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					                                                       The Sentry
                                                                   ASIS Houston
                                                                 Chapter Newsletter
 July 2011                              “Keeping an Eye on Houston Security”                                           Vol. 9, Issue 5
From the Chair                                                  sition. Smith said she would like to work in national secu-
By: Mike Mallon – Chairman                                      rity, but is keeping her career options open.
         Greetings ASIS Brothers and Sisters!
                                                                “It’s a hard field to get into,” said Wortham.
                      Too often, we become locked in our
                      own worlds and lose sight of the im-      During the meeting, the scholarship winners and their
                      pact that our professional endeavors      guests learned more about geospatial awareness in a lec-
                      have on the world around us and its       ture by U.S. Marshal Frank Weber. He demonstrated how
                      people. In the words of Dr. Stephen       open sources information, along with GIS programs like
                      Covey, we can easily become trapped       Google Earth, could be a helpful tool for public and pri-
                      in the “circles of concern” instead of    vate security professionals alike.
the “circles of influence”. The members of ASIS Houston
were recently reminded of the influence we can have on          As an example, Wortham said that Weber showed how
others, sometimes without even realizing.                       Google Earth could have been used in the case of Jaycee
                                                                Dugard, who was kidnapped in 1991 when she was 11
This realization manifested itself when the ASIS Houston        years old and forced to live in a series of sheds behind
Chapter hosted Graduate students in Security Studies from       Phillip Garrido’s home in Antioch, California. Dugard was
Sam Houston State University. Beth Kuhles, Publications         discovered two decades later, in 2009, after she had two
Officer for the SHSU College of Criminal Justice wrote          children by Garrido. Garrido and his wife Nancy were
an article profiling that exchange that I wish to share with    sentenced in May.
                                                                Google Earth could have been used to see the growth of
Cody Wortham, Lauren Smith and Jennifer Shearer re-             the tent city, which would raise suspicion among local
ceived scholarships from ASIS Houston, which represents         law enforcement agencies, Wortham recalled.
more than 37,000 security professionals worldwide and
over 750 professionals locally. The society is dedicated to     “Because of its wide applicability, gaining knowledge
increasing the effectiveness and productivity of security       about geospatial systems would be beneficial to anyone
professionals by developing educational programs and            seeking a future in security,” Smith said.
materials that address broad security interests as well as
specific security topics.
                                                                What’s Inside...
“ASIS has given us the opportunity to begin the transition        From the Chair........................................................ 1
from our academic pursuits to the real-world of security          Investigations Committee....................................... 2
                                                                  Social Committee Report...................................... 3
professionals,” said Smith. “To that end, ASIS continues
                                                                  HPD Crime Center Success Stories....................... 4
to provide us with useful mentorship and helpful profes-          Cargo Theft - An Ever Increasing Problem.......... 7
sional networking.”                                               Who is Watching Your New Construction?............. 8
                                                                  Legislative Committee Report.................................. 5
The students plan to use the scholarship funds to continue        Treasurer’s Report.................................................... 10
their studies. Wortham said he would like to pursue a ca-         Crime Stoppers of Houston...................................... 11
reer in the intelligence field in a collection or analyst po-
 The Sentry •                                                                                                             1
Investigations Committee                                                 curity management personnel is your local law enforce-
                                                                         ment agencies. For those of you who are fortunate to live
by: Kent Brazelton, Swailes & Company
                                                                         here in the Houston metropolitan area you have several
If you are interested in submitting an article or have a sub-            law enforcement resource contacts to choose from. There
ject that you would like to hear more about, please feel                 are many local federal fraud task forces, which are staffed
free to contact us at your convenience. Kent Brazelton:                  by federal agents and local law enforcement officers from
713-516-5940 or                                various agencies in the county. The Houston Area Cyber
                                                                         Crimes Task Force, Mortgage Fraud Task Force, and the
        Developing Law Enforcement Contacts                              Health Care Task Force are examples of a few task forces
                                                                         in existence here in Houston. The most appropriate way
Submitted by: Kelly Reed, Senior Investigator - Harris                   to contact them is by referral from your local police agency
County District Attorney’s Office                                        with jurisdiction of your case. Houston Police Department
                                                                         has a division specifically for fraud or financial crime in-
Personal contacts are probably one of the most important                 vestigations. The Harris County District Attorney’s Office
resources to develop when conducting fraud investigations.               also has a Financial Crimes Division. The Financial Crimes
Good contacts will be beneficial in almost any type of in-               Division of the Harris County District Attorney’s Office
vestigation but especially beneficial in fraud type investi-             mainly focuses on consumer fraud, identity theft, public
gations. I believe this is so because of the almost unlim-               assistance fraud and white-collar fraud.
ited variations and types of fraud and the fact that fraud
takes place is so many forms and complexities. Good con-                 Due to current economic conditions most of these agen-
tacts can be developed from many different sources. How                  cies have reduced their staff. Everyone seems to be oper-
many times have you attended trainings and seminars and                  ating under minimal budget conditions these days. If you
realized the only real benefit from attending was the con-               can convey the idea that you are willing to assist with the
tacts that you developed?                                                investigation, then your experience will probably go much

