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					                       Harvard College Library Aeon Implementation
                                    Aeon Field Descriptions

             Name                 Description                      Notes
Request Records

             Transaction Number   The unique number                This number is automatically
                                  associated with the record;      generated by the system when the
                                  associated with the barcode      record is created/submitted.
                                  on the callslip
             Username             Primary user assigned to         All transactions must be associated
                                  transaction                      with a user. Staff transactions should
                                                                   be associated with a pseudo-user. The
                                                                   username for a request cannot be
                                                                   changed after the request is created.
             Creation Date        Date that the transaction        This date is automatically assigned by
                                  was created                      the system when the record is
             Request For          Proxy user or event assigned     This field should be used if the
                                  to the transaction in addition   transaction is for an event or for one
                                  to the primary user              individual staff member. It can be
                                                                   changed after the request is created
                                                                   (unlike the primary user).
             Scheduled Date       Date that the user expects to
                                  use the materials
             Request Type         Either Copy or Loan              The default is Loan; Copy is not
                                                                   currently used but may be used in the
                                                                   future to designate photoduplication
             Transaction Status   The status of the request;       The transaction status cannot be
                                  determines which queue the       changed in the field display and must
                                  request belongs to               be changed through the processing
             Title                Title of work or collection,
                                  includes subtitle
             Additional Title     Additional title information     Not currently used
             Author/Creator       Author or creator of work

Aeon Field Descriptions - 1                                                             Updated: 2011-11-14
             Place of Publication,   Place of publication and
             Publisher               publisher
             Date                    Date of publication or
             Description             Physical description of the      This field contains the description
                                     item                             information from the bibliographic
                                                                      record for the materials.
             Library (Site)          Library or collection that the   This field should contain information
                                     requested materials belong       from 852$b of the holdings record for
                                     to                               the materials. The default for a new
                                                                      request created in the client is the
                                                                      three digit code for the library where
                                                                      the request is being created.
             Hollis ID               Hollis record number
             Location                Physical location                This field should contain information
                                     information, for example,        from 852$c of the holdings record for
                                     HD, b, pf, Hyde                  the materials.
             Barcode                 Item barcode from catalog
             Call Number             Call number                      This field should contain information
                                                                      from 852$h, $i, and $m of the holdings
                                                                      record for the materials.
             Additional Location     Additional physical location     Not currently used
             Volume/Box/Folder/      Specific item numbers if
             Item                    materials are part of a larger
             Container Count         Number of containers             This field should be filled in if the
                                     checked out                      number is greater than one.
             Pages                   Page numbers to be               For photoduplication requests; Not
                                     reproduced                       currently used
             Page Count              Number of pages to be            For photoduplication requests; Not
                                     reproduced                       currently used
             Format                  Format of reproduction, e.g.     For photoduplication requests; Not
                                     microfilm, digital images        currently used
             For Publication         Whether the reproduction is      For photoduplication requests; Not
                                     for publication                  currently used
             Service Level           Standard or rush service         For photoduplication requests; Not
                                                                      currently used
             Shipping Option         How the reproduction will be     For photoduplication requests; Not
                                     delivered                        currently used

Aeon Field Descriptions - 2                                                                 Updated: 2011-11-14
User Records

             First Name         First Name                      Required field
             Middle Name        Middle Name
             Last Name          Last Name                       Required field
             Date of Birth      Date of Birth                   Required field
             ID Type            Type of ID presented when       Must be filled out by library staff;
                                user is cleared                 options are Harvard ID, HCL Special
                                                                Borrower Card, Drivers License,
             ID Number          Last 4 digits of non-Harvard    Only filled out by Privileges Office for
                                ID checked                      non-Harvard patrons.
             Address            Street address                  Required field
             City               City                            Required field
             State              State                           Required field
             Zip                Postal Code                     Required field
             Country            Country                         Required field
             Email              Email address                   Required field
             Phone              Phone number                    Required field
             Organization       Organization that the user is
                                affiliated with
             School             Harvard school that the user    Only on the registration form for
                                is affiliated with              Harvard users.
             Status             Affiliation status of user      Options include faculty, staff, student,
             Research Topics    User’s research interests
             Shareable          Whether the research
                                interests can be shared with
                                other users
             Username           Unique identifier for user      Username is HUID for Harvard users
                                account                         and self-selected username for other
             Clearance Status   Whether the user is cleared
                                or not
             Request Limit      The maximum number of           When this field is blank, the system
                                outstanding requests the        limit applies. When the field contains a
                                user can submit                 0, the user cannot submit any

Aeon Field Descriptions - 3                                                          Updated: 2011-11-14
             Expiration Date       When the user record             Automatically set to one year from the
                                   expires                          registration date.
             Last Changed Date     The last time the user record
                                   was updated
             Notification Method   Whether the patron prefers       Not used at this time
                                   to be contacted by email,
                                   phone, or fax

Event Records

             Event ID              The unique number                This number is automatically
                                   associated with the record       generated by the system when the
                                                                    record is created.
             Name                  Short, informal name of the      If the event is a class, this field should
                                   event                            include the professor/instructor’s
                                                                    name and course number.
             Begin Date            Date the event begins
             End Date              Date the event ends
             Description           Longer, more formal title or     If the event is a class, this field should
                                   description                      include course name.
             Type                  Type of event; e.g. Class, On-
                                   Site Exhibit
             Active                Whether the event is active      If an event is not active, it will not
                                                                    show up in the list of events on the
                                                                    home page.
             Location              Location of the event
             Staff Contact         Name(s) of staff responsible
                                   for the event

Aeon Field Descriptions - 4                                                               Updated: 2011-11-14

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