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To Our Sponsors:

It is our pleasure to compile and distribute the Executive Internship Program newsletter for the
2006-2007 school year. The entries in this newsletter have been developed by the high school
interns who participated in the Executive Internship Program throughout the school year.

This school year has been very successful for all involved. We would personally like to thank all of
our wonderfully supportive sponsors for taking the time to teach these students what professional
life is really all about. There is no greater challenge than to face the unknown, and these students
have all taken that risk and grown from the experience.

As always, the Executive Internship Program coordinators thank you for your continued support
and for the meaningful experiences that you allow our students. We know how much of a
responsibility it is to have an intern, and we are greatly appreciative that you are willing to take the
time to enable students to experience the professional setting. We look forward to successful and
exciting semesters to come.

Dr. Mary C. Black, Program Coordinator
Mrs. Sandra T. Irvin, Program Coordinator
Mrs. Diane N. Lops, Program Coordinator

                                               Executive Internship Program
                                        A Dual Credit, Experiential Education Success

The Executive Internship Program was introduced into Pinellas County high schools in 1974.
Today, the Executive Internship Program is affiliated with a national organization of experiential
education programs and has been nationally recognized as a model program by the U.S. School-to-
Work office. Over 6,000 students in Pinellas County have participated in the program.

The program represents a unique blending of the business community, the local junior college and
the public schools. It is available to eligible high school students during their senior year. The
students spend an average of 10 - 15 hours a week working with a professional at decision-making
levels in their future career field. Students are not paid by their sponsors, but they do receive high
school elective credit and college credit from St. Petersburg College for their participation. The
serious educational nature of the program requires that interns maintain analytical logs of their
activities; participate in seminars; prepare college-level coursework and presentations
demonstrating what they have learned during the internship; and submit a program evaluation.
     Internship placements include but are not limited to:

     Law                           Banking                    Engineering               Dentistry
     Computers                     Public Relations           Business                  Government/Politics
     Medicine                      Law Enforcement            Fire and Rescue           Architecture
     Advertising                   Social Services            Environmental             Marine Science
     Communications                Accounting                 Education                 Cultural
     Archeology                    Physical Therapy           Media Productions         Veterinary Medicine

