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                    PUBLIC MEETING
         Saturday, August 19, 2006 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  PDD Board Room, 2nd Floor, Provincial Building, 5025 – 49 Avenue
                         St. Paul, Alberta



Board Members:      Don Schultz, Chair, Donna Desjardins, Vice Chair, Ralph Gorrie,
                    Glenn Hennig, Caren Mueller, Colleen Marks
Administration:     Dale Drummond, CEO; Sharon Salomon, Recording Secretary
Regrets:            Floyd Thompson


Irene Zarowny                    Board Member, Children’s Services,
                                 Region 7
Sherry Young                     St. Paul Community Council/ Conference Committee
James Challman                   Blue Heron Support Services Association
Daniel Desjardins                Community

A. Don Schultz, Chair, called the meeting to order at 9:10 a.m.

B. Approval of Agenda

#06-08-0050 MOTION:       Caren Mueller moved that the Board approve the
                          Carried unanimously.

C. Approval of Minutes

#06-08-0051 MOTION:       Donna Desjardins moved that the Board approve the
                          Minutes as presented.
                          Carried unanimously.

Minutes August 19, 2006                                                               1
D. Board Regional Feedback and Future Direction

Caren Mueller, Vimy

      Blue Heron Vocational Training Centre - AGM
            Attended the AGM for Blue Heron Vocational Training Centre at the end of
            Attended the Business Meeting for Blue Heron Vocational Training Centre
             held after the AGM.
            They are attempting to recruit new Board members.

      Athabasca Community Council
            The next meeting is scheduled for September 12, 2006.

Colleen Marks, Legal

      Whitecourt Community Council
            Meeting was held on July 7, 2006.
            No meeting is scheduled for the month of August.
            The topic for their individual presentations was their plans for the summer.
            Discussion took place regarding a letter sent to the Town of Whitecourt
             regarding the Community Council’s concerns with safety issues in the
             Town, such as sidewalk curb ramps and streetlights.
            There is now a bus available that can seat twelve passengers and four
             wheelchairs. Northeast Region PDD funding was utilized to purchase this
            There is currently a logo contest for the transit society.
            The self advocates held a regular meeting and expressed interest in
             attending the Summit in Edmonton next month. They will choose two
             candidates to attend.
            Housing remains a critical issue. Costs are extremely high for housing.
             They are currently considering a concept of a two-story housing complex
             that resembles a modular home. The cost is $100,000.00. Mary Jo
             Husby of PDD Whitecourt will be contacting the HOME program and the
             Mayor, as they wish to involve the entire community in this concept.
            Community involvement in the HOME program is a high priority.
            In September they will be visiting the local library and learn more about
             the accessibility to computers. There is also a visit to the local fire hall
             scheduled for September 7th.
            The next Community Council meeting is scheduled for September 5th.
      Westlock Community Council
            There are no meetings scheduled during the summer months.

Minutes August 19, 2006                                                                 2
             The last meeting was held on June 22.
             The local AISH worker will be invited to attend a meeting in the fall.
             Brian Finley of the HOME Program will be invited to a fall meeting.
             Friends First have approached some local businesses to make the
              premises more wheelchair accessible.
             The Special Olympics Ball Team travelled to Brandon, Manitoba. It was a
              great experience for them.
             The next meeting is scheduled for September 13, 2006.

Ralph Gorrie, Vegreville

          The local Community Council does not meet during the summer months.

          Ralph Gorrie has been invited to make a presentation at the Bonnyville
           Community Council on August 28, 2006.

Don Schultz, Barrhead

          No report.

Glenn Hennig, Hilliard

          The Town of Mundare has been approved for community capacity dollars to
           pave wheelchair accessible paths in their local campground and park.

Donna Desjardins, St. Paul

      St. Paul Community Council
            The Council does not meet during the summer months.

      Bonnyville Community Council

             The last meeting was held on June 26, 2006 and attended by Donna
              Desjardins and Barb Chaffee from PDD, St. Paul.
             Discussion took place regarding the new direction of PDD, Family
              Managed Services and an update on affordable housing units.
             Dollars have been approved for affordable housing units, however there
              are currently no contractors to tender service.
             The next meeting is scheduled for August 28.

