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The Summer Stage
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    Welcome to...Clarion River Country

    Catch a Breeze along the River this Summer

             larion County is where the Wild and Scenic Allegheny and Clarion rivers flow. You can catch a breeze while
             exploring by kayak and canoe, or just relaxing on a pontoon boat excursion. Back on land, listen for music
             in the air. You can hear your favorite tunes played live in Foxburg at the restaurant along the river. If you’re a
    musical theater fan, be sure to check out the award-winning shows in Cook Forest. There also are festivals, fairs, and
    fun things to do all summer long.

    Sawmill Center for the Arts               Gateway Lodge                   Fairmont City, PA
    Cooksburg, PA                             Cooksburg, PA                   Bluegrass & Country                          Sligo Irish Festival
    (814) 927-6655, sawmill.org               (800) 843-6862                  Music Jamboree                               June 12, Sligo, PA
    Southern Fried Murder                     gatewaylodge.com                July 8-9                                     (814) 745-3377
      June 2-4 & 9-11                         Dad’s Brewfest Weekend          redbankpark.com
    Herb and Fiber Arts Festival              June 17 & 18                    Clarion County Fair                          Cookie Daze Festival
      June 4-5                                Beer Tasting & Dinner           July 24 -30                                  August 12-14
    French & Indian War Encampment            September 3-5                   clarioncountyfair.com                        Rimersburg, PA
      June 11 & 12                                                                                                         cookiedazecarcruise.com
    Steel Magnolias                           Sligo Irish Festival            Foxburg, PA
      June 15 -17                             June 12, Sligo, PA              (412) 867-1816                               Wine Fest in the Forest
    Gypsy                                     (814) 745-3377                  alleghenyriverstone.org                      August 20, Crown, PA
      June 23-25, June 29-July 2                                              Donna Parker, Organist, In Concert           (814) 752-2205
    The Skin Of Our Teeth                     New Bethlehem, PA               July 9, 7 p.m.                               winefestintheforest.com
      July 6-9                                (814) 275-3929                  Harold Betters, “Mr. Trombone” In
    Woodcarving Competition & Show            newbethlehemarea.com            Concert                                      Knox Horsethief Days
      July 9-10                                                               July 22, 7 p.m.                              August 20-27, Knox, PA
    Snoopy                                    July 4th Festival & Fireworks   Scottish Festival                            knoxborough.com
      July 14-16 & 20-23                      July 2, noon-10 p.m.            August 19-20
    Into the Woods
      July 27-30                              Clarion, PA                     East Brady Area Riverfest
    Fiddler On The Roof                       I Love Clarion                  July 15-16
      August 4-6 & 10-13                      July 3, Clarion, PA             East Brady, PA
    Disney Jr: Alice in Wonderland            clarionpa.com                   (724) 526-5174
      August 18-20 & 25-27
    Sin, Sex, and the CIA                     St. Joseph’s 72th
      August 31-September 3                   Fourth of July Celebration
                                              July 4, Lucinda, PA
    Children’s Fishing Rodeo                  st-joseph-lucinda.org
    Cook Forest, June 5
    (814) 744-8407
                                                                              For complete travel information including attractions, restaurants and more call
2               Paid for by the Clarion County Room Tax Committee                            (814) 849-5197 or go to www.VisitPaGo.com
                    Welcome to Pennsylvania’s Great Outdoors region
         Sugar Grove

  Thousands of Acres of Forest                                            ™

Hundreds of Miles of Winding Rivers
                                   (It’s Fun for People Too!)


Nature in its endless variety is what North-
west Pennsylvania is all about. Enjoy hiking,
biking, boating, camping and fishing. See wild
elk, meet the world-famous weather forecaster
Punxsutawney Phil, and explore the Allegheny
National Forest.
        There’s lots of HISTORY too, and
plenty of ARTS, beautiful hand-crafts and
GREAT PLACES TO STAY, indoors and out!
        For one stop shopping and FREE
GUIDES to Northwest PA, including
attractions, hotels, cabin rentals, and bed &
breakfasts—call today: (814) 849-5197.
Visit our WEB SITE at VisitPaGo.com.
                                                                                                  elk Watching

   How to Reach Us                                            Watch Elk And Enjoy Sensory-Surround Movie
                                                              At The NEW Elk Country Visitor Center

Let’s GO! is a travel magazine published by the
Pennsylvania Great Outdoors Visitors Bureau.
       It is available at interstate rest stops,
hotels and popular destinations in Cameron,
Clarion, Forest, Elk, and Jefferson Counties in
NW Pennsylvania.
       The magazine contains feature articles,
photos, interviews, travel tips, upcoming
events, and more.

        Advertising Sales
        Sara Gerber (814) 834-1267

        Articles & Features
        Bill Lechner (814) 459-6291
        Sara Gerber (814) 834-1267                                        eeing an elk for         magnificently presents the story      first steps of a newborn Pennsyl-
        Art Department
                                                                          the first time is an     of the elk in high-definition on      vania elk calf in spring, majestic
        Chuck Benson (814) 459-6291                                       extraordinary event      large wrap around screens. In         bull elk sparring antler to antler
        PGOmagazine@aol.com                                               and something you’ll     never before seen video created       in the fall mating season, and
                                                                          never forget. The        just for the center, you’ll see the   witness every elk’s fight for sur-
Board of Directors                                                        best place to see elk                                                       vival in the winter.
Rusty Snyder, President - Double Diamond Deer Ranch
                                                              is in Benezette, PA.                                                                         You see the
Dick Garrard, Vice President - American Golf Hall of Fame
                                                                    In the summer, cow elks are                                                       panorama of life, plus
Bob Hargenrader - Clarion Hampton Inn                         tending their speckled newborns                                                         with some special
Larry McFadden - Cook Forest Top Hill Cabins                  in family groups comprised of                                                           effects magic during
Louise Christofer - Reynoldsville Area Business Association   cows, calves and immature year-                                                         the show, you will
Michael Depanfilis - Cliffe’s Pharmacy                        lings. Mature bull elks wander                                                          feel the rumble of
Steve Kronenwetter - Wapiti Woods Cabins                      around in bachelor groups grow-                                                         thunder in a sum-
Marlene Lellock - Punxsutawney Chamber of Commerce            ing their antlers and getting                                                           mer storm and smell
MIke McMurray - Cook Riverside Cabins                         ready for their dramatic battles                                                        the forest after the
Frank Polovich - The Forest Lodge                             during the fall mating season.                                                          rain. You’ll smell the
Val Shelley - Lumber Heritage Region/PA Wilds Planning Team   The best time of day to see wild                                                        smoke of a camp-
Lou Smith - Scottish Heights Golf Club                        elk is early morning or at dusk.                                                        fire and even get a
Sally Wilson                                                                                                                                          whiff of elk during
                                                                                                                                                      this sense-sational
                                                              New Elk Country                                                                         program.
                                                              Visitor Center                                                                        Call for your free
                                                              When you go to Benezette be
                                                                                                                                             Elk Viewing Guide today!
                                                              sure to stop by the new Elk                                                    (814) 849-5197
                                                              Country Visitor Center on
        PA Great Outdoors                                     Winslow Hill.
         Visitor’s Bureau                                          This amazing new facility
          (New Address)                                       is now the hub for elk conserva-
           2801 Maplevale Road                                                                                                    ELK COUNTRY
                                                              tion efforts in the state.                                            VISITORS
              Brookville, PA                                       You can enjoy the center’s                                      CENTER ON
              814-849-5197                                    outdoor observation areas,                                          WINSLOW HILL
                                                              watching trails and viewing
                                                              blinds on its 245-acre site,
                                                              which is prime habitat for elk
                                                              and other wildlife.
                                                                   Inside the facility, you’ll
  This magazine is supported in part by the
                                                              want to experience the sensory-
    Clarion County Room Tax Committee.                        surround theater. The theater

                                           For more information on
                                      the Elk Scenic Drive, visit the Elk
                                      Herd section of our web site

                                      Sinnemahoning State Park
                                      This 1900-acre park is home to
                                                                            As a rule, when you see people standing alongside a road, or a band of
                                      a growing elk herd. Look for elk
                                                                            cars parked along the shoulder, you can figure elk are near. If you see an
      Also inside, there are inter-   near its Forty Maples Picnic Area     elk, play it safe. Don’t try to approach it or even get too close. They can
active and interpretive displays      and north at the designated           become aggressive and will charge if they feel challenged or threatened.
about the elk and their envi-         wildlife viewing area.
ronment. There is a life-sized
natural history display in the
                                                                                                                   The grassy opening near the
center’s great room and wilder-
                                                                                                                   viewing platform has been
ness cameras throughout the
                                                                                                                   planted with clover and trefoil
property allowing you to view
                                                                                                                   — wildlife favorites.
forest wildlife on screens inside
                                                                                                                         Sinnemahoning State Park
the facility.
                                                                                                                   park is located in Cameron
      The center is located at 134
                                                                                                                   County, eight miles north on Rt.
Homestead Dr. in Benezette.                                                                     Driftwood          872 from its junction with Rt.
Summer hours are Thursday
                                                                                                                   120 in Sinnemahoning.
through Monday, 9 a.m.-8 p.m.
                                                                                                                         Get more information by
until July 31. In August the cen-
                                                                                                                   calling the park at (814) 647-
ter is open Wednesday through
                                                                                                                   8401 or go online to www.dcnr.
Monday, 9 a.m.-8 p.m.                  Weedville                                                                   state.pa.us/stateparks/parks/
For more information call (814)
787-5167 or visit its website

