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					Volume 18, Number 6

March 2010
                                      MEETING DATE — Thursday, March 11, 2010
                                         Happy (Half) Hour — 6:30 to 7 P.M.
                                            Meeting — 7:00 to 9:00 P.M.

                            FEATURED SPEAKER                                PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE
                                                                  JUST IN TIME FOR NATIONAL QUILT MONTH – MARCH
                          Cynthia England is an internationally
                          known quilting instructor and quilt     Oh my gosh, I have finally done it! After about six
                          pattern designer. She is well-known     months (well to be completely honest longer than that), I
                          for her Picture Pieced quilts and has
                                                                  can now actually walk into my sewing room. It is
                          been winning 1st place ribbons at
                          quilting events since 1991 and has      embarrassing for me to say, but I got in a huge rut. This
Photo by Mariam Khalili
                          graced the pages of many quilting       rut started by me going to Asilomar for a week long
publications.                                                     class, and taking most of our guild’s workshops. Then the
Her most recognized quilt, Piece and Quiet, was                   Long Beach Quilt Festival, four classes and shopping
chosen as one of the "The Twentieth Century's Best                galore. Oh, again more guild workshops. I loved the
American Quilts" in 2000.
                                                                  shopping and all the classes, I learned lots, but… each
Essentially a self-taught quilter, Cynthia began quilting
at the age of 13. Her hallmark is realistically detailed          time I got home, plop a new pile of goods got left on my
pictorial quilts, using skills she developed as a com-            sewing room floor.
mercial graphic artist.                                           I’m sure you must know how hard it is to get motivated
She has devised a machine piecing technique she calls
Picture Piecing, which breaks the design down into                when there is ―stuff‖ everywhere. After work, nope, I
pieces that can all be sewn using straight seams and              sure didn’t feel like cleaning. Weekends, forget it, I al-
allows her to include intricate details and shading with-         ways found something else I’d rather do. Now with need-
out a single set-in seam.                                         ing to finish a quilt for our Quilt Show, oh, and a New
Her lecture ―Creating a Pictorial Quilt will show you             Year’s resolution, I have finally done it. My cluttered
the process of making pictorial quilts using Cynthia's
                                                                  sewing room is now picked up and clean. I am promising
"Picture-piecing" technique. For more information,
please visit her website at                myself to never, ever, let my sewing space get so bad
                                                                  again. Ah, to now be able to sew to my heart’s content is
                                                                  sheer bliss.
         Join us for dinner with Cynthia
        4:30 pm on Thursday, March 11th.                          March is National Quilt Month. Take time to sew as
            Claim Jumper Restaurant                               much as you want. Take classes and please don’t make
         25332 McIntyre in Laguna Hills.                          my mistake – do not leave piles on the floor. Make the
                 (949) 768-0662                                   most of Quilt Month and enjoy!
     To reserve your seat, please call or email                               Signed, a relieved quilter, Sherry Glidden
  Nancy McBride at
The Beach Cities Quilters Guild was established to promote quilting and other fabric arts in the South Orange County area. Membership is $30 per year, October
through September. Guests are welcome at meetings for a $5 guest fee (free in December). For membership information, contact Leonor Tucker at 25865 Greenhill,
Lake Forest, CA 92630 . Web Site:                             Listed email and phone numbers are for BCQG business only please.

