrongdoing in probe
Sun staff writer
   Recent reports about the
 Church of Scientology hiring de-
xxxxxxxxxxxxx pose as busi-
 nessmen to elicit views about the
 sect from Clearwater civic lead-
 ers are "much ado about noth-
 ing," sect President Heber
 Jentzsch said Wednesday.
   "The issues all will come out in
 court," the 48-year-old Jentzsch
 told reporters during an "open
 house" at the sect-owned Fort
 Harrison Hotel in downtown
   Jentzsch would not discuss spe-
 cifics, but hinted the Scientology
 inquiry was tied into concerns
 about real estate speculation
 downtown and its potential effect
 on the sect.
   The sect filed papers in U.S.
 District Court in Tampa Jan. SI       HEBER JENTZSCH
 acknowledging an investigation
 was undertaken by detectives          lieve World Wat II had ended,
 hired by the sect.                    spending their time "crawling
   That investigation entailed a       around and eating.cockroaches?'
 harbor cruise with a bank presi-         "The war is over" Jentszch de-
 dent, an attorney and a local         clared. "And we've won the war
 Realtor to discuss downtown de-       over religious freedom."
 velopment. The Church of Sciento-        Flynn could not be reached for
 logy and the city's then-upcoming     comment.
 hearings on the sect also were           A resident of Los Angeles,
 discussed.                             Jentzsch said he will be in Clear-
   The court filing came about a        water until Friday to spread the
 week after Boston attorney and         word about a ruling in October by
 chief sect nemesis Michael Flynn       the Australian Supreme Court
 alleged a Scientology plot to em-      recognizing Scientology as a reli-
 barrass U.S. District Judge Ben        gion.
 Krentzman.                               "Oh heavens, no," Jentzsch re-
   Jentzsch dismissed newspaper         sponded when asked if his "open
 reports about a plot against          house" and appearance on a radio
 Krentzman as "third-hand hear-         call-in show in Tampa were
 say" engineered by Flynn to "try       prompted by the recent spate of
 a case in the newspapers."             articles about the sect, "I'm going
   The sect leader compared             to address our public and our
 Flynn and other Scientology crit-      staff."
 ics to Japanese soldiers on remote       Complete with stories about life
 Pacific islands who refused to be-      (Please see * SECT;, next page)

 (from page 1B)                        come to 940.                           well, Jentzsch said.
 as a farm boy in Utah, Jentzsch         Hubbard's whereabouts have             Like another Church of Sciento-
 said he joined the sect in 1987       been the source of speculation         logy member who held an "open
 after a career as a singer and        since 1979. His estranged son          house" last month, Jentzsch said
 actor. His resume lists acting        failed last year to convince a Cali-   the paid courses and counseling
 credits in television shows such as   fornia judge that the 72-year-old      offered by the sect are worth the
 "Mod Squad" and "Combat."             Hubbard is dead or mentally im-        financial price.
   Originally from a Mormon fam-       paired and shielded by the sect.         "I paid that kind of money
 ily, Jentzsch said his interest in       "Mr. Hubbard doesn't have to        when I was going to college and I
 Scientology began after reading       come and appear," Jentzsch said,       didn't get the same results,"
 founder L. Ron Hubbard's 1950s        acknowledging he has not seen          Jentzsch said.
 bestseller, "Dianetics: The Mod-      Hubbard in recent years. "You            Texas millionaire and sect
 ern Science of Mental Health."        gotta understand that the man,         member William "Willie B." Wil-
   As president of Church of Sci-      he's a writer.... We the people set    son held a similar conference Jan.
 entology International, Jentzsch      up the church."                        24 to debunk claims that he was
 said, the sect's governing board        Handwriting analyses submitted       held against his will as he tried to
 pays him $24 a week—with occa-        during the California; trial con-      leave the Fort Harrison in a cab
 sional bonuses bringing his in-       firmed that Hubbard is alive and       Jan. 2.
FRIDAY, February 10, 1984
                                                                                                                                                                                     Volume 70, Number 281        :

Widow donated workers'
comp benefits to sect                                                                      (from page 1A)
From Sun reports                               Wheaton's to spend as she saw fit. But
   The widow of an Air Florida pilot           not so with the workers' compensation       Learning Academy, a Scientology school           Former Florida Attorney General Rob-      probatable asset, she was entitled to give
whose jet plunged into the Potomac got         benefits, a probate judge says.             in Miami.                                      ert Shevin, appointed by the probate        that away.