More Elk                                      Lodges Put You in the Heart of Elk Country
Watching Spots
                                                eep in the heart of Elk State Forest you’ll
Elk Scenic Drive This is a won-                 discover the beautiful Winslow Meadow
derful drive through Elk Country                Lodge. The lodge is a tranquil, two-story
along Rt. 555. The route follows        retreat surrounded by woods and grassy knolls
the Bennett Branch of Sinnema-          that make up the home range of Pennsylvania’s
honing Creek from Weedville to          majestic elk herd.
Driftwood and has distinctive                 On the first floor, you’ll find three
signs to show you the way. On           bedrooms — the master suite with its own
route, there are many park-             private bath, a bedroom with a queen-size and
and-view sites designed for             another with a twin bed. The dining room, living
safe and easy elk watching. The         room with a gas fireplace, large kitchen with a
sites have been chosen for their        dishwasher and microwave, laundry room, and
outstanding wildlife viewing and        another full bathroom are also on the first floor.
scenic beauty. Also along the                 The loft, which overlooks the living room,       similar features and amenities. Elk Terrace can sleep
way you’ll find the Hicks Run           has a full-size bed and a large outdoor balcony.       six comfortably in three bedrooms on the main
Viewing Area. At Hicks Run              All in all, the lodge can sleep seven adults           floor and two more in the king-size bed in the open
there is a covered, handicapped         comfortably in the four large bedrooms. But with       loft.
accessible viewing blind provid-        a little less privacy in the living room it can ac-          Either place makes the perfect home away
ing a way to watch elk unde-            commodate nine.                                        from home and offers spectacular scenery all
tected as they feed on the rich               For added comfort, the lodge has central         around. The new Elk Country Visitor Center with
food plot planted there. There          air, satellite television, and a heated hot tub,       its virtual and interactive displays and outdoor elk
is off-road parking and informa-        enclosed fire hearth. All cooking utensils and         viewing areas, is just minutes away.
tion kiosks at the site.                dishes are supplied and there is a gas grill out-            See a photo gallery, check availability, and get
                                        side.                                                  rates. Log on www.winslowmeadowlodge.com or
                                              The Winslow Meadow Lodge has a sister            www.elkterracelodge.com. Call for reservations at
                                        property nearby— the Elk Terrace Lodge — with          (814) 772-6850.

     girlfriends Getaway

    Stay Play Relax Sip Shop Learn
                                                and did we mention chocolate?

                   Great Outdoors
                   region is a
                   beautiful, fun,
                   and relaxing
         You can stay at a charm-
    ing bed & breakfast, indulge
    yourself at a luxury lodge, or
    rent a nice cabin with nature
    all around.
         During the day you can
    enjoy hiking, biking, canoe-
    ing, wine tasting, relaxing at
    a spa, shopping for antiques,
    handmade crafts and gifts,         The Gateway Lodge (800-843-6862, gatewaylodge.com) and the Clarion River Lodge
    horseback riding, and even         (814-744-8170, clarionriverlodge.com) near Cook Forest are full-service hotels with wonderful
    learning a new outdoor skill.      accommodations, restaurants, and spas to pamper you head to toe. Both lodges offer full-day spa
                                       packages. Or you can arrange for single treatments such as facials, massages or pedicures.
         In the evenings there
                                       Hold on to that good feeling by then staying to have dinner, a glass of wine, a cup of tea...
    are concerts, stage musicals,
    good restaurants, and many
    festivals and fairs to discover.   Visit Area Wineries                 Mountain Vineyard. The winery           Marys on Rt. 255. (814) 834-WINE,
                                       Sample some good vintages with      is located between DuBois and           elkmountainwines.com.
    Or maybe you prefer to just        your friends at the wineries in     Brockway, three miles off I-80,
    spend the evening around a         our region.                         Exit 97, Rt. 219 North. Hours are
    cozy fire enjoying each others’         The Winery at Wilcox is        Wednesdays-Sundays 10 a.m.-6
    company.                           located between Wilcox and          p.m. (814) 371-7022, laurel-
                                       Johnsonburg, PA where you’ll find   wines.com.
         Check out the fun get-
                                       some very picturesque scenery.             While you’re in Foxburg,
    away ideas on this page and        The winery is open seven days a     check out the Foxburg Wine Cel-
    the next. You’ll find a lot more   week from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Take    lars at 65 Main Street. The winery
    ideas and information on our       a wine tasting tour and browse      is one of the largest tasting/re-
    website VisitPaGo.com.             the gift shop. 1867 Mefferts Run    tail outlet stores in Pennsylvania.
                                       Rd., Wilcox, PA 15870. (814)        It offers 31 varieties of wine, plus
                                       929-5598, wineryatwilcox.net.       meats, cheeses, and coffees. Tour
                                            Just 20 minutes south          the winery any day noon to 8            Enjoy the creamy smooth,
                                       of Punxsutawney, Windgate           p.m. (724) 659-0021, foxburgwine.
                                       Vineyards & Winery is an            com.
                                                                                                                   kitchen fresh chocolates made
                                       award-winning producer of fine            The Deer Creek Winery             by Dan Smith Candies. The
                                       Pennsylvania wines. It recently     specializes in raspberry wine
                                       won awards for its Blackberry       and is located at 3333 Soap Fat         confectioner has delightful,
                                       and Riesling wines. The winery is   Rd., Shippenville, PA (about 10
                                       located at 1998 Hemlock Acres       minutes from Clarion, PA). It’s
                                                                                                                   old-time candy stores in Clar-
                                       Rd., Smicksburg, PA 16256. It’s     open every day noon to 6 p.m.           ion, Ridgway and Brookville.
                                       open seven days a week, noon to     and till 8 p.m. on Fridays. (814)
                                       5 p.m. (814) 257-8797, windgat-     354-7392, deercreekwine.com.            (800)393-1323,
                                       evineyards.com.                           You will also find a nice vari-
                                            You can also enjoy wine        ety of red, white and fruit wines at
                                       tasting and wander through          the Elk Mountain Winery on top
                                       the antique museum at Laurel        of Red Hill, five miles south of St.

Go Horseback Riding                                     Pennsylvania Wilds
In The Allegheny National Forest
The Flying W Ranch near
                                                        Artisan Trail
                                                        Discover the unique vases, lamps, paintings, jewelry,
Tionesta offers trail rides
                                                        mosaics, and other hand-crafted art by Pennsylvania’s
through beautiful woods                                 potters, sculptors, goldsmiths and designers. You can
and across open ranges                                  find their work on display at these shops, galleries and
of the Allegheny National                               boutiques throughout our region. For descriptions of of-
Forest. Ride one of the                                 ferings, store hours and directions, go to pawildsartisans.
ranch’s horses or bring                                 com or use the contact info below.
your own. Trail rides are
available on Saturday,                                  Fairlady & Company
Sunday, and weekdays by                                 100 West Mahoning Street
                                                        Punxsutawney, PA 15767
reservation through mid                                 (888) 938-1255
October. Lodging, dining,                               fairladycompany.com
farmhouse rental, and
camping also available                                  The Reiland Farm
                                                        and Shoppe                     The Open House Shop
on site. (814) 463-7663,
                                                        4461 Stewards Run Road         265 Allegheny Boulevard
www.theflyingwranch.com                                 Pleasantville, PA 16341        Brookville, 15825
                                                        (814) 755-4019                 814-849-4640
                                                        csonline.net/thereilandfarm    www.theopenhouseshop.com