                                     FALL 2006

     BOCA CIEGA                 While an intern in the         clinics and got to observe
    HIGH SCHOOL                 Emergency Center at All        diagnoses, treatments, and
                                Children’s Hospital,           overall patient interaction.
Under the guidance of           under the guidance of Ms.      Roma gained so much
Pam Eaton, R.N.,                Louise Bowen,                  valuable knowledge from
Manager of Women’s              RNC,CMTE,ARNP,MSN              her internship. The
Services at St. Petersburg      , Director,                    opportunity she was
General Hospital, and the       Neonatal/Pediatric             presented and experienced
rest of the nursing staff in    Transport Team, Marisa         has convinced her that she
the hospital's Nursery,         Borgia learned about           may want to pursue a
Jasmine Atkins                  diseases, medications, and     career in Neurology. Roma
discovered that being a         tools that are used. Marisa    thinks that neurology is a
registered nurse in the         observed numerous              fascinating area of
nursery is one of life’s        procedures performed by        medicine that is definitely
most appreciated jobs.          medical professionals on a     a possible career choice for
There is a lot of important     daily basis. Marisa            her in the future.
work that happens in the        encountered patients with a
nursery, which is               wide range of diseases,
essentially what makes a        ailments, and injuries. She        CLEARWATER
newborn enter into the          helped with IV starts,             HIGH SCHOOL
world healthy as can            transporting patients,
be after birth. Jasmine saw     putting charts together, and   As an intern of Lalitha
many deliveries, both           more. This experienced         Alladi of the State
cesarean and vaginal,           reinforced Marisa’s goal of    Attorney's Office, Ashley
where nurses Debi               becoming a Pediatric           Hinson experienced an
Douglas and Jo Campbell         Emergency Room                 unforgettable law journey.
assured that all newborns       Physician.                     Ashley observed the
got to the nursery safely                                      dedication and hard work
where all necessary testing     Under the supervision of       of attorneys Kristi
would be done. Jasmine          Jo Simpson,                    Aussner and Lalitha
assisted in these first tests   RN,BSN,CEN, Stroke             Alladi of Division L of the
which the infants' go           Clinic Coordinator of the      State Attorney's Office.
through; this experience        Morton Plant                   She took many notes and
made her feel like she was      Neuroscience Clinic,           inquired about certain law
an important part of the        Roma Sharma had the            processes while observing
infant's life as well.          opportunity to learn about     different court cases. She
Jasmine's experience has        the many fascinating areas     even had the opportunity to
convinced her that a career     of the Neuroscience Clinic,    sit and observe a murder
in neonatology is her           which consist of stroke,       trial. Ashley quickly
ultimate goal.                  balance and memory.            realized that the idea of
                                Roma shadowed the              defending the innocent and
                                various physicians in the
prosecuting the guilty was       host a TV broadcast, edit         Dale K. Christensen at his
the dream career for her.        material, and shoot               oral surgery office,
                                 interviews all in a few           Jessica Appelt learned
Under the guidance of            months. Peter decided that        that being in this field
Scott Anderson of                a career in Media                 requires an enormous
Morton Plant Mease,              Production is the correct         amount of patience. She
Haris Resic discovered           choice for him.                   learned that people need
that being a Physical                                              comfort and sometimes it
Therapist involves more                                            takes more than just saying
decision-making than he               COUNTRYSIDE                  it will be okay. Jessica
thought it would. You have            HIGH SCHOOL                  also learned how to take x-
to be able to identify an                                          rays and to scrub and
injury, make a diagnosis,        With the help and                 sterilize instruments. She
and create a treatment           encouragement of Dave             learned that this career can
process in a certain amount      Cook, TV Operations               be very thrilling and can
of time. Haris also saw          Manager, of Channel 14,           bring a lot of happiness to
Stacia Burroughs and             Travis Anthony realized           a person if preceded
Frank Beccia assessing           what it takes to work at a        correctly. One of Jessica’s
injuries correctly and           news station. A lot of time       goals is to continue her
efficiently, and then            and motivation goes into          education and further
developing treatments and        making a story for a show.        proceed in a career in
rehab for the injured            Travis spent most of his          dentistry.
person. The main                 time filming and
procedure Haris assisted in      interviewing high school          With the supervision of
is wrapping up the injury.       marching bands to do a            April Frederick, Kaitlyn
He found this job to be          story for the competition         Bock has adapted well at
very rewarding because he        that occurred in                  her internship at Brooker
helped make someone's            November. Travis learned          Creek Preserve. She has
life at least a little easier.   how to better interview           assisted the staff with
Haris's experience has           people, use the camera,           everything from data entry
reassured him that he            and edit from employees           to hands on animal
wants to be a Physical           Mike Roy, Bob Anthony,            care. She has learned to
Therapist.                       and Dave Cook. Travis             identify different Florida
                                 edited and created stories        ecosystems as well as
Under the assistance of          for PCS Journal, a show           recognize some of
Dave Cook of WPDS TV             that talks about the events       the wildlife species at the
14, Peter Scondras               that occur in Pinellas            Preserve. Kaitlyn found the
realized just how much it        County. Travis discovered         most fascinating part of her
takes to broadcast a             through his experiences           internship to be the
successful TV channel.           that even though the news         obvious dedication and
The work behind the              business is hectic, it is still   passion the staff has for
scenes is immense, as he         the profession in which he        environmental preservation
learned from Mike Roy            would like to make a              as well as their vast
and Bob Anthony as they          career.                           knowledge of the subject.
edited tapes in an editing                                         Kaitlyn's work at the
suite. Peter learned how to      Under the guidance of Dr.         Preserve has convinced her
to pursue her interests in      met with Austin Parsons,       extensive work required to
the environment as a future     the Producer of the video      airing TV shows and
career.                         project Peter was supposed     commercials.
                                to work on. They had a
Under the guidance of           meeting and discussed all      Morton Plant Hospital
Martha Margolis at              factors and directions the     has been a positive
Tampa Bay Magazine,             video could possibly take.     experience for Ashley
Ryan Burns learned the                                         Zaratzian in her pursuit of
skills needed to be             While observing and            a chosen career as a
successful in the               assisting Beth Rawlins         pharmacist, as her
journalism industry.            and Dani Dahlberg,             supervisor Karin
Working in an established       Political Consultants, for     Williams reported. Her
lifestyle magazine is not as    Beth Rawlins Inc., Erik        contacts with Gail Bruce,
glamorous as the lifestyles     Palm has realized that         Pharmacy Manager,
portrayed in Tampa Bay          being a political consultant   Annette Maybee,
Magazine; it is difficult but   is not just working with       Pharmacy Technician,
exciting work. Ryan             and advising politicians.      and various hospital
helped to edit copy,            There is also a lot of         personnel have given her
compose write-ups for           demanding                      insights into the pharmacy
sections, including the         work, including tons of        aspect of the medical field.
Events section, research        research and many hours        Some of her duties have
for various editorials          of planning that come          included pre-packaging,
featured in the magazine,       with this job. Erik had the    preparing IV bags, and re-
and learned to be an            opportunity to be involved     stocking the medications
effective, concise writer.      in attending strategy          on the shelf. This
She also helped to develop      meetings with attorneys        experience has reinforced
a full-page advertisement       and mayors, as well as         Ashley's desire to work in
that was published in the       in creating and                the field of pharmacy.
November/December 2006          reorganizing charts to
issue. Ryan's experience        clarify the important              DIXIE HOLLINS
has assured her future goal     information. Erik's                HIGH SCHOOL
to be an editor in a major      experience at Beth Rawlins
magazine.                       Inc. has convinced him         Hue Nguyen, under the
                                that a career in politics is   guidance of Pam Eaton,
When showing up for             certainly in his future.       R.N., Manager of
work, Peter Marinake                                           Women’s Services at St.
was not sure of what his        Brian Roberts completed        Petersburg General
day would hold for him.         his internship under the       Hospital, learned that
When Jeff Cederbaum,            guidance of Gregory            being an assistant in
Assistant Video Producer        Blackburn, Director of         Women's Services requires
for the Tampa Bay Devil         Productions, and the           lots of work. She helped
Rays, told Peter he was         Production Team at             the nurses with many
going to initiate first         WTOG UPN 44 where he           assessments with the
actions of his final project,   learned about the behind-      infants such as giving
Peter got anxious and           the-scenes work involved       baths, preparing for a
excited. The two of them        in producing shows and the     glucose check, and
checking infants’ vital       outlet. Multitasking is key     discovered how vital a
signs. Hue also got a         when working with several       neurologist is in helping
chance to witness a C-        clients, and continual          manage certain
section and a vaginal         adjustments must be made        neurological disorders.
delivery for the first time   to suit the needs of a          Each day Dr. Casadonte
in her life. Hue thought      customer. Sean worked           and Dr. Andrews made a
that they were pretty         with Bazany to create           huge impact on a child’s
exciting, and she was         visuals, advertisements,        life by helping them with
happy that she could watch    and other such implements       treatment for their
a new baby brought into       for various organizations       disability. Nycole found
this world. Hue’s             in the Tampa Bay area. He       neurology to be a very
experience has helped         found that in a field of this   intricate subject, yet
convince her that a career    nature, desirable work          profoundly interesting and
in OB/GYN is her career       must often come after the       rewarding.
for the future.               less-wanted necessities.
                              Even though Sean does not
Under the guidance of         wish to pursue a career in            DUNEDIN
Shawn Callahan of             graphics, he learned some           HIGH SCHOOL
Noah’s 24-Hour Animal         important information.
Hospital and Kennel,                                          Under the supervision of
Rachel New experienced        While interning at              Karin Williams, Brittany
various areas of the          Pediatric Neurology             Blair was able to assist the
organization. She had the     Associates, under the           nurses at Morton Plant
experiences of working at     supervision of Dr. Joseph       Hospital in the NICU
the front desk admitting      Casadonte and Dr. Ena           nursery and the WITT 7
patients to observing         Andrews, Nycole                 nursery. Brittany soon
surgeries. Rachel saw a       Willoughby learned              found out how stressful
variety of procedures,        firsthand what it is to be a    and patient you have to be
including the birth of        neurologist. During her         to work in these nurseries.
puppies and the putting to    eighteen weeks there she        One of the stressful things
rest of dogs. She also        observed and grasped how        that Brittany had to do was
gained a better               neurologist diagnose and        go to the rooms and get the
understanding of the          treat the assortment of         babies and bring them back
emotional stress that came    neurological disorders that     to the nursery so the doctor
with the job. This student    people live with every day.     could give them a physical
found the veterinarian        On an average day, the          and make sure they did not
career inspiring but          staff at Pediatric              have heart murmurs,
decided to look more into     Neurology Associates            jaundice, or any other
the ER nursing field.         treated patients with a         illnesses. "Stressful?",
                              range of disorders,             "How can it be stressful?"
With help from Sheri          everything from migraines       you say, well let me tell
Bazany, founder and head      to autism. Nycole now has       you. Sometimes when she
of Bazany Design, Sean        a greater understanding of      had to go in the rooms, the
Stewart confirmed to          just how complex the            patients did not speak any
himself that graphic design   human brain and nervous         English at all, so she would
is less than a creative       system are. She also            have to sit there for periods
of time and try to explain      importance of law              past five years of Spanish
to the parents of the baby      enforcement. Jennifer was      classes to get her through
where the baby was going        involved in many different     the day. While sitting in on
and why they were going,        career fields in law           the appointments she
because you can't just          enforcement. She rode          realized that asking for
come in a room and take         along with police officers,    help is difficult task at
the baby. Another kind of       responding to calls from       times. She found that
patient that Brittany had       the dispatcher and escorted    having patience and using
run-ins with were the rude      people the county jail. She    it when people are in need
patients. Some parents do       learned how to write traffic   of help is very important
not want their baby             tickets and pull               and now she wants to
brought into the nursery,       fingerprints off certain       pursue a career in
so the parents would get an     material. She found the        psychology more than she
