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                                                       SPECIAL         20OB

Thesmart professional's
       HR                  forworkforce
                    BLUEPRINT                                           line.
                                                           humanresourceson net

                                 HR VEND OR S
                                 OFT HE

                                  2i U - 0 8

                                      * VOT E DBY H R PR O F E SS IO N A LS
                                   HR V ENDONS                              THE l'E,r,Nrl
                                                                                               ra n k i n g s                        @
Preferred        Firms                                              Preferred Relocation Flrmsp21
     under5$5,000pm)p/2                                              Rank Company                                                     Votes
 Rank      Company                                    Votes            1    Crown Relocations                                        20.67yo
  I        Recluit Express                           21.0570           I    SantaFe                                                  2O.67To
  2        Adecco / Templar                          14.047o           3    Asian TigersK. C. Dat                                    t4.DO%
  3        Kelly Services                            t2.2A70           4    Cartus                                                   Io.677o
  4        The GMP Group                             4.567o            5    Allied Pickfords                                          7.33%
  5        Achieve Career                             3.16%            6    Pricoa Relocation                                         3.33%
  6        IAC                                       2.46Vo            7    Robert Walters                                            2.OOT\
  6        Manpower                                  2A6%              7    Unicroup Worldwide UTS                                    2.00vo
                                                                       I    GMAC GlobalRelocation Services                            1. 33%
PreferredRecruitment Firms                                             9    International Movers                                      1.3370
(Roles5$5000- S$10,000   pm) p/6
 Rank Company                                         Votes         PreferredServiced  Apartments   pJ0
   1    Kelly Services                                B.52Vo         Rank Company                                                     Votes
   I    RobertWalters                                 4.5270            I   FrasersHospitality                                       26.99qo
   3    Hudson                                        7.7BTo           2   Ascott Group                                              20.4670
   4    Recruit Express                               5.937o           3    Far East Organization                                    n.ta%
   5    Michael Page                                  5.r970           4    GreatWorld ServicedApartments                             6.t370
   6   Adecco / Templar                               4.44Vo           5    Treetops Executive   Residences                           3.68%
   7    IAC                                           4.07%            6    Parkroyal ServicedResidences                              2.45%
   7    Peoplesearch                                  4.07%            6    Shangri La Apartments                                     I.A4yo
                                                                       B    Caribbean Apartments                                      l.B4To
PreferredRecruitment Firms                                             B   Wilby Residences                                           t.23To
(Rolesover S$10,000pm)pl7                                             10 ERA                                                          1.23To
 Rank Company                                        Votes            10 GoodwoodPark                                                 1.23yo
   1    Robert Walters                               t3.rr70           l0  P an P aci fi c ervi ced ui res
                                                                                         S        S                                   t.23%
   2   Hudson                                        n.25qo           l0   ParkAvenue                                                 1.23Yo
   3    MichaelPage                                  8.61%
   4   Futurestep                                    4.10%          PreferredPayrollSoftwareVendorsp40
   4   Peoplesearch                                  4.10yo          Rank Company                                                     Votes
   6   Kelly Services                                3.69Vo            I    Creative Sofiware                                        21.l2yo
   7   Achieve Career                                2.46qo            2    Times Software                                           r9.92yo
   7   Aquent                                        2.46%             3    SAP                                                      15.54To
   7   The GMP Group                                 2.46yo            4    Oracle                                                   10.36%
   7   Hays Specialist Recruitment                   2.4670            5    PROSOFT                                                   7.5770
                                                                       6   UIC Asian Computer Services                                6.77yo
Pret-erred                  p20
                     Websites                                          7    Zapper                                                   4.3aEo
 Rank Company                                        Votes             B    Frontier Software                                         r.99%
   1    lobsDB                                       55.r2%            9   ADP                                                        1.59%
   2                                27.7t%           10 ReadySoftware                                                1.20%
   3    Monster                                      8.13%
   4    Jobscentral                                  2.717o         PreferredLMS Yendors p41
   5    ST701                                         1 .B l %       Rank Company                                                     Votes
                                                                       1    SAP                                                      25.25yo
                                                                       2    Oracle                                                   16.16%
                                                                       3    PROSOFT                                                  12. 12%