                         Beach Cities Quilters Guild                                                           WELCOMING
                         Board Committee Members
                                2009 - 2010                                                  Welcoming greeted 7 new members and 18
                            EXECUTIVE BOARD                                                  guests at the February meeting. Welcome to all,
      President      Sherry Glidden          949-498-1418
                                                                                             guest and new members.
     Programs        Nancy McBride           949-951-8464
    Membership       Leonor Tucker           949-586-6426         If you know of anyone that should receive a card
     Facilities      Regina Moore            949-855-1631
     Secretary       Marianne Cunningham                          from the guild, please let either Eileen Campbell
                     Sara Slygh              949-305-1374
                                                                                             or Sharon Gilmore know. Have a great month.
  Parliamentarian    Marsha Burns            949-496-4525
   Past President    Marian Mapes
                                                                                                            Sharon Gilmore and Eileen Campbell
                         STANDING COMMITTEES
    Block Party      Jennifer Morgan         949-412-2792
    Door Prizes
                     Linda Ambrosini
                     Kathleen Walker         949-830-3475                             MEMBERSHIP
       Assist        Sandy Corbin                      
        Assist       Shirl Benda                                        February Meeting Attendance - 265
        Assist       Sheri Forrester
 Friendship Groups   Martha Hurlburt         949-349-9437                      Current BCQG Members: 434 and
        Assist       Donna Wester            949-361-1603
       Assist        Barbara Thieme                                                                         2 Newsletter subscribers
      Historian      Diane Reho
     Hospitality     Julia Renaud            949-855-8112
       Assist        Rachel Fernelius
       Assist        Joanne Florence
       Assist        Jean Frisone                                                                       WELCOME TO OUR NEW
       Assist        Tonya Goffman
        Assist       Sharon Jaeger                                                                             BCQG MEMBERS
      Internet       Kris Smith                                                                                                                                  V
      Library        Kathy Hutchins          949-768-7453      Carol Divino, Cathy Farris, Betty Hornung,
        Assist       Patty Ashley                                                                             Jan Kolarov,
        Assist       Mimi Harris
        Assist       Jeanne Tavasci                                                                   Sally Silvers, Terri Watkins, and
     Mail Crew       Patty Ashley            949-487-3600
   Monthly Mini      Stacy Russell           949-859-5118                             Cathleen Zeleski
                     Maggie Thompson         949-458-8757
     Newsletter      Yvonne Webb                                                                  And once again a big THANK YOU to
        Assist       Marilyn Hamilton        949-581-2136
    Philanthropy     Julie Greenspan         949-249-7629                      Polly Hada
                     Barbara Green
Publicity/Advertising Sandy Confalone
                                                                                              for all your help at the Membership Table –
                     Sandy Hooper            949-498-9690                couldn’t do it without YOU!
     Quilt Show      Sandy Corbin                      
        Assist       Leonor Tucker           949-586-6426                                                    Leonor Tucker,
    Secret Sisters   Kathy Stolhand
        Assist       Marsha Burns            949-496-4525                                                            Membership
   Show and Tell     Janet Cook              949-675-9004
                     Wendy Price             949-552-3299
                     Mary Arntz
                     Roxanne Segroves        949-830-3083
    SCCQG Rep        Patty Seebold           714-225-2454
      Assist         Jane Salem                        
  Ways and Means     Marianne Cunningham               
    Welcoming        Sharon Gilmore          949-589-7856
                     Eileen Campbell                   
        Assist       Rolene Rada             949-248-7412
     Workshops       Jean Impey               949-723-1341
                                   cell phone 714-815-7884
        Assist       Margie Bushaw            949-363-8254
        Assist       Kathy Chevalier
        Assist       Marie Taylor

Page 2                                                                                                         Stitches in the Sand—March 2010
              Meetings are held the 2nd Thursday
                     of each month at the                                  What a great time we’ve had in Philanthropy! At our monthly
                                                                           meeting, 20 women showed up at A Time To Sew and help
              NORMAN P. MURRAY COMMUNITY                                   complete 77 pillowcases. They were donated to owner
                    AND SENIOR CENTER                                      Martha Hurlburt to support her efforts with the Million Pil-
               24932 Veterans Way, Mission Viejo                           low Case Challenge sponsored by ―American Patchwork and
                                                                           Quilting‖ magazine and to thank her for allowing us to use
            From the NORTH Take the 5 Freeway South to
                                                                           her classroom each month. They will distributed to children,
                     La Paz at the Exit turn Left                          teens, men and women in need. If you would like to help,
                                                                           email me at: for the pattern. They
            From the SOUTH Take the 5 Freeway North to
                                                                           are fast, fun and easy to sew!
                     La Paz at the Exit turn Right
                                                                           This month BCQG also donated lots of quilts! Five went with
               Stay on La Paz all the way past Marguerite                  a church traveling to an orphanage in Haiti, five to the
                  Parkway - Turn Left at Veterans Way                      women at UCI’s oncology ward, two for an auction support-
                 (about 1.5 miles from the freeway exit)                   ing Capo Valley Christian School, and 27 to four local
                                                                           women, teen and children’s shelters: Laura’s House, CSP in
                                                                      *    Laguna Beach, Toby’s House in San Clemente and Regina’s
                                                                           House in Santa Ana.
                                                            Veterans Way

