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Scrutiny and Overview Committee


									                               Park North, North Street, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 1RL
                               Tel: (01403) 215100 Fax: (01403) 262985 (Calls may be recorded)
                      DX 57609 HORSHAM - 6

                               Tom Crowley, Chief Executive

                               Personal callers and deliveries: please come to Park North

              Scrutiny & Overview Committee
           MONDAY 19TH MARCH 2007 AT 5.30 P.M.

 Councillors: George Cockman (Chairman)
              Alan Fisher (Vice-Chairman)

                 John Bailey                                        Peter Mullarky
                 Keith Ballard                                      Godfrey Newman
                 Jonathan Chowen                                    David Sheldon
                 Leonard Crosbie                                    Peter Stainton
                 Brian Donnelly                                     Simon Torn
                 David Holmes                                       Keith Wilkins
                 Michael Jackson

       You are summoned to the meeting to transact the following business

                                                                                              Tom Crowley
                                                                                            Chief Executive

1.    Apologies for absence

2.    To approve as correct the record of the meeting of the Scrutiny &                               1
      Overview Committee held on 5th February 2007

3.    To receive any declarations of interest from Members of the

4.    To receive any announcements from the Chairman of the Committee or
      the Chief Executive

5.    To consider any matters called in accordance with Rule 14

6.    To consider a report from the Chairman of the Committee on the use by
      the Executive or an officer of Rule 15 (urgent powers) or Rule 16 (special
      urgency powers) of the Access to Information Procedure Rules

         Paper certified as sustainable by an independent global forest certification organisation
7.      To receive the following:

        a)     Budget Review Working Group:

               i)      Notes of the meeting held on 13th March 2007 (To follow)

        b)     Performance Management Working Group:

               i)      Notes of the meeting held on 14th February 2007 (with      1
                       email appendices)

8.      To receive the position statement of each of the current ad hoc Working

9.      Q&A regarding Economic Development Strategy 2006-2008 (Draft)             17
10.     To receive any replies from Cabinet/Council regarding Scrutiny and
        Overview Recommendations (None to receive)

11.     To note the summary of actions taken following recommendations made to
        date by the Committee

     We kindly ask that all Councillors check their pigeon holes at the
                             end of the meeting.

                      SCRUTINY & OVERVIEW COMMITTEE
                             5TH FEBRUARY 2007

         Present: Councillors: George Cockman (Chairman), Alan Fisher (Vice-
                  Chairman), John Bailey, Keith Ballard, Jonathan Chowen,
                  Leonard Crosbie, David Holmes, Michael Jackson, Peter
                  Mullarky, Peter Stainton, Simon Torn

         Apologies: Councillors: Brian Donnelly, Godfrey Newman, David Sheldon,
                    Keith Wilkins

         Also Present: Councillors: Andrew Baldwin, Bernard Baldwin, Mrs Jean
                       Burnham, Neil Butler, Sheila Dale, Gordon Lindsay, Mrs
                       Vivien Lyth, Andrew Purches


         The Minutes of the meeting of the Committee held on 13th November 2006
         were approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.


         No declarations of interest were received from Members of the Committee.


         The Chief Executive recognised the concerns of Members with regards to
         the social consequences of not meeting the need for affordable housing. It
         was considered that an ad hoc working group should be set up to prepare a
         brief to present to the Housing Services Department and any external
         organisations with a view to commissioning an investigation, subject to the
         approval of this Committee.


                           That an ad hoc working group be set up to prepare a brief
                           on affordable housing.


                           To accord with the Committee’s work programme.


         There were no matters called in accordance with Rule 14.

                                                       Scrutiny and Overview Committee
                                                                      5 February 2007


        There were no matters called in accordance with Rule 15 or 16.


        The Committee received a brief update from the Chairman of the Working
        Group, who identified that the Group would now focus on improving water


                          That the position statement in respect of the Water
                          Supply Working Group be noted.


                          The Scrutiny and Overview Committee should be kept
                          informed of the progress of its ad hoc Working Groups.


        The Committee received the minutes of the meeting of the Business
        Improvement Working Group held on 23rd January 2007. At this meeting
        the Group had received an update on telephone monitoring and reception
        attendance time. Additionally, the Group had considered a questionnaire to
        be used in the review of the use of consultants.


                         That the notes of the meeting of the Business
                         Improvement Working Group held on 23rd January 2007
                         be received.


                          All notes of standing Working Groups are to be presented
                          to and agreed by the “parent” Scrutiny & Overview

                                                          Scrutiny and Overview Committee
                                                                         5 February 2007


        The Director of Resources introduced the Draft Budget 2007/08, which was
        to be presented to Cabinet on 15th February 2007 and to Council on 28th
        February 2007. The Draft Budget had been prepared taking into account
        the original assumptions that there would be no use of reserves to finance
        the Revenue Account by 2008/09, no new growth in services unless
        affordable and an assumed Council tax increase of 5%.

        It was reported that the Government had provided local government with a 2
        year financial settlement last year (for 2006/07 and 2007/08). Future
        finance settlements were unknown but the government was carrying out a
        Comprehensive Spending Review which would cover public investment over
        the next four years. The Lyons Review was also due to report on the future
        funding of local government. In reality, funding to Horsham District Council
        was likely to be modest in years to come and settlements below the rate of
        inflation were a strong possibility.

        On announcement of the government’s financial settlement last year, the
        Minister had issued a letter threatening to cap any council tax increase
        above 5% and this had been repeated in respect of 2007/08.

        It was noted that the Council had devoted considerable investment and time
        on partnership initiatives and it was anticipated that these would provide a
        workable return in future years.

        Assumptions in the Budget included a pay award of 3%; inflation only when
        justified by spending officers or contractually required; growth bids only
        included for approval after close vetting by officers; an average interest rate
        of 5.25% on monies invested; and a 4.9% council tax rise.

        Members noted that, in preparing the 2007/08 Budget, there were a
        considerable number of items of additional expenditure that could not be
        avoided and consequently the challenge was to find areas of savings or
        additional income which would mean the Council was still moving towards a
        balanced budget by 2008/09.

        The net expenditure proposed for 2007/08 had been increased by £630,000
        compared to 2006/07.

        Two Members had requested the establishment of a Revenue Support Fund
        (RSF) of £50,000 for inclusion within the Leisure Services Budget for
        2007/08, to be drawn upon by rural leisure centres (Steyning, Storrington,
        Billingshurst and Henfield) and the rural museums (Steyning, Storrington
        and District, and Henfield) following the submission of applications to be
        processed against prescribed criteria. It was proposed that limits should be
        placed on the amounts that each organisation could apply for at any one
        time to ensure as equitable a distribution of the RSF as possible.

                                                       Scrutiny and Overview Committee
                                                                      5 February 2007

SO/60   Presentation by Director of Resources on the 2007/08 Budget (cont.)

        It was proposed that a small uniformed Horsham District Council team
        should be established to carry out a range of enforcement and related
        duties. The funding for this initiative would be provided from a number of
        partner organisations, such as Local Area Agreement funds, social landlords
        and the District Council.

                          RECOMMENDED TO CABINET

                          i)      That a strategy to achieve a balanced budget by        Formatted: Indent: Left: 45
                                                                                         pt, Hanging: 144 pt
                                  2008/09 be confirmed and that a Council tax
                                  increase be agreed accordingly.
                          ii)     That special expenses of £222,400 (equating to
                                  £20.21 at Band D) be agreed in respect of the
                                  unparished area for 2007/08.
                          iii)    That the rents of the retained garages be
                                  increased by 3%, temporary housing by 2.5%,
                                  residential properties by 2.5% and service
                                  charges by 5%, all with effect from 1st April 2007.
                          iv)     That the revenue budget for 2007/08 of                 Formatted: Indent: Left:
                                                                                         144 pt, Hanging: 45 pt, Tabs:
                                  £14,443,000 (Appendix F to the report) be              Not at 180 pt
                                  agreed, as reported.
                          v)      That the capital programme of £14,575,000
                                  (Appendix G to the report) be agreed as
                          vi)     That the repair and renewals reserve programme
                                  of £550,876 (Appendix H to the report) be
                                  agreed as reported.
                          vii)    That the Members’ bid of £50,000 to create a
                                  fund to subsidise leisure centres at Southwater,
                                  Storrington, Billingshurst and Henfield, and
                                  museums at Steyning, Storrington and District,
                                  and Henfield, that are operated independently of
                                  the Council, by not-for-profit organisations or
                                  Parish Councils for one year be approved.
                          viii)   That the Director of Resources give a report on
                                  the ability to audit the concessionary fares
                          ix)     That the recommended growth bids
                                  (discretionary) (Appendix B to the report) be
                                  approved as reported.
                          x)      That the capital growth bids 2007/08 (Appendix
                                  E to the report) be approved as reported.
                          xi)     That the new corporate plan reflects the
                                  innovative ways of securing investment.
                          xii)    That the Budget Review Working Group consider
                                  the costs and means of delivery of leisure
                                  facilities provision.

                                                        Scrutiny and Overview Committee
                                                                       5 February 2007

        GROUP HELD ON 23RD NOVEMBER 2006, 12th DECEMBER 2006, AND
        23RD JANUARY 2007

        The Chairman of the Budget Review Working Group presented the notes of
        the meetings held on 23rd November 2006, 12th December 2006 and 23rd
        January 2007. At these meetings the main item for discussion had been the
        draft 2007/08 Budget, including items on recycling credits, special charges
        budgets and an informal joint meeting between Members of the Budget
        Review Working Group and the Cabinet.


                         That the notes of the meetings of the Budget Review
                         Working Group held on 23rd November 2006, 12th
                         December 2006 and 23rd January 2007 be received.

                         RECOMMENDED TO CABINET

                         xiii) That the Cabinet Member for Leisure and Cultural
                                Services be asked for:
                                a) the reason behind the Budget 2006/07
                                      reduction of £137,000 (compared to the
                                      2005/06 Budget) for the professional
                                      productions budget and the subsequent
                                      £120,000 increase in expenditure part-way
                                      through the year.
                                b) information on cost versus revenue on
                                      individual productions, specifically professional
                                      theatre productions and the cinema.
                         xiv) That support for the promotion of tourism in
                                Horsham Town and the Horsham District be
                                continued, with consideration being given to
                                increasing this support.
                         xv) That support continue to be given to the Town
                                Centres Manager.
                         xvi) That consideration be given to identifying the
                                specific tourism responsibilities of the relevant
                                Cabinet Members and officers.
                         xvii) That individual user groups be formed for
                                Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre and the Pavilions
                                in the Park.
                         xviii) That the proposed budget for Scrutiny & Overview of
                                £5,000 be supported.


                          All notes of standing Working Groups are to be presented
                          to and agreed by the “parent” Scrutiny & Overview

                                                        Scrutiny and Overview Committee
                                                                       5 February 2007


        None outstanding.



                            That the actions taken following recommendations made
                            to date by the Committee be noted.


                            To monitor the progress of the recommendations of the
                            Scrutiny and Overview Committee to Cabinet/Council.

        The meeting finished at 8.30pm having commenced at 5.30pm.


                                                                                                    Appendix A

 Abandoned Vehicle Stats. period June 2006 to Sept 2006
BV218a - % of new reports of abandoned vehicles investigated within 24 hours of notification

             Vehicles visited in 24 HRS    More than 24HRS
June                       28                         1
July                       22                         4
August                     25                         0
September                  22                         4

Total                     97                          9               106         91.5% see notes

Note: This is 100% if the police check is counted.

BV218b - % of abandoned vehicles removed within 24 hours from the point at which the
Authority is legally entitled to remove the vehicle.

             Vehicles collected in 24 HRSMore than 24HRS
June                       3                        1
July                       6                        0
August                     5                        2
September                  6                        4

Total                     20                          7                27            74%

Note: These stats still include the weekend in the day count.
Therefore anything reported on a Friday PM will miss the target.

                                                                                               Appendix A

 Abandoned Vehicle BVPIs. period Oct 2006 to Dec 2006
BV218a - % of new reports of abandoned vehicles investigated within 24 hours of notification

             Vehicles visited in 24 HRS    More than 24HRS
Oct                        34                         1
Nov                        46                         4
Dec                        31                         3

Total                     111                         8               119         93.3%

Note: This is 100% if the police check is counted.

BV218b - % of abandoned vehicles removed within 24 hours from the point at which the
Authority is legally entitled to remove the vehicle.

             Vehicles collected in 24 HRSMore than 24HRS
Oct                        3                        1
Nov                        6                        0
Dec                        5                        2

Total                     14                          3                17         82.4%

Note: These stats still include the weekend in the day count.
Therefore anything reported on a Friday PM will miss the target.

                                                                                                                Appendix B

total spend on advice and guidance services

Summary of staff salaries - advice and guidance services
                                     2005-06         2006-07               2007-08           2008-09
XX2110         Benefits staff         £    24,370.40
XX2120         Investigation team     £    77,327.23
XX2130         Revenues(CT)           £    43,043.25

HZ1110/HZ3110 Help point staff        £      59,231.56
TX1110        Housing advisory        £     177,506.20

Total Costs                           £     381,478.64   £   392,923.00    £   404,710.69    £     416,852.01

SLA's, grants etc
Total Costs                                £236,769.00       £242,613.00       £242,613.00        £242,613.00
               Total spend BV 226a        £618,247.64    £635,536.00 £647,323.69                 £659,465.01

                                                                          Appendix B

Community Grants Outturn Report 2005/06

SLAs                            Total Grants      LPI 61      BV 226a
Citizens’ Advice Bureau                  75,660                  75,660
Age Concern                              44,700      44,700      44,700
                 OPS Strategy             3,500       3,500       3,500
Impact Initiatives                       10,900      10,900      10,900
                 OPS Strategy             6,316       6,316       6,316
                 OPS Strategy             5,432       5,432       5,432
HACVS                                    16,000                  16,000
Parkhaven                                10,000      10,000      10,000
Horsham Volunteer Bureau                  5,750                   5,750
Horsham Y                                15,000      15,000      15,000
Relate North                              2,500       2,500       2,500
Relate South                              1,700       1,700       1,700
Homestart                                 4,000       4,000       4,000
Mediation                                 3,000       3,000       3,000
SW Handyvan service                      10,000      10,000      10,000
Friendly Societies                        1,800       1,800       1,800
Total                                   216,258     118,848     216,258

Community Lifeline awards
Steyning Lunch Club                       1,350       1,350       1,350
La Leche League                             100                     100
Vitalise                                    609         609         609
Impact                                    5,232       5,232       5,232
Pulborough Visiting                         600         600         600
Sussex Fibromyalgia                         300         300         300
West Sx Assoc for Disabled                  200         200         200

                                                          Appendix B

Mid Downs Crossroads               300     300      300
Total                            8,691   8,591    8,691

Grants to leisure and community groups
Horsham Blue Star Harriers         500
Sunbeam Swimming Club              750     750
Rude Mechanical Theatre Compa      500
Storrington & District Museum    1,500
Springboard Project              4,750   4,750
Theatre 48                         300
Who Dares Sings                    500
Horsham Music Circle               500
Horsham Basketball Club            500
Southwater Netball Club            500
Horsham Children’s Choir           500
Horsham Cycling                    400
Outset Youth Action              1,000
Horsham Trinity Cricket Club       300
West Chiltington Cricket Club    3,195
Horsham Speakers Club              200
Wey and Arun Canal Trust         5,000
New Harmonie                       400
Watersfield Cricket Club         1,200
Ashington Youth FC                 750
Pulborough Netball Club            320
Storrington Football Club          750
Steyning Athletics Club            650
Chanctonbury Chorus                300
Horsham Twinning Association       500
Horsham Bowling Club               500
Revolutionary Artists Group      1,500

                                                                         Appendix B

Manor Theatre Group                  2,500
Total                              30,265       5,500               0

Youth Budget Grants:
Purple bus project                   3,000                       3,000
Snack wagon                          5,000                       5,000
Info shop                            1,820                       1,820
Speak out for youth                  2,000                       2,000
Total                              11,820             0     11,820

Grants to individuals (Sport/art/bursary)
Total no                             3,500

                           Total Grants      LPI 61       BV 226a
Grand Totals                    278,854      132,939      236,769

            Appendix to Performance Management Working Group Minutes
BV 228a,b - abandoned vehicles
(See Appendix A)

Data now rec'd for Q2: BV 218a - 90.7%, BV 218b - 65%
Department advises: 'stats are collated from the joint "Crackdown" data base. Please note
that 218a shows a figure of 93.3% for Q3 which reflects our actual performance physically
visiting the abandoned vehicles when reported.
This obviously doesn't mirror the 100% which is stated as the target, however if we work on
the basis that once a report is entered onto the Crackdown data base a police PNC check
starts immediately and we are hitting 100% every time. Note: These stats still include the
weekend in the day count. Therefore anything reported on a Friday PM will miss the target.'

