Monmouth's Got Talent Benefits The Wounded Warrior Project

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					   HTTP://ouTlooK.monmouTH.EDu                                                      December 9, 2009                                                                   Vol. 81, no.12

   Monmouth Center for                                                                                                      Award-Winning
 Entrepreneurship Named                                                                                                     Twin Poets To
                                                                                                                           Share Works On
Finalist for National Award                                                                                                   Campus
         brETT boDnEr                  course and will also be speaking          The program started as an ex-               Gina columbus               the audience, and how he talked
           staff writEr                at the conference said, “It is quite   perimental course taught in a                    Editor-at-largE           about poetry. From this, Thomas
                                       prestigious to be nominated for        lecture format, but that quickly                                           thought that he would be perfect
   The Monmouth University             this award considering the com-        changed. The class then changed            Poets and twin brothers, Mi-    for the University. “To me, these
Center for Entrepreneurship was        pany we are in. We are going up        into an interactive one, where the      chael and Matthew Dickman,         two are very different from the
chosen to be one of three finalists    against two wonderful programs         class was able to bring products        who have been profiled in both     other visiting writers that have
for the 2010 United States Associ-     in Babson College and the Uni-         and services to market. Since the       The New Yorker and Poets and       been here. It is very rare that
ation for Small Business Innova-       versity of California, Irvine. It’s    program became more hands on,           Writers, will be presenting        there are twin poets.”
tive Entrepreneurship Educational      great just to be mentioned in the      students were able to see what          some of each of their works          Thomas said he was unaware
Course Award on November 13.           same breath as those schools.”         they can do to succeed, as well         in Wilson Hall Auditorium on       of what poems the brothers
   The award is given to the uni-         In order to be nominated for the    as learning from their mistakes         Wednesday, December 9 as           would be reading at the event,
versity with an advanced course,       award, Center for Entrepreneur-        through failures.                       part of the Visiting Writers Se-   but mentioned that a lot of poets
where the professor or faculty         ship had to write up a proposal           The Center for Entrepreneur-         ries.                              read new, unpublished works.
member can demonstrate course          and a presentation, which was          ship is partnered with a number            Assistant Dean and Director       The Dickmans each have their
effectiveness, student impact,         then sent to the United States As-     of different businesses. The entre-     of the Visiting Writers Series     own publications by two top
transferability, and creativity. The   sociation for Small Business and       preneur class has run, started, and     Michael Thomas will intro-         poetry presses. Matthew Dick-
award will be given out at the na-     Entrepreneurship (USABE). The          produced over ten different busi-       duce the poets, and said that he   man has a collection of his po-
tional conference in Nashville,        USABE reviewed all of this infor-      nesses and of these ten, seven are      greatly admires both of them.      ems published as “All-American
Tennessee through January 14 to        mation and then gave Monmouth          still around and are having suc-        “I saw Michael read at Princ-      Poem” from the APR, which he
17.                                    the nomination.                        cess. The largest company they          eton Poetry Festival last April,   won the APR/Honnickman First
   The Center for Entrepreneur-           The Center for Entrepreneur-        are partnered with is Cartridge         and I was just enamored and        Book Prize for. Michael Dick-
ship was just formed last year         ship is a program that is growing      World, which is the first of its kind   impressed by his reading of the    man has a similar edition titled,
and it is already nominated for an     at a rapid pace and the nomination     to partner with a university. Other     poems,” Thomas said.               “The End of the West,” published
award.                                 for the USABE Innovative Entre-                                                   Thomas also mentioned that
   Professor John Buzza, who           preneurship Educational Course              award continued on pg. 2           he liked how Michael Dickman            Twins continued on pg. 4
teaches the Entrepreneurship           Award only supports this.                                                      answered the questions from

      Monmouth’s Got Talent Benefits The
          Wounded Warrior Project
         oliVia Hanson
       Contributing writEr

   A group of Monmouth’s Mu-
sic Industry students put on the
much anticipated Monmouth’s
Got Talent in Pollak Theatre last
Tuesday, which benefited the
Wounded Warrior Project.
   The show, which was a spinoff
of the television show, Ameri-
can’s Got Talent, showcased stu-
dents singing, dancing, playing
guitar, piano, bass, and drums. It
also featured an Irish step dancer
and a girl who wowed the crowd
with her hula-hoop routine.
   The judges of the show includ-
ed: Professor Frangipane of the
Music Industry department, Pro-
fessor Hokanson of the Commu-
nications department, Kimberly
Nadeau a member of Phi Sigma
Sigma, and Peter Seligman of
Theta Xi.
   The third place prize of $50
went to Jim Mill and Moon Motel

     Talent continued on pg. 8                                                                                                                                   Photo Courtsey of olivia hanson
                                       Of the twelve acts at Monmouth’s Got Talent, the top three spots were awarded prizes.

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2      The Outlook                                                                 University news                                                                        December 9, 2009

        Students Lectured On Connecting
            Feminism and Technology
Visiting Speaker Dr. Mary Kearney Presents “Pink Technology: Media-Making Gear for Girls”
                                      through toys for children. Her            is often “sugar coated” for girls    fit to take part in the “rock-and-      name, Debutante, brings to mind
     Morganne firMstone               presentation was lecture-based            to make it seem less intimidat-      roll scene,” and so the feminized       images of princesses in media
           STaff WriTer
                                      supported with a slideshow of             ing (making things pink, easy to     line of guitars, Daisy Rock Gui-        (i.e. Cinderella), not exactly who
   Dr. Mary Kearney presented a       pictures featuring the specific           carry, etc).                         tars, was created.                      people consider to be rock stars.
lecture about girl-oriented con-      media-making devices involved               Junior Meredith Violi com-            Although some of the femini-            Shoemaker spoke of the impor-
sumer electronics. Kearney is         in her argument—the Barbie                mented, “It was interesting to see   zation was helpful, such as the         tance of deconstructing gender
the Associate Professor of Radio-     Video Recorder and the Daisy              how gender roles are prescribed      smaller design which was easier         stereotypes after attending the
Television-Film at the University     Rock Girl Guitar. Throughout              through toys at such a young age.
of Texas at Austin, specializing      Kearney’s speech, she shed light          She really opened my eyes.”
in feminist critical and cultural     on the gendered nature of these             Kearney spoke about a media-       “...Actual girls and boys are much more
media studies on November 16,         two toys by examining their pro-          making device called the Barbie
in the Magill Commons Faculty         motional packaging, color, and            Video Recorder. She said that            interesting and diverse than these
                                                                                                                      images and products indicate. Mary’s
Dining Room.                          functionality.                            this device was feminized in such
   At the University of Texas at         Kearney made some connec-              a way that the makers believed
Austin, Kearney served as the
graduate professor for one of the
                                      tions about gender stereotypes
                                      and their affect on women. She
                                                                                girls would find it attractive and
                                                                                nonthreatening (all of the equip-       work helps me to encourage media
University’s own professors, Dr.
Deanna Shoemaker. Shoemaker
                                      said that many believe that femi-
                                      ninity is incompatible with tech-
                                                                                ment in the set is pink, has the
                                                                                Barbie logo, and has images of         literacy and critical thinking at home
is the Assistant Professor of Ap-
plied Communication and Fac-
                                      nological competence. Girls are
                                      taught to fear technology unless
                                                                                Barbie on the packaging).
                                                                                  The functionality of the video            and with university students.”
ulty Advisor of CommWorks.            dealing with cooking, cleaning,           recorder was also addressed.                                     deanna ShOemaker
   Kearney’s presentation fo-         communicating, or beautifying.            “The equipment was feminized                          Assistant Professor of Applied Communication
cused on the way in which so-         Kearney added that most media-            because it was made very light
ciety perpetuates gender roles        making gear is made by men,               and easy to carry. It also had a
in the division of labor, even        therefore the media equipment             limited transmission range and       for women to handle, Kearney            lecure: “As a mother of a young
                                                                                needed to be plugged into a TV or    argued that the designs of these        son, I am constantly frustrated by
                                                                                VCR to work, leaving very little     guitars were not meant to be            the gender stereotypes perpetu-
                                                                                room for girls to engage in out-     taken seriously. Kearney com-           ated by children’s clothing, toys,
                                                                                door activities,” said Kearney.      mented that by having these             TV shows, commercials, etc.,
                                                                                  She argued that the Barbie         guitars shaped like butterf lies,       and I talk with my son about how
                                                                                Video Recorder was made to be        hearts, and f lowers, with sparkle      actual girls and boys are much
                                                                                indoor-oriented, which reinforces    finishes and pastel colors, the         more interesting and diverse
                                                                                the gender role that girls belong    technology and mastery of the           than these images and products
                                                                                inside the home. Kearney said        art were masked by girly designs        indicate. Mary’s work helps me
                                                                                that through the commercials and     and whimsical names.                    to encourage media literacy and
                                                                                packaging, the Barbie Video Re-         A new line of guitars for girls,     critical thinking at home and
                                                                                corder’s main focus was for girls    Debutante, features Miley Cyrus         with university students.”
                                                                                to be in front of the camera as an   as the spokesperson. Kearney              Kearney is the author of Girls
                                                                                object to be looked at rather than   added that Miley Cyrus is not           Make Media and is currently at
                                                                                behind it, a common occurrence       known for her guitar skills, but        work on two book projects: Pow-
                                                                                for women in the industry.           as a performer in front of the          er Chords and Groupie Chicks:
                                        photo courtesy of     The Daisy Rock Guitar was          camera, again reinforcing the no-       Gender in Rock Culture and
The Debutante guitar, from the Daisy Rock series, was                           also a point of focus in the lec-    tion that girls belong as objects       Making Their Debut: Teenage
one of the products Dr. Mary Kearny showcased during                            ture. Kearney spoke about how        to be looked at, not as dexterous       Girls and the Teen-Girl Enter-
the presentation on November 16.                                                women are not considered to be       musicians. She said that even the       tainment Market.

    Leon hess nominated for United States
association award for Center of entrepreneurship
    award continued from pg. 1        chances,” Buzza said.               win and be successful. Through       When students believe why the                    Leitch also added, “The Center
                                         One of the major things that hard work and the effort put forth program is as successful as it is,                  for Entrepreneurship has given me
                                      helped contribute to this nomina- by the class, it allows for students they believe it is largely in part to           such an insurmountable amount
   companies include Second                                                                                  Buzza.                                          of knowledge that is undoubtedly
Chances Thrift Boutique, Organ-                                                                                Junior Melissa Leitch said,                   going to make me a successful
ic Pantry, Park Gourmet Pasta,            “This award is for the University                                  “Professor John Buzza has been                  businesswoman someday.”
the Industry film School and they                                                                                                                               Win or lose, this nomination is
                                        and the students. That’s what it’s all
                                                                                                             so successful. As a longtime en-
consult with a perfume business                                                                              trepreneur, he understands that                 a big step forward for the program
called Shore Sense Fragrances that                                                                           the successes and failures that his             and for the university, Buzza
began right here at Monmouth.                                                                                students may face are all a part of             said.
   As far as winning the award                                                                               the experience of being an entre-                  “This award is for the Univer-
goes, Buzza believes the Univer-                                  jOhn bUzza                                 preneur. He enables his students                sity and the students. That’s what
sity has a good shot.                                           Business Professor                           to make consequential decisions                 it’s all about. We have a great
   “I believe in our program very                                                                            within his classroom and under                  business here that is wonderful
much and I don’t think other          tion was the hard work and effort to succeed in the classroom, as his supervision, so that if mis-                     and it really helps show the qual-
programs do what we do. These         of students.                        well as in the working world after takes are made, he can give ad-                 ity of students and programs we
awards can be very political, but        “The students embrace what they graduate from Monmouth,” vice and solutions to correct those                        have right here at Monmouth Uni-
I still have to say that I like our   they do and everyone is looking to Buzza said.                         mistakes.”                                      versity.” said Buzza

                                                                                                                       UnDerage ConsUMPtion
                                                                                                                       of aLCoHoL                         UnDerage ConsUMPtion
                     tHeft                                                                                             12/5/2009 - 1:43 aM                of aLCoHoL
                     12/1/2009 - BetWeen 7:00 aM anD 1:30 PM                                                           CeDar HaLL                         12/6/2009 - 3:08 aM
                      oaKWooD HaLL                                                                                                                        eLMWooD HaLL

                                                                                                                                                                                 12/1 - 12/8
December 9, 2009                                                                                                                    University news                                                                                                                                     The Outlook                          3

Community Garden is Proposed
to Join Campus and Community
         melissa Roskowski                                        will allow the garden to be 10,000                             Monmouth students are looking
                   staff writer                                   square feet.                                                forward to the addition of a Com-
                                                                     Other concerns that were voiced                          munity Garden. Vincent Crapello, a
   The University held a Community                                focused on gardening techniques and                         university student, said, “The garden
Garden Forum last Wednesday, De-                                  how the garden would be regulated                           will be beneficial in that we will have
cember 2, to plan a garden that will                              and harvested.                                              our own locally grown and safe veg-
hopefully bring together the univer-                                 “The garden will be organic,” said                       etables without the cost or damage of
sity and the surrounding community.                               Foran. “We want to make it as sus-                          importing from elsewhere.”
   The Community Garden project is                                tainable as possible.”                                         Many of the forum attendees par-
headed by Sean Foran, a social work                                  Sloan gave advice to ensure that                         ticipate in or have participated in local
graduate student focusing on commu-                               Monmouth is prepared to meet the                            community gardens and shared their
nity development, and Monmouth’s                                  standards allocated by NOFA, the                            tips for success.
Center for Human and Com-                                                                                                                Sloan gave a tip for a low-
munity Wellness. The Mas-
ter Gardeners of Monmouth                                “...we will have our own                                                     cost method of testing an ar-
                                                                                                                                      ea’s sunlight. He said, “Plant
County have also shown sup-
port for the project.                                     locally grown and safe                                                      tomatoes. If they grow short
                                                                                                                                      and bushy, you have sunlight.
   The Center for Human and
Community Wellness hopes
                                                             vegetables without                                                       If they grow tall, you don’t.”
                                                                                                                                         Sunlight or no sunlight, the
the Community Garden will
help further its mission of
                                                             the cost or damage                                                       University has a larger goal
                                                                                                                                      it hopes to achieve with this
increasing, “knowledge and
awareness of important is-
                                                              of importing from                                                       project.
                                                                                                                                         Foran said they are aiming,
sues related to physical, men-                                    elsewhere.”                                                         “to combine the university
tal, and behavioral health and                                                                                                        and the community through

                                                                                                                                                                                                         letter to the editor
wellness.”                                                                     VinCent CraPello                                       the garden.”
   A board of experts was avail-                                                    Student                                              There was talk at the forum
able to answer any questions or                                                                                                       about eventually working with
concerns. The gardening gurus were,                               Northeast Organic Farming Associa-                          local schools to teach students not
Tony Sloan, a member of the North-                                tion.                                                       only about gardening, but about na-                                                    Gene simko                                    an all-purpose fighter; the Val,
east Organic Farming Association,                                    He spoke about how to obtain or-                         ture as well.                                                                    contributing writer                                 which was a bomber/torpedo
Vivian Quinn, a member of the Master                              ganic soil to start the garden and what                        One of the forum attendees re-                                                                                                    attack aircraft; and the Kate,
Gardeners of Monmouth County, and                                 needs to be done in order to secure                         minded everyone that currently, less                                    Jennifer Renson in her News                                  which was a torpedo bomber.
Chris Hirschler, a Health Studies Pro-                            organic certification.                                      than two percent of the population                                    Feature “The Truth of Pearl Har-                                 While some Zeros were no
fessor here at the University.                                       The Community Garden is tenta-                           grows their own food. The Commu-                                      bor” states that “Japanese air-                                doubt in grey paint, others were
   Location was a big issue that was                              tively planned for this coming spring.                      nity Garden participants hope to get                                  craft of that period were painted                              painted white. Squadrons of
discussed. Foran said, “The location is                           Foran said they are planning on allow-                      people back in touch with nature.                                     grey, not green.” As a matter of                               Vals and Kates, however, were
up in the air, but the spots we are look-                         ing members of the Community Gar-                              If you are interested in participating                             fact, three basic type of Japanese                             indeed painted in various shades
ing at are owned by the university.”                              den, “grow what they want to grow,                          in the Community Garden, contact                                      naval aircraft were employed in                                of Japanese Navy Green during
   The spot they are considering now                              rather than us dictating to them.”                          Sean Foran at                                   two waves: the Zero, which was                                 the attack.

