Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

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					                                    Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting
                                       Wednesday, January 14th, 2004
      Alex, Joe, Mark, Jamie, Rob, Chris, Sonny, Rick, Estelle, Attorney Gillespie – Present
      Corky – Absent
Motion to approve the minutes from December 10th has been tabled until Wednesday, February 18, 2004.
Compensation/Job Description:
             - Needs to address that the super is an employee at will.
             - Can be very specific and put in everything we can think of. As there is no way to dispute if it is
             all written out.
             - Simple straightforward and vague
     We do have a fail safe which is good.
             o Broad outline
             o Hrs/Days worked
     He can be terminated for cause including failure to perform at anytime by the board.
     Either party can terminate the contract upon 30 days notice.
       If we want to make a change w/out reason we will be held to the 30-day provision.
       Superintendent Scope and Compensation Package are attached.
       Compensation Package will be signed by the Super and the President.
            2 weeks vacation not to be accumulated – Don’t use them you loose them.
            7 Holidays
            2 Sick days after 6months – 5 days w/in a 12 month Period.
            $1400 a month Rent should he need to reside after either we or he terminates the contract.
            Super will be responsible for damage to apartment beyond normal wear and tear.
            Can we doc last paycheck is the compensation package once signed an agreement for this?
       $45,000 per year $865 per week
Visitors – Rule Violations:
       Illegally Parking in the fire lane – All American Sewer and Drain – have Rick contact and let them
       know to stay out of the fire lane. We are currently exploring our options in regards to Commercial
       Vehicles on the premises.
       2nd Complaint about Commercial Vehicles in the Bridge Street lot by Scott Hambidge. – Rick spoke
       w/the person and he rented the apartment w/out knowing about this clause. He needs to contact his
       landlord and have he write a letter asking for and exception. Have not heard a thing.
       Vukel – Have not received any new complaints he is challenging fines on his account. – Rick told him to
       send a letter.
      Jason is stating that we owe him 2 weeks vacation. He did do damage to the apt. We are not obligated
      to pay him, as it is not in the contract.
       Motion to deny him his 2 weeks of vacation pay. Motion Approved.
       M. Banks submitted a proposal for the super’s apartment – re: Switch Plates, Prime, Paint, and replace
       wood saddle - $1800.00
       Rick will be meeting a carpet man in regards to carpet for the Super’s Apt. w/in the next couple of days.
       Approximate Cost $2000.00
       Motion to carpet and paint the supers apartment and not to exceed $4000 in cost. Motion Approved.
       Go after Jason for Apt. Damages, Phone, Legal Fees, etc. Possible to file in Small Claims Court
       Need judgment to be able to collect through a collection agency or put a lien on his pay. Legal fees are
       not always rewarded.
       Motion for Rick to try to touch base w/Jason and see how he is going to make restitution to us. Motion

       Motion to hire Ronnie Duran w/his acceptance of our package and providing his criminal back round
       check comes back clean w/our salary package of $45,000per year plus the other stipulations we have
       made. Motion Approved. Apposed Mark.
Arrears Report/Pending Legal Issues/Occupancy Guidelines:
       102-3C Aviles sent in a check for $550 which was received yesterday. A Demand Letter did go out.
       She still currently owes $941.66. Rick to send a letter renegotiating a new payment plan.
       104-3A West – Habitual – Owes January lets see what we get.
       108-1C Morgan into the 3rd month they have been referred to Attorney Berg. Called the office in
       December saying that payment would be in and we have not received anything as of yet.
       110-2A Krondes into his 2nd month he has been on and off the arrears report.
       110-3A Robinson sent check for $520 on January 5th now owes $925.12. He says there is another check
       in the mail.
       114-3B Hemenway into 2nd month has been on and off arrears report.
       126-1C Heapy 2nd payment of $846 was received from Attorney Berg. Rick asked that he pass these
       checks along in a more timely manner. She should be paid off in the next 3 months.
       130-1B Sievertsen into the 2nd month has been on and off the arrears report.
       132-2C Yannotti into 3rd month has been referred to Attorney Berg.
       136-2B Banks into 3rd month has been referred to Attorney Berg.
Treasurers Report/Treasurer Committee:
             Tabled Till Next Meeting.
        Scope of restoration work has been completed. We do have a ½ dozen or so new leaks.
       102’s Bulkhead has been inspected by Todd Knapp. He wants more protection on a few of the outside
       joints. Still owe our final payment of $10,000.
       140 is bubbling not sure if it was overlooked when fixed or if this is a new active leak. Regardless this
       needs to be fixed. Todd Knapp to inspect.
       112 is the leak an active leak or has it been fixed. This will determine if we paint this hallway.
       $6,500 is not enough monies for us to cover the cost of painting 2 hallways, as we need to change 1
       hallway for another. Facilities is looking for an additional $100 for a total of $6,600.
       Motion to paint the hallways of 112 and 102 for a cost of $6,600. Motion Approved.
       Fire Marshall – expected to do a re-inspection end of January.
              4 issues:
                      Batteries, Emergency Lighting/Light Bulbs
                      Boiler room lighting inadequate cost to replace $4200.00
                      Annual Testing of Smoke/Fire/Heat detectors - $5900 or $2500
       With the annual testing they will report/fill out documents that the fire marshal looks at and then re-
       Motion to approve $2500 for Simplex to complete our annual testing of our Smoke/Fire/Heat Detectors.
       Motion Approved.
       Motion to have Electrome to place permanent light in the boiler rooms. Motion Approved.

       Insurance D&O Additional $400 per year we are not currently covered. We will be covered. This might
       be a wise choice for us as we enter into union negotiations. Motion to approve additional D&O
       Insurance. Motion Approved.

Rules & Regs:
      Tabled Till Next Meeting.
       Rick will be going to see Willie on Saturday. He can feel everything out and see what needs to be said.
       Rick tried to speak w/the union in regards to Willie today but did not hear back from them.
       6 weeks pay for an approximate total of $3000 for Willie, as he has been an employee w/us for 30+
       Motion to give Willie/Family full pay until end of February (6 weeks) this is not to exceed $3000.
       Motion Approved. Apposed Alex. Abstained Chris.
       Next meeting is Wednesday, February 18, 2004 at 6:30pm
       Annual Dinner Thursday, January 22nd, 2004 Sienna at 7pm.
Open Owners Session:
      Jim B. Bldg. 102 – Slipped and fell during a snowstorm he understands that we are under staffed and
      since his fall he has been out for 3 days. He spoke w/Jewell. He feels that the stairs and the snow
      removal have been overlooked and it needs to be improved. He also does not like to see the cigarette
      butts all over the place and reports that there has been someone smoking in his hallway. We encouraged
      him to write letters informing us of the person/persons who are breaking the laws so that we can enforce
      and fine. Told him that if we do not see it we do not know it is happening or who is doing it. We need
      the other owners to help us enforce our bylaws. We can only fine what we know about.

       Working on the parking situation, we need to make a plan and then sell it to the owners. It takes 67% of
       all unit owners (180ppl) to change the declaration. We repaved the semi-circle, as it would have been a
       very big liability this winter. 3 Bulkheads have been completed this year. 2 hallways have been
       repainted w/our new color scheme.

       What about putting weather stripping on the main and inside doors to keep the noise down when the
       doors shut behind you.

       4am garbage pick up is not acceptable needs to be later.

       We stated that we need more proactive owners.

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