                              Qhllr,r' !z%|r* ro,':Do* r,t
                                                  +65 52 70O800
                              Central Reservations:
                                                                                                r {LVrr L !AL L r r 5r N C A[Or r
                              Websit€:                                 By Frasers

6 Hum ana e s o u r c e s
                                            HR VENDORS                                            THE YEAR 2OO8 @
                                              recruitment                                  (ro l e s u n d e r S $ 5 k )                                 4
                     O n".ruitExpress
                                                                                                     JobFrncuoo  lrc$lal aioi [5 0i]1il
                                          ll€{ru,lme 5lRr.slndrr55CoDDI]
                                  Prer"Afi"at       Fr                                               W IN N EF
                                  JocF!ndon          al
                                             CDssiabrcni2. 04961                                          red
                                                                                                     P eje Retu;lme.l    F.ns lloles 00C S 0loopol
                                  WINNEFI                                                            Headoolil lrosnan! arro:r 'Jrr Srll il 0 29,11
                                  Prer"qcdBectuneiLFrn!iloesurld 55000nrl                            W IN N EF I
                                   le.dto0llrosslall o r [2r 43\]
                                                   3l                                                trr,6r.d Rrnulmenl  Frms lFo:es lr0{r $100000 1
                                                                                                            Cr.sslahJ aloi T & l"a  ero s [] 3 0i 9,rl
                                  Pr-olemd         tr
                                          9e.turmenl nsLioes!.derSalrlr!!ni
                                         t0staLrualrofancedy Iej &
                                   nluslry                  ur                         KEY PEOPLE:   SIM J O O SIAN G
                                  tierE r!12134%lT & re eccns 57c!l

                                         !e.ib t runlI ris Lioei $500lr $10!00lr i
                                  P efered                                             WEBSITE:

                              '1. in recruitment, payroll services, HR outsourcing services, outplace
                     FteCfUlt                                           international
                                                                                   recruitment. loosiang,
                                                                                            sim             executive
                                        -"'"i*J."t, ""a
                    officeg saysthat the company has grown in many ways in the last 12 months to provide clients with
                     "specialised                      He
                                  recruitmentneeds". saysthat RecruitExpress        has beentraining consultants spe-
                      cialise in various industries, such as Oil & Gas,Retail & Hospltality, IT & Telco,Banking & Finance,
                    , Government & Ministries, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Shipping & Logistics, Manufacturing
                     ) & Engineering,     Property& Construction,   Media & Advertisingaswell asLegal& FMCG,so as to
                    ,l serve clients better. "We have grown in strength and resourcesto satisfy our customers,and our
                         revenuesare now in excessofS$100million," Siang says.
                           The company is prepared to face the challenge ofcontlnuously attracting and hiring the right
                      talent in the comingyear. "With more than 200 consultants now in Singapore,we are also facing
                    the challenge ofgrooming new leadersto bring Recruit Expressto the next level ofachievement."
                    Siang feels that his company was nominated becauseofits "quick response,commitment in deliver-
                    ing quality candidates, and market position as a one-stop recruitment solutions provider".

                     OnA"cco Templar
                                  SECONDPLACE                                          KEY PEOPIE:   l YN N E N G
                                  Prele|4c Re.( heniriirs 1R0:suiae 9500lprl                             oia
                                                                                                     FleO d,e.10.        &
                                                                                                                   A.lec.. Tpiirarlsorlii3rl Aeirl
                                  ,l!t turd:onCossribulaT0d
                                                          l1,l0411                                   YU E YIN M U N
                                                                                                     !! aleqc$i0unlsd recDrAde.NSi'rliDor3
                                  Prcrercd lnre inns {no lndr 95a00Dr
                                         nec(     x       6                                          GL€N N IS C H AN
                                  ndlsloCrcsstanu r Fmnia Saresi2657r!l                                     oi
                                                                                                     D e0tor saJs& mrk ur!1.Ar€..0Siqapor
                                  SIXTH PLACE                                                        M ABK LEE
                                                             $5.0!0 S1a000Dnl                        lsrocaredwilor lenuarS !]nl)oc
                                  JobFrndionctusslabu oR144.11:l
                                  SIXTH PLACE                                          WEBSITE:
                                         0!1$ruc veid06 Jo.i
                                  Preiened       do                       aloi
                                                             lurrof Cosnab|] 14Iilhl