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4      The Outlook                                                                  News Features                                                                                 December 9, 2009

           Good Grief... It’s the Holidays Again
                                         skipped two grades in school mak-       kin. Lucy was Linus’s older sister,        However Schulz was suffering              never know who wrote it or where
        Jennifer renson                  ing him the youngest in his high        who is always pulling the football      behind the scenes with medical               to find it? “The original composer
            staff writer                 school. This led to him often getting   away from Charlie Brown at the          problems and announced on De-                of the theme (titled Linus and Lucy)
                                         picked on. He was not very athletic     last minute and waits at her booth      cember 14, 1999 that he was going            as well as most of the music iden-
   “If I were given the opportunity      but loved to draw. After graduat-       to give someone advice for a nickel.    to retire. On January 3, 2000 he             tified with the Peanuts specials is,
to present a gift to the next genera-    ing high school he took art courses     Peppermint Patty was the slacker        bade farewell to all of his readers          Vince Guaraldi. His music is also
tion, it would be the ability for each   and lessons that were mailed to him     student but excellent baseball player   and fans in the final daily Peanuts          readily available on CD.” Perhaps
individual to learn to laugh at him-     from Art Instruction Inc. in Min-       who adores Charlie Brown, calling       newspaper strip. Not long after on           the one question everyone has,
self.” Reading those words from          neapolis.                               him Chuck. Also, Woodstock was          February 12, 2000 he died that Sat-          whether they are a fan or not, is if
the creator of a cartoon that contin-       His life took an unexpected toll     Snoopy’s birdie best friend who         urday evening in his home, due to            it’s possible to actually get the voice
ues to exist, year after year, makes     when he was drafted into the army       talks in squiggles that no one un-      colon cancer like his mother, at the         of Charlie Brown’s teacher? You
me smile knowing he received that        to fight in World War II becom-         derstands except for Snoopy.            age of 77.                                   know the muffled voice that you
gift.                                    ing a machine-gun squad leader             The list continues with others          Charlie Brown has been the star           can’t understand but the students
   This creator and cartoonist of        in Germany, France, and Austria.        like Pigpen, Rerun, Marcie, Violet,     of 43 Prime Time Specials that in-           do. “While it’s not a sound available
Peanuts is the creative and humor-       From one of many Schulz timeline        Snoopy’s family (Spike, Olaf, Andy,     clude: A Charlie Brown Christmas,            for easy distribution, it was created
ous, Charles Monroe Schulz, who          websites Schulz was quoted as to        Belle and Marbles) and Woodstock’s      It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie               for the specials on a trombone, with
passed away February 12, 2000.           saying, “The Army taught me all I       family (Bill, Harriet, Olivier, Ray-    Brown, You’re Not Elected Charlie            the use of a plunger as a mute.”
   When one thinks of the holidays,      needed to know about loneliness.”       mond, Fred, Roy and Conrad).            Brown, A Charlie Brown Thanks-                  Today, Snoopy has become an
many thoughts race through the           To make matters worse while he             In 1951 “Schulz married Joyce        giving, and It’s the Easter Beagle           iconic dog and seen everywhere
mind like shopping, family dinners,      was away, fighting in the European      Halverson and after a brief move        Charlie Brown.                               much like Mickey Mouse and
end of the semester, and vacations.      War, his mother passed away from        to Colorado Springs, Colorado, the         He is also the star of eighteen           SpongeBob. He has his own balloon
But you know that almost every           cancer. But when the war ended his      young family returned to Minneap-       episodes of the Charlie Brown and            in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day
night, there will be one if not sev-     career as a cartoonist began.           olis.” Schulz’s life changed in ways    Snoopy Show and thirteen Docu-               Parade, is now the icon for MetLife,
eral, holiday specials. What holi-          According to one of the many         he probably never saw coming. He        mentaries/Retrospectives. And yet            both he and Charlie Brown accom-
day would not be complete without        biographies about his life, “In 1950    was the first cartoonist in 1964 to     Charlie Brown mutters often times,           panied the astronauts on Apollo X in
watching a Peanuts special? Do we        the United States Feature Syndicate     be awarded two Reubens by the           “I can’t stand it. I just can’t stand it.”   1969, and Snoopy was able to meet
not look forward to seeing Snoopy’s      of New York decided to publish          National Cartoonist Society, and        Guess the fame is too much for the           Uno the 2007 Hound Group Winner
decorated doghouse, the poor little      Schulz’s new comic strip, which         A Charlie Brown Christmas won a         often depressed, unlucky, confused           at the Pro Plan Showdog Show. He
tree Charlie Brown takes home,           he had wanted to call Li’l Folks        Peabody Award and an Emmy for           child with the world’s strangest dog         is featured on clothing, toys, and ac-
Lucy trying to get Schroder’s atten-     but which was named Peanuts by          outstanding children’s program in       as a pet and even stranger friends.          cessories for people of all ages and
tion while he relentlessly plays the     the company.” In the same year the      1965.                                      From the same website everyday            probably will be forever. Today the
piano, Sally writing a letter to Santa   comic strip appeared in seven news-        By 1967 You’re a Good Man,           people asked some of the most im-            Charles M. Schulz Museum is open
Claus and finding out all over again     papers with the basic characters of     Charlie Brown opened off Broad-         portant questions that Peanuts fans          for fans and newcomers in Santa
what the true meaning of Christmas       Charlie Brown, Shermy, Patty, and       way and California Governor Ron-        have been dying to know the an-              Rosa, California. There you can
is?                                      Snoopy. In one year it appeared in      ald Regan proclaimed that May 24th      swers to for years. Have you ever            find the first sketches of the Peanuts
   Just who was the man behind the       thirty five papers and by 1956 it ap-   would be “Charles Schulz Day”.          wondered when you read Peanuts               characters or talk a walk through
magic of this world phenomenon?          peared in over a hundred papers.        After his divorce and then remar-       today in the Funnies if they are old         the Snoopy Labyrinth.
Glad you asked. Charles M. Schulz           As Peanuts became more popular       riage to Jean Forsyth Clyde by 1975,    ones reproduced or someone draw-                One must wonder if Schulz left
was born in Minneapolis, Minne-          as time passed new characters were      “Peanuts celebrated 25 years. It was    ing new ones? “By Schulz’s wishes,           us some secret story about Char-
sota on November 26, 1922 to the         added and became part of Charlie        carried in approximately 1,480 U.S      no new Peanuts strips are nor ever           lie Brown whose bad luck finally
parents of Carl and Dena Halverson       Brown’s life.                           and 175 foreign newspapers with         will be drawn and published. There           comes to an end. Until then we can
Schulz. As a child he read the comic        There was Sally, his younger         90,000,000 readers.” Schulz re-         are new animated specials in devel-          enjoy watching his mishaps, Lucy
section of newspapers receiving the      sister who is in love with Linus,       ceived a great honor by having his      opment, but the story lines will be          rejected by Schroder, Linus waiting
nickname ‘Sparky’ from his fa-           calling him her “Sweet Babboo.”         own star on the Hollywood Walk          based entirely on themes and dia-            in the Pumpkin patch every Hal-
ther. The name is from Sparkplug,        Linus was Charlie Brown’s friend,       of Fame on June 28, 1996 and there      logue from the strip’s history.”             loween and Snoopy sleeping on top
the horse from the Barney Goggle         always carrying his blue blanket        was a soon to be opened Charles            Ever enjoy the music played dur-          of his doghouse and the best part is:
comic strip. As a brilliant child he     and ranting about the Great Pump-       Schulz museum in the process.           ing the Charlie Brown specials but           it never gets old.

Visiting Writers Perform Poems in Wilson
     Twins continued from pg. 1          and techniques. Thomas said that        Thomas said. They also fre-
                                         while Matthew Dickman writes            quently read and critique each
                                         with more lines, and is more ex-        other’s work. The Dickmans
   by Cooper Canyon.                     pansive and narrative in his po-        also have each written one poem
   Michael Dickman currently             ems, Michael Dickman is brief,          about the other.
has a fellowship at Princeton            lyrical, includes dark humor and           English Professor Prescott
University, which Thomas said            writes “about things that are be-       Evarts said that he will be go-
is known to be one of the most           yond the universe, beyond the           ing to the event. “I go to all of
prestigious. As part of the teach-       earth. Family figures may be in         them, have asked students in my
ing fellowship, he receives              another world, or in space, or in       creative writing class to attend,
60,000 dollars to continue writ-         this eerie darkness, not neces-         and I think both brothers, in
ing his poems. He has also won           sarily this earth.”                     their different ways, have vital
the 2008 Narrative Prize                    About their writing, Thom-           strengths that bode well for a
   Matthew Dickman has also re-          as said, “I love their original-        new generation of poets.”
ceived fellowships from the Fine         ity. There is an oddness to their          Evarts also assigned two po-
Arts Work Center in Provinc-             imaginative scenes. Their poems         ems for his class, “Slow Dance”
etown, the Michener Center for           are dream-like, but so real, and        and “My Father Full of Light,”
Writers, and the Vermont Studio          poignant.”                              and asked his class to read and
Centers.                                    Topics the Dickman brothers          discuss them. “Slow Dance”
   Marketing Coordinator of the          cover in their works are child-         consists of lyrics such as, “Two
Arts Barbara Powderly, cannot            hood, family, and their home            men in the middle of the room.
make the presentation due to a           growing up in Portland, Oregon.         When I dance with him, one of
conf licting work schedule, but             Examples of their neighbor-          my great loves, he is absolutely
said, “I love the unpretentious          hood can be found in Matthew’s          human, and when he turns to dip
nature of their work and how it          “Lents District,” where he states,      me or I step on his foot because
makes poetry very approach-              “Dear Lents, dear 82nd avenue,          we are both leading, I know that
able.”                                   dear 92nd and Foster, I am your         one of us will die first and other
   Powderly also said that stu-          strange son. You saved me when          will suffer.”
dents should be encouraged to            I needed saving, your arms                 Thomas, who is also an iden-
go see these poets’ presentations        wrapped around my bassinet like         tical twin, said he also has a
because of the shared energy they        patrol cars wrapped around the          personal empathy towards the
will give off to the audience.           school yard.”                           poets. His brother was a world
   “Students should open their              Thomas said that the brothers        percussionist, who would col-
minds and take advantage of              grew up in a home with a single         laborate with Thomas during
new experiences while at school.         mother, and had an absent father.       high school. As Thomas would
We bring the Arts to you. What           Michael’s piece, “Scary Parents,”       read aloud poems, his twin
is easier than that? Live perfor-        covers this topic.                      would play a variety of per-
mances not only make the work               Because one of their central         cussions to set the mood in the
more visceral, but forge connec-         subjects is childhood, Thomas           background.
tions within the audience and            said that their works will attract         Thomas hopes the students
community with all that shared           all audiences. “What else is in-        will enjoy this event. “I want
energy. Consider the energy of           teresting is that they are identi-      students to walk away with their
Woodstock. Specifically, I think         cal twins, who write about the          own ideas of poetry and litera-
this presentation may surprise           world in completely different           ture somehow changed and en-
many students with how poetry            ways,” Thomas said.                     riched.”
can be universal and available to           The Dickmans have never                 The Dickman brothers have
all. It may shatter some miscon-         collaborated on writing a poem          been featured in Poets and Writ-                                                     PHOTO COURTESY of
ceptions and stereotypes,” Pow-          together, but they have been to-        ers and The New Yorker.                 Michael and Matthew Dickman, both award-winning poets
derly said.                              gether in doing readings.                  The event will begin at 4:30         with very different writing styles from one another, will
   The brothers are known to                “We are one of the few univer-       pm, and is free and open to the         present several of their poems to University in Wilson Hall
contrast in their writing styles         sities to have them both here,”         public.                                 Auditorium on Wednesday, December 9.
December 9, 2009                                            Announcement                                                    The Outlook   5

                                    ATTENTION SENIORS
                      Time is running out to nominate your
                     Outstanding High School Teacher for the


  Left to right: Student nominators and their 2009 Outstanding Teachers: William Roberts, Shannon Higgins, and Mr. Salvatore Principe;
  William Roberts, Michael Slisz, and Dr. Robert Marraccino; William Roberts, Adrienne Hansen, and Linda Ensor

                  TEACHING AWARD

        Nominations are open only to seniors who will graduate in
                       January 2010 or May 2010

                                          Deadline for nominations
                                          FRIDAY, DECEMBER 11

   If you have not already received a nomination form, please stop
       by the Dean’s Office in the School of Education (MH 116)

                      For more details please visit our webpage on:
                                                 or call 732-263-5513

         Please note - this award is not open to Monmouth University
6     The Outlook                                                              OpiniOn / EditOrial                                                                  December 9, 2009

               t hE o utLook                                                                              Live Fast, Give Thanks
                       Frank Gogol          E ditor - in -C hiEf
                                                                                     The OuTlOOk STaff              look appreciates them.                  So, to both Lisa and Sarah, we
                    Taylor Corvino          M anaging E ditor                                                         There are two individuals who      thank you and wish you the best
                                                                                 This is a strange time of year     we would like to extend a special    of luck in your endeavors and ad-
                        Eric Walsh          S Enior E ditor                    for college students. Finals are     thanks to. The first is Sarah Al-    ventures beyond this university’s
                  Gina Columbus             E ditor - at -L argE               quickly approaching. Seniors are     yse Jamieson, our opinion editor.    walls.
                                                                               preparing to enter their final se-   Her dedication to this newspaper        We would also like to thank
           Professor John Morano            a dviSor                           mester of college. Freshmen are      is of the highest caliber and her    you, the readers and members of
                                                                               moving passed                                                                                 the MU com-
                     Sandy Brown            o ffiCE C oordinator               their first. It                                                                               munity for your
                       Lisa Pikaard         g raduatE a SSiStant               all just goes        We would also like to thank you,                                         continued sup-
                                                                                                    the readers and members of the
                                                                               to show how                                                                                   port thus far
                        Chris Netta         g raduatE a SSiStant               quickly      the                                                                              this year. We
            Sarah Alyse Jamieson            o pinion E ditor
                                                                               college years
                                                                               pass us by.         MU community for your continued                                           couldn’t do this
                                                                                                                                                                             without you.
                Andrew Schetter             f EaturES E ditor                       With so
                                                                               much happen-       support thus far this year. We couldn’t                                       We also like to
                                                                                                                                                                             leave you with a
                Diana Cappelluti            p oLitiCaL E ditor
                    Sandra Meola            C opy E ditor
                                                                               ing so quickly
                                                                               over the course            do this without you.                                               final thought, or
                                                                                                                                                                             more of a sug-
                                                                               of just a few                                                                                 gestion. Since
                     Candice Hart           a dvErtiSing M anagEr              years, we meet a great many          nearly three years of contribu-      we do live such fast-paced lives
                                                                               people, some of whom are like        tions have been of the utmost        and people are constant coming
                Alexandra O’Neill           a SSiStant a dvErtiSing M anagEr   flashes of light in our lives that   importance to the success of The     and going within them, take a
                                                                               quickly fade away and other who      Outlook during her time here. We     moment from your day to thank
                                    S ta f f                                   become the closest of friends.       would also like to extend thanks     someone who has helped you,
                 Charles Kruzits                   Catherine Cody
                                                                                 The Outlook is a great exam-       to Lisa Pikaard. She has been our    even if the deed is small. Though
                  Tara Fantini                       Brian Glicos
                                                                               ple of this. There are people who    Entertainment Editor, our Senior     you may never see them again,
                  Eliza Miller                     Brian Blackmon
                                                                               might write for us once and then     Editor, and our graduate assistant   it’s nice to let someone know that
              Morganne Firmstone                    Brett Bodner
                                                                               there are those who are in the of-   at various points throughout her     in that moment when your lives
               Jenna Intersimone                    Mattew Fisher
                                                                               fice week after week, year after     half-decade tenure at the Outlook    crossed, you appreciated them.
                  Kim Mahon                         Lauren Boyle
                                                                               year contributing.                   and without her dedication, hard     Amidst the craziness of everyday
                                                    Karen Disarno
                                                                                 While there are different levels   work, and firm voice over these      life, sometimes the small things
                   Max Timko
                                                     Trenna Field
                                                                               of involvement, there is one great   past five years, Monmouth Uni-       seem to go unnoticed, but they
                  Kris Rezinak
                                                                               similarity among all of these        versity would not have the qual-     shouldn’t. Sometimes it’s the
                                                                               people: their contributions have     ity newspaper it has come to ex-     smallest things the make the big-
                     Monmouth University’s
                                                                               not gone unnoticed and The Out-      pect.                                gest difference in a person’s life.
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December 9, 2009                                                                       OpiniOn / EditOrial                                                                                    The Outlook             7

