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									Klopotek Software as a Service (SaaS)

                                              Software Highlights
Title Management and Product Marketing

The Klopotek software incorporates            store and manage all kinds of products such                                          product idea to the handover to production.
a central Product Pool which provides         as monographs, sets, series, multi-media                                             Typically the Product Pool provides the
a central source of all bibliographical       products, and marketing material etc. in                                             authoritative source for all product data in
metadata to support title management and      flexible product structures such as versions,                                        the company and is used as the data source
product marketing functions. The Klopotek     editions, reprints, and translations. The                                            for any internal or external applications.
Product Pool can also be used simply as a     Product Pool also underpins and manages
data repository where the publisher can       the entire editorial process from the original

                                                                     Publishing House

                                                                               Administration /               Management
                                              Archive                          Management                     Information

          Editorial &
          Production                                                                                               Content
                                              Editorial          Acquisition                      Planning         Creation

          Title Management &
          Product Marketing    Product        Product             Title                           Product          Contribution
                                              Development         Management                      Marketing        Management
                               Planning and
          Rights &             Management
                                              Contracts          Rights                           Royalties        Rights Sales
          Content                SCHEMA ST4                      XML                              Marketing /
          Management                                             ONIX                             Communication
                                              Print & Online
                                              Catalog                                                              Publicity

          Content to Web
                                                                                                                                               Klopotek SaaS
                                              Products /
                                                                                                                   Printed                     – Software as a Service –
                                              Content                                                              Products
          Order to Cash
          Sales and                                                                                                                                   Run at certified
          Distribution                                                                                                                              data centers with
                                              Sales Order                                                          Advertisement
                                                                                                                                                 full service and support
                                              Processing                                                           Sales
          Sales and                                                                                                                                  Best Practice
          Management                                                                                                                               Business Processes

                                                          Accounting /                                   Customer
          Customer Care                                   Finance                                        Service                                        Klopotek
          Management                                                                                                                                   Publishing
                                                                                                                                                    and ready-to-use

                                                          Klopotek Services

                                              Digital                                                              Print
                                              Distribution                       Warehouse                         Distribution
The Klopotek solution also incorporates          Both export processes use an identical XML          Additional features
a central Address Pool which includes all        source data structure and the standard
the demographic metadata relevant to             configuration (XSLT style sheets). On-
any business relationship with a ‘business       demand exports via product selections are           In addition to the core functionality for
partner’. Business partners can include          often preferred for initial testing as well         title management and editorial de-
for example, authors, agents, illustrators,      as for data interfaces, as the publisher can        scribed above, the following features
suppliers, customers, and prospects. The         flexibly define a selection of products based       can be added to the Klopotek SaaS
addresses are linked to products in order        on selection parameters. The regular and            solution:
to use the Product Pool to support various       automated data feeds are managed by the
functions in editorial, title management and     system and have additional options, such            The Publicity Module allows the pub-
product marketing.                               as full or delta export with file names that        lisher to handle all steps related to
Addresses are maintained centrally within        include the date stamp of the export.               promoting the product on the basis of
the Address Pool and can be referenced                                                               reviews starting from sending out review
to several products. It is possible to store     The XML export format and requirements              offers through the actual receipt of the
addresses for individuals or institutions as     can be configured depending on the target           published reviews. Upon the receipt of
well as to define the relationships between      format of the receiving application, such as        the review it is possible to store it and
them. Hence an author can be stored with         the publisher’s web site. It is also possible to    link it to the product.
his affiliation and/or contact information       activate or de-activate optional parts of the
which can be classified according to             XML data source in order to configure the           The Reviewer Addresses are stored in
customer’s needs.                                data for the export.                                the Address Pool with the role ‘Publicity
                                                                                                     Contact’. The reviewer can be an
A Reminder tool is integrated in the             The Klopotek solution offers several                individual or a media institution such as
application which provides automated             Standard ONIX Exports to provide product            a newspaper, magazine, radio channel
alerts and reminders. A note can be added        data to most of the major online resellers.         etc. The role ‘Publicity Contact’ has its
describing what is expected and you can          The ONIX exports are aligned to individual          own classification which can be used
also define deadlines. Reminders can be sent     data recipients in different markets. A             to further classify the subject area the
to anyone using the application.                 standard selection of ONIX exports is               reviewer specializes in.
                                                 available on-demand (using product
Using the Editorial Scheduling function          selections) but can also be implemented             The ONIX Import provides the mass data
the publisher can reflect all the process        as regular and automated data feeds;                import of title records into the Product
steps from product concept to production.        predefined ONIX exports are available               Pool and is compliant with the ‘ONIX
The editorial scheduling also allows you         for most of the common recipients such              2.1 for books’ and the Canadian BNC
to enter planned and actual start and            as Amazon, Nielsen, Bowker, Barnes and              Gold standard. Klopotek also guarantees
end dates for each task and attach a             Noble, and Baker & Taylor without any               constant updates for the changing
responsible department and corresponding         additional effort.                                  standards in this area. This includes main
staff member. The tasks can also be                                                                  series, sub-series, sets, and ISBN products.
included in the reminder functionality and       The Klopotek database contains rich title           A configurable rules engine allows
communicated to colleagues.                      series information along with a variety of          the definition of individual validation
                                                 descriptive texts, classifications, and links       and exit points to ensure a quality
Templates can be built from existing tasks to    to product web sites or external material           check of the incoming title records.
satisfy the user’s requirements and facilitate   such as cover images and example chapters.          Incomplete or incorrect records are
the scheduling.                                  The publisher can create an individual              segregated for manual post-processing
                                                 selection of existing titles as a basis to create   without interrupting the import process.
The Klopotek system offers an XML export         promotion material on-demand, such as               The rules engine also offers various
of title and series data with comprehensive      catalogs and flyers. The central component          options for value mapping and string
information relevant to the marketing /          for this is the Product Selection Tool and          transformation.
sales process. These exports can be done         its XML export. The export component also           Optionally the conversion process can be
on-demand (by end-users using product            takes the status of marketing texts into            additionally supported by individual XSLT
selections), or they can be implemented as       consideration and ensures that only released        style sheets.
regular and automated data feeds.                texts are made public.
                                                                                                     It is possible to export product
                                                 Data can then be fed to various desktop             information via a standard, automated,
                                                 publishing tools such as QuarkXPress,               configurable file export to external
                                                 InDesign or MS Word.                                systems such as finance or distribution
                                                                                                     systems. The publisher can also archive
                                                                                                     and review the exported files at any
Editorial and Production                                                                            Additional features

