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									Retail Digital Signage 5 Tips for a successful installation.

Retail digital signage – tips for success.

Retail digital signage can be done very well and can also be a failure, let us advise you on making
your deployment a success.

Retail digital signage – what's needed?
Plan where and how many units you will be deploying for your retail retail digital signage solution.

Decide upon what commercial screen you intent on using. Commercial screens are essential as
these displays are designed and made to run 24 hours per day, these are mounted in the portrait
position for maximum effect.

Decide how the content will be updated, either manually or using an internet connection, this could
be hard wired or a wireless connection. Normally this will depend on how many units you will have
in your retail digital signage network. As a rule of thumb standalone USB media players are used
when only a handful of units are deployed (for example 1-3 units), where as a network enabled
media player is perfect for units from 3 to 1000 units in various locations throughout the world.
Providing there is a network connection you can update the content.

Now if you have decided to run with a network enabled media player for the heart of the retail
digital signage network, you will have to run both power and data cables to the desired location,
once connected to the media player the ads can be updated from head office or another single

To provide an eye catching solution you may wish to put all the hardware in an indoor advertising
totem, these are manufactured from aluminium sections with a large floor plate for stability, the rear
of the unit has a removable panel as well as the front that can be printed and branded with your
company image. The screen is then located in the portrait position on the internal mounting frame
and the front panel fitted into place around the screen. The power and data cables are fed through
the aluminium frame and connected to both the media player and the screen.

Now the retail digital signage solution is ready for business.

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Digital signage enclosures

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