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       2011                TOTA AWARDS TO HONOUR
       NEWS                TOURISM EXCELLENCE

P.13   FAMS SHOW OFF THE REGION                    P.17 Gliders soar into Merritt

                                                   P.3   TOTA Executive has great
                                                         meeting with Minister

                                                   P.24 Summer Games boost
                                                        Kamloops economy

                                                   P.17 Armstrong makes most
                                                        of national TV exposure

                                                   P.22 Shuswap offers innovative
                                                        ‘Routes & Blues’ combo

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                                         SUMMERLAND STARTS
                                         NEW FALL WINE FAIR
                                        3    TOTA Executive has excellent meeting      9    Did You Know?

IN THIS ISSUE                                with Minister
                                             New staff member Ingrid Tyler
                                                                                       10   Community Development News
CLICK & GO TO STORIES INSIDE                 welcomed                                  11   TOTA Audit goes extremely well
                                        4    World-class program set for 2011               Thompson Okanagan Tourism Awards
                                             Tourism Industry Summit                        will celebrate excellence

                                        6    TOTA staff study ‘EQ’ in-depth            12   TOTA continues contact with MLAs
                                             Join the B.C. Business Network            13   Marketing Services Update
                                        7    FAM shows off region’s unique wine-       15   Tips on best use of QR Codes
                                             culinary-agritourism experience
                                                                                            More stakeholders register with TOTA
TOTA                                    8    TOTA Golf Tournament sold-out!
                                                                                       16   TELUS helps communities & businesses

                                        17   Merritt attracts gliders from Lower            tough economic year
                                                                                       22   Shuswap offers innovative ‘Routes &
                                             Campfires banned in west part of region        Blues’ combination event
                                             Armstrong makes most of national TV            Merritt to upgrade Airport
                                             exposure on Kraft Celebration Tour
                                                                                            Popular ‘Feast of Fields’ event growing
                                        18   Classic Boat Show a hit in Sicamous
                                                                                       23   Rumble strips being added to highways
                                             Sparkling Hill Resort gets spot in
                                             premier wedding market magazine                Armstrong’s IPE bigger & better
                                             Thousands in Kelowna’s Apple Triathlon         Film Commissions get funding

                                        19   Tobiano named B.C.’s top public course    24   Highway & trail upgrades opened
                                             Salmon fishery OK’d on Osoyoos Lake            Games boost Kamloops economy
                                             New camping reservation system helps           Summerland to hold Wine Fair
                                             in Clearwater area
                                                                                       25   Valemount scene of one of longest
                                        20   Penticton Dragon Boat Festival growing         Chinook salmon runs
                                             Knox Mountain trail getting upgrade            Storytelling hosted in Salmon Arm
                                        21   Heli-tour service starts in Osoyoos            Westbank opens new, bigger Museum

                                             ‘Kars Under the K’ a hit car-show         26   Kumsheen big player in River Festival
                                             Roots & Blues Festival does well in a

                                        27   Groups praise new travel agreements       29   Tourism BC Online Resources Update
                                             with Brazil
                                                                                            Many travel marketers ignore best
                                             Task Force seeking new model for a             practices
                                             provincial DMO
                                                                                            CTC’s launches winter campaign in

                                             10 Tips for retaining loyal guests             Australia

EVENTS                                  30   Tourism-related conferences coming in
                                             the next few months

                                             FIND US
                                                                        2280-D Leckie Road
                                                               Kelowna, BC V1X 6G6
                                                             Tel: 250.860.5999
                                                 Fax: 250.860.9993

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                                        TOTA                             NEWS                         AUG

Thompson Okanagan Tourism says a meeting its Board executive hosted with
Minister Pat Bell at TOTA’s Kelowna office on July 29 was a great opportunity to
exchange information and views on a wide range of tourism topics.

Mandziuk says the
meeting – attend-
ed by Bell, Man-
dziuk, Kelowna-                                                                                       TOTA WELCOMES STAFF
Lake Country MLA                                                                                      MEMBER INGRID TYLER
Norm Letnick, and
                                                                                                      CEO Glenn Mandziuk has an-
TOTA Chair Ingrid
                                                                                                      nounced that TOTA has hired
Jarrett, Vice-Chair                                                                                   a new staff member to fill the
Chris Bower and                                                                                       position of Corporate Services
Past Chair Michael                                                                                    Administrative Assistant.
J. Ballingall – was
a chance for the                                                                                      Ingrid Tyler began her new du-
regional tourism                                                                                      ties Aug. 15 – providing organi-
                                                                                                      zational, communications and
organization to
                                                                                                      administrative support to TOTA’s
provide in-depth                                                                                      CEO and Corporate Officer on
information to the                                                                                    day-to-day matters and special
Minister.                                                                                             projects. She is also in charge
                                                                                                      of booking all staff travel and en-
Bell, MLA for
                                                                                                      sures that effective and efficient
Prince George-                                                                                        procedures are followed in the
Mackenzie and a                                                                                       TOTA office.
veteran B.C. cabi-
net minister, was                                                                                     Tyler was born and raised in
named Minister                                                                                        B.C., spending her school years
of Jobs, Tourism                                                                                      in Merritt, Revelstoke and Van-
& Innovation in                                                                                       couver. After graduating from
                                                                                                      Canadian Junior College in
                       From left, Jobs, Tourism & Innovation Minister Pat Bell meets July 29 at the   Switzerland she spent eight
“We talked about       TOTA office with Board Chair Ingrid Jarrett, Vice-Chair Chris Bower, and       years working for chartered ac-
the significant        Past Chair Michael J. Ballingall.                                              countants in Calgary. She then
changes to TOTA                                                                                       spent seven years in the Busi-
                                                    the innovative approach TOTA is taking in con-    ness Banking department at
over the past couple of years, about our cur-       necting with our stakeholders,” Jarrett says.     RBC Royal Bank in Vancouver,
rent development of a regional tourism strat- “We’re very encouraged by the Minister’s ap-            where she achieved an award as
egy, our strong relationship with the Ministry      proachability and his enthusiasm for the po-      a Top Performer. After moving
and Tourism BC, and the major role tourism          tential of investment in the tourism industry,    to the Okanagan she worked for
plays in the region’s economy,” Mandziuk                                                              a financial advisor for a number
                                                    both for rural and urban stakeholders.”
says.                                                                                                 of years, continuing her focus on
                                                    The TOTA Chair says Bell recognized the           client satisfaction.
Jarrett applauds Bell for his willingness to
                                                    hard work the regional tourism organization
meet and find out more about the region’s                                                             Tyler loves the Okanagan and is
                                                    has done in forging partnerships with people,     excited about her new role. She
tourism issues.
                                                    businesses and organizations in the Thomp-        looks forward to meeting and as-
“It was a very open, positive dialogue around       son Okanagan’s 10 sub-regions.                    sisting TOTA’s stakeholders.

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                                                         TOTA                     NEWS                  AUG

                                                                                                           2011 SUMMIT

TOTA has announced that an outstanding program has now been finalized for
the biggest gathering of the region’s tourism stakeholders this year – the 3rd
Annual Thompson Okanagan Tourism Industry Summit, to be held Nov. 2-4 at
the Delta Sun Peaks Resort.                                                                                    Philip Pearce

CEO Glenn Mandziuk says more than 200 tour-         “The extremely strong program at this fall’s
ism leaders from all parts of the region are ex-    Summit will give participants an unprecedented
pected to take in the exciting Summit program       chance to exchange ideas with some of the top
which features the theme ‘The Values Matrix’        tourism thinkers in the world – making this an
and a range of stimulating workshops and in-        incredible opportunity to take our destinations,
depth talks on leading-edge trends and best-        our marketing, and our travel-experience prod-
practices by nine national and international        ucts to the next level.”
tourism speakers.
                                                    TOTA Industry Development Specialist Jenni-
“Over the past two years we have worked close-      fer Houiellebecq, who has developed the Sum-
ly with our partners to help us all raise our re-   mit’s program, says that with this year’s theme,
gion’s tourism industry to a level of world-class   businesses and tourism organizations will have
excellence – and we’re succeeding,” Mandziuk        the opportunity to look at their business activi-
says.                                               ties, their marketing and their visitors from a        Dr. Michael Adams
                                                    unique perspective – one that is likely to have

         Fred Sarkari                   Dr. Nancy Arsenault                    Peter Legge                     Greg Klassen

THOMPSON OKANAGAN TOURISM ASSOCIATION               AUG 2011                                            RETURN TO PAGE 2       4
                                                          TOTA                     NEWS                 AUG

an impact on how we undertake                                      in North America”. The National
many of these activities in the fu-                                Speakers Association and the Ca-
ture. The plenary sessions and                                     nadian Association of Profession-       2011 SUMMIT
the workshops will highlight new                                   al Speakers have inducted him
and innovative ideas and prac-                                     into the Speakers Hall of Fame.          SPEAKERS
tices, and will give practical tips
                                                                  • FRED SARKARI – Management
on how to turn these into real
changes that will help tourism                                    consultant to major organizations
operations grow and prosper.                                      and corporations. An expert in
                                                                  human behaviour and a leading
The emcee for the event will be                                   coach and consultant to a wide
noted B.C. travel journalist and                                  range of organizations from start-
media host Cheryl MacKinnon.                                      ups to worldwide companies in-
Speakers at the Summit will in-                                   cluding Microsoft, Wells Fargo,
                                      Travel journalist Cheryl
clude:                                MacKinnon will emcee the    BMW, Coca-Cola, and Four Sea-
                                      2011 Tourism Summit.        sons Hotels.
dation Professor of Tourism,                                      • TOD MAFFIN – COO and se-
James Cook University, Aus-                                       nior strategist at Media Strate-
tralia. Internationally recognized for research      gies. One of North America’s leading digital
on tourism behaviour and the experiences of          marketing experts, he specializes in viral and
guests and hosts.                                    ROI-based campaigns. He is a renowned com-
                                                     mentator on the impact of accelerated techno-             Tod Maffin
• DR. MICHAEL ADAMS – President, Environics          logical change and innovation in the business
research and communications consulting com-          environment.
panies. Renowned author and expert on social
values and their impact on visitor behaviour.        • HUGH CULVER – Consultant, author and
                                                     speaker on inspired leadership, and Chief Ideas
• GREG KLASSEN – Senior Vice-President,              Officer for Marathon Communications. An ath-
Marketing Strategy & Communications, Cana-           lete, adventurer, businessman and visionary
dian Tourism Commission. Successfully navi-          who understands how to harness value systems
gated the development and execution of Can-          in all situations, his insights and writings on
ada’s international tourism brand, achieving         personal leadership are sought after by leading
Canada’s Marketer of the Year for 2009 and the       organizations.
world’s No. 1 tourism brand in 2010.
                                                     The Summit will provide an inspiring venue at
• DR. NANCY ARSENAULT – Industry trainer,            the Delta Sun Peaks Resort and a chance to net-
business coach, researcher and owner/op-             work with colleagues and friends at the region’s
erator of two businesses. Canadian expert in         largest gathering of tourism stakeholders.
learning, enrichment, and experiential travel.                                                               Will Harding
She has worked with large DMOs, tourism and          Participants who register by the Sept. 29 Ear-
parks departments, and hundreds of small and         ly-Bird Deadline will save more than $125 –
medium-sized tourism businesses.                     benefitting from an excellent inclusive price,
                                                     reduced parking costs, and the ability to take
• WILL HARDING – Brand Experiences Special-          advantage of a special discounted room rate at
ist, Canadian Tourism Commission, and cre-           the Delta Sun Peaks Resort.
ator of CTC’s Explorer Quotient® program. As
a member of the Global Marketing Team, he            The Early Bird Special is $399 and includes two
works with tourism businesses, destination           nights of parking for the price of one. Regular
marketers and travel trade to help them book         Summit registration after Sept. 29 is $525. Re-
high-spending international travellers looking       duced rates are also available for group regis-
for an outstanding experience.                       trations from the same business.
• PETER LEGGE – Internationally acclaimed            To register, contact Meaghan at Tel: 250-860-
speaker, bestselling author, and Chairman &          5999 ext. 203, or Email:
CEO of Canada Wide Media. He is a past chair                                                                  Hugh Culver
of the Vancouver Board of Trade, and Toast-          More information is available on the Summit
masters International voted him “Top Speaker         website .

