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									                     THUS FAR HAVE WE GONE

      Just about this time last year, the leadership baton of the Hallowed chamber

of the Sultan Bello Hall house of Assembly was passed to me and here it is again

another lap is completed, it simply explains he fact that there is a time for

everything. It reminds me of how scared I was then when I knew that the voice of

over 350 people would converge to be spoken through mine, a good precedence

had been set and the big task of keeping and improving on it fell on me.

      Making this statement ‘to represent the interest of noble Bellites’ during my

campaign felt very shallow and brief, but unknown to all including myself that it

meant so much which included, collating, reconciling, and actualizing the ideas

and interest of every Bellite, from the inception of our administration our goal had

never been short of these; having so much interest in all that concerns Bellites

which includes their comfort, health, facility and administration and we thank God

for the grace, collating had never been so much of a big deal because Honourables

were handy to do that, reconciling it was one very hectic task such that even

Honourables still solicited and moved for motions to extend the time past the

normal sitting time, just to come to a fair and acceptable decision.

      The challenges of the leadership of the house were anticipated as

surmounting them will rank the quality of our leadership. Our first were with the
mouth pieces of the people (Honourables), as so many times we tried as much as

we could to set out our priorities right and our service to this noble hall on top of it,

some of which we had to take the necessary deserving actions to actualise, until

now I defined governance as an affair that deals with leading and influencing but

now it occur to me that it is more of managing people.

Reconciling the interest of Bellites had been one of our challenges because we had

to respect their right to opinion but some if these (opinions) were borne out of

sentiments, emotions and personal beliefs which we had to carefully and wisely

align to achieve good results.

Publicity was also a challenge we battled with because as much as we worked we

were appreciated in a little way as people saw us as figure heads, some people

don’t understand the roles we play in governance and how hard we worked.

Our sister arm the Executives too had its challenges which indirectly almost

turned us against each other but understanding, and our interest which is the

smooth running of the hall has always greased our friction points.

The hall management had also had its fair contributions as more often than not we

had to meet them to bring our resolutions to reality, we manage their little

weakness as they also are a subsets of the Larger body but we believed they could

have done better under the drive of the passion for their job. The Heads above

have always responded as though we are temporary occupants and so should mind
our primary business and bother less about their functions but they are gradually

forgetting that part of their responsibilities is largely to us. I hope they can retrace

their steps to the ancient path. If I have not learnt so much from my challenges

during my administration I have learnt that procrastination and unnecessary

compromise are the killers of a good administration and also that lions cannot eat


         As earlier said our challenges has been the test of our leadership quality, I

remember my first screening as an honourable, the chairman remarked ‘The only

reason I wouldn’t throw you out is because I like your cap’ It showed the level of

my inexperience, of course gainful time has passed and I am a better man in all

ramification; eloquence, dressing, representation, presentation, discipline, fair

judgment and so on all pointing to a level of leadership growth which I’ve got in

just a space of a year. I have not only grown as a leader but also leaders have

grown under my leadership and that alone in satisfactory. We have passed bills that

are set to transform administration within the hall and also resolutions aimed at

improving the welfare of Bellites.

         I hope for continuity and improvements in every facet that has been

established by my administration as the Speaker, as it is my vision to create and

establish a positive reference point for all times.
      I appreciate Jesus Christ the son of God for snatching me from darkness into

his marvellous light, but for him I would have flopped as he showed His strength

in all my weaknesses.

      I am overwhelmed by the support of my parent Engr. and Dns. Oguntowo

who constantly reminded me of my commitment to the people and has pushed me

through difficult times with encouragements. Also my Uncle Dn. E.A Oguntowo

who celebrates me so much and encourages me, Greatest Bellites you are the

reason for my appointment and the drive towards my success as your Speaker, I

love you all.

      I appreciate all principal officers of the house; your unceasing whisper of

knowledge on that table has empowered our decisions. To the 2010/2011 house, so

many times I marvel at the fact that two opposite opinion can be logically correct I

salute your intelligence. I now know the power of delegation after some of you

have resigned to contest. I appreciate the Speakers in Sultan Bello, the Speaker of

the SU SRC Hon. Akinmulegun Samson and the Speaker of the faculty of Law

congress Hon. Adedeji Adebiyi and my predecessor Hon. Sholarin David you’ve

been wonderful to me throughout, you all are models of leadership. The Executive

Council has been a sister indeed you brought my dream of chewing my food

without biting my tongue to a reality. Special thanks to the Mayor of the

2010/2011 administration Hon. Akinlowo Olawoye, I appreciate your regard for
the Law and my personality. I appreciate my classmates for enduring my absence I

could remember our first love, the joint tutorials and all nights I hope I can repay

you, you are sweet. I appreciate my roommates Ayodeji Daniyan who happened to

be social minister in my tenure as Speaker, I recognize your reverence for me even

when you had to defend issues with me on seat you are sweet, Hon. Ayodeji

saheed a.k.a Baba Karimoh you’re the fun of my tenure. I appreciate my, friends in

B3 (Slim, Micah, Rahman and Izehi), B4 (Israel Tim, Femi, Samo), D19 (Daniel,

Benson, Dapo, Segun), D3 (Yemi, Sirkay, Larynx), Hon. Efe, Joe, Dare and my

Pastor (Ayanyinka Anuoluwapo). Writing about each of you will culminate into a

book. You are all awesome.

      This Hall is one that retains its Nobility in everything, and I am proud of this

her in every way, you are the seat of kings in this University, as I pass the baton as

the active Speaker, I want you to know that sultan Bello Hall has niched a place in

my heart. And every sacrifice ever made was worth it. Always remember that what

has distinguished us from others is that Nobility is our Pride.

I love you all.


Hon. Oguntowo Tolulope B.

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