Living Waters by wuyunyi


									Jesus proclaimed, “If                       Swift Creek Presbyterian Church
anyone thirst, let him come
to me and drink. He who
believes in me, as the
scripture has said, ‘Out of
his heart shall flow rivers of
living water.’” John 7:37-38
                                 Living Waters
                                 Volume 16 Issue 6                             June 2008

From the pastor
Dear Swift Creek Family,
        Not too long ago I referenced something in a sermon that I wanted to elaborate on in this newsletter
article. Our Session, Diaconate and Staff have been making good progress on some strategic planning issues
for Swift Creek and I want you to be in the know about what is going on.
        In mid-April we had a two day retreat together and began the process. After considering the Great
Commission, (Matthew 28:19,20) that we go into all the world and make disciples of all nations, and adding
to that the nature of our particular situation, that God has seen fit to place us in the path of growth here in
the Richmond area, I challenged them to make Outreach to New Neighbors our primary focus. To me, it
seems that, in light of all this, we have both a great obligation and a great opportunity. I look forward to
seeing what God might do in our midst.
        I want to reassure you that this focus in no way precludes working on building up our own church
from within. If we are to be ready to assimilate new people, we must be well organized at home to do so.
Therefore, we must strengthen existing ministries and take care of our own, so to speak, in order to be ready
to absorb new friends into this fellowship of Jesus.
        At the Leadership Retreat we talked about two specific objectives: That we would grow in attendance
at a rate of 10% per year over the next five years and that we would endeavor to see that one third of new
members would join by profession of faith. That second goal would ensure that we were being successful in
outreach and not simply drawing people from other churches.
        I have asked the various ministry teams to begin to set some specific goals for their particular area of
ministry that would propel us down the road in relation to these goals. At a future date we will get together
again and whittle down the list to a few specific goals that we believe God wants us to focus upon in the next
year or two beginning in January 2009.
        You will be hearing more from me as the process unfolds. In the meantime we would welcome your
ideas, your input, your energy and your enthusiasm. Please feel free to speak with Elders, Deacons or Staff
that have responsibility for specific ministries that are important to you.

                                                     With Great Appreciation
         On behalf of all of us at Swift Creek we say a huge “Thank You” to Chris Newcomb (and to Carrie) for four
 and a half years of excellent ministry in our midst.
         Thank you
  for caring for our kids,
  for teaching them to love and follow Jesus,
  for teaching them to build their lives upon God’s word,
  for encouraging them in the midst of their problems,
  for setting their sights beyond themselves to issues of service and justice
  for modeling Christian maturity
  but most of all, for giving us all the gift of yourselves.
         We are all much richer for having had you with us and we will miss you! Our prayers go with you as you
 make your way toward God’s next chapter for your lives together serving Him.
Page 2                                                             Living Waters                                                              June 2008

Session highlights
In June, the Session met with the following business:
      Robert Cook shared highlights from the Trustee meeting and from the Diaconate, Bill Dennis
    shared highlights from their meeting
      We continued to move forward with the process of allowing our grounds to host practice
    fields in relationship with Crestwood’s Upward Football program in the fall. We are seeking
    leadership for this exciting development
      The nominating committee at-large members were elected in the congregational meeting on
    April 13. We want to thank these folks for agreeing to serve on this committee: Veronica Lawler,
    Rob White, Beverly Tuttle and Anne Zimmerman. Dennis Walker chairs this committee and will
    be joined by another elder, a deacon, Liza and Tuck.
      Anne Zimmerman has agreed to chair a new landscaping committee, currently including
    these volunteers: Alexis Kennett, Andi Ferrar and David Walker
      Tuck led the Session in a survey from the Presbytery regarding discernment. They were
    seeking specific ministries which came about as a direct result of discerning God’s will. The
    Session highlighted the youth and their work and leadership with IJM.
                                                                     Contributed by Leigh Anne Ring

Remember our neighbors in need!
        School lunches will end soon, meaning another meal for needy families to prepare each day during
the summer … please bring non-perishable donations to the collection bin at the top of the stairs and they
will be delivered to the food pantry.
        Friends Feeding Friends will meet June 15 at 3 p.m. in the kitchen to make bag lunches for Richmond
Friends of the Homeless. Please attend—there’s a job for you!
       “The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth; whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.’” Matthew 25:40.