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                                                              TOTA                       NEWS                AUG

                                                                                                             JOIN THE B.C.
                                                                                                             BUSINESS NETWORK
                                                                                                             TOTA is encouraging tourism
                                                                                                             businesses throughout the
                                                                                                             Thompson Okanagan to join the
                                                                                                             free B.C. Business Network,
                                                                                                             an online database that allows
                                                                                                             companies to profile them-
                                                                                                             selves to local, national and
                                                                                                             international businesses want-
                                                                                                             ing to create or develop busi-
                                                                                                             ness opportunities in B.C. and
                                                                                                             The Network is a legacy pro-
                                                                                                             gram stemming from the suc-
Will Harding, CTC’s EQ™ Project Manager, leads a recent workshop giving TOTA staff and contractors an in-    cessful 2010 Business Network
depth understanding of the powerful tools offered by the Explorer Quotient program.                          initiative which helped B.C.
                                                                                                             companies gain Winter Olym-
                                                                                                             pics-related contracts worth
TOTA STAFF STUDY “EQ” IN-DEPTH AT WORKSHOP                                                                   more than $700 million.
                                                                                                             The Network helps companies
Following up on the landmark agreement in June          and they studied how EQ™ enables tourism des-        interested in expanding their
which gives Thompson Okanagan Tourism ac-               tinations to use tools like social values maps,      markets. It distributes mar-
cess to the rich tourism market research in the         business scenarios, market considerations, and       ket intelligence customized
Canadian Tourism Commission’s “EQ™” (Explor-            asset development in order to focus on and com-      by industry sector, identifies
er Quotient®) program, TOTA has immediately             municate their unique selling points.                educational resource needs,
started to incorporate this powerful tool into its                                                           provides invitations to develop-
daily work.                                             Harding said the power of EQ™ is that it helps       ment programs, and helps to
                                                        tourism organizations and stakeholders identify      identify business development
In one of the first moves, TOTA staff took part in      their most likely travellers, the particular prod-   opportunities. This can even
an intensive day-long workshop on July 28 with          ucts that will appeal most to them, and the best     include attendance at ‘Doing
CTC’s EQ™ Project Manager, Will Harding. The                                                                 Business Overseas’ workshops
                                                        marketing in order to motivate the traveller to
session in Kelowna consisted of in-depth study                                                               and participation in overseas
                                                        become inspired and then take real action to pur-
and practise with the detailed operation of the                                                              trade shows.
                                                        chase their travel.
award-winning EQ™ program – including how it
combines existing social-values research with                                                                The provincial Ministry of Small
                                                        TOTA CEO Glenn Mandziuk says as staff become
new travel-behaviour research and develops                                                                   Business, Technology & Eco-
                                                        knowledgeable and proficient in EQ™, they will       nomic Development uses the
critical “market segmentation” data.                    then begin to apply its vast research and excel-     Network to connect B.C. com-
EQ™ provides the travel motivations, habits and         lent tools to TOTA’s work in the region.             panies to valuable contacts,
preferences of people in Canada’s 10 key tourism                                                             potential supply and service
                                                        “This valuable research data and the many tool-
markets: the U.S.A., U.K., France, Germany, Ja-                                                              opportunities, contract oppor-
                                                        kits and guides which are a part of EQ™ will defi-   tunities and events that may
pan, Australia, South Korea, Mexico, China, and
                                                        nitely support our strategic development of the      lead to new business in B.C.
within Canada.
                                                        region’s tourism products and marketing mes-
Harding told TOTA staff how EQ™ also groups             sages,” Mandziuk says. He adds that over time it     “We’re very supportive of this
travellers into nine “explorer types”: Free Spirits,    will greatly benefit TOTA and its stakeholders.      initiative and we encourage all
                                                                                                             export-ready businesses in the
Authentic Experiencers, Cultural Explorers, Per-
                                                        Mandziuk notes that EQ™ complements the              region to join the Network,”
sonal History Explorers, Cultural History Buffs,
                                                        strong research already available to TOTA from       TOTA CEO Glenn Mandziuk says.
Gentle Explorers, Virtual Travellers, Rejuvena-
tors, and No-Hassle Travellers. He said the first       Tourism BC and the provincial Ministry of Jobs,      To become a free Network
three types are the strongest prospective visitors      Tourism & Innovation. TOTA is the first of B.C.’s    member, businesses can reg-
for the Thompson Okanagan.                              six tourism regions to sign up for “EQ™”.            ister online at http://trade.
TOTA staff practised applying EQ™ research to        businessnetwork/ .
actual destinations in the Thompson Okanagan            tient

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                                                                TOTA  NEWS   AUG

As part of its ongoing investigation and promotion of
unique tourism experiences in the Thompson Okanagan,
TOTA took part in a major recent travel-media familiariza-
tion tour in the South Okanagan sponsored by its partners
Tourism BC, Watermark Beach Resort, and Penticton &
Wine Country Tourism.
The Aug. 5-8 “Field to Fork” FAM focused on the growing
and fairly unique combination of wine, culinary and agri-
tourism in the region.
Board Chair Ingrid Jarrett, CEO Glenn Mandziuk and In-
dustry Development Specialist Jennifer Houiellebecq
joined six visiting magazine and freelance journalists on
the FAM in the South Okanagan-Similkameen area, tour-
ing about 30 tourism stakeholders.
“We see this wine-culinary-agritourism as a strong
emerging theme that makes us unique in many ways,”
says Mandziuk. “As we toured orchards, vegetable farms,

      TOP: TOTA CEO Glenn Mandziuk, left, and Board Chair
      Ingrid Jarrett, right, visit with Julie and Lanny Martiniuk,
      owners of Stoneboat Winery.

      MIDDLE: Covert Farms owner Gene Covert relaxes while
      hosting the Field to Fork FAM tour.

      BOTTOM LEFT: Journalists on the FAM enjoy patio dining
      at the Watermark Beach Resort, in Osoyoos.

      BOTTOM RIGHT: Glenn Mandziuk visits with Painted Rock
      Winery owner John Skinner.

                                                                TOTA                    NEWS            AUG

vineyards and wineries, we saw the passion that each of
these operators has. They’re presenting world-class desti-
nations and it is beginning to really distinguish our region’s
tourism product offering.”
Jarrett notes that these tourism products are now matur-
ing and many are fully ready for the tourism market. And,
she says, they are strong products because they are both
educational and experiential, appealing to visitors’ desire to
learn firsthand about issues such as food sustainability.
Tourism stakeholders visited during the FAM included:
Penticton Ramada Inn, Painted Rock Estate Winery, Chef
Planiden’s Culinary Adventures, Penticton Farmers’ Mar-
ket, Poplar Grove Estate Winery, Red Rooster Winery, Wa-
termark Beach Resort, Orofino Winery, Joy Road Catering,
Covert Farms, Stoneboat Vineyards, Dolci Deli & Catering,
Osoyoos Desert Centre, Hester Creek Estate Winery, Terrafina
Restaurant, Van Westen Vineyards, and Poplar Grove Cheese.
To see one of the articles resulting from this FAM, click HERE.

          TOP: Glenn Mandziuk, left, and Ingrid Jarrett, right, visit
          with La Stella Winery winemaker James Cambridge and
          Watermark Beach Resort chef Natasha Schooten.

          MIDDLE: Ingrid Jarrett, left, and Glenn Mandziuk, right,
          visit with Dana Ewart, co-owner of Joy Road Catering.

          BOTTOM: During the FAM, Glenn Mandziuk, right, meets
          with Orofino Winery owner John Weber.

Thompson Okanagan Tourism stakehold-                  the fun holes and mini-events in the Tourna-
ers have jumped at the chance to join in the          ment,” Rasmusens says.
20th anniversary edition of TOTA’s Annual Golf
Tournament. The Sept. 1 event at the scenic           TOTA CEO Glenn Mandziuk adds, “Everyone
Vernon Golf & Country Club is sold-out, with          has really stepped up to the plate to support
128 golfers registered.                               us. Funds raised at this event go towards our
                                                      initiatives to develop the region’s tourism in-
Tournament organizer Monica Rasmusens,                dustry, and we appreciate the way our stake-
TOTA’s Corporate Officer, says she has start-         holders are supporting our efforts in projects
ed a waiting list and, since players may drop         like the Regional Tourism Strategy.”
out, she invites people who would still like a
chance to take part in the fun event to contact       Rasmusens says sponsorship opportuni-
Stakeholder Sales Specialist Meaghan Ca-              ties still remain open to sponsor a couple of
ruana at or 250-860-5999             the fun activities or donate prizes, and those
ext 203.                                              interested in getting involved should contact
                                                      her at or 250-860-5999 ext
“We’ve had an overwhelming response this              206. A full description of the Tournament and
year, both from stakeholders wanting to play          sponsorship opportunities is online at: www.
and from those wanting to sponsor some of   

THOMPSON OKANAGAN TOURISM ASSOCIATION                     AUG 2011                                      RETURN TO PAGE 2   8
                                                         TOTA                      NEWS                  AUG

Rasmusens notes the theme for
this 20th Annual Golf Tourna-
ment is “The Roaring 1820s”,                                                                              DID YOU KNOW?
with a western flavour running
though many of the day’s activi-                                                                          The Thompson Okanagan
ties. One of the featured activi-                                                                         tourism region is a large,
ties will be a fun dress-up photo                                                                         diverse area. Here are
taken of each team in front of an                                                                         some interesting facts:
early stagecoach supplied by His-                                                                         • The Thompson Okana-
toric O’Keefe Ranch. She says the                                                                         gan region is 71,600 sq
Ranch and many other Vernon-ar-                                                                           km (27,644 sq mi) in area
ea stakeholders have shown great                                                                          – slightly larger than the
support for the Tournament. For                                                                           Republic of Ireland.
example, MJO Tours will donate
free shuttle service between the                                                                          • The region contains
                                                                                                          more than 90 communi-
golf course and the golfers’ main
local accommodations.
                                                                                                          • It includes 9 cities –
Another major Tournament ac-                                                                              Armstrong, Enderby,
tivity incorporating the western                                                                          Grand Forks, Greenwood,
theme will be a featured perfor-                                                                          Kamloops, Kelowna, Mer-
mance by popular Vernon-based                                                                             ritt, Penticton and Salm-
country-music singer, songwriter                                                                          on Arm.
and recording artist Lee Dinwood-
ie during and after the banquet                                                                           • It has 9 districts – Bar-
dinner. For the Tournament show                                                                           riere, Clearwater, Cold-
                                                                                                          stream, Lake Country,
he will be accompanied by accom-
                                                                                                          Logan Lake, Peachland,
plished steel-guitar player David
                                                                                                          Sicamous, Summerland
Bayer.                                                                                                    and West Kelowna – and
Dinwoodie has four albums and                                                                             1 township – Spallum-
a number of music videos to his                                                                           cheen.
credit. Over his 25-year career                                                                           • The region has 3 towns
he has appeared on television                                                                             – Oliver, Osoyoos and
programs including The Tommy                       Country music performer Lee Dinwoodie.                 Princeton.
Hunter Show, he has appeared
nationally with artists such as                      The TOTA Tournament will include 18 holes of         • The Thompson Okana-
                                                     golf, a number of fun events at the holes, prizes    gan contains 7 regional
Patti Loveless, Kitty Wells and Hank Snow, and
                                                                                                          districts – Central Okana-
he has headlined many festivals, rodeos and          for many of the golfers – including two Air Can-
                                                                                                          gan, Columbia Shuswap,
fairs. He also recorded numerous songs in            ada tickets to fly anywhere in North America, a
                                                                                                          Fraser Fort-George (Vale-
Nashville and has been featured several times on Twin Anchors houseboat vacation, and a $5,000            mount), Kootenay Bound-
the TNN network.                                     Hole-in-One prize from Western Financial Group       ary, North Okanagan, and
                                                     – a banquet dinner, and an awards ceremony.          Okanagan Similkameen.
Dinwoodie is constantly busy with private and        There will also be an auction conducted by Ver-
corporate performances throughout B.C., and          non-based professional auctioneer Kevin Roth-        • It has 7 villages –
he is very popular in Europe. In 2010 he toured      well, with a lot of fantastic prizes up for bids!    Ashcroft, Cache Creek,
Europe, including playing at major festivals – and                                                        Chase, Keremeos,
his song ‘Paycheque to Paycheque’ hit No. 1 on       Vernon’s Prestige Hotel is the official accommo-     Lumby, Midway and Vale-
the European charts. Next year he will play at an dation sponsor, and Black Press is sponsoring a         mount.
Olympic equestrian function in London, England.      hole and the banquet dinner.
                                                                                                          • There is 1 official
His latest album is a greatest-hits collection                                                            Mountain Resort Munici-
                                                     Other sponsors include Thompson Rivers Univer-
called ’25 Years, 25 Songs’.                                                                              pality in the Thompson
                                                     sity Residence & Conference Centre (golf-carts),
“I’m looking forward to playing at TOTA’s Golf       Wine Trails magazine (ladies longest drive), and     Okanagan – Sun Peaks.
Tournament – it should be lots of fun,” Dinwoodie hole sponsors RPB Hotels & Resorts and Tour-
says.                                                ism Vernon/Okanagan Spirits.