Minutes August 19, 2006                                                                3
        Hear My Voice

               An article was published in the St. Paul Journal highlighting the book
                signing held at the PDD Office. A copy was passed out to those in

        Cold Lake Community Council

            There is currently no Community Council in Cold Lake.
            Audrey McFarlane is currently working with a group on a disability fair which
             will be held on September 19th at the Lakeland Inn.

        Special Olympics

               The team from Parson City, Kansas will be arriving on August 23rd for the
                20th annual ball Tournament which will take place on August 26th and 27th.
                There are 20 teams participating in the tournament.
               A week of activities is planned including paintball, neon bowling, horse
                pulls, and a barbeque at Westcove on Friday, August 25th. They are
                expecting over 400 people for a banquet on Saturday, August 26 th.

Floyd Thompson, Lac La Biche
    No report.

E.       Delegations/Presentations

Regional HR Initiative – James Challman, Blue Heron Vocational Training Centre

        An update on funds allocated to the project was provided.
        Calder Bateman assisted and were contracted with the communications portion
         of the project.
        The objective of the contract was with regional goals and workforce 2010 goals.
        A regional group of eleven associations were involved in the project.
        Rehabilitation is not an accurate description for what we do, and therefore there
         has been a change to instead use the term disability services.
        Rural Albertans tend to be less aware of available services and employment

Minutes August 19, 2006                                                                      4
      A marketing plan was developed. Some external issues were identified, such as
       skilled labour shortage, geographical location, urban versus rural, relocation
       costs and housing.
      Long-term recruitment was also a key issue.
      The local market was the primary target, namely people in the northeast.
      Last year $120,000.00 was allocated for this project by PDD.
      Websites have been developed. The website for Disability Services Northeast
       Alberta (DSNA) was shown to the Board and guests.
      The website includes the Association’s vision and mission statements. The
       website uses common terminology. The site is used primarily as a Human
       Resources site.
      Links to Town and, in the future, Counties, appear on the website.
      Effective September 1st, 2006 current postings will be available on the website.
       This will be a central Human Resources website.
      A training session has been scheduled for August 31st with regard to utilization of
       this site.

   Blue Heron Vocational Training Centre

          They currently employ 160 staff.
          Intake is at a stand still , as a staff shortage exists, and further intake affects
           the quality of service to individuals already in service.
          Liasons have been established with oil exploration companies with regard to
           what they can do for the community.
          One company has undertaken a project to fund an inclusive arts studio in the
           community. Employment opportunities will flow from this project as well.
          Housing is a key issue.

Region 7 Child and Family Services – Irene Zarowny, Board Member

      The Board held a briefing with the Ministry early in July.
      On September 13th there is a Business Planning Meeting scheduled. St. Paul
       has been chosen as the site for one of the four meetings scheduled.
      There is a general concern with staff retention and wellness.
      A new casework practice model is being set up.
      High cost cases are reviewed monthly.
      They are currently developing some youth networking throughout the Region.
      Community Capacity is being developed, with a high priority for foster parenting.
      Key issues exist with transportation in the north and isolated communities.
      The recruitment of more aboriginal staff is a priority.

Minutes August 19, 2006                                                                          5
E.    Reports

1.1   Northeast Alberta Community Board Deferral Report – Update

             At the regular April, May and June 2006 board meetings, the board
              discussed receiving an update on deferrals of service and information
              when individuals are moving out of the region.
             Monthly reports indicate 5 individuals are currently in the intake process.
              The average waiting period is four months.
             One individual is eligible and awaiting delivery of supports. The average
              waiting period is one month.
             Four individuals are currently receiving supports but awaiting requested
              changes in funded supports. The average waiting period is one month.
             Seventeen individuals have had their applications approved, however
              services are currently not available. Staffing is a key issue.
             Five individuals are leaving service as of July 31, 2006.

#06-08-0052 MOTION:         Glenn Hennig moved that the Board receive this report
                            as information.
                            Carried unanimously.