                                                                                       Cook Forest Sawmill Center

  Women In The Wilds                                                                   for the Arts
                                                                                       170 Theatre Lane
  Here’s your chance to break the routine. The staff                                   Cooksburg, PA 16217
                                                                                       (814) 927-6655, sawmill.org.
  at Sinnemahoning State Park is offering a special
  weekend for women interested in learning                                             Cameron County
                                                                                       Artisan Center
  outdoor skills.                                       Flemish House Art Gallery      34 East Fourth Street
      There will be instruc-                            600 Market Street              Emporium, PA 15834
  tion and opportunities                                Johnsonburg, PA 15845          (814) 486-4314
                                                        (814) 512-1209                 cameroncountychamber.org
  to experience mountain                                stephaniedistler.com
  biking, archery, target                                                              Sinnemahoning
                                                        Elkwood Arts                   State Park Gallery
  shooting, kayaking, out-                              324 Allenhurst Avenue          8288 First Fork Road
  door photography, GPS/                                Ridgway, PA 15833              Austin, PA 16720
  geocaching, fly fishing,                              (814) 776-2174                 (814) 647-8401,
                                                        elkwoodarts.com                www.dcnr.state.pa.us
  camp cooking, turkey
  hunting and more. You                                 Treasure Shed/Elk Country      Gateway Lodge Gallery
  can choose up to ten                                  Visitor Center                 14870 Route 36
                                                        134 Homestead Drive            Cooksburg, PA 16217
  different sessions over                               Benezette, PA 15821            (814)744-8017
  the three days. All                                   (814) 787-5167                 gatewaylodge.com
  meals are included.
      The Women In The Wilds Weekend will take place    Elk County Council on
  June 17-19 at Sinnemahoning State Park in Cam-        the Arts Gallery
                                                        237 Main Street
  eron County. For information, registration, lodging   Ridgway, PA 15853
  recommendations and costs contact Sinnemahoning       (814) 772-7051, eccota.com
  State Park at (814) 647-8401 or e-mail jaflynn@

                                                                                                                   Get descriptions and
                                                                                                                   contact information
                                                                                                                   for area campgrounds,
                                                                                                                   cabins, B&Bs, and
                                                                                                                   hotels on our website

        Relax & Reconnect with Nature
                ature has a magical     ern showers and toilets. These       In the Allegheny National
                way of relieving the    campgrounds often have general       Forest alone there are 16
                stress of our work-     stores for food and camping sup-     campgrounds with over 600
                day world. That’s       plies, plus many have swimming       campsites. See the next page
    certainly a big part of why folks   pools, playgrounds, and evening      for our camping and cabin
    enjoy camping so much in our        get-togethers. Some have fur-        chart of state and national
    forestlands. What’s better than     nished cabins for rent complete      parks in our region. You’ll
    waking up to the smell of fresh     with fireplaces, kitchens and pri-   find challenging wilderness
    pine-scented air? Or sitting back   vate baths. The Cook Forest area     camping in our region too.
    and feeling the glow of your        has the greatest concentration       There are remote camp-
    campfire as you watch the stars     of full-amenity campgrounds in       ing areas in the Allegheny
    come out at night?                  our region.                          National Forest and larger
          If you’re thinking about           If you’re looking for some-     state parks that offer a total es-   Star gazing is
    camping, there are lots of ways     thing more secluded, there are       cape into the natural world. You
    to go. It just depends on how       many privately-owned rustic          can camp on the uninhabited
                                                                                                                  spectacular in our part
    far away from civilization you’d    campgrounds. Generally, these        islands in the Allegheny River       of Pennsylvania. On
    like to get.                        spots offer a few basics such as     near Tionesta.                       clear summer nights
          If you want to enjoy nature   a bathhouse and access to clean            The many wonderful bed &
    but still want some creature        tap water. Some have electrical      breakfasts, guest lodges, and ho-
                                                                                                                  you can see billions
    comforts and socializing, then      hook-ups for RVs, but otherwise      tels in the area significantly add   of stars, the constella-
    a full-service campground is a      you’re on your own. Many of the      to your accommodation choices        tions and the luminous
    good choice. You can pitch your     public forests and state parks       as well. Here again, there’s a
    tent under the stars but still      also have campsites and cabins.      wide range of offerings with
                                                                                                                  Milky Way.
    have easy access to clean, mod-                                          something to fit every lifestyle.

Not Tent                                                      Perfect Place For Your
People?                                                       Family Vacation

      itching a tent
      in the forest
      isn’t for every-
one. If you’d like to
be surrounded by nature but require a roof, a bed, and
warm running water, then cabin-ing is perfect for you.        Looking for a great vacation spot for the entire family? Hominy
There is an array of well-maintained, privately owned         Ridge Lodge and Cabins is located on seven wooded acres in
cabins, country houses and lodges throughout our              Cook Forest State Park and is within minutes of the Allegheny
                                                              National Forest and Clear Creek State Park...all of which are part
region. Many come furnished with fresh linens, dishes,        of the Pennsylvania Wilds Region.
cooking utensils, air-conditioning, satellite TV and                Hominy Ridge is a family-oriented facility from the young-
             WiFi. Some even have Jacuzzis and hot            est to the oldest and can accommodate family reunions nicely. It
                                                              offers fully equipped cabins and
                     tubs. For relaxing outdoors, most
                                                              suites with fireplaces, linens,
                        have picnic tables, lounge chairs,    kitchens, baths, private outside
                          fire rings and barbecue grills. A   campfire and picnic areas,
                          number also have canoes and         satellite TV, wireless internet
                                                              (in Lodge only) and air condi-
                          innertubes available for floating   tioning (in Lodge only). There
                         down nearby rivers and streams.      is also an on-site convenience
                          There are cozy cottages for two     store with everything you will
                as well as large lodges for extended fami-    need for your vacation stay plus
                                                              a secluded 7-person hot tub in the woods along with a heated
lies and multi-cabin sites that are great for groups. No      changing room.
need to leave Rover at home either. Many cabins and                 Hominy Ridge is smoke free and pet free. It’s located less
lodges allow pets.                                            than a minute from hiking, biking, canoeing, fishing, hunting,
     Visit our website VisitPaGo.com for descriptions         horseback riding, mini golf, water slides, race tracks, bumper
                                                              boats, and much more...yet it is very private and quiet.
and contact information for the cabins and lodges in                For more information contact Andy or Paula at
Cameron, Clarion, Elk, Forest and Jefferson counties.         (800) 851-6377, e-mail them at hominyridge@windstream.net,
                                                              or visit their website at hominyridge.com

Many state parks and area
campgrounds have RV hookups.
So roll in, hook up, sit back,
and enjoy the view.

                                                                                                                                             Canoe Down The Clarion

Subscribe Now!
Fill out this coupon and send it along
with your check for $5 payable to:

PGO Visitors Bureau, 2801 Maplevale Rd.                                                                                                          he Clarion River is a calm, family friendly    other personal flotation device. They will also trans-
Brookville, PA 15825                                                                                                                             watercourse perfect for exploring by canoe     port you up river so you can flow with the current
                                                                                                                                                 and kayak. Or you can just let its gentle      and have a relaxing time. Group rates are available.
Get a Full Year of GO! Travel Magazine

                                                                                                                                                 current float you down the river in an               The Pale Whale has plenty of parking, clean
                                                                                                                                        innertube.                                              rest rooms, changing rooms and a foot wash station
                                         and events happening in the Great Outdoors region.
                                         ____Yes, I want to know about the people, places,

                                                                                                                                              The stretch of river that runs through Cook       for your use. It’s pet friendly too.
                                                                                                                                        Forest is renown for its scenic beauty. The water             Look for the Cooksburg Cafe also on site
                                                                                                                                        is very clean and supports a wide range of wildlife     serving great cheeseburgers, fresh-cut fries, and

                                                                                                                                        and fish such as trout, bass, and walleye. The river    Hershey’s premium ice cream. The Cooksburg Dry
                                                                                                                                        supports many species of birds including bald eagles,   Goods store is open as well if you want to grab some
                                                                                                                                        which you can often see fishing on the water.           snacks and soft drinks for your trip. The store also

                                                                                                                                              If you and fellow vacationers would like to       sells unique gifts with a woodland theme. The Cook
                                                                                                                                        push off the shore and go                                                         Riverside Cabins are here too
                                                                                                                                        exploring on the Clarion,                                                         if you like to stay over night.
                                                                                                                                        the Pale Whale Canoe Fleet                                                        There are 19 historic cabins
                                                                                                                                        in Cook Forest has 150                                                            with modern amenities on 15
                                                                                                                                        canoes, 40 kayaks and 220                                                         acres of woods.
                                                                                                                                        single and double inner-                                                                The Pale Whale is located
                                                                                                                                        tubes for rent.                                                                   a quarter mile from the River
                                                                                                                                              The Pale Whale’s                                                            Bridge on River Rd. in Cook
                                                                                                                                        friendly, knowledgeable                                                           Forest. For more information
                                                                                                                                        staff will get you outfitted                                                      call (800) 680-0160 or visit


                                                                                                                                        with your choice of boat,

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          canoecookforest.com online.

