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					Week 5 Deliverables

    Sofa King
   9 February 2005
Sofa Bed Recliner General Information
                  Loren Hankla

 •   United States Patent Number: 4,829,611
 •   Inventor: Bob Fireman, Gary Shaffield
 •   Date Granted: May 16, 1989
 •   Called the SI mechanism
    Sofa Bed Recliner Information
•   Improvement of U.S. Pat. No. 4,642,823
•   Designed for full-sized futon mattresses
•   Seat frame and back frame lockably engage
•   Can be reset in one simple motion
•   Only seat frame need be lifted and then
    moved down while the interlocked seat
    frame and back frame are guided to recliner
  Sofa Bed Recliner Information
• While in bed position, lifting of seat frame
  interlocks seat and back frame into a single
  interlocked frame
• Downward movement of seat frame returns
  interlocked frame from bed position to
  couch position
• Interlocked frame is disengaged once futon
  is in couch position
  Sofa Bed Recliner Information
• Seat portion and back portion are movably
  engaged on a base
• There are guide means on base to guide back
  portion forward/back and up/down on base
• Joined back and seat portions are adapted to move
  forward to a horizontal position and back to a
  reclining position on base
• Detent on seat portion
   – Includes a pivot and springs
Sofa Bed Recliner Figures
      Convertible Futon Frame
            JT Stukes / Chris Wooldridge

• United States Patent Number: 6,357,062
  Inventor: William Woll, Steven Leichter
• Date Granted: April 27, 2000
• Called “Frame Convertible into Couch or Bed”
 Convertible Frame Information
• Primary Claim
  – A simplified futon design that allows for easier
    use in terms of physical exertion required to
    fully convert from sofa to bed and vice versa.
 Convertible Frame Information

• Characteristics
  – Frame has a seat and back piece pivotally
    joined to one another so that they can occupy
    flat and also angled configurations
  – The joined seat and back pieces move in rollers
    in appropriately positioned slots in side arms
    and legs which are joined at each distal end to
    the seat and back pieces
 Convertible Frame Information
• The frame pieces, for both the flat and
  angled positions, are held stable by rollers
  that become lodged in the ends of the
  respective guide slots
 Convertible Frame Information
• A solid block is attached below the back piece
  that engages the seat piece when the frame is
  converted from bed to couch
• The block allows the seat piece to be used as a
  lever to raise the back piece without major
  physical effort while the edge of the seat piece
  is pushed and used as a lever handle
Convertible Frame Figures
Convertible Frame Figures
Convertible Frame Figures
          Automatic Futon Frame
                    Ankur Desai

•   Title: Automatic Futon Frame
•   Patent No: 6,138,299
•   Date Granted: October 31, 2000
•   Inventor: John Roma, James Stuart
      Automatic Futon Frame
• Uses a pair of linear actuators to drive
  frame automatically and continuously
• Adjusts between the sofa position and bed
• Back connected to frame by upper and
  lower follower bearings
• Motor controller mounted under the seat
  connected to the actuators
      Automatic Futon Frame
• Operates while individuals are seated and
  lying down
• Dual electric motors fixed at opposite sides
  by mounting brackets
• Limit switches arranged at opposite ends to
  signal shut-off of motor when seat reaches
  sofa or bed position
Automatic Futon Frame
Automatic Futon Frame
Three Frame Convertible Futon Sofa Bed
                     Barrett Evans

  •   Title: Three frame convertible futon sofa bed
  •   Patent Number: 5,327,591
  •   Date Granted: July 12, 1994
  •   Inventors: Robert Fireman, Ralph Rosenow
Three Frame Convertible Futon Sofa Bed

 • This futon design consists of a three piece
   frame connected by pivot joints.
 • Rollers make the conversion from sofa to
   bed smoother and easier.
 • The very back of the futon cushion faces the
   wall in the sofa position.
 • Conversion can occur without moving the
   frame away from the wall.
Three Frame Convertible Futon Sofa Bed

  • Upon unfolding from the sofa position,
    hinged supports lower and open to support
    the bed position.
  • The frame is intended to be wooden.
  • The resulting bed is larger than most other
    futon designs because it consists of three
    pieces instead of two.
Three Frame Convertible Futon Sofa Bed
Three Frame Convertible Futon Sofa Bed
       Product: Futon Frame

Model: Mission Metal Full Futon

Manufacturer: Elite Furniture
Product: Futon Frame
       Product: Futon Frame
• 2 End panels
• 2 Frame pieces: Back and Seat
• Simple spring loaded hinge
• Frame supported by end panels and 2
  horizontal bars (front and back)
• Sofa Dimensions: 80"W x 36"D x 31"H
• Sleeper Dimensions: 80"W x 54"D x 21"H.
    Self Locking Futon Frame

• United States Patent Number: 5,628,076
• Inventor: John H. Newton
• Date Granted: May 13, 1997
Convertible Frame Figures
      Self Locking Futon Frame
• Improvement of U.S. Pat. No. 4,996,730
• Utilizes a simplistic 4 point linkage system.
  Allows bottom section to slide out and away
  from the arm rests.
• Eliminates the need for a locking
  mechanism. Futon locks into place without
  the use of spring or ratcheting mechanisms
Self Locking Futon Frame Information
                   John Pendley

 • The futon’s linkage design locks the frame
   in only two positions. Any time the futon is
   in between the couch or bed position, it is
   free moving.
 • The serpentine slots increase the rigidity of
   the futon frame. A roller element connects
   these serpentine slots with the frame’s

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