$300,000 in workers' compensation bene-           "I was flabbergasted," Dade Probate         - $5,000 in gifts to Church of Scientolo-   judge, filed suit Wednesday on behalf of      Five months after the crash, Mrs.
fits for her husband's death—and the          Judge Francis Christie said of learning      gy ministers.                                  Mrs. Wheaton and her two sons seeking       Wheaton and her two sons moved to Bel-
next day donated nearly half the money         that the workers' compensation money           - $150,000 invested with MSR Inc., a        return of the $150,000 invested in MSR      leair. She remains a devoted Scientolog-
to the Church of Scientology.                 had been spent.                              Dade County firm owned by a Scientolog-        and punitive damages.                      ist.
   Joanne Wheaton also invested much of          Christie told The Miami Herald in a       ist named Robert Almblad.                        The various entities of the Church of       Contacted at her Belleair home Thurs-
the remaining payment in a firm oper-         story published Thursday that the money         - $10,000 in a certificate of deposit       Scientology are not named. Shevin wrote    day evening, Mrs. Wheaton had no fur-
ated by a Scientologist.                      was supposed to go into Wheaton's estate        - $4,000 for credit card debts left by      them a letter threatening to sue, and      ther comment.
   Larry Wheaton's plane crashed Jan.         to pay off any debts and at least part       her husband.                                   $145,400 was returned.                        Founded in 1954 by science fiction writ-
13, 1982, onto a crowded bridge in Wash-      was supposed to be safeguarded until the        Joanne Wheaton said in an interview           The sect also excommunicated Almb-       er L. Ron Hubbard, the Church of Sci-
ington, D.C., and then into the Potomac       couple's two sons, Eli, 2, and Joshua, 8,    with The Herald that her lawyers never         lad and another Scientologist, Kenneth     entology offers counseling and courses
River. Only five of the 79 people aboard      turn 18.                                     told her the workers' compensation mon-        McFarland, who was the sect's deputy       designed to make a person "clear" of
survived.                                        Court records show Mrs. Wheaton got       ey wasn't hers to spend.                       commander of international expansion at    personal and spiritual problems.
- Wheaton and his wife were ardent Sci-       $300,000 on June 8, 1982, and the next day      "The funds I donated to the church          the time. Shevin says in the suit that        With branches in London, Los Angeles
entologists and had made sizable contri-      spent $299,400 this way:                     were not supposed to have been do-             both men coerced Mrs. Wheaton to give      and hundreds of cities throughout the
butions to the sect before the crash.            - $80,000 went to the Church of Sci-      nated," she said. "It was a little flub on     away the money.                            world, the sect moved its retreat head-
Wheaton, 34, who was earning $72,000 a        entology for church expansion. .             the part of one of the attorneys. I had not      Mrs. Wheaton also gave the sect at       quarters to Clearwater in 1975, when it
year as an Air Florida pilot, left no will.      - $42,000 to the sect's Library Dona-     been advised that by law, it had to go         least $75,000 of her husband's insurance   purchased the Fort Harrison Hotel down-
His wife inherited their house in south-      tion Service, which places books about       into the estate."                              policy. But since the policy was not a     town.
west Miami and a $142,000 life insurance      Scientology in public libraries. ;
policy.                                          - $8,000 to the building fund of the
  The life insurance money was Joanne               (Please see * WIDOW, next page).
                                                         HOTEL ORDINANCE: An attorney for the
                                                       Church of Scientology said the outcome of a
                                                       federal court hearing next month will deter
                                                       mine whether the sect sues the city of Clear
FRIDAY, February 17, 1984
                                                       water for adopting an ordinance Thursday
                                                       regulating hotels, motels and dormitories. Sto
                                                       ry, 2 C

           Sect threatens suit
           over lodging law
            By JEFF MANGUM
            Sun staff writer
               An attorney for the Church of Scientology said the
            outcome of a federal court hearing next month will
            determine whether the sect sues the city of Clear-
            water for adopting an ordinance Thursday regulat-
            ing hotels, motels and dormitories.
               The sect already is suing the city over passage
            Oct. 6 of a charitable-solicitation ordinance. U.S.
            District Judge Elizabeth A. Kovachevich will con-
            duct a hearing on that suit March 9 in Tampa.