One important fraud contact source for private sector se-                                               “Contacts” Continued on page 3.

                                            Master of Security Management
                                                    for Executives
       The Master of Security Management for Executives (MSME) is an innovative program developed and delivered in
       collaboration with industry leaders in security management.
              The MSME is designed to provide security professionals with the knowledge and expertise necessary to meet the
              global challenges of tomorrow.
              The two-year program is offered on alternative Saturdays to allow the security professional to obtain the degree
              without interfering with their professional responsibilities.
              Program faculty include industry leaders in security management, business and higher education.
              A major element of the program design is peer interaction and exchange of ideas

                                                      For further information contact:
                                               Phone: 713-221-8194 Fax: 713-226-5274

                                                  Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Institution

 2                                                                                                   The Sentry •
“Contacts” continued from page 2.
                                                               Social Committee Report
better and you will be perceived as someone this person is By: Darin Dillon, CPP – Committee Chairperson
willing to work with in the future.
                                                                                    We will be coordinating our 2nd An-
                                                                                    nual “Teddy Bears for Tots” event for
One of the complaints I continually hear from my col-
                                                                                    this coming December. So, please be-
leagues is of the private sector bringing cases to them where
                                                                                    gin to ponder any of the ways you may
there is a clear criminal element to the case. Together they
                                                                                     wish to assist (i.e., donation of time,
work up the case and at some point the target makes resti-
                                                                                     funds or even helpful thoughts). For
tution to their client and the client in turn does not want to
                                                                                     those who don’t know about this past
pursue criminal charges. You should always make this is-
                                                               year’s event, it was inspiring, touching and very mean-
sue clear to your client or management, that if you are go-
                                                               ingful. We all enjoyed it so much that it was requested
ing to go down the path to pursue a criminal investigation
                                                               that this become an annual event. Therefore, this Decem-
they must willing to follow through by agreeing to file
                                                               ber many of our members will convene upon the grounds
criminal charges, assist with prosecution, and attend any
                                                               of Texas Children’s Hospital and distribute a few hun-
required court settings. The quote I continually hear from
                                                               dred bears plus extend our love, share our life and spread
my colleagues is “We are not a collection agency!”
                                                               quite a bit of cheer. The children
                                                               we will see on the defined day are
So you should be aware and respectful of the goal of law
                                                               in need of love plus attention. So
enforcement when presenting your case. Most police in-
                                                               please share any ideas that would
vestigators are more than willing to listen and review your
                                                               benefit our planning for this
case with you. Most are willing to assist you with identi-
                                                               unique holiday event.
fying the target, processing evidence, and presenting the
case for criminal charges. The more work they see you
                                                                                      We are still seeking a few respectable
have done or are willing to do will usually reciprocate their
                                                                                      companies who are interested host-
willingness to further assist you throughout your investi-
                                                                                      ing our first ever ASIS HOTS (Hous-
gation, in turn building a contact relationship that you can
                                                                                      ton Outing To Socialize). Have you
continually call on in the future.
                                                                                      considered stepping up to the plate?
                                                                                      We are still seeking a prospect who
Harris County District Attorney’s Office
                                                               wishes to sponsor such an event. The concept is quite
Financial Crimes Division
                                                               simple... This party is planned by YOUR company and
713-755-5840 and 713-755-8333
                                                               allows for a short yet creative presentation to all attend-
                                                               ees. Sould you have interest in showing, sharing or just
Houston Police Financial Crimes Unit
                                                               entertaining attendees, please contact Darin Dillon
                                                               ( or 713.204.7035) to further dis-
                                                               cuss the details
FBI Houston Main Number

                                                               HOUSTON’S QUALITY SECURITY
                                                                   LEADER SINCE 1986.

