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       62   K E Y D E V E LO P M E N T S I T E S


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                   Sheffield District at a glance
                   Area                                                  368 sq km         Education
                   Population                                                              % students achieving Grades A*-C at GCSE (or equivalent) 2006
                   Male                                                      260,800                                                                 48.5
                   Female                                                    265,000       No of businesses (vat registered)
                   Total                                                     525,200       End 2005                                                11,620
                   Population per sq km (England=390)                          1,429       Property
                   Population change 1981-2006                                -4.0%        Housing completions 2006/07                             1,132
                   Gross value added (per head) 2004 (England=£17,532)                     Average rent £ per sq ft
                                                                             £15,257       Office Market                                          £18.50
                   Economically active (% of working age)                                  Retail Market                                         £230.00
                   Jan 2006-Dec 2006                                            74.2       Industrial Market                                       £5.25
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                                                                                                           K E Y D E V E LO P M E N T S I T E S   63

                                NORTH BANK
                                Striking new five storey office building comprising a total floor space of 61,170 sq. ft. There
                                are two reception areas which allow the building to be let/sold to a single occupier or split
                                accordingly (horizontally or vertically) to meet occupiers needs. The building is located on
                                the riverside and benefits from good public transport accessibility. It is positioned close to the
                                inner ring road with further access to the motorway network via the Parkway (A630/A57)
                                to Junction 33 of the M1. External car parking is available on site to client specification.

                                SHEFFIELD DIGITAL CAMPUS
                                The 600,000sq ft. development comprises three phases. Phase 1 includes two buildings
                                of 50,000sq ft. each, ready for occupation in Autumn 2008. One will be available to let,
                                the other is Electric Works, the serviced office centre providing accommodation for growing
                                digital, creative and media businesses. Located six miles from J33 of the M1 in the Cultural
                                Industries Quarter. It is in the heart of the city’s transportation system and within one
                                minute’s walk of the city’s retail and leisure precincts. Secure basement parking is available.

                                THE SQUARE, CASTLEGATE
                                The mixed-use development is located at the head of the Parkway (A57) offering easy
                                access to motorway networks and the City Centre. Phase One is complete, including a
                                114 bed Travelodge Hotel and secure car park with 40,000 sq ft office building. Phase
                                Two of the scheme is underway, with Office Two – a six storey office building offering
                                40,000 sq ft of available space. Office Three will be completed by the end of 2008, the
                                fourth and fifth office buildings scheduled for completion in 2009 and 2010 respectively.

                                This new mixed use scheme is situated at the South West gateway to Sheffield City
                                Centre and is due for completion mid 2008. The office development will incorporate
                                an 11 storey building with 8 storeys of high specification office accommodation, totalling
                                58,125 sq ft (5,400 sq m) and a 4 storey car park, alongside a new 120 bedroom Tulip
                                Inn Hotel. City Gate S1 will offer flexible large open floor plates of up to 7,642 sq ft
                                (710 sq m) accessed from a 3 storey reception hall.

                                FURNIVAL SQUARE (OFFICE WORLD SITE)
                                This multi-million pound mixed use project, located between the city centre and the
                                Cultural Industries Quarter will be Sheffield's tallest office development for more than
                                30 years with a 15 storey grade-A office building. The development offers 7,500-
                                10,000sq ft floor space, a 254-bed hotel plus 14,000 sq ft of leisure and retail space.
                                Knight Frank Sheffield sold the site to developer McAleer & Rushe who are currently
                                developing the derelict area into premium office, hotel, retail and leisure space.