                                                                           Lastly, five quilts were donated to the Royal Therapeutic
                        La Paz                                             Residential Center in Santa Ana. Member Rachel Fernelius, who
                                                                           is a social worker there, told us residents typically are adults
                                                                           who have severe, chronic mental illness, generally schizo-
                                                                           phrenia or bipolar illness. ―They usually lose all of their pos-
           5 Freeway
Vuze.lnk                                                                   sessions when they are hospitalized. They are admitted invol-

                                                                           untarily and will live at the facility an average of three

                                                                           months but it can be a much longer period of time. The big-

                                                                           gest problem residents face is their loss of hope in being able
                                                                           to return to a more joyful, fulfilling life. They arrive with
                                                                           only the clothes on their back and if they are admitted at
                                                                           night, their clothing is often only pajamas. Offering residents
                                                                           something as nice as a quilt can be a transforming experience.
                                                                           It is a symbol that allows for their hope in the future to re-
                                                                           There will not be a Philanthropy meeting in March. Many
                                                                           thanks to all who make quilts, longarm quilts, donate fabric,
                                                                           show up at meetings and are willing to do whatever we ask of
                                                                           A special thank you to Cecil Rogers for the beautiful hand
                                                                           knit caps for the premature babies!
                                                                           We appreciate your support!
                                                                                                                          Julie Greenspan
                                                                                                                                Barb Green

                              Diane Reho

           Stitches in the Sand—March 2010                                                                             Page 3
 What fun workshops we had with Joanna Figueroa and I think we bought her out of her patterns. We enjoyed her
methods of freezer paper and painting on starch to get perfect shapes but especially working with felted wools (you don’t
have to turn woo1!) On Friday one of our members took her ―Birdsong Quilt‖ and by Saturday morning had hit every
thrift store in Orange County and bought up all the old wool jackets and pants for recycling!

                                            In March, we still have room for our Cynthia England class – only $35.00;
                                            and GREAT NEWS! Cynthia said this morning that you can make either
                                            project on either day… or if you’re quick? Why not make both? There are
                                            only 6 spaces left in Friday’s class. Saturday’s class we still have 16
                                            spaces, so it would be fun for a whole Friendship Group to go together. If
                                            you like, there is a kit including all fabrics shown: East Coast Beach scene
                                            kit is an additional $35.00; Tropical kit is an additional $29.00 – if you do
                                            not purchase a kit, the pattern is a class fee of $9.00. Email me today to
                                            save your place:

Great news! Member Workshops – only $10.00 each! April 9th, Friday’s class
will be by Pat Pardoen and Veronica Dibble they will be teaching this wonderful
                                 bag. Patterns (Product # 75) are available on
                        for $7.50 each. Get your
                                 pattern today and begin on the embroidered
                                 pocket. Saturday, April 10thm Susan Trindle
                                 will teach us to dye our own fabrics in Ziploc

                                 Sally Collins is our May workshop and costs $45.00 each, Sally is known for precision
and miniatures. Friday’s class is ―Pieced Baskets‖ and Saturday’s class is ―My Stars.‖ We still have room in these

                                                  In June we have Freddy Moran’s Class, check up at the signup table,
                                                  space is running out!