                                    So Long Monmouth University
     Sarah alySe JamieSon                  most, I would like to thank my num-         highlight my many achievements, in         and Paris trip, next month. You are          Catholic Center buddies! Anna, Sar-
            opinion editor                 ber one role model, my Mother. She          your Senior Seminar class!                 truly an intelligent man, probably the       ah, Aaron, Danielle, Gabby, Emily
                                           has always been there for me, from             Spring 2009, I was an editor of the     brightest that I know. Thank you for         and everyone else; good luck in the
   December 2009 is here, and it           the encouragement to enroll to attend       Night and Day magazine, for Profes-        all of your countless help!                  future! I’ll miss you all! Mrs. J., Mr.
looks like the time has come for me        Monmouth University to the 7 a.m.           sor Kristine Simoes Internship class.         Thirdly, I would like to thank all of     J. and Mrs. Z., you all better keep in
to complete another important step         wake up calls, every morning. Mom,          Thank you for all your help Bill           my wonderful friends. Thank you for          touch! I will definitely stop by the
in my life, Graduate from University       you’re the best!                            Bodkin and the other editors of that       all of your help and support. Katie,         Center, when I visit!
with a degree. I can truly say that I                                                  magazine! It was great work experi-        Laura and Lindsey, I couldn’t ask for           James Patrick, I cannot tell you
have grown and matured so much                                                         ence which will help me in the near        better friends. Suzanne and Chris-
in my 4 ½ years here, at MU. I have                                                    future!                                    tina, you 2 were my inspirations to
been educated fully to pursue a ca-                                                       Thanks Scott Knauer, for keeping        switch my major to a study in Com-
reer in my field of Communication                                                      me employed, since freshman year!          munication. Thank you for that!
with a concentration in Journalism                                                     Sorry that I was late so many times!          To all the editors of the Outlook,
and Public Relations along with my                                                     I love Thursdays, Pay Day! I hope to       I can just tell you right now that
minors of Sociology and Religious                                                      always have awesome bosses, like           Monday nights and Tuesday after-
Studies. I have taken on many roles                                                    you!                                       noons won’t be the same without me
which highlighted me as a very                                                            I am so pleased that I began to         there, with my big mouth. Frank, we
well-rounded individual and also                                                       write for the Outlook, in the spring       have our issues, but thanks for all
strengthened my leadership and or-                                                     of 2007, my sophomore year, and            your help. You’re a great guy! Gina,
ganizational skills, the Opinion Edi-                                                  thank you Professor John Morano for        Sandra, Eric, Andrew, Brett, Taylor,
tor of the Outlook and the President    Secondly, I would like to thank                offering me the Opinion Editor posi-       Diana, Sandy, Lisa, Chris Netta andhow happy I am to have found you!
of the Sociology Club.                my many professors who have taught               tion that following fall. Writing as an    everyone else, I’ll miss you all!  I love you, I cannot wait for our Ire-
   My time here at Monmouth Uni- me. I have truly learned a great deal.                editor has widened my horizon.                Sociology club has been the best!
                                                                                                                                                                     land and Paris trip, and I’m excited
                                      I would like to send out a special                  Thank you Professor Nancy Mezey,        I hope that I have served you well,for our future!
                                      thank you to a few professors who I              your Intro. to Sociology class, which      as your President. Alli, thanks for all
                                                                                                                                                                        All my other friends that I have
                                      have had numerous times; Professor               I took in the spring semester of my                                           met here at MU; Amanda, Tom, An-
                                      Andrew Demirjian, Professor Elea-                freshman year, led me to becoming                                             thony, Ted, Chris, Lauren, Rob, B
                                      nor Novek, Professor Robert Huber,               a Sociology minor, and taking part in                                         Wash, Laura and many, many more!
                                      Dean Michael Thomas, Professor                   the Sociology club. I am very thank-                                          You better all come to my Gradua-
                                      Nancy Mezey, Professor John Mo-                  ful to you for all of your aid.                                               tion party!
                                      rano, and last but not least Professor              Professor Pasquale Simonelli,                                                 Lastly, I would like to thank my
                                      Pasquale Simonelli. I cannot tell you            what can I say? You’re the best!                                              therapists. Lori, Dawn, Emily, Nicole
                                      how grateful I am to have been edu-              Thank you very much for helping                                               and Dr. Domingo, without your help,
                                      cated by all of you.                             me through Western Civ. 102, and all                                          I never would have had the courage
                                        Thank you, Professor Lorna                     the assistance that you have provided                                         or the strength to make it into and
versity has truly prepared me to face Schmidt for all of your support and              me with since then. I became a Reli-                                          out of college. You all hold a special
the world, and I would like to say advice. You are a great help!                       gious Studies minor with your sup-                                            place in my heart! Pat yourselves on
thank you to many who have lead me      Dr. Sherry Wien, thank you for                 port! I hope to travel the world, like     your help this year!               the back ladies; I Graduated!
to where I am today. First and fore- helping me to create my portfolio and             you have, starting with my Ireland           I will definitely miss all of my    See ya Monmouth!

  “The Answer to Life’s Problems Comes From Within”
          Karen DiSarno                    (emphasis mine.) In other words, to         are holes in the ground.                   and I saw the tears flowing from her         ily to live a healthy and normal life.
            StAFF Writter                  lift this world back up, we must ease          I was there to build a home for a       eyes, I had a change of heart.               I’ve been sponsoring Jamila for three
                                           the suffering. There’s nothing wrong        family of five. The house we built            Even if we had just came in and put       years now with a small amount of
   Mother Teresa once said, “Let no        with a little compassion, you know. In      them was only the size of about a one      down cement on their original home,          twenty-eight bucks a month. She now
one ever come to you without leav-         fact, helping others helps you. Even        car garage here in the states. It sounds   that would have increased their health       has food, an education and medical
ing better and happier. Be the living      the Dalai Lama said, “If you want           so small, but to them, just to have ce-    by 80%. Just taking one week out of          treatment for her and her family. I’ve
expression of God’s kindness: kind-        others to be happy, practice compas-        ment floor was luxury. There was no        my life to practice compassion cre-          changed that little girl’s life just from
ness in your face, kindness in your        sion. If you want to be happy, practice     floor in their old home…the ground         ated a whole new life for this family.       taking my right hand and writing out
eyes, kindness in your smile.” In the      compassion.”                                was their floor; full of bugs, ants, and   This was the best week of my life.           a check once a month. It can be that
Bible, 1 John 3:18 says “Let us love,         You ever hear the saying, “The an-       earwigs. Don’t even get me started            Okay, so I’m not saying you have to       easy.
not in word or speech, but in truth and    swer to life’s problems comes from          on how gross earwigs are. Not only         travel all the way to Mexico to prac-           Practicing compassion isn’t always
action.” Martin Luther King Jr. once       within?” Or “All daring comes from          was there no floor, there was no clean     tice compassion. Compassion, kind-           doing drastic things like traveling
said, “Everybody can be great be-          within?” Well, according to the Bi-         water, no electricity, and no beds. The    ness and humility start right here.          out of the country or giving money
cause anybody can serve. You don’t         ble, the problem is within. Scripture       mother and father slept on a wooden        Imagine what our world would be like         monthly. It can be as easy as smiling
have to have a college degree to serve.    tells us in Jeremiah 17:9, “The hu-         board on one side of the room, and         if every person receiving an income          to a stranger, holding the door open
You don’t have to make your subject        man heart is the most deceitful of all      their three girls slept on another         in America gave 10% of that income           for the person behind you, sending
and verb agree to serve. You only need     things, and desperately wicked. Who         wooden board on the other side…talk        to charities, to the poor, or people like    out a greeting card, or sitting with
a heart full of grace. A soul generated    really knows how bad it is?” This is        about a wake up call.                      the family in Mexico. I know what            your elderly neighbor. I urge you to
by love.” In Colossians 3:12, Paul tells   why the act of compassion can be es-           By the time we were finished, we        you’re thinking. It’s impossible. Is it?     practice compassion at least once a
us, “Clothe yourselves with compas-        pecially hard for us, for in this day and   built the same size home as their first,   Maybe you’re thinking in the grand           day. You will not only bring happi-
sion, kindness, humility, gentleness       age especially, we look out more for        but added walls for separate rooms,        scheme of things. Maybe you’re pic-          ness to others, you will bring happi-
and patience.”                             ourselves than others. But here is the      and we each all chipped in our own         turing everyone as a whole doing this        ness to yourself.
   For thousands of years, compas-         good news. We can have a “change of         money to buy them furniture. The           together. In truth, it’s an individual de-      Being there for someone who is
sion has been preached. Yet we still       heart.”                                     mother couldn’t believe it. Furni-         cision. It starts with one. If I can do it   suffering and giving a caring hand
fall short. If we want this world to          Volunteering is one of the best          ture? That’s something she had never       and you can do it and you’re neighbor        may just be the answer to this fallen
be a better place, we must be more         ways to have a change of heart and          seen before. They had a home, with         down the street can do it, why can’t         world. A little act of kindness from
compassionate, for we live in a fallen     to practice compassion. Recently, I         an actual front door, an actual roof,      everyone else? It’s an individual act;       one person goes a long way. Imagine
world. Compassion can be defined as        spent some time in Ensenada, Mexi-          electricity and beds. We had changed       not a group act.                             how far it can go if every one was in
“a feeling of deep sympathy and sor-       co. This is not a place for vacation or     their lives and they were so incredibly       Jamila is a seven-year-old girl from      on it. In the words of the recent Amer-
row for another who is stricken by         all inclusive resorts. It is a place that   grateful, and it felt good to be able to   Chile who just a short while ago had         ican author, Marjorie Pay Hinckley,
misfortune, accompanied by a strong        is poverty stricken, where clean water      help in any way possible. The mo-          no food, no education, and no medi-          “Be kind. Everyone you meet is fight-
desire to alleviate the suffering”         is nonexistent, and where most toilets      ment the mother saw her new home           cal treatment for her and her fam-           ing a hard battle.”

     Energy Conservation is Too Grand an Idea to Grasp
          Karen DiSarno                    a college student I try to familiarize      is for students to “get connected”         they remain plugged in. 2. Switch off        AmeriCorps to honor the teachings
            StAFF Writter                  myself with what is going on in the         with the community and help spread         your lights and your TV: Personally,         of Martin Luther King Jr. and his
                                           world because I know that eventu-           the idea of energy conservation. It all    I forget to turn off my lights nearly        message of service and education.
   To some students, the concept of        ally everything that is going on in         begins with us. Although the con-          every time I walk out of the room.              During this event, Energy Service
energy conservation is too grand an        the “real world” will affect me. The        cept of energy conservation is fairly      Remembering simple things like this          Corps will be educating the youth
idea to grasp. Some of us have the         energy crisis, however, is not one of       new it has quickly become one of the       is the easiest change you can make           in local communities about energy
mindset that what we do in our lives       those problems that will only affect        most talked about issues in our coun-      in your routine. 3. Wash your clothes        conservation. They will be teaching
cannot possibly have an impact on          us when we leave college; it has a          try. At times, college students are        less often: No, it’s not a typo. Finally,    hands on lessons about inexpensive
the rest of the world. If you’re like      profound effect on us right now. That       especially guilty of wasting energy.       an excuse for college students not to        ways to ensure that their homes are
me than you probably think to your-        is why it is important to educate our-      We have access to all of this infor-       wash their clothes! But on a more            more energy efficient and other help-
self, “How could my lax attitude to-       selves and others about this concept.       mation about new ways to conserve          serious note, washing your clothes           ful tips on how to waste less energy.
ward energy conversation affect the           Why is it important to conserve          energy. Despite this, most of us still     less often, or waiting until you have        After all, as Lim said, the greatest
world?”                                    energy? “Because we can,” said              waste energy as if we get paid to do       a larger load until you do your laun-        way to ensure a continuing effort in
   In some ways you are justified in       Aimee Lim, Campus Director of               it. However, in reality, we all know       dry is a great way to save water and         solving the energy crisis is to “invest
thinking like that. Chances are your       Energy Service Corps at Monmouth            college students don’t get paid to do      electricity.                                 in the future.”
failure to turn off your lights when       University. Energy Service Corps            anything!                                     These are just some of the many              Ultimately, whether it’s volunteer-
you leave your room will not cause         is a joint project of NJPIRG and the           According to Lim, students can          ways college students can conserve           ing or making small personal chang-
a catastrophic disaster like a scene       AmeriCorps. It is a state-wide, stu-        make the change toward a more en-          energy in our daily lives. There are         es, energy conservation is something
out of 2012. On the other hand, your       dent-funded, and student-directed           ergy efficient lifestyle by making         also other ways to help solve the            that every Monmouth Student can do.
decision to conserve energy may            program that works to improve ener-         several easy changes in our daily          energy crisis. The Energy Service            “One small effort counts,” said Lim.
just have a bigger impact than you         gy efficiency in the local community.       lives. She offered some changes for        Corps at Monmouth is always look-            “Not in itself, but because it causes
thought.                                   Energy Service Corps is based on            students to implement in their own         ing for volunteers to help bring the         more things to happen.” One student
   One of the main problems with           five college campuses in New Jersey,        routines: 1. Unplug your appliances:       issue to the forefront. One of their         making a change towards a more en-
energy conservation is that it is still    including Monmouth University.              Even if you have turned off your ap-       biggest events this year is Education        ergy efficient lifestyle can be a catalyst
a relatively new concept. I know as           To Lim, the most important thing         pliances they will consume energy if       Week, which is a joint project with          for other positive things to happen.
   8       The Outlook                                                             Club & Greek                                                                    December 9, 2009

         Monmouth’s Got
       Editor Note: The Club and Greek page contains articles written by the student members of these organizations. The Outlook is not
                    responsible for the content of these articles.

          Talent Supports
         Wounded Soldiers
         Talent continued from pg. 1        but they also had no budget, which
                                            means it came out of their own pock-
       (Jay Sales), with their guitar and      Alisha Vitaletti, a member of the
   hand drum act of their song “34.” group commented on the show. “To
   Second place prize of $100 went to me, this event was really important
   Heather Postel with a very exciting because not only did it showcase our
   violin solo to the song “The Land- abilities as Music Industry students,
   lord’s Walk.” First place prize of $150 but more importantly it gave us the
   went to Jessica Pyrdsa. She sang her chance to reach out and do some-
   original song “I Need A Fix,” while thing worthwhile with our time.
   playing piano. The judges comment- Helping raise money for a cause like
   ed that she sounded like Joss Stone. the Wounded Warrior Project is what
      All the proceeds of the show went really made us all proud. At the end
   to the nonprofit organization The of the day, we’ll always look back on
   Wounded Warriors Project. The it and smile.”
   event collected over $2,200 in ticket       Maria Walling was also very ex-
   sales and donations. The mission cited about the results of the show.
   of The Wounded Warrior’s Project “This show was our baby and watch-
   is to raise awareness and enlist the ing it come to life was one of the most

   injured want yourand women, to more proudnews results. Allin The
                     men organization’s latest of the posted of
 Do you service the needs of severely rewarding experiences. I couldn’tour Outlook? Win
   public’s aid for                                                           be

   award and want service mem- hard Now you can! Send in a short blurb to
an help severely injured to tell everyone?work really paid off.”
   bers aid and assist each other, and         Stefanie Moelius, a junior Music
   lastly to provide unique, direct pro- Industry student who was hand-
   grams and services to meet the needs ing out programs boasted about the
   of severely injured service members. show. “I thought the show was awe-
      The students of the Applied Mu- some, and everyone was so talented!                                                                                    Photo Courtsey of olivia hanson

   sic II class included: Alisha Vitaletti, There were so many different talents. Students, Professors, and thier friends and families came together at Monmouth’s Got
   Angela Pautz, Maria Walling, Jess I was volunteering to help out my fel- Talent to raise money for the Wounded Warrior fund.
   Palmisano, Zachary Dinger, Nicole low music industry classmates, and             Monmouth’s Got Talent was a Monmouth students and faculty will on The Wounded Warrior Project
   Tegge, and Ryan Morano. Not only also because it was a great event for huge success and wonderful ex- continue to show support towards please visit: www.woundedwarrior-
   did they coordinate the entire show, a great cause.”                           perience for everyone involved. our troops. For more information

                                                                       Dear Monmouth University Students and                         For further information, please contact Marilyn 
                                                                                   Employees:                                        Ward in The Center for Student Success on the 
                                                                                                                                   lower level of the Rebecca Stafford Student Center 
                                                                       It’s the time of year to spread joy and                        at 732‐571‐4411 or  
                                                                             happiness! Please help your local
                                                                                                                                                  SGA Giving Tree
                                                                         community by donating gifts and food
                                                                                                                                       The annual SGA Giving Tree provides the 
                                                                                     this holiday season.
                                                                                                                                    opportunity to help a needy family during the 
                                                                                                                                  holidays. Trees will be set up on the first floor of 
                                                                                                                                   the Rebecca Stafford Student Center, Plangere 
                                                                                                                                 Center and the Dining Hall. Take a tag from the tree 
                                                                                                                                    to help a family referred by the Visiting Nurse 
                                                                                                                                 Association, CPC Behavioral Health, Checkmate, the 
                                                                                                                                   Long Branch Public Schools and other agencies. 