attitude with Brittany until    Detectives Department          had ever wanted to before.
she left them alone.            very interesting and           This is her goal for life,
Brittany also assisted the      educational. Jennifer's        and she will take it
nurses in PKU's, blood          experience has made her        seriously.
pressure tests, and bilirubin   want to be more involved
tests, and got to assist the    in Criminal Law.               Cara Castillo completed
doctors in circumcisions.                                      her internship under the
Brittany loves to do this       Under the supervision and      guidance of Adrienne
kind of work, but still can't   guidance of Officer            Davis and the staff at
decide between this, an         Monica Rodriguez, at the       IMAGO Magazine. Cara
obstetrician, or an             Hispanic Outreach              worked with photography
anesthetist.                    Center, Siera Britton has      and learned the workings
                                found that there is more to    of a publication.
With the supervision and        working in a Hispanic
coordination efforts of         outreach center than there     With the help of Jason
Jason Adams, Assistant          appears to be. There are       Thomas of the State
GM/Ticketing of the             many things that are           Attorneys Office, Frankie
Clearwater Threshers            needed to be done each         Cunningham has become
Baseball Club, Kimarie          and everyday. The one          more aware of the task that
Bock learned about the          thing Siera has                an Assistant State attorney
accounting field and the        experienced the most is the    must perform. During his
major undertaking of            feeling of accomplishment.     time with the state
media relations for a           She realized that not          attorneys office learned
baseball club and field.        everything needs to            about many pretrial
Kimarie enjoyed her time        revolve around her and that    procedures that occur
at Brighthouse Field and        there are people who have      before even making a trail
learned a great deal.           nothing to live on and yet     date. He has become very
                                they seem happy. People        efficient in preparing
Under the guidance of           who have come to see the       discoveries and notifying
Captain Jeffrey Young of        advocates at the Hispanic      victims of the state. He
Tarpon Springs Police           Outreach Center mostly all     also observed many ASA,
Department, Jennifer            spoke Spanish and Siera        even outside of his division
Bogart has realized the         needed to call upon her        prosecute cases in court.
He also became and well                                       park at a Halloween event.
acquainted with the           Ruth-Irene Kitchner             Samantha can now say that
process of fighting a         interned under the              there is more to study in
motion. He realized that      supervision of Kathy            college than just marine
motions are not always        Jacobs, Medical                 biology from being able to
resolved at the beginning     Education Director at           talk to all of the
of a trial. The Internship    Northside Hospital and          experienced staff, and
experience has made           Heart Institute. She            volunteers.
Frankie realize that          rotated throughout carious
although criminal law has     areas of the hospital and       Under the guidance of
its good points Corporate     learned that she will           Kathy Jacobs of the
Law is his chosen field       definitely pursue a career      Medical Education
                              in the medical field.           Department at Northside
With the help and                                             Hospital, Lisa Riccardo
instruction of Cheryl         Samantha McInnis is             has found that rotating
Stumpf at IMAGO               currently interning at the      around the hospital was a
Magazine, Nicole Ely          Clearwater Marine               very good way to decide
found that a career in        Aquarium under the              her field of interest. She
Journalism was not simply     supervision of Mr. Joe          has experienced many
about having fun but          Malo. Samantha works at         fields including respiratory
rather, partaking in a        the aquarium doing many         therapy, nursing ER, and
rewarding career that         helpful tasks. Her number       radiology. She also got to
involved a good deal of       one objective when she          experience the operating
hard work. On a typical       comes in, is to conduct the     room and learned the roles
day at IMAGO, Nicole          Behind the Scenes Tours at      of a medical student
researched one of the many    twelve, and two o'clock.        intern. She has found that
topics that would be          During that in-between          the OR interests her the
included in that month's      time, she explored the          most. She believed that
magazine issue. Nicole        aquarium and put herself in     the OR had the most
learned about PageMaker       new situations. Samantha        involvement and great
and Photoshop, which          has learned that the            experiences. Lisa's
increased her knowledge       aquarium is a working           experiences have definitely
of all the different jobs     hospital, which means that      showed her a lot of new
involved in creating a        everything must be kept as      opportunities and she is
magazine. She thought the     sterile as possible. The        certain she wants to work
best part of interning at     most exciting thing that        in the medical field.
IMAGO Magazine was            has happened to Samantha
getting to experience what    at CMA was when she got         Under the guidance of Dr.
one kind of journalism was    to help the head vet take       Danuta Jackson-Curtis
all about. Although           care of a huge turtle injury.   and Angie Collins of the
Nicole’s experience at        It was a very hands-on          Better Health and
IMAGO has shown her           experience. This weekend        Medical Center, Amanda
that a career in journalism   she will get to participate     Wickett saw that being a
may not be something she      in helping educate children     Pediatrician is a lot more
will pursue, it has opened    about marine life at            difficult than she had
up more options for her.      Honeymoon Island state          anticipated. It takes good
understanding and               attention throughout the       career in Sports Medicine
knowledge to treat children     presentation. Meghan's         may not be his number one
thoroughly. She saw shots       experience opened her          career choice but it has
being given and stitches        eyes to how truly              shown him the path to
being put into the back of a    demanding the field of         another, and the Rehab
child’s head. She also          psychology is, and it has      Team was a tremendous
helped with taking blood        encouraged her to pursue       part of it.
pressure, temperature, and      the field because she
pulse. She found Pediatrics     thoroughly enjoyed her         Under the guidance of
to be very interesting          internship.                    Tammy Brockman of
which has influenced her                                       Mease Sports Medicine,
to set a goal as succeeding     Under the supervision and      Brittany Lopez
in a career in Pediatrics.      guidance of Melissa Riba       discovered that being an
                                of the Sports and              Athletic Trainer is not all
                                Orthopedic                     glamour and sports. There
     EAST LAKE                  Rehabilitation Services        is a lot more hard work and
    HIGH SCHOOL                 Team, Alex Aquino              dedication involved than
                                learned that being an          you would think. Brittany
During her internship at        Athletic Trainer is a          attended practices and
Leila G. Davis                  challenging job. The           games helping Tammy
Elementary School,              intricacy and planning that    with taping players and
Meghan Amrock found             goes into each patient's       attending to injuries. The
that Mrs. Mona                  rehab and training is far      experience was very
McGregor's cool head and        more than he believed it to    educational and a lot of
skillful methods of             be. Alex witnessed Melissa     hard work. Brittany found
guidance did not come           and her assistants Craig       the injuries and wound
easily. There are plenty of     Strobel, Gary Spencer          care very interesting. Her
factors that could be           and Blaire Arnold train        experience has convinced
frustrating; including          and serve each patient on a    her that a career in Athletic
everything from the             daily basis. He studied        Training or sports
students' inability to          their plans and routines so    medicine is her ultimate
concentrate to their            that he could get a clearer    goal.
inability to cooperate. Not     understanding of each
only are the children hard      diagnosis and the              Thanks to the gracious
to handle sometimes, but        rehabilitation it demands.     patience of Ellen Schrock
there is a lot of thought and   He found that the              and the staff of the OR at
effort that needs to be put     rehabilitation process         Helen Ellis Memorial
into a group guidance           didn't involve just giving     Hospital, Britney Ruth
lesson plan in order for it     the patients their exercises   was able to have a truly
to work. Even then, it          and routines but also          influential and positive
might not run smoothly.         involved demonstrating         experience. Britney spent
As Meghan quickly found,        and describing these           the semester interning in
even if the group lesson is     exercises, their purpose       the local hospital's
craftily constructed, the       and how they will assist       Operating Rooms where
most difficult part is          them. Alex's experience        she was able to observe
keeping the children's          has convinced him that a       surgeries and operations.
Watching the staff as they    and difficult teaching is,     Elementary School taught
interacted with patients      she is sure that this is the   her that the teaching
and performed countless       career route she'd like to     profession is not for the
procedures, Britney           continue.                      unorganized and lazy. The
learned medical                                              first grade class she was
terminology and the           Christine Speckman,            with only numbered
process of undergoing         under Sally Lindberg's         sixteen but it seemed as
surgery. Under the            care and wisdom, interned      many as thirty at times.
supervision of Michael        this past semester at Sally    Nicole spent a lot of her
Cadoret, this high school     Lindberg and Associates.       time in front of the class
intern experienced working    Christine learned the basic    teaching them about
within a possible future      processes of Tax and           spiders, math, and so much
career environment.           Accounting services. She       more. She also had the
Aiming towards her dream      worked with Sally              chance get a behind the
career in medicine,           Lindberg, a certified          scenes look at what really
Britney's experience only     Enrolled Agent, and            goes on in before the class
reassured her that this is    assisted her as she            even starts. Nicole has
definitely the field she      prepared for a Share Shop      found that her choice in
wants to pursue.              meeting with other             profession has not
                              Accountants in the area.       disappointed her in any
During the past few           Christine also helped          way and she is even more
months Lauren Silvers         Nancy Hudson mail out          eager to get her career
studied Patricia Spiers'      letters to current clients     going.
methods of teaching her       which reminded them of
second grade students at      the upcoming tax
Brooker Creek                 season. She also helped               GIBBS
Elementary School. She        Alice Rezendes plan                HIGH SCHOOL
observed and learned all      and create a website for
about what it's really like   Sally Lindberg. While she      The Krug Pediatric
to be a teacher. Sure, it     worked along side Julia        Clinic of Suncoast
may have seemed easy, but     Rhoads, Lebra Johnson,         Hospital normally consists
Lauren found it rather        Marie Lawrence and             of Dr. Gonzalez who was
challenging to make up        Jane Bodami, Christine         kind enough to take Noemi
lesson plans and keep the     assisted with the rush of      Bracic under his wing to
class moving smoothly         the fall tax return deadline   show her what a
throughout the day. The       and made copies of             pediatrician’s daily life
hardest part was              important documents.           consisted of. Noemi Bracic
attempting to squeeze all     Christine's experience has     learned several important
the daily tasks into the      helped her to decide that a    things not only about
whole school day, but one     career in the Financial or     pediatrics, but also about a
of the most rewarding         Accounting area is what        clinic, insurance, and about
things was Lauren's           she wants to do.               herself. Noemi’s daily
interaction with and                                         routine at the clinic
getting to know the           The time Nicole Williams       consists of shadowing the
children. Though Lauren       spent with Nancy Hart at       medical students, residents,
learned just how complex      Brooker Creek                  interns, and doctors as they
visit each sick child.         handled them in a             Anita Dharsi interned for
Noemi was also given the       professional manner. As a     Raymond James
job of “Sample Girl”           far as a career goes,         Financial under the IT
where she was in charge of     NaKena may have an            supervision of Debbie
the samples. Overall,          interest in the mortgage      Williams. Anita worked in
Noemi Bracic has learned       business and financial        Technology Account
what it takes to be a          literacy, even though the     Services. Anita started
pediatrician. The              business is not always        with a project called Web
experience contributed to      constant and payment can      Jet Admin from Hewlett-
her decision about the         be random. Working at this    Packard. The IT dept. was
medical field, which has       job, however, can             receiving new printers and
only convinced her more        significantly help            it was her job to get
that medicine is her career    Cromartie through college     inventory of all the
field.                         and has taught her the        Network Printers with the
                               importance of starting her    help of Web Jet
Katy Campbell in the           own business in that career   Admin. She also worked
Outpatient Clinic at All       field.                        with the additions and
Children’s Hospital,                                         deletions of branches
where she observed and         Under the guidance and        across the United States.
assisted under the direction   care of Elizabeth             She fit in fine with the
of Ms. Louise Bowen,           Brincklow at the              workload but she did have
RNC, CMTE, ARNP,               Mahaffey Theater of           a small problem fitting in
MSN, Director of the           Performing Arts Jeanne        socially. Soon enough, she
Neonatal and Pediatric         Collins has discovered the    learned that it would take
Transport Team.                behind the scenes process     patience and time before
                               of putting a season           she would socially fit in.