                                                                                                                                        paddles and life jacket or

             Historical Cabins
                    with Modern Amenities
                    in a Beautiful Setting
                                              ook Riverside Cabins are                                                                  Linens and firewood are sup-
                                              located in the very heart of                                                              plied.
                                              Cook Forest along the Wild                                                                     Each cabin has a fireplace
                                         and Scenic Clarion River. The                                                                  as well as gas heat, bathrooms
                                         cabins were built in the 1930’s                                                                with showers, and TV’s with DVD
                                         for Thomas Cook, a direct de-                                                                  players. Kitchens are outfitted
                                         scendant of pioneer John Cook                                                                  with refrigerator, stove, micro-
                                         for whom the forest is named.                                                                  wave, toaster and coffee pot,        and great for swimming, canoe-
                                              The 15-acre site has 19                                                                   and cooking and eating utensils.     ing, and trout and smallmouth           fries, burgers, and premium Her-
                                         cabins peppered through the                                                                         Outside each cabin you’ll       bass fishing.                           shey’s ice cream. The Cooksburg
                                         wooded landscape. All of the                                                                   find a charcoal grill, fire ring,         The Riverside Cabins prop-         Dry Goods store is on site as well
                                         cabins are fully updated but                                                                   benches and porch furniture.         erty has two small playgrounds          and stocked with snacks and
                                         keep their original charm. The                                                                 You may see deer, raccoons,          for kids. Also convenient here,         souvenirs.
                                         cabins, which range in size, can                                                               an occasional black bear, and        the Pale Whale Canoe Fleet rents              For cabin reservations and
                                         accommodate as few as two to                                                                   many species of birds including      canoes, kayaks and inner tubes          more information call at 800-
                                         as many as 12 guests. They are                                                                 bald eagles from your own front      and the Cooksburg Cafe serves           680-0160 or log on to
                                         very clean and well furnished.                                                                 porch. The Clarion River is clean    soft drinks, fresh cut French           cookriverside.com.

   Make A Splash!

Canoeing, Swimming,
Skiing, Diving                                                   skiers and canoe enthusiasts      Lake located in the upper
                                                                                                   part of the Clarion River Val-

                                                                 will find all kinds of opportu-
        he pleasure of boating        The Clarion River, also    nities for fun and recreation     ley. The lake is 55 feet deep
        or canoeing on one of    nationally designated Wild &    on Tionesta Lake. More than       on average with the deepest
        our sparkling water-     Scenic, is a major tributary    3,000 acres are available for     spot reaching almost 147
        ways is hard to beat.    of the Allegheny. It mean-      swimming, picnicking, water-      feet. There is also a scenic
     The 87-mile stretch of      ders for more than 100 miles    skiing, plus lake shore and       overlook, picnic facilities,
the Allegheny River flow-        past undisturbed forests        boat only access camping.         two boat launches, and
ing through our region is a      and steep-sided hills, offer-   It offers anglers many fine       campsites for trailers and
nationally designated Wild &     ing beautiful scenery and a     catches and quiet coves for       tents.
Scenic River. French explor-     sense of splendid isolation.    exploring by canoe. But wa-            The George B. Steven-
ers called it “The Beautiful     The river is ideal for family   tercraft of almost every size     son Reservoir, adjacent to
River” and for good reason.      canoeing, fishing, or just      and unlimited horsepower          Sinnemahoning State Park
Beginning at Kinzua Dam,         floating lazily along in an     boating are permitted. Boat       has nearly three miles of
it winds unspoiled through       innertube.                      launches at either end of the     shoreline with a beach. The
narrow forest valleys and             Power boaters, water       lake have plenty of trailer       boat mooring area is a good
across broad rural land-                                                            parking.       place to observe bald eagles
scapes. There are over 100                                                          You’ll find    and ospreys looking for fish.
undeveloped islands, includ-                                                        the diving     Interpretive pontoon boat
ing seven Wilderness Islands                                                        good at        rides are offered Memorial
on this part of the river.                                                          East Branch    Day to Labor Day.

           his year marks the
           150th anniversary
           of the American
     Civil War. The Jefferson
     County History Center
     will take part in this na-
     tionwide commemoration
     starting with its summer
     exhibit —
     Drumbeat To War.
          The exhibit looks
     at the excitement and expectations of people in 1861 as
     the Northern Union and Southern Confederacy went to war.
                                                                         For Folks Who Like To Know
     There are depictions, dioramas, and artifacts relating to the       How Things Work
     enlistment, training, and daily camp life of new recruits.

          The JCHS is located in the Edelblute Building at 172-176             hen you think of a museum, you might think of a col-
     Main St. in Brookville’s historic district.                               umned building filled with paintings or even dinosaur
     (814) 849-0077, jchconline.org.                                           bones. But there’s a museum of a completely different
          Also look for a mobile exhibit about the Civil War cre-      sort in Coolspring, PA. It’s one that a mechanically minded
     ated by the Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh to be on           person or somebody who just likes to know how things work is
     display at the Jefferson County Fair, July 17-23.                 sure to enjoy.
                                                                            The Coolspring Power Museum is home to a collection of
                                                                       over 250 internal combustion engines, large and small. On dis-
                                                                       play you can see five early engines from the 1800s that run on
                                                                       hydrogen—a technology that’s making a comeback today.
                                                                            You can also see the 175 Otto, the largest known single-
                                                                       cylinder, gas-powered engine in the world. Its flywheels are
                                                                       over nine feet in diameter and weigh 9,500 pounds each.
                                                                            The Coolspring Power Museum is located at 179 Coolspring
                                                                       Rd., Coolspring, PA (just off Rt. 36 midway between Punx-
                                                                       sutawney and Brookville. The museum, run by an all volunteer
                                                                       staff, will be open this summer June 19, July 16 & 17, and
                                                                       August 20 & 21. (814) 849-6883, coolspringpowermuseum.org

     More History ToitsEnjoy & Flea Market June 16-18. The
     The Coolspring Power Museum will host Summer Expo
     expo is a gas engine show with many exhibitors featuring Jacobson, PA and NY engines. 179
     Coolspring Rd., Coolspring, PA. (814) 849-6883, coolspringpowermuseum.org
         The Jefferson County Longrifles Summer Rendezvous will feature traditional crafts,
     clothing, music and frontier contests planned for this two-day historical encampment.
     July 2-3 on Harriger Hollow Rd. past Thunder Mountain Speedway in Knoxdale, PA.
     (814) 849-6220, jeffersoncountylongrifles.blogspot.com                                            The Taylor Memorial Mu-
                              The Historical House Tour August 21 in Ridgway is your chance to         seum in Brockway houses a
                         take a self-guided architectural tour of several of the town’s mansions       vast display of glass from
                          and spectacular homes. (814) 776-1424, ridgwayheritagecouncil.org            local industry, plus many
                               The Antique Rifles & Indian Artifacts Show is a sale and show of        interesting artifacts from
                           weapons of pre-1898 vintage and historical reproductions. Accouter-         the lumbering, mining, and
                           ments and other items relating to the time period and gun collecting        farming communities in the
                           hobby will also be on display and for sale. September 3, Jefferson          surrounding area. 765 Park
                            County Fairgrounds, 1514 Rt. 28N Brookville, PA. (814) 849-0077,           Street, Brockway, PA. It’s
                            jchconline.org                                                             open Memorial Day-Labor
                                 Tours of the Sherman Memorial Lighthouse in Tionesta will be          Day, Tuesdays-Thursdays 1-5
                             sponsored by the local Lions Club on August 21 and October 15, 1-5        p.m. and Sundays 2-4 p.m.
             p.m. The lighthouse is filled with memorabilia, lighthouse collectibles, and there is a   (814) 265-8519.
     beautiful view from top. Lighthouse Island, Tionesta, PA. (814) 755-3672. forestcounty.com        brockwayhistory.org.

                                american History

Musket Fire & Cannon Roar

                                                                                                       Cook Forest State Park
                                                                                                  makes the perfect backdrop
                                                                                                  for the two-day encampment.
                                                                                                  It’s natural beauty is much
                                                                                                  the same as it looked 250
                                                                                                  years ago when bison still
  photo courtesy of HerbA                                                                         roamed about. The forest’s

                                                                                                  cathedral of ancient pines
        ven before the          any territory in America east    Even some old-time surgical      has trees over 300 years old.
        American Revolution     of the Mississippi.              techniques will be demon-        So they were standing at the
        in 1776, Western                                         strated and explained. Ouch!     time of the French & Indian
        Pennsylvania was a      Exciting and                          The hub of activity will    War. Now that’s living history!
battleground for the French
& Indian War fought between     Colorful
France and England. The         Re-enactments
conflict got its name because   You can witness live tactical
many Native American tribes     engagements, cannon and
joined in the fight. The        musket firing demonstra-
Mohawks and Hurons fought       tions, and war councils at
alongside the French. But       the French & Indian War
what the name doesn’t say       Encampment in Cook Forest
is that the Iroquois fought     in June. Over 150 histori-
with the British.               cally attired re-enactors will
     In the end, France was                 participate in the
                                            weekend event.
                                                 There will
                                            be cooking and
                                            clothing making      be the grounds around the
                                            demonstrations,      Sawmill Center for the Arts      The French & Indian War En-
                                            plus bow building,   in Cook Forest. Inside the       campment will take place on
                                            blacksmithing,       center, you’ll find an ex-       Saturday, June 11-12, 10 a.m
                                            sheep shearing,      hibit featuring art works by     to 6 p.m. and Sunday, June
                                            flintknapping,       nationally recognized artists    12, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Events will
                                            pottery making       depicting scenes from the        take place surrounding and
defeated. It handed over all                and woodworking.     French & Indian War and life     inside the Sawmill Center for
of its Canadian territories     You can get a sense of how       in the 1700’s. Historian and     the Arts. The center is located
to Great Britain as a result,   civilian life was lived 250      storyteller (liar) Paul Still-   off Rt. 36 on Breezemont Drive
except two small islands off    years ago in America too.        man and blacksmith Dennis        in Cook Forest. For more infor-
the coast of Newfoundland.           Special programs for        Murray will be on hand as        mation visit cookforest.com or
It also gave up its claim on    children also will be offered.   well.                            call 814-744-8407.