                                                                                                Jean Impey, Margie Bushaw

                                                                                         Kathy Chevalier & Marie Taylor

Page 4                                                                                 Stitches in the Sand—March 2010
                     LIBRARY                       DOOR PRIZES FEBRUARY MEETING
We added the following new books to our library
                                                    Thank You to all our generous quilt friends
                                                                 for donating prizes!
Ruth McDowell’s Design Workshop: Turn Your          CRANBERRY QUILTWORKS, Yorba Linda
Inspiration into an Artfully Pieced Quilt
                                                                    1 Gift Certificate
by Ruth McDowell
Paradise Stitched—Sashiko & Appliqué Quilts               QUILTERS GARDEN, Placentia
by Sylvia Pipper                                          2 Fat Quarters with 2 Gift Certificates
                                                          ORANGE QUILT BEE, Orange
Also, thank you to Rochelle Greenfield, Carol
Lally, and Angela Knox for their donations of                       2 Gift Certificates
the following books.                                     FLYING GEESE FABRIC, Tustin
                                                                    4 Gift Certificates
The Quilter’s Guide to Rotary Cutting by Donna
Poster                                                   COZY COTTAGE FABRIC, Brea
Vintage Quilts – Identifying, Collecting, Valu-                     4 Gift Certificates
ing,… by Aug, Newman & Roy                                THE CALICO HOUSE, Placentia
Appliqué Rose Garden by Faye Labanaris
                                                               2 Gift Certificates and 1 Kit

                                  Kathy Hutchins           SEWING PARTY, Laguna Hills
                                                                    2 Gift Certificates
                                                   MOORE’S SEWING & FABRIC, Mission Viejo
                                                                       Thread Box
                                                         GINGER’S QUILT SHOP, Upland
                                                                   Fat Quarter Package
                                                       SACRED MOONDANCE, Lake Forest
                                                                 2 Fat Quarter Packages
                                                           TALL MOUSE, Laguna Niguel
                                                      1 Gift Certificate & a Fabric Pack with Pattern
                                                                       One Pattern
                                                           QUILT IN A DAY, San Marcos
                                                                  4 Books and 1 Pattern
                                                           CAMP WATCH-A-PATCHER
                                                     1 Fabric Pack with Pattern & 1 Lipinski Lecture

       Janet Cook with Ginny Keenan’s Quilt
Stitches in the Sand—March 2010                                                           Page 5
                HOSPITALITY                           MONTHLY MINI MAKER & WINNER
                                                      Maker: Rachael Severance
It was wonderful to see all of the Valentine foods
that filled our tables for our February meeting.                                        Rachael’s family
Thank you all for your generosity.                                                      moved to California
                                                                                        from Vermont when
In March besides wearing your green we will be
                                                                                        she was 7. She loved
celebrating March Birthdays and St. Patrick’s Day.
                                                                                        farm life, but what she
We would love to see more veggie dips or ―little‖
                                                                                        enjoyed the most was
sandwiches besides all your favorite ―sweets‖. We
                                                                                        watching the women
have a lot of members who come straight from
                                                      make things. She remembers her grandmother’s
their offices so it would be nice to have something
                                                      quilts, all of them utility quilts made from any and
for them!
                                                      all scraps. That is probably why her heart stops
Thanks again for your generosity!                     when she sees an Antique quilt
              The Stitching Stars Friendship Group    Rachael was in her forties when she started quilting,
    Rachel, Jean, Joanne, Sharon, Tanya and Julia     and her first quilt was donated to a dog rescue shel-
                                                      ter. She is not a perfectionist, but she does strive to
                                                      improve her skills with each quilt.
                                                       The mini quilts like the ones we have this month are
                                                      a lot of fun, and the quilting is really fast.

                                                      Rachael was very generous to make 2 Monthly
                                                      Mini’s this month.
                                                      Sherry Glidden won both
                                                      of these beauties but
                                                      bought an exceptionally
                                                      large number of tickets to
                                                      make it happen!