LPI 10 - Leisure access cards
It appears that an error was made in 2005/6 which resulted in a number of expired cards
being included in the totals for each quarter. Accordingly the total for 2005/6 should be
adjusted to 1804. The figures for 2006/7 are accurate.

LPI 26a - Shopmobility
Comments rec'd from Transport Manager: 'Although, there are more units available then
when the scheme started due to over the years good quality second hand units being
purchased, however because some of the equipment is over 9 years old, breakdowns have
become more frequent. To improve the service two new mobility scooters were the purchase
of last year, and a new company was contracted to carry out the maintenance and servicing
of the equipment. It is true to say; that the standard of the two powered wheelchairs was not
good. This was rectified by the switch to the new maintenance company and both chairs
being serviced, cleaned and fitted with new batteries. They are now in good working order for
their age (15 years). It is planned to purchase two new powered chairs by the end of February

We have sufficient mobility scooters, power wheel chairs and manual wheel chairs to meet
demand. The point regarding usage, I can offer no reason for this, other than generally trade
is down in the Town, possibly brought about by internet shopping and the large out of town
stores, with their free car parking.

The service is available 6 days a week 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 6pm on
Saturday, It is planned to extend the 9am to 6pm to include Monday to Friday in the near

Yes, it is true that the shops benefit from the scheme, but is that not the reason why we
provide this service to help promote the town. We will look into shops sponsorship to the
scheme, but it is doubtful whether sufficient sponsorship would be available to fully fund the

I would welcome a visit from The Performance Management Working Group for them to see
for themselves how the service is provided and valued by the users.'

BV 16a - Disabled employees: comments rec'd from Head of Personnel: 'With regard to
BV16a Disabled Employees, Ann Gammack and I are pretty confident that the current figure
accurately reflects the numbers of employees who fall within scope of the Disability
Discrimination Act although individual circumstances do change all the time and employees
do not always inform us or want to inform us if they come within scope of the Act. Therefore,
as we are required, in order to retain our “double tick logo”, to review the figure, annually, we
shall be contacting all employees shortly (mainly by e-mail but through managers at the
depots where there is no direct access to a PC) to ask employees to let us know whether they
fall within scope of the DDA. We shall summarise what the definition(s) of disability are to help
them. If we have the responses in time for the next PMWG, we shall feed the results in to

            Appendix to Performance Management Working Group Minutes
BV 226a - Advice and Guidance Services
(See Appendix B)

This PI is generally considered by LA's to be a flawed PI in that the definition is very much
subject to interpretation. Our interpretation of the definition is attached:

                                                                                    Formatted                   ... [1]
                                                                                    Deleted: ¶
     Notes of the Scrutiny and Overview Committee                                   Deleted: 3rd November
       Performance Management Working Group                                         Deleted: 15th December [2]
                   14th February 2007                                               Deleted: 7
                                                                                    Deleted: 2ndMay
Present:        Councillors: David Holmes (Chairman), Bernard Baldwin,              Deleted: ,
                Leonard Crosbie, Alan Fisher                                        Deleted: Leonard Crosbie,
                                                                                    Deleted: John Cox,
Apologies:      Councillors: Michael Dalrymple, Roger Paterson , Keith Wilkins      Deleted: Leonard Crosbie, [3]
                                                                                    Deleted: Leonard Crosbie, [4]
Also Present:   Councillor John Cox
                                                                                    Deleted: ¶
                                                                                    Deleted: None
      THE PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT WORKING GROUP HELD ON                              Formatted                   ... [5]
      15TH NOVEMBER 2007                                                            Deleted: Councillors: John [6]
                                                                                    Deleted: John Cox,
      On page 3 in relation to BV82a(ii) the figure is 1,898 tonnes not 1719        Deleted: Mrs Janet Tatum
      tonnes as reported. This represents a drop of 120 tonnes and not 299          Deleted: , Alan Fisher
      tonnes as reported. Also, in relation to BV82b(ii) the figure is 3,076        Deleted: Leonard Crosbie, [7]
      tonnes not 2,811 tonnes as reported. This represents a drop of 532            Formatted                   ... [8]
      tonnes and not 797 tonnes as reported.
                                                                                    Deleted: 7th FEBRUARY [9]
                                                                                    Deleted: 7th Feb
      The notes of the meeting of the Performance Management Working Group
                                                                                    Formatted                 ... [10]
      held on 15th November 2006 were approved as a correct record and
      signed by the Chairman.                                                       Formatted                 ... [11]
                                                                                    Deleted: Alan Fisher, Mrs [12]
2.    TO RECEIVE ANY DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST FROM MEMBERS                          Formatted                 ... [13]
      OF THE WORKING GROUP                                                          Formatted                 ... [14]
                                                                                    Formatted                 ... [15]
      There were no declarations of interest.                                       Deleted: ¶                ... [16]
                                                                                    Deleted: reduction in the level
                                                                                                            ... [17]
                                                                                    Formatted                 ... [18]

      None                                                                          Formatted                 ... [19]
                                                                                    Deleted: 1

4.    MATTERS ARISING FROM THE PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT                               Deleted: 2
      WORKING GROUP HELD ON 15TH NOVEMBER 2006                                      Deleted: 1
                                                                                    Deleted: NOTES OF THE [20]
      BV84, Household waste collection (p2): the Environmental Advisory             Deleted: OF
      Group had been asked to comment at the last three meetings on the             Deleted: 21
                                                                                                       JULY 2004 [21]
      amount of waste going to landfill, and a request that if the Advisory Group           TH

                                                                                    Deleted: 3RD NOVEMBER
      was not happy with the figures, that they provide a suggested resolution
                                                                                    Deleted: 3
      and a timetable for action. No reply has been received to date. Members
                                                                                    Deleted: 7th
      were advised that the Advisory Group did not consider the figures to be of
      concern and so the item would not be part of the Group’s next agenda.         Deleted: 5
                                                                                    Deleted: 200

                                     Performance Management Working Group
                                                        14th February 2007    Deleted: 3 Novembe

                                                                              Deleted: 15th December
                                                                              Deleted: r
BV82a(ii), BV82b(ii) (p3): the Group noted that these figures were volatile   Deleted: 2004
due to changes in season and weather and it is better to look at them
                                                                              Deleted: 7
quarter to quarter and long term in order to highlight changes. The Group
                                                                              Deleted: 2 May
questioned whether there could be more efficient methods introduced to
increase the amount of glass recycling; the Assistant Head of
Environmental Management, Waste and Cleansing advised the Group
that studies were being undertaken to explore the feasibility of kerbside
glass collecting.

BV82a(i), BV82a(ii) (p5): the Group was advised that the targets
remained the same as last year as the scheme to increase the numbers
had now peaked. Changes to the scheme would need to be introduced in
order to bring about a significant increase in recycling tonnage.

The Assistant Head of Environmental Management Waste, Waste and
Cleansing confirmed that efforts to further increase recycling had not been
influenced by potential increases in cost or workload as there were
constant efforts to improve the efficiency of the service operated.
Members noted that the target for BV84a would remain the same.

BV218a, BV218b (p6) it was confirmed that there is no standing problem
in the removal of abandoned vehicles within 24 hours; many vehicles
reported as being abandoned had not been genuinely abandoned.

It was reported to Members that the financial aspect of the Audit
Commission report on Performance Management and Direction of
Travel (p2) had been cleared but that the statement for the Direction of
Travel was still to be received.

LPI 41a, b, c (p2) Listed Buildings: the matter has been discussed by the
Planning Review Working Group but their findings and conclusions had
not yet been received.

BV76c, d (p3) Housing benefits: No response had been received from the
Director of Resources with regards to the Group’s request for a written
explanation to be provided as the figures have dropped significantly
over the same quarter in 2005/06; BVC76c, down from 10.18 to 4.33
compared to a target of 15. The request is to be made by the Group

LPI40c, (p4) Planning enforcement, % of breaches solved by negotiation
or action. The Group are concerned that we are reporting 100%, yet they
are aware of very long standing enforcement disputes, and requested
that the Head of Department email to the Group a list of on-going
cases. The request is to be made by the Group again. The Group did

                                         Performance Management Working Group
                                                            14th February 2007         Deleted: 3 Novembe

                                                                                       Deleted: 15th December
     note that the responsibility of planning enforcement is split between the         Deleted: r
     Department of Development and the Secretary & Solicitor’s department.             Deleted: 2004
                                                                                       Deleted: 7
                                                                                       Deleted: 2 May
                                                                                       Deleted: 1

     This information was received by the Group with the following comments:           Deleted: 2
                                                                                       Deleted: 1
     LPI26a Shopmobility: The group noted that we have sufficient mobility             Deleted: NOTES OF THE
     scooters, power wheel chairs and manual wheel chairs to meet demand,
     but were concerned about the age of the powered chairs. It was                    Deleted: 5

     agreed that Cllr. Alan Fisher would meet the Transport Services                   Deleted: 2004
     Manager on behalf of the group and report back.

     BV 226A Advice and Guidance Services: The Group heard that the
     central government guidance is subject to interpretation.   It was
     requested that we compare our figures with another authority which
     had a particularly high figure.

6.   BEST VALUE PERFORMANCE                 INDICATOR       MONITORING           3rd   Formatted: Font color: Auto
     QUARTER 2006/2007                                                                 Deleted: 4 QUARTER


     BV2a Equality Standard for Local Government to which the authority                Formatted: Font color: Auto

     conforms remains a matter of concern.                                             Formatted: Font color: Auto

     BV76c Housing Benefits Security number of fraud investigations: the
     figures appear to be different to the target. The Group requested a
     report on these figures.

     BV86 Cost of household waste collection: the Group noted the significant
     increase in the cost from £9.56 to £11.72.

     BV109a, b: Major/Minor applications determined in 13/18 weeks
     respectively: Members noted that the figures are below target, but
     expected that these would change as the Department of Development
     was restructured.

     BV126, BV127a, b, c: Recorded crime: Members noted that these
     figures were provided by Sussex Police but requested that we clarify why
     the figures have dropped, why there has been significant variation in
     the figures and what the basis of the data was.

     BV213: Preventing homelessness – number of households where
     homelessness had been prevented.      It was requested that a
     clarification of what the target represented be presented and

                                                                                    Deleted: 3rd Novembe
                                                                                    Deleted: 15th December
                                           Performance Management Working Group     Deleted: r
                                                              14th February 2007    Deleted: 2004
                                                                                    Deleted: 7
      consideration be given to whether it needed revising. The figure of
                                                                                    Deleted: 2 May

      14 was also queried.
                                                                                    Formatted               ... [22]
                                                                                    Formatted               ... [23]
      LPI10: Number of Leisure Access Cards Issued:          Members noted the
      figures.                                                                      Formatted               ... [24]
                                                                                    Formatted               ... [25]
      LPI40a: Identification of alleged breaches of planning enforcement: The       Deleted: BV84 -total ... [26]
      significant increase in the identification of alleged breaches was            Deleted: ¶
      welcomed by the Group.                                                        Deleted:
                                                                                    Deleted: subject to:¶   ... [27]
      LPI53: Young people’s events supported and/or contributed to by               Deleted: ¶
      Horsham District Council: It was noted that the comments didn’t appear to
                                                                                    Deleted: ¶              ... [28]
      relate to this quarter’s figures and that the data input needs to be
                                                                                    Deleted: <#>10 to be ... [29]
      adjusted to reflect the quarter by quarter position in line with the
                                                                                    Deleted: 3
      published targets
                                                                                    Deleted: . TO RECEIVE [30]
7.    TO CONSIDER PROPOSALS FOR A MORE STRATEGIC APPROACH                           Deleted: .
      TO PI PERFORMANCE REVIEWS                                                     Deleted: ¶
                                                                                    Deleted: ¶              ... [31]
      Members were pleased to note that the Performance Management                  Deleted: There were no [32]
      approach being proposed by Horsham District Council took full account of      Formatted               ... [33]
      the Audit Commission’s recommendations.                                       Deleted: ¶              ... [34]
                                                                                    Deleted: on page 6 reference
                                                                                                           ... [35]
      It was requested that an Executive Summary of the Group’s minutes
      be produced and attached to minutes.
                                                                                    Deleted: <#> 4

8.    AUDIT COMMISSION REPORT                AND    RECOMMENDATIONS            ON   Deleted: <#>5

      PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT                                                        Deleted: <#>11:¶        ... [36]
                                                                                    Deleted: <#>6
      The report was received and agreed by the Group. The Cabinet Member           Deleted: <#>12 was to ... [37]
      for Economic Development and IT stated that Heads of Service would be         Deleted: 2
      circulated copies of Performance Management reports and be requested          Deleted: 3
      to report back.                                                               Deleted: ¶
                                                                                    Deleted: 2
      The Group welcomed the proposal to identify key PIs to monitor, but were
                                                                                    Deleted: . TO RECEIVE [38]
      still keen to monitor all PIs as the normal focus of the Group.
                                                                                    Deleted: 4