                                                                             SPECIALIZING IN:

                                                                         OFFICE CAMPUSES
     CALL TODAY TO START RECEIVING THE                                   MEDICAL FACILITIES
                                                                    TRANSPORTATION TERMINALS

 The Sentry •                                                                                        3
HPD Crime Center Success Stories                               Through the course of the investigation, the investigators
                                                               were able to determine that one of the armed assailants
by: John Wall
                                                               used one of the victim’s cell phones to make a personal
The Crime Center is a specialized unit called the Real         call; however, the investigators still needed assistance in
Time Crime Center (RTCC) for the Houston Police De-            locating the assailant’s whereabouts, so they contacted the
partment (HPD). The RTCC is a centralized technology           RTCC for assistance.
center in which its primary purpose is to expediently cap-
ture and provide field officers/investigators with instant     Therefore, all relevant facts of the case were submitted to
and comprehensive information to help identify suspects,       the RTCC for analytical research and CIA Gonzalez was
crime patterns and prevent emerging crime. The stories         assigned to the investigation. CIA Gonzalez methodically
presented here are actual success stories with the RTCC.       began to process the provided information for any pos-
                                                               sible leads. Utilizing her analytical skills to query the vari-
                        STORY 1                                ous databases within the RTCC, CIA Gonzalez was able
                                                               to obtain a substantial amount of information such as, ad-
Criminal Intelligence Analyst (CIA) Gonzalez works             dresses and phone numbers that were linked to the pos-
within the RTCC.                                               sible assailants and associates in another state. Further-
                                                               more, after the suspects were detained for questioning it
Recently, HPD officers were investigating an aggravated        was further discovered that they were part of a gang that
robbery that included multiple armed suspects. Specifi-        was involved in a crime spree, which crossed state lines.
cally, the robbery occurred one early morning when mul-        The information that the CIA Gonzalez provided the in-
tiple armed assailants approached two individual’s wait-       vestigators was critical in the expedient apprehension of
ing for their bus. The assailants aggressively pointed their   these violent assailants.
weapons at the victims’ and threatened to kill them unless
they handed over all of their valuables and money. Before                               STORY 2
the assailants fled the scene, one of the suspects stole a
cell phone belonging to one of the victims, which turned       Criminal Intelligence Analyst (CIA) Vela works in the Real
out to be a costly mistake on his part.                                                             “HPD Continued on page 5.

            At MCS Commercial Fire & Security you will find committed, experienced, top quality
            professionals offering complete, sophisticated commercial security solutions. We have strong
            relationships with major security manufacturers and are well-respected in the industry.

            With us, you will get top-quality solutions and superior service — always! You can rest
            assured at having made the best and safest choice for all your security needs with MCS
            Commercial Fire & Security.

                                               Randy Simpson, CML, CPP
                                                  10624 Rockley Road
                                                  Houston, TX 77099
                                                  Phone 832-327-7070