                                                                                                                                                     MU Bookstore

                                                                                                                                    The Bookstore is collecting non‐perishable food 
                                                                                                                                     items from November 18th to December 21st. 
                                                                                            Have some extra time?                 Those who bring in 6 cans or packages will receive a 
                                                                                                                                    20% off coupon good for savings on Monmouth 
                                                                                     Volunteer at Holiday Express events! 
                                                                                                                                   University imprinted clothing and giftware. Items 
                                                                                        •     Monday December 7, 4:30pm ‐         should be dropped off at the front registers, and no 
                                                                                               7:30pm at CPC Behavioral                    out‐of‐date food will be accepted. 
                                                                                              Health @ Highpoint School, 1 
                                                                                                 High Point Center Way,                               Holiday Express
                                                                                                     Morganville, NJ  
                                                                                                                                       This organization provides entertainment and 
                                                                                       •     Monday December 14, 10:30am                 gifts for those less fortunate, including the 
                                                                                               ‐ 1:30pm @ Ocean Mental                   developmentally disabled, the elderly and 
                                                                                                 Health @Elks Club, 600                    disadvantaged children. As a non‐profit 
                                                                                              Washington St., Toms River, NJ          organization that started in 1993, this volunteer 
                                                                                                                                       group sings for ‐ and gives gifts to ‐ those who 
                                                                                            To volunteer call 732‐571‐4411.            need it most. Holiday Express Concerts are at 
                                                                                                                                       many different venues each year. Volunteers 
                                                                                                                                         are needed to prepare gift packages in the 
                                                                                                                                        Tinton Falls warehouse.  To volunteer please 
                                                                                                                                                      call 732‐544‐8010. 
December 9, 2009                                                                  Club & Greek                                                                                The Outlook         9

                                Club and Greek Announcements
              PsI ChI                  the day at the hospital with their     lobby of Plangere throughout the         care system, Monmouth Medical is         of 18-24 use Facebook to shape
                                       sick children. This gave Psi Chi       two weeks for all looking to do-         able to treat children in the most ef-   their reality. A viewing of the
   On behalf of the Monmouth           members the opportunity to spend       nate. In exchange for a donation,        fective way for them to get back on      documentary will be held on De-
University chapter of Psi Chi, the     time with the faculty and to give      baked goods will be available for        the right track to health.               cember 22 for Communication
National Honor Society for psy-        back to the community.                 donators to enjoy. The Pediatric                                                  faculty members. Time and loca-
chology students, I would like to         On campus, Psi Chi has hosted       Center of Monmouth Medical                    eNeRGY seRVICe CORPs                tion TBA.
take the opportunity to welcome        and assisted in hosting various ac-    is looking for new toys for chil-
all first year students and return-    tivities. One of the most impor-       dren of all ages and any dona-              Energy Service Corps is a state-          NBs- alPha ePsIlON RhO
ing students. I hope everyone had      tant is the Semi-Annual Under-                                                  wide service program, working to
an enjoyable summer.                   graduate Psychology Department         tions will be greatly appreciated.
                                                                              Toy drop off locations will be           make our local communities more            Need that perfect gift with a
   Now that the fall semester is un-   Research Conference. This con-                                                  energy efficient. We would like to       personal touch? Still believe in
derway, I would like to give you       ference takes place at the end of      in the Communication depart-
some information about Psi Chi. It     the fall and spring semesters. Stu-    ment offices, the radio station          invite students of the University to     Santa? Well then NBS has a spe-
is quite an honor to a part of this    dents who have completed their         and the student center informa-          volunteer for our first event, Edu-      cial event for you, Pictures with
organization, and one to which all     thesis, which is their own research    tion booth. When asked about             cation Week, going on January            Santa! For just 5dollars a picture,
psychology majors should aspire.       study, present their research find-    the importance of donating this          12th-15th. We will visit classrooms,     you can wish you and your loved
   In addition to being an active      ings in the form of a poster or pa-    holiday season PRSSA fundrais-           4th through 8th grade, throughout        ones a Happy Holiday. Come
and productive member within Psi       per presentation. Last semester’s      ing director Allison Barrow said         the state and teach lessons about        hang out with Santa and his elves
Chi, the following academic re-        poster and paper presentations         “We ask everyone to make what-           energy conservation. It’s a great        in the Plangere Center lobby on
quirements are necessary to main-      were outstanding.                      ever monetary donation they can          way to give back to the commu-           Wednesday Dec 9th and 16th
tain membership within Psi Chi:           Psi Chi installed a new Execu-      afford or to donate a new toy to         nity and improve the lives of chil-      from 11 am to 2:30 pm and sit on
   •Completion of at least three se-   tive Board for the upcoming year,      these children who are facing            dren, so join the fun! There are         Santa’s lap one more time.
mesters of college courses             and we are working on some very        hard times at such an early age.         internships available also. Please         Irene Serrano
   •Completion of nine cred-           exciting activities. As our plans      Everyone deserves a happy holi-          stop by the Energy Service Corps           NBS member
its (3 courses) in Psychology at       come together, we will send out        day season.”                             office on the third floor of the Stu-
Monmouth University                    information. So, please stay tuned        Monmouth Medical is apart of          dent Center to come and check us         small GROuP COmm.FOOd dRIVe
   •Registration for major or mi-      for Psi Chi announcements.             the St. Barnabas health care sys-        out!
nor standing in Psychology at             Again, we want to welcome all       tem. Starting in 1968, Monmouth                                                     There will be a food drive for the
Monmouth University                    incoming first-year students and re-   Medical’s pediatric center worked             COmm. semINaR suRVeY                Food Bank of Monmouth & Ocean
   •A cumulative GPA of 3.00 and       turning students to Monmouth Uni-
a GPA of 3.00 in Psychology at         versity. Have a great fall semester!   towards becoming a leader in child-                                               Counties that will be sponsored
Monmouth University.                                                          hood health within the region on           Professor Hetzel’s Commu-              by Small Group Comm - Team
   Psi Chi is active in the commu-                                            treating children as young as infants    nication Senior Seminar class            2. This is going to be an ongoing
nity and on campus. For example,               PRssa aNd the x                through teenagers dealing with se-       has been conducting a research           event from now until December
last semester, members of Psi Chi                                             rious diseases. With innovative          study on Facebook and computer           11th. Collection boxes are located
and the Psychology Department            PRSSA and The X are spon-            treatments and advanced technol-         mediated communication. The              on the 1st floor of Bey Hall and
faculty worked side by side at the     soring a holiday toy drive to          ogy, Monmouth Medical’s pediatric        students have been working hard          Plangere and this is for cans and
Ronald McDonald House prepar-          benefit Monmouth Medical from          center is able to care to the specific   sending out surveys, adminis-            non-perishables only, this means
ing dinner for the guests of the       December 7-16. Both PRSSA              needs of children and teenagers, un-     tering interviews, and filming           no glass. Please donate! If you
house so that they could come          and The X will be collecting toys      like many other hospital in the area.    documentaries to analyze how             have any questions please contact
back to a hot meal after spending      and monetary donations in the          With these aspects as part of their      young adults between the ages  
10       The Outlook                                                                  Study AbroAd                                                                          December 9, 2009

                       Escape from New South Wales
                                                      One student’s adventures outside of University
      JordAnnA spAulding                    On 3 November, the entire state       ams, spend some time at the beach-    finish in May.                           again?” We have grown to know
            Staff Writer                 of Victoria shut down as a bank          es and in the City and say good-bye      Christmas will be bittersweet. I      each other over the past few months
                                         holiday in honour of the Melbourne       to some people I have made really     will see my family and friends who I     and are now more like a family. One
   The past six weeks since I have       Cup. This is the Australian Spring       good friends with. With that, I am    have missed over the past 5 months,      of the hardest things about travel-
been back in the Sydney area from        carnival, which is similar to the        going to travel around New Zealand    but at the same time I will have         ling is not knowing when or if you
Spring break, my time has been           American enthusiasm towards the          for two and a half weeks solo. This   lost complete freedom to do what I       will see these friends again. But for
dedicated to making the best of          Superbowl. On this day, the only         is going to be my time to stare at    want. Responsibilities will kick in      now, I’m still in Australia and I will
living in New South Wales. I have        places that stay open are the pubs       the natural beauty of New Zealand     and I won’t be able to travel as free-   make the most of the next 2 weeks
discovered more of the city and cul-     and bars as well as the race track.      in Christchurch, Queenstown, Mil-     ly. I will also leave this apartment.    of living in the Village. It’s not my
ture by going on adventures into the     If an establishment is neither of        ford Sound, Wellington, Auckland,     Macquarie University Village unit        time to say farewell and I’m plan-
city. There is so much excitement to     these, then it is closed in honour of    and the Bay of Islands. With all of   8, room 3 will no longer be mine.        ning to wait until the last minute. I
just hop on a bus or train and get-      the Cup. The plan was to enjoy the       this, I will make it home to New      Saying good-bye to my roommates          will miss everyone I have met here
ting off at a stop I haven’t been to     Cup from a few different pubs and        Jersey within days of Christmas.      and friends will be extremely hard       but come Christmas, it will be time
before or going to a favourite spot      take in the hype that comes along        At that point, I will have spent 5    because we all live in different plac-   to hit reality again and come back
and thinking how great it is to be       with it. And that’s just what I did. I   months travelling as a farewell to    es around the world and the ques-        to New Jersey until my next adven-
here. And most of those adventures       met a bunch of people from all over,     my undergraduate degree which I       tion stands, “when I will see them       ture.
tasted better by the fine dining cui-    including California and New Zea-
sine of a take-away meat pie and a       land. We spent the day together and
Magnum ice-cream bar.                    were just as excited as the Aussies.
   Some of the best places to go         Getting back to Sydney became
in the New South Wales area in-          just as much of an adventure as my
clude the Rocks, which is the colo-      time spent in Melbourne and once I
nial neighbourhoods of Sydney, is        got back to the Village, it’s always
nestled at the base of the Harbour       good to be home.
Bridge. This is one of my favourite         The beach life is a major part of
areas of the city. It’s where you can    living in Australia. Staying in New
really get an idea of how Sydney         South Wales but escaping from the
developed because the buildings are      Sydney suburbs, I headed up the
well maintained and still have small     coast to Newcastle, a beach town
pubs which offer a homely atmo-          full of surfers and university stu-
sphere. Other adventures around          dents from Newcastle University.
the Sydney area have included go-        This trip commenced with relaxing
ing to Bondi Beach in search of a        the afternoon away at a restaurant at
slice of home; a pizzeria called, “I ♥   the wharf listening to a live reggae
NJ Pizza.” But instead I impulsively     band with my friends. We ended
found myself walking through a           up spending the latter part of the
town called Mascot where I found         night with new friends who were
another bakery with meat pies cov-       travelling through Australia from
ered in mash and gravy.                  the UK. It’s always nice to travel
   Quests in the past half of the se-    and meet people who aren’t locals
mester have crossed state borders        as well because it’s a great oppor-
into Victoria to sightsee along the      tunity to share stories. The next 2
Great Ocean Road and to celebrate        days I spent relaxing on the beach
the Melbourne Cup. For two and a         in the sunshine and walking around
half days, I spent time in Victoria,     downtown Newcastle.
both in Melbourne and on a tour of          Over the past week, classes have
the Great Ocean Road. The Great          concluded and finals have begun. At
Ocean Road is a road that goes along     the same time, several friends that
the southern border of Australia that    I have made here have ducked out
was built in memory of the Austra-       early and headed back to the States.
lia soldiers who died in the World       For some reason, people seemed to
Wars. Along this roadway there are       be in a rush to get out of Australia
various photo opportunities to gaze      and head home for Thanksgiving.
at the natural land bridges and other    On the contrary to their decisions,
phenomena that have happened as          I plan to spend as much time in this
a result of water erosion including,     area of the world as I can. For the
the famous Twelve Apostles.              next 2 weeks I have to finish my ex-

                 Frequently Asked questions
                            Where can I go?
     Monmouth University cur-            available courses on the Cádiz,
  rently offers three semester pro-      Spain FAQ’s page.
  grams. You can choose to study
  abroad in London, England,                We also offer in summer, a
  at Regent’s College, and/or in         four-week program in Florence,
  Sydney, Australia, at Macquarie        Italy through our affliation with
  University and/or in Florence,         Lorenzo de’ Medici. Students
  Italy at Lorenzo de’ Medici (fall      take 6 credits in courses ranging
  only). The England & Italy se-         from the Arts, Social Science,
  mesters run along similar times        Business and Italian Language.
  as our own. In Australia, the          See available courses in the
  fall semester begins in late July      ‘Initial Information Packet’.
  and runs through late Novem-
  ber; the spring semester begins          The College Consortium of
  in late February and ends in late      International Studies (CCIS)
  June.                                  also provides study abroad in
                                         80 programs offered in more
    During the summer (typically         than 30 countries. Monmouth
  from late June through July),          University is a member of this
  we offer a six-week Cádiz,             highly respected partnership of
  Spain, program. Students take          colleges and universities.
  6 credits while receiving ex-
  cellent instruction in Spanish           For more information, visit
  courses, ranging from begin-           the Study Abroad webpage at                                                                                                   photo courtesy of Jordanna spaulding
  ner to advanced level. Classes         ht t p://w w w.mon mout h.e du /         Above: The Twelve Apostles is one of the scenic destinations for all who visit Australia.
  are kept small and intimate for        study_abroad or call (732) 263-          Below: Students enjoy their time in Sydney by visiting the landpark theme park, Luna
  optimal language learning. See         5774.                                    Park.
December 9, 2009                                              Announcements                                          The Outlook   11

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12       The Outlook                                                                     EntErtainmEnt                                                                    December 9, 2009