                                HEART OF THE CITY – ST PAULS PLACE
                                St Paul's Place is a new mixed use business quarter currently under construction.
                                Located in the Heart of the City, between the Peace Gardens and the award winning
                                Winter Garden, St Paul's Place No1 is already complete and home to DLA Piper and
                                RBS. Pre-let opportunities now exist for No 2 (66,160 sq ft) and No 3 (84,964 sq ft).
                                The high specification buildings will sit alongside a 32-storey residential tower,
                                550 space multi-storey car park and the recently opened 4* St Paul's Hotel.
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       64    K E Y D E V E LO P M E N T S I T E S        A DV E R T I S I N G P R O F I L E

             Sheffield’s grand ambitions reach fruition


                                      Sheffield’s grand ambitions to re-establish itself as a by-    long-standing businesses such as manufacturing.
                                      word for an excellent place to work and an even better            In terms of physical results, nothing embodies the
                                      place to live have been long in the planning and are           region’s new-found confidence more than the Leopold
                                      much-anticipated.                                              Square development.
                                         These ambitions are starting to bear fruit, both physi-        Smack bang in the centre of the city this has seen a
                                      cally – with a huge increase in the crane-count across the     Victorian school re-modelled into a boutique hotel and a
                                      city skyline – and economically, through the plan to attract   series of smart restaurants and bars.
                                      30,000 more jobs to the region, with a firm focus on high-        So successful has this Leopold brand become that there
                                      end positions in order to boost the region’s wealth.           is talk of rolling it out across the country.
                                         A dramatic improvement has been witnessed, created             This, along with other new elements of the city centre
                                      in part by developers and investors who are helping shape      now joining up like a dot-to-dot picture, forms a strong
                                      the New Sheffield.                                             basis for a newly-reinvigorated night-time offer: the city is
                                                                                                     sparking back to life with post-work entertainment, eating
                                      The next stage is being planned.                               and drinking.
                                      Having marshalled in a world-class city centre the                These are the visible results of years of careful planning
                                      region-wide regeneration project continues apace, with a       and they are amongst the numerous positive actions
                                      newly completed ring road, millions of square feet in          across the business and wider community that are driving
                                      speculative new office space and one of the country’s          the city forward.
                                      largest new retail offers.                                        But underpinning the regeneration is belief in a wider
                                         Those who have kept faith in Sheffield are having that      purpose: to provide the solid foundations for Creative
                 RIGHT THE LEOPOLD,   conviction rewarded: local businesses are at the               Sheffield’s Economic Masterplan which will be published
               SHEFFIELD – BOUTIQUE   forefront of a new optimism to be found in innovative          this autumn and which will be the catalyst for the region’s
            HOTEL WITH 90 BEDROOMS    sectors such as digital and nanotechnology, and in             continued transformation.
                                                                                                        Creative Sheffield is the UK’s first city development
                                                                                                     company and has been given the responsibility for
                                                                                                     improving the entire region’s wealth, via higher incomes,
                                                                                                     better jobs, creating an even more attractive place, adding
                                                                                                     to the city’s vibrancy, and ensuring people want to be in
                                                                                                     the region.
                                                                                                        The city development company has responded with
                                                                                                     some ambitious and startling plans, not least the
                                                                                                     conviction that the region’s economy has to grow
                                                                                                     substantially in order to achieve its ambitions and that this
                                                                                                     growth can be achieved whilst remaining true to its low
                                                                                                     carbon convictions.
                                                                                                        “The Masterplan has implications for the whole city
                                                                                                     region, not just the city centre,” says Phil Roberts, Creative
                                                                                                     Sheffield director. “We are growing and we are changing
                                                                                                     and in doing so we are working more closely with towns
                                                                                                     and cities that have a complementary economy in order to
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                                                                         A DV E R T I S I N G P R O F I L E            K E Y D E V E LO P M E N T S I T E S        65