 4                                                                                        The Sentry •
“HPD” continued from page 4.                                       veillance. Then two members of this gang would dress
Time Crime Center (RTCC) at police headquarters.                   up as members of a police raid team and approach the
                                                                   front door of their target. After gaining entry, they would
Recently, CIA Vela assisted both the Gang Division and             subdue the victims with flex cuffs and cover the victim’s
the U.S Secret Service with a counterfeit currency inves-          face to conceal the gang’s identity. After completing the
tigation that had hit a wall. The investigators were hot on        raid, other members of the gang would show up to search
the trail of an unknown suspect who was distributing coun-         the residence for cash and valuables, take pictures of the
terfeit currency and they needed crucial information fast          victim’s and then threaten their lives to keep them from
to bring this crime spree to an end. Houston Area Fraud            reporting the crime and testifying in court.
Task Force investigators (HAFTF) and U.S. Secret Ser-
vices Agents were armed with only a possible cell phone            Investigators were able to identify, capture and charge
number and a first name, and they needed to stop the dis-          the gang members but needed help finding the ring leader
tribution of counterfeit currency so they contacted the HPD        of the gang. All they had was a last name and a fictitious
RTCC. CIA Vela received the assignment and, immedi-                social security number.
ately jumped into action utilizing her analytical skills to
query the various databases within the RTCC.                       After extensive investigation, the case started to go cold.
                                                                   That’s when they contacted the RTCC.
CIA Vela immediately discovered a possible suspect, con-
tacted the investigators and provided all his identifiers such     CIA Pandora jumped into action utilizing her analytical
as his home address and the vehicle that he was driving.           skills to query the various databases within the RTCC
Because of her quick analysis, the investigators initiated a       and she was able to determine the ring leader’s real name,
pro-active U.S. Secret Service investigation and set up sur-       address, phone number, place of employment and his real
veillance on the location provided by CIA Vela. It wasn’t          social security number.
                                                                                                                    “HPD Continued on page 6.
long before the suspect was on the move in his vehicle
(the same one identified by CIA Vela) with Secret Service
Agents and HAFTF investigators following quietly behind
him.                                                                     ASIS Houston Chapter
When the time was right, investigators initiated a traffic
                                                                        Annual Training Seminar
stop and verified the identity of the suspect. During their           “Security in the Next Decade”
traffic stop investigation, Secret Service Agents discov-
ered counterfeit currency in his possession. The suspect
                                                                           August 16 and 17
was transported to the jail and charged with Forgery (coun-
terfeit bill/currency) and the counterfeit currency was re-                       Check our website
moved from the streets of Houston.
                                                                             for details and registration.
                         STORY 3                                               (
Criminal Intelligence Analyst (CIA) Pandora works in the
Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) at police headquarters.

Recently, investigators were searching for some major
gang members who were threatening business owners. The
crooks would pose as undercover police officers to gain                  FINALLY THERE’S HELP …
entry into the homes of these business owners. Once in-
side the home they would ransack the homes for cash and
valuables and threaten their lives before abandoning the                                                  PERMITTING
scene.                                                                                                    ELECTRIC LOCK PERMITTING
                                                                                           Barry Sims     FIRE ALARM PERMITTING NEW
                                                                        AS-BUILT DRAWINGS NEW
This gang would first identify their target and set up sur-             • 713.524.8270

 The Sentry •                                                                                                                    5
                                                                 320011_GDS.indd 1                                                    3/28/07 8:06:43 PM
“HPD” continued from page 5.                              apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. The weapon used
As a result of CIA Pandora’s due diligence and analytical in the homicide just before the apartment was set ablaze
skills the gang leader was located, arrested and charged was recovered in the suspect’s vehicle, confirming his cul-
with multiple felonies.                                   pability.

                         STORY 4
                                                              21st Annual ASIS International
HPD in Action - Criminal Intelligence Analyst (CIA) St.              Houston Chapter
Michael and Officer Clark both work in the Real Time
Crime Center (RTCC) at police headquarters.                     Charity Golf Tournament
                                                                     October 10, 2011
Recently, CIA St. Michael observed a “Discharge of Fire-
arm” call go out and then approximately thirty minutes             Club at Falcon Point
later observed a “Meet Firefighter/Urgent” call go out at
the same location as well. CIA St. Michael advised Of-        Players get your team registered now! For the
ficer Clark of the two calls at the same address. Officer     last 2 years we have sold out two months in ad-
Clark and CIA St. Michael immediately began proactively       vance. We have only 36 four man teams (144
                                                              players) available. At this time 15 teams have
investigating the location through multiple research en-
                                                              been filled. So don’t delay or you will miss out.
                                                                   Each player will receive a tee prize!
The Crime Center Unit (CCU) then received a call from
the on-scene supervisor, who reported that there were three
                                                              Information and registration is online at
possible homicide/arson victims at the scene. Both CIA
St. Michael and Officer Clark jumped into action utiliz-    
ing their analytical skills to query the various databases
within the RTCC, and were able to identify not only a
possible suspect, but the identity of the three homicide