1.2 Northeast Board Quarterly Report for the Period April 1, 2006 to June 30, 2006

             The Northeast Board provides a report to the Provincial Board (Provincial
              Program Unit) each quarter, which outlines the activities and events
              undertaken by the Board and the results achieved in relation to the 2005-
              2006 business plan.
             The first section of the report highlights the Board’s activities under four
              key areas, namely Shared Governance and Right Relationships,
              Infrastructure, Facilitation and Assurance.
             The second section of the report summarizes the activities and results
              associated with the regional strategies for each of the provincial goals 1
              through 5.
             A key highlight is that the number of individuals coming into service is
              less than our estimated 2.5 per month. This is a decline in intake.
             There was an intake of ten individuals, and four individuals came into
              service at a relatively minimal cost.

#06-08-0053 MOTION:         Ralph Gorrie moved that the Board receive this report
                            as information.
                            Carried unanimously.

Minutes August 19, 2006                                                                      6
1.3     Northeast Alberta Community Board Financial Report April 1, 2006 to June
        30, 2006

              A summary of Financial Statements of NEAB Community Board for PDD
               for the period ending July 31, 2006, was provided, as follows:


          Budget                         Actual                Balance remaining to
Apr 1 /2006 to Mar 31/2007           July 31, 2007               March 31, 2007
         $25,643,000                    $8,035,000                   $17,608,000
              22,000(1)                  $22,000                        $0.00
         $25,665,000                    $8,057,000                   $17,608,000
            100%                          31.4%                        68.6%
(1) Included in the Actual amount is $ 22,000, which was a surplus recovered from service
providers from the prior year.


Total Expenses

          Budget                         Actual                Balance remaining to
Apr 1 /2006 to Mar 31/2007           July 31, 2007               March 31, 2007
       $25,651,000                    $7,789,000                   $17,862,000
          100%                          30.3%                        69.7%

Projected Net Revenue (Expense)            $0.00

Expenses by Program areas:

Community Living Supports
          Budget                         Actual                Balance remaining to
Apr 1 /2006 to Mar 31/2007           July 31, 2007               March 31, 2007
       $ 12,434,000                   $4,124,000                   $8,310,000
          100%                           33.1%                       66.9%

Employment Supports
          Budget                         Actual                Balance remaining to
Apr 1 /2006 to Mar 31/2007           July 31, 2007               March 31, 2007
        $2,148,000                     $601,000                    $1,547,000
          100%                            28%                         72%

Minutes August 19, 2006                                                                     7
Community Access Supports
          Budget                       Actual               Balance remaining to
Apr 1 /2006 to Mar 31/2007         July 31, 2007              March 31, 2007
        $4,279,000                  $1,236,000                  $3,043,000
          100%                         28.9%                      71.1%

Specialized Community Supports
          Budget                       Actual               Balance remaining to
Apr 1 /2006 to Mar 31/2007         July 31, 2007              March 31, 2007
         $533,000                    $121,000                    $412,000
           100%                        22.7%                      77.3%

Supports to Delivery Systems
          Budget                       Actual               Balance remaining to
Apr 1 /2006 to Mar 31/2007         July 31, 2007              March 31, 2007
        $6,081,000                  $1,670,000                  $4,411,000
           100%                        27.5%                      72.5%

Board Governance

          Budget                       Actual               Balance remaining to
Apr 1 /2006 to Mar 31/2007         July 31, 2007              March 31, 2007
         $171,000                    $37,000                     $134,000
          100%                         21.6%                      78.4%

             Although there have been under expenditures for Individual Funding for
              the first four months, this money is being redeployed toward other
             A surplus is not projected for year-end.
             The Ministry has recently given the Board approval to utilize $197,608.00
              out of its allocation to address human resource issues in Fort McMurray.
              By giving Service Providers in this community the opportunity to increase
              salaries this may enable the Board to ensure service delivery with a more
              stable workforce.
             As staff shortages are impacting service delivery among other Service
              Providers in the region, the Board will commit additional funds to aid
              Service Providers to recruit individuals to vacant positions. As Northeast
              Alberta has strong economic growth, the Board needs to ensure resources
              maintain existing service delivery, plus are able to serve new individuals in
              the region.

#06-08-0054 MOTION:          Glenn Hennig moved that the Board receive this report
                             as Information.
                             Carried unanimously.