         bring 30,000 new jobs to Sheffield and to improve the          has office rents that are prompting speculative office
         wealth of every single family.                                 development and, because its economy is more expansive,
            “At the same time, we are developing a plan to have         the inward investment has taken on a new character.
         sustainability running through the core of the city’s new         This transformation to a new economy precipitated a
         economy.”                                                      consolidation of efforts between the city’s agencies to take
            The new buildings now coming out of the ground reflect      a more sophisticated and holistic approach, matching
         the carefully orchestrated economic plans that will bring      demand and supply as Sheffield moved out of recovery
         the new, high-end jobs to the region.                          and into the next phase.
            Manufacturing, always at the heart of Sheffield’s
         economy, remains firmly centre stage, though the city is                                                                       LEFT REBECCA ROSE,
         being remodelled as a 21st powerhouse of high value,                                                                           RELOCATE 2 SHEFFIELD
         expertise-driven production.
            The Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, includ-
         ing the Factory of the Future, already sees Boeing and
         Rolls Royce in place and other big names are anticipated.
            The city is also embracing new industries as embodied
         in the 50,000 sq. ft. Electric Works Digital Media Centre,
         due to open in autumn 2008.
            Electric Works is the first building of five within
         the Sheffield Digital Campus, a hub for the entrepreneurs
         the city aims to attract within the digital, e-learning and
         creative sectors.
            Brendan Moffett, marketing director of Creative               Sheffield/Leeds/Manchester –
         Sheffield, says: “Electric Works will play a key role in         A New Economic Superpower?
         attracting high growth, creative and forward-thinking            One of the huge ideas currently being explored for that
         businesses to Sheffield.”                                        next chapter will surprise many: Sheffield is examining
            The city’s ambitions are impressive and exciting. There       the potential for working more closely with Leeds and
         are even outline proposals for the creation of an entire         Manchester in order to form a super-region to rival the
         New Business District, reflecting the drive now found            South East and to alleviate some of the pressure from the
         throughout the region and bringing with it a major inlfux of     capital city.
         new developers.                                                     The fact is that Sheffield offers a complementary
            This will change and improve the city centre, adding to       economy to those neighbouring cities, as it is more
         the value of commercial property across the board.               capable of producing goods, especially at the top end of
            Sheffield’s ambitions do not stop there. The low carbon       worldwide markets such as aerospace.
         technology business accelerator, LIFE-IC, and the                   Also, the sum of the triumvirate is greater than the
         nanotechnology business development centre NoMo are              total of its parts: with the joint population being larger
         expected to play pivotal roles in bringing even more lead-       than London, this Northern grouping has the potential for
         ing edge businesses to the region, further underpinning the      becoming one of the largest city regions in Europe and it
         ambition to re-shape the city as a leading 21st Century          would have the Peak District National Park at its heart.
         habitat.                                                            To this end, Sheffield is already talking to Manchester
            With the global business sector’s renewed interest in all     in terms of seeing how to bring their economies closer
         things Sheffield has come a blossoming of the hotel mar-         together.
         ket, with groundworks about to start on a new 4 Star site.          This is just one more of Sheffield’s newest develop-
            The residential sector has also woken up to the fact that     ments that are set to surprise those that have neglected
         the city is blossoming and the 32-storey, Conran-designed        to keep up with the city’s recent transformation, though
         City Lofts St Paul’s Tower is now shooting out of the            none are more impressed than the many foreign business
                                                                                                                                       For further information
         ground.                                                          people now moving to the region.
                                                                                                                                       contact Creative Sheffield
                                                                             When relocation expert Rebecca Rose helps foreign
                                                                                                                                       Tel: +44 (0)114 223 2345
         From Recovery To Fulfilling Potential                            business people move to Sheffield they are constantly
                                                                                                                                       or email:
         As we can see, Sheffield has enjoyed a period of strong          overwhelmed by the warmth of the reception they receive.
         recovery over the last ten years and during that time it has        “People moving here, especially from the Far East and
         applied a simple approach, including creating the new city       the US, never fail to be amazed that the Peak District
         centre and seeking out inward investment.                        National Park is only minutes from the city centre.
            According to the IPPR Two Track Cities report, in this           “They see that they can live in a true English paradise
         ten-year period the city created 63,600 new jobs, though         whilst still working in a modern and successful city, and
         many were driven by European structural funding.                 that the new city centre is so vibrant and alive,” says
            Now that the city has left its recovery period behind it      Rebecca Rose.

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