 Two Brothers, A Girl, And One Dramatic Story
        Matthew Fisher                  life and help around the house.              characters have to be just as
            Staff Writer                Their distant relationship breaks            strong to keep up. Luckily,
                                        down and they find themselves                Sheridan gets three great actors
   Now that December is here, it        connecting to one another, emo-              of their generation, Maguire,
means that the semester is almost       tionally and somewhat physical-              Portman, and Gyllenhaal, who
over, people are shopping non-          ly. Just as Grace is getting on              do just that.
stop for the holidays, and movie        with her life, she gets more star-              Portman does a fine job as
studios are releasing a slew of         tling news. Sam is still alive.              Grace and brings a genuine per-
films that are all competing for           As Sam returns home, a part               formance as this mother who
an Oscar. Among the films to            of him seems lost. He isn’t the              must deal with this tragic event.
consider for this coveted award         same person anymore and shows                She also creates her role to be
is Brothers. The movie is a very        signs of change. Soon, tensions              a very charming and motherly
powerful drama that grabs audi-         rise within the family as Sam                one. She grounds the charac-
ences with its emotional content        finds himself trying to deal with            ter and makes her feel real. In
and never goes away.                    a life that he doesn’t recognize             addition to Portman’s role, the
   Screenwriter David Benioff           anymore.                                     movie really seems to belong to
(The Kite Runner) and director             Sheridan shows that he under-             Maguire and Gyllenhaal, who
Jim Sheridan (In America) work          stands Benioff’s script and is               are fantastic as these two broth-
wonderfully together. Adapting          able to brilliantly translate that           ers who care and then fight with
the Danish film, Brødre, by Su-         to the screen. He handles the re-            each other.
sanne Bier and Anders Thomas            lationships with an amazing ease                One of the film’s best achieve-
Jensen, Benioff and Sheridan put        and shows how the distance and               ments is Maguire’s performance
their own signature to the pic-         closeness between the characters             as Sam. After playing Spider-
                                                                                                                                                                       Photo Courtesy of www.
ture.                                   change throughout the movie. In              Man for three films (with a
                                                                                                                           Maguire and Gyllenhaal play two brothers and best friends.
                                                                                     fourth one on the way), it seems
                                                                                     that audiences can only think of
                                                                                     him as Peter Parker/Spider-Man
                                                                                     instead of anyone else. Well, he
                                                                                     makes audiences see differently
                                                                                     with his amazingly intense and
                                                                                     raw performance as a marine
                                                                                     who seems lost. He screams, he
                                                                                     lets spit f ly out of his mouth, he
                                                                                     looks at the world with a glossy
                                                                                     glare, and he is a tough son of a
                                                                                        Maguire generates a very
                                                                                     strong performance in the film.
                                                                                     For example, at one point he de-
                                                                                     stroys the kitchen that Tommy
                                                                                     and his friends helped to reno-
                                                                                     vate with his fists and a crow
                                                                                     bar. He is terrifying as he loses
                                                                                     himself and screams at Portman,
                                                                                     “You know what I did to get back
                                                                                     to you?!” Maguire’s talent is ev-
                                                                                     ident in this wonderful film by
                                                                                     showing people that he can get                                                       Photo Courtesy of www.
                                                                                     into the mindset of a really bro-     Maguire and Portman play a married couple who must be
                                                                                     ken character without having to       separated when Maguire is deployed to Afghanistan.
                                                                                     wear spandex. He really proves
                                                                                     his worth as a fine actor.
                                                                                        Gyllenhaal works best when
                                                                                     he plays a dramatic character.
                                                                                     That is to say he can be good in
                                                                                     other film genres (such as the
                                                                                     trailer for the upcoming Prince
                                                                                     of Persia: The Sands of Time
                                                                                     shows), but he is terrific when he
                                               Photo Courtesy of www.
                                                                                     plays a regular person with real
The new movie Brothers is now in theathers nationwide.                               world troubles like in Brokeback
                                                                                     Mountain or October Sky.
                                                                                        Gyllenhaal is great as Tommy
   Brothers is about Marine Capt.       addition to this, he introduces              especially when he has to prove
Sam Cahill (Tobey Maguire),             the characters with such talent              to his father over and over again
who is married to his high school       that audience feels that they’ve             that he can be just as good as
sweetheart, Grace, (Natalie             known these characters forever.              Sam. He makes this character
Portman) and has two daughters.         He makes audiences care for                  feel bitter at first but develops
Sam also has a younger brother,         these characters and follow them             and matures him to be a very
Tommy (Jake Gyllenhaal), who            through good and bad times.                  good uncle and person.          He
is less motivated than him and            However, it is how Sheridan                makes viewers see how Tommy
has just been released from jail        handles the drama of the film                is the anchor that Grace needs to
for attempted robbery. Just as          by making it feel like bobbing               start living her life again.                                                    Photo Courtesy of www.
Tommy is getting settled into           up and down on a wave, as one                   However, the only issue with       Gyllenhaal provides support for his brother’s wife and chil-
life without bars, Sam is getting       event comes and goes as another              the film is that when the focus       dren while he is away at war.
ready to be deployed to Afghani-        is ready to happen. Even when                jumps between Sam in Afghani-
stan. As Sam works with his sol-        there are silent moments, he is              stan and Grace back home, the         what is going to happen between     powerful tale to watch. Audi-
diers overseas, Tommy works to          able to make the scene speak vol-            war part of the story comes           Grace and Tommy but not with        ences might be surprised by the
fix his life but can’t seem to get      umes of detail and focus the at-             off as more interesting. These        Sam. This hooks people in with      outstanding performances of
a handle on it and, Grace must          tention on the characters to help            scenes with Sam are some of           all its uncertainty, especially     the leads, the wonderful direc-
fill in the role of a sibling to help   develop it.                                  the most intense and life chang-      when the director hides some        tion, and a spectacular dramatic
him.                                      While it is tough to say right             ing parts of the film. It is very     things from the screen to make      story.
   However, things change when          now if any of the actors will get            engaging that people will want        the moment more nerve-racking.         At the viewing I went to, the
Sam and his company are in a            an Oscar nod for their perfor-               to see more only for the movie          Sheridan redeems himself,         audience was so silent after the
helicopter doing recon work and         mances, it is easier to think that           to cut to Grace, Tommy, and the       though, with Sam’s return home      movie ended and the credits be-
are hit by a missile and presumed       Sheridan has yet another Oscar               daughters.                            by bringing the story full circle   gan as they continued to take in
dead. After Grace learns about          nomination in front of him for                  It isn’t that Grace’s storyline    and helping to focus all the ten-   the emotional weight of this mov-
her husband’s death, she feels          this remarkable drama he directs             is uninteresting. It just doesn’t     sion and drama in one place in-     ie. This shows just what kind of
lost without him and wonders            with such style.                             hold the viewer’s expectations as     stead of two.                       impact this film can have on the-
what will happen now. Soon,               In dramas, there’s always a                much as Sam’s story. It appears         Brothers is a very heavy film     atergoers and maybe it will have
Tommy begins to enter Grace’s           heavy story involved, and the                that people will feel they know       to deal with but is also a very     the same effect for the Oscars.
December 9, 2009                                                                         EntErtainmEnt                                                                       The Outlook          13

                                                    A Visual Cosmos:
   An Interview with American Artist Everett Peck
        Brian Blackman                      While in college I also started          for an artist to be diversified and    Question:     You    introduced ing series) until the early 70’s with
            Staff Writer                 looking at a lot of Push Pin Studio         entrepreneurial today is even Duckman in the pages of the the appearance of the somewhat
                                         stuff as well as artists like Hienz         greater.                             comic book Dark Horse Presents brilliant “Wait Till Your Father
    From critically acclaimed ani-       Edlemann, Daumier, and George                  There really wasn’t much hap- during the alternative press revo- Gets Home.” Then once again
mated programs such as Duck-             Grosz. Grosz is especially appeal-          pening at that time with anima- lution of the 1980’s. Your televi- primetime animated series basi-
man and Squirrel Boy, to the             ing because of his social commen-           tion. In my opinion there were two sion adaptation of the character cally go away until the premier of
pages of magazines like Rolling          tary mixed with a strange, dis-             events that kicked off the modern was also part of the prime-time the Simpsons in 1989. So we are
Stone and Entertainment Weekly,          turbing surreal aspect. Plus the            era of animation. One was the ap- animation renaissance of the early lucky to be living in age of peren-
the art of Everett Peck continues        drawing surface is full of energy.          pearance of the Simpsons and the 90’s. When you look at the comic nial primetime animation, oh joy!
to cross media barriers in shaping       Artists whose work makes me say             other was the animated feature book and animation industries to-          I haven’t been following comics
our nation’s visual landscape. It is     wow? Caravaggio, Jeff Koons,                “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”. So day, do you still sense any of the too much lately so I can’t really
an honor to present the following        Philip Guston.                              by the late 80’s/early 90’s anima- same openness to creativity and comment on them. I am aware of
interview with such an amazing              Question: You have had a ca-             tion had a new lease
force within the art world. He is        reer that remains extensive and             on life.
truly one of the most original and       diverse, spanning a number of                  I had always been
influential artists in America to-       different mediums such as comic             interested in anima-
day.                                     books, animation, and magazine              tion and had done a
    Question: Your work has had a        illustration. How did you get your          little animation design
big impact on many artists over          start? I know that you did designs          but now the opportuni-
the years. I feel that you               for The Real Ghostbusters.                  ties where wide open.
    have one of the most recogniz-          Answer: I started my career              I did a few projects for
able styles out there. Who are           as an illustrator. I actually start-        Sesame Street with
some of the individuals that in-         ed working while I was still in             an animation studio
spired you in your career? What          school and then transitioned to             named Klasky Csupo.
artists make you just look at their      full time freelance. I started out          I became friends with
work and say “wow”?                      doing small regional assignments            Gabor Csupo and
    Answer: That’s nice of you to        then worked up to larger national/          pitched Duckman as
say. I had tons of influences over       International ones. Over the years          an animated series.
the years. When I was a kid, like        I worked for almost all the major           He liked it and one
most kids I guess, I really liked        magazines and on various adver-             year later we had a se-
Walt Disney. I either wanted to          tising assignments. I got work              ries on air.
work for him or Mad Magazine.            mostly by just making the rounds               It was a few years
Of course Mad magazine was               and showing my portfolio when-              later that I helped start
a showcase of great artists with         ever I could.                               the animation division
very personalized styles and ap-            I also dabbled in gag cartoon-           at Sony studios where
proaches. Two of my favorite             ing, T-shirts, greeting cards, and          I worked on several
                                                                                                                                                                        PHOTO COURTESY of Everett Peck
artists whose work appeared in           a little bit of animation. In the           projects including Ju-
Mad where Jack Davis and Basil           eighties I started seriously pursu-         manji, Ghostbusters, This piece of art captures the unique style of Everett Peck.
Wolverton. Wolverton’s stuff was         ing painting.                               and Dragon Tails.
especially wild and crazy. I loved          Throughout most of my illustra-             Question: What would you sug- experimentation, or do you feel a general decline in the number of
it!                                      tion career I was involved in teach-        gest is the best way for someone that there has been a significant new humorous comics in recent
    Growing up in Southern Cali-         ing at the college level. In 1984 I         to enter the art field and get their change in the attitude and goals years. I think it would be difficult
fornia I also really dug “car art”       took over the Illustration program          start?                               which are currently driving con- to launch a new humorous title
from guys like Big Daddy Roth.           at Otis Art institute in LA (at that           Answer: Like I mentioned, I temporary works?                         today compared to the early 90’s.
That whole scene had its epicen-         time Otis/Parsons). I had a lot of          think the best way to get started      Answer: Good question. I do Also comic book publishers are
ter just north of me in sort of a        great students over the years in-           as a professional artist is by mak- feel animation is pretty much in a very concerned about the econo-
triangle from Burbank down to            cluding Mark Ryden and Andrew               ing connections. Probably the rut, especially primetime anima- my and the general decline of the
Downey and over to Long Beach.           Brandou. In 1986 we hosted what             best way to do that is through tion. By far the most supportive bookstore outlet system.
When I was older I had a mo-             Art Guru Brad Benedict calls the            education. Generally your first network for animation in the U.S.         There is a lot of uncertainty
torcycle that I really wanted pin        first “Lowbrow Art” exhibit ever.           contacts come through your time has been Fox. The other networks about the future regarding all
stripped by Von Dutch but I never        Robert Williams parked his hot              in college.                          (with a few exceptions) can’t seem print media. In my opinion there
did, I had a local guy do it. It was     rod right in the middle of the gal-             Another possibility is to work to get anything going with prime- has been an esthetic shift as well,
OK, but it wasn’t Von Dutch.             lery. I don’t think they ever did           your way in through an estab- time animation. Fox has of course, more away from humor, at least in
    In high school I got really inter-   get the oil stain off the floor.            lished business, but that’s more had several huge successes and print, and more toward a darker
ested in illustration as a career. I        We had so many people lined              difficult. The applied arts are a they seem interested in creating more pessimistic attitude. That is
also got into pen and ink drawing        up around the block to get into             complicated activity that requires new primetime animation.             perfect for the Graphic Novel for-
and started looking at 19th pen          the opening that the Fire Mar-              a lot of imagination and technical     Of course committing to a new mat with its large panels and very
and ink drawers. I was especially        shal finally shut the place down.           skill. That takes time and a lot animated series is a huge invest- visual format.
impressed with John Tenniel and          Man, that was a fun night! But              of specific instruction combined ment but even the Simpsons can’t           Humorous comics generally
Heinrich Kley.                           I digress, what were we talking             with trial and error to develop. go on forever (personally I’ve require smaller multi panels and
    I also really liked modern pen       about? Oh yeah, getting started in          And like I mentioned before, this made a promise to myself not to much more dialogue to set up
drawers like Ronald Searle and           Illustration.                               new era of applied art require art- watch any new Simpson episodes and deliver the joke. But there is
Alan Cober. I enrolled in college           I think the same thing that was          ists to be very creative and entre- after 2050).                        always an exception, that’s what
as an illustration major with a mi-      true then is still true; it’s all about     preneurial in their approach to the    So what seems to be happening keeps it interesting!
nor in Art History. I had a great        networking and personal con-                profession and the development is that rather than creating truly         Question: Duckman, like the
teacher named Dick Oden who              nections. Web sites and Internet            and promotion of their careers.      new shows with different looks early episodes of The Simpsons,
really stressed the idea of illus-       promotions are fine, but I think               Question: How should a begin- and fresh characters, Fox just keep had a lot of heart behind it, defi-
tration as a form of individual ex-      it’s really about being part of the         ning artist handle rejection? What going back to the same formulas. nitely being more than a series
pression, which was fine with me.        community. Also I feel the need             has been some of your experi- So you get basically the same of mindless jokes. I think that is
                                                                                     ences, and how were you able to look, feel, and character types what makes the work of someone
                                                                                     overcome them?                       reprocessed into a new show. Not like Blake Edwards so special and
                                                                                        Answer: Being an illustrator is that they aren’t good shows, but it timeless. It can be silly, but it has a
                                                                                     like any other artist; you are al- would be great to see something sense of humanity in it. How were
                                                                                     ways subject to rejection on one really fresh. The last really differ- you able to successfully maintain
                                                                                     level or another. You just have to ent thing in primetime was South that balance in the show?
                                                                                     throw it off and keep going. That Park, and that’s been quite a while     Answer: Yeah, that was some-
                                                                                     doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect you, ago.                                thing I really tried to stress in the
                                                                                     it does.                               So to answer your question I comic. Sure Duckman was a (jerk),
                                                                                        A friend of mine told me a story think primetime animation has but I always tried to give him a
                                                                                     about when he was starting out. reached a sort of plateau. Don’t realistic emotional base. That was
                                                                                     He was making the rounds to get me wrong, it’s a very high very important to me because,
                                                                                     several art directors in New York quality plateau, but I think we’re like you say, without that you
                                                                                     City. He was returning from a due for something really different have very predictable characters
                                                                                     particularly harsh criticism of to come on the scene and shake that are just comic foils. When we
                                                                                     his work and in a fit of despair things up.                             began the series I worked closely
                                                                                     he tossed his whole portfolio in       And there will be something. with the head writers, Jeff Reno
                                                                                     a trashcan! He went back to his That’s the cool thing about prime- and Ron Osborn to keep that at-
                                                                                     apartment and started over. He time animation today; it’s be- titude intact.
                                                                                     went on to be quite successful. come part of our viewing culture.         Question: One of Frank Zappa’s
                                                                                     The point is you’ve got to believe Prior to the early 90’s primetime last works was composing the
                                                                                     in yourself and keep going even animation was VERY rare and al- theme song to Duckman. Did you
                                                                                     when you get a sucky response to ways short-lived. In the 60’s there ever have a chance to meet him?
                                                                                     your work.                           were the Flintstones and then the    Answer: Yes, I was fortunate to
                                                                                        When I was teaching I always Jetsons, both with very short runs meet with Frank a few times. He
                                                                                     told my students the most impor- in primetime.                          was a great guy and was very tight
                                                                                     tant thing to develop is a personal    Then primetime animation dis- with his family. Of course his son
                                                                                     point of view, a way of looking at appears (I’m not counting some Dweezil did Ajax’s voice.
                                                                                     the world that is a true expression wonderful primetime animated          Question: Will Duckman and
                                                                                     of your inner feelings and atti- specials like the “Peanuts” spe- Cornfed ever return?
                                                    PHOTO COURTESY of Everett Peck   tude. Everything else, technique, cials, the Christmas shows, and         Answer: Unfortunately, I don’t
Everett Peck composed the theme song to Duckman.                                     marketing, etc. follows that.        the “Bugs Bunny Show” I’m talk- see it in the near future.
14       The Outlook                                                                  Features                                                                        December 9, 2009