9.    TO CONSIDER ANY URGENT BUSINESS AS MAY BE AGREED IN                           Deleted: There were none.

      ADVANCE BY THE CHAIRMAN                                                       Deleted: Figures supplied [39]
                                                                                    Deleted: ¶
      There was no further business.                                                Deleted: The Chairman... [40]
                                                                                    Deleted: There were no [41]
The meeting finished at 11.36pm having commenced at 10.00am                         Deleted: ¶              ... [42]
                                                                                    Formatted               ... [43]
                                                                                    Deleted: 5
                                                                                    Deleted: 4
                                                                                    Deleted: . ADDITIONAL [44]
                                                                                    Deleted: TO REVIEW BEST
                                                                                                       ... [45]
                                       4                                            Deleted: Director of    ... [46]
                                                                                    Formatted               ... [47]
                                                                                    Formatted               ... [48]
                                                                                                            ... [49]
                                                                                                            ... [50]
                                                                                                            ... [51]
                                                                                                            ... [52]
                                                                                                            ... [53]
                                                                                    Formatted               ... [54]
 Page 1: [1] Formatted                  Lesley Morgan               5/5/2006 10:07:00 AM
Left: 90 pt, Right: 90 pt, Header distance from edge: 35.3 pt, Footer distance from
edge: 35.3 pt, Different first page
 Page 1: [2] Deleted                  DEFAULT_PROFILE                2/7/2005 2:53:00 PM

                              15th December 2004
 Page 1: [3] Deleted                  DEFAULT_PROFILE              7/26/2006 12:31:00 PM
Leonard Crosbie, Alan Fisher
 Page 1: [4] Deleted                  DEFAULT_PROFILE               5/25/2005 9:49:00 AM
Leonard Crosbie, Alan Fisher
 Page 1: [5] Formatted                  Julie McKenzie               5/2/2006 2:34:00 PM
Font: Not Bold
 Page 1: [6] Deleted                    Julie McKenzie              5/2/2006 12:49:00 PM
Councillors: John Cox, Michael Dalrymple, Alan Fisher,

 Page 1: [7] Deleted                  DEFAULT_PROFILE               5/25/2005 9:49:00 AM
Leonard Crosbie, Michael Dalrymple,
 Page 1: [8] Formatted                  Julie McKenzie               5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
 Page 1: [9] Deleted                  DEFAULT_PROFILE               7/26/2006 1:38:00 PM
 Page 1: [10] Formatted                 Julie McKenzie               5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
Font color: Auto
 Page 1: [11] Formatted                 Julie McKenzie               5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
Font color: Auto
 Page 1: [12] Deleted                 DEFAULT_PROFILE                2/7/2005 2:54:00 PM
Alan Fisher, Mrs Janet Tatum

Also Present:          Councillor Roger Paterson
 Page 1: [13] Formatted                 Julie McKenzie               5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
Strikethrough, Highlight
 Page 1: [14] Formatted                  Bill Deakin              11/11/2004 10:54:00 AM
Justified, Indent: Left: 36 pt
 Page 1: [15] Formatted                 Julie McKenzie               5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
 Page 1: [16] Deleted                      Jocelyn                 12/21/2004 6:04:00 PM

Also Present:          Councillors: George Cockman, Shân Allan Audit Commission


        The Head of Cabinet & Policy Development introduced Shân Allan from
        the Audit Commission to the members of the Working Group. She was
       attending the meeting as an observer in connection with the review of the
       Council’s performance management arrangements.

       Members were reminded that within the Council’s CPA judgement three
       areas for improvement had been identified – Prioritisation, Performance
       Management and Learning. The “excellent” judgement achieved by the
       Council had meant that there had been a significant
 Page 1: [17] Deleted                 Jocelyn                12/21/2004 6:05:00 PM
       reduction in the level of regulatory audit work undertaken by our external

       The Review of the Council’s Performance Management arrangements
       was a specific project based piece of “Voluntary Improvement Work”
       commissioned via the Audit Commission, helping the Council track its
       improvement regarding both performance management and learning. In
       addition to observing the work of the Performance Management Working
       Group the project would involve interviews with key Members and senior
       officers, a review of Service Plans and other supporting performance
       management reports and documentation.,
 Page 1: [18] Formatted            Julie McKenzie              5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
 Page 1: [19] Formatted            Julie McKenzie              5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
Font: Bold
 Page 1: [20] Deleted              Julie McKenzie              5/2/2006 2:09:00 PM
 Page 1: [21] Deleted                 Jocelyn                12/21/2004 6:05:00 PM
  ST                      TH
21   JULY 2004 AND 15          SEPTEMBER
 Page 4: [22] Formatted            Julie McKenzie              5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
Font color: Auto
 Page 4: [23] Formatted            Julie McKenzie              5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
No underline, Font color: Auto
 Page 4: [24] Formatted            Julie McKenzie              5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
Font color: Auto
 Page 4: [25] Formatted            Julie McKenzie              5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
Font color: Auto
 Page 4: [26] Deleted             DEFAULT_PROFILE             2/7/2006 11:53:00 AM
       BV84 -total (residual waste and recycling) due to the successful roll-
       out of the Acorn Scheme, and the participation of local people It was
       noted that this figure includes both waste collected from domestic
       properties and some waste from other sources. the

       The Cabinet Member for Environmental Services and Public Health
       Control confirmed that he did not expect the higher than expected
       tonnages to result in any need to significantly increase the budget for
       waste collection.
 Page 4: [27] Deleted            DEFAULT_PROFILE               3/16/2005 8:40:00 AM
       subject to:

The following paragraph being added as the first full paragraph on page 4
 Page 4: [28] Deleted                 Jocelyn                 12/21/2004 6:06:00 PM

       BVPI 11a, the percentage of top five percent of earners that are women,
       was discussed as a matter to be kept under review.

       The words “to usefully be pursued” to be removed from paragraph 1 and 2
       on page 5, in relation to LPI 33 and LPI 39.

       The notes of the meeting of the Performance Management Working Group
       held on 15th September 2004 were agreed as a correct record of the
       meeting and signed by the Chairman subject to:

       The first paragraph on page one being amended to read as follows:

       The Working Group agreed that they were mainly concerned with issues
       that could be measured quarterly and not with indicators that could only be
       answered yes or no. Some indicators were considered to be management
       information and not appropriate for LPIs. The review of the current LPIs
       was carried out in light of this.

Paragraph 1 of page
 Page 4: [29] Deleted                 Jocelyn                 12/21/2004 6:06:00 PM
       10 to be amended to read as follows:

       LPI 35, Number of Recycling Sites per 1, 000 Households, was to be
       deleted unless the Head of Environment Management Waste and
       Cleansing informed the Group that there was a problem regarding the
       number of sites.

The following paragraph was to be added at the bottom of page
 Page 4: [30] Deleted              Julie McKenzie               5/2/2006 1:06:00 PM
 Page 4: [31] Deleted              Julie McKenzie               5/2/2006 1:06:00 PM

 Page 4: [32] Deleted              Julie McKenzie               5/2/2006 1:06:00 PM
There were no announcements.
 Page 4: [33] Formatted            Julie McKenzie               5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
Font: Bold, Font color: Auto
 Page 4: [33] Formatted              Julie McKenzie             5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
Font: Bold
 Page 4: [33] Formatted              Julie McKenzie             5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
Font: Bold, Font color: Auto
 Page 4: [33] Formatted              Julie McKenzie             5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
Font: Bold
 Page 4: [33] Formatted              Julie McKenzie             5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
Font: Bold, Not Highlight
 Page 4: [33] Formatted              Julie McKenzie             5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
Font: Bold
 Page 4: [33] Formatted              Julie McKenzie             5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
Font: Bold, Font color: Auto
 Page 4: [34] Deleted                  Bill Deakin            11/15/2005 2:02:00 PM

 Page 4: [35] Deleted               DEFAULT_PROFILE           11/8/2005 10:58:00 AM
on page 6 reference to BV 86 was added to the PI’s to be reviewed with Head of
Environmental Management. With this change they were agreed as a correct
record of the meeting and signed by the Chairman.
 Page 4: [36] Deleted                   Jocelyn               12/21/2004 6:06:00 PM

       An LPI in relation to good health was also to be considered.

The second paragraph on page
 Page 4: [37] Deleted                   Jocelyn               12/21/2004 6:06:00 PM
       12 was to be amended to read as follows:

       Members were of the opinion that it would be useful to monitor the number
       of users of both public and
       2.     Notes of the Meetings of the Performance Management Working
       community transport and number of miles run, and it was agreed that the
       Head of Strategic and Community Planning and the Transport Services
       Manager should be asked for further information regarding the
       development of an LPI.

 Page 4: [38] Deleted                Julie McKenzie             5/2/2006 1:06:00 PM

                There were no declarations of interest.
    Page 4: [39] Deleted              Julie McKenzie               5/2/2006 1:06:00 PM
Figures supplied indicatedIn      2006 it would be possible to report percentage
movements in these figures
    Page 4: [40] Deleted              Julie McKenzie               5/2/2006 1:06:00 PM
          The Chairman welcomed S. Allan to the meeting.

          An amended Appendix A (ii) and B (ii) were circulated.
    Page 4: [41] Deleted              Julie McKenzie               5/2/2006 1:06:00 PM
          There were no announcements.
    Page 4: [42] Deleted              Julie McKenzie               5/2/2006 1:06:00 PM

    Page 4: [43] Formatted            Julie McKenzie               5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
    Page 4: [44] Deleted              Julie McKenzie               5/2/2006 2:05:00 PM
.   ADDITIONAL               INFORMATION      FROM     THE   MEETING        ON     3
    Page 4: [45] Deleted              Julie McKenzie               5/2/2006 2:05:00 PM
    Page 4: [46] Deleted              Julie McKenzie               5/2/2006 1:33:00 PM
Director of Resources to provide details of the
    Page 4: [47] Formatted            Julie McKenzie               5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
Font: Bold
    Page 4: [47] Formatted            Julie McKenzie               5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
Font: Bold
    Page 4: [47] Formatted            Julie McKenzie               5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
Font: Bold
    Page 4: [47] Formatted            Julie McKenzie               5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
Font: Bold
    Page 4: [47] Formatted            Julie McKenzie               5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
Font: Bold
    Page 4: [47] Formatted            Julie McKenzie               5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
Font: Bold
    Page 4: [47] Formatted            Julie McKenzie               5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
Font: Bold
    Page 4: [47] Formatted            Julie McKenzie               5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
Font: Bold
    Page 4: [47] Formatted            Julie McKenzie               5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
Font: Bold
    Page 4: [47] Formatted            Julie McKenzie               5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
Font: Bold
 Page 4: [48] Formatted             Julie McKenzie                5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
 Page 4: [49] Deleted                Julie McKenzie               5/2/2006 2:05:00 PM
 Page 4: [50] Deleted                Julie McKenzie               5/2/2006 2:05:00 PM

 Page 4: [51] Deleted                Julie McKenzie               5/2/2006 2:05:00 PM
The Working Group considered the report, Review of Local Performance
Indicators – Recommendations from the Performance Management Working
Group to Cabinet. The report detailed the outcomes of the review which had
been carried out by the Working Group during the year, with a view to provide
recommendations to Cabinet regarding changes to the Council’s LPIs.
 Page 4: [52] Deleted                Julie McKenzie               5/2/2006 2:05:00 PM
       The Group received the additional information that was requested at the
       previous meeting on the 3rd November 2005. The following information
       was considered:

       Director of Resources

       The Group had asked whether equivalent information to LPI 56, number of
       buss passes issues, for rail passes could be collected. This remained

       BV8, the percentage of undisputed invoices for commercial goods and
       services that were paid within 30 days of such invoices being received and
       projection of when the low quarter 2 figure would return to its original level.
       It was noted that the quarter 3 figure had now returned to the original level
       and so the query was no longer relevant.

       In relation to BV79b(i), accuracy of processing – percentage of
       recoverable over payments recovered in the year, the Group had asked
       details of the actual total money that the percentage figures related to.
       This remained outstanding.

       Members of the Working Group

       With regard to BV170a-c, visits to and use of the museum and galleries
       (all visits, visits in person and school groups respectively), the Museum
       Advisory Group was to be comment on the relatively low first and second
       quarter figures. It was noted that these indicators had now returned to
       original levels and therefore the query was no longer relevant.
      BV109a, major applications determined in 13 weeks, BV109b,minor
      application determined in 8 weeks, and BV109c, other applications
      determined in 8 weeks had all been below the target figures last quarter.
      The third quarter figures were now back above target figures. One
      possible explanation for this was that the planning department had been
      clearing off old cases over the period of the second quarter.

      Head of Personnel Services

      LPI59, percentage staff turnover by quarter: the Group had received a list
      of those posts which had been vacated during the second quarter. There
      were no real matters of concern regarding staff turnover. It was reported
      that whilst the target was set at 10 per cent annually, the Head of
      Personnel reported that a figure of 12-19 per cent was generally held to be
      acceptable. Whilst the second quarter figure was four per cent, the figure
      for this quarter was two per cent. This was therefore not a matter of

      Head of Environmental Management, Waste and Cleansing

      BV84, household waste collection: The third quarter figures showed the
      tonnage of waste going to landfill had dropped, so this was no a matter of
      concern. Further reason was given for the high figure for total waste
      (residual waste and recycling) collected for 2004/05 of 452kg compared to
      the target figure of 356kg. Firstly, it had been expected that the amount of
      waste going to land fill after the introduction of the Acorn Scheme would
      drop by 19 per cent, but it had only dropped by two-thirds that amount.
      Secondly, the Council was collecting more green waste than expected. IT
      was noted that the department collects the figures of the amount of waste
      going to landfill and the amount of green waste collected on a quarterly
      basis. The Group asked to receive these figures every six months.

      It was reported that the department would like to see more food waste
      digesters used, people buying items that had less packaging, and an
      increase in recycling. The Environmental Advisory Group was to be
      asked to give consideration to the figures of the amount of waste
      going to landfill, and consider whether it was a matter of concern
      whether the amount going to landfill hadn’t fallen as much as
      expected and that green waste collection had been more than
Page 4: [53] Deleted               Julie McKenzie              5/2/2006 1:33:00 PM

      LPI02, annual affordable housing provision and LPI03, new
      affordable housing units permitted in the year were being assessed
      by the Chief Executive and the Group agreed to ask the Head of
      Housing for a timescale for reaching a decision regarding the need
       for affordable housing and what the perceived target should be. The
       Group asked that a statement of the required mix, in percentage
       terms, be produced for LPI03a-d. These were to remain matters of

       LPI59, percentage staff turnover by quarter: Whilst the second
       quarter figure was four per cent, the figure for this quarter was two
       per cent. This was therefore no longer a matter of concern.

       BV109a, major applications determined in 13 weeks, BV109b,minor
       application determined in 8 weeks, and BV109c, other applications
       determined in 8 weeks, were no matters of concern as the actual
       quarterly figures were now all above target.