                                                                      sincan^ra i< n' rt ofthe international Adecco Group. In Singapore,
                                       AOeCCO             aa":..'" n""ai"t    and statting services,oflering a comprehen-
                                       sive and establishedrange ofservices that includes temporary & contract staffing,
                                       permanent recruitment, outsourcing, executivesearch,leadershipdevelopment,ca-
                                       reer managementand outplacement.Theseservicesare deliveredthrough 17offices
                                       island-wide.Adecco also provides specialtyhuman resourceand staffing services
                                       that include accounting, information technology and engineering.The companypro-
                                       vides executiverecruitment servicesthrough the Templar International Consultants
                                       brand. Templar specialises providing executivesearchservicesfor senior manage
                                       ment positions acrossawide range ofindustries and professions.
                         Lynne Ng, regional difector, Adecco & Templar (SoutheastAsia), saysthat over the past year,
                     companies in Singaporehave been extensivelyreviewing their talent requirements. "There has been
                     a reduction in the number of senior executivesat many companies and the repatriation of expensive
                     expatriateshas been on the agendafor some." Shesaysthat clients are turning to them to identiiy
                     senior executivesthat have multi-faceted experience.Sheadds that companies will focus more on
                     quality and identifying talent that can help lead them through difficult times.

' 12 Hum a nR e s o u r c e s
                                                   HR V ENDORS                                    THE YEAR 2OO8                                                 e
                                       .........: :.:::: :. .!:. ..:.t:: .: I .:.fu
                                                :. : :.:. :.'.:.: :             l
                   EI Kellv
                          Services             /
                                       THIFD PLACE
                                       Preler necrd rt frms lRo Lnder 000p.n.
                                             ed      hre           es    55                         PrelerEdSe.n   lrneilfnms(F0esrdder55000   $100!0pn)
                                       Jolr nrloncrossiabuial 2 28cil
                                                             onil                                    rdlslry                      Llli
                                                                                                           Crossh aloi PropenJ'res& ti! eemg 299illr.r
                                       WINN EFI                                                     SIXT H PLAC E
                                       Pfelened uhentFirms     1F0es under 000pml
                                                                         55                         Prelened BedulmemFmrs    lBo.s0€r  Sl'J0000 1
                                       rleadcou.l        atcn
                                                 Crosstabu Ir1 08%l                                 .lobtuml or irosslabu on[3 69%]
                                       WINNEFI                                                      OH IF EN D F IA AN T ILAL
                                       PrerededBerjrullnert (Ro 55000 illl0ollirml
                                                          FirrE es                                  S{r or! re pres ls a Pac
                                                                                                                   denl         l.
                                                                [8                                  MELISSA NORI\,IAN
                                       WINNEFI                                                      l4.e o ssdeit and.ouil..'qmerai,aiaqer Snlapore Nraralsla
                                       Prelerei                (B0es
                                               RerruilmeqtFms lptu 55000 $l0Coopmi
                                       Head.olnlar$rarr!aioi!,jel500lrr 59{          W EBSIT EI

                   to clients in ava ety of industries.
                       Dhirendra Shantilal,seniorvice-president(Asia-Pacific),citesKelly'sappointment asthe recruitment
                   padner for the F1 night racein Singapore one of its "notableachievements" the past l2 months.
                                                            as                                  in
                       Though he feels hiring will be more cautious in 2009,he is optimistic about industries such as ser-
                   vice, engineering,construction and building. "With the clouded global economic outlook, it is critical
                   for businesses recognisethat talent is linked to businessperformance in any economic situatlon."