                     Campus Minister Mary Jakub Will be Truly
                                          Missed at the Catholic Center
     Sarah alySe JamieSon              ual interests, faith and stories,”                                           derstands the importance of            Center.”
                                                                             long, considering that I am a
           opinion Editor              Mr. Jakub said.                                                              community in Catholic campus              “I will certainly miss being
                                                                             freshman,” Danielle Fellona stat-
                                           He will certainly miss being                                             ministry. I am certainly going to      in a strong relationship with
                                                                             ed, “but Mrs. Jakub is a sweetie,
   The Monmouth University             involved in the Catholic Center                                              miss her welcoming personality         students,” Mrs. Jakub stated. “I
                                                                             and she is hilarious! She certain-
Catholic Center has had Mrs.           with his wife, but they will visit                                           every Sunday,” said Reevey, who        will definitely continue commu-
                                                                             ly makes everyone feel welcome
Mary Jakub as the Campus Min-          as much as they can.                                                         refers to himself as Mrs Jakub’s       nication with the present Catho-
                                                                             to the Center, as she surely did
ister for the past 10 years; she           “My best memory from work-                                               “adopted son.”                         lic Center students as I do with
                                                                             with me, and we will miss her a
began to work in the Center in         ing as a Campus Minister at the                                                “I look forward to maintain-         Alumni.”
                                                                             lot here.”
February 1999, and she will be         Catholic Center has been watch-         “If it were not for Mrs. J.’s cha-   ing contact with her in the future
retiring this fall 2009 semester.      ing the students’ transforma-         risma and devotion, I would most       to keep her presence here at the
   “The Center was truly re-           tion from students attending the
                                                                                                                     “It’s been a real gift to me being in
                                                                             likely not be here,” Julio Rodri-
opened when she started to work        Catholic Center to becoming a         guez stated. “I am very grateful
                                                                                                                      the presence of college students
at it,” stated Aaron Reevey,           community, every year. They           that she welcomed me into the
Graduate student. “Mrs. Jakub          can all count on each other, and I    Catholic Center.”
is very outgoing, and the Center
needed someone like her.”
                                       see that every time we come to-
                                                                               “It’s been a real pleasure
                                                                             working with Mrs. Jakub, at the        with their openness to life and their
   “Father Fred, Pastor of Saint
Jerome’s, had asked me to take
                                          “Mrs. J. is a wonderful part of
                                       the Catholic Center,” stated Sar-
                                                                             Center,” stated Mrs. Zambrano,
                                                                             Business Administrator of the          sharing of individual interests, faith
the job here, and I was honored
and blessed to.” Mrs. Jakub stat-
                                       ah Clemency, junior. “She will
                                       be greatly missed by all!”
                                                                             Catholic Center. “I will miss her
                                                                             so much, and it will not be the
                                                                                                                                  and stories.”
ed.                                       “I will miss the way she (Mrs.     same without her.”                                               Mrs. Mary Jakub
   “I had been involved in areas       J.) makes everyone who comes to         “Mrs. J. is someone who un-                                     Campus Minister
of training in suicide interven-       the Catholic Centre feel so wel-
tion, to listening workshops.          come,” senior Anna Clemency
I grew up in a strong Catholic         declared.
home, and my husband, Lou and             “I will miss her smiling face
I raised our family, 5 sons, and 2     and her words of wisdom. She

 “My best memory from working as
 a Campus Minister at the Catholic
   Center has been watching the
   students’ transformation from
  students attending the Catholic
 Center to becoming a community,
  every year. They can all count on
each other, and I see that every time
         we come together.”
                            Mrs. Mary Jakub
                             Campus Minister

priests, also in a Catholic Faith      makes the Catholic Center feel
filled environment.                    like a home away from home.
   “It’s been a real gift to me be-    She listens to your problems,
ing in the presence of college         gives you advice, and laughs at                                                                 photo courtesy of sarah Alyse Jamieson
students with their openness to        your jokes.”                    Mrs. Jakub is shown here hugging two of her Catholic Center friends. The Catholic Center
life and their sharing of individ-       “I haven’t known Mrs. J. that has always been a place for a home away from home under Mrs. Jakub.

recording artist Lisa Hannigan sits Down With The
       Outlook to Talk Music and Much More
            John yuro                  who holds her own on stage, and is    powerful vocals, manage to sound       fee table with her before her recent   much to do that it’s terrifying and
         contributing writEr           clearly having the time of her life   contemporary and timeless at the       performance at the Gramercy The-       exciting at the same time.
                                       doing what she loves.                 same time. Creaks and squeaks          atre in New York City during the          Question: What would consti-
   Lisa Hannigan originally gained       The 28-year-old native of Ire-      were all left in the recordings,       opening night of her current North     tute “better” for you? Something
prominence as the female vocal-        land has described her sound as       only adding to the album’s acous-      American visit, Lisa Hannigan          like writing in obscure key signa-
ist on Damien Rice’s first two al-     “plinky-plonk rock,” and is cer-      tic, realistic sound.                  took time after her soundcheck to      tures or composing different lyr-
bums, “0” and “9,” well-known          tainly rooted more in the folk           Hannigan has begun to prove         talk with me in an exclusive inter-    ics?
for her lead vocals on songs like “I   genre than many of her peers. In      herself as a solo musician in her      view for The Outlook.                     Answer: I don’t know. If peo-
Remember” and “9 Crimes.” The          the past, Hannigan has credited       own right over the past two years.       Question: You’ve gained quite        ple knew what the secret was to
musical partnership between Han-       musicians such as Joni Mitchell       Since her tour as the opening act      a fan base, you’re getting more        it they would write books on it.
nigan and Rice began in 2001, but      and Nina Simone as great influ-       for Jason Mraz last year, during       and more media attention, and          I think there are some songs that
officially ended in March 2007.        ences on her career, but Hannigan     which the two performed at near-       your debut album has been receiv-      just get you universally despite the
Since her professional split from      has a unique, unforgettable sound     by Brookdale Community Col-            ing nothing but positive reviews.      genre of music or the instrumen-
Rice, Hannigan has more recently       all her own.                          lege, she has continued to tour as     Could you possibly be striving to-     tation. There are just some songs
began her own career as a solo art-       “Sea Sew,” Hannigan’s first solo   the headliner of her own concerts.     ward any larger goals?                 that grab you, and I don’t know if
ist, backed by a group of musicians    album, was released in the Unit-      She has been receiving increased         Answer: Oh, of course! I want        I’ve written one of those yet. I just
who she had previously worked          ed States last year to universally    media attention as well, with radio    to write better songs. Every song      think I can do better.
with in Rice’s band, as well as        positive reviews. She and her band    interviews and television perfor-      you write should be better than the       Question: You use a lot of wacky
some of her personal friends.          utilize a wide array of instruments   mances around America and Eu-          one before. I just want the next re-   instruments in your performances
   Whereas the nature of Rice’s        in unique combinations through-       rope. In the past year, Hannigan       cord to be better. That’s the point    when compared to other musi-
compositions and performances          out the album’s ten tracks, pre-      has performed on both “The To-         for me, just to get better at what I   cians I’ve seen. How did these
seem eternally somber, Hannigan’s      senting Hannigan’s compositions       night Show” and “The Colbert Re-       do. I want to write better songs and   come about?
work exudes a much more positive       in a way sounding quite different     port” in America, as well as popu-     get better at playing instruments,        Answer: I think it’s from a lot
attitude. Understandably, the sub-     than many young artists today.        lar music programs like “Later…        because I’m not very good at the       of the people I’ve ended up work-
dued Hannigan who fans remem-          Harmoniums, glockenspiels, and        With Jools Holland” in the United      moment. There’s so much to do,         ing with and their strengths. I saw
ber from Rice’s concerts has been      trumpets, coupled with the sim-       Kingdom.                               so many places we haven’t played,      Beck play the harmonium years
replaced with a stronger musician      ple use of acoustic guitar and her       Sitting backstage at a small cof-   songs I don’t know. There’s so         ago; he did that song “Nobody’s
December 9, 2009                                                                        Features                                                                        The Outlook           15

   Fault.” I think it was at an        friends, so I think there are a lot     when you began your
awards show or something, and          of upsides to it.                       solo career?
he just played the one song. He           Question: How did everyone in           Answer: That’s great.
just came out by himself with this     the band come together?                 I certainly never thought
thing and I went, “what’s he play-        Answer: I’d worked with the          about a demographic
ing?” Certainly, at that point any-    lads [Tom Osander and Shane             when making a record,
way, I wasn’t very good at guitar      Fitzsimons, the band’s rhythm           but it’s great when a
or the piano. It was this amazing      section] for a couple of years          whole span of people
thing that you could simply pump       with Damien Rice. Gavin Glass,          get something out of it.
with one hand and you have the         who plays the guitar and piano,         That’s really heartening.
other hand to just move slowly         he’s a wonderful singer/song-           Hopefully there will be
around. It really grabbed me and       writer in Dublin. I just knew him       more today, older and
I thought that I could do that. It     from around town, and I needed          younger.
would be the perfect thing for me      someone to play guitar and pia-            Question: Have you
to write on. So I found an indie       no. He’s just brilliant, great and      begun work on a follow-
music shop in London and got one       so much fun. So that worked out         up album to your debut?
and started using it in the show. I    brilliantly. And my friend Don-            Answer: Yea, I have
love it, I’m so glad that I found it   agh Molloy, he plays the trumpet        a few songs done. We’ll
because other things have kind of      and has just been a really good         be playing a few tonight
improved as well. As for the ban-      friend of mine for years. He’s so       to just fly them up the
jo, Gav is a great player. Gavin       brilliant, whatever needs to be         flagpole and see if any-
Glass that is, in the band. So he      learnt, whatever toy is new, he         one salutes them. We’ll
kind of brought that out a bit,        just says “no problem” and learns       see if they go down. But
and I started playing with it. It’s    it. “Donagh and his toys,” we call      I’m working on them.
really just down to the sounds,        him. He does the “plinky-plonk,”        Being on tour is diffi-
you know, what works together.         he brings all that sound.               cult in some ways for
They’re all just a bit creaky and         Question: You’ve done your           writing songs because
old, warm and acoustic.                own solo tours recently but you         you always have people
   Question: When you’re writ-         also opened for Jason Mraz last         around. But then in some
ing, what comes first, the words       year, and now David Gray. How           ways it’s actually great
or the music?                          is playing a headlining show like       because you’re kind of
   Answer: Each time has been          this compare to a show where            doing something all the
kind of different; I don’t have        you’re the opening act?                 time. Interesting things
it down pat. I usually just mess          Answer: It’s usually different.      are always happening
around on the guitar and maybe         Like tomorrow, we’re playing a          and all the instruments
get a line of words and a melody       gig with David Gray in Boston.          are there all the time.
at the same time. Then I’ll go for     We’re not really expecting any-         There are people to
a walk and just sing to myself and     one to listen to us, nobody knows       bounce things off of. It’s
get the rest of the words. That’s      who we are, and nobody really           actually good and bad.
usually how it works. It’s all at      cares. They’re there to see David       I’m hoping it is going to
the same time while doing some-        Gray, obviously, and they paid          be more good than bad
thing else, like putting out the       for that. It’s actually really excit-   during this tour.
wash or going for a walk. I have       ing to go and play for somebody            Question: Is there
to distract myself from the blank      who doesn’t know who you are,           anything you plan on
page, I think that helps.              who doesn’t care. You’re trying         approaching differently
   Question: Last time you played      to win somebody over, which is          while recording your
here at the Gramercy Theatre you       always a really nice feeling. The       second album?
included a few cover songs in the      pressure is off in a way. I always         Answer: I would imag-
set. Do you still plan on incorpo-     really care if the gig goes well,       ine we’ll do it rather                                                              Photo Courtesy of Google Images

rating covers?                         but if it’s my own gig, I really        quickly, but maybe not as “Sea Sew,” Hannigan’s first solo album, was released in the
   Answer: I think we’re going         care, you know? Where if it’s Da-       quickly, because I think United States last year to universally positive reviews.
to do “Personal Jesus,” that De-       vid Gray’s gig and it doesn’t re-       it was a bit difficult for           a player. It’s so nice on vinyl, it’s   Question: Like when you get
peche Mode song that Johnny            ally go well, I go, “Ah, well next      our engineer to try and get the really lovely. On this tour I’m re- the same question about parting
Cash did. I’m going to do that,        time.” But each gig is so impor-        first one together that soon. But I ally looking forward to gathering ways with Damien Rice for the
and hopefully a Band song, “It         tant to me.                             don’t think we’d spend more than second hand vinyl. I go into thrift fifteenth time in a day?
Makes No Difference.” We’ll see           Question: When you were tour-        three weeks on it, anyway. I don’t shops. I don’t know if it’s the           Answer: Yea, that’s when I just
how that goes down. Last time          ing with Jason Mraz last year you       really have any interest in going same here like it is at home, but say enough at that point.
we did a Dylan cover, “Just Like       played at Brookdale, quite close        into the studio for three months, charity shops are always full of           Question: You’ve been making
Tom Thumb’s Blues,” and we did         to Monmouth.                            because you’re definitely going amazingly crazy vinyl that peo- more frequent television appear-
an Air cover, “Playground Love.”          Answer: That was so funny;           to spend a week on a guitar sound ple just found in their Granny’s ances, too. I saw a clip online
We do loads. We have quite a few       we were so excited about being          if that’s how long you have.         house and sent off to the charity from Jools Holland’s show re-
covers just at the ready.              in the gym. The dressing rooms              I like the limits that are put shop. You get the funniest collec- cently, from over in England.
   Question: This is your opening      were in the locker room areas or        upon you in saying you’re only tions of things, the oddest poetry            Answer: Oh yes, it’s such an
night after being on a break for a     something and we were like, “Ah,        going to have three weeks. In readings. I’ve got some brilliant excellent show. We did three
while, correct?                        we’re in a teen movie,” because         terms of instrumentation and things I can’t wait to listen to. songs and it was fantastic, he’s a
   Answer: Yes. We’re doing this       we don’t have that in Ireland at        stuff, I don’t really know. I’m go- “The Bird Songs of Britain!” lovely man and obviously amaz-
show, going on with David Gray         all. It was funny; we thought we        ing to wait and see. I have a few [laughs].                                ingly gifted. It’s a wonderful
as his opener for three and a half     were in Degrassi Junior High or         songs now, but I’m going to wait        It’s the treasure trove of going music show and a very unusual
weeks, then we have our own            something, or “My So Called             until I have about fifteen and see into thrift stores, and even if it one in that it’s sort of a circular
show in Los Angeles, and then          Life,” or any of those movies.          what emerges, really.                is a polka, you’re so much more studio where there are about five
we’re home.                               Question: We’ll have to get             Question: Did you do all of likely to listen to it than if you bands set up and they just go to
   Question: Is that a long stretch    you to Monmouth to play a show.         the arranging, or was it more of bought it on CD. The ritual of lis- this person and this person, and
to be away from home?                  OAR is scheduled to play there          a collaborative effort with all of tening to it on vinyl makes it all they just do it live. It’s a live half
   Answer: Well we’ve been lon-        soon in the new MAC.                    the musicians?                       the more special I think. I know. I hour show and everyone plays
ger. It’s actually quite tidy, this       Answer: Ah, well any time.              Answer: Not really. I arranged can’t wait to get going with it; it’s a song and it’s just like, “shaz-
                                                                               pretty much all of the songs, ex- going to be brilliant.                   aam!” [laughs]. There are so few
  “Every song you write should be                                              cept for the couple of songs with       Question: Have you begun shows doing that, where everyone
                                                                               strings where they improvised growing tired of doing interviews plays live and nobody is to track,
  better than the one before. I just                                           on, like “Sea Song.” They were yet, or is it all still an exciting ex- it’s really amazing. It’s incred-
                                                                               just making it up, which is amaz- perience?
 want the next record to be better.
                                                                                                                                                          ibly exciting, just one of the best
                                                                               ing. Most of the lines I would          Answer: I know there are peo- shows. I hope we get invited to
                                                                               have worked out in advance, but ple who do three weeks of just go back. I think he liked us, well,
 That’s the point for me, just to get                                          not all by any stretch. You kind of sitting in a room and people com- I hope he liked us. And Stephen
                                                                               just do it one song at a time, one ing in. I don’t think I’d be up for Colbert, that’s another television
 better at what I do. I want to write                                          verse at a time.                     that, but I like chatting with peo- show worth watching! [laughs].
   better songs and get better at
                                                                                  Question: The record has a very ple. It’s nice meeting people and         Question: Oh yea, you made an
                                                                               warm sound. Did you record dig- interviewing. But I’ve never done appearance on his show. I don’t
playing instruments, because I’m not                                           itally, or do you prefer analog?     that kind of promo tour, which think he features musical perfor-
                                                                                  Answer: Digitally. I think it I’m sure is soul-destroying. I mances that often.
     very good at the moment.”                                                 was done to Pro Tools, but I re- actually quite enjoy interviews.
                                                                               ally don’t know. My friend Jason Like this, it’s nice.
                                                                                                                                                            Answer: That was very unex-
                                                                                                                                                          pected. I keep hoping he’ll come
                                                                               Boshoff engineered. Analog is           Question: Do you tend to get to a gig. If he doesn’t wear a suit
                            Lisa haNNiGaN
                                                                               probably to tape, isn’t it? I’d love repeated questions all the time?      nobody would recognize him. If
                             Irish Folk Artist
                                                                               to do that next time. I bought a        Answer: Of course there are he just kind of parted his hair the
                                                                               record player today online and I some of the same questions, but other way and had a jumper on, I
                                                                               delivered it to my friend in New people ask them differently so think he could go totally incogni-
one. It’s great; it’s always so        Talk to the people! I’d love to do      York because they wouldn’t ship they’re not exactly the same at to. Lucky him, that’s a good gift
much fun. We’re all just over          a college tour. That would be so        it over to Ireland, so I’ll have it all. If there’s a question I don’t to have.
the moon to be over in America         brilliant. Hopefully one day. You       now for the first time. I’m looking want to answer, I just don’t an-         It was at this point when Han-
again. It’s fine being away from       will have to vouch for us!              forward to getting some records swer it. When I first started an- nigan’s tour manager came with
home, because everyone is such           Question: When I saw you per-         on the bus; it’s going to be great. swering questions, I found it very the unfortunate news that the
good friends. We’re doing what         form here at the Gramercy The-          I haven’t had a vinyl player in a difficult, because I’d be very po- interview had to be concluded.
we love, traveling around and          atre a few months ago, I noticed        long time, so I’m looking forward lite and I’d find it difficult to just “Lovely to meet you,” Hannigan
seeing places. There are no real       that there was a wide variety           to getting all my old records.       go, “How very dare you!” I’d find said. “Hopefully I’ll see you again
downsides. I mean, obviously           of ages in your audience, from             Question: Do you have a large it really difficult to just say no. on a college tour sometime.” She
people miss their families and         younger children with their par-        collection?                          But now I’m braver, I’m happy was then off with her manager to
their girlfriends, but you’re also     ents to older couples. Did you             Answer: I’ve been gathering enough to just say shut up if I prepare for that evening’s capti-
doing what you love with your          have a certain audience in mind         them for years, but I haven’t had didn’t want to.                          vating performance.
December 9, 2009                                                                                Politics                                                                             The Outlook            16

                                Political Debate: Should the United States Send More troops to afghanistan?
  Here students debate political issues of the day. Week 1 students make their initial argument followed by Week 2 in which they respond to their opponent.