       BV170a-c, visits to and use of the museum and galleries (all visits,
       visits in person and school groups respectively): The figures for this
       quarter had improved on last quarter and were above or only slightly
       below target. This issue was therefore no longer of concern.
 Page 4: [54] Formatted          Julie McKenzie             5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
 Page 4: [55] Deleted           DEFAULT_PROFILE           11/8/2005 11:21:00 AM
       The target set by Government is 30% but HDC exceeded that last
       year at 34.9%. The Head of Environmental Services confirmed that he
       expects to achieve 38% and sees no problem in doing so.
       It was noted and concern was expressed that the PI does not record
       any recycling related to using home digesters. This is an energy
       efficient way of recycling since there is no need to collect material
       from properties and HDC is encouraging their use as handling high
       and increasing levels of green waste is a problem. HDC is measuring
       number of home digesters used and there is a Defra project
       assessing their impact. It was requested that this target of 38% be
       shown in future PI reports.

       The Officer felt that Olus were able to handle increasing levels of
       green waste.

       The very large increase in the percentage recycled between Q403/04
       and Q104/05 was mainly explained by the large seasonal increase in
       green waste and partly by ongoing roll-out.

       It was confirmed that the quality of HDC’s kerb side green waste is
       very good and better than other Authorities.

       It is planned to collect cardboard but the total green waste per
       household will remain at the present bin amount.
       The 04/05 target was 356kg compared to the outturn of 452kg; the
       reduction in residual waste has been less than expected as a result
       of initial trial. The target for 05/06 is now realistically set at 435kg.
       This is a significant fact and may require further review.

       The Officer confirmed that quarterly cost figures are likely to be
       misleading as many costs are annualised. It was agreed that the
       Working Group should focus its review on the annual outturn figures
       in future.

       It was confirmed that HDC is now bearing the full cost of the
       recycling scheme. HDC does not receive any special grant other than
       small (£47k) grant received by all authorities.

       It was noted that fuel costs are significant component and are
 Page 4: [56] Formatted           Julie McKenzie              5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
Font: Bold, Not Highlight
 Page 4: [56] Formatted           Julie McKenzie              5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
Font: Bold, Not Highlight
 Page 4: [56] Formatted           Julie McKenzie              5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
Font: Bold, Not Highlight
 Page 4: [56] Formatted           Julie McKenzie              5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
Font: Bold, No underline
 Page 4: [56] Formatted           Julie McKenzie              5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
Font: Bold
 Page 4: [56] Formatted           Julie McKenzie              5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
Font: Bold, No underline
 Page 4: [56] Formatted           Julie McKenzie              5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
Font: Bold, Not Highlight
 Page 4: [56] Formatted           Julie McKenzie              5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
Font: Bold, No underline
 Page 4: [56] Formatted           Julie McKenzie              5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
Font: Bold, Not Highlight
 Page 4: [56] Formatted           Julie McKenzie              5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
Font: Bold, No underline
 Page 4: [57] Deleted             Julie McKenzie              5/2/2006 2:05:00 PM
 for providing very detailed and comprehensive informationThe officer said
that iaction being taken to try and introduce recycling into with County as
part of new County wide contracts being negotiatedThe Conservation
officer had reported that in her view the responsibility for recommending
houses to be listed did not sit with the Council. therefore
 Page 4: [58] Formatted           Julie McKenzie              5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
Font: Bold
 Page 4: [59] Deleted              Julie McKenzie            5/2/2006 2:05:00 PM
        There may be a need to remind conservation societies, Parishes and
       Neighbourhood Councils that they need to recommend buildings for
       listing if they have buildings that might merit protection.

The working group were satisfied with the Officer’s response and these
PI’s are no longer of concern. This PI is therefore no longer of concern.
 Page 4: [60] Deleted              Julie McKenzie            5/2/2006 1:32:00 PM
       QUARTER 2005/2006

       The Working Group considered all the Performance Indicators and
       gave particular attention to those which they had previously
       highlighted for keeping under close review at the end of the first
       quarter 2005/06.

       5.1      Performance Indicators Previously Identified as of Concern

       BV2a and BV2b, the level of the Equality Standard to which the
       authority conforms and the duty to promote race equality, had been
       referred to the Social Inclusion Working Group and therefore
       remained a matter of concern until that Group reported back.

              BV4, percentage of those making complaints satisfied with the
       handling of those complaints: This issue had been referred to the
       Business Improvement Working Group and was to remain of concern
       until that Group reported back.

       BV8, the percentage of undisputed invoices for commercial goods
       and services that were paid within 30 days of such invoices being
       received: It was noted that the quarter 3 figure had now returned to
       the original level. This was therefore no longer of concern.

       In relation to BV79b(i), accuracy of processing – percentage of
       recoverable over payments recovered in the year: the third quarter
       figure was 92.58 per cent (86.33 per cent second quarter) and the
       target was 80 per cent. This indicator was therefore no longer of
 Page 4: [61] Formatted            Julie McKenzie            5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
Font color: Auto
 Page 4: [62] Formatted            Julie McKenzie            5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
No underline
 Page 4: [62] Formatted            Julie McKenzie            5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
No underline, Superscript
 Page 4: [62] Formatted            Julie McKenzie            5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
No underline
 Page 4: [62] Formatted   Julie McKenzie   5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
Font: Bold
 Page 4: [62] Formatted   Julie McKenzie   5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
Font: Bold
 Page 4: [62] Formatted   Julie McKenzie   5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
Font: Bold
 Page 4: [62] Formatted   Julie McKenzie   5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
Font: Bold
 Page 4: [62] Formatted   Julie McKenzie   5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
Font: Bold
 Page 4: [62] Formatted   Julie McKenzie   5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
Font: Bold
 Page 4: [62] Formatted   Julie McKenzie   5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
Font: Bold
 Page 4: [62] Formatted   Julie McKenzie   5/2/2006 2:28:00 PM
Font: Bold
APPENDIX A: Summary of the Report to Scrutiny & Overview Committee
from the Performance Management Working Group
Quarter 3 2006/07 Performance Indicator Update:

We are introducing a new format for reporting the outcome of the Performance Management Working
Group’s quarterly review of performance indicators to Scrutiny & Overview Committee, which will now
include a departmental response to the Group’s concerns about specific performance indicators.

On 14th Feb 2007 the Performance Management Working Group reviewed the full set of Performance
Indicators, and identified the following matters of Concern PI’s for reporting to Scrutiny & Overview:

Key to performance: Unchanged                 Improved           Deteriorated

The Leader
Performance Indicator
BV2a Equality Standard for Local Government
Performance General notes                  Feedback from PMWG               Head of Service Comments
               This authority currently    Highlighted by the PMWG
               meets Level 1: the          as a ‘Matters of Concern’
               authority has adopted a     PI as they are not aware of
               comprehensive equality      progress being made
               policy. To meet the level 2 towards the Level 2 target.
               target, the authority must  Also HDC’s figures are low
               have engaged in an impact nationally.
               and needs assessment, a
               consultation process and
               an equality action planning
               process for employment
               and service delivery.

Cabinet Member for Community Partnerships and Housing Services
Performance Indicator
BV126 Domestic burglaries per 1,000 households
BV127a Violent Crime per 1,000 Population
BV127b Robberies per 1,000 Population
Performance General notes                 Feedback from PMWG                Head of Service Comments
              General improvement trend Highlighted by the PMWG
              in reported crime figures.  as a ‘Matters of Concern’
              Data is provided by Sussex PI. Higher than expected
              Police to HDC, already      variance noted when
              calculated for quarterly PI compared with the same
              reporting.                  period last year. The Group
                                          are concerned that data is
                                          provided by the Police
                                          already calculated, so
                                          cannot be checked by HDC

Cabinet Member for Community Partnerships and Housing Services, cont.
Performance Indicator
BV213 Preventing Homelessness - number of households where homelessness prevented

Performance    General notes                  Feedback from PMWG             Head of Service Comments
               Households presenting          Highlighted by the PMWG
               themselves as homeless         as a ‘Matters of Concern’
               for whom housing advice        PI. Noted that the target is
               casework intervention          much higher than figures
               resolved their situation.      being reported, and
               Minor drop in performance      wondered if the target
               from 15 to 14 cases noted,     should be reviewed, or if
               but target is set at 55        there are factors which are
                                              preventing the department
                                              from reaching these
Performance Indicator
LPI26a Shopmobility - no. of vehicles available

Performance    General notes                  Feedback from PMWG             Head of Service Comments
               Large drop in performance      Highlighted by the PMWG        As the existing powered
               over same period last year     as a ‘Matters of Concern’      wheel chairs are 15 years
               noted, from 33 vehicles to     PI. The Transport Services     old. Two new powered
               26 this quarter                Manager has confirmed          wheel chairs were
                                              that there are sufficient      purchased on the 3/3/07     Formatted: Font color: Blue
                                              vehicles to meet demand,
                                              but the Group is concerned
                                              about the age of the chairs.

Cabinet Member for Finance and Resources
Performance Indicator
BV76c Housing Benefits Security number of fraud investigations per 1,000 caseloads
BV76d Housing Benefits Security number of prosecutions & sanctions, per 1,000 caseloads
Performance General notes                   Feedback from PMWG            Head of Service Comments
              Large drop in performance     Highlighted by the PMWG
              over same period last year    as a ‘Matters of Concern’
              noted                         PI. Higher than expected
                                            variance noted when
                                            compared with the same
                                            period last year.

Area Planning Committees
Performance Indicator
BV109a Major applications determined in 13 weeks
BV109b Minor applications determined in 8 weeks
BV109c Planning Applications: 'Other' applications
Performance General notes                     Feedback from PMWG             Head of Service Comments
              Continuing drop in              Highlighted by the PMWG
              performance noted               as a ‘Matters of Concern’
                                              PI as performance is below
                                              target, but expect that this
                                              will improve as a result of
                                              the Development Control
      Report to Scrutiny & Overview
      19th March 2007
      Report by Cabinet Member for
      Economic Development & IT

      Not exempt

   Report to Scrutiny & Overview from the Performance
   Management Working Group: Quarter 3 2006/07 Performance
   Indicator Update

The purpose of this report is to inform the Scrutiny & Overview Committee of the outcome of
the Performance Management Working Group’s quarterly review of performance indicators

We are introducing a new format for reporting the outcome of the Performance Management
Working Group’s quarterly review of performance indicators to Scrutiny & Overview Committee,
which will now include a departmental response to the Group’s concerns about specific
performance indicators.

The Audit Commission’s Use of Resources review has been critical of existing performance
management systems within departments, and strongly recommends that the Council needs to
focus on key PI’s, the reasons for variation and actions taken by both Cabinet Members and
Heads of Department to improve performance. It is important that Portfolio Holders respond to
the movement of particular PI’s in their area of responsibility and support measures for

PMWG has traditionally reviewed all performance indicators – and will continue to do so; however
the revised reporting format will provide the Scrutiny & Overview Committee with information
on those PI’s which have been highlighted by the PMWG as needing their attention and for which
they are responsible.

It is recommended that Members note the contents of this report and consider actions
necessary to improve performance.

Best Value Performance Indicators are provided as part of the Duty of Best Value to drive up
service improvement.

Background papers     Consultation      Wards affected       Contact
BVPI data for                           All                  Julie McKenzie, BVPI Co-ordinator
2005/6 and 2006/7                                            Extension No. 5306


                  Horsham District Council

         Economic Development Strategy

                               2006 - 2008


“Sussex is an excellent place to do business. In recent years the Sussex economy
has grown more quickly than the UK as a whole and it is forecast to continue to do
so for the foreseeable future. The growth prospects for your businesses are good,
whether you look at it in terms of output, productivity, employment or profitability.”

“However it is not all good news. The Sussex economy continues to perform less
well than some of its neighbours and growth in terms of output is slightly below the
average for the South East as a whole. To some extent, our businesses are
experiencing the constraints and restrictions of proximity to London, without
maximising the potential benefits. Sussex has a congested and inadequate
transport system, persistent skill shortages, and escalating costs for both business
and employee accommodation.”

Source: Sussex Enterprise Annual Economic Review 2005

This is the Economic Development Strategy of Horsham District Council which was updated in
December 2006 to take account of the changes that had taken place since the original version was
written in 2005. In September 2005 Horsham District Council employed a Town Centres Manager
to focus on driving the economy in Horsham town centre and the town centres of Billingshurst,
Henfield, Pulborough Southwater, Steyning and Storrington. A great deal of progress has been
made and a report of this work is given in the Achievements section of this document together with
the key actions for the future listed within the Annual Action Plan. In September 2006, a new
Department was established, Property & Economic Development, together with a newly appointed
Head of Service. These 2 new posts strengthen the Economic Development Team, reflecting the
importance the Council puts on the District economic well being. Political responsibility at Cabinet
level transferred to Councillor John Cox in summer 2006, following Councillor Roger Paterson’s
move to become Vice Chairman of the Council.

This strategy has been developed through consultation with other departments of the Council,
Partner organisations and the Horsham business community. Consideration has also been given
to National, Regional and Countywide influences, together with the work of local organisations
serving the business community and residents of the Horsham District.

In developing this strategy, we have taken into account the characteristics and strengths and
weaknesses of the District and a profile is included in this document. This strategy also recognises
Horsham’s role as a District Council with limited resources and the need to concentrate on areas
that it can influence and make a difference. There are many other organisations and groups with
specific responsibilities to influence the bigger issues such as the provision of new roads, training
or affordable housing. The District Council will support these groups where their aims are
consistent with those of the Council, but these issues cannot be the main focus of the Council’s
own economic development work. This Strategy will be delivered through the implementation of
annual action plans.

Strategic Context
The following organisations have influenced this Strategy. The main priorities have been
extracted from their strategies and action plans and contact details provided if more detailed
information is required.

SEEDA – The South East England Development Agency
The South East England Development Agency (SEEDA), as the Regional Development Agency for
the South East, is responsible for the sustainable economic development and regeneration of the
South East of England - the driving force of the UK's economy.

SEEDA’s new Regional Economic Strategy 2006-2016 was launched November 2006.The goal is
Global competitiveness through smart growth and sustainable prosperity. The strategy
adopts 3 objectives:-
      Global Competitiveness – Investing in success
      Smart Growth – lifting underperformance
      Sustainable prosperity - supporting quality of life.

The strategy adopts 3 ambitious headline targets:-
    Achieve an average annual increase in GVA per capita of at least 3%
    Increase productivity per worker by an average 2.4% annually
    Reduce the rate of increase in the regions ecological footprint

This new strategy recognises the importance of home based businesses to the economy and an
action is “Support the development of home-based businesses, particularly targeting rural and
women owned businesses. A key target is to increase business stock by 35%.
Tel: 01483-484200

SEERA - The South East England Regional Assembly
The Assembly has responsibilities in the three key areas of advocacy, accountability and regional
planning. As Regional Planning Body, it is responsible for the preparation of the South East Plan, a
strategic planning document, setting a 20-year vision for the region. Due to be adopted by the
Spring of 2008, the plan will provide the strategic planning framework for development to 2026,
setting out the scale, priorities, and broad locations of development and change.

