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					                                              Internship Program
                                       Ubisoft Quality Control (QC) Team
    The sheet is to specify the below:
        1. Requirements for internship by Quality Control (QC) Testing Team
        2. Assignment
        3. Comprehensive Training
        4. Benefits for Interns
        5. Internship time Period
        6. Interview with current intern and QA Director

    For more information, please contact Ren Rui (

         1. Requirements for intern by Quality Control (QC) Test Team:
                    Mandatory requirements                                            Assets Most Preferred

       Have sincere interest and passion for videogames             Online and Network setup and administration

       Willing to learn all type of testing (Design, Arts, AI,      Presentation Software(Power point, Visio, UML)
        Online, Sound, etc.) on all sort of games (FPS, RTS,
        children, Sports, etc.) with many co-workers                 Practice of any game map/level editor
        (designers, artists, engineers of 9 nationalities)
                                                                     Computer sciences or any sort of Engineering
       Have good level in English reading, writing and
                                                                     Automation script & batch
                                                                     Statistics and Mathematics
       Be familiar with essential Office software (Excel,
        Word, Outlook)                                               Arts skill (music, design)

      Enjoy Team work and be proud to work on great             Knowledge of another language (Japanese, French, etc.)
        2. Assignment:
    Interns will help Quality Control Team Leader on performing the following tasks:
                                                                 Self-learning and curiosity to other cultures
         Analyze Game Design Documentation to design test cases
                                                                 Proactive and Outgoing personality
         Perform Test plan, report Bugs in Database, and follow-up their evolution
         Provide test reports and maintain test cases
         Co-work with other testers, designers and developers for bug reproduction and research fixing solutions
         Learn and support Certification process (Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Ubi Soft)
         Optional : Develop testing tools and assets (test suites, white-box testing, automation, scripting, code-review )

         3. Comprehensive Training System:
        The QC Team Leader is expected to define Assignment/training plan according to the intern’s study field .
        The QC Team Leader defines the interns’ mentor during their stay here (typically a sub-lead or a Specialist)

         4. Benefits For Interns (will be equal with any other QC Tester)
               a. Direct Working experience with experts of 9 nationalities and co-work with others in overseas studios.
               b. If the intern demonstrates good potential, his will be considered for a long term hires.
             c. Internship within Quality Control Testing department can naturally lead to the Quality Control Dev-
                Tester (confirmed tester), Quality Control Compliance Specialist (Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo), Quality
                Assurance Tool Tester, and Junior in most of other job family (Game Designer, Level Designer,
                Localization, Localization, etc.)
             d. Benefits vary according to duration and your potential in videogame industry. (See 5).

     5. Internship time period:
 We offer Open positions from December 2008 to June 2009, then from Feb 2010.
 We accept different internship durations; however, internship should be Full-Time and no shorter than 1 month.
 The benefits for the intern will be different, based on the duration.
 2 to 5 months  be trained with videogame testing processes. The person will have work experience with Database and
 production teams on latest production stage.
 6 months and more can be considered as a real work experience in the videogame industry.
 The person will ship his 1st game on International Market and face all production stages. He will be in better position
 when applying for a testing job in any company, or as Junior in other job family according to his potential. (see 4.)

     6. Interview of Jue (current intern in Ubisoft as QC Tester) and Jacques Chatenet (QC Director)
Question 1: Hello, Jue and Jacques, could you introduce yourself? Tell us something about your major and how you
arrive in QC of Ubisoft Shanghai?
Jue: I’m from Su Zhou in China, my major is Software Engineering. I started internship as QC Tester in Ubisoft Shanghai in
September 2007 for graduation in July 2009. Due to the passion in videogame industry, I sent my resume to Ubisoft, the
greatest studio in Shanghai. Fortunately I became a member of QC Shanghai of Ubisoft and worked with the best
engineers, designers and testers in videogame industry on Tom Clancy’s EndWar. After my internship, I intend to apply for
Game Designer position.
Jacques: I am from France, my major are management and Telecom. I was appointed as QC Director in Ubisoft Shanghai
in August 2007 to structure and develop QC dev-testing. Before, I have spent several years in Ubisoft Canada, and worked
for videogame branch of France Telecom in Paris. Dev-testing is more technically challenging, more direct co-working with
engineers/designers, and less manual and repetitive than “classic” functional testing like before.

Question 2: Compared to what you thought before joining Ubisoft Shanghai, what matches your expectations?
Jue: I thought communication should be the most difficult before joining Ubisoft. It’s an international company, and English
is the working language here, but actually now I found it’s a great chance to upgrade my speaking skills. You can
communicate with 9 nationalities well as long as you speak English courageously. It’s an amazing experience.
Jacques: I knew that cultural difference and working habits will be a shock. I was not disappointed. Videogame is an
industry where you work with very different people and talents. And it’s particularly true here in Ubisoft, where we are
encouraged to mix up our differences to create something always new and better.

Question 3: And what was beyond your expectations?
Jue: Technology, the most important thing in software developing. No doubt Ubisoft Shanghai has the advanced
technology in videogame industry. There are lots of tools I have learned to use (Jira Tracking base, automatization testing
tool, Server stress test tool, API and Network monitor …) from every stage of game developing: Alpha > Beta > Certification
Submission > Master Gold > Street Release > Post Launch. I learn to write reports, design document, code skills, bug
reporting, communication ability, team working … They are invaluable experiences in my career development.
Jacques: Tom Clancy’s End War, our latest X360/PS3 game is innovative in many different ways: Full Voice Control, RTS for
console, MMO Persistent Campaign. It requires QC Shanghai to develop new testing techniques more complex, more
challenging but also more exciting, more R&D with engineers and recognition… We have as QC testers some developers
and Phd who don’t have time to get bored ;-). At the end, the other Ubisoft departments (Game Design, Level Design, QA,
and Localization) started to headhunt our QC testers to work for them!
Question 4: what would you suggest to the Internship applicants?
Jue: If you have passion for game industry; you want your name to be displayed in the credits of great games; you have a
dream to be a game developer. Join us in QC, a warm family in your career. Here you can find lots of friends who have the
same passion and dreams.
Jacques: Don’t apply if you think that testing will be “no-choice job to wait for something else”… Apply only if you are
ready to commit fully yourself, challenge yourself and enjoy working with dedicated and professional teammates.
We make great games because we help each other to give their best. Our last intern who moved as Level Designer wrote:
“My 7 months life in QC was filled with joy. It’s a journey in my life. Tester is my first job and it converts me from a boy
to a man. Thank you for teaching me and taking care of me. It’s a family. I hope my new family can be as warm as QC.”

 Notice: Please be aware that all the internship will be subject to the availability of the applicants. Please provide the
 teacher in charge of students’ internship in your school with contact info for reference

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