Their investigation continued with CIA St. Michael lo-
                                                               Superior coverage.
cating a criminal history of the suspect and printing pho-
tos of the suspect and the three arson homicide victims.       Unbeatable pricing.
Within an hour Officer Clark walked the information over
to the Homicide Division and explained how the infor-
mation was associated to their investigation.
                                                               Security specialists.
With the comprehensive information that CIA St. Michael         Why would you choose anything less?
and Officer Clark provided, Homicide investigators were
able to file a capital murder warrant on the suspect. The
RTCC expedited the investigation, which allowed inves-
tigators to place a general broadcast on the wanted sus-
                                                                      EL DORADO
                                                                      INSURANCE AGENCY, INC.
pect within hours of the committed offense. Homicide in-              “INSURANCE PLUS”...SINCE 1968
vestigators advised RTCC personnel that due to the thor-              Your Security Industry Specialists
ough research and hard copy information, CIA St. Michael
and Officer Clark saved Homicide investigators valuable                     Call today.
time on the investigation.                                         800.221.3386 or 713.521.9251
Suspect photos generated by Officer Clark and CIA St.                     Fax 800.700.0126 • 713.521.0125
Michael were immediately broadcasted by the local me-                3673 Westcenter Dr. • Houston, TX 77042
dia. The investigation was closed 12 days later when the          
suspect was found dead in his personal vehicle from an
6                                                                                    The Sentry •
Cargo Theft – An Ever Increasing                                    with camera surveillance, locking gates and preferably
                                                                    24 hour security officers.
Problem                                                         •    Warehouses should always utilize their burglar alarm
By: Andy Washburn, CPP, CFI                                         systems when the building is unoccupied.
Ask any Houston or Dallas/Ft. Worth area law enforce-           •    Forklifts should always be locked and secured when
ment officer and they will all tell you the same thing cargo        the warehouse is closed.
theft has been and is continuing to be an increasing prob-      •    Unoccupied loaded trailers should use a high quality
lem. If you are on the distribution list for any of the             king pin lock and GPS monitoring device, preferably
nation’s cargo theft security councils, you will see just           embedded in the cargo.
how many cargo and tractor/trailer thefts that occur on an      •    Customers wanting to ship cargo should always vali-
almost daily basis.                                                 date that the carrier they select is an actual legitimate
                                                                    business with adequate insurance coverage. Ask for
One of the underlying problems is that due to very lim-             verifiable references.
ited resources, cargo theft has historically not been a high    •    An aggressive security awareness training program for
priority for those in the criminal justice system. Although         all company employees.
the tide is slowly changing, these crimes still do not get
proper attention from the courts.                                              ASIS International
                                                                          Houston Chapter 2011 Officers
Many of the suspects that target cargo are either part of an
organized criminal gang enterprise or career criminals. It          Mike Mallon, Chairman, Charles Andrews, Vice-
is a lucrative business with low risk. Frequently a drop            Chairman, Chris Dempster, Treasurer, Ann Marie
lot or warehouse will be under surveillance for a week or           Acree, Secretary - For Committee Chairs see “Offic-
more by the suspects. These suspects are almost as well             ers & Committees” section of our website at
equipped as police departments, complete with radio com-  
munications, trained drivers, tactical maps, a scout ve-
hicle, GPS disabling devices and the ability to defeat just
about any locking mechanism on the market. Because of
this, businesses must remain vigilant and report any un-
usual vehicles or situations to police.
                                                                                ISSC Security
Another opportunity for cargo theft criminals relate to are
the common practice of transportation companies and
“double brokering” cargo loads, which essentially entails            Providing positive impact, reliable, and cost
the hiring of a third party carrier to transport cargo, some-        effective security solutions for fifty (50)
times without the actual customer knowing that this is               years to select Property Management, Industrial,
happening. The available cargo loads are listed on the               Port, and Petro-Chemical facilities throughout the
internet on web sites such as and                  Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast. for carriers to transport. Un-
fortunately, criminals have caught on quickly to this wide          Others Promise…We Perform!
open market, and will either steal a legitimate company’s
identification or use bogus Department of Transportation             Our highly effective and flexible service alliance
credentials to ultimately steal cargo. Once a deal is made           programs will meet your needs whether they
to pick up a load of cargo, the thieves are never seen or            involve on-site security officers or consulting
heard from again. There are so many “legitimate” carri-              services. Contact Rick Davis at (713) 528-5800
ers out there that suspects just use another name for the            or We welcome the
next load, and the vicious cycle continues.                          opportunity to review your security needs and
                                                                     present our service capabilities.
Measures you can take to combat cargo theft:

 • Loaded trucks should only park in well lit, secured lots          We understand customers have choices.
 The Sentry •                                                                                         7
Who is Watching Your New                                                             million dollar mansion for your CEO who is at risk of
By: Larissa Lindsay - Security Manager - Planned Parent-                             If you are concerned that your new building plans would
hood                                                                                 be lounging away in the City of Houston PWE plan li-
When Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia was on Hous-                                brary, and you have filed to have your building designated,
ton City Council, he proposed and passed an ordinance                                request a meeting with your architects, engineers and de-
allowing building owners to protect their architectural                              signers, and City of Houston plan inspectors for each area
drawings from being accessible by anyone who requests                                of construction to go over the project and note questions,
them. The ordinance (ARTICLE VII, Sec. 2-284 below)                                  concerns and problems. At this meeting, your designers
does not deny an individual access (they are public                                  can change or modify plans, and everything will be
records) but it gives the building owner notification by                             stamped and approved at one time, with luck in a few hours.
the city that a request has been made to see the drawings
after the owner pays a small fee for the notification pro- The City of Houston keeps plans long after construction
cessing.                                                        is finished. Anyone can request building plans, you do not
                                                                have to be the owner. The plans are governmental prop-
If you are working on a high security project, or for what- erty, and a Freedom of Information Act request can hand
ever reason have architectural plans you would like to be them over. This is one tool to try to protect your proper-
kept private, you can add a letter on file with the City ties.
Attorney’s office stating that if anyone requests your build-
ing plans, the City of Houston may not release them and ARTICLE VIII. PUBLIC WORKS AND ENGINEER-
instead get a State of Texas Attorney General ruling on ING DEPARTMENT
the release. A variety or properties fit the criteria - a high-
rise office building, a private prison, a museum, or the 9 Sec. 2-284. - Notice to building owners or building man-
                                                                                                                              “Watching” Continued on page 9.

                                                                                          TAKE WEISER’S CHALLENGE
                                                                                       According to The Gallup
        SECURITAS SECURITY SERVICES USA, INC.                                          Organization’s Workplace Quality
          Protecting the Future of America since 1850                                  and      Employee       Engagement
     For over 150 years Americans have known and counted on us under a                 Research, Weiser’s security officers
     variety of names: Pinkerton, Wells Fargo, Burns, American Protective
     Services, First Security and more. Today, we stand united as SECURITAS
                                                                                       are more ENGAGED in their jobs
     - the largest and most respected security company in America. Day in and          than 77% of all organizations in
     day out, through our national network of local branches, we stay close to our
     clients and protect their homes, workplaces and communities.                      their database of millions.
     Local Focus, International Reach
     Securitas is the most locally-focused security company in the United States.
     Every day, more than 100,000 security officers at more than 600 branch
     offices throughout the country provide unmatched security solutions to meet
                                                                                                                        Only Weiser combines highly engaged
     the specific needs of thousands of businesses. Internationally, the Securitas                                      officers with industry fundamentals to
     Group has 2,000 branch offices located in 30 countries. We are committed
     to providing you with focused, responsive service at the local and the                                             assemble an unrivaled security force.
     international levels.
                                                                                                                          We challenge our competitors to
                               LOCAL OFFICES                                           participate in the Gallup Workplace Quality Survey and Continuous Impact
     NORTH                                      SOUTH                                  Program and compare their results to ours. Shine some light on your
     7840 N. Sam Houston                        8866 Gulf Freeway,                     employees; make some changes. Improve the industry that is responsible
     Parkway W., Suite 200                      Suite 333
     Houston, TX 77060                          Houston, TX 77017
                                                                                       for the security of millions of people
     P: (832) 912-3200                          P: (713) 946-4200                      and billions of dollars in assets.
     D: (832) 912-3226                          D: (713)-944-3462
     C: (713) 907-9389                          C: (713) 501-0747
     F: (832) 912-3265                          F: (713) 941-9580                                               2616 South Loop West, Suite 260 • Houston, Texas 77054
     Patrick Guinn                              James Hosel                                                                713.592.6800 •

 8                                                                                                                      The Sentry •
“Watching” continued from page 8.
agers that an individual has requested their building plans.