               Paul B. Johnson, the attorney for the Church of
            Scientology, argued that the latest ordinance, like
            the first, is tailored "to drive the Church of Sciento-
            logy out of town."
               If the charitable-solicitation ordinance is deemed
            unconstitutional, Johnson said, it is likely the mea-
            sure approved Thursday also would be deemed ille-
               In a unanimous vote, the commission adopted an
            ordinance requiring that ''hotels, motels, dormito-
            ries and lodging houses" provide bathrooms, a min-
            imum square-footage, exit points and occupancy
            limits in accord with building codes.
               "At first glance it seemed rather innocuous, but
            you have to understand its genesis," Johnson told
            the five-member commission. The ordinance tenta-
            tively was approved Jan. 19.
               Johnson said the latest measure is one of several
            suggested by Boston attorney Michael Flynn, a sect
            critic who coordinated a May 1982 City Commission
            inquiry into Scientology.
               The ordinance is aimed at "students and worship-
            ers" staying at the sect-owned Fort Harrison Hotel
            and other properties in Clearwater, Johnson said.
               Scientology members journey to Clearwater for
            courses and counseling based on the teachings of
            founder L. Ron Hubbard, a science-fiction writer.
            The sect has been in the city since 1975.
               "Mr. Johnson, have you ever heard of 'beach
            week?' " Commissioner James Calderbank asked.
               Calderbank was referring to the crush of high-
            schoolers jamming motel rooms in June to cele-
            brate graduation.
               The Philadelphia Phillies and other baseball tea-
            ms also have stayed in dormitory facilities, Com-
           'missioner William Justice added.
               "We as a City Commission have a responsibility
            to see that they have proper housing," Justice said.
               James Berfield, the only commissioner who voted
            against the charitable-solicitation ordinance, re-
            ferred to the housing measure, adding: "I have
            never viewed this as something aimed at the
            Church of Scientology."
               After the session, City Manager Anthony Shoe-
            maker said the ordinance stemmed, in part, from
            the 1982 commission hearings.
               "It spun off from the public hearings, yes, but it
            was a concern for public safety as well," Shoemak-
            er said.
               City Attorney Thomas Bustin said the ordinance
             is modeled after one in St. Petersburg, aimed at
             protecting public health and safety.
               Johnson said the city soon will consider an ordi-
             nance barring tax-exempt organizations from pur-
             chasing additional property downtown. Bustin said
             Harvard law professor Charles Haar presently is
             reviewing the proposal.
                "I'm now waiting for the next shoe to drop ... "
             Johnson said.
                                                                                                                                                                          9 MARCH 1984

Scientologist says sect detained him
By GEORGE-WAYNE SHELOR _ .            ,him back into the hotel, the report                                                                                    prep and O.T. levels," Codrino Thetan.'"
Sun staff writer                      ''states.                                                                                                               would be given an alternate pro-     Codrino described an Operating
  For the secondd time since Jan-         Although Codrino declined to         Sdentologist Daniel Codrino says when he                                       gram called the "Sunshine Run Thetan as a state of mind in
uary, a Scientologist trying to         press charges of false imprison-       tried to hail a cab outside the sect's                                         Down" at an additional cost of . which a person becomes "com-
leave the sect's international          ment Monday night, he did com-         Clearwater headquarters, two scientologists                                    $1165.                             plete on a spiritual level."
headquarters at the former Fort         plain of his treatment and detail                                                                                        "The Sunshine Run Down is a        Once enlisted in such courses, a
Harrison Hotel was physically de-       for police the reasons he wanted       tried to push him back into the building until                                 course a person takes prior to the person "is required to give a 'do-
tained until police intervened,         to leave.                              a         police         officer       arrived.                                time they are on the O.T. levels," nation' to the Church of Scientolo-
                                                                                                                                                              Haworth explained Thursday af- gy," Codrino told police. "This
according to police.                      Sect spokesman Richard Ha-
  Daniel Codrino, who traveled          worth said the event was "a mis-                                                                                      ternoon. "I haven't gone through donation will be used to pay for
from New York to Clearwater to          understanding" and explained         years, told investigators that be     rived at the Fort Harrison, be was         that so I can't really explain it the various programs."