                                            June Birthdays
   1     Tom Lewis                                  11 Karen D’Orazio                                    22 Emma Manis
         Andy Ferrar                                12 Wylie Gardiner                                       Olivia Bernsley
   4     Vickie Scaggs                              13 David Edwards                                     23 Dale Reese
         Vinny Siggia                               14 June Jones                                        25 Jay Bernsley
   5     Carol Lenti                                   Rex Hedgepeth                                     26 Krista Gutzwiller
   6     Kathy Acker                                   Betty Crane                                       27 Lis Chamberlain
         Devon Doyle                                16 Henning Hamann                                       Shelly Smith
         Sean Doyle                                 18 Gayle Haglund                                     28 Miller Eason
   7     Rob White                                     Pam Conde                                            Eric Horvath
         Madeline Benson                               Daniel Ritchie                                    29 Bruce Thompson
   9     John Chamberlain                           19 Tom Rath                                             Sheri DeSimone
         Ed Snowa                                      Janice Bell                                       30 Glenn Larson
         Charlotte Moyler                           20 Rob Sydow                                            Mike Turner
         Robin Leonard                                 Chris Barrar
   10    JoAnne Webb                                   Riley Lescault
June 2008                                       Living Waters                                           Page 3

Transition…(noun)…“Passage from one form, state, style, or place to another.”

Dear Touchpoint Students and Greater Swift Creek Church,
           “The times they are a changin’”, as the old song goes. By the time you read this, Carrie and I will
have left for other endeavors.
        Change is never easy, especially in the church. Often,
when a staff person leaves, the fear is that things will fall
apart. We’re confident this will not be the case regarding
Touchpoint Student Ministries. Touchpoint has always been
bigger than those who led it because it really belongs to Jesus.
        We believe that He will continue to lead it into the next
phase that He has planned. We encourage you to follow along            Youth Group 6/1, 6/8, 6/22, 6/29
for the ride as the Youth Advisory Committee discerns His
leading and continues to help students meet Jesus and fall in (No Youth Group 6/15.due to Senior High
love with Him.                                                             Impact VA! trip 6/15-21)
        As Tuck has mentioned, the leadership of the church,
which includes the Session and the Youth Advisory Committee,              6/24 Terrific Tuesdays begin!
is already moving ahead to put a plan in place to continue the
next phase of this ministry.                                       6/28 Local mission project at Miss Moore’s
        It has been a joy and a privilege to serve Jesus by        house. Meet at the church at 8 a.m. Bring $
serving you as Youth Director the past 4.5 years. Over the for lunch. We’ll return to church by 1 p.m.
past year, I have felt a stirring within my spirit to move into a
different form of ministry. Most likely, this will be as a Lead/Teaching/Senior pastor type of role.
        We have many fond memories of my time at Swift Creek. From Great Escape to Alpine Adventures to
Impact VA!, summer trips always provided a great time of fellowship, spiritual growth, and service.
        Weekly youth group meetings were filled with laughter, probing questions, worship music, prayer,
Scripture, conversations and great food. Small groups were a time for you to get to know one another a little
better as you spent time together in a close knit group talking about real-life issues and learning to follow
Jesus together.
        Lake Day always provided a great opportunity to thrash about in the water off the back of a jet ski, or
fall face first when skiing behind a boat. RockF.I.S.H. was always a joy each year from hearing the preaching
of Mike Stinson, the humor of Tim Toy, the passion of Jaime Saint talking about End of the Spear and the
life-changing message of John Richmond regarding the IJM.
        Musically, we experienced the John Ivins band, Beth Champion Mason, and Todd Fields, all of whom
provided authentic worship (and some fun too). Then there was I.C.O.N. We got to experience the Bryan
Davis band who were also an incredible worship band.
        One of our favorite memories is how the youth caught the vision to help the IJM and led the church-
wide campaign to raise over $15,000 to help free children forced into prostitution (thanks again church for
your generosity).
         In closing, our hope for Touchpoint is that you will stay engaged with the ministry. There is a group
of solid, committed adult volunteers who love each and every one of you. You are valued. You are loved.
        We also encourage you to accept whoever follows us with open arms. He or she will be different
than us and that is ok because God makes each of us differently. We’re sure that person will have as much
love for you as we have had and will want to help you grow in your walk with Jesus just as much as we
have. So, embrace them, learn from them, lean on them, laugh with them, and love them…they will be here
for you!
        Finally, we want to offer our sincere thanks and gratitude to the Youth Advisory Committee for their
dedication, sacrifice, and passion for students as well as all the parents who participated in this ministry in
one fashion or another. Thanks for all the memories and may God bless and keep you!

       In Christ,
       Chris & Carrie Newcomb
Page 4                                   Living Waters   June 2008

 Bike Day 2008
 Our 7th annual Bike Day outreach to the community
 of Essex Village was a little cold and damp for the
 most part, but the children still came for the bikes,
 food, and fellowship extended by the volunteers
 from Swift Creek. Many thanks to all that donated
 bikes and sent cookies. There were approximately
 50 bikes donated from our church, and a few more
 by Agee’s Bicycles.

