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									                             Doppler Rollcart (CT-1, CT-2)
                             Secures Doppler to a mobile cart for convenience and ease of accessibility.

                             CT- 1 for use with ES-100X Surgical MiniDop™ , Bidop® 3 and ES-100VX MiniDoppler®

                                       CT-1                                               $442.00 CDN

                             CT- 2 for use with Smartdop™ 45

                                       CT-2                                               $569.00 CDN

                             Footpedal Remote (FP-1)
                             Convenient footpedal remote control for use with the MiniDop™ ES-100X surgical
                             Doppler. Enables user operation without assistance in the sterile field.

                                      FP-1                                                $249.00 CDN

                             Speaker (XSP-1)
                             External speaker for ES-100X MiniDop™. Ideal when additional sound volume
                             is desired. Clips to Doppler rollcart (CT-1) for user convenience.

                                      XSP-1                                              $68.00 CDN

                             AC Adaptor
                             AC adaptor/charger for Smartdop™ series Dopplers.

                                      Adaptor/Charger                                    $54.00 CDN

                            Doppler & Accessories Bag (CS-1)
                            Lightweight padded black case with shoulder strap and handle to easily transport
                            Doppler and accessories. Includes a separate compartment to fit a laptop

                                     CS-1                                                $89.00 CDN

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                                                                                Hand Held Sphygmomanometer (SPG-1)
                                                                                Aneroid bedside bulb and gauge with button controlled adjustable deflate
                                                                                mechanism. Use with vascular cuffs.

                                                                                             SPG-1                                         $115.00 CDN

                                                                               Vascular Cuffs
                                                                               Reusable vascular cuffs are high quality and exceptionally durable. VC-10 and
                                                                               VC-12 cuffs are latex and rubber free. Velcro fastening and high density cuff
                                                                               stitching insure a secure fit during inflation.

                                                                                            DVC-1.9 (1.9 cm) digit cuff                   $51.00 CDN
                                                                                            DPC-2.5 (2.5 cm) digit/penile cuff            $51.00 CDN
                                                                                            VC-7.5 (7.5 cm) transmetatarsal cuff          $51.00 CDN
                                                                                            VC-10 (10 cm) arm/ankle cuff                  $51.00 CDN
                                                                                            VC-12 (12 cm) lower extremity cuff            $51.00 CDN

                                                                                Ultrasound Gel
                                                                                Sterile, Surgical (0101)
                                                                                           20 gm foil pack/48 packs per box                $98.00 CDN

                                                                                Non-Sterile (0102)
                                                                                         60 gm tube/12 tubes per box                       $28.00 CDN

                                                                                Headset (HD-1)
                                                                                Custom high impedence 270 Ohm unit. Offers user convenience in high
                                                                                ambient noise conditions or when private sound assessment is preferred. The
                                                                                main Doppler speaker will cut off when the headset is in use.

                                                                                             Headset                                       $30.00 CDN

                                                                                Printer Paper
                                                                                Smardop™ series Dopplers (PA-1)

                                                                                             Box of 5 rolls                                $45.50 CDN

                                                                                                                                   Koven Technology Canada Inc.
Smartdop and MiniDop are registered trademarks of Koven Technology Canada Inc., Winnipeg, Manitoba
MiniDoppler and Bidop are registered trademarks of Koven Technology, Inc., St. Louis, MO
                                                                                                                                   Your Vascular Healthcare Partner

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