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                                                        TOTA                       NEWS                 AUG

                                                                                                        TOTA’S COMMUNITY
                                                                                                        DEVELOPMENT DEPT.
                                                                                                        In my position as Commu-
                                                                                                        nity Development Specialist
                                                                                                        for the Thompson Okanagan
                                                                                                        Tourism Association it is my
                                                                                                        role to liaise with community
                                                                                                        stakeholders including des-
                                                                                                        tination marketing/manage-
                                                                                                        ment organizations, economic
                                                                                                        development offices, visitor
                                                                                                        centres, business organiza-
                                                                                                        tions, and local and regional
                                                                ABOVE: Osoyoos Indian Band              governments.
                                                                elder Modesta Betterton
                                                                blessed the Salmon Chief stat-          With over 90+ communities
                                                                ue and the unveiling ceremony.          and hamlets throughout the
                                                                                                        region there is a lot going
                                                                LEFT: Dignitaries at the Salm-          on, so be sure to be in touch
                                                                on Chief unveiling included,
                                                                from left, Okanagan-Coquihalla          with us about tourism in your
                                                                MP Dan Albas, Osoyoos Indian            community.
                                                                Band Chief Clarence Louie,
                                                                RDOS Chair Dan Ashton, RDOS             Simone Carlysle-Smith
                                                                Area ‘D’ Director Bill Schwarz,         Community Development Specialist
                                                                and Economic Development
                                                                Co-ordinator for RDOS Area ‘D’
                                                                John Powell.                            250-860-5999 Ext. 214
                                                                                                        TOTA Community Development
COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT SPECIALIST                   the bands of the Okanagan Nation. This annual
VISITS OKANAGAN FALLS FOR SALMON CHIEF             gathering was an occasion of trading, renew-
SCULPTURE UNVEILING AND FAM TOUR WITH              ing friendships and preparing the winter harvest
JOHN POWELL, ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CO-              of salmon caught in the Okanagan River at the
ORDINATOR – OKANAGAN FALLS & AREA D                Falls. He was not necessarily a chief but was a
                                                   respected member of the community tasked to
Over 250 residents gathered in Okanagan Falls to   ensure all members and bands had sufficient
witness the unveiling of the Salmon Chief sculp-   salmon to last the winter.
ture on Aug. 11. Chiefs and elders of the neigh-
bouring bands in the Okanagan and Similkameen      The sculpture, which stands at the north end of
attended the ceremony recognizing the impor-       Cedar Street, in Okanagan Falls’ new lakeside
tance of the area to First Nations, along with     park, was created by artist Smoker Marchand
Okangan-Coquihalla MP Dan Albas, Boundary-         of the Colville Okanagan Nation Band in Colville
Similkameen MLA John Slater, Speaker of the        Washington. It was commissioned by Bill Schwarz,
Provincial Legislature Bill Barisoff, and RDOS     Electoral Area Director for Okanagan Falls-
Chair Dan Ashton. The gathering and sculpture      Kaleden in the Regional District Okanagan Si-
were blessed in the Okanagan Nation language       milkameen. This has been a joint project between
by Modesta Betterton, an Osoyoos Band elder.
                                                   the Osoyoos Band and Area D of RDOS. As Chief            Simone Carlysle-Smith
The Salmon Chief was selected by the band          Clarence Louie of the Osoyoos Band said, this is      Community Development SpeCialiSt
members because Okanagan Falls was histori-        the beginning of developing of trust and co-opera-
cally an important annual gathering place for      tion between the community and the Band.

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                                                           TOTA                      NEWS                   AUG

After working hard over the                                                                                 DEVELOPMENT
past two years to ensure that
its financial accounting pro-                                                                               NEWS (CONT’D)
cedures follow best practices,
TOTA’s books are in first-class
shape. As a result, and de-
spite stricter new Canadian
auditing standards, the au-
dit of TOTA’s accounts for
the 2010-11 fiscal year went
quicker and better than ever.
BDO Canada Chartered Ac-
countants (Vernon) recently
completed the audit and in
mid-August TOTA’s Board ap-                                                                                 REGISTER YOUR
                                Brian Cockburn, of BDO Canada, works with TOTA Corporate Officer Monica
proved the audited financial                                                                                COMMUNITY’S FESTIVALS
                                Rasmusens as he conducts the audit of TOTA’s 2010-11 financial accounts.
statements. These financial                                                                                 AND EVENTS FOR FREE ON
statements will be presented                                                                                HELLO BC.COM
for ratification at TOTA’s An-                      pleasant to work with.” He will attend the TOTA
nual General Meeting on Nov. 2 at the Delta Sun     AGM to present the audited financial statements.        Ensure your community’s
Peaks Resort.                                                                                               Festivals and Events are
                                                    TOTA Corporate Officer Monica Rasmusens notes           listed on’s free
BDO’s Brian Cockburn, who conducted the TOTA          that stricter new auditing standards adopted          Festivals and Events Listings.
audit, says new Canadian auditing standards           across Canada mean the auditors don’t just in-        Visit
meant an increased workload and increased re-         spect the financial accounts for the fiscal year      tivals to view sample listings
sponsibilities in the audit. Nevertheless, he says,   under review. They also look at operations well       and go to www.tourismbc.
“This year’s audit went very smoothly, and we         into the next fiscal year, to ensure that any major   net to list your community’s
finished well ahead of last year.”                    “subsequent events” don’t affect the organiza-        events.
                                                      tion’s financial situation. As a result, this audit
Cockburn adds that the audit “was a good pro-         looked at TOTA’s books right up to early August       View the Thompson Okana-
cess – all the TOTA staff were very helpful and       2011.                                                 gan Festivals and Events
                                                                                                            Go to
                                                                                                            Under “HelloBC Listings Pro-
2011 TOURISM AWARDS WILL RECOGNIZE EXCELLENCE                                                               gram” click “DETAILS”. You
                                                                                                            have the option of viewing a
The Thompson Okanagan Tourism Associa-                     zation has attracted, trained and retained
                                                                                                            sample Festival and Event
tion (TOTA) will recognize the excellence shown            staff and has produced high levels of cus-
                                                                                                            Listing. If you scroll down you
by many tourism businesses and organizations               tomer satisfaction.
                                                                                                            also view a list of what the
from across the region when it presents the 2011         • ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY –
                                                                                                            base listing includes. There
Tourism Excellence Awards at the 3rd Annual                Through environmental programs and prac-
                                                                                                            is no charge for this listing!
Thompson Okanagan Tourism Industry Summit,                 tices this business or organization has en-
                                                                                                            Link to:
Nov. 2-4 at Sun Peaks. This exciting program               gaged its staff, guests and the community in
provides an opportunity to showcase innovation             reducing its carbon footprint.         
and excellence within the tourism industry, and          • TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION – Through                Public/ProgramDetails/Hel-
nominations are now being invited.                         the innovative use of technology, this busi-     loBCDetails.aspx?bwBpAGQA
                                                           ness or organization has improved its oper-      JQAzAGQALQAyADEANAA3A
TOTA has just announced that awards will be pre-           ations, employee procedures, and/or guest        DQAOAAzADYANAA3AA
sented in the following six categories:                    experiences.
                                                         • COMMUNITY SPORT TOURISM – This busi-             Contact Information:
   • EMPLOYER OF THE YEAR – Through the
                                                           ness or organization has demonstrated a          HelloBC® Listings Program
     implementation of excellent human re-
                                                           community partnership between sport and          1 800 822 7899
     sources practices this business or organi-

THOMPSON OKANAGAN TOURISM ASSOCIATION                 AUG 2011                                               RETURN TO PAGE 2            11
                                                         TOTA                      NEWS                  AUG

     tourism which has resulted in increased        31, 2011.
     tourism revenues.                                                                                    TOTA IS THE OFFICIAL
   • TOURISM MARKETING (Two Awards: “Un-            All TOTA stakeholders are invited to nominate a       REPRESENTATIVE OF
                                                    business or organization for these awards. Eli-
     der $15,000” and “Over $15,000”) – This
                                                    gible tourism-related organizations and busi-
     business or organization has implemented
                                                    nesses may nominate themselves. The deadline
     a creative, comprehensive and innovative
                                                    for nominations to be received by TOTA is Friday,
     marketing program which has resulted in
                                                    October 14, 2011. The nomination form can be
     increased tourism revenues.
                                                    filled out or downloaded from the Awards web-
   • SOCIAL MEDIA INITIATIVE – This business
     or organization has implemented an out-                                                             TOTA MAJOR PARTNERS
     standing social media marketing campaign       “Our region has hundreds of amazing, world-
     or initiative.                                 class tourism destinations and attractions work-
                                                    ing hard every day to implement the industry’s       DIAMOND LEVEL
Any of the more than 3,200 tourism-related busi-
                                                    best practices and attract increasing numbers of
nesses and organizations operating in the large,
                                                    international and domestic travellers,” says TOTA
diverse Thompson Okanagan region are eligible
                                                    CEO Glenn Mandziuk. “We are pleased to recog-
to be nominated for these awards. This includes
                                                    nize the innovation and excellence of our tourism
community tourism organizations, private busi-
                                                    industry through this annual awards program.”
nesses, non-profit organizations and businesses,
and product-based alliances. All nominations        The awards will be presented during the Nov. 3
must relate to initiatives, campaigns or programs   Gala Banquet at the 2011 Tourism Summit, and
which have been started or operated sometime        TOTA will also publicize the winners through its
during the 16-month period July 1, 2010–October     own publications and media announcements.


                                                                                                         PLATINUM LEVEL

TOTA is continuing its ongoing contact with members of Parliament and members of the B.C. Legisla-
ture in the region. Recently, three senior TOTA officials met for an informal get-together with Kelow-
na-Lake Country MLA Norm Letnick during a round of golf at Sunset Ranch Golf & Country Club, in
Kelowna. Joining in were, from left: Jim Loyd (Big White Resort & Silver Star Mountain Resort Direc-
tor of Sales), Glenn Mandziuk (TOTA CEO), Norm Letnick (Kelowna-Lake Country MLA), Ingrid Jarrett
(TOTA Board Chair), and Michael J. Ballingall (TOTA Past Chair).

THOMPSON OKANAGAN TOURISM ASSOCIATION                AUG 2011                                            RETURN TO PAGE 2    12
                                                             TOTA                         NEWS                 AUG

The last three weeks have
been relatively quiet in
                                                                                                               SERVICES UPDATE
terms of media and trav-
el-trade FAMs to the re-                                                                                       MEDIA FAM
gion. However, TOTA’s
Marketing Services team                                                                                        • CTC Germany Marketing
views this as the calm be-                                                                                     Official – TOTA hosted Bar-
fore the storm – we have                                                                                       bara Ackerman, the Canadian
been busily preparing for                                                                                      Tourism Commission’s Pub-
a significant number of                                                                                        lic Relations and Marketing
FAMs to the region over                                                                                        Director in Germany, who was
the next month. In the                                                                                         in western Canada for busi-
meantime, here’s a list of                                                                                     ness and pleasure. This is a
activities since mid-July:                                                                                     benefit TOTA gets from being
                                                                                                               located in close geographical
                                                                                                               proximity to CTC’s head office
• India Tour Operators                                                                                         in Vancouver. With Germany
– It was a short time but                                                                                      being an important market
a good time for nine tour                                                                                      for the Thompson Okanagan
operators and the India         Paticipants in the India Tour Operators FAM enjoy Sun City Cherries.           region, we were very happy to
Canadian Tourism Com-                                                                                          have Barbara visit. The re-
mission representative on                                  the Canadian Professional Golfers’ Association      search and intelligence to be
a recent 24-hour FAM to Kelowna. Making mat-               (CPGA) Canadian Open was held in Vancouver          gained from trips like these is
ters worse, their flight to Kelowna was cancelled, last month. With assistance from Tourism BC,                very important to help us in-
making for an interesting logistical challenge.            the Golf Journalists Association of Canada, and
                                                                                                               crease market share in com-
Despite the setback, the group was able to take            Charter Bus Lines of B.C., TOTA hosted 20 golf
                                                                                                               petitive Canadian and global
in cherry and lavender harvesting as well as win- writers from this loose-knit fraternity across the
ery visits – finishing with a lakeside resort wine-        country. The group visited several of our great
paired dinner.                                             golf products in the region prior to covering the
                                                           Canadian Open. These products received some
TOTA is very excited about the Indian market,              fabulous accolades and the region will benefit
particularly the independent traveller visita-             immensely from publicity generated. Special
tions that will flow from their increasing dispos-         thanks go out to Tourism Kamloops, Tobiano,
able wealth, education levels, and interest in B.C. Predator Ridge Resort, and Sagebrush Golf &
tourism products.                                          Sporting Club for their support.
MEDIA FAMS                                              INDUSTRY EVENTS ATTENDED
• Golf Journalists – We had the cream of Cana-          • CITAP Event – TOTA International Marketing
dian golf journalism visit the region in July. For      Specialist Katherine Voigt attended the annual
you golfing enthusiasts, you’ll remember that           Golf Tournament, Reception & Dinner of the Ca-
                                                                    nadian Inbound Tourism Associa-
                                                                    tion Asia Pacific, in July. CITAP is an

                                                                     Ellen Walker-Matthews,
                                                                     TOTA’s Market Develop-
                                                                     ment Specialist for North                 TOTA’s Glenn Mandziuk, right,
                                                                     America, left, visits with Golf           and Katherine Voigt, second
                                                                     Journalists Association of                from right, host CTC Germany
                                                                     Canada members during                     official Barbara Ackerman and
                                                                     their tour of the Sagebrush               her husband at Summerhill Pyr-
                                                                     Golf & Sporting Club, near                amid Winery, in Kelowna.