Under the guidance of          together. Jeanne performed    She loved working there
Darius Carter of Carter-       a number of tasks at her      and plans to pursue a
Clayton Financial              internship such as cutting    career in the IT field.
Network , NaKena               out newspaper clips about     Having the opportunity to
Cromartie, came to             Mahaffey Theater. Another     work with Salvador
understand all of the          task was helping the crew     Valles, Codes
documents and procedures       before, during, and after     Administrative
involved in processing and     performances. Jeanne’s        Supervisor, Codes
closing loans. Cromartie       most exciting experience      Compliance Assistance,
received opportunities to      was introducing one of        at the St. Petersburg
watch the vigorous             Katie Adam’s – Johnny         Municipal Services
procedure of closing loans.    Appleseed productions.        Building, Elena Krekovic
In doing so, she received a    Jeanne has received a great   has realized it takes a lot
chance to see a smooth         deal of knowledge about       more effort than thought to
closing and a rough            theater procedures, on and    being a supervisor. It takes
closing. In some closings      off the stage. The            a lot of hard work to
there were unexpected          internship at Mahaffey        organize and succeed in
problems that popped up,       Theater has helped Jeanne     being in charge. Elena
but Darius Carter and          with the decision to have a   worked with the assistant,
Chris Bailey, his assistant,   career in the arts.           Jeanne Gumerson, who
taught her how to use         skill that will surely help     Sharon Welch, ICS
Naviline, how to file         him later in life. Jeff's       Systems Development
important documents, and      experience at American          Manager for the City of
also how to put together a    Stage has given him a           St. Petersburg.
new case on paper. Elena      good idea about what he
thought knowing as much       wants to major in as he
about the Codes               enters college.                        LARGO
Compliance as possible                                            HIGH SCHOOL
will help her out a great     Dr. William Buhrman,
deal in the future. Her       Jr., D.C., and owner of the     Adam Lowther who was
experience in Codes           Peak Performance                interning with the IS
Compliance has taught her     Health and Wellness             department, Information
a lot, however, she does      Center, mentored his            Systems team at
not think this will be her    intern, Sara Myslikowski.       Northside Hospital and
future career.                One day during her              Heart Institute has
                              internship, Dr. Buhrman's       learned many things.
Jeffrey Malczyk was very      office was very busy with       Adam has learned that
satisfied working at          clients, and the receptionist   there is a lot more to being
American Stage Theatre        Brianna Lalumiere was           a computer technician than
under the guidance of         out sick; Sara sustituted for   known to many. He has
Andy Orrell, Director of      Brianna. Sara realized that     had to rely on his self-
Marketing and Public          being a receptionist is hard    motivation and previous
Relations, and Dewey          work. When individuals          skills he had to be able to
Thompson, Webmaster           called the Peak Performace      keep up with the demands
and owner of Internet         Health and Wellness             put upon the team. Adam
Adept. Jeff originally        Center, they would ask          has interned with Network
requested an internship in    many questions, and Sara        Administrator Melissa
journalism; however, by       did not aways have the          Parsons and the IS
the second week of his        answers. Eventually Sara        Director Steve McDonald
internship, he had set his    learned how to handle           and with team member
sights on marketing. He       phone calls, and assisting      Michael Karkheck.
has been taking bits and      the receptionist became         Adam learned that working
pieces from each field in     easy. Dr. Buhrman was           within a large corporation
order to become well          proud of Sara because of        adds to the stress of an
rounded in his experiences.   the way she handled this        already difficult job.
He has been interviewing      unexpected and other            Adam’s time interning at
cast members for              situations. Sara's              Northside has further
upcoming plays as well as     experience with becoming        proved to him that no
coming up with                a receptionist for a day        matter the stress, working
advertisement designs for     made her realize that she       with computers is what he
them. He has also has been    would not want to deal          wants to do.
updating websites, keeping    with answering phone calls
them current. He is           in her future career.           Chris Simons learned
learning a lot about taking                                   many exciting things
creative ideas and turning    Keion Waters interned           during his internship with
them into practical ones; a   under the direction of Ms.      Chief Jeff Day of the
Largo Fire Department.         Wild Wings and promoting       that happened was when
Chris was able to see many     the station, Pat George        got to see the pharmacist
different types of             offered Molly a job as a       rip counterfeit
emergencies and how they       promotions tech, which she     prescriptions and throw
were handled. In addition      will be continuing after her   them away. Sean’s
to responding to               internship is completed.       experience at Walgreens
emergencies, he was able       Along with that, Molly         has convinced him that a
to watch the fire and          also got to do numerous        career as a pharmacist is
medical training that the      voicework projects for the     right for him and his future
firefighters are required to   station, such as               goal is to become a
attend. Chris learned          commercials, talk shows,       pharmacist and work for
many different things          and a “Did you Know…?”         Walgreens one day.
through his time with the      segment. Molly went into
Largo Fire Department.         the internship only hoping
The firefighters of Station    to gain a better technique           OSCEOLA
38 were wonderful              with using her voice, but          HIGH SCHOOL
influences on Chris and        she came out of it getting
they made him feel like he     to meet great people and a     Roberta Boughton interned
was one of the crew.           new job.                       at Suncoast Hospital,
Through countless                                             under the oversight of
discussions with the           Working under the              Eileen Corning, Human
firefighters, Chris has        guidance of Linda              Resources Manager.
determined that he is going    Parsons, Pharmacy              Roberta observed and
to pursue a career in the      Manager at Walgreens,          assisted in the Radiology
fire service.                  Sean Ramdat learned a lot      Department, as well as
                               of useful knowledge and        other departments in the
                               also gained experiences        hospital such as
     NORTHEAST                 that will help him in his      Pharmacy, Nutrition,
    HIGH SCHOOL                future. Sean learned some      Speech Pathology, and
                               of the different types of      Wound & Healing
While under the                medications and what they      Center. There is so much
supervision of Pat George      are used for. Sean also        to do around the hospital,
in the Commercial              learned what a pharmacy        and so much to learn at the
Department of Radio            technician and a               same time. On a usual day
Disney, Molly Henry was        pharmacist do on a routine     Roberta would shadow a
given chances to discover      basis. He was able to assist   physician, getting to see
all sorts of interesting       the pharmacists in filling     what it is that he or she
things and incredible          prescriptions, used the        does on a daily basis, or in
opportunities. Even thougt     Intercom Plus computer         some cases she would
Molly doesn’t want to          system to process              speak to a technician who
pursue a career as a radio     prescriptions and assisted     would explain the
DJ, many opportunities         patients; he handled phone     importance of their job and
arose from this internship     inquiries and entered          how it makes a big impact
placement. After doing         patient purchases on the       on the work the physicians
outside promotions, for        pharmacy cash registers.       have to do first or later on.
instance, going to Buffalo     The most exciting thing        It was very interesting to
see the different careers     Exceptional Student           utensils, using special
that take place in            Center, Amanda                placemats with pictures to
one single hospital, and to   Drozdyk experienced a lot     tell others what the
see how different they all    of hands on opportunities     students needed, shoe
are, but at the same time     as she worked with the        tying, tooth brushing and
they all have something to    middle school age group.      handwriting. Leah also
do with each. Roberta         Each day Amanda went to       worked a lot in the OT/PT
found Radiology to be very    her internship she will fed   gym, which helps kids
fascinating, making her       a students in either Vicki    work on their fine motor
goal and career choice very   McCraw or Karol               and gross motor skills in a
easy.                         Hirschberger’s classroom.     more fun way with devices
                              After the feeding, she        such as an obstacle
                              continued on to Sheila        courses. Working with all
    PALM HARBOR               Corrigan’s class and          of the friendly and
     UNIVERSITY               worked with various           welcoming staff helped
    HIGH SCHOOL               students on coloring,         Leah to become more
                              puzzles, writing and          involved in her internship
At the Pinellas Suncoast      working with Mr. Potato       experience. The
Transit Authority, Janet      Head as a sharing             experience at her
Recca’s guidance helped       technique. After she          internship made Leah
Nicole Crisp learn more       completed those tasks,        realize that she would
about working in the          Amanda went with Sheila       enjoy working as an OT,
Marketing Department of       Corrigan’s class to P.E.,     especially with children.
the public service            where the kids participated
organization which            in physical activities such   With the help of Sandra
provides mass                 as obstacle courses, riding   McKenna, owner and
transportation to Pinellas    bicycles or swimming with     operator of McKenna PR,
County. By observing the      their Adaptive P.E.           Caitlin Joyce learned what
creation of media articles,   teacher, Jennifer Nufer.      it really means to be a
assisting in producing        Amanda has now decided        public relations agent. A
creative media and helping    that she does want to         public relations agent may
to prepare marketing          pursue a career in some       seem like someone who
materials for the upcoming    kind of Pediatric Therapy,    just hangs around with
fare increase, Nicole         either Occupational or        celebrities. In actuality,
learned more about the        Physical.                     it’s a job requiring a lot of
tedious work involved in                                    hard work and research for
the competitive world of      Leah Freiesleben interned     clients other then
marketing. This               at Paul B. Stephens           celebrities. Caitlin also got
experience has given her      Exceptional Student           the opportunity to meet
more ideas to assist her in   Education Center under        clients in the entertainment
finding her future career.    the supervision of            industry. She learned how
                              Occupational Therapist,       to write press releases
Under the supervision of      Mary Jo Ferretti. Each        which is something a
Vera Sheremeta,               day consisted of assisting    public relations agent must
Occupational Therapist        students with different       know how to do. Through
at Paul B. Stephens           tasks such as eating with     this internship Caitlin
discovered that she really      knowledge from working         that she really wanted to be
wants to continue working       in other departments at        a nurse. She decided she
in the entertainment            Wentworth, as well.            wanted to be a nurse in the
industry and she hopes to       Andrew's experience at         women's center after
be very successful at it.       Wentworth Country Club         following patients through
                                has influenced him greatly     pregnancy, labor and
Under the direction of Joe      in pursuing a career in golf   afterbirth. Interning and
Malo at the Clearwater          club management.               being in EIP was life
Marine Aquarium,                                               changing and opened her
Amanda Lawrence honed           While interning at Palm        eyes to seeing what
her public speaking skills      Harbor Elementary              nursing is really about.
as she gave Behind the          School under the guidance      She can't wait to start
Scenes tours of the facility.   of Michele Polek,              college and become a
Not only did she feel more      Mallorie Painter has           Registered Nurse.
comfortable talking in          learned a great deal. This
front of a group, but she       experience has                 With special thanks to
also learned all about the      demonstrated to Mallorie       Michael Cadoret, RN,
aquarium and the animals        all the different aspects of   BSN, MSA and Director
there. She spent time           being a teacher. The girl      of Patient Care Support
feeding fish, worked as a       that used to think there was   Services at Helen Ellis
mate on the Sealife Safari      nothing to being a teacher     Memorial Hospital,
cruise, and helped out in       now has learned that           Sarah Rupnaraine was
whatever way she could.         teachers deal with a           able to confirm her desire
Amanda thoroughly               number of different            of pursuing a career in
enjoyed her internship and      problems. Not only did she     medicine. Sarah has been
gained so much life             learn the academic side of     able to observe many
experience. Interning at        teaching, Mallorie also        medical procedures from
CMA has confirmed her           learned how to deal with       actions as simple as
decision to pursue marine       other difficulties of          drawing blood and doing
biology as a career.            teaching, such as abuse        EKGs in the Emergency
                                and other emotional            Room to observing
At Wentworth Country            struggles that students face   orthopedic surgeries in the
Club, Andrew Morawski           in their lives. This           Operating Room. While
worked under the tutelage       opportunity has helped         being in such close
of General Manager,             Mallorie to make the final     proximity to the nurses,
Jimmy Lynn. Andrew              decision that teaching is      medical doctors,
experienced and gained          the road that she wants to     anesthesiologists, and
great knowledge of golf         pursue.                        surgeons, Sarah was able
club management, which is                                      to ask many questions and
not your everyday run of        Mary Ehlen, R.N. acted         learned much about the
the mill job. He saw many       as a mentor for Kelly Platz    practice of medicine and