 A special thanks to our volunteers!
  John & Linda Burns,
  Charles, Stacey, Maddie & Jack Davis
  Bill & Josie Dennis, Kenny & Shawn Debes
  Ingo Hamann, Mike Harding, Art Kernstine,
  Russ Lescault, Terry & Seth Manis
  Greg & Margo Rama and friends
  Dale & Matthew Reese, Paul Sabo
  Ed, Debbie, Blake & Joseph Rosenbaum
  Hugh, Debra, David Lauren & Timothy Strickland
  Warren, Traci, Melissa & Lindsey Wakefield
  Dennis & Anne Walker
  Rob, Wanda & Samantha White
  Mark & Alan Winheim
  Ed Yarbrough

         It’s not just about the bike!
June 2008                                Living Waters                                   Page 5
                                               “So commit yourselves wholeheartedly to these
                                                 words of mine. Tie them to your hands and
The Parent Page                                   wear them on your forehead as reminders.
                                                Teach them to your children. Talk about them
                                               when you are at home and when you are on the
 Keep the End Goal in Mind                     road, when you are going to bed and when you
                                                       are getting up.” Deut. 11:18-19
 Life with little ones can leave parents in                          NLT
 day-to-day survival mode. Calendars and
 to-do lists are essential for navigating
 countless appointments, school activities,
 chores, work obligations and more.

 Your immediate goals might range from
 potty-training a toddler to planning and
 organizing your summer schedules. But           Ask God:
 what is your ultimate goal as parents? Are       1. To help you keep a proper perspective about
 you merely trying to prepare kids for
                                                     earthly and heavenly things.
                                                  2. To guide your efforts to raise children who
 While children’s earthly future is definitely       love him.
 important, the main focus must be our
 children’s eternal future. It can be hard to     3. To grow and nurture your children’s faith
 keep that in mind with daily pressures and
                                                     and lead them to salvation.
 obligations. But what really matters is
 making sure our children spend eternity
 with Jesus. To do that:
                                                 Parenting Insights
 Develop a strategy. Partner with your
 church’s children’s ministry to ensure that      In With All Their Heart, Christine Yount Jones
 your children are getting age-appropriate        shares a few practical tips for communicating
 Christian education at every stage. You          the Gospel message clearly to children:
 must reinforce that education at home by
                                                    1. Use concrete terms. Instead of talking
 using the take-home papers weekly.
                                                       about “asking Jesus into your heart,” let
                                                       kids know that God wants to “become your
 Make sure everyone’s on the same                      heavenly Father.”
                                                    2. Begin a dialogue. Talk about how you
 page. Talk to your spouse, other family
 members and your children’s caregivers
                                                       became a Christian and what God has
 about what’s most important to you, even
 if you think they already know.                       done for you. As you explain Jesus’ death
                                                       and resurrection, ask lots of clarifying,
 Choose activities intentionally. Arrange              open-ended questions.

                                                     3. Celebrate expressions of faith. Share
 your calendar around your big-picture
 goal. If activities start to interfere with
                                                       your special spiritual milestones, such as
 what’s really important, re-evaluate and              baptism birthdays. Give your child an
 re-work your family’s schedule. When faith            age appropriate Bible so that they can
 becomes the top priority for your family, it          continue growing in their relationship
 also will become the top priority for your            with Jesus.
Wanda White
Children’s Ministry Director                                Group Publishing Parent Link
Page 6                                 Living Waters                                           June 2008

     You and your family are invited to the
            Graduates’ Breakfast on
          Sunday, June 8 at 9:00 a.m.
in the Sunday School room behind the kitchen.
     We want to recognize and honor you for this most
                 significant achievement.
       Please plan to attend and contact Beth Lewis
         by June 5 to let her know you’re coming