THOMPSON OKANAGAN TOURISM ASSOCIATION                   AUG 2011                                                RETURN TO PAGE 2            13
                                                          TOTA                       NEWS                   AUG

organization of hospitality and tourism industry          fectively.
members who work to develop Canada as the               • What your clients’ hot-buttons are.               MARKETING
preferred destination for Asia-Pacific travel-          • Where your clients are and what they’re
lers. The majority of the 200-plus members are            talking about.                                    SERVICES UPDATE
located in Vancouver. This is an event that TOTA        • How to identify new prospects.
has attended for several years, through the eco-        • How to remain top-of-mind with your target        MARKETING OPPORTUNITY
nomic ups and downs in many of the Asia Pacific           market.
countries where members work. The event is a            • How to find more business within existing
tremendous networking opportunity for TOTA and            accounts.                                         • Confirm Your Space for the
a cost-effective method to touch base with key          • How to incorporate LinkedIn into your daily       TOTA 2012 Vacation Guide!
accounts that can often be challenging to meet            sales routine.                                    – Now more than ever your
with.                                                                                                       business should be part of
                                                     LinkedIn is the perfect tool for the hospitality and
                                                                                                            the Thompson Okanagan
MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES                              tourism business and you’ll enjoy learning how
                                                                                                            Vacation Guide. As our key
                                                     to use it to your full advantage. So grab your lap-
• Consumer Show Funding – The list for stake-                                                               fulfilment piece, your mes-
                                                     top, engage in this powerful hands-on workshop,
holder consumer show funding is now posted on        and return to your business ready to produce           sage will be seen in print and
the TOTA website. We strongly encourage you          positive sales results.                                online by thousands of poten-
to take the time to send in your application now!                                                           tial customers ... and, with
Funding is limited and disbursements are on a        Two offerings of the workshop will be held –           a stronger emphasis on the
first-come/first-served basis. Though the dead-      one from 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., Thurs., Sept. 29        electronic version(s) of our
line is months away, our dollars will be snapped     and one from 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., Fri., Sept.         Vacation Guide, visitors will
up. Don’t be disappointed – send in your appli-      30. Both will be held at the Best Western Plus         be able to go from your ad to
cation now so you can save hundreds of dollars       Kelowna Hotel & Suites. Please go to http://pal-       your website. And most im-
attending your show(s) in Western Canada. Go to to register.              portantly, the Vacation Guide, click the Stakeholders tab, and                                                             can be viewed as a Digital eB-
                                                     • The New Mobile Visitors Guide – Be a part of
go to the Co-operative Marketing Program.                                                                   ook and iPad interactive ver-
                                                     TOTA’s smartphone web-based Visi¬tors Guide
• LinkedIn Workshop Coming Soon to the Re-           to showcase your business. This is an incredibly       sion available in several loca-
gion! – LinkedIn is one of the most powerful         easy way to increase you exposure on the smart-        tions, including:
business tools of our time; join in this workshop    phone network. Some of the enhanced features
                                                                                                               • www.hellobc/tota
and see why. TOTA is excited to offer this work-     include:
shop in partnership with ‘bte hospitality and                                                                  •
                                                        • Real-time information for visitors.
tourism sales training’. This workshop helps                                                                   • ThompsonOkanagan.
                                                        • Great advertising opportunities.
directors and managers who want to be sure that                                                                  com
                                                        • Digital coupon offers to visitors when they
their online reputation is just like their offline                                                             • ThompsonOkanagan.
                                                          are in the proximity of your business.
reputation – professional, personable and pol-                                                                   com (mobile)
                                                        • Listings can be used as your mobile
ished. There’s no better way to manage your on-
                                                          web¬site, with no need to change your cur-
line presence than by ensuring that your Linke-                                                             How and where is the Vaca-
                                                          rent URL.
dIn profile and activity is impeccable.                                                                     tion Guide distributed? And
                                                        • It is an engaging and informative guide to
                                                          TOTA member businesses.                           how will your message reach
In this half-day session, participants boot up
                                                        • Searchable by city, category (wineries, ac-       your customers? Answers
their laptops and engage in this online commu-
                                                          commodations, etc.), or current location to       to these and other questions
nity, perfecting their profile, networking with
clients and colleagues, and identifying business          find out what’s around.                           – including sales and adver-
opportunities.                                          • Web-based (not an “app”), with nothing to         tising rates – are available at
                                                          download.                                under Stake-
Who should attend? Tourism business owners              • Supports iPhone, Android and Blackberry.          holders/Co-operative Mar-
and presidents, general managers, directors of          • Listings are limited to TOTA stakeholders         keting Program. Or contact:
sales, sales managers and catering managers               only.                                             Advertising Sales, Meaghan
will all benefit from this training.                                                                        Caruana, Thompson Okana-
                                                     Mobile Phone Guide Participation Levels Pricing:
What will I learn? In this workshop you’ll learn:                                                           gan Tourism, 250-860-5999
                                                        • BRONZE Subscription – basic Listing is            ext 203 or
   • Tips for setting up a professional LinkedIn          FREE.                                             Booking Deadline is Septem-
     profile.                                           • SILVER Subscription – $150 per year. In-          ber 15.
   • Security Settings – working safely yet ef-           cludes content area for text, lists and links.

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                                                          TOTA                       NEWS                 AUG

     Use your listing as your permanent mobile       tionally by being in the 2011-12 Thompson Okan-
     site. No need to change your URL!               agan Tour Planner.
   • GOLD Subscription – $350 per year. In-
     cludes multiple content areas for text, im-        • The TOTA Tour Planner is individually cus-
     ages, lists, links and future add-ons. Use           tomized and distributed to our tour opera-      MORE STAKEHOLDERS
     your listing as your permanent mobile site           tors at all major Travel Trade shows.           REGISTER WITH TOTA
     or we can link directly to your current mo-        • Available to our Travel Trade online.
     bile site.                                         • Provides the Travel Trade industry with ex-
                                                          port-ready products, suggested itineraries,
For more information on how you can take ad-              regional highlights and specialty activities    A number of tourism
vantage of this leading-edge technology, go to            and images.                                     businesses in the region under Stakeholders/Co-opera-             • The 2011-12 Tour Planner is available on-       have recently signed-up as
tive Marketing Program.                                   line with better search capability and more     registered TOTA stakeholders,
                                                          flexibility for operators to create their own   including:
• Travel Trade Tour Planner Guide – For sup-
pliers who deem themselves market-ready and               tour itineraries.
are interested in pursuing business in the Travel    There are exciting advertising opportunities. For
Trade (tour operator) market, we encourage you                                                            • Ancient Hill Estate Winery
                                                     more information on categories and rates, go to:     Kelowna
to look at our Travel Trade Planner at travel- Increase your exposure to the under Stakeholders/Co-opera-
Tour Market both in North America and Interna-       tive Marketing Program .                             • Basket Case Picnics
TIPS OFFERED ON BEST USE OF QR CODES                                                                      • Bean to Cup
Thompson Okanagan Tourism and millions of            The printing of the QR code in magazine ads,         Vernon
other organizations and companies around the         store or business counter displays, product
world find two-dimensional mobile barcodes such      packaging and even on billboards is one of the       • Club Wine Tours
as the square matrix ‘QR codes’ a highly effective   main ways to connect users with the mobile
way to catch the attention of consumers and pro-     content. TOTA presents its QR code in many
vide instant information about products, programs    places to link people with its Mobile Travel
and promotions.                                      Directory, including on a stand-up ‘tent-card’       • Coyote Cruises Ltd.
                                                     displayed on the counters at many of its stake-      Penticton
In May, TOTA’s new web-based Mobile Travel Di-       holders’ offices and public places.
rectory went ‘live’, providing a virtual Thompson                                               
Okanagan vacation guide to on-the-go travellers,     The barcode company ScanLife estimates that          • Hidden Chapel Winery
residents, travel-trade representatives and others   more than a billion people now carry camera          Oliver
through their smartphones, electronic tablets, and   phones which can read mobile barcodes – and in       www.hiddenchapelwinery.
other mobile devices.                                some countries, including the U.S., 50 per cent of   com
                                                               smartphone users have mobile bar-
                                                               code applications on their devices.        • Jogas Espresso Cafe
                                                                                                          Grand Forks
                                                                ScanLife recently provided an online
                                                                guide to best practices in the devel-
                                                                opment, presentation and use of QR        • Joy Road Catering
                                                                codes and other barcodes. It suggests:    Penticton
                                                                • Cover all four steps when introducing
                                                                a barcode: Strategy & Planning, Code      • Kettle Valley Winery
                                                                Generation & Publishing, Call to Ac-      Naramata

                                                                 TOTA’s stand-up ‘tent card’ for
                                                                 the counters in stakeholders’                                (cont’d)
                                                                 businesses promotes the Mobile
                                                                 Travel Directory and its QR code.

THOMPSON OKANAGAN TOURISM ASSOCIATION                AUG 2011                                              RETURN TO PAGE 2              15
                                                             TOTA                           NEWS                     AUG

tion, and Performance Tracking.                        ing it with short messages telling them why they
                                                       should – such as to get more information or spe-
• Think strategically about how to best use your
                                                       cial discounts – and an element of mystery or fun
mobile barcode, including: its role in the market-
                                                       can help.
ing campaign; the value offered to consumers who                                                                     MORE STAKEHOLDERS
scan the code, how to optimize the mobile screen       • Some so-called “managed barcode systems”,                   REGISTER WITH TOTA
for the best display on various devices.               such as ones provided by ScanLife, collect data               (cont’d)
                                                       from every scan and report the number of scans,
• Keep the QR code’s size and density as small
                                                       unique users, time/date, location, and some de-
as possible, to ensure its readability by all device
                                                       mographics – giving marketers data to analyse
cameras.                                                                                                             A number of tourism
                                                       how well the code is performing and what content
• Keep high colour contrast and test your code to      their audience is most interested in.                         businesses in the region
ensure its readability.                                                                                              have recently signed-up as
                                                       The ScanLife guide is at: http://web.scanlife.                registered TOTA stakeholders,
• Motivate people to scan your code by present-        com/pdf/scanlife_best_practices_whitepaper.pdf.               including:

                                                                                                                     • MacDonald Realty Kelowna
TELUS HELPS REGION’S COMMUNITIES & BUSINESSES                                                                        Kelowna
TELUS, a Diamond-level TOTA partner, provides the      ers voice capabilities that will help you service             com
following message to TOTA stakeholders this month:     customers. What’s more, you can choose a
                                                                                                                     • OK Wine Shuttle Inc
                                                       solution to support as few as eight to as many
TELUS and our team members are passionate                                                                            Osoyoos
                                                       as 104 employees. With our Future Friendly
about giving back to the communities where                                                                 
                                                       Office solution, you can:
we live, work and serve. Since 2000, TELUS,
our team members and retirees have proudly                                                                           • Ovino Winery
                                                       • Get one, easy-to-manage solution that offers
contributed $211 million to charitable organi-                                                                       Salmon Arm
                                                       built-in voice, data, video, security, wireless
zations and volunteered more than 3.7 million                                                              
                                                       and VPN capabilities.
hours of service in local communities, includ-                                                                       • Snowfarmers
ing many in the Thompson Okanagan and the              • Move beyond a simple dial tone to enter-
BC Interior.                                           prise-level communication capabilities that
                                                       are affordable, simple and seamless.
TELUS is proud to offer a host of solutions that                                                                     • Stellar Descents
will help your organization further enhance            • Integrate your voice communication with
                                                                                                                     Backcountry Adventures Ltd.
productivity and create a superior and lasting         other business productivity applications in-
customer experience.                                   cluding calendar, email and customer rela-
                                                       tionship management.
For example, your organization can benefit
                                                                                                                     • Tim’s By The River
from Canada’s fastest* coast-to-coast 4G net-          For more information, please visit Future
work and enable your team to work anywhere,            Friendly Office.
anytime with TELUS mobile Internet products.
                                                       To find out more about how we can help with         
Also, did you know that over 50 per cent of            these and other solutions, please CONTACT
                                                                                                                     • Valemount Chamber of
Canada’s Top 30 companies utilize TELUS Con-           US. Our team of dedicated professionals
ferencing? Share ideas, brainstorm and solve                                                                         Commerce
                                                       looks forward to speaking with you soon.
issues reliably and cost-effectively. TELUS Au-                                                                      Valemount
dio Conferencing makes collaboration simple.           *Based on TELUS’ tests of data throughput speeds in 
With multiple options to choose from, you can          large Canadian urban centres available from national
                                                                                                                     • Valemount Real Estate Ltd.
set up an instant meeting without a reserva-           HSPA+ service providers. Internet access speed provided
                                                       by the network operator may vary due to the device be-        Valemount
tion or host a professionally assisted confer-                                                             
ence event without ever leaving your office.           ing used, network congestion, distance from the cell site,
                                                       local conditions and other factors. Speed on the Inter-
To complement wireless and conferencing so-            net is beyond the wireless network operator’s control and
lutions, TELUS also is proud to present Future         may vary with your configuration, Internet traffic, website
Friendly Office. Future Friendly Office deliv-         server and management policies, and other factors.