                   Diane Morgan

                                                                     Next Board Meeting

                                                                      Thursday, March 18th
                                                                    6:00 pm at A Time To Sew
                                                                   27071 Cabot Road, Suite 101
                                                                     Laguna Hills, CA 92653
  Prize for selling the most
  Opportunity Quilt Tickets

Page 6                                                                      Stitches in the Sand—March 2010
                             SELL TICKETS----WIN PRIZES!!!
         Yes, dear friends, the more opportunity quilt tickets you sell, the more prizes you’ll win! For each completed
packet of tickets that you sell, your name will be entered into the drawing for wonderful classes taught by seven different
guild members. You can make a purse, a tote bag, embroider a pouch, learn to appliqué, make a table runner, create a
new name tag, paint fabric, or win a card for Kinkos! Each of these projects is designed to be completed in day (no
UFOs) and is a gift to thank you for all your help in continuing to make Beach Cities the wonderful guild that it is. We
start fresh each month with new entries based on what is turned in since the previous drawings. There will be drawings at
the March, April, and May meetings.
        AND….for the person who sells the most tickets, she will receive the smaller replica (little sister) of FantaSea of
Beauty! While the deadline for ticket sales is one second before the drawing on Sunday, June 6 at 3:00pm at our quilt
show, if you are competing for this grandest of prizes, your tickets and money need to have been turned in to Elaine
Pappas-Puckett by Thursday, June 3rd.

                       Beach Cities Quilters Guilt Opportunity Quilt 2010

                                        COME AND GET IT….
  Your packet of Opportunity Quilt Tickets that is. If you haven’t picked up your packet of tickets, please
  stop by the table to get your set of tickets. If they aren’t picked up by the March meeting, we will have to
  mail them---which would be wasting money we would rather spend on programs and philanthropy! Please
  pick up the packets of others in your friendship groups as well. The more tickets that are out in the commu-
  nity, the more we can continue to do the work we’ve being doing for ourselves and our community. Con-
  tact Elaine Pappas-Puckett to get the tickets to you.

                                                Oops, Oops, Oops!
  Yes, a mistake was made when the Opportunity Quilt tickets were printed. The dates of the Quilt Show are
  listed incorrectly. The dates should read June 5 -6. Please correct the dates on the tickets you sell. The
  dates are correct on the flyers, postcards, and inserts.

Stitches in the Sand—March 2010                                                                         Page 7
                                                  PLACES TO GO
Continuing through June 6, 2010 Amish Abstractions:Quilts from the collection of Faith and Stephen
Brown 48 remarkable quilts from the 1880s to the 1940s. De Young Museum, Golden Gate Park