In addition to creating information in the        the purpose of a supported cost price             In addition to the core functionality
Product Pool, a new Production Project is         calculation the publisher can set up vendor       for editorial and production described
created automatically and data which is also      price list structures and enter prices to         above, the following features can be
relevant for production is transferred to and     reflect individual demands. In addition,          added to the Klopotek SaaS solution:
shown in the Production Project. This data        the publisher can determine the general
can be enhanced with relevant editorial           cost structure of a calculation by defining       The system can generate supplier orders
and production data and forms the basis           the elements to be incorporated in a              which can be used to request bids from
for multiple calculations. The production         calculation.                                      suppliers as well as for ordering the
schedule tracks the entire editorial and                                                            respective service for the related project.
production process.                               Title Profitability calculations can be derived   The output is based on a standard
                                                  from multiple technical cost estimates            template which is fed by the data from
Addresses of all vendors are maintained           and show an overview of projected costs,          the specific project. This template is
centrally within the Address Pool and can         forecasted sales, and average costs per           enhanced by publishers’ specifics like
be referenced to several projects. Supplier       distribution channel which then calculate         name of the publishing house, address
addresses are usually stored as institutions      figures for (net) revenue, gross / net margin,    and logo. Further enhancements on the
but can also contain individual contacts.         costs of sales etc. as well as identifying the    standard as well additional templates
The publisher can choose from multiple            break-even point.                                 can be created on demand.
classifications to further specify the supplier
in terms of their core competence and             Depending on which calculation the Title          To support forthcoming production
services.                                         Profitability is based on the publisher can       decisions and inventory management,
                                                  adjust related values like retail price, print    the publisher can import information on
The acquisition and production editors            run, estimated sales, average costs etc. in       inventory levels, back orders and sales
can reflect their workflow using existing         order to simulate various scenarios. This is      statistics on the product level from a
tasks from the integrated Editorial and           then used as the basis to decide on starting      book distributor via a standard interface.
Production Schedule. These tasks can              the project based on these values. Thus, the      This information can be reviewed on one
be dependent upon each other and you              publisher gains a comprehensive idea of the       screen via the Product Information view.
can establish further dependencies. The           ROI of the project.
duration of tasks leads to a calculated                                                             With the use of a cost price calculated
project end date. The actual date entries         A final calculation is available so that          based on supplier price lists the publisher
on a task level can lead to an automatic          the publisher can compare the projected           can also upload and download vendor
recalculation of the project end date.            (budgeted) versus the actual figures. The         price lists via the PPM Service Center.
Furthermore it is possible to attach a            actual costs for the project are entered
responsible department and corresponding          manually with the receipt of invoices from
staff member to a task.                           suppliers and internal cost allocation. The
                                                  Cost Overview function can then be used
The system offers three different calculation     to dimensionally display the costs variance
types to be applied in a logical Editorial        throughout current calculation stages. If the
and Production sequence. The initial one          publisher chooses not to enter the actual
is a preliminary calculation which can            figures manually within a final calculation,
be used by the publisher to get a rough           these costs can also be imported via a
overview of expected costs in relation to         standard interface from a financial system.
print run and page count and is based
on input by various departments such as           The Production Cockpit is used as a
Editorial, Production, Sales and Marketing.       monitoring system for Editorial- and
It is possible to compare different scenarios     Production-related processes. Within
such as different print runs and lifecycle        departmental or personalized views the
calculation including reprints. Based on          publisher can supervise scheduling dates
the preliminary calculation the decision is       to coordinate related processes as well as
taken whether or not the project will be          observe cost developments to check the
approved. The production calculation is the       compliance with planned figures in regards
step in which the values of the preliminary       to actual costs and cost drivers. Thus, the
calculation are reviewed, updated and             publisher can quickly and proactively
corrected with regard to print runs, prices,      identify critical situations early and detect
product specifications as well as more            any deviations from the plan.
realistic figures for cost projections. For
Contracts, Rights and Royalties