THOMPSON OKANAGAN TOURISM ASSOCIATION                  AUG 2011                                                       RETURN TO PAGE 2          16
          REGIONAL                                                               NEWS                         AUG

MERRITT ATTRACTS GLIDERS FROM LOWER MAINLAND                                                                  CAMPFIRES BANNED IN
                                                                                                              WEST PART OF REGION
Visitors of all types are
drawn to the Thompson                                                                                         Although this summer has
Okanagan for a variety                                                                                        seen the fewest forest fires in
                                                                                                              B.C. in 10 years, on Aug. 10
of recreational activities,
                                                                                                              the Forests Ministry ordered a
taking advantage of the                                                                                       ban on all open fires, including
region’s huge diversity of                                                                                    campfires, in the large Lillooet
attractive features.                                                                                          and Merritt fire zones, to help
                                                                                                              prevent human-caused wild-
In one of the more unusu-
                                                                                                              fires. In addition, in zones not
al activities, in early Au-                                                                                   covered by the ban, the public
gust the excellent thermal                                                                                    is urged to never leave a camp-
air currents around Mer-                                                                                      fire unattended until it is fully
ritt and the Nicola Val-                                                                                      extinguished.
ley attracted a number of
                                                                                                              The fire danger is currently
members of the Vancou-
                                                                                                              high to extreme in these zones,
ver Soaring Association
                                                                                                              which cover communities in the
(VSA) to bring a tow plane                                                                                    western part of the Thompson
and seven of their gliders                                                                                    Okanagan tourism region in-
to the community’s air-                                                                                       cluding Spences Bridge, Mer-
port, for a four-day glider   Members of the Vancouver Soaring Association brought their gliders to the       ritt, Quilchena, Douglas Lake,
tour of the area.             great thermal updrafts at Merritt for a special event in August.                Lower Nicola, Aspen Grove,
                                                                                                              Tulameen, Princeton, Copper
The Merritt News and                                  Some of the visiting pilots told the newspapers         Mountain and Hedley.
Merritt Herald reported that the Merritt Flying       that, although Merritt is relatively close to Hope,
Club hosted the unpowered aircraft, which are         the conditions are quite different. “The lift here      The ban doesn’t apply to cook-
towed into the sky and released to soar among         in Merritt is different – it gets you higher and fur-   ing stoves or campfire devices
                                                                                                              that use gas, propane or bri-
thermal updrafts that can keep the gliders at         ther,” said Frank Piltz, who adds that the open
                                                                                                              quettes, as long as the flame
heights of up to 10,000 ft. Flights can range from    desert scenery is also different. Piltz also noted      is under 15 cm high. The ban
three to seven hours.                                 that Merritt is very welcoming.                         covers all BC Parks, Crown and
                                                                                                              private lands, but doesn’t apply
                                                                                                              within the boundaries of local
                                                                                                              governments that have forest
ARMSTRONG MAKES MOST OF NATIONAL TV EXPOSURE                                                                  fire prevention bylaws and are
                                                                                                              serviced by a fire department
Armstrong made the most of its starring role          each community. In Armstrong the money is
on national television Aug. 19 when about 4,000       earmarked for major renovations to the 60-year-         Anyone violating the open fire
cheering people came out to celebrate their town      old Hassen Memorial Arena, to allow it to better        ban could get a $345 ticket. If
winning facility funding and network TV exposure      serve a larger number and variety of groups in          a wildfire occurs as a result of
                                                      the area.                                               recklessness, a person can be
as a stop on the cross-Canada TSN Kraft Cel-
                                                                                                              fined up to $1 million or spend
ebration Tour.                                        The crowd jammed downtown Armstrong, first              three years in prison and be or-
The North Okanagan community was one of 10            for a free afternoon community event, then a            dered to pay firefighting costs.
across Canada to win a spring competition to          cheque presentation ceremony, and finally a live
                                                      broadcast of TSN SportsCentre.                          The ban will be in place un-
host TSN and Kraft. It was the first to be fea-                                                               til Sept. 30, 2011, or until the
tured in the resulting Aug. 19-28 ‘10-day/10-         Kraft supplied food for a free barbecue, Kraft          public is notified otherwise.
town’ televised tour in which TSN SportsCen-          samples of Cheez Whiz and Kraft Dinner, and             For the latest information see:
tre hosts broadcast a show and Kraft officials        activity tents for games and crafts. During the
presented a $25,000 facility-upgrade cheque to        celebration, North Okanagan Kraft representa-

THOMPSON OKANAGAN TOURISM ASSOCIATION                  AUG 2011                                                RETURN TO PAGE 2              17
                               REGIONAL                                                NEWS                AUG

tive Kate Colbeck presented Armstrong with its       enthusiastic crowd. During the broadcast, they
$25,000 cheque and gave credit to the town’s “in-    played clips of antics from their 48 hours in the
credible community spirit and hometown pride”        North Okanagan.
and local Councillor Ryan Nitchie’s compelling
essay which helped Armstrong win the prize.

Lively TSN hosts Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole
anchored the live TV show and entertained the        vernonmorningstar/news/128122323.html

                                                                                                           SPARKLING HILL
CLASSIC & ANTIQUE BOAT SHOW A HIT IN SICAMOUS                                                              FEATURED IN
                                                                                                           PRESTIGIOUS WEDDING
In the first antique boat show put                                                                         MARKET MAGAZINE
on in the region since 2007, the
Okanagan Antique & Classic Boat                                                                            Vernon’s Sparkling Hill Re-
Society hosted the 1st annual Si-
                                                                                                           sort is being given a featured
camous Antique & Classic Boat
                                                                                                           spot in a prestigious interna-
Show on the Aug. 5-7 weekend.
                                                                                                           tional publication aimed at
The Sicamous Eagle Valley News                                                                             the premier wedding market.
reports that the show, held at the
dock at the end of Main Street                                                                             Sparkling Hill’s Sales &
Landing, drew large crowds to ad-                                                                          Marketing Manager, Wendy
mire the gorgeous classic wooden                                                                           Patriquin, says luxury travel
boats – including a restored Fan                                                                           magazine Condé Nast will
Tail Launch dating back to 1900, a                                                                         include the Resort in a spe-
restored Gar Wood Sedan, a 1964                                                                            cial ‘Brides Venue Ideas &
Century Resorter, a 1956 Clipper                                                                           Directory’ CD with its BRIDES
Craft, and a 1933 Chris Craft Run-
                                                                                                           magazine to be distributed in
                                                                                                           the U.K. in October. The CD
Organizers say the show was a                                                                              lists the Top 50 Honeymoon &
great success, with more than 30                                                                           Wedding Destinations in the
boats on display, coming from as                                                                           World.
far away as Idaho and Oregon.
They note that the District of Si-                                                                         Sparkling Hill Resort will be
camous was very supportive of the                                                                          one of just three Canadian
show.                                                                                                      resorts included in the CD,
                                                                                                           and it will be listed as “the
In fact, the 2011 show was so suc-
cessful that organizers have al-                                                                           exclusive Honeymoon & Wed-
ready announced that the 2nd                                                                               dings Abroad entry for Brit-
annual show will be held on the                                                                            ish Columbia. The feature
weekend of Aug. 3-5, 2012.                                                                                 will include an editorial entry
                                         Area residents and visitors were treated to an up-close look at   about the European-inspired,                             classic and antique boats in Sicamous Aug. 5-7.
                                                                                                           wellness-themed spa resort
                                                                                                           along with a directory of its
                                                                                                           products and services. An
THOUSANDS TAKE PART IN KELOWNA’S APPLE TRIATHLON                                                           estimated 80,000 of the CDs
                                                                                                           will be distributed with the
The Okanagan is a hub of triathlon activity in       More than 2,000 athletes descended on Kelowna,        November/December edi-
Canada. Not only does Penticton host the much-       along with their families, coaches and friends, for   tion of Condé Nast’s BRIDES
publicized Subaru Ironman Triathlon, but each        the Aug. 19-21 triathlon. Participants on Satur-      magazine.
year Kelowna hosts the huge Apple Triathlon          day include 275 youngsters aged 8-19 in the Kids
– and this year’s event, sponsored by Pushor         of Steel races, 132 athletes doing their first Try-
Mitchell law firm – the 29th annual – was a great    a-Tri, and 86 in the Junior Elite category. Sun-
success.                                             day’s racers include 1,166 individual age-group

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                                REGIONAL                                               NEWS                  AUG

Sprint and Olympic distance athletes, 19 Olympic      More than 1,200 volunteers supported the ath-
relay teams, a record number of 12 para-triath-       letes through the three-day event.
letes, and 13 teams in the Business Challenge
relay.                                                Triathlon Canada was pleased that so many kids,
                                                      first-timers, age-groupers, para-triathletes and
A record number of 12 countries were represent-       elite athletes from across Canada and around the
ed by 52 Elite men and 31 Elite women in the ITU      world competed in the Kelowna event. The city
Triathlon Premium Pan-American Cup on Sun-            has become known as an outstanding triathlon
day. Among these were’s Canada’s Paula Findlay,                                                              SALMON FISHING
ranked third in the world, and two-time Olympic                                                              ALLOWED AGAIN ON
medal winner Simon Whitfield.                                                OSOYOOS LAKE
                                                                                                             For the second year in a row,
                                                                                                             a sockeye salmon fishing
TOBIANO NAMED B.C.’S BEST PUBLIC GOLF COURSE                                                                 season has been allowed on
                                                                                                             Osoyoos Lake.
According to SCOREGolf Magazine, the                                                                         The Osoyoos Times reported
Thompson Okanagan region is home to                                                                          that the federal Department
two of B.C.’s top three public golf cours-                                                                   of Fisheries & Oceans an-
es.                                                                                                          nounced, in co-operation with
                                                                                                             the Okanagan Nation Alli-
SCOREGolf Editor Bob Weeks announced                                                                         ance, that a sockeye salmon
Aug. 6 that Tobiano, near Kamloops, is                                                                       fishery for non-native anglers
ranked the No. 1 public course in Brit-                                                                      was open Aug. 13-28.
ish Columbia, and Predator Ridge, near
                                                                                                             Anglers were permitted to
Vernon, is ranked No. 3. The No. 2 public                                                                    fish in the southern half of
course is Greywolf, at Panorama.                                                                             the northern basin of Osoyoos
                                                                                                             Lake during daylight hours,
Tobiano Operations Manager and Head
                                                                                                             and were allowed to keep one
Pro Peter Moore told Kamloops This
                                                                                                             fish per day up to a total of
Week newspaper that the honour is es-        Tobiano Golf Course, near Kamloops, is rated the No. 1 public   two fish.
pecially impressive because the course       course in B.C. by SCOREGolf Magazine.
only opened in 2007.                                                                                         First Nations people have
                                                                          been allowed to catch the
Moore credited Tobiano’s success to the condi-                                                               salmon for commercial sale
tions and maintenance of the course, the staff at           and for their personal food,
the resort and the property itself.                   gust/canadas-top-public-courses                        social and ceremonial use
                                                                                                             since 2009.
                                                                                                             This year’s projected sock-
                                                                                                             eye salmon return of 120,000
NEW MILLS & CAMPING RESERVATION SYSTEM HELPING                                                               was down from the record of
CLEARWATER AREA’S ECONOMY                                                                                    300,000 in 2010, but the gov-
                                                                                                             ernment and the Okanagan
                                                                                                             Nation Alliance have agreed
Community leaders say the North Thompson Val-         And, the tourist market – another staple of            that a non-native fishery will
ley around Clearwater is on the cusp of an eco-       Clearwater’s economy – is also seeing a boost          be allowed if the return is
nomic turnaround, based on a resurgence of the        from a new camping reservation system that has         over 80,000 fish – which will
resource economy and surprisingly good tourist        seen numbers jump 15 per cent higher than last         keep the salmon population
numbers.                                                                                                     in the lake and lower Okana-
                                                                                                             gan River system sustainable.
The Kamloops Daily News reported in early Au-
                                                      Despite poor weather across B.C. in the early
gust that the restart of the Vavenby sawmill and
start-up of a planer operation is giving a boost      part of the summer, the entire town was booked         news/2011/08/11/second-
to the area’s economy. Clearwater Chamber of          for camping, and motels were full over the Can-        recreational-salmon-fishery-
Commerce President Merlin Blackwell says the          ada Day long weekend, keeping restaurants and          to-open-on-osoyoos-lake/
mill is already paying dividends.                     retailers busy.

