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									Reasons To Quit Smoking
In this article, I write about the reasons why I decided to quit smoking. I feel that it is important that you
have a number of good reasons as to why you want to stop smoking, as this will help you to get through
the great number of cravings that you will no doubt have. I hope this article proves to be of inspiration
and can help other people to cut cigarettes out of their lives once and for all.

When different governments around the world have attempted to convince people to stop smoking,
they always seem to go down the health route. It could be by showing a man who is dying of cancer for
example. I knew about all of the health risks that were involved with smoking but I still did it. This was
because in my own mind these health problems were unlikely to really start affecting me for around
thirty years. I used to say to myself that there is a good chance that I will not be alive in thirty years time
and that I should live for today. I would also try to convince myself that if I do live for another thirty
years that there is a good chance that they will have found a cure for cancer by that point. When I
decided to stop smoking, health was one of the reasons why I wanted to quit, but it was by no means
the main reason.

The main reason was without doubt financial. The price of a packet of twenty cigarettes in the UK has
rocketed upwards over the last few years. It is not that I can not afford to continue buying them, it is
that I would rather spend the money on other things such as clothes or a holiday. I have worked out that
I save over a thousand pounds a year by no longer smoking. This for me is a lot of money and was what I
always thought of when the demons in my head were trying to convince me to smoke just one last

There were of course other reasons why I wanted to stop smoking. These include the amount they make
your clothes smell, the amount they make your house smell, the affect they have on your teeth, the fact
that most women find smoking a turn off and the sheer dependancy that one can get from cigarettes.
For example I feel a bit stressed, I must therefore have a cigarette. I am drinking coffee, therefore I must
smoke a cigarette.

It was very very hard to stop smoking cigarettes but all of the effort is more than worth it.

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