The Plan’s core strategy aims “to balance substantial economic and housing development with
rising standards of environmental management and resource use and reduced levels of social
exclusion and natural resource consumption.”

By 2026, the result is intended to be a healthier region, a more sustainable pattern of development
and a dynamic and robust economy.

Tel: 01483-555200

West Sussex County Council
The vision for WSCC’s Economic Strategy is that “West Sussex will have a strong, diverse and
sustainable economy which provides quality jobs and excellent opportunities for all those who live
and work in the County”. Underpinning the vision are 4 strategic objectives:

      To ensure that West Sussex is an excellent location in which to do business
      To foster the development of higher value-added economic activities
      To enhance the skills base of local people
      To improve the transport and communications infrastructure.

West Sussex County Council has recently appointed consultants to develop a new Rural Strategy
for West Sussex and is developing a strategy to maximise the benefits to West Sussex businesses
and visitor economy with the forthcoming Olympic Games in 2012. WSCC is also developing work
programmes to support Social Enterprises.

Learning and Skills Council Sussex
The Learning and Skills Council was established in April 2001 and is responsible for funding and
planning education and training for over 16-year-olds in England other than in universities. Its
mission is to raise participation and attainment through high-quality education and training which
puts learners first.

Its vision is that, by 2010, young people and adults in England will have the knowledge and
productive skills matching the best in the world.

The Learning and Skills Council Sussex is responsible for:
    further education post 16
    work-based training and young people
    school sixth forms
    workforce development
      adult and community learning
      information, advice and guidance for adults
      education business links.

Sussex Enterprise
Sussex Enterprise is the largest organisation supporting and representing businesses in Sussex. It
has over 2500 member companies and a further 2,700 companies that are members of affiliated t
town chambers across Sussex. In its Sussex Annual Business Survey 2005, three areas were
identified as barriers to business growth:
          Location constraints-
                o Infrastructure & traffic congestion
                o Adequacy & availability of business sites & premises
                o Housing affordability
          Red Tape & Bureaucracy – Govt red tape
             Cost constraints – high rents, insurance premiums, salaries
In the survey it also identified growth ‘enablers’ to be Innovation, Information and Communication
Technology, Finance & Business planning and skills. Under Innovation it states that ‘Innovation is
sometimes equated with entrepreneurship and small business. Indeed the majority of innovative
firms in Sussex are micro businesses employing between 1 & 4 employees (73%)
Tel: 0845 67 888 67

West Sussex Economic Partnership
The West Sussex Economic Partnership is a business-led agency which brings together the public,
private and voluntary sectors in West Sussex with the specific aim of improving the economic
performance of the County.

The Partnership's Vision for West Sussex: comprises 6 key elements:
Enjoy – Vibrant & fashionable towns
Live – A high quality of life
Thrive – A thriving rural economy
Learn – A skilled County
Connect – A well connected County
Work – Business orientated
WSEP plays a lead role in the Gatwick Diamond Initiative
Tel: 01243-382250

Action in Rural Sussex
“We want Sussex to be a place where an inclusive, active, community life is valued equally
alongside economic success and environmental protection and where all three are pursued

AIRS mission statement

The strategic objectives for Action in Rural Sussex for 2006/7 are:-

   1        Rural Voluntary and Community Organisation support.
   2        Rural Community Support
   3        Membership development

    4          Taking action through partnership
    5          Strategic support for the voluntary sector
    6          Business Development and consultancy and services
    7          Governance, management and administration

A Profile of the Horsham District
The Horsham District covers an area of 205 square miles and is one of 7 District and Borough’s within West
Sussex. The District is made up of 23 picturesque rural market towns and villages and the tastefully
developed historic market town of Horsham. A recent accolade is Horsham being voted in a National poll as
the 2 best place to live.

The District is 85% rural and derives much of its economic success from its location midway between London
and the coast and its close proximity to Gatwick airport with excellent transport links:

              Less than 20 minutes from Gatwick International Airport
              Direct routes to London and to the south coast via M23, M25 and A24
              Good access to the South Coast ferry ports
              Over 80 rail connections to London Victoria daily - fastest journey time around 51 minutes

The District has two designated Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the South Downs and the High Weald
and has a considerable architectural heritage.

Economic Characteristics

Resident Population                          Horsham             West           S.E             GB
                                             (numbers)           Sussex         England
Total Residents                                  125,800         764,400        8,164,200       58,485,000
Males                                               49%          48%            49%             49%
Females                                             51%          52%            51%             51%
Source: ONS NOMIS mid year population estimates (2005)

Age Profile Horsham District has a higher than average percentage of those aged over 60 and research shows that this
is an increasing trend; it is however, still much lower than West Sussex as a whole (presumably accounted for by
retirement to the coast of West Sussex). Whilst the percentage of those of working age is lower than the national figure,
of these a higher than the national average are economically active.

Population                                        Horsham        Horsham        West            S.E            GB
                                                  (numbers)      %              Sussex          England
Total                                             125,800
14 and under                                      24,000         19.08          17.52           18.26          17.88
15 to 59                                          72,900         57.95          56.41           60.13          60.85
60 and over                                       28,900         22.97          26.09           21.61          21.27

By ethnic group
White                                                       97.83
Mixed                                                       0.74
Asian/British                                               0.54
Black/British                                               0.26
Chinese or other ethnic group                               0.62
Source: Annual Population Survey - Number of Persons by Age, Sex and Ethnicity, January 2004

Economic activity                                 Horsham         Horsham        W Sussex        SE England     GB
Based on working age population,                  (No)            (%)            (%)             (%)            (%)
except unemployed which is based on
economically active.
All people
        Economically active                   63,900              83.8           82.9            82.2           78.4
        In employment                         62,300              81.8           79.8            79.0           74.5
        Employees                             52,600              69.1           68.1            68.0           64.8
        Self employed                         9,700               12.7           11.4            10.7           9.2
        Unemployed                            1,600               2.4            3.8             3.8            5.0
        Economically active                   34,600              88.8           87.1            86.9           83.2
        In employment                         34,000              87.2           84.0            83.6           78.7
        Employees                             27,200              69.9           67.3            68.2           65.1
        Self employed                         6,800               17.3           16.4            15.1           13.2
        Unemployed                            600                 1.8            3.5             3.9            5.4
        Economically active                   29,300              78.7           78.6            77.2           73.2
        In employment                         28,400              76.2           75.3            74.3           70.0
        Employees                             25,400              68.3           68.9            67.8           64.5
        Self employed                         2,900               7.9            6.1             6.1            5.0
        Unemployed                            900                 3.2            4.2             3.8            4.5
Source: annual population survey (Jan 2005-Dec 2005)

This data is taken from the Annual Population Survey and includes those who are actively seeking work, but are not
claiming or are not eligible for Job-Seekers Allowance (data in table overleaf)

GVA (Gross Value Added)                       Horsham             W Sussex        SE England     GB
                                              (£)                 (£)             (£)            (£)
Annual GVA Per Head                           18,384              17,051          19,110         15,585
Source: Annual Survey of Hours and Earning, 2003 (nomis)

Unemployment Unemployment is very low with only 1% claiming Job-Seekers Allowance, one of the lowest levels
nationally. This is generally classed as a measure of prosperity; however it does highlight a shortage of available labour.

The number of JSA claimants as a               Horsham            Horsham        W Sussex        SE England     GB
proportion of resident working-age people      (No)               (%)            (%)             (%)            (%)
Number of unemployed (claimant count)          827                1.1            1.4             1.6            2.6
Males unemployed                               591                1.5            1.9             2.3            3.6
Females unemployed                             236                0.7            0.8             1.0            1.5
% of claimants who have been out of work for   165                20             16.3            15             16.2
more than a year
Source: claimant count - age and duration (August 2006)

House Prices Average house prices are 39% higher than the national average. Affordable housing has been
identified as the first priority for improvement as defined by local residents. A Housing Needs Survey undertaken in 2003
identified a need for 937 new affordable homes each year. In 2004/05, 319 new houses were built in the Horsham
District, of which 24% were affordable dwellings.

Average House Prices                              Horsham         W Sussex        England and
                                                  (£)             (£)             Wales
Average price                                £277,831             £221.865        £199,184
Detached                                     £402,338             £339,082        £300,349
Semi-detached                                £246,762             £218,466        £180,170
Terraced                                     £212,904             £186,576        £158,493
Flat/maisonette                              £158,964             £146,669        £185,703
Source: Land Registry Apr-Jun 2006

Housing tenure This data was provided by the ONS Census in 2001. At that time social rented housing was the
responsibility of the District Council. The housing stock has now been transferred into the private sector, so private rented
would include social rented if surveyed now.

Tenure - Households                                  Horsham         Horsham          S.E             England
                                                     (numbers)       %                England
All Households                                       50037                            3287489         20451427
Private ownership                                    39552           79.05            73.96           68.72
Social Rented                                        5619            11.23            13.96           19.27
Private rented                                       3799            7.59             10.17           9.96
Living rent free                                     1067            2.13             1.91            2.05
Source: 2001 Census (Table UV63)

Average Earnings The following tables show that average earnings for residents in the District are significantly
higher than those working in the District. The large numbers of in and particularly out commuters would indicate that
many work in Horsham but live in less expensive housing areas, and also many who live in Horsham commute up to
London, Crawley and Gatwick where salaries are higher than locally.

Average Weekly Gross Earnings – by              Horsham        W Sussex               SE England      GB
workplace in £                                  (£)            (£)                    (£)             (£)
Full time employees                             449.8          419.0                  450.0           432.1
Male                                            459.0          452.0                  497.3           473.4
Female                                          385.3          365.0                  383.3           372.1
Source: annual survey of hours and earnings - workplace analysis (2005)

Average Weekly Gross Earnings – by              Horsham        W Sussex               SE England      GB
residence in £                                  (£)            (£)                    (£)             (£)
Full time employees                             475.3          440.9                  467.9           433.1
Male                                            553.9          492.7                  521.2           474.9
Female                                          439.3          364.1                  392.9           372.3
Source: annual survey of hours and earnings - workplace analysis (2005)

Travel to work
Most households in Horsham District own a car, with 47.7% of households owning two or more. At the time of the 2001
Census, most people in the District used their car to travel to work, (64%) and just 7.6% of the working population
travelled to work by public transport. This is one of the lowest percentages of people using public transport to get to work
across all Local Authorities. Public transport in the District is fairly limited, with one rail route through the District linking
the Arun valley to the south coast and to London via Three Bridges or Dorking. The lack of affordable and accessible
public transport solutions in rural areas can be a problem particularly for younger and older members of the community.

Commuting in/out of the District                     Horsham         Horsham          W Sussex        SE England      GB
                                                     (No)            (%)              (%)             (%)             (%)
Total in-commuters (live outside, work in the        14,441          29               19
Total out-commuters (live inside, work outside 24,997                41               21              41.02%          39.62%
the District/County)
Total who live and work in the District/County 35,780                59               79
% who travel to work by car                                          68.39%           65.72%          64.84%          61.18%
% who travel to work by public transport                             7.65%            8.82%           10.21%          14.81%
% who travel to work on foot or cycle                                10.96%           13.23%          12.98%          13.03%
Average travel to work time (in minutes)                             19mins           20.3mins        21.8mins        20.3mins
Source: Census 2001, WSCC analysis of census tables

Major Employers in the Horsham District
Novartis                                             Flint Group UK Ltd
Royal & Sun Alliance                                 Crusader Cleaners Ltd
RSPCA Headquarters                                   Minster Cleaning Services
Christ's Hospital School                             Sainsbury Ltd
Kate's Cakes                                         Tesco – Broadbridge Heath, Horsham, Storrington & Pulborough
Trend Control Systems Ltd                            Enterprise Services Group
Sony DADC UK Ltd                                     Fisher Clinical Services UK Ltd
Paula Rosa Kitchens                                  Applied Materials UK Ltd
Damovo UK Ltd                                        Beales - Horsham
Heath Lambeth Insurance Services                     Sussex Mushrooms
Tesla Engineering Ltd

Business size by employee                       Horsham        Business size by employee                   Horsham
                                                (%)                                                        (%)
Over 501 e’ees                                  0.3%           26 - 50 e’ees                               5.5%
251 - 500 e’ees                                 0.7%           11 - 25 e’ees                               15%
101 - 250 e’ees                                 1%             6 - 10 e’ees                                20%
51 - 100 e’ees                                  2.5%           1-5 e’ees                                   55%
Source: Horsham District Council Business Directory

Industry by employment                          Horsham        Horsham         W Sussex      SE England    GB
                                                (No)           (%)             (%)           (%)           (%)
Manufacturing                                   5,210          11.0            9.6           9.4           11.9
Construction                                    2,065          4.4             3.3           4.1           4.5
Services                                        39,279         82.8            86.0          84.8          82.1
Distribution, hotels & restaurants              13,734         29.0            27.5          26.3          24.7
Transport & communications                      1,786          3.8             9.6           5.8           5.9
Finance, IT, other business activities          11,417         24.1            19.8          23.2          20.0
Public admin, education & health                9,738          20.5            25.1          24.5          26.4
Other services                                  2,603          5.5             3.9           5.0           5.1
Tourism-related                                 3,936          8.3             8.4           8.3           8.2
Source: Annual Business Inquiry NOMIS (2004)

Employment by occupation                       Horsham         Horsham         W Sussex      SE England    GB
                                               (No)            (%)             (%)           (%)           (%)
Soc 2000 major group 1-3                       32,700          50.0            42.0          45.7          41.6
1 Managers and senior officials                13,400          20.5            16.1          17.0          14.9
2 Professional occupations                     7,800           11.9            11.1          13.8          12.5
3 Associate professional & technical           11,500          17.6            14.8          15.0          14.2
Soc 2000 major group 4-5                       16,300          25.0            25.1          23.4          23.6
4 Administrative & secretarial                 9,300           14.2            14.0          13.0          12.6
5 Skilled trades occupations                   7,000           10.8            11.1          10.4          11.0
Soc 2000 major group 6-7                       10,000          15.3            16.9          15.1          15.6
6 Personal service occupations                 5,400           8.2             8.8           8.0           7.8
7 Sales and customer service occs              4,600           7.1             8.1           7.1           7.7
Soc 2000 major group 8-9                       7,600           11.6            15.8          15.6          18.9
8 Process plant & machine operatives           2,900           4.4             6.1           5.4           7.5
9 Elementary occupations                       4,700           7.1             9.7           10.2          11.4
Source: annual population survey (Jan 2005-Dec 2005)

VAT Registrations and Deregistrations
These figures only relate to businesses whose turnover falls above the VAT threshold of £61,000 pa. A large percentage
of small or home-based businesses do not fall into this category, so this is not indicative of total businesses in the
Horsham District.