                         croup         FOUBTH PLACE                                                 T EN T H PLAC E
                                       P.ele(ed henl Frnrs
                                              necn               dider$5!100m)
                                                            iFores                                  P,etrod ! rcoudnq !e0do.sJooaJ|tlionCossralration12 I
                                                                                                                                              !        5110i
                                       Job       CrsslanL 0nl1 1i6'il
                                          l:u0.10n      al                           KEY PEO PLE:   AN N IE YAP
                                       SEVENTHPLACE                                                               oii
                                                                                                    lhrel ex?culile cer
                                       Piefercd rnenlF mslFloles oler510l00pn)
                                                        aloi 1216!;i                                ALM A O T H M AN
                                                                                                    Fegcramana_oinq   d Hlor
                                                                                     WEBSITE:       wwwgmp€cruit.con

                   development issues."In terms ofbusiness accolades,The GMP Group has received the 2008 Sin-
                   gapore 1000Company (Emerging 1000)Award," Yap says,adding that cMP's successfulmarketing
                   campaign, The RafflesPlace Ghost, has garnered severaladvertising awards.
                      Yap saysthat companies are now more cautious with their hiring and GMP expects more compa-
                   nies to trim or freeze their headcount ifthe situation doesn't improve. Shecites talent retention and
                   development to be one ofthe kev challenses in the current economic turmoil,

                   AWAFDS:             FIFTHPLACE
                                       Prer"Arcd Reciu{nenl (3oesnde,55
                                                           Fms         r   0000n1                             AVP
                                                                                                    aonsrladr. Staiiq Sorulions. ele ftren
                                       Jobl:urclonCrossblru o r 13I 0%l
                                                            at                                      KITTY TAN
                                       SEVENTH PLACE                                                        ig
                                                                                                    AlPSln'l Sr!loir arrierTecrrroolr
                                       P@krcd    Beciurhenl rNoesolerSr0
                                                           Im]s            0lrlpml                  [,IAD ELIN EN G
                                       Job       or         at
                                            FunNl c o$tabu onl2 16qd                                A!PShll r_0$!i0rs. Atf e.elderrr!ia Rrln tmrrl
                   K E Y P E OP L E:   JOSHUA YIM                                                   KAT H LEENC H EW
                                       llr et execlr 0llicerAc[ dveoilreer                          Assslrii'r.etreslderl
                                                                                                                        J0CSBartlr ri-qialoia
                                                                                     W EBSIT E:

                                      iateer offetsconsultancyin generalpositionsrecruitment, technologyfor IT & Engi-
                   AC    n I eve      neeringpositionsrecruitment, and servicesin international recruitment.
                      )oshuaYim, chiefexecutiveofficer,AchieveCareet saysthat the companyhasseenan increasing
                   demand for foreigntalent in certain industriesin the past I2 months. The companyhas also begun con-
                   ductingbusinessintheMiddle East,with executiveplacementsforlocal conglomerates      inthe UAE.
                      Yim addsthatits subsidiaryICG has also launchedits customisedoutplacementservices      fororgani-
                   sationsgoing through staffretrenchmentand downsizingto help companiesand individuals in their
                   careers."In thesetimes,we are able to addvalue to individuals via our coachingand mentoring services."

14 Hum a nR e s o u r c e s
         H R V E N DO RS             THE YEAR 2OO8
Ls       r e c r u i t m e nt (ro les under S$5k)
         @nc           SIXTH PLACE
                       Prefercd    Lnent rft {noes!ftle $5.000pm)
                               Fectu     I
                                                                          KEYPEOPLEi   OC H IAIM ASAH AR U
                                                                                       Manaq dire0l0r
                               on          atron
                       JobFuncl Crosslabu 1216Ll                                       OAN IELYU AN
                       SEVENTHPLACE                                                    Assiale d reclcr
                       Pel€ired          Fims es
                               Fecrullment 1R0 lnder 000 Sl0000pml
                                                        $5                             W AT ABET AKASH I
                       .l0bFuncl0d           oD 07q/t
                                 Crosstabulal14                                        ass.ial-cd reclor
                       TENTH PLACE
                       Preier 0ulsourc
                            ed        i0!elrdo6                       WEBSITE:         €ngjac{&ruitment.s9
                       Jolr      Crossta[Liar0n
                           F!ncton             i2 a0%]