new machines that the           at Helen Ellis Memorial        the hospital’s environment.
maintenance crew used to        Hospital in the fall           Sarah is tremendously
keep the golf course one of     semester of 2006. When         looking forward to
the best in the county.         Kelly first started            continuing with her
Andrew gained even more         interning, she found out       education so that she can
one day be like the nurses      in law is the right thing for   Petersburg Police
and doctors she met in the      her, but she thoroughly         Department Forensic
Emergency and Operating         enjoyed her experiences.        Unit, Amanda Preshur
Room at Helen Ellis                                             has learned that being a
Memorial Hospital.                                              Forensic Tech is repetitive.
                                   PINELLAS PARK                Amanda learned how to
Amanda Thompson, an                 HIGH SCHOOL                 dust for fingerprints, take
intern with the State                                           pictures, and lift prints.
Attorney's Office,              While under the                 She also got to learn how
shadowed Lead Trial             supervision of Mary Ellen       to do reports and how to
Attorney, Cynthia               Broderick, Pharmacy             process stolen cars.
Richards in an effort to        Director, and all of the        Amanda found processing
learn more about the            Pharmacists, Jessica            a suicide interesting.
profession. Thompson            McCall has been working         Amanda has decided that
accompanied Richards to         hard as an intern at            this is still the career she
mid-day advisories where        Northside Hospital and          wants to do.
she observed judges in          Heart Institute’s
their courtrooms. She also      Pharmacy. There is a lot
assisted her ASA in a           going on inside a                    SEMINOLE
variety of tasks throughout     pharmacy that most do not           HIGH SCHOOL
the semester and was able       get to see or understand.
to sit in on a variety of       Many different jobs are         Under the supervision of
trials. Thompson has a          needed to be done in a          Margie Nemitz at the
sincere interest in law and     daily basis. The                University of Florida
wishes to one day pursue a      Pharmacists do not do all       Dental Clinic, Elizabeth
career in that field.           the work, it is shared with     Bernstein was able to
                                the Techs as well. Jessica      follow numerous residents
Katie Zoellner, a former        became a huge help to both      and established
intern at the State             the Pharmacists and the         dentists/specialists during
Attorney's Office under         Techs, as she picked up         their daily work. The wide
the guidance of Theodora        routine quite quickly. She      range of procedures she
Taktikos-Danzig, had the        was a big help to all, and      viewed varied from
opportunity to do things        she now understands how         fillings, to complete
many of her peers did not.      hard a job it is to work in a   restoration, to complicated
Katie saw all the steps that    Pharmacy. Jessica loves         extractions. Elizabeth not
a case had to go through        pharmacy and may pursue         only observed, but got
before trial, as well as what   it as a career.                 involved by retrieving
happened after trial. She                                       instruments, helping with
watched attorneys                                               paperwork, and even
prosecute their cases and          ST. PETERSBURG               suctioning during
learned about the different          COLLEGIATE                 procedures. She also
positions in the State              HIGH SCHOOL                 enjoyed interacting with
Attorney's office. She                                          patients. Elizabeth's
found the juvenile trials       Through the guidance of         experience has only
especially interesting.         Sergeant Ray Waldo and          reinforced her opinion that
Katie isn't positive a career   Sofia Crescente of the St.      a career in dentistry would
be very fulfilling and           only watched trials but also   Special Moments is the
gratifying.                      assisted Aussner, Joel S.      name of the business of
                                 Londrigan, Kate A.             Mrs. Tammy Waterman,
With the help of Eileen          Alexander, Lewis W.            a prominent event planner
Mangano, Practice                Dunton, IV and Lalitha         in St. Petersburg.
Manager of Bay Center            Alladi of Division L in        Kathryn Elder served as
for Jaw Surgery, Sarah           completing paperwork to        Mrs. Waterman’s assistant
Bernstein was able to            be used in misdemeanor         and found that any day
shadow Doctors Ronald            cases. She has found that      without an event to put on
Copenhaver, James                being a lawyer means hard      is spent meeting with
Horner, and Glen Jones.          work and that not everyone     clients, talking with
Sarah was rotated through        wins his or her cases.         vendors, completing
two different offices and        Though the career of law       paperwork, and writing
witnessed numerous               demands many skills from       thank you notes. There is
surgeries and                    a person, Cabili’s decision    always something new and
consultations. These             of being a lawyer has been     unexpected to learn in this
surgeries included               confirmed.                     line of work; for example,
extractions, biopsies, and                                      a red velvet cake will
implant procedures. She          While working under the        appear pink when placed
believed it was beneficial       instruction of Ashley          near a white cake. The
to see the different             Starner of All Star            most exciting part of
techniques by several            Pediatrics, Megan              Kathryn’s experience was
doctors used to perform          DellaRosa came to the          being part of the team to
surgery. Sarah's                 conclusion that being in       assist with the unique
experience has enabled her       the medical is not all it's    weddings that Special
to gain knowledge in the         cracked up to be. Most         Moments staged.
field and to continue            children are not smiling       Kathryn’s internship with
reflecting on oral and           when they walk in for a        Special Moments has
maxillofacial surgery as a       check-up. For the younger      inspired her to seriously
career choice.                   kids vaccines are required.    consider her options in this
                                 When Megan brings up the       business and career field.
After many weeks as an           shot records, tears start
intern for Kristi Aussner        falling and moms brace         Under the mentorship of
at the State Attorney’s          themselves for their           Dr. Koko Eaton, a Sports
Office, Diana Cabili has         children's screaming and       and Orthopaedic
learned that being an            kicking. Krista Catarelli,     Surgeon and team
attorney is not at all like on   nurse, has taught her to be    physician for the Devil
TV. She has observed the         calm and nurturing             Rays, Billy Falasco
long process of voir dire,       towards the little ones.       affirmed his determination
found out of the                 Although she would not         to pursue a career in
differences between the          like to be a nurse, Megan      orthopedic medicine.
court management of              thinks that a job as a
juvenile and adult, and          pediatric nurse practitioner   The techniques of Ken
discovered the many steps        is what she would like to      Donaldson as a
a case must go through           go to school for.              psychotherapist and life
before a trial. Cabili not                                      and relationship coach
have taught Lucy Flippin         investigate the pastry field    Cadoret. Amanda had the
many different approaches        during her next internship.     privilege of witnessing
to life. She learned that                                        births, epidurals,
there is so much                 Janita Truitt interned          circumcisions, and many
information about                under Station Manager           other interesting
everyday life that is very       Dave Cook at WPDS, the          procedures on the
important. Lucy was              television station of the       maternity floor. She
amazed by the passion in         Pinellas County School          observed nurses and the
Ken’s life and the passion       Board, dividing her time        medical staff in all of the
he brought out in others.        between compiling and           work they have to
Nancy, the office manager,       reporting news stories on       complete. Mentor Mandy
taught Lucy many useful          screen.                         Green was an asset in
computer skills that she                                         guiding Amanda through
will continue to use. This                                       this learning experience.
internship has definitely          TARPON SPRINGS                Amanda thoroughly
influenced Lucy to pursue           HIGH SCHOOL                  enjoyed her internship and
psychology; even if it’s not                                     is still planning to pursue a
the career that she chooses,     Chris Alfonso, under the        career in nursing.
she learned so many great        guidance of Pastor Scott
things that will be valuable     Wright; a youth pastor at       At Helen Ellis Memorial
or the rest of her life.         Calvary Chapel Worship          Hospital, mentor Dr.
                                 Center, learned                 Slaton has taught Harley
Under the direction of           that working at a church in     Ellington the positive and
Executive Chef Robert            youth ministry isn't as         negative aspects of being
Gruver, Jaclyn Ramsey            easy as he once thought it      an OB/GYN. Devotion to
has honed many culinary          was. It takes a lot of effort   social life and sleep are
skills while interning at        to put together a service,      unacceptable when one
Pasadena Yacht Club.             and Chris worked with Joe       must be available to
From chopping parsley to         Karl to learn about the         patients at all times.
de-boning a fish, Jaclyn         process. Chris also helped      Thanks to sponsor
increased her skills. Some       install upgrades into the       Michael Cadoret, Harley
duties like refilling trays      youth rooms, made videos        has been fortunate enough
were easy; others, like          for the youth services,         to witness countless
making crepes required an        and learned how to write a      surgeries including
artistic touch. Many of the      sermon. Chris found             Cesarean sections,
jobs were done behind the        that he enjoyed filming and     circumcisions, and
scenes in the kitchen, but a     editing videos the most of      epidurals. Harley has
few times, Jaclyn was able       all. He would like to           thoroughly enjoyed her
to serve in the dining           continue to make videos         internship and plans to
room, interacting with club      and incorporate some form       endure the twelve years of
members. Her experience          of ministry work with that.     college schooling to
at Pasadena included meal                                        become an OB/GYN.
preparation from beginning       Amanda Bloomer
to end. Jaclyn, at this point,   interned at Helen Ellis         While interning at Palm
feels she would like to          Memorial Hospital with          Harbor Elementary
                                 coordinator Michael             School with the Art
teacher Mrs. Dara              observing so many              Laser Institute, Shawn
Tucker, Sara Haines            operations, he has become      Singleton gained insight
discovered that working        most interested in what lies   into the broad fields of
with young students all day    beneath a person's skin.       ophthalmology and
isn't just fun and games       This opened new doors for      optometry. Shawn spent
and realized that teaching     Chris and gave him insight     time in diagnostics,
young children isn't an        to professions within the      surgery, and photography
easy task. She also learned    operating room. He now         and also followed many
that teachers are a huge       hopes to become an             ophthalmologists and
influence on their students.   anesthesiologist, with his     optometrists as they
Between making sample          eyes set on an exciting        conducted their daily
art projects, organizing art   future of study in             procedures. While
materials, directing           biochemistry and               shadowing Dr. J. James
students, and actually         psychology.                    Rowsey, MD and Dr.
teaching art lessons, she                                     Jason Evangelista, MD,
never had a moment of          Under the vigilant             Shawn took a particular
time in which something        guidance of Michael            interest in learning about
new wasn't learned. Sara       Cadoret of Helen Ellis         the cornea. He viewed
learned that teaching goes     Memorial Hospital,             patients' eyes through a
beyond writing on a            William Peters has             slit-lamp on many
chalkboard, playing fun        discovered the plethora of     occasions and also
games, and the long            responsibilities that a M.D.   observed the removal of
summer vacations. She          faces in the ER. Tedious       corneal sutures. Although
found that hard work and       10-hour shifts and a never-    still undecided, Shawn felt
dedication are two             ending flow of patients        he grasped a better
qualities most necessary       challenge the doctors and      understanding of a career
for elementary teachers to     nurses everyday. With the      in ophthalmology.
possess. Sara’s experience     attentive aid of Dr. Carey
in the classroom has made      Hall and Dr. Mark Dixon,       Through her internship
her realize that teaching in   William observed many          under the tutelage of Dean
elementary education is a      fascinating and complex        Schubart at The Science
definite career possibility    procedures. Though             Center of Pinellas
for her.                       queasy at first, William       County, Sarah Wisotsky
                               learned to deal with the       has had the opportunity to
With the supervision of        sight of blood and is now      explore her interests in
Mike Cadoret at Helen          comfortable in the             physics and astronomy.
Ellis Memorial Hospital,       operating room. With a         During the duration of her
Chris Kulak has learned a      newly-established interest     internship, she spent her
lot from his experience.       in medicine, William           time programming the
His original intended job      realized that a he will        state-of-the-art Konica
study was that of a            pursue a career in the         Minolta Media Globe
neurologist, but since his     medical field.                 planetarium projector.
first few days, things have                                   During public hours on
changed. Surgery and           Under the supervision of       Friday afternoons, she
Chris Kulak were normally      Edward Regan at St.            hosted planetarium shows
incompatible, but after        Luke's Cataract and            to audiences who yearned
to stargaze. On weekends,
she participates in the
Family Astronomy Nights,
peering through telescopes
set up next to the Science
Center's 16" Meade LX200
in the Carol Samuels
Observatory. Sarah also
enjoyed spending time
every fourth Friday at the
Astronomy Club meetings
discussing the mysteries of
the universe with experts
in the fields of astronomy,
nuclear physics, and
                               SPRING 2006-2007