VAT Registrations and Deregistrations             Horsham        Horsham          West        SE England          GB
                                                  Number            %            Sussex
VAT registered businesses                          5,510            -            26,505          287,175    1,760,955
VAT registrations                                   500           9.7%            8.1%            9.9%        10.1%
% change in the number of VAT registered
                                                                     -1.1%          -1.1%                     0.3%
VAT deregistrations                                   555            10.7%           10%           9.8%       9.9%
New business survival rate (24 months from                           81.6%          81.6%         81.1%       79.3%
2000 VAT businesses)
Source: Small Business Services - vat registrations/ deregistrations by industry (2004)

The data below represents the educational qualifications of all people of working age in the Horsham District. Educational
achievement is well above average, and only a very small percentage have no or low qualification levels.

Qualifications – all figs for working age     Horsham            Horsham        W Sussex       SE England     GB
population                                    (No)               (%)            (%)            (%)            (%)
% of pop whose highest qualification is NVQ4
                                              24,800             32.6           27.6           29.5           26.5
(degree or equiv.)
% of pop whose highest qualification is NVQ3
                                              40,800             53.5           47.5           48.5           44.4
(2 ‘A’levels or equiv.)
% of pop whose highest qualification is NVQ2
                                              58,800             77.1           69.8           67.3           62.9
(5 GCSE’s Grade A-C or equiv.)
% of pop with no or low qualifications        4,200              5.5            8.1            10.1           14.3
Source: ONS nomis website – annual population survey

Review of Progress 2002 – 2006 (Achievements)

Annual Action plans were introduced as the delivery mechanism of the Economic Development
Strategy. The Action Plan interprets the Strategy into formal 12 month work programmes,
identifying ways in which individual actions could support the strategy.

2002 - 2005
The Strategy featured 3 pioneering new projects: Home based business research, food and drink
festival (now an annual event) and Electronic Village Signs. In addition to developing these key
projects, emphasis was placed on partnership working and providing core funding to a small
number of organisations in order to utilise their specialisms.

The findings of the home based business research led to the introduction of Horsham MicroBiz.
MicroBiz has become so popular that other local authorities in West Sussex are holding their own
events, using the Horsham model. Since the first Horsham MicroBiz in 2003 it has been held
annually and 2006 saw the introduction of Steyning MicroBiz, organized by a Community Business
Partnership. The Food Festival became an annual event from 2003 to 2005, growing in popularity.
In 2006 it became a West Sussex Food and Drink Festival. Post event research of Food and Drink
and MicroBiz demonstrates increasingly positive feedback from consumers and participating
businesses, many of which are small or home based businesses.

Since 2002, the Council’s focus has been to maximize the economic development resources, with
research carried out during or after each project to determine its usefulness, satisfaction levels and
whether it provides value for money with an emphasis on becoming self-funding.

A new Economic Development Strategy (2005 – 2008) was adopted by Cabinet and Council in
October 2005, which took into account the progress of the new projects and the need to build on
the successes. It identified areas that needed strengthening, for example Town Centres, Tourism
and property. This strategy (2006 – 2008) is an updated version taking into account the many
changes that have taken place since the production of the previous version. In 2006 the Horsham
Food Festival became a West Sussex Food and Drink Festival. Post event research of Food and
Drink and MicroBiz demonstrates increasingly positive feedback from consumers and participating
businesses, many of which are small or home based businesses.

Home Based Business Research – 2002 (Background to MicroBiz)
Pioneering research was carried out by the Council in October 2002 with financial support from
SEEDA, Learning and Skills Council and West Sussex County Council. The aim of the research

was to determine the size, needs and concerns of businesses operating from homes in the
Horsham District and how best the Council could support this sector and encourage growth.

As a result of this research it is estimated that home based businesses operate from
approximately15% of the District’s 53,000 households. This is a huge business sector, making a
significant contribution to the local economy and on the whole largely ignored by central
government. In some rural areas they are the only or the principal businesses. Home based
businesses are often better for the environment as they reduce traffic and importantly increase local

Key information gathered from the research includes:-

      54% had been running their business for more than 3 years
      53% expect turnover to grow in 2/3 years
      58% serve the local market, 21% Regional, 21% National, 15% International
      21% expect to employ staff in 2/3 years
      13% are likely to seek external business premises in 2/3 years

An overwhelming majority of respondents said they would like to attend events that would enable
them to update their business and work skills, obtain updates on government legislation and
network or trade with other businesses. It was as a result of this research that Horsham District
Council organised the very first MicroBiz event, held in March 2003.

MicroBiz 2002 to 2006

Horsham District Council was the originator of the first MicroBiz Fair in 2003 with financial support
from SEEDA, West Sussex County Council and Sussex Enterprise. Horsham District Council
allowed Startup Co to register the MicroBiz brand to enable MicroBiz events to be held in other
areas of West Sussex. So far Crawley and Mid Sussex have held successful events using the
Horsham model, with more planned. 2006 saw the first highly successful event held in Steyning,
with the next date set for 23rd June 2007.

This networking event, held annually in March, is aimed at small and home based business and
anyone thinking of starting a business. MicroBiz has gained excellent feedback from exhibitors and
visitors, with visitor numbers growing each year. Exhibitors are carefully selected to cover all the
products and services required to run a small business. In addition to the 45 or so exhibitors a
range of seminars are provided covering important issues for new or established businesses.

Exhibitors and visitors are encouraged to complete feedback forms at each event. Key information
from questionnaires at MicroBiz 2006 includes:-

      Every exhibitor completed a questionnaire
      164 of the 450 visitors completed a questionnaire
      82% of visitors found the event Excellent or Good
      78% of visitors will use the products/services of the exhibitors of MicroBiz
      57% of exhibitors rated the quality of sales enquiries as good
      87% of exhibitors said they would be using other exhibitors products & services

The next Horsham event will be the 5th, being held on 10th March 2007.

Horsham District Food and Drink Festival 2003 - 2005

The first Food and Drink Festival organised by Horsham District Council took place in 2003, with
funding and support from Food from Britain, West Sussex County Council and A Taste of Sussex.
The Festival’s objectives are:-

    Raise awareness and promote local food and drink producers and outlets offering local food
    and drink produce.
    Encourage producers and outlets to inter trade & create business to business relationships.
    Help boost the rural economy by helping put local produce on the map and encouraging
    awareness that buying locally is good for the countryside.
    Focus on the unique quality of food and drink produced in and around the District and to help
    local residents rediscover the superior freshness, taste and value of the District's food and
    Raise awareness of the environmental advantages in buying locally – less food miles.

Since 2003, the Festival became an annual event, taking place over 3 weeks in September/
October each year, to coincide with British Food Fortnight, expanding each year. The launch event
to the Festival became The Bigger Nibble – a one day event held in the Drill Hall, Horsham and in
the Carfax with local food and wine producers, chef demonstrations and seminars.

Feedback from each event revealed the development of new inter-trading relationships and
increased turnover as a direct result of taking part in the Festival. Public awareness of local
produce and purchasing patterns are also improving.

       94% of visitors to The Big Nibble said it made them aware of more local producers
       62% thought it would lead them to buy more local produce
       77% of those that had been to the previous years Bigger Nibble said they already buy more
        local produce as a result
       95% of visitors wanted the festival to be an annual event
       71% of producers & outlets said it had belped to attract new customers with the average
        increase in turnover for the 3 weeks being 25%
West Sussex Food & Drink Festival 2006

Funding for the food festival in 2006 became difficult to find and West Sussex County Council
undertook to fund the Festival and extend it to become a County-wide food festival. Horsham
District Council was the organiser of the programme with contributions from other local authorities.
111 businesses participated in the programme, 63 of these were from the Horsham District. The
dates for the 2007 Food and Drink Festival are 8th September to 7th October.

Parish Electronic Village Signs

Funded with a 75% grant from The Countryside Agency, the signs are a ground breaking 2 year
National pilot exercise in 5 market towns and villages in the Horsham District. They were erected in
January 2004 and are placed in the post office in Billingshurst, a bus shelter in Henfield, the Co-op
stores in Ashington, and on the side of buildings in Pulborough and Southwater. The signs display
up to date messages fed to the boards by the Parish Clerks. Messages vary from promoting blood
donor days to events in the parishes. Without exception the boards have been very well accepted
and put to good use. Unfortunately the difficulty has been the positioning of the boards, which
meant they were erected on private property which has subsequently undergone changes. We are
working to re-instate the boards in alternative positions.

Consultation with Businesses – Rural / Urban

In 2003 The Council established 2 groups to consult with on various issues. The Local Economic
Advisory Group covers urban business issues and the Rural Forum covers rural business issues.
We would welcome greater business participation on these two groups.

Meetings were held recently with both groups to identify issues that were felt to be important to the
economic future of this District. Some of the common themes to come out of this process are listed

      Lack of commercial units – in particular inexpensive starter accommodation
      Lack of move-on premises for home based businesses – particularly small serviced offices
      Problem of farm buildings gaining consent for change of use to residential
      Sub division of some of the empty office units in the town centre plus possible change of
      The need to promote tourism in the district & encourage more hotels and B & B’s
      Difficulty in recruiting and retaining staff – lack of affordable housing in the District
      Encourage those not registered for work to return to employment
      Provide better links between business and education
      Provide adequate parking at an appropriate price in Horsham town centre to meet business
      Encourage home based business – more sustainable – also supports local businesses
      Offer a niche experience for shoppers in Horsham Town Centre and an evening economy

This consultation process has helped in the development of this strategy, with many of the issues
raised in the above list being addressed in the Annual Action Plan.

Some of the issues identified in this consultation process fall outside the remit of the Council, and
where this is the case this has been fed through to the organisations responsible. This information
has also fed into the Local Development Framework and Community Plan processes.

Village Healthcheck and Action Plan Process

Funding was obtained in 2003 from The Countryside Agency, West Sussex County Council and
Horsham District Council to provide a co-ordinator to guide 5 small towns through the Countryside
Agency ‘Healthcheck’ process. This work then lead to the formation of Action Plans for each village.
This work is also being fed into the Local Development Framework and Community Plan through
the Local Strategic Partnership and the formation of the Horsham Rural Towns Forum.

In April 2005 The Countryside Agency’s social and economic roles were transferred to Regional
Development Agencies (SEEDA). Suitably qualifying projects identified in this process will be
progressed further to bid for a grant from SEEDA under its new 7 year Small Rural Towns funding
Programme. A full time West Sussex Manager was appointed, funded by SEEDA, employed by
Action in Rural Sussex.

The economic viability of small towns and villages in the future is uncertain and retaining services
and businesses in these rural areas will be important. The Council appointed a Town Centres
Manager in September 2005 to work with the rural towns as well as Horsham town centre. Another
way the Council is helping to address this problem is the encouragement of home based business
and the annual MicroBiz event aimed at small, new starts and home based business. One of the
actions from the Steyning Community Partnership was to put on a local MicroBiz event, which they
did very successfully in June 2006 and plan to hold a second event on 23rd June 2007.

The Economic Development budget is small and largely used to co-fund partner organisations,
therefore it has been necessary to find external funding for major projects like MicroBiz and Food &
Drink. To date Microbiz has generated £12.8k of external funding and £8,220 of income from stand
rental to exhibitors. Food and Drink has generated £51.5k of external funding, £3.2k stand income
and £6.3k private sector sponsorship, making a total of £82,020, without which these projects
would not be possible. Added together is the funding from The Countryside Agency for the
electronic village signs of £12k and funding from SEEDA and LSC for home based business
research of £8k, making a total of £102k.

Community Plan

The Horsham District Community Partnership is a broad partnership of groups and organisations,
covering a wide range of public, private, voluntary and community interests, with the common aim
of working together to secure a better quality of life for all in the District. It was set up to bring
agencies and organisations together to identify key issues of local interest and to co-operate with
each other to reduce problems of common concern.

There are 10 theme groups within the partnership as well as a Partnership Board. Local Business
is one of these themes and the Local Economic Advisory Group and the Rural Forum provide the
forums for considering economic issues and guiding the economic proposals in the Community
Strategy. The work carried out by the 5 towns in the ‘healthcheck’ process and the formation of the
local partnerships in each of the towns has also provided invaluable information in the formulation
of the Community Strategy.

In November 2006 the Local Business group put a bid to the Board for a contribution to fund
Steyning MicroBiz and was successful in receiving a grant of £1k.

Tourism Strategy

In 2004 Consultants were commissioned to develop a Tourism Strategy for the Horsham District
and advice on the actions likely to be most effective in raising the profile of tourism in the District.
Key findings were that Horsham should concentrate on attracting day visitors and developing a
‘visitor economy’. The consultants identified a range of activities that the Council could focus on
including further improvements to the ‘public realm’, an extension to the programme of ‘events’,
promotion of ‘food and drink’, increasing the District’s accommodation and business represention
on Visit Sussex website, encouraging more and better accommodation (especially with
accreditation), improving visitor information/ signage, making the most of opportunities (for instance
The Town Hall and Shoreham Cement Works), and identifying something ‘special’ (possibly
associated with Christmas).

Other areas of work:

      Participated in Meet the Buyers Annual Event – 2002, 2003 & 2004 -To promote Horsham
       District Businesses and encourage local purchasing.

      Produced a Business Directory in 2003 - To provide businesses with a marketing tool and a
       means of sourcing products locally.

      Provision of newly refurbished business units in 2003 at Blatchford Close, Horsham.

      Provision of Oakhurst Business Park at Southwater - 1st phase completed 2004. 2nd phase
       commenced January 2007.

      Relocation of existing Southwater industrial estate tenants and provision of new office
       premises within the village centre - work completed December 2006.

      Provision of Park & Ride facility in 2003 – To provide affordable parking for Town Centre
       workforce & long stay shoppers.

      Supported Young Enterprise – Encourage school students to learn about establishing a

      Supported Business Education Partnership – To provide the link between businesses and
       schools and colleges.

      Co-funded the Mid-Sussex Engineering Careers Fair in 2002, 2003 and 2004 - To allow
       businesses to target students and encourage an interest in engineering as a career.

Horsham Town Centre

Horsham Town centre has been successfully developed over the past 20 years and is now seen by
many authorities as a model for how to regenerate a historic market town to provide an attractive,
compact, yet comprehensive shopping environment. In order to capitalise on this advantage and
understand and respond to changing trends in shopping and use of leisure time, we have been
progressively exploring the town centres manager’s role and sphere of influence.

Achievements in this particular area from September 2005 to date can be summarised as follows:-

Secretariat and Development of Horsham Traders' Guild (HTG)
The Trust formed in mid 2005 as an action based group to represent and further the interests of all
town centre based businesses. No membership fees have been levied but this is set to change in
2007 based on a track record of achievement and with a new strategy in place.

The Council’s Town Centres Manager has been Secretary to this group since January 2006. Since
that time the HTG ‘members’ list has grown to over 120 local business managers and throughout
2006 a monthly meetings programme arranged and managed. The Guild has produced an
approved Action Plan for 2006.