                             I A /.\ deals in staff placement,executiveselection,specialistplacement,bilin-
                           flALr         gual specialistsplacement,overseas  placements,multi languagestransla-
                           tion/interpretation & businesssupport services,and exhibition/convention/seminar
                           support services.
                               DanielYuan, associatedirectot saysthatthe notion that IAC Singaporeis a Japa-
                           neserecruitment companythat catersmainlyto the Japanese         businesscommunity
                           is still quite prevalent in the market. "We have taken stepsto rectify this by creating
                           a businessdevelopmentteam to hard-sell our servicesto non-lapanesecompanies
                           since 2007."   Yuan adds thatthe result has been a 30%increasein salesrevenuefrom
                           non-Japanese     companies."We will aggressively   move towards rebrandingJAC as an
         international recruitment companywith strong overseas       presencein Malaysia,Indonesia,Thailand,
         China, Iapan and UK."
             Yuan saysthere are quite a lew challengesahead due to the economic downturn. Also, the contin-
         ued restructuring ofthe Singaporeeconomywill result in more highly specialisedjobs, which the local
         talentpool cannot support, while many employersare still averseto hiring foreign talent.
             "Stayingflexibleto reactto marketneedsinthe shortestpossibletimewill be the key to our success,"
         Yuan says."Clientsare now employingmore industry specialists     with specificindustry skill-sets.Cor-
         respondingly, have createdindustry specialists       teamsto respondto this market need."

                       SIXTH PLACE                                    KEY PEOPLE:      PH ILIPPEC APSIE
                       P€loned             (no
                              F{ruilmeotFirmsesunder 000pml.
                                                    55                                        mmaqer

                                                           qind.h^ra offersa variety ofservices,such ascustomised
                           ManpOWef                        li'ti?;;;;',     peopte       outsourcins,
                                                                                 selection,        trainins
                                Philippe Capsie,country managel,saysthat dudng the first halfofthe yeat there
                           was high demandfor staffingand placementrequirementsftom clients acrossalmost
                           all sectorsand industdes in Singapore. the economic crisisstartedtakingits toll,
                           more companiesresodedto headcountfreezes,     wagecuts,bonus reductions,budget
                           cuts and retrenchmentsin somecases. complementour clientsand assistthem
         Cap s i e         duringthis difficulttime, we adaptedour HR solutionsto fittheir staffingrequirements
                           and HRmanagement.We have also extendedour payroll servicesasatotal HRpack-
         ageto easetheburdens ofour clients."Capsiesaysthatthe companyhas also seena growingtrend of
         temporaryand contract staffingrequirementsfrom clientsto fill their immediate staffrngneeds.
             He saysthatthe mostimmediate challengeis confrontingthe global economiccrisis,which has seen
         a number ofthe largestcompaniesaround the world - mainly in the financial and technologicalsectors
         - take drasticmeasures.  Manpowerexpectsmore companiestoturn to contractpositionstofill immedi-
         ate staffingrequirements."Thechallengeis to convincecandidatestotake up suchpositionsaswell as
         advisethem to be more open minded in their salaryexpectations, alsoforesee
                                                                         We               that more companies
         may switch to offeringflexiblework arrangementsaswell ashiring the matured workforce."
             He adds that one key area in which the company had to readjust moderately was to adapt to
         market hiring trends that have been affected bythe downturn in the global economy, "We have been
         ableto re-strategise adaptto suchcircumstances        accordinglyand seamlessly."