March 5 - 6 Desert Guilds Quilt Show Sunshine, Shadows and Stars 401 S. Pavilion Way, Palm Springs, Ca Featuring:
over 150 quilts, Merchant Mall, Opportunity quilts, mini quilts, Harpist, Boutique and ASQ certified appraiser. Email
Contact: Website:
March 6 - 7 Friendship Square Quilt Guild "A Bouquet of Quilts" March 6-7, Sat. 10-5 & Sun 10- 4. La Habra Commu-
nity Center, 101 W. La Habra Blvd., La Habra, CA 90631. Admission $6.00 Featuring: Large Quilt Display, Merchant
Mall, Silent Auction, Boutique, Quilt Sale and Opportunity Quilt. Our beautiful Opportunity Quilt "Floral Fantasy" 2010
is a Baltimore Album style which is hand appliqued and hand quilted. The drawing will be held Sunday, March 7, at
3:30pm. Please join us. Email Contact:
March 19 - 21 Glendale Quilt Guild 31st Annual Quilt Show, "Asian Odyssey". Three fun filled days at the Burbank Air-
port Marriott Convention Center. Quilt, doll & wearable displays. Workshops, lectures, vendors, an auction and much
more. Website:
March 19 - 21 Quilt Las Vegas 2010, "New Beginnings" Our 20th ~Annual Quilt Show, with approximately 200 quilts
on display and 30 vendors. The theme is "New Beginnings." The Featured Quilter will be Janett Rice. An appraiser will
be available by appointment. There will be a Fashion Show on Friday and a miniature quilt auction on Saturday. Email
Contact: Website:
April 9 - 11 Best of the Valley Best of the Valley Quilt Show April 9-11, 2010. Fri/Sat 9am-5pm, Sunday 9am-4pm Held
at the McDermont Field House, 365 N. Sweet Brier; Lindsay,CA. Show of quilts, wearable art and dolls. Juried and
judged show, with over $2500 in awards. Hoffman Challenge, vendor mall, on-site food. Featured artist: Anna Koelewyn
Email Contact: Website:
April 10 - 1 SCCQG general meeting Church of the Nazarene 1307 E. Citrus Ave. Redlands, Ca. 92374
Email Contact: host guild: citrus belt quilters
May 1 - 2 TLC Quilters Biennial Quilt Show Saturday, May 1, 9:30 am to 5 pm; Sunday, May 2, 10 am to 4 pm. Held at
Covina Woman's Club, 128 S. San Jose Ave., Covina, Ca. The theme, "The Artist in Everyone," includes a display of
members' quilts, Tea, Country Store, Vendors and an Opportunity Drawing of our quilt, "It's A Colorful World." Email
Contact: Website:
May 1 - 2 Camarillo Quilters Association Quilt Show ―Quilting By The Sea‖ Quilt Show, Ventura, CA. Featuring over
200 beautiful handmade quilts, a sewing machine raffle courtesy of Barons Fabrics, mini quilt silent auction, display of
quilt challenge winners, Home of the Brave quilt, boutique, and leading quilt specialty vendors. Saturday and Sunday
10am to 5pm. Admission $8. Seaside Park, Ventura County Fairgrounds, 10 Harbor Blvd., Ventura, CA. Advance ticket
sales $5 available at
Email Contact: Website:
May 21, 22, 2005 East Meets West Sponsored By: Santa Clara Valley Quilt Association
Santa Clara Convention Center Great America Parkway & Tasman Show Times: Saturday 10-5; Sunday 10-4
Admission Cost: $6; children under 12 free 300+ quilts. Guest Quilters, Kitty & Sylvia Pippen and Nancy Elliott Mac-
Donald. Philanthropy Quilt Tie-in; Hand quilting demo; boutique, quilt consignment booth, donation drawing for Oppor-
tunity Quilt and one-of-a-kind Red Featherweight. 25 vendors.
For more Information: Ronnie Wexler For more information, please visit: http://
May 22 - 22 Antelope Valley Quilt Guild Come and visit members homes that have sewing studios on May 22, 2010.
There will be a vendor mall at Lancaster City Park, silent auction, and a boutique. Our feature quilter will be Mary
Brewer. Our opportunity quilt is name Flower Power. (80" x 100")
Email Contact: Website: home tour 2010

Page 8                                                                               Stitches in the Sand—March 2010
June 3 - 6
The Traveling Quilters Our Temecula Quilt-Away Retreats are always fun and productive weekends. It’s a great oppor-
tunity to finish projects or start something new. We usually have anywhere from 30 to 45 people at the retreat so it’s al-
ways fun to see what people are working on. Each person has half an 8-ft table for sewing space in our large, well-lit
classroom. Once again we'll be staying at the Vina de Lestonnac Retreat Center in the Temecula wine region. Email
June 5 - 6 FantaSea of Quilts Quilt Show Beach Cities Quilt Guild is proud to present their bi-annual quilt show,
FANTASEA OF QUILTS! Located at SOKA University, 1 University Dr., Aliso Viejo. Please join us!
Email Contact: Website:
August 21 - 22 Yorba Linda Quilt Daze VIII August 21&22,2010:Yorba Linda Quilt Daze VIII (Quilt Show) honoring
Southern California Quilt Guilds & local quilters. Yorba Linda Community Center 4501 Casa Loma, Yorba Linda
(Imperial Hwy & Casa Loma. Admission $7.00 10-4 Saturday & Sunday. Information call Franki (562)889-4384 or e-
mail Jo Ann at Email Contact:

                                                SHOW AND TELL

  Maker                Owner                     Quilter                Name or Pattern
 Diane Reho       Little dog Jack                                  Jack of hearts
 Ginny Keenan                                                      Bird houses
 Sew and sews & Diane Morgan                     Linda Ambrosini & My big birthday surprise
 Pieceful hearts                                 Mary Arntz
 Skip Heller                                                       Heated compass
 Jean Impey &                                                      Hot diamond
 Cecile Choi
 Chris Huben                                                            My valentine
 Chris Huben                                                            Valentines day
 Collette McManus                                                       X-mas Quilt- 12 days of Christmas
 & Cindy
 Monica Shafer    Angel H.                                              Angel’s snoopy quilt
 Xetah Lucido                                    Lillian Gordon         Black, white and red all over
 Kathy Tamosaitis Friends                                               2 baby blankets and quilted booties from a
                                                                        Curby’s Closet pattern
 Janet Crosson                                                          3 quilts from Fig Tree patterns and fabric. 1
                                                                        quilt top, Amy Butler pattern, Sexy Hexy, using
                                                                        Fig Tree fabric.
 Carol Hayes           Cousin’s wedding                                 Double Irish chain, back is Ugandan inspired
 Becky McDaniel                                                         Boughs of pomegranates
 Linda Ambrosini                                 Vicki Stratton         Goosetracks in the garden

Stitches in the Sand—March 2010                                                                         Page 9
BCQG Profit & Loss Statement
1/1/10 through 1/31/10

BALANCE FORWARD:                                              Skip Heller
BCQG GENERAL BUSINESS FUND                     $2,178.76
BCQG ALL CD ACCOUNTS                          $30,728.75
BCQG MAXIMIZER ACCOUNT                        $13,926.80
SPECIAL EVENTS FUNDS                           $6,220.15
TOTAL BALANCE FORWARD                         $53,054.46

ADVERTISING INC                    $150.00
GUILD PIN INC                        $20.00                Collette McManus
LIBRARY INC                          $21.00
MEMBER INC                        $1,260.00
WELCOMING INC                        $70.00
WORKSHOPS INC                      $555.00

GENERAL ACCT. EXPENSES:                                             PICTURES FOR QUILT
BLOCK PARTY EXP                      $19.36                               SHOW
DOOR PRIZES EXP                      $10.86
FACILITIES EXP                     $460.00                     Beach Cities Quilters: We need more of
LIBRARY EXP                          $72.98                    you to get your picture taken. Anyone who
MEMBERSHIP EXP                     $992.91                     is going to enter a quilt, garment or other
NEWSLETTER EXP                     $227.33                     object in the June quilt show should have a
OPERATIONS EXP.                    $772.00
                                                               photo taken. The photos are printed on the
PARLIAMENTARIAN EXP                  $17.58
                                                               label that is pinned to your entry.
PRESIDENT EXP                      $172.73
PROGRAMS EXP                      $1,206.22                    Now that you have turned in your entry
WORKSHOPS EXP                     $1,800.00                    forms, please have your photo taken at one
GENERAL ACCT. TOTAL EXPENSES      $5,751.97                    of the regular meetings. It doesn’t take
GENERAL ACCT. NET INCOME (LOSS)               -$3,675.97
                                                               much time and we are careful to make you
                                                               look your best in the photo.
                                                               We take the pictures before the meetings
TRANSFER - MAXIMIZER TO GENERAL   $2,500.00                    and during the break. The opportunity quilt
CD. ACCTS. INTEREST INCOME           $39.61
                                                               is the background so solid, dark colors col-
                                                               ors like dark red, green or even dark pink
                                                               would look the best.
                                                               We will be taking pictures at the March and
BCQG GENERAL BUSINESS FUND                     $1,002.79
BCQG ALL CD ACCOUNTS                          $30,768.36
                                                               April meetings so come ready to be photo-
BCQG MAXIMIZER ACCOUNT                        $11,432.06       graphed.
SPECIAL EVENTS FUNDS                           $6,220.15
                                                                                Deb Komatsu and Kris Smith

TOTAL CURRENT BALANCE                         $49,423.36
                                                                                    Photo Labels Committee

Respectfully Submitted
Sara Slygh
Treasurer, BCQG 2009-2010

 Page 10                                                                    Stitches in the Sand—March 2010
                  SECRET SISTERS                                             MARCH BIRTHDAYS