     BOCA CIEGA                observe numerous medical        being either one is essential
    HIGH SCHOOL                procedures and help in any      part in saving ones life.
                               way possible. She has seen      Jacquelyn’s experience just
Using her watchful eye         a wide variety of               made her want to be even
Katrina Albro found that       interesting patients. Due to    more a part of the
Patricia Barnard and her       the amount of time that         operating room life as a
teacher assistant, Laura       Marisa puts into her            CRNA or Anesthesiologist.
Henderson, have a              Internship experience in
challenging job at Gulfport    the Emergency Center she        Under the direction of
Montessori Elementary          feels like she is a part of     Cindy Quackenbush,
School. Not only do they       the staff. Through              R.N., Director of
have to teach the students     Marisa’s experiences in the     Neonatal Services at All
everything that they need      Emergency Center she            Children’s Hospital,
to know to be able to move     confirmed her love of the       Artesia Taylor discovered
on to the next grade level,    ER and her goal to become       that one person does not
but they also have to do       a Pediatric Emergency           run the whole show at a
that while keeping the kids    Physician. Marisa’s dream       hospital but that it really
in line and not allowing       is to work as a Pediatric       does take an army to raise a
them to go crazy and run       Emergency Physician in          baby. There are many
all over the place. Katrina    the Emergency Center at         opportunities to be found at
learned how to handle the      All Children’s Hospital.        a hospital, and you don’t
kids and how to properly                                       have to have the fanciest
get the information to the     While under the                 title to impact a patient’s
kids without confusing         supervision of Julie Perez,     life. Artesia saw many
them. Katrina realized that    R.N., Manager of                career advancement
becoming an elementary         Perioperative Services at       prospects from nurses like
teacher is definitely a goal   All Children’s Hospital,        Ellen Lee, charge nurses
within reach for her.          Jacquelyn McCullough            such as Beth Presnel and
                               concluded that there is a lot   fellows for instance
Under the continued            more to being an                Maggie Chen and Lauren
guidance of Louise             anesthesiologist than she       Brewington. Artesia had
Bowen,                         thought. Being one of the       the opportunity to work
RNC,CMTE,ARNP,MSN              most important assets to an     with many amazing people
, Director,                    operating room comes with       during her internship,
Neonatal/Pediatric             a lot of teamwork and long      including the ones
Transport Team, of All         hours. Jacquelyn observed       previously mentioned. She
Children’s Hospital,           many surgeries from             worked beside these
Marisa Borgia has              ENT’S to major operations,      charismatic employees as
continued to learn about       and no matter what kind of      they did their everyday
the field of Pediatric         surgery it was an               tasks and tried their best to
Emergency Medicine.            anesthesiologist or CRNA        include her as much as
Marisa has continued to        was needed. She found that      possible with
responsibilities as hands-on    Channel 14, Travis             shares a love for the theatre
care and “loving the baby.”     Anthony quickly learned        for which she hopes to
Although she found the          the time and effort it takes   expand during her years in
tasks interesting and           working at a Television        college although for her
appreciated everyone for        station. Travis spent most     future career she is leaning
their time, she has decided     of his time either hosting     towards a profession in
that neonatal care is not for   PCS Journal with Bob           either American Sign
her and will instead be         Anthony or creating            Language or Wildlife
pursuing a career on the        stories with Mike Roy,         Biology.
other side of the field as an   such as Future Cities, Band
OB-GYN.                         Masters and many more.         Working under Adrienne
                                Travis enjoyed being on        Davis, Publisher and
                                camera and editing stories.    Owner of IMAGO
     CLEARWATER                 He learned that this           Magazine, Ryan Burns
     HIGH SCHOOL                business is not a 9 to 5 job   has seen first hand that
                                but when a story needs to      publishing a magazine is
Under the guidance of           get done you have to do        not all fun and games.
Dave Cook of WPDS TV-           whatever it takes. He also     From advertising to
14, Peter Scondras              wants to pursue this career    writing, Ryan was able to
discovered working in           when he graduates high         see that perfection is a
television is not a stroll in   school.                        necessity in the publishing
the park. The production                                       world. She went on
of short clips can range        Through her internship,        interviews to Jim McVay,
from four to ten hours of       Tara Brown-Ogilvie was         CEO of the Outback Bowl,
long, frustrating work.         given the opportunity to       and Shayna Lance with
Also, through the               explore behind the scenes      NewsTalk 1040. Also
assistance of Mike Roy          in the world of theatre        working with Cheryl
and Bob Anthony, Peter          under the wing of Jeff         Stumpf, she helped to
found the realm of              Hartzog, the Director of       create layout pages and
production and love for         Operations at Ruth             create advertisements for
editing. Although Peter         Eckerd Hall. Tara              IMAGO. Her involvement
did not choose to pursue        experienced the happenings     with IMAGO has ensured
television as a career, he      that go on backstage during    Ryan that publishing a
has chosen to take a            a performance, such as         magazine is her goal.
different path, but will        running the light-board,
continue to edit                sound-board or monitor-        While observing and
professional clips on his       board. She also got the        assisting Dr. Nancy
own time.                       honor of dancing on stage      White, Archaeologist and
                                with the Beach Boys as         Professor of
                                well as meeting Jeff           Anthropology at the
    COUNTRYSIDE                 Foxworthy; memories that       University of South
    HIGH SCHOOL                 she will never forgot and      Florida, Erik Palm has
                                for which she is eternally     realized that being an
Under the watch of Dave         thankful. As a result of her   archaeologist is far from an
Cook, TV Operations             wonderful internship Tara      Indiana Jones portrayal.
Manager of WPDS                 has realized that she too      There is a lot of demanding
work, including tons of        was putting a smile across       individual truly are. The
research and many hours of     a child's face. Although         idea behind providing
planning that come with        Elena finds guidance             support is to enhance the
this job. Erik had the         counseling very interesting,     lives of the individuals and
opportunity to be involved     she is not sure if it is the     their families. Nycole
in an excavation in            career for her but is            found out how support is
Florida’s Panhandle, as        planning on studying             provided and how well the
well as sorting through and    psychology.                      CARD staff fulfill this
organizing pottery and                                          void. She found the
other artifacts that were      Ashley Zaratzian has             experience extremely
recovered during previous      realized that while              helpful in her decision to
digs. This allowed him to      interning at Morton Plant        work in this field.
gain a good understanding      Hospital with Karin              Nycole’s time spent at the
of the principles and ideas    Williams, she was able to        Center has impacted her
of the field. Erik's           learn about all different        decision to pursue a
experience with Dr. Nancy      types of medications.            helping profession. She
White has enticed him with     Ashley finds herself in this     will have an opportunity to
the thought that a career in   career because she loves         continue enriching her
archaeology is certainly in    the science field and she is     skills and understanding of
his future.                    an overachiever in her           this field as she serves as a
                               studies. This internship has     Teacher’s Assistant to the
Elena Zehnder, through         influenced Ashley’s career       CARD staff for a ten-week
the sponsorship of             direction massively              course in Behavior Theory
Guidance Counselor,            because it has made her          and Analysis at USF during
Debbie Manning, and            want to be an overachiever       the summer of 2007.
Oldsmar Elementary             and actually pursue her
School, was able to explore    goal as a pharmacist.
the career of elementary                                               DUNEDIN
guidance counselor. She                                              HIGH SCHOOL
interacted with students           DIXIE HOLLINS
one-on-one through                 HIGH SCHOOL                  Under the watch of Karin
mentoring, classroom                                            Williams, Volunteer
guidance and group             While gaining instruction        Coordinator at Morton
counseling. She learned        and guidance from                Plant Hospital, Brittany
how the field of               Amanda Keating of the            Blair has been through,
psychology is applied to       University of South              and also has seen a lot of
guidance counseling, and       Florida Center for               routine tasks that the nurses
realized that counselors do    Autism and Related               on the WITT 7 floor go
much more than helping         Disabilities (CARD),             through everyday. Brittany
children with their            Nycole Willoughby                has learned that being a
problems, they are also        discovered exactly what it       neonatal nurse is not all
expected to take on the        is to be a support specialist.   just about feeding and
school's problems.             She gained insight within        burping babies. Brittany
Her internship was very        the world of autism and          has seen first hand some of
rewarding; it was the best     found out just how               the struggles that the nurses
feeling knowing she            different the needs of each      have to go through
everyday. There are some        sprains. Kimarie is happy      Memorial Hospital,
parts of this career that are   that she had the               Alexander Aquino found
extremely hard to take,         opportunity to discover        out exactly what it takes to
such as giving the babies       what she really enjoys         be a Surgeon at a top-of-
the different tests that are    doing and what she will        the line hospital. Under the
mandatory and doing             pursue in college and in her   guidance of several
different procedures on the     future.                        surgeons specializing in
babies such as lavages and                                     many different areas of
PKUs. During the last year      Under the leadership of        medicine, Alex saw that
at Morton Plant Hospital,       Ross Puzzitiello of            the life of a surgeon is not
Brittany has learned every      Parkview Homes, Kelsey         all glamour. Alex had the
step needed to do a PKU         Kuhlman has learned that       pleasure of viewing many
and a lavage on a baby.         being a construction           different surgeries and
Although Brittany likes to      manager is not easy. There     found the laparoscopic
take care of babies and         is a lot of hard work          surgeries that were
help the mothers of the         involved in the                performed to be amazing.
babies, Brittany has learned    development of a               Alex’s experience
that she wants to pursue the    subdivision to the             throughout the entire
career of being an              completion of a home.          internship has convinced
obstetrician doctor.            Kelsey interfaced with         him that a life in medicine
                                superintendents, Keith         is the career for him.
While interning at Morton       Olampo and Rich
Plant Hospital in               Marsiglio, who supervise       Under the supervision of
Clearwater in Sports            the construction of a home     Michael Cadoret, Britney
Medicine, Kimarie Bock          from beginning to end.         Ruth, a returning student,
now knows what her major        Kelsey also assisted the       was able to experience a
will be in college. At first    superintendents with the       great deal in the medical
Kimarie was unsure of           formatting of a new            field. Interning at the
what the job of a therapist     upgrade take-off list.         Helen Ellis Memorial
would be, but after her         These were customer            Hospital in Tarpon
semester of internship, she     driven changes to each new     Springs, Britney was able
is sure of her career choice.   home. He found the order       to gain a truly influential
Her decision to become a        in which a house is built to   and positive experience.
physical therapist has          be challenging and exciting    Britney spent her semester
changed her life forever.       at the same time. Kelsey’s     interning in the Radiology
Scott Anderson and the          first-hand experience has      Department and the
many other therapists and       convinced him that             Operating Room. Thanks
staff assisted Kimarie in       construction management        to the gracious patience of
engaging in a positive          is the career for him.         both staffs, this high school
learning environment and                                       intern observed countless
caring medical                       EAST LAKE                 procedures and learned a
environment. Kimarie                HIGH SCHOOL                great deal in the field.
found it an awesome                                            Aiming towards her dream
experience to see how           Under the supervision of       career in medicine,
people recover from ACL         Mike Cadoret and Erin          Britney's experience only
injuries and even neck          Possert of Helen Ellis         reassured her that this is
definitely the field she        Easter Egg Hunt, educating     pursue a career in
wants to pursue.                them in the area of math,      Marketing.
                                and assisting Mrs. Hart in
Lauren Silvers interned         the speed bumps and                    GIBBS
for a second semester with      hurdles all children                HIGH SCHOOL
Mrs. Patricia Spiers at         encounter. The students
Brooker Creek                   always find a way of           At American Stage
Elementary School in            putting a smile on her face.   Theatre José Castillo