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                               REGIONAL                                            NEWS                  AUG

“You know money is being spent,” Blackwell          nearly all of them from B.C., is up nearly 15 per
says. “That’s really exciting. People have been     cent over last year. Traditionally, European visi-
holding back for three years now.”                  tors have comprised about 45 per cent of camp-
                                                    ers, but that percentage is declining. On several
He says Wells Gray Park has expanded its re-        weekends in July the park was fully booked.
servable sites through the Discover BC system.
                                                                                                         KELOWNA UPGRADING
The online system, widely used for B.C. parks,      “We haven’t seen that since 1997,” Blackwell         TRAIL ON KNOX
offers campers the ability to book specific camp-   says.                                                MOUNTAIN
sites for an extra $6 cost. Once they do, Black-
well says, poor weather that may have kept them             The City of Kelowna has an-
at home in the past is no longer a deterrent.       MLOOPS0101/110809968/-1/kamloops0101/                nounced that a project to re-
                                                    resurgent-north-thompson-valley-on-cusp-of-          store Apex Trail on the front
As a result, the number of additional campers,      comeback                                             face of Knox Mountain Park is
                                                                                                         now underway, with the work
                                                                                                         expected to last until the end
                                                                                                         of September.
PENTICTON DRAGON BOAT FESTIVAL BIGGER THAN EVER                                                          The upgrades are being car-
Demand was so high for this year’s 12th annual Raymond James Penticton                                   ried out on the portion of the
                                                                                                         Apex Trail that runs between
Dragon Boat Festival that organizers increased the limit and are now registering                         the upper lookout and lower
90 teams, with a total of nearly 2,500 paddlers.                                                         lookout on Knox Mountain.
                                                                                                         The work includes post and
The Sept. 10-11 event will feature a series of
                                                                                                         rail fencing to control pedes-
500-metre dragon boat sprints on Skaha Lake,
                                                                                                         trian and bike access as well
just off the nearby park, beach, marina and
                                                                                                         as seeding, placement of ero-
Penticton Paddling Centre.
                                                                                                         sion control matting and sig-
Organizers say this Dragon Boat Festival is                                                              nage to help rehabilitate envi-
the fastest-growing festival in B.C. – jumping                                                           ronmentally degraded areas.
from 44 teams in 2009 to 65 teams in 2010, to
90 this year. It is now the second biggest such                                                          Kelowna Landscape Design
festival in the province next to Vancouver’s –                                                           Technician Amy Nyhof says,
which is one of the biggest dragon boat events                                                           “The new fencing is part of
in North America.                                                                                        the city’s stewardship of the
                                                                                                         sensitive forested and grass-
The sprints will begin at 8:00 a.m. and end                                                              land areas within Knox Moun-
at about 3:30 p.m. on both days. Finals start                                                            tain Park. Managing trail
around noon Sunday, with 5 boats going head
                                                                                                         areas allows access to this
to head in the most exciting racing of the
                                                    Cancer Survivor Crew, Top Okanagan Crew              natural area, while still pre-
weekend. The medals and awards, including
                                                    and Top Crew Overall will be presented in the        serving its beauty and diver-
trophies for Top Women’s Crew, Top Breast
                                                       beverage garden Sunday afternoon.                 sity.”

                                                       The 14-metre-long canoes, weighing about          Knox Mountain Park is Kelow-
                                                       400 kg, are propelled by 20 paddlers, led by      na’s largest natural area
                                                       a drummer and a steerperson. The mixed            park. It is 310 hectares and
                                                       division will see many past winners, along        is located immediately north
                                                       with top crews from Calgary, Vancouver            of Kelowna’s downtown, at
                                                       and Vancouver Island. The women’s divi-           the north end of Ellis Street.
                                                       sion will have several strong local teams         Information about the Knox
                                                       which are expected to reach the final race        Mountain Management Plan
                                                       on Sunday afternoon. The Festival will in-        is at
                                                       clude a beverage garden, and vendors of
                                                       food and other wares. and lots of shop-

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                                REGIONAL                                               NEWS                  AUG

The Osoyoos tourism industry is reaching new heights with the launch of a new
operation this summer – Wine Country Helicopter Adventures.
The Osoyoos Times reports that
the helicopter tour company,
based at the NK’MIP Resort on the
east side of Osoyoos Lake, started
up this year, offering rides that
range from sightseeing flights to
                                                                                                             ‘KARS SHOW’ ATTRACTS
full-day adventures over the area.
                                                                                                             HUNDREDS IN
Oliver couple Adam and Bobbi                                                                                 KEREMEOS
Sloan started the operation after
discussions with the Osoyoos Indi-                                                                           While car shows and ‘show-n-
an Band (OIB) and NK’MIP Resort                                                                              shines’ may be regular events
last fall and winter.                  An Oliver couple have started up Wine Country Helicopter Adventures   in a number of communities
                                       to serve visitors to the Osoyoos area.                                throughout the Thompson
Adam has a commercial helicopter
pilot’s licence and has worked in                                                                            Okanagan, likely few are as
                                                       backcountry ATV adventure tours, wedding and
the oilfields in northern Alberta, but he said the                                                           popular or increasingly suc-
                                                       honeymoon adventures, ski hill transfers, and
beautiful scenery and the tourism market of the                                                              cessful as the ‘Kars Under
                                                       airport-resort transfers.
South Okanagan eventually inspired the creation                                                              the K’ show, held each sum-
of Wine Country Helicopter Adventures.                 To keep business going through the shoulder           mer in Keremeos.
The first flight took off in mid-June, and business    season, the couple also plan to open a flight         The Keremeos Review re-
has been good for the company, with Adam tak-          school in October, in partnership with Rotor-         ports that hundreds of people
ing from six to 20 tours up per day. The compa-        works Inc. They have approval from Oliver Air-        thronged to see this year’s
ny’s list of available tours has expanded beyond       port for the flight training.                         largest-ever version of the
sightseeing flights to include winery tours, ho-
                                                                                                             show – the 10th annual – held
tel getaway packages, golf and spa adventures,
                                                                                                             in Memorial Park on July 31.

                                                                                                             The day-long event has be-
                                                                                                             come a major carnival-like
ROOTS & BLUES FESTIVAL HOLDS ITS OWN IN TOUGH                                                                attraction in Keremeos, draw-
ECONOMIC YEAR                                                                                                ing visitors with its bands, a
                                                                                                             beer garden, food conces-
While total attendance may have dropped slight-        such a great job. The Festival is known for being     sions, and the display of many
ly, organizers of Salmon Arm’s annual Roots &          very well-organized.                                  classic and antique vehicles.
Blues Festival say it largely held its own at a time                                                         Cars on display came from as
when other music festivals have reported drops         In an example of going the extra mile, Kieken         far away from Blaine Lake,
of up to 20 per cent.                                  tells of one First Nations volunteer who, upon        Sask. (a 1959 Willys Woody
                                                       hearing how several Danish festival-goers were        Wagon) and Gibson, B.C. (a
And they say the artistic richness of this year’s      anxious to go fishing, took them to the wharf,        rare 1971 Dodge Demon 340).
Festival made the event an overall success.            organized a boat and when one of them caught a        The show also included a
                                                       fish, took them to a campground to cook the fish      1926 Model-T Ford and many
The Salmon Arm Observer reports that atten-            over a fire. “I’m sure those people will remem-
dance totalled 28,000 for the three-day Aug. 19-                                                             other great vehicles.
                                                       ber that for the rest of their lives,” Kieken says.
21 event, and Festival Chair Lody Kieken says,                                                     
“To me, artistically, this was our most successful     Headliners this year included the Arkells, Bro-       okanagan_similka-
festival, (with) such a variety of music.”             ken Social Scene, Taj Mahal, John Butler Trio and     meen/keremeosreview/
                                                       Jonny Lang. The Festival also included two doz-       news/126701008.html
He says performer Bram Morrison told him this          en music workshops.
Festival “sets the standard”, and Kieken credits
that to the 950 volunteers, staff of 12, 12-mem-
ber Board, and a long list of sponsors who do          salmonarmobserver/news/128287018.html

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                                 REGIONAL                                              NEWS                AUG

For the six days and nights leading up to this year’s big Salmon Arm Roots &
Blues Festival, six Shuswap communities came up with an innovative way to at-
tract visitors and introduce them to the wonders of nature, music concerts, and
local homestyle cooking.
The unique ‘Routes & Blues’
program offered visitors and
area residents a series of six
one-day events running from                                                                                MERRITT TO UPGRADE
Aug. 11-16, with each day pre-                                                                             SERVICES AT AIRPORT
senting a different guided day-                        The events were:
time hike followed by a community supper and                                                               The City of Merritt is upgrad-
an evening concert in the often historic local            • Malakwa – Hike on Eagle River Nature           ing its transportation infra-
community hall.                                             Trails and concert by Aaron Nazrul & The       structure.
                                                            Boom Booms.
Organizers said Routes and Blues was “an out-                                                              The Merritt News reports
                                                          • Kingfisher – HIke at Enderby Cliffs and con-
reach program that invites guests from all walks                                                           that, after receiving almost
of life to explore the Shuswap region using all of          cert by Rumba Calzada.
                                                                                                           no objections from residents,
their senses.” The festival featured a collection of      • Seymour Arm – Hike to Albas Falls and con-
                                                                                                           Council has authorized the
adventures that included the exploration of envi-           cert by Alpha Yaya Diallo.
                                                                                                           city to borrow up to $877,000
ronmentally significant areas, hosted by the Shus-        • Celista – Hike to Scotch Creek Lookout and     to pay for improvements to
wap Trail Alliance, the opportunity to enjoy fantas-        concert by Dominique Fraissard.                the local airport.
tic meals arranged by the local communities, and          • Squilax – Hike on Bear Creek Flume Trail
the delights of live music. The event also tied in          and concert by George Leach.                   Council unanimously sup-
with BC Parks’ 100th anniversary celebration.             • Blind Bay – Hike on Blind Bay White Lake       ported taking out the loan,
                                                            Trail and concert by Sherman Doucette.         which will cover most of the
Sponsoring groups included the Shuswap Trail Alli-                                                         estimated $1.15-million cost
ance, the Roots & Blues Festival, Shuswap Tourism,                            of installing water and sewer
BC Parks 100, Columbia Shuswap Regional District
                                                                                                           service to the Merritt Airport.
Parks, and the Adams River Salmon Society.   
                                                                                                           City financial services man-
                                                                                                           ager Marlie Worrin says just
                                                                                                           five people petitioned against
POPULAR ‘FEAST OF FIELDS’ EVENT GROWING EACH YEAR                                                          taking out the loan under an
                                                                                                           “alternative approval pro-
The popular Feast of Fields wine-and-culinary          “It is like a wandering 29-course tasting menu      cess” for borrowing. Under
event is growing. In its first year, 2009, 20 chefs    featuring everything that is great about the        that process, at least 10 per
and wineries prepared a feast for 400 guests.          Okanagan and Similkameen regions,” Pender           cent of eligible voters – or 555
This year, organizers lined up 29 chefs, each          says. Feast of Fields highlights the strong con-
paired with a local winery or brewery, serving to                                                          people – would have had to
                                                       nection between farmer and chef, and highlights     sign a petition against bor-
sold-out crowd of 500 guests.                          producers of Okanagan wine, beer and artisanal
                                                                                                           rowing, in order to defeat the
The Aug. 21 event was held on the grounds of Van       food products. The event also raises money for
                                                                                                           bylaw. The deadline for peti-
Westen Vineyards & Orchards, in Naramata – a           FarmFolkCityFolk, an organization that promotes
                                                                                                           tions has now passed.
50-year-old family-owned operation. Guests sam-        better interaction between consumers and the
pled the food and wine under Lapin cherry trees.       people who produce the food they eat.

Event Co-ordiantor Rhys Pender told the Pent-          “The purpose is to get people to realize where
icton Western News the event is moved around           their food comes from,” Pender says. “Most
each year. He said that, while many of the guests      of the participating chefs will work with a local
are from the South Okanagan, Feast of Fields           farmer and showcase their product in the food
also draws many tourists – both those already          they are preparing.”
planning to be in town and those who come spe-
cifically for the event.                     