                                                                                                                    Human Resources 15
          H R VEN DO RS          T HE YE AR 2 OO8
\f        re cru i tm ent ( r oles S $ l O k a n d a b o v e )
          OnoUert                                                                           HeadcolDlCrostabu - 51 100[80651
                                                                                                             almn                  oler500[1774%]
                        WINN EF
                        PretercdFecruheilFmslBoesLoderS5000                                 WINNEFI
                                on      arioo
                        JobFund Crosslabu E 52'rl                                           PierercdRec.!lneol I nrs 18ores $l rl 00Q$).
                        WINN ER                                                             rndusl1'               F
                                                                                                   Cruisraburalo. aica Sedces{33339{l
                                                        Sl!000D.r1                          SEVENTH PLACE
                                                                                            Prelercd mal0i Fnns Job    Fuml0n            oo{2
                                                                                                                               Crosslabllar 00t l
                        idusl.r       o^ Fmma SeDes120
                              CrosslaLrula!           009i1
                                                                              KEY PEOPLE:
                        P€leredFem tnrenl rnis es0!er 0 0000m)
                                          F rRo             $l                                     d
                        Jobarnclof crsslabr ator ll 3.11'jl
                        WINNER                                                W EBSIT E:
                        Prerer€n rm.Al)l lRoles $10rlo0pml
                               Fecru      Fms          oler

          I'X           |           services.
                  ;                               director,
                               uarkrlwood, managing                com-pany setuptwo
                                                         saysthatthe     has
          In            I                                                            ,.'trl
                                                                                              -:" ,
                                                                                     ii +.::-::.,...,"'
          l!*,r fI ;;un:1il:l::Hl["J:#::ul,'"i"J];'.:jffiff:::rrice'hisvear"ou
                     "RobertWalters        l0years of recruitment excellence
                                  celebrates                               thisyeat"
                                                                                     (, i      j
          I**                                                                                                                                          ,)r'
          EF.     I        Ellwoodsays,  and addsthatthe companyalsoofficiallylaunchedthe inaugu-        'll. I            ; .i
                           raI Asialob Indexin luly,which t racis aivertisemenvolumesfor professio'nal 't.'l
                                                                             t                                           l'it"'
                           positionsacross leadingjob boardsand daliesin Hong Kongand Singapore.                    i..i
             Ellwood saysthat 2009will be a challengingyear for the job market in Singapore. "Companies              I I
          looking to upgradethet talentwill usethis [downtum] as an opportunity to bring in individuals that         ii
          can enhancetheir position."Ellwood is confidentthat though certain areasmay be hjt harder than           ,'t
          others,the company'sspecialisation  model and diverseserviceoffeing will help it through any
          potential downturn                                                                                    :=====.,'

                        T H IRD PLACE                                         KEY PEOPLE:   R EC R U IT M EN T :
                        Prefeired lmenl rdslRo under 000 510000pm)
                               Bec(      F        es      S5                                GIN A M C LELLAN
                        JobFunct C.osslab! 1l /8%l
                                on        aron
                        WIN NER
                        P€lercdFectutnenFnslBoesundtr$5.000      $100000n1,                 D.trlor. HB Lela, addSales Ma clnq
                        idus8 cro$rabulalion T 0 Teecodrs 3 04%l
                                           -              []                                PEF N ILLE ST O R M
                        S E COND PLACE                                                      Dredor Ba  rklog Financia
                                                                                                            &        S€
                        P€lemnFectu nrenlF,is LFoles Sr0 orlcDnl
                        JobFundoi cossrsbrrar [] 0 25"/"1
                                             on                                             YEO GF K C H EN G

                                         FirfisLFoles Sl0 00!pml
                        Prele(e(j                   ovei
                        feadcouCrostaburaron-51   100[80651                                                 &
                                                                                            C OM PEN SAT ION BEN EF IT S:
                        WIN NEF                                                             T H ER ESAH ALL
                        Prelerco                       Sr0
                                RtrruilmentFirms over 000pml
                        WIN NEF
                        Profefed       nq
                                0u1s!!rc vendoB
                        LroatrCrossrabulalion 50 []2 50%l
                                            oler                                            SIM ON BELL
                                                                                            ne_noDa                              Asra
                                                                                                 Dislor ManaqedSoLtons&TaeilMaiagemenl
                        E IGH TH PLACE
                                ftmpeneton & Bederils
                        Preierred                   a0nsulanls
                        JobFuod Crosslalr! {0s8%l
                                0n         alion                              wEBslTEr