                                                                       Summer Festivals
                                                                               ake some carnival rides        You can wear your lucky
                                                                               and funnel cakes, add     charms to the Irish Festival
                                                                               some music, games,        on Colerain St. in Sligo, PA,
                                                                               and contests, then        June 12, 11 a.m.-4 p.m.
                                                                       mix in some amazing arts and      Look for car, motorcycle, and
                                                                       crafts...and you’ve got your-     truck shows, kids games,
                                                                       self a festival.                  food, music DJ, and door
                                                                            There are plenty happen-     prizes.
                                                                       ing all around our region this        June is also the month
                                                                       summer you won’t want to          for the delicious Strawberry
                                                                       miss.                               Festival sponsored by the
                                                                            Celebrate                         Elk County Historical
                                                                       Memorial                                 Society on June 17 in
                                                                       Weekend at                                 Ridgway. Get straw-
                                                                       the Fire-                                  berry treats and hear
                 Tionesta Indian Festival                              man’s Com-                                 live music starting at

     Bit of History Lots of Fun
                                                                       munity Days                                5 p.m.
                                                                       in Brookville,                            elkcountyhistorical-

                                                                       PA, May 27-29.                          society.org
           ionesta is the western gateway to the Allegheny
                                                                       Enjoy rides, food,                       The Festival in the
           National Forest and the Pennsylvania Wilds. It is set
                                                                       games, and live entertain-        Forest at the 4-H Grounds on
           along the Allegheny River in a picturesque valley.          ment each evening. Fireworks      Rt. 36, 5 miles S of Tionesta
     Each summer, the town puts on the weeklong Tionesta               Sunday night. bvfc2.net           will have an art competition,
     Indian Festival to celebrate its native American history and           The party moves to Ridg-     festival, music, artisan ven-
     to just have fun.                                                 way June 6-11 for the town’s      dors and food June 18.
          Among the highlights at this year’s event will be a          Fireman’s Celebration             forestcounty.com
     performance by the Allegheny River Dancers on August
     18. The troupe specializes in the social dances of the
     Northeastern woodland tribes. They are led by Bill Crouse,
     a member of the Hawk Clan of the Seneca Nation. He is
     well known for his hoop dance, which involves 30 wooden
     hoops used to make formations or design representing
                                 things from nature. The program
                                 will also feature the freestyle and
                                 fast-paced smoke dance.
                                     Also look for the Allegheny
                                 String Band (pictured left) to
                                 play a variety of music includ-
                                 ing bluegrass, Irish, country,
                                 waltzes, reels and patriotic songs    featuring carnival rides, food,        Enjoy amusement rides
                                 on August 19, 8-10 p.m. Plus the      fireworks, and a parade on        and food at the Old Home
                                 Windy River Band will perform         Saturday. ridgwayfire.org         Week Carnival June 20-25
                                                                            If you prefer something      in Emporium, PA.
     a mix of country, oldies and classic rock you can dance to
                                                                       more low key, the Herb and            Catch the tractor and
     and have a blast on August 20, 6-10 p.m. A big fireworks
                                                                       Fiber Arts Festival at the        truck pulls, demolition der-
     display will light the sky following the performance.             Cook Forest Sawmill Center        bies, horse and pony pulls,
          Throughout the week, there will be carnival rides, mid-      will take palce June 4-5.         livestock and fair exhibits
     way games, book sales, flat-bottom boat rides, wine tast-         There will be lectures, demon-    at the Wolf’s Corners Fair,
     ing, parades, races, arts and crafts, lighthouse tours, and       strations, soup competition,      June 28-July 4. Main events
     plenty of food to enjoy. A memorial Car and Motorcycle            plant growers and vendors.        start at 7 p.m at the Wolf’s
     Cruise-in will take place on Sunday, August 21, 1-4 p.m.          sawmill.org                       Corners Fair Grounds, Lake
     Get the complete schedule of events at forestcounty.com.                                            Lucy Rd. in Tionesta, PA.

 Knox Horsethief Days                                                                                                 WANTED

            e careful where you
            hitch your pony in
            Knox, Pennsylvania—
            the Horsethief Capital
   of the World. The borough got
   its shady reputation because
                                                                                                                     Boss Buck
   the most notorious horsethief
   in U.S. history—Sebastian
   “Boss” Buck—once made                                                                                             live music by local bands,
   it the headquarters for his                                                                                       dances, sidewalk sales, tractor
   thieving operations. During                                                                                       races, softball tournament,
   the 1800s, Buck and his gang                                                                                      community picnic, and lots of
   continuously moved a string                                                                                       good food and refreshments.
   of stolen horses along a trail                                                                                         Knox is located about 15
   from Kentucky to Maine.             your way to Knox this sum-          For 50 years, Knox has                    minutes west of Clarion. Take
        Lucky for us old Boss          mer, you won’t want to miss    held this weeklong festival to                 Main Street (Rt. 322) out of
   Buck is long gone and not so        Horsethief Days happening      rustle up some fun. This year’s                Clarion, PA. turn left on Rail-
   many of us travel by horse          August 20-27, 11 a.m.-mid-     celebration will include a pa-                 road St. (Rt. 208) to Knox, PA.
   anymore. But if you do find         night.                         rade on Main St., a car cruise,                knoxborough.com

You can have a fun filled            August 12-14 on Main St.
weekend at the East Brady            in Rimersburg, PA. The event
Riverfest July 15-17. There          will feature a cookie baking
will be a parade, food, crafts,      contest, parade, 5K race, bed
live music, rides and games          race, contests for children,
for children, contests, and          bands, car cruise, fireworks,
fireworks at Graham Field in         and a street dance.
East Brady, PA.                      cookiedazecarcruise.com
     The Sykesville Ag &                  Check out the live enter-
Youth Fair will have                 tainment, amusement rides
agricultural, livestock, dis-        and karaoke contests at the
plays and competitions plus          Reynoldsville Homecoming
carnival rides, motorsports          August 15-20 on Main St. in
events, and food,                    Reynoldsville, PA
August 7-13, at the fair-            reynoldsvillehomecoming.

grounds off Rt.119 in                com                                    he Western PA Laurel Festival in the town of Brookville, PA
                                                                            welcomes summer and the blossoming of the wild laurels in the
Sykesville, PA.                      And you can wear your plaid
                                                                            woodlands all around. This year’s event will take place June
www.sykesvillefair.org               with pride at the Scottish       23-26 and will feature amusement rides, games, pet parade, art show,
     St. Leo’s Summer Fes-           Festival in Foxburg,             strolling jugglers, flea market and food court. Most events take place
tival is a fun church festival       August 20 at Riverstone          in or around the town’s Memorial Park.
with food, games, a car show,        Farm. Enjoy bagpipe music,            A couple of the special events planned include a Family Fun
and kids playland. It will           Scottish athletic competi-       Night with lots of games and activities on Thursday, June 23, 6-9
take place August 6-7 at the         tions, horse-drawn wagon         p.m. A Battle of the Bands will be the main attraction on Saturday,
Firemen’s Grounds in Ridg-           rides, sheep herding, and        June 25, 6-11 p.m.
way, PA. stleosfestival.com          more.                                 Brookville is located just at Exit 78 of I-80 in Jefferson County.
                                                                      While you’re in the area, take some time to see the wild laurel blos-
     The yummy Cookie                alleghenyriverstone.org
                                                                      soms in their natural habitat. Check out the laurel fields just north
Daze Festival will happen                                             of Brookville on Rt. 949 near the town of Sigel. It’s a beautiful spot.

                                                                       We are pleased to acknowledge the support of the Clarion County Room Tax Committee.