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                               REGIONAL                                            NEWS                   AUG

B.C.’s Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure   The government began applying rumble strips
has announced that work is now underway to           to highways in 2004 and there are now more
install 240 km of rumble strips across the South-    than 5,100 km of them on B.C. highways. The
ern Interior to improve motorist safety.             new rumble strips being added in the Thompson
The $161,000 project is to be finished by Octo-      Okanagan tourism region include:
ber. The job includes installation of centreline        • Highway 3 – Nine Mile Pit to Rock Creek.
and shoulder rumble strips along 12 highways            • Highway 5 – Helmer Road to Clapperton
throughout the region. The project is being cost-         Brake Check (between Merritt and Kam-
shared between the government and the Insur-
                                                                                                          BIG ‘IPE’ SHOW SET FOR
                                                          loops).                                         ARMSTRONG
ance Corporation of B.C.
                                                        • Highway 5A – Napier Lake to Roche Lake
Rumble strips have been proven to significantly           Road (between Merritt and Kamloops).            Organizers say this year’s IPE
reduce the number and severity of collisions on         • Highway 5N – Jane Road to Mclure Ferry          (Interior Provincial Exhibi-
highways by warning drivers that they are wan-            Road (near Barriere).                           tion & Stampede), set for Aug.
dering out of the driving lanes. Studies have           • Highway 6 – Lumby East.                         31-Sept. 4, will be bigger and
shown an overall 18 per-cent reduction in all           • Highway 33 – Trapping Pit to Mculloch Road.     better than ever, featuring the
crashes resulting in injury on B.C. highways with       • Highway 97 – Pinaus Lake Road to Falkland       2011 finals of the Wrangler
rumble strips.                                            Bridge.                                         Canadian Professional Rodeo
                                                        • Highway 97 – OK Bridge to Kaledan Junc-         Tour.
Minister Blair Lekstrom says, “Statistics prove
that rumble strips reduce the number of col-              tion (97/3A).                                   Besides presenting the best
lisions on our roads and lessen the severity of         • Highway 97 – Plett Road to Ewing Road.          cowboys in Canada compet-
collisions that do happen. This simple solution         • Highway 97 – Cody to Australian Rest Area.      ing against the best stock,
saves lives and makes travel on our highways            • Highway 97 – Trout Creek to Lakeshore           this year’s rodeo will show off
safer for everyone.”                                      Drive.                                          an enhanced rodeo stadium,
                                                                                                          with a new layout, all-covered
                                                                                                          seating, all seats reserved.

REGION’S FILM COMMISSIONS RECEIVE FUNDING                                                                 B.C. Lt-Gov Steven Point will
                                                                                                          officially open the IPE on Aug.
The provincial gave a boost to the B.C. film         and indirectly employs more than 25,000 people.      31, and as usual the exhibi-
production industry in early August, providing                                                            tion includes midway rides,
$275,000 to help regions attract and provide ser-    For example, in the past 10 years the Thompson-
                                                     Nicola Film Commission’s work with film proj-        show buildings, 4-H and other
vices to film and video producers from around
                                                     ects has resulted in $22 million in direct spend-    agricultural demonstrations,
the world.
                                                     ing in the region, with a total estimated economic   musical acts, food vendors
The funding is going to some tourism associa-        impact of more than $77 million in Kamloops and      and licenced facilities.
tions and regional film commissions – including      surrounding communities. And, since 1990, film
three in the Thompson Okanagan tourism region.       productions supported by the Okanagan Film           The Kids’ World will feature
                                                     Commission have generated a multi-million-dol-       puppet and reptile shows,
The B.C. Film Commission estimates that motion       lar economic impact on the region, with interna-     a petting zoo, fun competi-
picture and television producers spent more than     tional animation studios wuch as Bardel Enter-       tions, and Polynesian danc-
$1 billion in British Columbia in 2010, and about    tainment/Nickelodeaon and Disney set to open         ers. Other IPE areas will
90 per cent of the productions used the services     offices in the region.                               present lumberjack shows,
of the provincial or regional film commissions.                                                           First Nations performances,
The services they provide include scouting film      This just-announced funding will include $15,000     chef contests, dog shows, and
locations, providing logistical support during       for film support work by the Columbia Shuswap        draft-horse and pony demon-
filming, supplying technical support, and helping    Regional District, $30,000 for the Okanagan Film     strations. Musical acts will
with film permits and labour regulations.            Commission, and $30,000 for the Thompson-Nic-
                                                                                                          include bluegrass, country,
                                                     ola Film Commission.
B.C. is the third-largest production centre in                                                            reggae and rock bands.
North America after Los Angeles and New York.
The province’s film production industry directly     2013/2011CSCD0033-000950.htm

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                                REGIONAL                                              NEWS                   AUG

A major transportation upgrade in the South Okanagan will now make driving,                                  GAMES BRING
biking and hiking in B.C. wine country a bit safer and more enjoyable.                                       ECONOMIC BENEFITS TO
A two-km stretch of new passing
                                                                                                             Ten days of competition in
lanes on Highway 97 just north of
                                                                                                             Kamloops by 2,000 athletes at
Osoyoos was officially opened by                                                                             the Western Canada Summer
area MP Dan Albas and MLA John                                                                               Games wrapped up in mid-
Slater in early August. The lanes                                                                            August – and Games organiz-
make travel safer for area resi-                                                                             ers say it is estimated they
dents, as well as tourists and com-                                                                          leave an ecnonomic spinoff of
mercial travellers.                                                                                          about $9 million.
At the same time, a parallel hike-                                                                           The Kamloops Daily News
and-bike trail was also added along                                                                          reports that Games Presi-
this stretch. The three-metre-wide                                                                           dent Henry Pejril believes
gravel surface trail runs beside the                                                                         local spending of about $3.5
highway from 204th Road to Road                                                                              million can be attributed to
22. The trail adds about two km to                                                                           the Summer Games’ operat-
the existing trail between Osoyoos                                                                           ing expenses – on everything
and Oliver.                                                                                                  from the manufacturing of
                                       Okanagan-Coquihalla MP Dan Albas and Boundary-Similkameen MLA         Games merchandise to the
Slater said, “It’s easy to see the     John Slater ride through the ribbon to officially open the new Hike
                                       and Bike Trail near Osoyoos.                                          $700,000 to feed and house
benefits of this project for South                                                                           all the athletes in the Thomp-
Okanagan communities, families,                       The $8-million Osoyoos Lake Passing Lanes              son Rivers University (TRU)
and our visitors – safer travel between Oliver and    project was cost-shared by the federal and pro-        dormitories.
Osoyoos on Highway 97 and a great new opportu-        vincial governments. The hike and bike trail was
                                                                                                             Pejril says, “Every one of
nity to hike and bike our beautiful region.”          a $1-million project funded by the province.
                                                                                                             these Games (have) been
                                                                                                             averaging about a $10-mil-
                                                                                                             lion benefit to the host com-
                                                                                                             munity. That’s between what
SUMMERLAND TO HOLD WINE FAIR                                                                                 we spend directly and all the
                                                                                                             other spinoffs.”
This year’s Summerland Fall Fair, being held          who buy a commemorative tasting glass will be
Sept. 9-11, will feature a new Wine Fair complete     able to taste and vote for their favourite wines       Spinoffs in Kamloops includ-
with acclaimed wine judges and a featured selec-      in the People’s Choice Awards. A panel of wine         ed fully booked rental-car
tion of local wines.                                  experts and sommeliers will also be on-hand to         businesses and high occu-
                                                      judge wines using the standard 100-point scale.        pancy rates in local hotels.
Fair organizer Mike Stohler told the Summerland       The panelists will include Canadian wine writer        There are also less tangible
Review recently that the wine event will be an ex-    John Schreiner, Kelly Symonds of California Cult       benefits – such as some of
cellent way to showcase the community’s grow-         Classics, wine writer Liam Carrier, and a fourth       the visiting athletes possibly
ing wine industry. “We’ve missed out on cele-         celebrity judge yet to be confirmed.                   choosing TRU for their post-
brating the success of our wineries,” he says.                                                               secondary education, and for
                                                      The event is expected to be the largest tast-          some of the visiting officials
Summerland Council has approved a special oc-         ing fair for Summerland wines. Stohler said the        or parents to return for vaca-
casion licence for the Wine Fair and competition,     event is starting on a small scale this year, with     tions or even as a new home
and it will also provide in-kind support and use of   the hope it will grow in the future.                   or place of business.
the curling club for the event.
                                                      The annual Summerland Fall Fair offers exhibits,
The ‘Wine Fair’ will be held from 1-5 p.m. on Sat-    informational workshops, local entertainment,          article/20110812/KAM-
urday, Sept. 10 with seven local wineries taking      a Pioneer Workshop, small animal 4-H displays,         LOOPS0101/110819904/-1/
part – Bonitas, Dirty Laundry, Okanagan Crush         quilting, and children’s art displays. It began in     kamloops0101/ripple-effect-
Pad, Sonoran, Sumac Ridge, SummerGate and             1909, showcasing the fruit-growing potential and       to-be-felt-long-after-games
Thornhaven.                                           land development in the area.
A public tasting area will be set up, and those

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                                REGIONAL                                              NEWS                   AUG

This is a busy time of year for the Valemount Visi-   The Chinook salmon, largest of the Pacific salm-
tor Information Centre, greeting the many travel-     on, can also be seen trying to jump over the falls
lers who have come to the headwaters of one of        in nearby Rearguard Falls Provincial Park. A
the world’s longest Chinook salmon runs.              viewpoint lets visitors witness the end of a long
Tourism Valemount says in a news release that         journey by the Chinook. Two local companies of-
this is the end of the                                                          fer salmon floats trips,
second longest Chinook                                                          where people can view
salmon run in North                                                             the fish while enjoying a    SALMON ARM HERITAGE
America: “The Chinook                                                           rafting trip on the gen-     VILLAGE OFFERS
salmon can be seen in                                                           tle waters of the Fraser     STORYTELLING
Swift Creek, after they                                                         River. Eagles and bears
have battled their way                                                                                       Visitors love an authentic
                                                      that come to feed on the salmon can often be
                                                                                                             experience – and the beauti-
more than 1,200 km through the rapids of the          seen along the shores.                                 ful, historic R.J. Haney Heri-
Fraser River to return to their natural stream to
                                                      Valemount’s Visitor Information Centre has an          tage Village, operated by the
spawn. Only the biggest and strongest salmon                                                                 Salmon Arm Museum & Heri-
make it to Valemount.” Just 25 out of every 100       educational salmon display to help visitors learn
                                                                                                             tage Association, is offering a
of the salmon survive the gruelling 10-week           more about these amazing fish. The Centre has          great one on the Labour Day
journey. They can be seen near Valemount from         also been offering a free interpretive program at      weekend.
mid-August to mid-September every year.               Swift Creek every evening in August.
                                                                                                             It has developed a special
In Valemount there is a viewing area in George        “Visitors often say that seeing the salmon is one of   event called ‘A Burger, a Beer
Hicks Regional Park, a walking distance from          the highlights of their trip,” says Visitor Informa-   and a Bard’, on Sunday, Sept.
the Visitor Information Centre. Its lookout plat-     tion Centre Manager Wendy Dyson. “The size and         4, featuring award-winning
form provides excellent viewing of the spawning                                                              local writer and storyteller
                                                      strength of these fish are truly awe-inspiring.”
salmon, the beautiful stream, and the surround-                                                              James Murray telling heart-
ing mountains.                                                                warming stories, accompa-
                                                                                                             nied by guitarist Peter Clark.
                                                                                                             Murray has an impact on
LARGER NEW WESTBANK MUSEUM OPENS                                                                             his audiences as soon as he
                                                                                                             walks onto the stage, and
                                                                                                             he proceeds to make them
West Kelowna threw open the doors of its new          municipally-owned building, which was slated
                                                                                                             laugh, bring a tear to their
museum Aug. 19 in a renovated, more central           to be torn down. The new location on Dobbin            eyes, and bring back precious
facility which has more than triple the space of      Road, adjacent to the West Kelowna RCMP De-            memories with his stories.
the previous museum.                                            tachment and the Westbank & District         He has won awards, including
Mayor Doug Findlater, members                                       Chamber of Commerce, is more             the renowned Jack Webster
of the Westbank Museum and                                            centrally located in the commu-        Award, for his newspaper col-
                                                                        nity than the previous location      umns, his storytelling, and his
Arts & Crafts Society, and
                                                                                                             photography. His heartwarm-
Westside-Kelowna MLA Ben                                                 on Lower Glenrosa Road.
                                                                                                             ing story “A Fair Exchange of
Stewart took part in the
                                                                             Margaret Jackson, the Mu-       Gifts”, about what he would
opening ceremonies for the                                                                                   give his old dog Duffy for
new 3,800-sq-ft Westbank                                                     seum’s Founding Director,
                                                                                                             Christmas, brought tears to
Museum.                                                                     said, “We’ve already seen
                                                                                                             many CBC listeners when it
                                                                            an increase in traffic, which    first aired in 2003.
Findlater called it a “re-
                                                                          I know will only continue.
birth” of the Museum, which                                                                                  Salmon Arm guitarist Peter
                                                                        This is a fulfillment of a fam-
will become a focal point of the                                                                             Clark has been entertain-
community. He added it is a great                                    ily dream to provide a facility that
                                                                                                             ing crowds for 35 years with
achievement that will showcase the                               captures the evolution of Westbank’s        country, jazz, pop and Celtic
collection of local artifacts and displays to             progress and provides a historical reposi-         music. He has performed at
residents and visitors.                               tory for our greater community.”                       many R.J. Haney events.
In early 2010 work began on conversion of a           The District paid $149,500 for the renovations

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                                REGIONAL                                            NEWS                AUG

– and, with volunteer labour and donated ma-         vintage furnishings. The District also provided
terials the Society has created a mock house,        funding for the operation of a visitor informa-
storefront and barn inside the Museum to             tion centre in the Museum facility.
showcase its collection. Visitors will wind their
way by a barn wall facade, through a replica of
the old Dobbin General Store, into a home with       =19&recordid=681&returnURL=%2findex.aspx

Kumsheen Rafting Resort, on the western
side of the Thompson Okanagan region, has
long been known for offering one of the pre-
mier whitewater rafting experiences any-                                                                IN TOUCH
So it’s no wonder that the Resort is a major                                                            WITH TOTA
player in the nearby Lytton River Festival,
set for Sept. 2-4.
This year in conjunction with the Festival,
Kumsheen has developed a special two-day
experience for visitors which features a day-
long version of Kumsheen’s renowned and                                                       
thrilling rafting adventure down the Thomp-
son River rapids.
                                                Kumsheen guests love rafting on the churning Thompson
The second day of the ‘Raft & Relax’ pack-
age lets guests enjoy the Kumsheen Re-
                                                River.                                                  FACEBOOK
sort’s first-class amenities, including pool,                                                 
spa, trails and restaurant.                          the local Legion.