take $7,000 in Scientology courses,     that Codrino "was actually trying    came to Clearwater to take seve-      met by a man identified only as            But it's a preparatory step."         Codrino's said be "donated" the
was told he would have to pay an        to flag down a cab" when, in-        ral courses known collectively as     "Charlie," the sect's director of            Codrino told police such pro- $7,000 to take a series of courses
additional $1,165 for another           stead, a policeman pulled over to    "the O.T. (Operating Thetan)          processing. Charlie informed Co-           grams are "structured, one-on- he was later told were not avail-
course, according to a Clearwater       investigate.                         Levels," a series of courses re-      drino that the services he had             one counseling sessions which are able and that it would be nec-
police report Codrino refused to          But according to the police re-    portedly available only in Clear-     paid $7,000 for some years ago             designed in a graduated series essary for him to take the "pre-
pay and when he tried to leave,         port:                                water.                                "would not be available. And in-           with the ultimate goal of the par- requisite course" (the Sunshine
two sect members tried to push            Codrino, a Scientologist for 10      When the 30-year-old man ar-        stead of participation in the O.T.         ticipant realizing his 'Operating    (Please see * SECT, next page)

                                                                                                                                               wants the sect to return his $7,000,   the individual seeking the serv-
                                                                                                  (from page 1A)                               but be refused official assistance,    ices."
                                                                                                  Run Down) and "donate an addi-               saying he would try to get it back        After filing a report at police
                                                                                                  tional $1,165."                              through the mail.                      headquarters, Codrino was ap-
                                                                                                    Codrino said be told sect staff              Haworth said Codrino "hasn't         proached by two sect members,
                                                                                                  members around 9:30 p.m. Mon-                made a request to as (for re-          Charles Bills and spokesman Ha-
                                                                                                  day that he was not willing to pay           imbursment) that I know of. But        worth, who again questioned him
                                                                                                  the extra amount and be decided              sure, he'll get us money back if       as to why be was leaving, accord-
                                                                                                  to leave the Fort Harrison. As be            be asks."                              ing to police.
                                                                                                  stood on Fort Harrison Avenue,                                                         Codrino replied that he "just
                                                                                                  Codrino was approached by two                  Codrino also told authorities the    wanted to leave" and a police offi-
                                                                                                  Scientologists, one whom be de-              sect has "a great amount of data       cer escorted him into a cab.
                                                                                                  scribed as "a Guardian," who                 (about him) concerning his per-           Bills and Haworth told police
                                                                                                  tried to persuade him into staying           sonality and psychological make-        they were "only concerned for
                                                                                                  and taking the courses.                      up which they could use ...             (Codrino's) well-being and only
                                                                                                     It was as the two men were                against him in order to mentally       wished to see what was bother-
                                                                                                  pushing him back into the hotel              debase him.''                           ing" him.
                                                                                                  that Clearwater police Sgt. Jeff               Athough he "believes in the             On Jan. 2, Texas millionaire
                                                                                                  Kronschnabl arrived.                         premise of the Church," Codrino         William "Willie B." Wilson's cab
                                                                                                     "There's a cop!" stated one of            said, be thinks many of the mem-        was blocked as it tried to leave
                                                                                                  the men detaining Codrino, and               bers involved in organizing the         the sect's headquarters. Police
                                                                                                                 ???????????-accomplice left   counseling programs are "con-           were called by the cabdriver but
                                                                                                                                                                                       Wilson a Scientologist, declined ...
                                                                                  Saturday, March 10,1984

Scientology suit ruling
expected this month
By JEFF MANGUM                             into "the interaction of spiritual and
Sun staff writer                           intellectual relationships," Lieberman
  TAMPA—The Church of Scientology          said, quoting the late U.S. Supreme
and the City of Clearwater traded legal    Court Justice William 0. Douglas.
jabs Friday in a hearing over the city's     The Church of Scientology filed suit
charitable solicitation ordinance, with    in federal court against the city on Jan.
U.S. District Judge Elizabeth A. Ko-       23. Three days earlier, the Americans
vachevich promising to rule on the         United for Separation of Church and
measure constitutionality by March 31.     State, the National Council of Churches,
  "The very evils this ordinance seeks     the American Jewish Committee and
to prevent are rampant within the city     the Suncoast Baptist Church of Clear-
limits of Clearwater," Chief Assistant     water filed a similar action.
City Attorney Frank Kowalski de-             Enforcement of the ordinance was
clared, citing reports of fraud alleged    placed on hold Jan. 25 until the lawsuits
against the sect during May 1982 City      are resolved.