                                                                                      animal Attractions

      All Creatures Great And Small

           f you go camping,           Sissy and Frisky, a llama,
           canoeing or hiking in       a rhea, donkeys and more.        Affordable Family Vacation Stop

           our neck of the woods,      Open daily. (814) 752-2942,
                                                                              ooking for something the
           your chances of seeing      thefarmersinn.com                      whole family can do and
     wildlife are pretty good. But          The Reiland Farm, lo-             not break the budget?
     you can also see animals at       cated five miles from Tion-      Then the Double Diamond
     several area attractions.         esta, is a small, family-owned   Deer Ranch will brighten your
          At the Double Dia-           farm raising llamas and An-      day. The ranch has a herd of 20
     mond Deer Ranch located           gora goats. Its shop features    white tail deer, including rare
     three miles south of Cook         natural yarns and woven and      all-white, and brown and white
     Forest, you can watch and         knitted items made from the      piebald deer. If you keep your
     photograph deer in their          animals’ fleece. When you        hand stamp on from your origi-
     natural habitat. In                       stop in, you’re likely   nal admission you can come
     the summer months                         to see the animals       back later at 6 p.m. and help
                                                                        bottle feed the fawns and give     week 10 a.m. till dusk.
     the newborn fawns                         grazing in the fields.
                                                                        apples to the adult deer.               You can play glow-in-the-
     are adorable, plus                        It’s open year round                                        dark mini golf at the Double
     the regular cast of                                                Your admission also admits you
                                               by chance or appoint-                                       Diamond as well. There are
                                                                        to the Buck Barn wildlife mu-
     characters includ-                        ment. 814-755-4019,                                         now two 9-hole games. One has
                                                                        seum, showcasing everything
     ing Tweetie, an all                       csonline.net/there-                                         a Jurassic dinosaur theme and
                                                                        from a mouse to a moose.
     white deer with blue                      ilandfarm                There are many trophy bucks        the other has a Western theme.
     eyes, is always fun to                        And don’t for-       on display including RDM Go-       The first round is $4 and the
     watch. Kids can help                      get Punxsutawney         liath, the world’s highest scor-   second is just $2. You can golf
     bottle feed the fawns                     — one of the most        ing buck. The deer park and        weekends in May and June
     in the afternoons.                        famous small towns in    museum are open seven days a       from noon to 8 p.m., then
     That’s also treat time                    America thanks to a                                         every day of the week July 4
     for the adult deer                                                                                    to Labor Day noon to 8 p.m.
                                               furry little guy named
     who get apples and                                                                                    There is also a gift shop on
                                               Punxsutawney Phil.
                                                                                                           site offering reasonably priced
     carrots. The ranch is                     Every February 2 —                                          clothing, blankets, toys and
     open seven days a week May        Groundhog Day, thousands                                            wildlife gifts.
     through November. 814-752-        of people gather to witness
     6334, doublediamonddeer-          Phil’s prediction of more
     ranch.com                         winter or early spring. During
          The Farmer’s Inn just        the summer months, you
     north of Sigel has a variety      can stop by Phil’s off-season                                       The folks at Double Diamond
     of animals for visitors to see.   home, the Punxsutawney                                              say, “We hope you bring your
     You can feed goats and deer,      Groundhog Zoo, where he                                             dear family to visit our deer
     pet a rabbit and come face        lives with his wife Phyllis                                         family.” For more information
     to face with Yogi, the black      and cousin Barney. (800)                                            call (814) 752-6334 or
     bear. There are also playful                                                                          go online to —
                                       752-7445, punxsutawney.
     coatimundis, two cougars —                                                                            doublediamonddeerranch.com.

RELAX                and browse the tables at
the big Flea Market in Hazen, PA this summer.
There will be hundreds of vendors selling an-
tiques, crafts and food June 4 & 5, July 2 & 3,
August 6 & 7 and September 3 & 4. It opens             Remember Your
at 8 a.m. each day. Food and refreshments
available on site. It’s located 6 miles north of
Brookville at 6847 Rt. 28. Get more informa-
                                                       FOREST VACATION
                                                         or something special to remember your forest vacation,
tion at hazenfleamarket.com.                             stop by Cooksburg Dry Goods. This quaint log cabin gift
                                                         shop is located in the heart of Cook Forest along the
                                                   banks of the Clarion River.
                                                         When you step inside, you’ll discover a lovely array of
                                                   gifts and home décor with a woodland theme. There’s some-
                                                   thing around every turn such as Old World Christmas orna-
                                                   ments, Ne’Qua Art ornaments, nature books, candles, pillows,
                                                   table runners, placemats, serving dishes, stained glass, and
                                                   framed art. There are note cards, wooden post cards and an
                                                   extensive line of plush forest animals.
                                                         The store is the area’s exclusive outlet for high-quality
                                                   Folkmanis Puppets including deer, bears, raccoons, beavers,
                                                   eagles and other creatures of the forest. It also stocks snacks,
                                                   beverages including Fireside Coffee, and supplies for hikers
                                                   and canoeists. The 25-cent candy is always a favorite with
                                                         Directly behind the store you’ll find Cook Riverside Cab-
                                                   ins. This beautiful campgound features 19 cabins on 15 acres
                                                   of woods with landscaped grassy areas. The Pale Whale Fleet
                                                   is next door to the dry goods store. This boat livery rents
                                                   canoes, kayaks and innertubes for floating down the Clarion
                                                   River. The Cooksburg Cafe is here as well, serving cheeseburg-
  At 1,500 ft. Brady’s Bend Overlook is one of     ers, hand-cut fries, and 28 flavors of Hershey’s premium ice
  the best locations to view hawks and eagles      cream.
                                                         Cooksburg Dry Goods is located a quarter mile from the
  migrating along the Allegheny River. You’ll      River Bridge on River Rd. in Cook Forest. For more information
  find it along Rt. 68 in Clarion County.          call (800) 680-0160 or check out cookriverside.com online.

                                                                                          sports Page
      Car, Truck &
      Bike Events
      Rev Up

                                                                                                                   Running Wild
                                                                                                                   With the fresh air and beauti-
                                                                                                                   ful scenery all around, runners
                                                                           The Toughest Show On Dirt
                                                                           See bronco riding, steer wrestling,
                                                                                                                   love racing in our forest region.
                                                                           roping, bull riding, and women’s        Here’s a lineup of events taking

                                                                                                                   place this summer. Check out
        eel the power, hear the thunder, and                               barrel racing at the Allegheny Mt.
                                                                           Championship Rodeo, a professional      the websites for more informa-
        experience some unforgettable moments                              competition, happening July 14-16.      tion or call to sign up.
     at the competitions, rallies and cruises                              The action starts each evening at 8
                                                                           p.m. at the Flying W Ranch near Tion-   Dahoga Dash 5K
     happening this summer in our region.                                  esta, PA. Get all the details at www.   May 29, 9 a.m.
                                                                           theflyingwranch.com or call (814)       Wilcox, PA
          Start the season off with        Later that month take           463-7663.                               (814) 965-5482
     the professional Big Truck       a 100-mile journey on the
     & Tractor Pull, June 18, 7       Dream Makers Make-A-Wish                                                     Fox Township Park Memorial Fund
                                      Motorcycle Ride so a child                                                   5K Run & Walk
     p.m. at the Jefferson County
                                                                                                                   May 29
     Fairgrounds in Brookville,       with a life-threatening illness
                                                                                                                   Fox Township Park
     PA.(814) 265-0640, bigrig-       can have a wish come true.                                                   (814) 885-8450, Ext.3
     spulling.com                     July 16, 9 a.m. Starts at Cam-
           Head into your Fourth of   eron County Vets Club on 2nd                                                 Brookville YMCA
     July weekend by catching the     St. in Emporium, PA.                                                         Millcreek Adventure Race
                                                                                                                   Includes running, biking, canoeing,
     full-size and mini van events    (814) 546-2888
                                                                                                                   orienteering and swimming.
     at the Demolition Derby at            See tractors fill the streets                                           June 4, 7 a.m.
     the Wolfs Corners Fairgrounds.   at Cameron County Trac-                                                      Millcreek Boat Launch to
     July 2, 7 p.m., Lake Lucy Rd.,
     Tionesta, PA. (814) 744-
                                      tor Parade, August 8, 5 p.m.
                                      Emporium, PA.
                                                                           Perfect Pitch                           Brookville YMCA
                                                                                                                   Brookville, PA
                                                                           Enjoy a day of pitching and reminisc-
                                           There will be a Compact                                                 (814) 849-7355
     9366, wolfscornersfair.com                                            ing at the Harvey Gribble Horseshoe
                                      Car Demolition Derby fol-            Tournament on August 13, starting at
                                      lowed by a truck derby August        9 a.m. Head to the Cameron County
                                                                                                                   6K Run/Walk for Hope
                                                                           Fiargrounds on Rt. 46 in Emporium,
                                      12, 7 p.m. at the Elk County                                                 June 11, 9 a.m.
                                                                           PA. Call (814) 486-1412 for more
                                      Fair Grounds in Kersey, PA.          information.
                                                                                                                   Kersey, PA
                                           Round out the summer                                                    (814) 885-8450 ext.3
                                      with the Labor Day Demoli-
                                                                                                                   Summer Heat Laurel 5K
                                      tion Derby featuring compact                                                 & 1-Mile Fun Run
                                      and full-size cars, September                                                June 18, 9 a.m.
                                      3, 7 p.m. Wolfs Corners Fair-                                                Main St., Brookville, PA
                                      grounds, Lake Lucy Rd., Tion-                                                (814) 849-7355
                                      esta, PA. (814) 744-9366,
     Cruise On In                     wolfscornersfair.com
                                           A variety of car, truck and
                                                                                                                   Elk County Classic 5K
     Check out the car and mo-                                                                                     July 9, 9 a.m.
     torcycle crusie-ins happening
     at the Cookie Daze Festival
                                      tractor events also will take
                                      place at the Jefferson County        Batter Up!                              Johnsonburg, PA
                                                                                                                   (814) 776-2413
                                                                           Catch the State Senior Little
                                      Fair, July 17-23, jeffcofair.
     in Rimersburg, PA on August                                           League Baseball Tournament this         Lee Foster Memorial 5K
                                      com; Clarion County Fair,            summer. Teams of 14- to 16-year
     12-14, cookiedazecarcruise.                                                                                   August 13, 9 a.m.
                                      July 24-30, clarioncounty-           olds from across Pennsylvania will      St Marys, PA
     com; the Tionesta Indian
                                      fair.com; Sykesville Youth           compete for the championship title.     (814) 558-1329
     Festival in Tionesta, PA on      Fair, August 7-13, sykesville-       The games will take place in the
     August 13-21, forestcounty.      fair.org; and the Cameron
                                                                           afternoons and evening. July 28-Au-     David Hutton Memorial
     com; and Knox Horsethief                                              gust 1 at the Cameron County Little     5K Run & 2-Mile Walk
                                      County Fair, August 7-13,            League Complex on Sizerville Rd.
     Days, August 20-27 in Knox,                                                                                   August 20, 9 a.m.
                                      cameroncountyfair.org.               (Rt. 155)in Emporium, PA. For more      Emporium, PA, (814) 486-1508
     PA, knoxborough.com                                                   information call (814) 512-0685.        www.davidhuttonmemorial.org