The Resort is a co-sponsor of the annual River       The three-day event includes musical and vari-
Festival, which celebrates life and activities at    ety performances, First Nations shows, artisans,
the confluence of the Thompson and Fraser Riv-
                                                     a talent show, a street market, a powwow, and      TWITTER
                                                     many other activities.
Other sponsors include area First Nations, the                                                
Chamber of Commerce, the village of Lytton and


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       INDUSTRY                                                                 NEWS                        AUG

                                                                                                            TASK FORCE SEEKS
TRAVEL AGREEMENTS WITH BRAZIL APPLAUDED                                                                     NEW MODEL FOR A
Canada’s tourism industry has applauded improved visa services and a new                                    PROVINCIAL DMO
Open Skies agreement with Brazil, announced by the federal government during                                An arms-length task force set up
Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s trip to South America in early August.                                      by the Tourism Industry Asso-
                                                                                                            ciation of B.C. (TIABC) is hard at
                                                                                                            work developing a new model for
Tourism Industry Associa-                                                       ed approach to increase     a Provincial Destination Market-
tion of Canada (TIAC) Pres-                                                     both leisure and busi-      ing Organization (PDMO), which
ident David Goldstein says                                                      ness travel to Canada.      it will soon put forward for con-
the moves will boost this                                                                                   sultations and feedback with
country’s travel and tour-                                                       Brazil has already dem-    tourism industry representatives
ism sector. “This expand-                                                        onstrated an increased     across the province.
ed open skies agreement                                                          interest in Canada, with
                                                                                 Air Canada’s successful    In a recent announcement, the
will provide us with greater                                                                                six-member PDMO Task Force
opportunities to deliver                                                         new daily Toronto-Sao
                                                                                                            reports it has sorted out its
more Brazilian leisure and                                                       Paulo route helping to     structure, ensuring that it has
business travellers to more                                                      fuel 12-per-cent in-       enough independence from
Canadian destinations,” Goldstein said in a news       crease in visits from Brazil so far in 2011.         TIABC to do its work and has
release.                                                                                                    members with the skills, knowl-
                                                       The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) also           edge and experience to develop
“Brazil is unquestionably a priority market, with      said the new Canada-Brazil air agreement will        a model for a PDMO and guide
a burgeoning middle class that is enthusiastically     promote access to this country. CTC had already      industry consultation. The
engaging in international travel.” He adds that        projected an increase of 33,100 high-yield Bra-      task force members, including
the announcement will help Canada capitalize on        zilian travellers to Canada by the end of 2012,      three TIABC Board members,
                                                       spending an additional $100.6 million in Canada      are Dave Butler (Chair), Kevin
this significant economic opportunity.
                                                                                                            Walker, Dan Stefanson, Ingrid
                                                       – and now it says that number should go even
Goldstein added that the added federal an-                                                                  Dilschneider, Ingrid Jarrett and
                                                       higher.                                              Gordon Johnson.
nouncement of plans to make more use of visa
application centres in Brasilia, Sao Paulo and Rio     CTC Vice-President International Charles McKee       After meeting many times in
de Janeiro will also help to increase air access       says, “This agreement strengthens our position       recent weeks, the Task Force
between Canada and Brazil. He says the two an-         in a fiercely competitive sector where travellers    has agreed on a draft model
nouncements represent an important co-ordinat-         spend $3 billion a day globally.”                    for a new provincial marketing
                                                                                                            organization. More research
                                                                                                            on the model will be done over
                                                                                                            the next few weeks, and after
                                                                                                            that the Task Force will begin
10 TIPS FOR RETAINING LOYAL GUESTS                                                                          conversations and consulta-
                                                                                                            tions with the tourism industry
In a recent article in the online Hospitality Trends      2. Keep in touch with them through the year
                                                                                                            across B.C. using tools such
news bulletin, business coach Caroline Cooper               so that when they come to book again you        as meetings and focus groups,
reminds tourism and hospitality managers that               are very firmly in their mind. Let them know    and possibly also surveys. The
it costs from five to eight times more to gain new          what other activities you have going on.        group states it wants broad
customers than to retain existing ones – and she                                                            industry input in order to build
offers hotels, restaurants and other businesses           3. Reward their loyalty with exclusive deals.
                                                                                                            broad industry support.
the following 10 tips for retaining loyal guests:         4. Keep up-to-date with what your guests          TIABC Chair Lana Denoni says
   1. Make sure guests leave with great lasting             want from you by listening to them. Be vis-     Minister of Jobs, Tourism & In-
     impression. A sincere thank-you in person              ible in your hotel, making personal contact     novation Pat Bell supports the
     goes a long way. Give them a little memento            with your guests to build rapport and trust.    PDMO Task Force process and
     and follow up with a personalized thank-you                                                            the Task Force agrees on the
                                                          5. Ask for guests’ feedback and fix problems      need for strong ongoing commu-
     note a few days later.                                 quickly. Challenges are often your oppor-       nication with government.

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                             INDUSTRY                                                  NEWS              AUG

    tunity to shine and leave a positive lasting         9. Keep an eye on your competitors, what
    impression.                                            they are charging, new services they offer,
  6. Remember your guests. Address them by                 improvements, and marketing promotions –
    name.                                                  and stay competitive.

  7. Get the basics right. Ensure your guests’           10. Wow your guest. Think of the things that
    second, third, or 50th visit is as good as
                                                           are of high value to them but low cost to
    their first.
                                                           you, so you can give added value. Give peo-
  8. Train your staff. They need to know the               ple a reason to talk about you.
    level of service your guests expect, and
    have the training and tools to deliver it.

                                                                                                         IN TOUCH
                                                                                                         WITH TOTA
                    MARK YOUR CALENDAR!
                                     PLAN TO ATTEND THE
 3RD ANNUAL THOMPSON OKANAGAN TOURISM INDUSTRY SUMMIT                                                    WEBSITE
           NOVEMBER 2-4, 2011 – AT THE DELTA SUN PEAKS, SUN PEAKS RESORT                       
                      – CHECK FOR UPDATES AT:




        The beautiful Delta Sun Peaks Resort will be the site of this year’s Thompson Okanagan
        Tourism Industry Summit. Don’t miss it!

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                              INDUSTRY                                              NEWS                  AUG

TOURISM BC ONLINE RESOURCES UPDATE                                                                        MANY TRAVEL
                                                                                                          MARKETERS IGNORE
                                                                                                          BEST PRACTICES
                                                           MONTHLY FEATURE OF THE TOURISM
                                                           INDUSTRY RESOURCES SECTION                     The Wanderlust international
                                                                                                          travel marketing organization
                                                           Quality Assurance Services – Service and       recently issued a marketing
                                                           Attractions Highway Sign Program               trends report which shows how
                                                                                                          the behaviour of travel market-
TOURISM INDUSTRY RESOURCES                                 In a co-operative venture, the Ministry of     ers compares to best practices
                                                     Transportation & Infrastructure and Tourism          by travel industry top brands.
Tourism BC has a number of resources available
                                                     British Columbia have developed a provincial         The findings are based on mar-
to assist tourism operators, communities and
                                                     sign policy for tourist services and attractions.    keters’ responses to an online
sectors in growing and developing their busi-
                                                     Check out the website for more information:          self-diagnostic tool that Wan-
nesses. Explore the collection of tools by follow-                                                        derlust released in 2010.
ing this link to the Tourism Industry Resources
area of the Tourism BC website:                      ingTheVisitorExperience/QualityAssuranceSer-         Some of the more interesting                  vices/HighwaySignProgram.htm                         findings in the Wanderlust 2011
                                                                                                          Travel Marketing Trends Report
                                                                                                          • Travel marketers still invest in
                                                                                                          high-cost, declining channels.
CTC LAUNCHES WINTER CAMPAIGN IN AUSTRALIA                                                                 While the numbers show adop-
                                                                                                          tion of online media channels,
A new campaign by the Canadian Tourism Com-                                                               travel marketers continue to in-
mission (CTC) aims to make the most of Austra-                                                            vest in channels of shrinking re-
lians’ growing appetite for long-haul travel and                                                          turns. Print advertising was the
boost bookings for winter travel to Canada.                                                               No. 1 channel, with 81 per cent
                                                                                                          of travel marketers placing print
The campaign website (http://auski.canada.                                                                advertising in 2010 despite a de-
travel/?sc_cid=audomain27) builds on the de-                                                              cline in response rates. Email
sign strengths of recent marketing work aimed                                                             marketing is No. 2 even though
at CTC’s European core markets (France, Ger-                                                              its effectiveness has dropped
many and the U.K.). The print advertising has QR                                                          dramatically.
codes that zip readers to a destination-related                                                           • Customer insight is under-
                                                     The campaign focuses on consumers in the east-
mobile page where they can check out reviews                                                              used. There is a wealth of de-
                                                     ern Australian cities of Sydney, Brisbane and
and images.                                                                                               mographic, psychographic and
                                                     Melbourne. It targets the Explorer Quotient types    geographic insights available
Australian Facebook fans can take part in a con-     Free Spirits and Social Samplers. Partnering         from customer databases that
test. Like a horoscope, ‘Winterscope’ collates       with CTC for the campaign are Tourism BC, Trav-      can help drive strategy, promo-
consumers’ answers to a quiz to discern their        el Alberta, Big White and Silver Star Resorts, and   tion and messaging, yet only
Canadian winter personality, such as Koala Hill      the Canadian Destination Ski Consortium.             about 20 per cent of respon-
Hugger, Hip-Hoppin’ Ice Kanga, and Tasmanian                                                              dents are exploiting their visitor
                                                      “We’re looking to shift the consumer mindset        data to drive business.
Powder Devil. ‘Winterscope’ will serve up tai-
                                                     from merely thinking about Canada to actually
lored winter experiences that reflect a consum-
                                                     booking a trip,” says Rupert Peters, CTC regional    • Marketers fail to execute
er’s answers. The contest prize is a $10,000 trip                                                         on brand positioning. A high
                                                     managing director for Core Markets.
for two to Canada with SkiMax.                                                                            percentage of marketers have
                                                  gone through the effort of com-
Aside from skiing and snowboarding details,
                                                     news/ctc-breaks-ice-new-winter-campaign-             petitive positioning and creat-
the campaign also highlights other iconic Ca-
                                                     australia                                            ing a brand identity, yet a sur-
nadian winter experiences like skating on the
                                                                                                          prising number fail to execute
Rideau Canal in Ottawa and polar-bear viewing in                                                          or follow through on this in-
Churchill, Manitoba.                                                                                      vestment.

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                                           EVENTS                                                    AUG

          SEPTEMBER 19-21, 2011 – Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, U.S.A.

          OCTOBER 2-3, 2011 – Berlin, Germany

          OCTOBER 11-13, 2011 - Las Vegas

          OCTOBER 17-20, 2011 – San Cristóbal De Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico
                                                                                                     IN TOUCH
          18TH ANNUAL BC TOURISM INDUSTRY CONFERENCE (Tourism Industry Assn. of B.C.)
          OCTOBER 24-26, 2011 – Fairmont Empress Victoria and Victoria Conference Centre

                                                                                                     WITH TOTA
          CITY EVENTS 2011 – “Where Cities Meet International Sport Federations & Event Owners”
          NOVEMBER 16-18, 2011 – Lausanne, Switzerland

          NOVEMBER 22-24, 2011 – Fairmont Chateau Laurier, Ottawa                          

    1        TOTA / Gary Aldus                        18        Eagle Valley News / Lachlan Labere
    3        TOTA                                     19        Tobiano Golf Course
    4-5      Submitted                                20        Penticton Dragon Boat Festival
                                                      21        Wine Country Helicopter Adventures
    6        TOTA
                                                                Vintage Car Club of Canada 
    7-8      TOTA
                                                      23        Interior Provincial Exhibition &
    9        Lee Dinwoodie                                      Stampede
    10       TOTA / Simone Carlysle-Smith
             Penticton Western News / Mark Brett
                                                      24        Government of British Columbia
    11       TOTA                                                                          
                                                      26        Kumsheen Rafting Resort              ThompsonOkanagan
    12       TOTA
                                                      27        TIAC
    13       TOTA / Gary Aldus
                                                      29        Tourism BC
    17       Vancouver Soaring Association                      Canadian Tourism Commission

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