Minutes August 19, 2006                                                                  8
1.4   8th Annual Northeast Regional Conference Report

             A report was given by the Co-Chairs of the Conference Committee on
              plans and progress with the 8th Annual Northeast Regional Conference
              scheduled for St. Paul on November 10 and 11, 2006.
             The Conference Committee has held two meetings to date.
             The theme of the Conference is “We are Community”.
             The Information Mall will be changed at the Conference to be a
              Celebration Mall. True community inclusion will be the key focus of the
              celebration mall.
             Letters of invitation will be sent out to service providers, community
              councils, FCSS offices, and Town offices regarding participation in the
              Celebration Mall.
             The participants in the Celebration Mall will have manned, interactive
             There will be a Government agency section (i.e. Child & Family Services,
              AISH, Public Guardian, HOME Program) within the Celebration Mall.
              Community inclusion will be the theme.
             Sessions will be set up relevant to family managed services, to the aging
              senior population, to humour and concerning transportation.
             The internet café will be set-up as a networking café, in keeping with the
              conference format of networking. Computers will be set up for usage.
             St. Paul Abilities Network (SPAN) has agreed to head the decorating
              committee, provide transportation within the Town of St. Paul and to set
              up the networking café.
             Friday evening there will be a banquet and awards ceremony followed by
              a community dance.
             On Day 2 of the Conference there will not be a break-off into communities,
              but rather a new session for the entire group focusing on social life and
             There will be a Remembrance Day Ceremony scheduled for 11:00 a.m. on
              Saturday, November 11th.
             In the afternoon, Bob Layton, of CHED/Global TV, will be the keynote
              speaker, focusing on inclusion as a main topic.
             Time will be allotted for Community Council Co-Chairs to meet.
             In early September the Conference Committee Co-Chairs will go to press
              to invite the community to the dance on Friday evening and to advertise
              the Conference.
             The Board reviewed and accepted this report as information.

#06-08-0055 MOTION:        Colleen Marks moved that the Board accept this report
                           as information.
                           Carried unanimously.

Minutes August 19, 2006                                                                9
1.5   Family Voices – 2006/07 – 1st Quarter Update

             To facilitate the necessary connection between families and regional
              authorities, NE PDD and Child and Families North Central Region entered
              into a two year joint contract with AACL for the maintenance and
              enhancement of a Northeast Family Voices Network. This contract came
              into effect April 1, 2005.
             Since the contract has been in place there has been Family Voices
              representation at Community Councils, particularly in the western portion
              of the region. Family Voices’ staff have been involved as Community
              Councils tackle issues like housing, transportation and staffing. There has
              also been significant involvement of Family Voices in the development of a
              Regional Parent Advisory Committee for Children’s (FACD). Family
              Voices has also taken an active role in supporting families at Complex
              Needs’ interviews, families in transition and families going into family
              managed service.
             Initially, the Contract was delivered by two half-time staff. Recently, AACL
              has decided to move this to one full-time staff that would cover the
              northeast region. In addition, the program is now being supervised by the
              Executive Director for AACL, who also is responsible for the Family Voices
              initiative throughout the Province. These two organizational changes
              should result in a more comprehensive program which is provided
              consistently across the region. The need for an increased presence in St.
              Paul and Bonnyville has specifically been highlighted.
             In upcoming months AACL will explore connecting families across the
              Northeast with the use of video-conferencing. The video-conferencing will
              be done by gathering parents together in each of our local communities
              and then connecting each of the sites. Family Voices staff will facilitate
              the process.
             AACL is also hopeful that there will be opportunity to profile the Family
              Voices initiative at this year’s 8th Annual NE Regional Conference.
             NE PDD staff will continue to closely monitor the outcomes associated
              with this contract and ensure that this resource is available to families in
              communities across the region.

#06-08-0056 MOTION:        Ralph Gorrie moved that the Board accept this report as
                           Carried unanimously.

Minutes August 19, 2006                                                                10
1.6   Board Minutes - Corrections

             The Board moved that the Minutes from the May 27, 2006 Board Meeting
              be amended to include Dave Arsenault as an attendee and delete the
              name of Dave Hancock. Further, to amend Motion #06-04-0015 and
              replace the Motion # to read Motion #06-05-0025; to amend Motion #06-
              04-0016 and replace the Motion # to read Motion #06-05-0026; and to
              amend Motion #06-04-0017 and replace the Motion # to read Motion #06-

#06-08-0057 MOTION:        Ralph Gorrie moved that the Board accept the above
                           motion as read.
                           Carried unanimously.

