; Joshua A Joshua A Lazar 8302 Purcell Dr 
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Joshua A Joshua A Lazar 8302 Purcell Dr 


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									                                                       Joshua A. Lazar
                8302 Purcell Dr.  Orlando, Florida 32825  (407) 329 - 4484 Email: josh@joshlazar.com

                                           Qualified For:
                                  College Lecturer/Instructor 


       Results-oriented professional with more than 10 years of progressive accomplishments in
        information technology support and related services.
       Analytical planner, able to take complex and unrelated information and organize them in to
        workable terms.
       Focused team leader, able to plan, organize, and complete projects on time and within budget.
       Motivated self-starter, eager to learn, meet new challenges and assimilate new concepts and ideas
       Loyal and dedicated team player, able to work independently or with a group to achieve common
       Proven leader, providing the momentum required to unite diverse groups towards a common goal.


       Application Development                 Notary Public                        DOCS Open
       Customer Service                        Systems Design                       SQL Server
       Database Management                     Technical Support                    InterAction 5.6
       Relational Databases                    Oral Communication                   Aderant Expert
       Quality Assurance                       Training & Education                 Great Plains
       Multi-Task Environments                 Trouble Shooting                     MS Office
       Analysis                                Problem Solving                      Lotus Notes
       Testing                                 Planning & Organization              ASP
       Goldmine Sales & Marketing              Visual Basic                         Crystal Reports
       User Interface Design                   Research                             LegalKey


                                  INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY

Plan, organize, and manage assigned information technology support activities for various companies
which included: evaluating project requirements; designing, implementing, and maintaining
software/hardware systems; and ensuring compliance with client/corporate goals, objectives and project

       75% increase in productivity through developing an Internet based application program.
       240% increase in productivity through creating a database system from a manual paper process.
       200% increase in client base through developing client referral system.
       100% accomplishment of all assigned goals and objectives through developing a specific time
        lined plan of action.

    BSBA Management of Information Systems, University of Central Florida – GPA 3.25
     Orlando, FL
    MS MIS Masters in Management of Information Systems, University of Central Florida –
     GPA 3.3
    Continuing Education: ASP.NET, VB.NET, 2003 Server, .NET Architecture

     University of Central Florida   Lab Instructor/ Internet Software         Jan 1998- Present
      Orlando, FL                     Developer/ Adjunct Instructor
                                      Courses: CGS1060, CGS2100. CGS 2545
                                      Instruction Projects: Web Design,
                                      Microsoft Office 97 & 2000 ,2003
                                      Database Management Systems.
                                      Projects: Internet Application Development,
                                      Computing Software/Hardware Support.
                                      Platforms: NT/2000, NT/2000 Server, Windows XP Pro
     Valencia Community College      Adjunct Instructor              January 2003 –January 2005
      Orlando, FL                     Courses: COP2823, COP2826, CGS2100
                                      Subjects: HTML, ASP, Office 2000, XP Suite, and Office
                                      2003 including Frontpage, Web Server Management
                                      including Linux Red Hat and Microsoft IIS.

     Lowndes, Drosdick, Doster,      Programmer/Analyst                      April 2006 – Present
      Kantor & Reed P.A.              Duties: Analysis and support for Wealth Transfer Planning,
      Orlando, FL                     SAAS implementation, Summation, InterAction 5.6, Aderant
                                      Expert, LegalKey, and proprietary in-house software
                                      Projects: Implementation and Deployment of InterAction,
                                      Creation of automated process from paper-based system, Full
                                      SDLC commitment to proprietary Commercial Real Estate
                                      application, Creation of database information system from
                                      Excel spreadsheets.

                                               Joshua A. Lazar

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