  With Valentines in the air our table of beautifully wrapped
                                                                Emily LaMond         1
  presents was wonderful; lots of red and white, that is for
  sure.                                                         Meridith Osterfeld   1
                                                                Terry Pyle           2
  In February we had a wonderful day with Johanna Gibson
  learning how to make bags and eyeglass holders from sel-      Holly Betz           3
  vedges. She is such a wonderful teacher and we know that      Joyce Donnelly       3
  everyone who was able to join us that day had a great         Patricia Tomita      4
  time. We had lots of laughs but did actually learn a new
                                                                Sue Head             5
  technique. Thank you, Johanne, for giving your time and
  talent to us for the day.                                     Betty Prottas        5

  We are working on getting a Saturday or Sunday work-          Julia Renaud         7
  shop together for those that have commitments during the      Marcy Cady           8
  week. We will let you know as soon as we have something       Sally Edwards        9
  put together.
                                                                Kristen Holden       9
  On the first Tuesday of March Kathy and I will be at a
                                                                Kathy Stolhand       11
  retreat but you can still come to ATTS, from 10 to 4, and
  sew on your projects. If you have a friend or two that        Judy Jones           12
  would like to join you please invite them to come too. We     Kimber O'Shea        12
  have not had a huge turnout on these Tuesdays so I would      Carol Divino         13
  like to build up the number of participants so please bring
                                                                Carol Gobrogge       13
  your friends to the Secret Sister sewing Tuesdays. Your
  friends might want to join Secret Sisters next year!          Sherrie Bemis        14
                                                                Bette M. Bradley     14
                                              Happy Sewing,
                                                                Soley Wendell        16
                                             Kathy Stolhand
                                                                Lillian Gordon       17
                                              Marsha Burns
                                                                Alicia Passarelli    17
                                                                Carol Whiteside      18

   WE STILL NEED YOUR HELP FOR                                  Cathy Farris         19
         THE QUILT SHOW                                         Mary Mulcahey        19
                                                                Lyn Mann             20
Thank you to everyone who signed up to help at the Quilt        Diane Reho           21
Show. Many positions were filled at the February met-           LeAnn Goettel        23
ing, but we still have more than 175 positions to fill.         Susan Trindle        24
We’ll continue to take sign-ups at the meetings. If you
                                                                Carole Bassett       25
cannot attend a meeting before the show but want to help,
                                                                Carolynne Templeman 25
please contact me. This is a great way to get involved
and make new friends.                                           Diana Cook           29
                                                                Maggie Ezell         30

                                            Janet Cowart        Allyson Volkman      30
                                                                Walli Skrocki        31

Stitches in the Sand—March 2010                                                           Page 11
                                                                       BEACH CITIES QUILTERS

                    Future Programs
                                       Eileen Campbell
     April    Member Showcase:         Alicia Passarelli
                                       Leonor Tucker
    May       Sally Collins  
     June     Freddy Moran             no website
     July     Susan Cleveland
   August     Pam Holland    
  September   Cathy Van Bruggen
   October    President’s Quilt
  November    Christine Porter
  December    Holiday Event
   January    Charlotte Angotti
   February   Nora McMeeking 
    March     Carol Taylor   
    April     Member Showcase
     May      David Taylor   

Page 12                                                                  Stitches in the Sand—March 2010

Stitches in the Sand—March 2010   Page 13
                 BLOCK PARTY
What cute acorn blocks were turned in at the Feb.
meeting. Wonderful job girls, especially those of you
who took on the challenge of making a checkerboard
cap for the acorn. Our lucky winners were Pat Pardoen
and Jean Carr. We have had some difficulties with the
pattern being reformatted when we post it to the news-
letter. This has made it difficult to find all the dimen-
sions. If this problem continues and you experience
difficulties PLEASE call either Linda or Jennifer and
we will mail you a clear copy or walk you through with
verbal directions.

                 Jennifer Morgan and Linda Ambrosini

                                                            Philanthropy Quilts

Page 14                                                       Stitches in the Sand—March 2010
                                                 U.S. Postage

                                              Mission Viejo, CA
                                               Permit No. 949

                                 ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED
Beach Cities Quilters Guild
P. O. Box 2328
Mission Viejo, CA 92690-2328                         Dated Material            Please Deliver By March 1

             March 11

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