  (a) The director shall promulgate procedures to notify
      building owners or building managers when a re-
      quest is made to inspect or to obtain copies of their
      building’s construction plans and floor plans that
      are maintained by the city. This service shall be
      available to all building owners who register and
      pay the required administrative fee.

  (b) The director is authorized to charge each building
      owner who registers for the service an administra-
      tive fee of $50.00 per registration period. A regis-
      tration period shall be two years.

  (c) The service must be renewed upon the expiration
      of the registration period with the administrative
      fee payable upon renewal.

  (d) Failure to renew the service upon the expiration of
      the registration period shall result in the discon-
      tinuation of the service for the building owner or
      building manager. The service shall resume upon

  (e) Participation in this program is not intended to,
      nor shall it create a contract, either express or im-
      plied, creating a guarantee of performance by the
      city. Any and all liability and consequential dam-
      ages resulting from the city’s failure to comply with
      this program are hereby disclaimed and govern-
      mental immunity as provided by law is retained.

  (f) The building owner, building manager or any other
      persons registered for this program must covenant
      and agree that they will, jointly and severally, in-
      demnify and hold the city harmless against liabil-
      ity for any and all claims, judgments and associ-
      ated legal expenses and costs and for claims and
      litigation arising out of the city’s failure to comply
      with this program.

  (g) The provisions of subsection (a) of this section
      shall not apply to a request made by a governmen-
      tal entity or a law enforcement agency to inspect
      or obtain copies of building plans.

(Ord. No. 05-1401, ß 1, 12-20-05)
Secs. 2-285—2-290. Reserved.
 The Sentry •                              9
Treasurer’s Report
By: Chris Dempster – Chapter Treasurer                                         CRIME STOPPERS
                      As of June, 2011 the Treasury                             OF HOUSTON
                      Committee reports the following:

                      Checking Balance $7316.33          Crime Stoppers of Houston, Capital One Bank and local
                                                         law enforcement joined forces in the month of June against
                      Savings Balance $6334.70           the increasing crime of Identity Theft. As a way of bring-
                                                         ing awareness and attention to this important topic, Crime
                                                         Stoppers held a week long Identity Theft initiative June
                                                         13th – June 17th.
                                                         Council member Brenda Stardig and Ed Gonzalez along
      We will not have our usual                         with Bill Herrington of Capital One Bank and Katherine
      monthly luncheon in August.                        Cabaniss, Executive Director of Crime Stoppers of Hous-
      Instead we are having the                          ton, kicked off this special week with a press conference
                                                         on June 13th at the Capital One Bank Building to address
      Annual Training Seminar at                         this ever increasing type of crime that affects millions of
      the Renaissance Hotel. Check                       people each year.
      our website calendar for de-
                                                         In 2009, the Federal Trade Commission reported the state
      tails.                                             of Texas had the 2nd most complaints of Identity Theft in
                                                    “Crime Stoppers” ontinued on page 11.

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10                                                                                The Sentry •
“Crime Stoppers continued from page 10.                        • Send and receive mail in a locked mailbox that is inac-
the United States, with the Houston Metropolitan area be-        cessible to others.
ing responsible for 25% of those complaints. Recent facts
and statistics also show that Identity theft is the fastest • Shred unwanted credit card offers and documents that
growing crime in the nation and that there have been more        contain sensitive information.
than 30 million victims in the past five years.
                                                               • Delete all personal information from old computers and
Throughout the initiative week, wanted identity theft fel-       cell phones before discarding.
ons were featured through major media outlets, social net-
working, and the Crime Stoppers website. Printed materi- • Do not give out personal information over the phone
als were also passed throughout the community at various         unless you know it is a trusted source.
Capital One Bank branches in the Houston area.
                                                               • Regularly check the status of your credit report and bank
As a result of initiative efforts, a Crime Stoppers tip led to   accounts.
the identification and arrest of a serial identity theft felon
featured at the kick-off press conference. The tip was called • Take credit card receipts with you. Never toss them in a
in less than 2 hours following the conference and helped         public trash container.
remove the criminal off our streets.
                                                               • If you don’t receive your billing statement, notify the
To help protect your identity always remember the fol-           company immediately
                                                               For more information on Crime Stoppers, as well as addi-
• Do not carry your Social Security card or birth certifi- tional identity theft prevention tips, please visit
  cate with you.                                     

 The Sentry •                                                                                     11
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