                                                                               gone Fishin’

   Cast Your Line
   Cast Off Worries

           ummertime is all             Wild trout are abundant
           about taking it easy.   in cold streams and fast flow-
           There’s no better       ing rivers. The Tionesta Creek
           sport than fishing      (near Tionesta), the upper
           for leaving everyday    Clarion River (near Wilcox),
stress behind and enjoying         and the feeder streams to the
the nice weather. Plus there’s     Stevenson Reservoir (near
a real chance you’ll catch         Sinnemahoning) are good          Bring A Friend Fishing—Go fishing May 30 and
something good for dinner.         locations. There is a delayed-   September 5 and bring a friend along. No fishing
     Here in Pennsylvania’s        harvest/artificial-lures-only    license required. The PA Fish and Boat Commission
Great Outdoor region we            area at the mouth of Baily
                                   Run located on First Fork Sin-
                                                                    has designated them Fish For Free Days on lakes,
have an abundance of clean
mountain streams and fish-         nemahoning Creek. The east       rivers and streams throughout Pennsylvania.
filled lakes. The waterways of     and west branches of Cowley
the Allegheny National Forest      Run, which flow through          Johnsonburg, and the North      lunge are catchable through-
are home to more than 71           Sizerville State Park in Empo-   Fork Red Bank Creek near        out the Allegheny River basin
species of fish. Most popular      rium, have brook and brown       Brookville.                     and the Tionesta and Steven-
are walleye, smallmouth bass,      trout and offer mountain              Smallmouth bass can be     son reservoirs. There is also
muskellunge, northern pike,        freestone fishing at its best.   found in the Allegheny River    great walleye fishing on the
yellow perch and trout.                 There are trout waters      (near Tionesta, Foxburg, and    Allegheny River.
     Both native and stocked       where only catch-and-release     East Brady), Tionesta Creek          Get fishing licenses on-
trout fishing are popular          or limited harvest fishing are   (near Tionesta) and the Por-    line at the PA Fish and Boat
along Clear Creek and in Cook      permitted. Tackle restrictions   tage and Driftwood branches     Commission website, www.
Forest. Trout are stocked in       apply on these waters and        of Sinnemahoning Creek.         fish.state.pa.us, along with
the East Branch of the Clarion     some are for fly-fishing only.        Largemouth bass are        regs, seasons, limits, and
River at Bendigo State Park        If you’re interested, consider   plentiful in Buzzard Swamp      maps. Licenses can also be
and the George B. Stevenson        the tail waters of Big Mill      (near Marienville), Kyle Lake   purchased at county court-
Reservoir.                         Creek near Ridgway, West         (near Falls Creek) and Kahle    houses and outdoor supply
                                   Branch Clarion River near        Lake (near Knox). Muskel-       stores.

                                                                              Get More Out Of Your Hike
                                                                              If you like to add excitement and purpose to your hike in
                                                                              the woods, then go geocaching. It’s an adventure sport that
                                                                              lets you enjoy being outdoors while you hunt for hidden
                                                                                   First, you’ll need a hand-held GPS, similar to the navi-
                                                                              gation systems in cars. Your goal is to find hidden treasures
                                                                              known as caches. Caches usually contain a log book and
                                                                              trinkets. Signing the log book proves you found it.
                                                                                   You begin your adventure knowing only the longitude

           he bikers living in our area have created a series of self-guid-   and latitude coordinates of the cache, then let your GPS
           ed tours to take you through some spectacular scenery. Get         guide you to it.
           your free Biker’s Guide on our website, which includes turn by          Our region is part of the Allegh-
      turn directions for four different rides: Allegheny National Forest,    eny GeoTrail, a series of geocach-
      Cook Forest, Pennsylvania’s Elk Range, and groundhog territory          es hidden throughout Cameron,
      featuring the hometown of Punxsutawney Phil.                            Clarion, Elk, Forest, Jefferson
           Each tour offers many photo opportunities so be sure to bring      and nearby counties.
      your camera. There are plenty of places to stop and look around,             Each county has 10 to 20
      plus places to eat, shop and stay.                                      caches. If you find six of them
           The town of Foxburg along the Allegheny River is a rally-          within a county, you’ll receive a special
      ing spot for recreational bikers on weekends during the summer          geo-coin. If you find six caches within every county, you’ll
      months.                                                                 earn a geo-coin representing the entire trail.
           Call us at (814) 849-5197 for your free Biker’s Guide or log on
                                                                              Check out alleghenygeotrail.com for GeoTrail coordinates. Or log
      to VisitPaGo.com for directions.
                                                                              on to geocaching.com and type in one of the zip codes for our area:
                                                                              Brookville 15825; Clarion 16214; Cook Forest 16217; Emporium 15834;

     Close To Good Restaurants,                                               Foxburg 16036; Johnsonburg 15845; Marienville 16239; Punxsutaw-
                                                                              ney 15767; Ridgway 15853; Sinnemahoning 15861; St. Marys 15857;
     Area Attractions...                                                      and Tionesta 16353.

     and the stars
                                                                                 Forest County
     Most nights at Forest
                                                                               Your Natural Escape
     Ridge cabins and camp-
     ground the stars are so                                                  431 square miles of
     bright you feel you can                                                  4 fresh air
     reach out and touch them.
     The luminous band of the                                                 4 friendly people
     Milky Way arching across
     the sky makes you want to                                                4 forestlands
     count your lucky stars for
     choosing to vacation here.                                               4 fish-filled lakes...
           Forest Ridge has five cab-
     ins, two campers and one tent
                                               Forest Ridge is located
                                          at 3566 Loleta Rd., just south      and not a single stop light.
     package available for nightly or     of Marienville and minutes
     weekly rentals. The Allegheny,
     Adirondack and Smokey cabins
                                          away from Cook Forest, the
                                          Allegheny National Forest,
                                                                                  Visit Forest County this summer.
     have private hot tubs on the         and near many good res-               Marienville 4th of July Celebration - July 4
     porch to relax in and enjoy. All     taurants and taverns, Tall                   Festival in the Forest - June 18
     units are pet free and smoke free.   Oaks Stores, Double Diamond
           There are plenty of camp-      Deer Ranch and the MACA                    Wolf’s Corners Fair - June 28-July 4
     sites too. Whether you require       community pool. For rates,          Allegheny Mt. Championship Rodeo - July 14-16
     water and electric for your tent     check in times, discounts and
     or RV, or prefer a primitive         more information, check out              Tionesta Indian Festival - August 13-21
     campsite, both are available in      forestridgecabins.com. For             Labor Day Demolition Derby - September 3
     wooded and open area settings.       reservations call (814) 927-
     You will also find clean, modern     8340. Remember to make                   For travel information including attractions and restaurants call
     rest rooms and showers on-site       a wish every time you see a                          814-849-5197 or go to www.visitpago.com.
     for your convenience.                shooting star!                            Paid for by the Forest County Room Tax Committee

