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									Mr. Perekupka             perekupkamj@cinnaminson.com                 Course Syllabus


This course is designed to build off of concepts learned in Algebra and Geometry and
prepare you to proceed to Calculus in college (or next year). Major topics that will be
covered include factoring, graphing, and trigonometry. I am looking forward to working
with all of you and I believe this will be an exciting year.


      You will need a notebook devoted to Pre-Calculus. One subject should be fine, but if
       you know you write largely, go with 3 subjects to be sure.

      You are responsible for bringing your textbook and calculator to class each day. We
       will use them frequently and both will be used for homework as well.


      I grade on a total point system. Total points earned divided by total points possible
      Grades will come from Tests, Quizzes, Homework, Class work, and Projects
      I do give Extra Credit opportunities.
           o Mostly puzzles, math challenges, or trivia. [Never extra credit projects]
           o Many times these will be posted on my website and reward those who check


      Homework will be assigned on a fairly regular basis
          o Many times [almost every time] I will give you time in class to start/complete
              the homework
          o I do check homework, and points will be assigned based on length and
              difficulty of the task.
      Rarely, but every now and then I will collect homework assignments and check
       them more carefully and make them worth more points.


      Only will become an issue if people begin to take advantage of it.
      3 times late = 1 write up

Classroom Norms:

      If you are absent the day of a test, you will take the test the day you return.
      If you are absent the day BEFORE the test (the review day), you are still responsible
       to take the test when you come back.
           o I will always post reviews online (and almost always, answers as well)
Mr. Perekupka               perekupkamj@cinnaminson.com                    Course Syllabus

          o If I do not post online, you are not responsible to take it the next day, very
      Late Homework: If I check homework the day you are absent, it is your
       responsibility to show me when you return, otherwise it counts as missing.
          o If you forget to do homework, or just decide to be lazy, I will take the
             homework one day late, for half credit


      You NEED a graphing calculator for this class. Try to get a Ti 84 plus, Ti 84, Ti 83
       plus, or TI 83. Please avoid Casio calculators and Ti-89’s

** Your textbook is to go with you when you leave class and come back with you to class
each day.

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