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					                               Global Alopecia Mission                     is dedicated to the advancement of
                               understanding Alopecia Areata through research; the development and testing
                               of effective treatment(s), and finding a cure.

WE are founded based on the premise that the needs of Alopecia Areata patients are not being met:
   Historical advancements and current progress is unacceptable.

   The current level of research is insufficient; current research efforts are far too limited in scope and in potential future application.

   Current treatments procedures and outcomes are unacceptable; medical and pharmaceutical interventions have dismal track records and
    are known to have potentially harmful side effects.

   Pharmaceutical efforts are not AA-specific and are predominantly based on suppressing general immune function in persons that are
    already immuno-compromised.

   That many possible causes (triggers) of AA and treatment therapies have gone unexplored.

   The primary Alopecia Areata organizations that are entrusted with public and private money are fundamentally emotional support
    service organizations and as such have a conflict of interest in receiving funds for research and/or administering or directing research
    efforts, (ie. improvement in treatment outcomes and/or a cure would diminish or eliminate their memberships).

   Many of the most influential support organizations have ‘unwittingly’ harmed the cause of AA research. They have over time improperly
    molded the perception of alopecia areata (within the AA community and without) to one of overcoming self-image issues due to the
    cosmetic manifestations of AA rather than that of a disease that needs a cure. Their ongoing focus on self-esteem continues to erode
    future potential support for research and a cure.

   Although AA affects 1.7% of the general population in any given geographic area, attracting public funding is limited and problematic.

   Current and well-informed information on alopecia areata is not readily available to patients.

To meet the needs of patients that are currently unmet, Global Alopecia Mission shall develop a global advocacy network
and membership maintained through internet technologies to focus on the following:

   RESEARCH – Focus on AA-only research, treatment studies, and trials, in order to collect and analyze patient bio-data to develop and/or
    advance effective treatment(s) and a cure.

        Establish an AA-only research facility with inpatient evaluation capabilities.

        Comprehensive and large scale laboratory testing, data collection and data evaluation.

        Conduct clinically supervised studies/trials to evaluate efficacy and inform research directions.

   INFORMATION – Large scale surveying to identify possible triggers and AA expression trends in order to inform research, and
    treatment and prevention developments or initiatives.

        Comprehensive and large scale collection and analysis of historical and running patient data.

        Comprehensive computer data analysis of patient data.

        Collection of medical-pharmaceutical and other public treatment experience data.


        Highlight the need for research, treatments and a cure.

        Watch-dog and evaluate current research, trials, and treatments.

        Establish private and public funding mechanisms and networks.

        Coordinate with and inform ongoing and future medical research efforts.

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