                                                           Side 1: No More troops Should be Sent
           Trenna Field                    matic Stress Disorder. It does not out-   send an additional 30,000 indi-          1996 until 2001, when it was re-           our ways. Of course the Taliban is an
             Staff Writer                  line how Afghanistan will stabilize       viduals to Afghanistan. President        moved at the beginning of the war.         oppressive regime, the United States
                                           over the next 18 months in order to       Obama reiterated the fact that the       Al Qaeda is a terrorist organization       is not the world police. Perhaps Presi-
  President Obama outlined a plan          become a fully independent coun-          United States invaded Afghanistan        that is located in many different          dent Obama should listen to Afghan
to increase the number of troops           try, but that’s not the concern of the    because al-Qaeda was behind the          countries, not only Afghanistan.           elders when they had meetings with
in Afghanistan by 30,000 over the          United States.                            September 11 attacks. It sounds          The war in Afghanistan seems to            US military commanders when they
next six months. This will bring the          As of Friday morning, there have       nice and rallies people behind a         be a confused war because the en-          said that they wanted “less military
total number of United States ser-         been at least 852 US casualties since     war, but he seems to be forgetting       emy is grouped between al Qaeda            power and more brainpower”, ac-
vice men and women in Afghani-             2001, with 300 of those deaths oc-        to remind the public that the United     and the Taliban, but it ignores all        cording to an article from BBC, so
stan to around 100,000. However,           curring within the past year, accord-     States was already planning a war        of the innocent lives of civilians in      that they have a foundation to build
the President’s “intentions” are to        ing to the New York Times. The            with Afghanistan prior to Septem-        Afghanistan.                               their own nation on.
begin withdrawing the troops by            plan does not outline the impending       ber 11. Of course President Obama           The United States should not send          President Obama should create
July 2011.                                 deaths that will unfortunately occur      did not begin this war, however he       any more troops to Afghanistan, but        a plan using the troops that are al-
  Unfortunately, war does not focus        before the date of withdrawal. The        is doing a good job turning it into      instead should promote education and       ready deployed and focus on get-
on people’s “intentions” and the plan      cost of war is high, especially when      his war and using the same ratio-        allow the Afghan people to decide          ting them out and returning power
for withdrawal seems to be a security      the White House reported that it will     nale as his predecessor.                 what happens in their own country.         to the people of Afghanistan and
measure to buy the public’s support        cost an additional $30 billion a year,       Al Qaeda and the Taliban are dif-     Perhaps the United States military         not to more United States military
of the plan of increased deployment.       which makes one wonder how the US         ferent; although they are connect-       needs to take a lesson in cultural rela-   personnel. The American people
What the plan does not outline is how      can afford a war, but cannot afford to    ed, the point is lost when people        tivism and realize that just because       should stop buying propaganda
the families of the troops will cope       keep people employed or above the         do not acknowledge the fact that         we live in a Westernized world does        ideas on a war that has lasted 8
with the loss of loved ones or help the    line of poverty.                          the Taliban is only in Afghanistan       not make us the governing body of          years and counting with little to
armed forces cope with Post Trau-             The United States should not           and has governed the country from        those countries who do not follow          show for it.

                                                            Side 2: More troops Should be Sent
        SamanTha TarTaS                    bay in Afghanistan remains crucial        cient Security Forces are one of the     tion also sent troops to Afghanistan.      he backtracked on his campaign
         CoNtribUtiNg Writer               to stabilizing the Afghan government      many reemerging situations present       With this information, it does not         stance shows that the insurgents
                                           and establishing a sense of global se-    within the Afghan government.            remain a sufficient basis for reasons      within Afghanistan are regaining
   For an individual to claim that the     curity.                                      Even though the Taliban does not      why America should withdraw their          power quickly and if not dealt with
war in Afghanistan remains solely             A depletion of American military       posing a severe threat at the mo-        troops. The essential idea that must       in the appropriate way, can lead to
America’s burden is acutely misled.        personnel and operatives were found       ment, they are beginning to escalate     be understood is that when military        the foundation for overthrowing the
To date, 68,000 American troops are        in Afghanistan as a result of the war     in power again. Americans and its        personnel make a commitment to an          newly established government.
stationed in Afghanistan and with the      launched in Iraq in early 2003. As of     commanders must accept the fact that     area of the armed forces, they must           President Obama shows leadership
proposed 30,000 additional troops          August 2009, military commanders          preliminary steps must be taken now      accept the responsibilities that follow    from his decision; although people
set to deploy in the beginning months      from America and the NATO forces          while the fighting remains somewhat      their commander’s decisions.               within his party view that this decision
of 2010, the United States would in-       informed the White House that the         controlled. There will always be in-         We, as Americans, must see this        is prolonging the war, Obama gained
crease their presence by 40 percent.       number of troops currently present        dividuals that oppose war and there      war as an opportunity to maintain          the support of many skeptics. Ed Rol-
   Throughout his speech, President        in Afghanistan remain insufficient        will always be disagreeing views         our strength and exemplify our unity.      lins, CNN Senior Political Contributor
Obama highlighted the three key in-        to the escalation in Taliban resur-       to the President’s decisions. For ex-    By withdrawing our forces before           stated, “[t]his is not Obama’s war or
tentions that additional forces would      gences. Although the presence of          ample, some argue that the President     the time is suitable, the opportunity      Bush’s war. [t]his is America’s war.”
combat while overseas. They en-            American and other countries forces       should be more concerned about the       of destructive and deadly behavior to      Moreover, this is not only America’s
tailed denying al Qaeda a safe haven,      have proved favorable in establishing     economic crisis that befell upon this    resurge becomes further encouraged.        war, this is a global conflict and re-
reversing the Taliban’s momentum,          an operational government and the         country. Not only did our economic       With a substantial portion of Obama’s      sponsibility must be taken. If an in-
and strengthening the Afghan gov-          creation of a constitution, President     deterioration affect our economy, it     party opposed to further lengthening       crease in troops from the country who
ernment. Skeptics, along with nearly       Obama described the deteriorating         additionally affected countries’ econ-   the war, he was faced with a difficult     retaliated to war becomes necessary,
half of the American public, noted         state within their government. The        omies around the world. Many coun-       decision when choosing to increase         then demands should be met to protect
that keeping the Taliban insurgents at     drug trade, corruption, and insuffi-      tries affected by the economic situa-    our presence. For the main fact that       the welfare of nations across the globe.

      U.S.-Afghan History Overlooked in Obama Address
            roy GuTman                     tration expanded the program, and            The reaction in Washington, as        Clinton looked to the Taliban as a         moral argument that the United
             MCt CaMPUS                    20 years ago, the Red Army left.          anyone who saw “Charlie Wilson’s         stabilizing force in Afghanistan.          States is in historic debt to the peo-
                                           The United States played a critical       War” will recall, was triumphalism.      He tried in vain through his dip-          ple of Afghanistan, and that twice
   President Obama left a major            role in the nine years and 50 days        Although the CIA claimed that “we        lomats to persuade the Taliban to          in the immediate past it abandoned
element out of his West Point ad-          of that war, supplying every form         won,” no American life was lost —        hand over Osama bin Laden, long            the country. Obama also might
dress Tuesday as he announced the          of support it could to Afghans to         but a million Afghans died in the        after the Taliban made clear they          have acknowledged that Demo-
deployment of 30,0000 troops to            drive up the cost of occupation and       resistance. The United States had        would do nothing of the kind. That         crats made mistakes on their watch
Afghanistan: the modern history            force the Soviets to leave.               used Afghanistan as a platform           was the first abandonment.                 in the 1990s, as Republicans made
of America’s involvement in that              The Soviet troop withdrawal            to attack the Soviet Union and              After the 9/11 attacks, which           mistakes on their watch in the
faraway, landlocked country.               Feb. 15, 1989, also deserved men-         taken little interest in the country     bin Laden organized and directed           1980s and in the current decade.
   It was an extraordinary omis-           tion in Obama’s speech, for it was        or its people. Instead, it turned to     from his sanctuary in Afghanistan,            Had he made the argument,
sion for a president who looks for         the first step — and in many ways         the United Nations to organize a         President George W. Bush sent in           he might also have explained to
his model to Abraham Lincoln,              the necessary one — before all the        political settlement. After a brief      minimal forces to help topple the          Americans that despite the episod-
a president steeped in history. In         events of that epochal year, which        and modest U.S. effort to bring a        Taliban. But he, too, used Afghani-        ic relationship with Afghanistan,
declaring that the coming military         climaxed with the fall of the Berlin      friendly government into power in        stan as a platform — in this case          with intense involvement alternat-
offensive is aimed at defeating al-        Wall and the overthrow of com-            Kabul, the United States left the        for attacking the remnants of the          ing with abandonment, it’s a real
Qaeda, which has a small presence          munist rule in Eastern Europe.            scene, turning American policy in        al-Qaeda and the Taliban that had          country with people who have le-
now in Afghanistan, Obama made             The link between the events was in        Afghanistan over to Pakistani mili-      escaped to Pakistan.                       gitimate aspirations to stability and
it all the harder to claim public sup-     Moscow.                                   tary government.                            The U.S. military, playing a lead       security.
port for an extended engagement in            Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev           Even as communism fell, as Eu-        role in the “war on terror,” had lim-         Democrats have never done much
a country that has been at the cen-        took advantage of the exhaustion          rope became whole and free, and as       ited contacts with Afghans outside         soul-searching about their role in
ter of so much history in the last         and demoralization of the Red             the United States under Bill Clin-       Kabul, mainly to seek protection           the events leading up to the 9/11 at-
half century.                              Army in Afghanistan to gain a grip        ton celebrated a “peace dividend”        for U.S. troops. In the process, it        tacks, nor have Republicans. Since
   He also made it all the harder to       on his security forces and prevent        with unprecedented prosperity,           gave a new boost to corrupt and            no one has owned up, politicians of
convince Afghans, who after three          an armed intervention in the revo-        Afghans, with Pakistan pushing its       discredited warlords and used              both parties on Capitol Hill feel no
decades of war are being asked to          lutions sweeping across Eastern           favored Islamist proxy, were left to     force without much concern for ci-         shame in posturing and critiquing
prepare for still more sacrifices.         Europe.                                   fight an internal conflict that has      vilian casualties. U.S. commanders         Obama’s moves. So Obama will be
   It’s 30 years since the Dec. 26,           At the same time, the triumph          continued over two decades.              didn’t grasp until several years into      lucky if he can maintain enough
1979, Soviet invasion of Afghani-          of Afghans fighting a superpower             Under Clinton, the United States      the mission that Afghanistan has a         support even to turn the adverse
stan, an action that badly rattled the     with mostly simple weapons and            dropped support for any parties to       tribal structure. The Taliban close-       tide in Afghanistan. Finishing the
Carter administration until it made        in the most difficult of circum-          the internal conflict and stopped        ly monitored the American method           job, bringing real stability to Af-
the critical decision to infiltrate mil-   stances also helped inspire people        close monitoring of internal af-         of operation, and took advantage of        ghanistan, ensuring that it doesn’t
itary support to a fledging Afghan         throughout the communist world            fairs. The United States cut off all     every misstep.                             become a base again for terrorists
resistance. The Reagan adminis-            into peaceful revolt.                     aid and stopped receiving refugees.         Obama could have made the               may prove beyond his reach.
December 9, 2009   Announcement                               The Outlook   17

                    1 out of 3 college students experienced the
                    illness or loss of a family member or close
                    friend in the last year. Talk about loss and help
                    your friends in need by starting a National
                    Students of AMF Support Network Chapter
                    at your school.
18     The Outlook                                                            Viewpoint                                                                                                                                                  December 9, 2009

                                             How are exams ending so Close to Christmas Affecting you?
                                                                      CoMpileD by: SARAH AlySe JAMieSoN

            Alli                               Kristen                              Taylor                                                                                                             Danielle                             Ashley
         sophomore                             senior                             freshman                                                                                                            freshman                              senior
 “It’s really not affecting me.        “My whole family will be        “Thank goodness my exam                                                                                               “I have an exam on the 23rd,        “It’s definitely not letting me
         Bah-Humbug!”                 there before I’m home.”         which was on the 23rd has been                                                                                        and my exam is the next day!”       enjoy the Christmas season.”
                                                                         switched; I live in Florida.”

            Carlos                             Janine                             Nicole                                                                                                              Michelle                             Mariel
            senior                             junior                           sophomore                                                                                                            sophomore                           sophomore
   “It’s keeping me away from        “It’s depressing; I’m missing       “It’ll be hard to get a job over                                                                                     “All of my friends will already     “It’ll be hard to concentrate,
 the REAL Jersey Shore, the               Christmas parties.”         break, since we’re here so long.”                                                                                                be home.”                because I’ll be thinking about
      South Jersey Shore.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                    break.”