Commission hearings.                         Lee Boothby, an attorney represent-         JUDGE KOVACHEVICH
  Those hearings and subsequent            ing the other organizations,, argued Fri-
months of debate preceded City Com-        day that the measure imposes a "chil-         city attorney is empowered to seek a
mission adoption of the measure last       ling effect" on religious and charitable      court order to obtain financial records
Oct. 6.                                    fundraising.                                  if ten or more complaints are lodged
  "Fraud is a very vague term, but the        Registration requirements under the        against a group.
court has been very clear about what       ordinance will make groups reluctant to         "Hustler" magazine publisher Larry
municipalities can and cannot do," ar-     solicit in Clearwater, Boothby said.          Flynt would have an easier time selling
gued Eric Lieberman, an attorney for          Under the measure, groups raising          his publication in Clearwater than reli-
the Church of Scientology.                  more than $10,000 a year among the
  Government has no business delving        public must register with the city. The             (Please see * SUIT, next page)

                                                   dismissed claims of excessive           Friday's three-hour hearing
                                                   church-state entanglement raised      dealt with broad constitutional is-
            (from page 1A)                         by the plaintiffs.                    sues. Should the judge rule
            gious groups would have collect-         "The city attorney is not going     against the city, Clearwater com-
            ing funds, Boothy claimed, be-         to be in peoples' offices on a day-   missioners must decide whether
            cause he would not be subject to       to-day basis," Blakely said. "Only    to appeal, rewrite the measure or
            city perusal of his finances under     if people complain they've been       drop the matter.
            the ordinance.                         defrauded" will the city investi-
               Provisions in the ordinance also    gate, he said. ,                         If the ruling favors the city,
            fit the legal test of being vague,       Picking up on Boothby's "Hus-       attorneys for the sect said they
            Boothby said, because "men of          tler" comment, Blakely said there     will present arguments that the
            common intelligence must nec-          is a striking difference in the       ordinance is aimed at driving the
            essarily guess at its meaning."        cases: The public has no doubt        Church of Scientology out of town.
               Lieberman attacked the discre-      that money spent on the magazine         Founded in 1954 by science fic-
            tion afforded the city attorney in     goes to private coffers; they don't   tion writer L. Ron Hubbard, the
            investigating complaints lodged        know about money given to some        Church of Scientology located its
            against a group.                       charities.                            international retreat headquarters
               "It is our position that this, of     "We are requiring registration      in Clearwater in 1975.
            course, was intentional," Lieber-      and reporting," Kowalski contin-        The sect contends it can rid be-
            man added.                             ued, "to let the public know who      lievers of harmful mental im-
               But John T. Blakely, a local        is collecting their money and         prints, called engrams, through
            attorney representing the city,        where the money is going."            paid counseling and courses.
Tuesday, March 13,1984

New York man objects to S
  I am very upset about an article that appeared                                                               coming down to the church in about a month to
about me in your paper Thursday, and I want to                                                                 continue my studies there.
clear up some misconceptions you've created.                                                                     It should be particularly noted that at no time did
  At no time was I ever physically detained at the                                                             I speak to any reporter or anyone from your paper,
Fort Harrison by anyone from the Church of Sci-                                                                and at no time was I contacted by your Dapper. I
entology. I never have been physically detained by                                                             am not aware of anyone trying to reach me. I would
anyone there.                                                                                                  think it would be a common courtesy, as well as a
  There never was any attempt by members of the
church to "push me back into the building until a
                                                            Letters to the Editor                              professional tiling to do, to contact me before you
                                                                                                               prim something in this fashion misrepresenting Ev-
police officer arrived."                                  I was approached by a detective and another erything that occured.
  I flagged down a car outside the Fort Harrison,       police officer who questioned me, and as a courtesy      I feel very much that this letter should be run on
which I thought was a transport service since the       to them I replied and explained to them what I was the front page of the paper as a gesture of courtesy
car pulled over and was a regular white, unmarked       doing at the church. I did not have anything to as these are the things that would have been said to
car. I said I wanted to go to the airport or the        complain about to the police. I was trying to get to your reporter. What has occured here is very irre-
nearest taxi stand.                                     the airport, not the police station.                  sponsible on your part, to say the least. These
  There was a uniformed police officer inside, and        I did not ask to get my money back from the things should be printed as they certainly are quite
he said he would take me to the airport. So I got in.   church, nor will I ask that. I do not feel that the different from the account the paper gave.