Associated Traders’ Guild activities include:-

       Horsham Shoppers' Guide - 1st and 2nd editions (November 2005 and November 2006)
       20,000 plus of each edition distributed through Horsham shops and local outlets plus online
       pdf version. Poster version displayed at train station and strategic points. Wide publicity was
       secured through many local media, papers, magazines, radio and web sites.

       RetailBiz Event in Y Centre – February 2006
       The formation of the Horsham Business Support Alliance, (ongoing) to join up and make
       sense of the many sources of business support on offer to town centre businesses – with
       retail bias. RetailBiz event was conceived as a focal point from which to work and over 50
       retail businesses and support organisations came together to discuss skills development
       opportunities in Y Centre.

       Sustainable Business seminar – October 2006
       A dozen businesses took part in a joint Guild/West Sussex Sustainable Business
       Partnership event to provide guidance on energy management and waste recycling. A
       follow up will develop a Guild approach to co-operation on recycling particularly for smaller

       First Annual Summit Meeting – November 2006
       104 people attended (72 from businesses) this event at the Y Centre in central Horsham.
       The event extended the profile of business involvement in the town, and opened up debate
       on the key economic issues facing Horsham over the forthcoming years. There was a 100%
       response to an after event survey stating that they would attend should the event be staged
       again. The event proved to be a major PR success for Guild. – December 2006 ongoing
       New promotional domains for the town have been registered. An online interactive version
       of Horsham Shoppers’ Guide has been launched ( and .com). December saw the
       launch of a free basic guide to town centre businesses. A development programme is
       planned to facilitate search by product and brand subject to subscription.

The business plan will identify the priorities for the next 5 to 10 years which could include further
environmental enhancements, better marketing, better service for visitors, parking ‘offers’, more
events etc. It will need to be underscored by regular monitoring of key performance indicators for
example footfall. Two initiatives that have already commenced are:-

      improvements to signage, at the entrance to the town area and to help visitors move around
       once they are in the town area. An audit of existing signs has been completed and a graphic
       design consultant is providing design expertise, and

      a series of training courses for town centre traders organized by Sussex Enterprise, based
       on the results of the mystery shopper survey they undertook in 2004.

Marketing Horsham

The Council has secured a range of positive publicity in local, regional and national media. Key
achievements include a full page in a Daily Telegraph Supplement mid 2006, two Sussex Life
features and runner up in Channel 4’s 2006 ‘Best Place To Live’ results. The next step is to develop
a town wide communications/promotional strategy and even better co-ordination of the town’s
output channels.


The bi-annual French visiting market has been successfully moved to Carfax and blended with
French themed entertainment. This has produced a more relaxed festival atmosphere, a point of
difference which is more attractive and more promotable. Fees have been charged for the first time
and re-invested in the ‘Experience’. (This approach will be adopted in plans for other types of
visiting markets)


There is a clear desire to achieve a more collaborative approach to town centre based events with
the HTG and HDC Leisure with greater emphasis on the commercial benefits such events could or
should bring to town based retail businesses. Some success has resulted, notably in the Forum
area of the town with sponsorship coming from Beales.

Night Time Economy

A link has been established between the Capitol theatre and restaurants in Horsham town. The
concept of 'Make a night of it' was to encourage new trade and help to develop the night time
economy (A core economic objective). Initial response was good with seven restaurants.

District Towns 2005-2006

Collaborative working with Action in Rural Sussex (AiRS) has provided co-ordinated support to
local traders and community partnerships in each of the five market towns. Southwater has no
AiRS Community Partnership and has required a separate approach.

Support has been provided to the Chamber of Commerce which has developed an action plan for
the town.

The Council-managed Christmas BilliFest in December 2006 proved to be highly successful. The
event will hopefully provide a model for future Partnership led events in the town’s refurbished high
street and Jengers’ Mead.

In conjunction with the Community Partnership and AiRS a business breakfast and local business
survey have been undertaken. Following local consultation an action plan for the town’s economy is
now being prepared which will be implemented with a focus on the town’s long term economic

Henfield is set to be the site of Vis Biz - this event is intended to focus minds on development of the
visitor economy in the South of Horsham district.

The new Henfield Market was re-launched in December 2006

Support was given for the launch of a new local traders group focused around the Lintot Square

A Council-run local produce and village market was launched in May 2006 trading on Tuesdays in
Lintot Square. The market has been successful, well accepted and is set to trade on alongside the
Co-op in 2007.

The town has an established and well-managed Chamber of Trade which manages two successful
events in the town each year.

There have been limited opportunities to support existing organisations and specific projects are
planned for 2007.

Support has been given to the launch of a new local traders group focused around the Old Mill
Square development.

Partnership Working / Contributions to Core Funding

Partnership working is paramount and the Council has contributed to core funding where there is a
common interest with other organisations. The Council works in partnership with a number of
organisations which enables access to specific areas of expertise on a shared cost basis, thus
providing best value.

Service Level agreements are maintained with each partner lead organisation to ensure delivery of
services is maintained. Partner organisations are:-

      West Sussex Economic Partnership

       Provided core funding to West Sussex Economic Partnership to:-

       1. Provide a property data and site selection service which includes all industrial and
          commercial properties in Horsham, with the exception of retail properties.

       2. Provide Aftercare to employers having over 250 employees or overseas controlled
           companies in the Horsham District through the seconded SEEDA Investor Development

      The Enterprise Centre now known as Startup Co

       Provided core-funding to The Enterprise Centre to:-

       1 Provide Business Advice/ workshops/seminars to small or start up businesses.
       2 Partner Horsham District Council in provision of the MicroBiz event.

      Action in Rural Sussex

       Supported Action in Rural Sussex to provide services and support to the rural community
       and rural businesses

       1   Village Halls support service
       2   Village and Town Action Plan Services
       3   Support to the Local Strategic Partnerships
       4   Spread of Good Practice within the Horsham District

      Southwater Business Resource Centre

       Provided core-funding to Southwater Business Resource Centre to provide serviced office
       space and IT training.

      West Sussex Sustainable Business Partnership

       Supported West Sussex Sustainable Business Partnership to provide information and
       advice to business on efficient use of resources to reduce overheads and improve
       environmental performance.

New Programme
Having limited resources, the Council’s economic development work must concentrate on areas
where achievements can be measured and maximum impact achieved. In this process some of the
projects the Council has funded in the past no longer meet this criteria and have had to be

In developing the strategy consideration has been given to National, Regional and County
priorities and strategies. It has also been developed as a result of consultation with the business
community and other departments within Horsham District Council, taking into account the
characteristics of the Horsham District.

The 7 key objectives listed from the 2002-5 Strategy are still relevant today, although the headings
have been simplified. The overarching priorities identified by the consultation process are:-

      Support for local businesses
      Support for rural communities
      Make the best use of the assets of the District
      Taking action through partnerships

These objectives and the subsequent actions being taken within these headings are explained
more fully in the Economic Development annual work programme (2006-2008).

1st December 2006 – 31st March 2008
Support for Local Businesses
1. Support for Small and Home-based Businesses


Organise an annual MicroBiz event. This networking event held in March of each year, is aimed at         Formatted: Font: Arial, Bold,
Small and Home Based Business and anyone thinking of starting a business. Exhibitors are carefully       Font color: Auto
selected to cover all the products and services required to run a small business.

MicroBiz 2007 will be held in the Drill Hall on Saturday 10th March 2007. Once again the same formula
will be used in the exhibitor selection process and visitor feedback forms consulted to ensure we take
notice of any improvements suggested. The next MicroBiz Steyning will be held on 23rd June 2007

Startup Co

Support Startup Co by contributing to core funding to provide business information, support and
training and its involvement with the MicroBiz event.

2. Support for Local Food and Drink Producers and Outlets

West Sussex Food & Drink Festival – 2007

Project manage the annual West Sussex Food and Drink Festival in Partnership with West Sussex
County Council, to raise awareness and promote local food and drink producers and outlets, thus
making a valuable contribution to the sustainability of the countryside, the rural economy, the
environment and our market towns.

The Food and Drink Festival 2007 will run for 4 weeks from 8th September to 7th October,2007. The
Festival takes in the dates of British Food Fortnight – 22nd September to 7th October, to maximize
promotional opportunities. WSCC will be funding the Food Festival and HDC putting in officer time to
recruit the businesses and co-ordinate the programme.

3. Provision of Information to Promote Local Business

Business Directory & web based business database

Publish a new Business Directory in conjunction with Burrows Limited to encourage a local purchase
policy within Horsham Companies. The database of Horsham District companies is available
electronically via a link from HDC website to Burrows. Due date for publication is August 2007.

Horsham District Council’s Procurement Strategy will continue to encourage the use of local
businesses, where feasible, to supply products and services to the Council.

4. Provision of Relevant and Current Business Information

Enquiries and Information

Ensure that up to date and useful information is available via the Economic Development pages within
HDC website as well as promoting the business events we organise.

Provide a speedy and efficient reaction to business enquiries received by telephone, email or in
person, signposting those that require more specialist help to the various business support agencies.

Support for Rural Communities
1. Supporting Horsham Rural Towns Forum

Village Health Checks

Village health checks & action plans have been carried out in 5 market towns to audit the strengths and
weaknesses. This is a Countryside Agency project and is now being used to identify specific projects
in order to secure funding from SEEDA for improvements under its Small Rural Towns funding
Programme for West Sussex, with a co-ordinator based within Action in Rural Sussex.

2. Support for Action in Rural Sussex

Specialist Advice

Provide core funding to Action in Rural Sussex to provide specialist advice and help to rural
communities, in particular support to: village halls, village action plans and the Local Strategic

3. Improve Communication in Rural Areas

Electronic Information Boards

Maintain the electronic messaging boards that have been installed in Billingshurst, Ashington,
Pulborough and Southwater. They are part of a two year pilot scheme, the first in the Country, and
have been funded with a 75% grant from the Countryside Agency.

Continue to monitor under the terms and conditions of The Countryside Agency funding agreement.

Examine the possibility of additional messaging boards to meet, for example, tourist requirements.

4.   Support the Diversification of the Rural Economy

Home Based Business

Promote and support home based business through Microbiz and continue to research needs and
opportunities to foster the success of small rural businesses by seeking funding to update the research
carried out in 2002.

Promote training opportunities to enable rural residents to move into new areas of work as traditional
rural businesses continue to contract.

Provide support to existing rural businesses and help them expand and adapt wherever possible
through the Council’s Business Support service.

Making the Best Use of the Assets of the District
1. Local Development Framework (LDF) and Community Plan

To provide economic input as part of the preparation of the LDF and Community Plan. The LDF is the
intended means of delivering the spatial approach towards future planning under the Government’s
new planning system. The LDF outlines the Council’s policies for meeting the community’s economic,
environmental and social aims for the future of the district.

2. Seek to Provide and Retain Appropriate Business Premises

To continue collaborative work with the Development and Strategic Planning Departments to ensure
that premises are available to meet the needs of business, both existing and those wishing to relocate
to the area.

The emerging Local Development Framework presents an opportunity to review the provision of
employment land – the recently approved LDF Core Strategy seeks to identify specific sites, both within
the proposed strategic location West of Horsham, West of Crawley and on large brownfield sites
located elsewhere within the district.

Innovation Centre

Council approval was obtained in November 2006 for the construction of the second phase of the
Oakhurst Business Park at Southwater. In addition to enabling an occupier of the Phase 1
development to relocate to larger, more suitable premises, additional office units will be available in
addition to the unit vacated in Phase 1. The Phase 2 development will be completed by August 2007 –
a key objective is to secure appropriate occupiers for these premises on the most advantageous terms.
Following completion of the Phase 2 project, the Council will retain ownership of a large fully serviced
site on adjacent land. Present planning policies support the development of this land for commercial
and employment use. This land presents an opportunity to secure an innovation centre type user –
particularly to support growing and developing business in the district. Detailed research and feasibility
work will be undertaken to determine the viability of an innovation/incubation style development on the
site. Various models exist throughout the Country at present and the Council needs to determine the
best format. Discussions have already taken place with organisations presently delivering such a
service, including the Innovation Centre at Sussex University. The Council needs to explore the most
appropriate procurement and management model, and the available partners to progress such an

It is intended that costed and evaluated feasibility work will be completed by Summer 2007.

Specifically at West of Horsham, support and advice was given to an Employment Sub-Group meeting
established by the Council’s Strategic and Community Planning Department. There are clear
opportunities within this development to support and strengthen the local economy through the
considered provision of employment workspace.

3.   Major Employers – Development and Retention

Although the majority of businesses within the district have less than 10 employees, several major
employers still operate from Horsham – these are detailed on page 2 of this report. The Council is
keen to retain such employers and will extend the visit programme recently established to meet
regularly with major employers to promote care and retention. The Council is willing, where possible,
to support the needs of such businesses, particularly as an enabler or facilitator where other public
bodies or statutory groups are involved.

Discussions with SEEDA have revealed that a number of employers, both home-based and abroad,
have expressed an interest in establishing a facility in Horsham. Further work is planned with SEEDA
to fully analyse and investigate these expressions of interest, and to determine and understand the
reasons and issues influencing a company’s decision when considering business locations.

4. Tourism and the Visitor Economy

Hotels and Visitor Accommodation

There is a need to increase the level of visitor accommodation in the Horsham District registered on the
Visit Sussex web site. Hotels and Bed and Breakfast business should be encouraged to achieve

Horsham Town Centre Hotels

There is also a clear need to increase hotel accommodation with the centre of, or close to Horsham
town. Preliminary research indicates that there is insufficient accommodation for both recreational and
business visitors to the town. Discussions with local commercial property agents and industry
specialists have revealed that several providers are keen to establish a presence in the town. The
preferred format is a mid-range hotel of 80 to 100 beds with supplementary leisure and conference
facilities. Site availability is a major issue with most providers requiring a minimum area of 1 acre.

The Council will endeavour to facilitate and enable such development to take place wherever practical.
Potential sites will be considered in conjunction with Council Planning Officers and commercial
developers. Competition for sites from the residential and other commercial sectors represents a major
risk – similar support should be given wherever possible, to establishing visitor accommodation in the
six rural towns.


The Council will continue to support improvements to the public realm in the District’s small towns.
Proposals are evolving particularly for Storrington, Steyning and Henfield.

More structured collaborative working on marketing and promotion will be developed with HDC Leisure
Services and other specialist tourism providers.

5. Horsham Town Centre

The economic strategy for the town centre will be managed in close co-operation with the Horsham
Traders’ Guild, Chamber of Commerce and also in consultation with the Town Centre Forum and other
representative bodies. Elements of the strategy include:-

Town Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
There is a need to establish a clear and useful set of performance indicators at an early stage to
enable the benchmarking and measurement of the town’s performance and the likely impact of any
initiatives. Currently we are purely reliant on figures provided by the management of the Swan Walk
shopping centre and existing Council car parking operations.