Klopotek provides 3 packages:                    Once the data is available in the database,       groups of licensees with custom letters, pre-
                                                 a contract document can be produced               submission interest recording, ranking, and
1. A contracts package which includes            merging data from the database and legal          negotiation of a contract request.
   the contract drafting, updating and           text. The document can be attached to the
   editing process.                              entry in the database.                            Once the deal is negotiated, a rights sale
                                                                                                   contract or permission can be created with
2. A rights package which includes               Before creating a contract, the system            the full functionality described above,
   the contract drafting, updating and           supports the contract request process – the       including printing and editing it.
   editing process as well as the rights         rights acquisition from pre-submission
   marketing and sales functionality.            interest recording to negotiation and             The chasing of revenue from rights deals
                                                 contract request.                                 (advances and royalty statements) is also
3. A royalties package which includes                                                              supported. A list of overdue payments /
   the contract drafting and updating            Once the contract is signed the advance           statements is available and chasing letters in
   process as well as the rights revenue         process is supported including determining        various forms can be sent out.
   process. It does not include the rights       payable advances, advance forecasting,
   marketing and sales functionality or the      authorizing advances, paying and posting          Incoming rights payments can be re-corded,
   contract editing process.                     advances, and interfacing advance payment         costs are deducted, the payment is allocated
                                                 to and from the financial system.                 to expected payments and it is then
Only basic information is needed when                                                              interfaced to the financial system.
using the Product Pool as part of the            As soon as sales data is available, the royalty
contracts, rights and royalties functionality.   calculation can be started, which will use        As the final part of the process, the income
Information about hierarchy (publisher/          the information from the contracts. Sales         is automatically split with the author, rights
division/subject group), Version type            are interfaced, royalties and/or accruals are     postings are interfaced to the financial
(hardcover, paperback, e-book), ISBN, list       calculated, the offsetting of the advance         system. The rights revenue is offset against
price or product number is required.             is calculated, reserves for returns are           the advance, and the author will either be
                                                 calculated, and all this information can be       paid or the publisher will wait until the next
The Address Pool for royalty recipients is       interfaced to your financial systems. Once        royalty statement.
based on the standard Address Pool. The          the royalty calculation is authorized, a final
full functionality of the Address Pool plus      royalty statement is produced. A draft of
the tax / tax exemption and VAT details,         the statement can be produced at any given          Additional features
the creditor number and bank details of          moment.
the royalty recipient are available. For the                                                         In addition to the core functionality for
licensees a licensee number as well as a         Once the royalty calculation is final,              CR&R described above, the following
bad payer flag and the preferred rights          payments to the authors is the next step.           feature can be added to the Klopotek
combination (e.g. only buying e-books            The system functionality includes the ability       SaaS solution:
for France) for use as the default are also      to offset charges, calculate payments,
available.                                       deduct taxes, interface royalty payments            A product import interface can be
                                                 and 1099 data to the financial system,              provided which will regularly insert
The contract component is used to register       produce a remittance advice, and interface          and update new / changed product
all necessary data for author contracts from     payment information back from the                   information from external systems.
contract validity to pubrights, subrights,       financial system. We recommend that you
royalty rules, advances or flat fees and         do a parallel test at this time by entering
royalty terms like statement frequency.          the data for a past period, running the
Various contract types (contributor, author,     royalty calculation and comparing the               Want to know more?
and translator) are available. Also templates    results in your new system with the results
                                                                                                     Since Klopotek SaaS is a ready-to-use out-
can be created to support quicker contract       in your old system. Check the differences,          of-the-box solution, the best way to know if
entry. The contracts contain a link to the       correct the data.                                   we’re right for you is to talk to one of our
                                                                                                     sales representatives.
Address Pool as well as a link to the Product
Pool. Contracts for multi-book deals (multi-     The rights department is supported with             Please contact
contracts) are also available. Amending          planning and processing of rights sales. The
                                                                                                     for the US:                  for Europe:
the contract (creating addendums and             system functionality supports registration          George Logan                 Carl Mann
addendum documents and following up              of proof material and negotiation history.          Tel. +1 646-243-4829         Tel. +49 30 884 53 131
                                                                                                     g.logan@klopotek.com         carl.mann@klopotek.com
using the workflow in the system) is also        The rights selling process contains features
part of this process.                            for rights marketing of titles to defined           www.klopotek.com

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