                   .           rleel< in nrnfpc(jnnal recruitment, talent management, and managed solutions. Gina
          l"lUOSOn             il;i;;;;;;;;;y*anaser,                      thatthe
                                                                        says                  in starl
                                                                                  companyinvested deveropment
          inthe last 12months. "We rebrandedour outsourcingbusinessasManagedSolutions,           Asia,to ensure
          consistencywithHudson Global,aswe seekto continue to leverage strengthofour global network."
          Hudson alsore-introducedtheir CareerTransition or Outplacementservicesto addressthe needsof
          their clients and the challengesthey are facing due to the economicdownturn."
              Mclellan saysthat Hudson investedin more researchspecialists its teams androlled out new
          training programmesto make its current servicesmore comprehensive,        diverseand relevantto consul-
          tants'needs."The demand for talent is not subsiding;clients are interestedin Soodcandidatesandthey
          are also going to be interestedin retaininggood employees    through this period."
              Looking ahead,Mclellan says,"Thereare newopportunities waiting to be uncovered.Our challenge
          next year is to add value through our expertiseand high degreeofindustry/functional specialisations."

                                                                                                                                              Human      17
   S HR VENDoRS             THE YEAR 2OO8
Ig   r e cru i tm ent ( roles S $ lO k and above)
     QI KellvServices            I
                                                                                                                   SeeIisting p14

     On.nieve                                                                                                               on
                                                                                                                   SeeIisting p14

     OAquent             SEVENTH    PLACE                                                      JAIVES KOH
                                 BecrunenlFms (Fo oler$r 0 0rl0!ml
                         Preletrei   I            es                                           DErtor.SrngaDorc
                         JobFlncliooOossbbu o r [24696]
                                                                                 WEBSITE:      lvw,,sg

                              Aquent:f;:n"::$:'fi             lt#:il:'
                       past 12months hasseenthe establishmentofAquent asthe leading executivesearch
                       and staffing solutionscompanythrough key placementsin the advertising,marketing,
                       communicationsand creativefields.
                            "We are in tough economictimes,"Pangsays,     and addsthat the companyhas a
                        "defensivestrategy and attack strategy" for 2009."Defensive strategy is to continue cost
                       management tighter expense      managementand curbs on unnecessary         spending.At-
                       tack strategyisto focusour key resources digital fields.Another stmtegyis to increase
                       our levelofcontact andhence drive deeperrelationshiDswithour clientsand talent."
     He also saysthat the last 12months have seen clients coming to terms with the falling economy. "We have
     been askedfor adviceonmarkettrends such asstaffturnovet salarvincreases,        retentionstrategies."

     Orn" cMPcroup                                                                                                 Seelisting p14

               ist    itment
          Special Recru
     @ Uuys
                                                                                               SIXTH PLACE
                         Prclened             Frns
                                  Recruil[]enl 18oles $5rl00 $r0,0000n1.
                                                        uider                                  Prerened        on       ls
                                                                                                       Cornpensai& Beuel Coosullanls
                         nduslryC-osslahu Pro|reo lies&Engnenngll42w.l
                                          alioo         Lt                                                          [] 47%l
                                                                                               Jot F!.dor Cros$aburatoo
                         SEVENTHPLACE                                            KEY PEOPIE:   CHFlls MEAD
                         Prelered R{ruihent   Fms  (Foles $l0 000tml,
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     countriesaround the world. Chris Mead,generalmanager,saysHaysis proud to havehelped organisa-
     tions within Singaporegrowtheir businesses through staffingand the innovative and effectiverecruit-
     ment solutionsit hasbeen ableto offer.Hays'business has continued to growyear on year eventhrough
     the economicuncertainty ofthe secondhalfoftheyear, Mead says."We take pride in an aboveaverage
     pedormance in terms offill ratesand time taken to sourceappropriatecandidatesfor roles."

                                                                                                                                       Human      19

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