Revenue Generation
There is an objective to establish and then develop a portfolio of concessions to produce revenue for
possible re-investment in the town centre. The aim is to work towards a self-funding promotional
programme for the town. Potential activities for consideration include advertising and promotional
sites, concession services in car parks and filming fees.

Commercial Space Development
Research and reported demand has identified a shortfall in the supply of large floor area shop units
(to help retain and drive new footfall) in the town. National occupiers have expressed interest in
taking units of up to 10,000 sq ft. Attention has recently been drawn to the level of vacant office
space within the central business district and research will be undertaken in order to ascertain and
understand the reasons for this, and formulate action plans as appropriate.

In order to achieve these objectives and to facilitate advantageous development of other commercial
opportunities we will act as catalyst, co-ordinator and facilitator in partnership with private property
interests and statutory bodies including those within HDC; All of this to be achieved within the
mandate of retaining Horsham’s unique character and market town ambience.

There is a need to identify and put in place the conditions in which the town commercial property can
be more effectively marketed and filled. This work will depend on putting in place updateable
statistics that measure and profile our current town property stock

Public Realm Development
Support will be given to Projects already approved or proposed to upgrade the town’s trading
environment including East Street pedestrianisation (2007 to 2009) and West Street refurbishment

Opportunities will also be sought to improve access to The Forum Piazza area and the presentation
of Piries Place from Carfax in consultation with appropriate private property interests.

Night Time Economy and Café Culture
There is a strong desire to facilitate a standard package under which a limited number of outdoor
café seating can be implemented by existing operators in agreed locations.

Proposals will also be developed as to how Horsham’s night time economy should be developed in
partnership with Horsham Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership, current operators and Council
and private property representatives.

Business Improvement District (BID)
On current examples, the whole process can cost up to £30,000 to organise and eighteen months
from start to finish. Typically this would add up to 1% to all business rates in the agreed BID area.

There is a need to establish an agreed understanding of the benefits that this could bring to
Horsham’s business community. If agreed we would then agree the conditions that would need to be
in place and work towards a decision point on when and on what basis to proceed.

Christmas is a key time for many town based businesses. Costs of lighting and promotional activities
are escalating every year. Arrangements for promoting and managing activities in the town in 2006
had become fragmented. The aim is to consolidate arrangements under ‘town centre management’
but with ownership of policy and funding being led by a task Group of the Horsham Traders’ Guild by
Christmas 2007. Opportunities for commercial sponsorship will be investigated.

Elements that will be reviewed to ensure the town as a whole is getting maximum value include:
Funding, lights, late night shopping dates, timings and content, trader participation, pantomime
participation, the celebration (switch-on) event, visiting markets, and parking arrangements.

Town Marketing & Promotion - Managing the Visitor Economy
It has been identified and generally agreed that the town needs to be more effectively promoted.

From research conducted into shared values and opinions, marketing statement for Horsham will be
developed in early 2007.

Also in early 2007, the Horsham Traders’ Guild is developing a marketing identity for the town with
the strap line Horsham - Time Well Spent. A schools competition was run which will feed into the
identities brief. A programme for its cost-effective implementation will be agreed by spring 2007.

The neighbourhood councils of Horsham are sponsoring the development of an illustrated Horsham
Visitors’ Guide for the town to be produced in spring 2007. Alongside future printed versions of the
HTG’s Horsham Shoppers’ Guide, these will form cornerstone marketing documents with a common
distribution plan within the town, district and from locations where we may potentially draw significant
numbers of visitors (Gatwick hotels for instance). A parallel web based version will be developed that
complements the online interactive Shoppers’ Guide launched by the Guild at in late 2006. Online marketing partners and relationships will be developed
to maximise the reach and attractiveness of the town’s online promotional content.

In partnership with HDC Communications, Leisure Services, Swan Walk shopping centre, major town
businesses and the Horsham Traders’ Guild a co-ordinated approach and a sustainable marketing
campaign will be developed. Targeting will focus on securing more regular local shoppers and those
groups that who while they may not visit regularly, are potentially high spenders.

Horsham Traders’ Guild/ Town Partnership
The Council will encourage the Guild to develop its own strategy and annual action plan that is
tailored to its aspirations and realistic capabilities. In a late 2006 Guild survey, the top three issues
were: Marketing and promotion of the town to increase footfall across the town and average dwell
time, control of crime and anti-social behaviour especially at night and ensuring parking
arrangements support the local economy. Swan Walk visitor research also conducted at this time
highlighted convenience as the single highest factor effecting shopping destination decisions. A
combination of these findings will be assimilated into the ongoing HDC strategy to enable the town to
effectively compete for trade.

During the period of this strategy the Council will seek to identify whether an independent Town
Centre Partnership (in which HDC would be a prime stakeholder) as set up in many similar towns
should be established in Horsham. Should this proceed it would be envisaged that the existing Guild
and Forum independent bodies would be vital constituent parts.

Business Crime and Reduction Partnership (BCRP)
To encourage and work with HCDRP and the HTG to set up an independent BCRP in Horsham as a
way of connecting local businesses against business crime and anti-social behaviour. Currently only
Swan Walk and selected larger traders benefit from a shop radio scheme.

BCRP’s are a well established concept and act successfully in many towns and cities in the South
East including Crawley and Brighton. They provide for a means of inter business communication and
information that supports a safer and more protected trading environment. Such is their recognised
success in the criminal fraternity that any town without one can look forward to becoming a target for
thieves as it will be seen as a ‘soft touch’.

Events and Markets
Town centre events have been primarily managed by HDC Leisure Services as a service to the local
community. There is a need to co-ordinate an annual programme of events that have the full
participation and co-operation of the Horsham Traders’ Guild. This will hopefully maximise the
commercial opportunities that arise from the additional footfall that such events create.

To place more emphasis on development of the HDC calendar of events as a primary means of
consolidating and communicating information about what’s on in the Horsham and District.
Allied to this we will also seek to achieve better co-ordination of the timing of events across the
District to further stimulate cross district attendance.

There is a strong desire to consolidate the management of Horsham’s markets to encourage greater
use and generate additional footfall. Research is also being undertaken to encourage specialist
markets to visit the Town.

To endeavour to assimilate all of the various sources and forms of fixed and temporary pedestrian
signage and public information in the town centre into one coherent and sustainable scheme. The
aim will be to make finding what you want, learning about what is available and what is happening in
the town centre simple, reliable and complementary to the public realm.

Parking and Controlled Parking Zone Management
Vehicle parking for residents, employers and visitors to the town is an important and emotive issue.
There is a clear objective to strike a sensible and workable balance on terms of parking provision and
pricing strategies – the Council intends to review this issue in Autumn 2008.

The Council aims and manages some 2600 car parking spaces in Horsham Town Centre. The Council
will maintain and wherever possible, improve standards for vehicle parking in the town. Funding has
been sought to undertake repairs to Swan Walk car park. Should this bid be successful, the works will
be planned over a three year period to ensure minimum impact on parking facilities.

The amount and location of vehicle parking clearly has an impact on the local economy – the Council
will endeavour to ensure that the primary visitor motivating factor, convenience, plays a major role in
the review of parking arrangements.

Economic Vision for Horsham Town Centre 2016/2026

In 2006 Horsham has no vision of what ‘good’ looks like in ten or twenty years time.

Given the pace of change in shopping and service purchase habits in the last ten to twenty years we
can no longer consider that the last twenty year investment in the town’s infrastructure will be
sufficient to guarantee economic well being into the future. We will need to contend with increased
internet based shopping and services, the forecast national demise of independent traders, continued
pressures on disposable time and money, increased traffic congestion, continually higher business
costs, the effects of ‘green taxes’, climate change effect, to name just some of the factors.

Added to this there is a huge scale of competing shopping centre development planned all around us,
all of which will be implemented between now and 2016 (Crawley alone is planning on providing
more floor space than we currently now have in total in Horsham. Major developments and upgrades
of the public realm are also planned in Worthing, Guildford, Brighton, and all Mid Sussex towns).
Horsham needs to develop a carefully considered vision and delivery strategy of our own if we are to
preserve Horsham’s ability to attract sufficient customers as to make our town centre shops viable.

We plan to embark on the development of a new economic vision for the town with appropriate
research and consultation that by 2008 will give us a blueprint for sustaining the prosperity of the
town to 2016 and beyond. A key element of its success will be its embodiment of a willingness to
adapt to accommodate presently unknown changes in future lifestyle patterns while preserving a
quality of visitor experience that sets Horsham apart from the rest.

6. District Town Centres

Collective Economic Development
We will further develop and refine an economic development model that defines how our parishes,
market towns, District Council and outside bodies are linked in a cascading inter-relationship. There
is a need to foster understanding and involvement in devising and implementing economic strategy at
every level. Key partner bodies in the dissemination of these principles will be the Rural Towns
Forum, Horsham Association of Local Councils and the District Community Partnership.
The primary focus of work will be to develop the visitor economy wherein visitors can be termed
anyone from local residents to day trippers to tourists. The key to weighting our efforts will be judged
on the potential value to the local economy to be gained from each group. Just as in Horsham itself,
the greatest weight of effort is likely to be directed at retaining regular local customers.

Measurement of Town Performance
We will need to find cost effective and reliable measures of town footfall and relative shop turnover
over time in order to assess the effect of initiatives

Visitor Infrastructure
We will seek to ensure that we have strategies in place that support the ongoing provision and
development of facilities that are critical to retain and attract regular visitors to the towns. One aspect
in which we are likely to need to act as a catalyst is in the development of more places to stay.
Another is in the provision and maintenance of adequate public toilet facilities

South Downs
To develop an entrepreneurial approach to capturing economic opportunities in the south of the
District arising from the South Downs - The National Park decision will strongly influence this. Such is
the attractiveness of our southerly towns as jumping off points or gateways for visitors to the Downs
that it deserves a proper study of available infrastructure, visitor needs and options for provison.

There may be scope, (to be tested) for the development of at least one major visitor centre in the
District that has good transport links.

Economic Sustainability
An essential plank in the strategy for the District as a whole is to develop a focus on local sourcing
and purchasing. We may adopt the ‘Plugging the Leaks’ initiative developed by the New Economics
Foundation (NEF) as our guiding principle in focusing people on the benefits to the local community
as a whole of spending more locally.

To develop and support a campaign to run through the District to encourage people to regularly shop
local and not just admire them – but use them. In parallel campaign for traders to buy more off of
local traders and producers, forming buying or tendering groups where necessary to achieve the
necessary scale to attract greater trade.

In meeting our duties under PPS6 to support the viability of our local high streets we also see the
need to act to foster maintenance of the retail footprint wherever practicable to ward of erosion in the
face of much higher residential development values.

Information, Marketing and Promotion
Working with the local town councils, partnerships, traders groups and the Rural Towns Forum the
Council will assist with the production of guidelines, materials and tools that enable more effective
promotion of the District towns. Particular focus will include, signage, promotional materials, Publicity,
Cross district visitor incentives and web based shoppers’ guides (based on the Horsham model).

A Market Towns Visitors Guide was funded by the Community Partnership for production in Spring
2007 together with an incentive mechanism to foster the cross-district economy. This may then
become a model from which individual town visitor/shoppers’ guides can be developed.

Traders Group development
Efforts will continue alongside AiRS to foster development of action centred traders’ groups in each
major District town to develop local initiatives and take ownership on a town wide basis of the need to
respond to the economic issues that affect them. Wherever possible to seek to affiliate these groups
with the local community partnerships, each of which have an economic development responsibility
which can only be fulfilled with trader involvement.

Car Parking
To provide economic input into development of arrangements for and assessment of the impact of
parking controls in each of the District’s towns with the objectives of making visitor accessibility
convenient and worker parking arrangements practical. Dealing with these issues in each town offers
the prospect of galvanising local traders groups to come together.

Development Opportunities
The Council will look to capture and manage development opportunities that offer the prospect of
affecting the economic prospects of each town both positive and negative.

There is also seek to ensure that proper economic impact assessments are undertaken with the
appropriate consultations prior to developments proceeding in or near the District towns.

Examples of such developments underway or proposed include Storrington centre, Further extension
of Tesco at Pulborough, West of Horsham and West of Crawley.

Taking Action Through Partnership
1. Encouraging Sustainability in Business

Sustainable Business Partnership

To provide support to the West Sussex Sustainable Business Partnership through the designated
Sustainability Officer, at Horsham District Council, to provide initiatives and support to Horsham
businesses, thereby increasing the numbers of companies engaged in waste minimisation and other
environmentally sustainable policies.

2. Work in Partnership with Specialist Service Providers


Continue to work in partnership with external organisations:

         Regional level (SEEDA & SEERA)
         Sussex County-wide:- Sussex Enterprise, West Sussex County Council, Learning & Skills
         Neighbouring Councils within Sussex

Core Funding

Continue to support the following organisations by making contributions to core funding and make use
of their expertise:

         West Sussex Economic Partnership and West Sussex Tourism Initiative
         Action in Rural Sussex
         The Enterprise Centre
         Young Enterprise
         Business Education Partnership
         Southwater Business Resource Centre


  Continue to consult with the Local Economic Advisory Group and the Rural Forum, to contribute
  towards the Community Strategy and ensure that the Council is delivering what is needed by

3. The Gatwick Diamond

The Gatwick Diamond initiative was launched in 2004.

The mission for this economic strategy is to ensure that the Gatwick Diamond achieves a step change
in economic performance by becoming widely recognised as an international business location, offering
first rate operating conditions for business, served by excellent links to other UK economic centres and
a highly motivated, knowledgeable workforce.

Support and drive for this proposal has been managed principally by the Economic Partnerships of
both Surrey and West Sussex, with major input also from SEEDA, West Sussex and Surrey County
Councils. Geographically, the Gatwick Diamond covers an area centred on Gatwick Airport, but
including a major proportion of Horsham, particularly the north of the district.

The draft report for the Gatwick Diamond Economic Strategy lists the following objectives:

  (i)     To secure higher levels of business creation, survivability, productivity and growth leading to
          a significant and sustainable improvement in the economic performance of the Gatwick
          Diamond area.

  (ii)    To develop a ‘skills escalator’ which engages individuals at the entry level, providing
          progression rates and local access to higher level qualifications and increases the output of
          individuals with higher level skills within the area, matched to the needs of key sectors.

  (iii)   To enhance the level and rate of new investment in high economic growth business activities.

  (iv)    To maintain and improve rapid and efficient transport accessibility to, from and within the

The District Council will continue to support the Gatwick Diamond Initiative to assist it to achieve its
vision by 2016 to be a world class internationally recognised business location achieving sustainable

The Council will play a key role in the next declared stage of this initiative which seeks to develop an
action plan to realise the potential for economic growth through increased productivity, innovation and
investment, particularly in education and skills. Key partners will include neighbouring district councils
located within the Gatwick Diamond, and the two County Councils.


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