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                     Campus Events This Week
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                                  ONGOING EVENTS:
     Catholic Mass • Tues., Wed., & Thurs. 12:05 p.m.• Withey Chapel, Wilson Hall
          Catholic Mass • Sun. • 7:00 p.m. • Catholic Centre (16 Beechwood Avenue)
                     Bible Study• Wednesdays • 7:30pm • Catholic Centre                                                                                                          We hope you will help us in our effort to think of others less fortunate
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                      Men’s Basketball vs. Penn • 7:00pm • MAC
          51st Semi Annual Psychology Student Conference • TBA • Bey Hall
 Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol • 2pm • Pollak • $28 adults, $15 children & students

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 Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol • 2pm• Pollak • $28 adults, $15 children & students
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December 9, 2009                                              Announcements                                                     The Outlook           19

                 Chabad at
             Monmouth University

              with the Rabbi
   Date: Tuesdays - 3:30pm
   Student Center
   by Pool table

                                                               We all walk around
                                                      with questions on Judaism.
                                                Now you can get some answers.
                                             Join Rabbi Greenberg for free kosher
                                       pizza and a side of inspirational ‘soul food’.
  Chabad on Campus serves the needs of Jewish students on a social, educational
  and spiritual level. All students are welcome regardless of background, affiliation
  and level of observance.
                    For more information call the Chabad Center at
                  732-229-2424 or visit our website
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  in Wilson Hall, Room 108.
20   The Outlook                Announcements                                                       December 9, 2009

                                                 The FoodBank of Monmouth & Ocean Counties
                                                 3300 Route 66, Neptune, New Jersey 07753 / Tel: 732-918-2600, ext. 223

                                                                               

                                                                          Frozen Turkeys
                                                                       Canned or Fresh Hams
                                                                         
                                                                        Stuffing and Gravy
                                                                    Ready-to-eat Canned Meals
                                                                  Canned Sweet Potatoes or Yams
                                                                        Canned Vegetables
                                                                          Canned Fruits
                                                                     Cranberry Sauce (Jellied)
                                                                       Peanut Butter & Jelly
                                                                         Instant Potatoes
                                                                        Macaroni & Cheese
                                                                  Canned Juices & Sip-size Juices
                                                                      Canned and Dry Soup

                                        December 9 - 17
                                 Wednesday, 12/9: 8am - 1am
                                 Thursday, 12/10: 8am -1am
             Library Hours
                                 Friday, 12/11:    8am -7pm
                For Final
                                 Saturday, 12/12: 9am - 6pm
                                 Sunday, 12/13:    Noon – 1am
               FALL 2009!
                                        Monday - Thursday
                                      12/14–17: 8am - 1am

                   December 18 – 21
                      Friday, December 18: 8am - 8pm

                   Saturday, December 19: 9am - Midnight

                     Sunday, December 20: 11am - 1am

                     Monday, December 21: 8am - 1am
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                           Monmouth Students:
                            Interested in Comic
                             Get your own comic
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22       The Outlook                                                                      SportS                                                                    December 9, 2009

     Track and Field Begins Winning Tradition on
               New MAC Indoor Track
      Men’s and Women’s Track Hosts Inaugural MAC Classic, Emerge Victorious
      Stefanie BucholSki              open the new indoor track.
        ConTrIbUTIng WrITEr             Following the ribbon-cutting
                                      ceremony, the track opened up
   The men’s and women’s track with the 60-meter sprint. Mi-                                                                                                      Upcoming
                                                                                                                                                               Track and Field
and field teams hosted the inau- chelle Losey, a three-time NEC
gural MAC Classic on Saturday, Most Valuable Track Performer,
officially opening the brand-new placed first with a time of 7.77,
indoor track in the Multipurpose and Ajda Dotday finished in a
Activity Center. Competitors in- close second with 8.07.
cluded Wagner, an NEC rival,            Geoff Navarro led the men’s
and NJIT, as well as individuals race, finishing with a time of
from St. Peter’s.                     7.01. Trailing shortly behind was
   The men’s team found success Chris Taiwo, Brandon Cabral,                                                                                                          12/11
in their dual meets, defeating and Jason Kelsey, completing the
Wagner 114.9 - 15 and NJIT 117.9 Monmouth men’s sweep of the                                                                                                    @ Princeton New
- 19.                                 60-meter sprint. In the 60-me-
   The women’s team was equally ter hurdles, Sonya Sullivan won                                                                                                 Year Imvitational
victorious, beating Wagner 79 - the women’s event with a time of
48 and NJIT 113 - 4. Monmouth’s 9.25.                                                                                                                                 5:00
total points were gained from           Chris Rutherford, an NEC most
both individual and team relay Outstanding Track Performer and
efforts.                              Rookie of the Meet, completed
   Before the meet began, Presi- the men’s 60-meter hurdles in                                                               photo courtesy of Blaze Nowara
                                                                               Coach Joe Campagni with four of the five All-Americans from past
dent Paul G. Gafney II, along with 8.30 and, consequently, took the track and field teams.
several others, cut the ribbon to gold.                                                                                                                         @ Metro Coaches
                                                                                 Rutherford would win his leaping at 17’ 1.5”, and Gibbs
                                                                               second medal of the day in the placed fourth with a jump of 16’                    Invitational
                                                                               600-meter run, finishing with a 10”. In the high jump, Alison Day
                                                                               time of 1:23.82. His time placed medaled after clearing the bar at                    1:00
                                                                               him second on the Monmouth an- 5’ 5”.
                                                                               nuals.                                Sandra Jean-Romain placed
                                                                                 Rutherford wouldn’t be the second in shot put with a throw
                                                                               only one to break a school record. of 40’ 3.25”, with five Monmouth
                                                                               Franklin Palmer recorded a time throwers placing second through
                                                                               of 1:23.85, making his the fifth- sixth.
                                                                               best time in school history, and      The men’s team had much suc-
                                                                               Crystal Stein won the women’s cess in both their throwing crew
                                                                               event, placing fourth-best all time and jump crew, as well. In the
                                                                               with 1:39.59.                       weight throw, Vincent Elardo
                                                                                 Losey broke her own record in threw 54’ 2” and Shawn Sabo
                                                                               the 300-meter sprints with a time threw 52’, placing them first and
                                                                               of 40.25 and Dotday ran 42.32, second.
                                                                               placing her fourth in the all-time    Tom Ciccoli medaled in the shot
                                                                               records.                            put with a throw of 49’ .25”, while
                                                                                 The women’s sprint meter relay Sabo, Shane Carle, and Zach-
                                                                               team took the gold after finishing ary Krupka placed third through
                                                                               in 4:33.09 while the men’s 4x400 fifth. The jump crew took all of
                                                                               meter relay teams placed first and the points in the triple jump, long
                                                                               second.                             jump, and high jump.
                                                                                 Brittany Gibbs medaled in the       The Hawk’s next meet is Friday,
                                                photo courtesy of Blaze Nowara women’s triple jump, jumping December 11th for the Princeton
Tom Ciccoli participates in the first ever shot put event in the MAC on        at 38’ 6.25”. Mary Kate Walsh New Year Invitational in Princ-
Saturday, December 5 at the Inaugural MAC Classic.                             placed third in the long jump, eton, NJ.

     Outlook’s Weekly NFL Picks - Week 14
                                         Philadelphia         New York           San Diego             Denver            Cincinnati       New Orleans          Carolina      Green Bay
                               Away        Eagles               Jets             Chargers              Broncos            Bengals           Saints             Panthers       Packers
                                           New York          Tampa Bay             Dallas            Indianapolis        Minnesota            Atlanta         New England        Chicago
                                            Giants           Buccaneers           Cowboys                Colts            Vikings             Falcons           Patriots          Bears
                    (4-4 Last Wk)
                  (63-33 Overall)

                  (4-4 Last Wk)
                 (57-39 Overall)
                  (3-5 Last Wk)
                (61-35 Overall)
                  (5-3 Last Wk)
                (66-30 Overall)

                  (4-4 Last Wk)
                (59-37 Overall)
December 9, 2009                                                                              SportS                                                                     The Outlook            23

Women’s Basketball Splits Men’s Basketball
 Non-Conference Games Drops Contest After
                                                                                                                                 Late Comeback
        Charles kruzits                 found themselves at an 8-0 defi-           bounds was guard Erin Rooney.
      associate sports editor           cit and it wasn’t until a little             Running an offense with four
                                        after the five minute mark did             guards, the Hawks are depend-
                                        MU finally establish a lead in
                                                                                                                                   Falls Short
  The women’s hoops team                                                           ing on precise shooting to beat
squared off against out-of-con-         the game. Led by career highs              their opponents. From the three
ference opponent Stony Brook            in points from freshman Carly              point mark the women shot a
at the MAC on Wednesday eve-            Thibault and Alysha Womack,                spectacular 53% led by Thiba-
ning. Both the Hawks and Sea-
wolves were coming off a win
                                        the Blue and White fought their
                                        way to a 16-point victory and
                                        their third win of the season.
                                                                                   ult who shot 4-of-5 from deep.
                                                                                   The balance from the Hawks of-         Late rally Not enough as Hawks
leading up to the game.                                                            fense was key during this game
  Throughout the first two min-
utes of the game the Hawks
                                        Also, pitching in with 11 points
                                        and a career high with seven re-
                                                                                   as seven of the women scored at
                                                                                   least five points or more against
                                                                                                                             Fall at sacred Heart 81-73
                                                                                   the Seawolves.
                                                                                     The depth off the bench was                 press release                 scoreboard, and a pair of Tay-
                                                                                                                                                               lor foul shots capped an 8-0
                                                                                   another helping factor as the
                                                                                                                             Monmouth, which trimmed           spurt, to make the score 42-28
                                                                                   Hawks outscored Stony Brook
                                                                                                                          20 points off of a 25-point first-   with 1:13 left.
                                                                                                                          half deficit, opened Northeast          The Pioneers, who held a
                                                                                     The Hawks traveled to Chest-
                                                                                                                          Conference action with an 81-        16-point edge at the break,
                                                                                   nut Hill, Massachusetts to take
                                                                                                                          73 loss at Sacred Heart Univer-      retook a 20-point advantage,
                                                                                   on ACC squad Boston College
                                                                                                                          sity on Saturday afternoon.          55-35, with 17:10 showing on
                                                                                   on Saturday, December 5. The
                                                                                                                             The Hawks, who trailed 41-        Hardy’s trey.
                                                                                   women started the game scoring
                                                                                                                          16 with 3:56 remaining in the           Trailing 57-39, the Hawks
                                                                                   off a jumper from freshman for-
                                                                                                                          opening half, pulled within 69-      strung together a 10-0 run,
                                                                                   ward Abby Martin at the 19:44
                                                                                                                          64 with 3:35 left in the contest,    paced by Will Campbell’s six
                                                                                   mark and this would be the last
                                                                                                                          as senior guard Whitney Cole-        points, to pull within 57-49,
                                                                                   time the Hawks would have the
                                                                                                                          man paced Monmouth with 26           and after three points from
                                                                                   lead during the game.
                                                                                                                          points, behind a career-high         Taylor, Monmouth trailed 59-
                                                                                     The Blue and White were
                                                                                                                          six three-pointers. Coleman,         52, with 8:44 remaining.
                                                                                   dealing with a strong BC team
                                                                                                                          who came within a single point          SHU built the lead back to
                                                                                   lead by three seniors and two
                                                                                                                          of tying his career-high, went       ten, 64-54, with 7:43 left, but
                                                                                   juniors, one of them being 6’6”
                                                                                                                          6-for-9 from beyond the arc,         the Hawks answered with a
                                                                                   center Carolyn Swords.
                                                                                                                          while sophomore Travis Taylor        10-5 spurt over the next 4:08
                                                                                     A possible player of the year
                                                                                                                          collected his third double-dou-      to pull within 69-64 on a Mike
                                                                                   finalist, the Hawks had the dif-
                                                                                                                          ble of the season with 14 points     Myers Keitt layup with 3:35
                                                                                   ficult task of trying to stop
                                                                                                                          and 11 rebounds.                     showing.
                                                                                   Swords who finished her day
                                                                                                                             After Coleman’s three-point-         After Monmouth pulled
                                                                                   with 22 points and nine re-
                                                                                                                          er knotted the contest at 3-3 at     within five points, consecu-
                                                                                                                          17:57, Sacred Heart notched          tive trifectas from Hassan
                                                                                     A bright spot for MU was the
                                                                                                                          two straight baskets in the lane     and Ryan Litke inf lated the
                                                                                   play of Abby Martin who shot
                                                                                   60% from the field and finished
                                                                                   with a team-high 12 points.
                                                                                     This young Hawks team has
                                                                                   been making strides to get better
                                                                                   while starting four freshmen.
                                                                                     While they might not be win-
                                                                                   ning game after game it is im-
                                                                                   portant that these players are
                                                                                   gaining playing experience
                                                                                   against tough out of conference
                                                                                     The Blue and White return to
                                                      photo courtesy of Jim reme   action on Wednesday, Decem-
Carly Thibault had a career high 14 points and added four rebounds                 ber 9th against Penn State at
in the 16-point victory over stony Brook.                                          University Park, Pa.

   Members of the Men’s Soccer
       Team Recognized
         press release                  2009 NSCAA/adidas North Atlan-             twice (#121), Fairleigh Dickinson
                                        tic Regional Coach of the Year. This       twice (#123), Seton Hall (#131) and
   Junior midfielder Ryan Kinne has     marks the second time that Mc-             Delaware (#135).
been named a semifinalist for the       Court, who also captured his fourth           To round out the postseason ac-
2009 Missouri Athletic Club Her-        Northeast Conference Coach of the          colades, senior Daniel Bostock has
mann Trophy, the highest individual     Year Award this season, has been           been named the ECAC Defensive
honor in men’s collegiate soccer, on    named the regional coach of the            Player of the Year, the organization
Thursday. Kinne is the first Hawk       year (2006).                               recently announced. Bostock was                                                      photo courtesy of Jim reme
ever to be named to the award’s            McCourt led the Hawks to an 18-         also named an ECAC Division I          Will Campbell had 14 points and two assists in the loss to shu.
semifinalist list.                      2-2 record in 2009, the best mark in       First Team All-Star, with freshman
   Kinne started all 22 matches for     program history, as well as the pro-       Ryan Clark, who was also named         to take at 7-3 advantage, before     cushion to 75-64 in less than
the Hawks, who finished the regular     gram’s fifth straight NEC Regular          the Northeast Conference Defen-        back-to-back Coleman hoops           a minute.
season ranked fifth in the NSCAA/       Season Title and third league tour-        sive Player of the Year this season,   tied the game at 7-7 at 15:34.         Thompson’s layup in transi-
adidas National Rankings. He was        nament championship overall. The           helped a MU defensive unit that led       Following the game’s sec-         tion after a missed Monmouth
named the Northeast Conference          Hawks defeated Connecticut in the          the nation in goals against average    ond tie, the Pioneers went           free throw, put the Pioneers
Player of the Year and led the Hawks    NCAA Tournament First Round this           with 0.45 tallies allowed per game     on an 11-0 run over the next         ahead 77-65, with 1:25 left,
with 10 goals and seven assists, in-    season at home, marking the fur-           and rank second in the nation in       two minutes, paced by Corey          but Coleman answered with
cluding six game-winning tallies.       thest advancement any Monmouth             team save percentage (.891).           Hassan’s three straight three-       his fifth three-pointer of the
He was also named to the All-NEC        team has ever made in its respective          He was also recently named to       pointers in transition, to grab      game, at 1:07, to make the
First Team for the second straight      NCAA postseason.                           the ESPN The Magazine Academic         an 18-7 lead.                        score 77-68.
season.                                    The Hawks were ranked as high as        All-America Third Team. Bostock           SHU extended its run to 20-2        MU climbed within 79-71
   Division I college head coaches      fifth in the NSCAA/adidas National         ended his MU career with three         on Jerrell Thompson’s lay-up         with 55.5 ticks on another
with current membership in the Na-      Rankings this season, the highest          Northeast Conference Regular Sea-      with 10:40 left in the half, as      Coleman trey, and clawed
tional Soccer Coaches Association       mark ever for any Monmouth or              son Titles to his credit, including    the Pioneers pushed the edge         within 80-73 with 20 seconds
of America (NSCAA) will vote to         NEC program. MU was ranked in              this season.                           to 27-9, and Chauncey Hard-          remaining.
determine the 2009 MAC Hermann          the national top-10 for seven weeks           The central defender also helped    ey’s trifecta made the score           Monmouth (2-6, 0-1 NEC)
Trophy recipient. Three finalists for   this season, while also being a            lead the Hawks to the NEC Tourna-      30-10 at 9:46.                       also received 14 points off the
the award will be announced on Fri-     steady force in the NSCAA/adidas           ment Title this season and a NCAA         Monmouth, which fell be-          bench from Will Campbell.
day, Dec. 11. They will be invited      Top-25 all season, having appeared         Tournament win over Connecticut.       hind 41-16 with 3:56 on the            SHU (4-3, 1-0 NEC), which
to the Missouri Athletic Club in St.    in the rankings for 11 consecutive         He started all 58 matches in his       clock, went 12:06 in-between         outrebounded the Hawks 42-
Louis for a news conference on Fri-     weeks.                                     Monmouth career on defense.            field goals before Taylor’s of-      28, had four players in double-
day, Jan. 8, 2010, where the winner        MU, which ended the regular                Clark enjoyed a banner season       fensive rebound and putback          figures on the scoreboard, led
will be announced. A dinner and         season with a RPI of 20, was an im-        in his first campaign in West Long     with 3:28 remaining, which           by Hardy’s 19 points and Has-
formal presentation of the award        pressive 13-1 this season against the      Branch, ranking second on the          made the score 41-18.                san’s 17.
will follow the news conference that    national RPI top-135. MU defeated          team with six goals and 16 points,        The Hawks pulled within 42-         Monmouth returns to action
evening.                                Princeton (#14), Connecticut (#36),        while adding four assists. Clark’s     26 after back-to-back three-         on Wednesday, December 9,
   Another headline for the soccer      American (#45), Cornell (#88), Fair-       16 points tied him for fifth in the    pointers from Justin Sofman          when the Hawks face Rutgers
team was head men’s soccer coach        field (#93), St. Francis [N.Y.] (#101),    league, while his six goals tie him    and Coleman, with 1:50 on the        in Piscataway, at 7:30 p.m.
Robert McCourt being named the          Loyola [Md.] (#108), Quinnipiac            for the sixth-most in the league.

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