Tarpon Springs. Again,          Nicole has found that          received a backstage pass
she was able to get the         patience is required to        to the magical world of
inside scoop on teaching.       teach children and is happy    theatre under the guidance
Lauren got the chance to        to say that she will be        of American Stage’s own
assign a big project to the     looking forward to this        Director of Education,
class, and run the              challenge.                     Julie Rowe. There he had
classroom a few times.                                         the chance to work hand in
 Also, she continued doing      As the apprentice to Jill      hand with the production
the usual; creating study       Holcombe and Crystelle         Team which consisted of
guides, working in groups       Miranda in the Marketing       Timmon Brown, Scott
with the students and           Department at Ruth             Cooper and Ben
grading papers. Lauren has      Eckerd Hall, Simone            Williams. He realized that
begun to rethink her career     Williams realized her true     theatre isn't all fun and that
choice for the future,          calling. Simone discovered     a lot of work and thinking
although she still feels        that there were multiple       is put in the production of a
strongly about becoming a       tasks that go into             play. Later on in his
teacher. Lauren has some        advertising a show and that    internship he was given the
time to think about both        you need several people to     opportunity to work with
her major and career, and       get the advertisements         Garry Bruel, the Stage
she intends to use that time    together. Simone worked a      Manager of Little Shop of
wisely.                         show with Crystelle and        Horrors, a production
                                had the chance to see how      exhibited at Demens
As Nicole Williams walks        much work is necessary to      Landing Park. José
into her internship site at     make sure the show go          observed professional
Brooker Creek                   smoothly. She learned the      rehearsals, organized and
Elementary, she                 week long process of           developed prop lists,
encounters her warm and         designing an ad, which is      assisted at the custom shop,
inviting sponsor, Mrs.          full of getting approvals.     learned about lighting
Nancy Hart. In a typical        Simone learned about           instruments and helped
day Nicole observes and         ticket pricing, budgeting      build the set for one main
participates in the             and completed settlements.     stage play. Jose found the
development of the               She helped with               team work needed in the
children in Mrs. Hart’s first   advertising shows and          creation of a professional
grade class. She assists in     became a part of the           show fascinating. His
many lessons and manages        marketing team. In the end     experience convinced him
the activities of the           Simone loved her               that a career in theatre
classroom, including            internship and has finally     performance is the right
preparing and executing an      made the decision to           decision for him.
                                She has gained a better        consider pursuing a career
Jeanne Collins has been        understand of all the           in Accounting.
continuing her internship at   documents and procedures
the Mahaffey Theater at        involved in processing and      Jeffrey Malczyk, for a
the Progress Energy            closing loans. NaKena           second semester, has
Center, and has had the        received opportunities to       continued to intern at
pleasure of working with       watch the vigorous              American Stage Theatre
Elizabeth Brincklow,           procedure of starting and       under the guidance of
Class Acts, and Scott          closing loans. In some          Marketing Director, Andy
Heinbach and Sabrina           closings there were             Orell. Jeff has continued to
Anico, Marketing               unexpected problems that        use take in skills and
Department. She has            popped up, but Darius           information that will help
continued to work on           Carter and Chris Bailey,        him in the field of
various marketing              his assistant, handled them     Marketing and Advertising
materials. This includes the   in a professional manner.       as well as contributing his
newspaper clippings for the    NaKena is now one of the        talents and creativity toward
media reports and the          spokespersons for               the theatre. For the Latest
contact list. Jeanne           Prosperity College, which       Tampa Bay Premiere,
previously put together the    is a new company that is        “Heather Raffo’s 9 Parts of
art vendor list for the 7th    geared towards College          Desire,” Jeffrey created the
Annual Crawfish Festival       students. As a far as a         poster design that will not
and she also worked the        career goes, NaKena has         only be used at American
event. For Class Acts,         decided that this is not the    Stage, but at the Tampa Bay
Jeanne has continued to        career for her.                 Performing Arts Center as
monitor the sound during                                       well. He enjoyed his time at
productions, observed          In Parsons                      American Stage, not only
backstage costume              Brinckerhoff, under Matt        for the professional
changes, and managing of       Frantz's guidance, Elena        experience and guidance,
the shows. She helped          Krekovic has realized           but also for the chance to
Elizabeth finish creating a    something very important:       contribute to the
filing system. The most        being a Civil Engineer is       community. Jeffrey will be
current project was putting    not all that easy. It is hard   continuing to volunteer at
together the reservations      work. Elena met many            American Stage during the
booklet for Northshore         incredible people. She met      summer, until his summer
Elementary. Jeanne is very     Atiq Alvi, the project          term begins at the
proud of all that she has      manager that works at           University of Central
done, and enjoyed working      Parsons Brinckerhoff. She       Florida, where he will major
with the Mahaffey Theater      went out on the field, and      in New Media and Graphic
staff.                         was even on the Skyway          Design.
Under the guidance of          Bridge. Civil Engineering
Darius Carter at Shared        has influenced Elena's          While interning at Saint
Paths Community,               career decisions very           Petersburg General
NaKena Cromartie, came         much. She knows that she        Hospital with Pamela
to understand over and         is capable of doing such        Eaton, R.N. and Manager
beyond the expectations of     hard work; however, she is      of Women’s Services,
her guider, Darius Carter.     still unsure if she might
which included Labor and      spent out on the street was   enjoy the experience and
Delivery and the newborn      with Officer Osarczuk         insight in the profession.
nursery, Sara                 and Sergeant Trill. Chris
Myslikowski learned many      learned how to write          While an intern at Haines
new things about newborn      citations and arrest          Road Animal Hospital,
babies. Sara found this       affidavits, handcuff people   under the guidance of
internship very exciting      under arrest, and how to      Kathy McGuire, Practice
and wonderful. Before         conduct traffic stops in a    Manager, Joshua Stuart
coming to Saint Petersburg    safe manner. He learned       has learned about the many
General Hospital, says        an enormous amount of         different animals and
Sara, "I didn't know what     information about law         techniques on how to hold
exactly I wanted to do        enforcement and people in     them properly, as well as
when I grow up. But now I     general. This internship      the diseases, medications
am positive I want to be a    has convinced Chris that      and tools that are used to
Registered Nurse.” Sara       law enforcement is his        perform at his best. Joshua
was able to observe and       passion and that he should    Stuart observed several
assist the nurses in the      pursue it as a career.        surgeries performed by Dr.
nursery and was able to                                     Michael Buckner. Joshua
observe several C-Sections         NORTHEAST                also encountered many
and Vaginal deliveries.           HIGH SCHOOL               animals with a broad array
Sara found each day to be                                   of diseases and
an exciting, new learning     Under the aid of Jason        circumstances. He helped
experience. Pamela Eaton      Adams of the Clearwater       hold and assist with the
and the SPGH staff            Threshers Baseball Club,      animals for common
members who mentored          Robbie Russell has            practices such as fecal
Sara were very excited to     learned a variety of things   samples, extracting blood,
hear that Sara wants to       of being an assistant         and nail trims. This
become a nurse.               general manager. Jason        amazing opportunity to be
                              Adams and Dan                 introduced to his passion
       LARGO                  McDonough showed              and goals has reinforced
    HIGH SCHOOL               through their dedication      him and established a set
                              that there are many hours     mind to becoming a
With the assistance of        of hard work that go in to    Veterinarian.
Captain Young of the          being successful in this
Tarpon Springs Police         profession. Robbie saw all           OSCEOLA
Department, Chris             the work that the                  HIGH SCHOOL
Simons was able to            employees around the
experience what a police      office put into their job,    Kristen Martinez found
officer does everyday.        and he learned that to be     her internship at St.
Chris saw how officers        successful in this            Petersburg General
handled different             profession, a person must     Hospital to be an
situations, and he            have good communication       extremely valuable
witnessed many different      and organization skills.      experience. Her mentor,
types of emergencies.         Robbie’s career choices       Ms. Pamela Eaton, R.N.,
Most of the time that Chris   have changed, but he did      Manager of Women’s
                                                            Services, a very busy
professional, always made     the first time. She really     working as an RN in an
time to answer questions      did find that extremely        Emergency Room.
and sign papers. The          interesting, especially
experience was an             when her little brother and    Caitlin Joyce has been
impressive addition to        sister started to receive it   interning with Sandra
Kristen’s resume and a        from Joie. Amanda also         McKenna at McKenna
unique addition to her        realized while she was         PR since August of 06’.
college applications. As      there that the therapists      Caitlin has had the
the end of the internship     must creatively think of       opportunity to accompany
approached, Kristen was       activities for the patients,   Ms. McKenna on location
happy to have had the         sometimes right on the         several times for the
experience but sad that it    spot. It was a really good     filming of “Manners
had passed so quickly.        experience for Amanda and      Minutes” with Patricia
Whether or not Kristen        she would go back again if     Rossi, the etiquette expert.
pursues her interest in       she could.                     With the help and guidance
neonatology is uncertain,                                    of Ms. McKenna, Caitlin
but she is sure that her      At Helen Ellis Memorial        has learned about the
career field will involve     Hospital, Michael              business side of the public
children’s health. Kristen    Cadoret RN, BSN, MSA,          relations industry. This
will always appreciate the    Director of Patient Care       includes learning the
wonderful opportunities the   Support Services, and the      proper way to write
staff of St. Petersburg       staff in the Emergency         commercials and press
General Hospital provided     Room guided Leah               releases. Caitlin has gotten
to her during her senior      Freiesleben to have a          to experience things she
year of high school.          fulfilling learning            never would have had it
                              experience working within      not been for this internship,
    PALM HARBOR               the Emergency Room             including visiting Clear
     UNIVERSITY               department. While              Channel Radio and the
    HIGH SCHOOL               interning at this local        Vinoy Hotel. Caitlin is still
                              hospital, Leah got to          not sure whether or not she
Under the guidance of Joie    observe emergency              wants to continue a career
Ramker and other              medical care first hand.       in PR as her profession, but
therapists at Joyful          Leah was able to see a         she values all that she has
Motion, Amanda                variety of patients and        learned from working with
Drozdyk has learned so        treatments each day she        Sandra McKenna.
much more about physical      interned. She was also able
therapy, occupational         to learn how to take vitals,   Under the direction of
therapy, speech and           make beds, run labs and        Greg Nagel at Brooker
language pathology,           even learned a lot of          Creek Preserve, Amanda
cranial-sacral therapy, she   medical terminology that       Lawrence has been
has still decided to make     will be helpful in the         learning about all aspects
this her career path.         pursuit of her career. This    of an environmental
Amanda got to observe         internship experience has      education facility. Not only
many kinds of therapy, and    showed Leah that she           did she have the chance to
she got to see and hear       would definitely enjoy         learn about local wildlife
about cranial therapy for                                    and ecosystems, but she
also worked with the            contemplating a future          Helen Ellis Memorial
outreach program,               career in the eye care field.   Hospital, Laura Strong
organizing different                                            discovered that being a
projects for off-site           Under the excellent             Registered Nurse is not as
programs. She also had          guidance of Michele             easy as it seems. It takes
opportunities to interact       Reynolds at Palm Harbor         much knowledge and a lot
with the public on the          Elementary School,              of hard work to be in
wilderness trails and in the    Mallorie Painter has            charge and run an entire
exhibit hall. This              learned a great deal about      floor smoothly. Laura saw
internship has made             how to run a well behaved       registered nurse, Dianne
Amanda want to look             and organized classroom.        Maida, and Nurse
further into environmental      In the past semester            Practitioner, Mary Lee,
science and consider it as a    Mallorie has taken on more      care for patients, resume