                                                           Proverbs 3:5-6
                                                           Trust in the LORD with all your heart
                                                           and lean not on your own understanding;
          OUR 2008 GRADUATES
                                                           in all your ways acknowledge him,
                                                           and he will make your paths straight.
 High school                   College and
                             graduate school
 Tyler Amis                                                             Dear Lord,
 Matt Bayliss              Chris Dunaway                     As I look toward the future
 Elise Bell                Tony Ferrar                   Bright hope conducts this prayer,
 Patrick Carey             Chris Halbleib              For I know the plans You have for me
                           Kelly Kennett –                Were wrought with divine care.
 Abby Credicott                                                   Holy Spirit, lead me.
 Benji Cook                (medical school)                 Let me run at your command,
 Shawn Debes               David Oakley                Yet be still and know that You are God
 Lars Dunaway              Amanda Parrish                   When trouble's close at hand.
                           Megan Steel                   Your Word will be a lamp for me,
 Jason Foster                                                   A guide to light my way,
 Jens Hamann               Ian Webb                          A solid place to set my feet,
 Gavin Harrell                                                 A compass when I stray.
 Jason Hernaez                                             May I live my life to praise You,
                                                            Not for fortune, nor for fame,
 Shawna Koller                                               May everything I say and do
 Kelsey Leonard                                               Bring glory to your name.
 Allen Luck                                              May my eyes stay fixed upon You
 Liz Lueders                                                As I seek the way that's pure,
                                                          Tasting your love and goodness
 Paige Mashaw                                                Sleeping and rising secure.
 Jared Matthews                                            Planted by your living streams
 Josh McMahon                                                I'll delight in all your ways,
                                                         Hidden by your sheltering wings
 Rachel Miller                                            With new mercies for each day.
 Kathleen Murphy                                              Even in a dangerous land
 Roberta Pierce-Osborne                                  When storms threaten to destroy,
 Danielle Reggie                                        At the cross I'll stand upon the Rock
                                                           My Strength, my Hope, my Joy.
 Jessica Rymer                                            Dear Lord, show me your favor,
 Brittany Slade                                             At all times keep me blessed,
 Spenser Slough                                         May your face ever shine upon me,
 Maureen Wisniewski                                          With peace and perfect rest.
 Steven Zepp                                                        --Mary Fairchild
June 2008                            Living Waters                      Page 7

        Vacation Bible School
                                           July 7—11, 2008
                                           9:00 am—Noon
                                           Ages K—5th Grade
                                            $20.00 per child

   Pre-register to reserve your spot!
                  (registration on back)

   For more information contact:
   Wanda White, Director
   or email

         Pastor David “Tuck” Knupp

   Worship 10:00 am
   Worship for Children ages Preschool through Fourth Grade
   Nursery available for infants and toddlers
   Fellowship 11:00 am

      Your Neighborhood Church located on 5900 Woolridge Road, Next to Foxfire.                                   739-1183
Page 8                                         Living Waters                                     June 2008

                                                Registration Form
                                     Rising Kindergarten through Fifth Grade
Top portion to be completed by church office.
                                              Crew No. _______
                  $20.00 per child Registration Fee Pd.$_______
Registration fee must accompany
form to reserve your child’s spot.  $7.00 - Music CD $ _____ _
                                              Total Paid $_______

Church Affiliation: ________________________                    Friend your child would like to be
                                                                grouped with (should be close to same age)
Child’s Name___________________________________


City______________________ St.____ Zip__________ Home phone______________

Male ____Female____         Age______ Grade Completed__________

Mother’s name______________________ work, cell phone number____________________

Father’s name______________________         work, cell phone number____________________

Emergency contact: ______________________ phone number__________________

Relationship to child______________________

Allergies or other medical conditions we should be aware of    ___________________



To whom it may concern: ________________________ has my permission to attend VBS at Swift Creek
Presbyterian Church July 7 - 11, 2008 from 9:00 am until noon.

Swift Creek Presbyterian Church has my authorization to seek emergency medical assistance for my child.
_______Yes _______no

________________________ _______________________ ________________
Signature of Parent or Guardian Relationship to child Date

Mail this form along with payment to: Swift Creek Presbyterian Church
                                      5900 Woolridge Rd.
                                      Moseley, Va. 23120

For more information you may call:
Wanda White, Director of Children’s Ministry at 739-1183
or email
June 2008                                   Living Waters                              Page 9

    Women’s Thursday Morning (and Evening) Bible Study           Next Newsletter Deadline
                  Summer Session 2008                                  Thursday,
                                                                     June 19, 2008
Who: YOU                                                         Newsletter will be turned
What: STEPPING UP, A Journey through the Psalms of Ascent,          in for printing on
      by Beth Moore                                                 Sunday, June 23
When: June 19 – August 14 on Thursdays at 10am and at 7 pm
Where: Swift Creek Presbyterian Church                           Please submit articles to
How: Bring your Bible and TV-watching glasses. The study book         Amy Perriello

                                                                 Articles for the newsletter
     will be at the first class. The cost of the study book is

                                                                   may be placed in the
     $13. Childcare will be available in the mornings.

                                                                 newsletter box located in
Why: Why not? Seriously though, this Bible study group is a

                                                                        the church.
     great way to meet and fellowship with other women and
     at the same time a wonderful way to enrich your walk
     with the Lord.

              Please sign up in the commons or contact
                 Charlene McCutcheon with questions.
              Please indicate if you will need childcare
            or if you prefer to attend an evening session.

    Swift Creek Presbyterian

      5900 Woolridge Road
     Moseley, Virginia 23120
       Phone: 804-739-1183
        Fax: 804-739-9987

       We’re on the Web!

      Worship – 10:00 a.m.
    Church School – 9:00 a.m.

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