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									                   Role of Marketing Automation in Lead Generation

In our highly digitized world, websites play a very important role. Websites are a company’s virtual home
in the virtual world since they house all information on the company, welcome visitors, make them
comfortable and make an attempt at befriending them and understanding what they want.

Companies spend a lot of money to make their virtual homes engaging and interactive for their visitors,
but only a very minuscule percentage of them actually view their websites as a source for generating leads.

Any website analytics tool can tell that there are thousands of people visiting a website every month, but
only very few actually fill in the contact form and disclose their identity – the other, almost 90% of the
visitors leave the website, after consuming the information they wanted, without revealing their identity
or their intent behind visiting.
It would be safe to assume that at least 40% of those visitors would have been people interested in
offerings similar to those offered by the company. Now if a B2B marketer could identify these 40% of the
anonymous visitors to the web site even if they failed to fill the forms, they could increase the number of
leads generated on the website by up to 400%!

On the other hand, inside sales teams are constantly frustrated by dead end calls because current lead-
generation solutions provide incomplete lead contact information with very limited or no context.

Converting a web traffic into Qualified Sales Leads does not require a magic formula, but a good
Marketing Automation Software, which can help marketers track the anonymous enterprise visitors/leads
to their website, understand the intent behind their visit and based on its findings qualify them as a
potential lead or not. Knowing what the lead wants surely makes it easy to approach him with a more
targeted marketing or sales pitch.

In addition to finding leads among website visitors, robust marketing automation software also helps to
measure the ROI of the company’s marketing assets and efforts, including the website. It ensures that
marketers know exactly which marketing investments are yielding results by generating the desired
number of leads.

Here are some more key reasons for using marketing software for lead generation.
·    Eliminates lead-lag with early detection of prospect visit and intent.
·    Automates the pre-sales process by providing enriched lead contact information that enables sales
teams to quickly make a connection with qualified prospects
·    Offers real-time analytics using built-in lead management and contact tools that integrate easily into
existing CRM solution.
·    Capture qualified leads enriched with information that helps sales generate faster sales and develop
a more targeted response to prospects browsing the website.
·    Leads generated using marketing automation software have a significantly higher conversion
success rate than cold contacts, because the prospect is pre-qualified as a sales opportunity before the
marketer even receives the lead.

It is fitting to conclude that marketing automation software can truly drive more leads through constant
monitoring thereby allowing marketers to respond to prospects in the right fashion.

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