future career.                  responsibilities than           full responsibility for many
                                previously. Every morning       infants at a time, and
Interning under both Dr.        after the announcements,        perform infant tests and
Sean and Dr. Kate               Mrs. Reynolds has the           screenings. Laura helped
Claffie, the owners of          children each read a            the nurses by checking on
EyeDoc's Optical,               sentence from the morning       the patients, bringing
Anastasia Liounakos             message and circle the          infants to and from the
experienced many aspects        kindergarten words. After       nursery, and feeding and
of various careers available    this task is complete, they     changing the infants. She
in the eye care field.          have two songs they sing        found the career of a
Observing both the              about their alphabet sounds     Registered Nurse to be
Optometrists themselves,        and vowels. Each day at         both challenging and
Dr. Sean and Dr. Kate           this time Mallorie is to        rewarding. Laura's
Claffie, she also observed      watch the children and          experience has made her
and was able to work with       keep them on task. One          sure that patient care is in
the Optician, Priscilla         other task that Mallorie is     her future.
Leonis. She was able to         in charge of is during
observe and help with           writing workshop, she pulls     During her internship at
everyday activities, such as    four to five children each      Tampa Bay Magazine,
scheduling appointments         day to write a guided           Ashley Wermick
and sorting through patient     sentence; this will help        discovered all about the
files before their exam.        them move to the next           ups and downs of the
While Anastasia                 writing level. In the past      magazine industry from
thoroughly enjoyed every        year, Mallorie has been         Events Editor, Martha
activity that she was able to   more encouraged that            Margolis. Ashley learned
help perform, her favorite      teaching is the career path     about the process of
was being able to help          she plans to choose for her     publishing a bi-monthly
select and create a display     future. She loves being in      magazine, including
for EyeDoc's set of Vera        the classroom, and can’t        advertising sales and
Wang and Cynthia Rowley         get enough of the students.     editorial writing. On a
eye wear. She found each                                        daily basis, she would
profession to be fascinating    Under the guidance of the       proofread editorials,
and is seriously                Women's Center Staff at         contact advertisers,
research information for      Heart Institute under the      follow various medical
stories, and help with        guidance of Kathy Jacobs       professionals while visiting
circulation. Her most         and the Radiology              several different
rewarding experience          Department. Jessica            departments. Sarah
however, was writing          found her passion and is       received valuable
blurbs for the “Best of       pursuing a program in          information about the
Tampa Bay” article, which     Radiology.                     process of becoming a
was in the May/June issue.                                   physician and has
Ashley’s internship assured        SEMINOLE                  seen how committed
her that a career in the          HIGH SCHOOL                everyone is to helping
journalism industry is the                                   those in need. Through the
right choice for her.         Under the supervision of       internship she has seen
                              Kathy Jacobs at                many interesting events,
Katie Zoellner, during her    Northside Hospital,            such as surgeries and
second semester of senior     Elizabeth Bernstein was        hospital codes
year at Palm Harbor           able to follow numerous        happen. Sarah has learned
University High School,       medical students and           so much about the medical
interned at Calvary           residents during their daily   field by observing, reading,
Chapel Worship Center         work. The wide range of        and assisting in any way
in New Port Richey.           procedures she viewed          possible. Her experience
Under the direction of        varied from complicated        has been a positive one and
leaders such as Pastor        surgeries in the operating     has reinforced her desire to
Scott Wright, Christi         room, to physical              pursue a career in the
Ogden, and Tabitha            rehabilitation in physical     health field.
Mercado, Katie was able       therapy, to simple
to learn and grow in her      questioning of patients in     Under the astute tutelage of
environment while having      internal medicine.             Dr. Alfred Choi, the
a great time. Also in part    Elizabeth not only             president and senior dentist
thanks to the internship,     observed, but she also got     at Lifeway Dental
Katie will be attending       involved by assisting in       Connections, Benedict
Masters’ Commission for       EKG's, retrieving materials    Choi has been exposed to
her first year of college     for doctors, and taking        the dental profession
life. Katie appreciates       temperatures. She also         through Pinellas County
beyond words all that the     enjoyed interacting with       School’s Executive
staff at Calvary Chapel       patients. Elizabeth's          Internship Program. At this
Worship Center have done      experience has only            internship, Benedict
for her, and looks forward    reinforced her opinion that    witnessed countless dental
to helping out in             a career in medicine is the    procedures including
the coming summer.            right one for her.             surgeries, extractions,
                                                             fillings, and mercury
   PINELLAS PARK              With the help of Kathy         removal. His internship
    HIGH SCHOOL               Jacobs, Administrative         was not limited to mere
                              Director of Medical            observation: Benedict was
Jessica McCall interned       Education for Northside        able to get hands on with a
for a second semester at      Hospital, Sarah                few tasks such as
Northside Hospital and        Bernstein was able to          developing X-rays and
chart management.              circumcisions along with         Under the knowledgeable
Benedict felt that his         other tests that are required    guidance of Nora
internship was everything      to be performed on the           Hawkins, Marketing
he thought dentistry would     babies before they go            Director for SPCA
be and more. He is             home. She also helped with       Tampa Bay, Lauren
enthralled with the            regular feedings, burping,       Thompson experienced the
opportunity to intern at       diaper changes, changing         challenges and successes of
such a prestigious             of clothing, as well as          marketing and PR writing.
establishment. This            keeping the nursery on           She explored many
experience convinced           Witt 7 stocked and ready.        different writing venues
Benedict that a career as a    Stephany was astonished          including, but not limited
dentist is the right path to   that the 24 week old baby        to, press releases, magazine
take.                          that was delivered in the        articles, and informative
                               NICU on the day she was          brochures. She wrote
Kathryn Elder continued        observing was able to live       articles for both Pause for
her first semester             and be healthy. Stephany’s       Paws, the SPCA’s
internship with Special        experience has convinced         newsletter, and Footnotes,
Moments and Mrs.               her to pursue her dreams of      the SPCA’s magazine. She
Tammy Waterman, a              being a physician in             learned how to catch a
wedding and event planner      Neonatology.                     reader’s attention and just
in St. Petersburg. She                                          as importantly, how to
continued to serve as Mrs.     Attending Kozak Physical         keep it throughout the
Waterman’s assistant.          Therapy, led by John             entire article. In addition to
Kathryn gained many skills     Kozak, Lucy Flippin              writing, Lauren worked in
and learned a lot about the    learned that there is more       editing and proofing. She
field of business, in          to this career than one          feels that she has gained
addition to learning about     would know. In P.T., one         valuable experience and
planning and putting on        must not only know about         insight into this career
events. She has not made a     all Anatomy and                  field, along with a certain
definite career decision but   Physiology of a patient but      amount of pride when she
will continue to explore the   also must know how to            held the finished
field of event planning.       succeed socially. Lucy           publications in her hands.
                               started off shy but
Under the instruction of       eventually became
Karin Williams of              outgoing and sure. Also, in      Dawn Bell of Sabal Palms
Morton Plant Hospital in       the medical field you must       of Largo made it possible
Clearwater, Stephany           always deal with insurance       for Jordan Van Leuven to
Emerson realized there is a    and thanks to Jan, one of        experience a wonderful
lot more to caring for         the secretaries, Lucy            internship in pediatric
newborn babies other than      became skilled at many           therapy. The experience
dressing them up and           tasks in the office.             made Jordan realize that
holding them all day.          Physical Therapy has made        not everyone is as fortunate
Stephany learned an            an impression on Lucy and        as others. Alongside
observed PKU’s,                she is sure this is the career   Sameera Hublikar (O.T.)
assessments, hearing           for her.                         and Vanessa Neylan
screenings and                                                  (S.P.T.), she worked with
several children and teens      applying complex skills,        countless surgeries
with diagnoses ranging          and witnessed how               including Cesarean
from traumatic brain            restoring patients’ eyesight    sections, circumcisions,
injuries to fetal alcohol       is most rewarding.              and epidurals. Harley has
syndrome; even excessive                                        thoroughly enjoyed her
injuries from vehicle           Amanda Bloomer interned         internship and plans to
accidents. Although             at Paul B. Stephens             endure the twelve years of
Jordan's internship site held   Exceptional Student             college schooling to
the worst of the worst, it      Education Center under          become an OB/GYN.
gave her the confidence to      the guidance of Adaptive
be able to handle anything      Physical Education              Sara Haines realized while
that might come her way         Teacher, Darlene                interning at Orthopedic
while practicing                Tickner. Each day she           Specialists with the
occupational therapy after      worked with five different      founder of the practice, Dr.
college. Jordan's most          classes from both               John G. Sullivan, that
favorite part of her            elementary and middle           becoming and being an
internship was being able       school. Amanda was able         orthopedic surgeon is not
to make the kids happy and      to get a great deal of hands-   an easy task. She learned
smile despite the pain they     on experience working           that there is so much
might have been in. She         with the students in            information that you must
was able to go along with       activities such as              retain not just about bones,
Neylan to a baby's video        swimming and biking. The        diseases, and cures but also
swallow study at All            internship gave her             about patients and their
Children’s Hospital, which      valuable experience with        daily lives and injuries.
she enjoyed thoroughly.         children with varying           Somewhere between
These experiences were the      exceptionalities. Amanda        watching physical
basis of Jordan's decision      truly enjoyed working with      evaluations, injections, and
to become an occupational       the children but decided        a substantial number of
therapist.                      that her interests lie more     surgeries she learned an
                                with the medical field and      immense amount of
   TARPON SPRINGS               plans to pursue a career in     information and realized
    HIGH SCHOOL                 Pediatric Nursing.              that it was only the
                                                                beginning. She learned
Rachel Albright learned         At Helen Ellis Memorial         about arthritis, different
about different Retinal         Hospital, mentor Dr.            types of injections and why
diseases and problems           Slaton has taught Harley        each type is given, what
under the guidance of Dr.       Ellington the positive and      medications are given for
Dan P. Montzka M.D. at          negative aspects of being       what symptoms, and the
Gulf Coast Retina. Rachel       an OB/GYN. Devotion to          cause and cure for many
gained knowledge                social life and sleep are       painful bodily injuries.
concerning symptoms             unacceptable when one           Witnessing injured patients
associated with retinal         must be available to            get better made her realize
problems, and the methods       patients at all times.          the true meaning behind
used to treat these issues.     Thanks to sponsor Michael       the white lab coat and big
She discovered that             Cadoret, Harley has been        paycheck. Hard work and
Ophthalmology involves          fortunate enough to witness     patience are two qualities
that she learned were
greatly important values
for doctors to possess.
Sara’s experience in the
doctor’s office and the
operating room has made
her realize that being an
orthopedic surgeon is a
definite career possibility
for her.

Under the guidance of J.
Stephen Putnam,
Executive Vice
President of Raymond
James Financial Services
in St. Petersburg, Florida,
Shawn Singleton gained
valuable experience in a
respected firm. He also
learned some investment
strategies and the types of
accounts offered at
Raymond James Financial.
He created spreadsheets to
record past stock and
mutual fund prices in order
to determine investors’
objectives were met. He
enjoyed the hands-on
experience Raymond
James Financial provided
and is determined to study
Finance in college next
Dr. Mary C. Black                        Mrs. Sandra T. Irvin                         Mrs. Diane N. Lops
Program Coordinator                      Program Coordinator                          Program Coordinator

                                    Executive Internship Program

                              The School Board of Pinellas County, Florida
                                       301 Fourth Street, S. W.
                                          Largo, FL 33770

                      an equal opportunity institution for education and employment

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