Instead he took me to the police station.               church staff is more concerned about money than                                         DANIEL COTRINO
  I did not ask to be taken there. When we got to the   helping people, and I want to set the record straight                                        Brooklyn, N.Y.
police station, he said if someone else would take      on this. There appears to be some misunderstanding "     P.$. You spelled my name wrong, too.
me to the airport; then he disappeared.                 here, or some kind of mistake. In fact, I will be
                                                                                                                 Editor's note: All information in the story to
                                                                                                              which Mr. Cotrino refers was taken from a police
                                                                                                              report filed on the incident. The Sun made numer-
                                                                                                              ous attempts to contact Mr. Cotrino thursday amn
                                                                                                              left several messages with his wife on subsequent
                                                                                                              days. Mr. Cotrino never returned the calls. Clear-
                                                                                                              water Police Chief Sid Klein said he "absolutely"
                                                                                                              supports his officers' report.
               Scientologist's tape to get review
                By GEORGE-WAYNE SHELOR                        tersburg Times as saying: "What the
                Sun staff writer                              ponce report said is a very serious lie."
                  The Pinellas-Pasco State Attorney's           But Police Chief Sid Klein said the
                Office will review a tape recording of a      taped statement may indicate otherwise.
                complaint filed by a New York Sciento-          "From the (tape-recorded) statement
                logist to determine whether criminal          taken from the alleged victim, evidence
                charges are warranted in connection           of a possible crime was produced," Klein
                with an incident at the sect's Clearwater     said, Tuesday. "Specifically, giving a
                retreat.                                      false report to police."
                  Daniel Cotrino, 30, of Brooklyn, N.Y.,        Filing a false report of a crime with a
                told police March 5 that the sect failed to   law enforcement agency is a first-degree
                deliver to him a series of courses for        misdemeanor, punishable by not more
                which he had paid $7,000, according to a      than one year imprisonment and up to a
                police report.                                $1,000 fine.
                  The report also states that when Cotri-       Klein said the recording is being tran-
                no tried to leave the sect's 210 S. Fort      scribed and will be turned over to the
                Harrison Ave. headquarters, he was            state attorney for investigation.
                physically detained until a policeman in-       "I understand the transcript is to be
                tervened.                                     sent to us, but I can't comment on a
                  However, after a story detailing the        possible investigation in advance," said
                incident appeared in the Clearwater Sua,      Assistant State Attorney Marie King.
                Cotrino recanted the statement, denied          She said her office reviews such cases
                he was detained and wrote a letter to the     "to determine what crimes, if any, have
                editor stating: "I did not have anything      been committed."
                to complain about to the police."               "The original (written) report as to a
                  Cotrino also was quoted in the St. Pe-               (Please see * SECT, next page)

fromn page"- 1A)                                                                          quarters in the former Fort Harrison
possible abduction was closed ... since it                                                Hotel, he was confronted by two men
was determined' that such was not the                                                     who tried to push him back into the
case," Klein said "However, the (re-          However, the (recorded)                     building, according to police. It was at
corded) statement had certain informa-                                                    that point, according to both Cotrino and
tion which may be evidence of a sepa-         statement had certain                       police, that a policeman drove up and
rate crime. Accordingly, the tape is          information which may be                    intervened.
being transcribed and wilt be turned          evidence of a separate                         Cotrino subsequently told police that
ever to the State Attorney's Office for                                                   the sect has "a great amount of data
review."                                      crime.'                                      (about him) concerning his personality
   The written report was made available          -Police Chief Sid Klein                 and psychological makeup which they
to the public when the case was                                                           could use ... against him in order to
 "closed," under provisions of Florida                                                     mentally debase him."
statutes. However, the tape recording is                                                      Cotrino also said he "believes in the
part of an ongoing criminal investiga-       courses. However, he originally stated,       premise of the church" but he thought
 tion, and as such is protected from pub-    he was told the courses were not avail-       that many of the members are "con-
 lic disclosure.                             able and instead he would have to take a      cerned only with monetary gain and had
   Cotrino originally alleged in a written   prerequisite- course costing an additional    little or no concern for the individual
report based on the taped statement that     $1,165.                                       seeking the services."
he had traveled to Clearwater to take a        When Cotrino declined to pay for the           Cotrino has since denied the context of
 prepaid $7,000 series of Scientology        course and tried to leave the sect's head-    the written report.

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