2.1   Self-Advocates – Update

             The Provincial Self-Advocacy Summit will be held on September 29th, 30th
              and October 1st, 2006 at the Edmonton Coast Plaza Hotel.
             Each Region has been requested to provide a 5 minute talk regarding
              their Region’s initiatives on self-advocacy. The NE Administration
              recommends that a self advocate in conjunction with the Board Chair or
              CEO provide the Regional update. It is further suggested that Rose Anne
              Krikke be approached to speak as the NE self advocate.
             The CEO and Board Chair from our Region will both attend the Summit.
             The CEO will provide a presentation on behalf of the Northeast Region.

#06-08-0058 MOTION:        Colleen Marks moved that the Board accept this report
                           as information.
                           Carried unanimously.

2.2   Inclusive Post-Secondary Education – Update

             AACL and NEPDD are exploring an option in Fort McMurray (Keyano
              College) through Individual Funding agreements for interested participants
              and Keyano College staff work with the assistance of AACL on providing
              the supports needed in Fort McMurray.
             AACL is entering into discussions with Portage College (and possibly with
              Northern Lake College) with regards to options for inclusive post
              secondary educational opportunities for all of Northeast Alberta.

Minutes August 19, 2006                                                               11
#06-08-0059 MOTION:            Donna Desjardins moved that the Board accept this
                               report as information.
                               Carried unanimously.

2.3        AACL/Rotary Project – Update

                AACL has forwarded a proposal that the Northeast Alberta Community
                 Board expand its current AACL/Rotary Project to include Fort McMurray,
                 with costs to be negotiated.
                Dr. Doug Fleming is currently working with this project.
                Any required funding will be coming from capacity dollars.

#06-08-0060 MOTION:            Glenn Hennig moved that the Board accept this report
                               as information.
                               Carried unanimously.

      G.      Communications from the Board Chair

                The Council of Chairs continues to meet every month.
                The Board Chair will be attending the Special Olympics events in St. Paul
                 on August 26th and 27th.

  H.         Communications from the CEO

                The Financial Manager position will be posted in October.
                The IFA position is currently in recruitment, and the position will be filled as
                 quickly as possible.
                Brenda Carlson will return to full-time employment status effective August
                 21, 2006.
                Information has been provided to our region regarding possible recruitment
                 from Ontario. This information is being dealt with by a regional group and
                 is being followed up at the Provincial level as well.
                Internal Audit is conducting a risk assessment study. Staff members may
                 be interviewed. Board members and Audit Committee members may also
                 be interviewed in the future.
                Administration is currently obtaining dates for municipal council meetings
                 throughout our region. Board members will subsequently be attending
                 many of these council meetings for the purposes of presentation of the
                 “Hear My Voice” publication.

Minutes August 19, 2006                                                                       12
             A Major Events Log for the Minister has been provided to Administration
              for their perusal. Our Northeast Regional Conference has been placed on
              the Log.
             The “Help Wanted” DVD has now been received. Distribution will take
              place in the near future.
             A CET Certificate has been received for ECHOS. The Board Chair will
              attend the AGM for ECHOS and present this Certificate on behalf of the
              Northeast Board.

  I.     In-Camera Session (Review Organizational Issues)

#06-08-0061 MOTION:        Glenn Hennig moved that the Board go In-Camera at
                           9:15 a.m. to discuss an organizational issue.
                           Carried unanimously.

#06-08-0062 MOTION:        Colleen Marks moved that the Board come out of
                           Camera at 10:10 a.m.
                           Carried unanimously.

   J.     Notice of Motion/Request for Information

   K.     Proposed Meeting Dates

             September 23, 2006        St. Paul
             October 21, 2006          St. Paul
             November 11, 2006         St. Paul
             December 16, 2006         St. Paul

Minutes August 19, 2006                                                            13
   L.     Adjournment

#06-08-0063 MOTION:       Colleen Marks moved the Board adjourn at 2:05
                          Carried unanimously.

_______________________________      ________________________________
Don Schultz, Chairman                Dale Drummond, CEO

Minutes August 19, 2006                                                   14

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