                                                                                               breath of Fresh Air

               Take A Hike or Ride A Bike

           ikers love the         and grouse can be seen. A          hiking and biking paths.                 You can take an elk
           Clarion/Little Toby    large boulder along the way              The bike trails in our        viewing bicycle ride starting
           Trail, which runs      provides a great view of the       state parks and forests cover       from the town of Benezette.
           from Ridgway to        valley.                            a wide range of terrain—from        Nowhere else in the eastern
Brockway through state game            Also in Clarion County        meandering pathways through         U.S. will you find such a
lands. It follows the Clarion     check out the 32-mile              the woods to challenging,           scenic, easy ride that also
River from Ridgway to the         Allegheny Trail from Parkers       uphill rides.                       offers the opportunity to see
ghost town of Carman then         Landing to Franklin; the 52-             In the Allegheny National     elk. The best times of day
Little Toby Creek to Brockway.    mile Armstrong Trail from East     Forest, biking is allowed on        to see elk are early morning
En route you’ll find six ghost    Brady to Schenley; and the         trails, plus on gated and open      and evening. To improve
towns, a swinging bridge over     13-mile Redbank Trail from         roads.                              your chances, bring along
a creek, and the remnants of a    Fairmont City to Baxter.                 Some great ANF biking         binoculars, and ride quietly
1932 train wreck. There is lots        The 1/2-million-acre          spots include the family-           and slowly. As you crest a hill
of wildlife too including deer,   Allegheny National Forest has      friendly Beaver Meadows loop,       or enter a new viewing spot,
wild turkey, herons and bald      over 600 miles of hiking trails:   which winds through prime           scan the area closely.
eagles.                                                                                deer and               Another recommended
scenery along
                 With beautiful scenery all around,                                    turkey country
                                                                                       and past
                                                                                                         bike route is the Gameslands
                                                                                                         Ride that begins near Ridgway.
the Cook         hiking and bicycling are two of the                                   several ponds     The ride features tree-arched
Forest Trail is                                                                        that attract an   paths, caves, scenic overlooks,
outstanding     most popular activities in the region.                                 abundance of      boulders to climb on, Little
every season                                                                           waterfowl.        Toby Creek, and a stretch of
as well. The trail leads to       Just outside of Marienville,             Another interesting ANF       one of the finest rail-trails
Seneca Point, a magnificent       you’ll find Buzzard Swamp, a       trail is the Duhring Trail.         around. There is a stone quarry
natural overlook with a           landscape of forests, meadows      About a mile north of the           where you can see a massive,
commanding view of the            and ponds. The trail (which is     village of Duhring, there was       historical steam engine that
Clarion River. There is a         dry) is about five miles long.     a prisoner of war camp for          was used to lower rocks down
fire tower you can climb for      The swamp is home to 15            German soldiers during WWII.        the mountain. It requires a
another impressive view of the    man-made ponds that provide        Less than a mile into your ride     lengthy climb at the start, but
river valley.                     habitat for wildlife, so be        you’ll see the stone quarry and     after you reach the top, it’s
      You can explore miles       sure to bring your binoculars.     boulder field where the German      loaded with one rewarding view
of well-maintained trails         Also check out Brush Hollow        inmates worked.                     after another.
throughout Clear Creek State      and Twin Lake trails north of            The Cook Forest State              Trail maps are available at
Park too. Wild rhododendron       Ridgway and the Minister Creek     Park bike route follows lightly     state park and national forest
and mountain laurel bushes        Trail near Tionesta.               traveled roads and has a            offices. Plus you can download
pepper the path in June                Many former railroad          moderate level of difficulty        directions and trail descriptions
and many kinds of wildlife        right-of-ways in the region        with some rolling hills as well     on our website VisitPaGo.com
including deer, bear, turkey      have been converted to scenic      as long flat areas.

      Whether you’re looking for a snack on
      the go or casual dining with a magnificent
      view, you’ll find it in our region.

            few local favorites      taking place July 15-16          and crafts at the Wine Fest
            include the great        starting at 9 a.m. Yoders        in the Forest at Majestic
            breakfasts, lunches      Furniture,                       Farms and Hall in Crown,
     and Friday fish fry at the      Punxsutawney, PA, (814)          PA on August 20. winef-
     Buttonwood Restaurant in        427-2720                         estintheforest.com
     Emporium. buttonwoodmo-              The local Lions Club will        On Labor Day Weekend
     tel.com                         host a Chicken BBQ at St.        head back to the Gateway
          Try the fresh, home-       Anthony’s Church in Tionesta     Lodge in Cook Forest for a
     cooked and affordable food      following the Tionesta Indian    Brewer’s Workshop, Beer
     at the Pantall Hotel in         Festival parade on August        Tasting Dinner with a
     Punxsutawney. pantallhotel.     20. (814) 755-3672, forest-      reception dinner and chance
     com; the Mandarin ginger-       county.com                       to talk with brewing pros.    The Good Pour
     chicken salad at Hunter         You can sample local wines,      September 2-5. gateway-       Stop in Ridgway this July for
     Station Golf Club (which        beers, chocolates, cheeses       lodge.com                     the town’s popular Tasting
     is open to the public) in                                                                      in the Wilds wine, beer,
     Tionesta. hunterstation.
     com; the buffet and pizza        Enjoy A Cold One                                              food and art festival. You can
                                                                                                    sample the best brews and
     at Plyler’s in Brookville;       The Straub family has been
                                                                                                    vintages from the region and
     the Jesse James prime rib        brewing beer for generations                                  across the state. Plus you can
     sandwich at Gunners in St.       in St. Marys. They use a pro-                                 nosh delicious hors d’oeuvres,
     Marys, gunners.biz; and the      cess virtually unchanged since                                sandwiches and pasta pre-
     Philly steak sub at Foxburg      their great-great- grandfather,                               pared by local restaurants.
     Pizza & Country Store in         Peter Straub, perfected it in                                 Area bands provide musical
     Foxburg, PA.                                                                                   entertainment throughout
                                      1872. It starts with spring-
          Here are a few tasty                                                                      the day and the arts council
                                      fed mountain water and 100%
     events to check out this                                                                       puts on a fine arts show.
     summer as well.                  natural brewing ingredients.
                                                                                                    Craft vendors also are on
                                      Free tours of the brewery are
                                                                                                    hand demonstrating their
                                      offered to visitors 12 and older Monday through Friday        skills. This year’s event takes
                                      between 9 a.m. and noon. To ensure seeing the brewery in      place July 23 rain or shine
                                      operation, call in advance (814) 834-2875.                    at the Ridgway Firemen’s
                                      For more information go to straubbeer.com                     Grounds on Rt. 219. ridg-

         Treat Dad to a Brewfest                                                           Sunset At The Winery
     Weekend at the Gateway                                                                Enjoy the sights and sounds of the
     Lodge in Cooksburg, PA. He                                                            summer in the picnic pavilion at
     can learn about brewing                                                               Laurel Mountain Winery in Falls
     from the pros and try all the                                                         Creek, PA. The winery will be hosting
     unique flavors of beer. June                                                          sunset evenings happening May 27,
     17 & 18. (800) 843-6862,                                                              June 4, & 24, July 9 & 22, and Au-
     gatewaylodge.com                                                                      gust 5 & 20 at 7 p.m. Hear live music,
         You can enjoy free food,                                                          get a logo wine glass, and discounts
     drinks, and games for kids                                                            on your wine purchases.
     at Yoders Pig Roast & BBQ                                                             (814) 371-7022, laurelwines.com

Freshly Prepared
Sandwiches, Wraps,
                                                                                                                Find us on...
Burgers & Hot Dogs
PLUS 36 Flavors of Ice Cream

 I f you love good food and being in Cook Forest
   by the Wild and Scenic Clarion River, you’ll love
 the Cooksburg Cafe. The cafe’s food is freshly
                                                        summer days. You can enjoy your favorite flavor
                                                        in a cake cone, sugar cone, waffle cone or dish.
                                                        Or have it made into a sundae, super banana
                                                                                                                http://bit.ly/NWPAGO or just
                                                                                                                search for PA Great Outdoors.

 prepared and custom made for each order. Look          split, milk shake, or a Swirl, a refreshing house
 for fish, chicken, tuna, and steak sandwiches          specialty drink made with ice cream and frozen
 and wraps, plus Smith’s all-beef hot dogs, and         100% fruit juice.                                       Follow us on
                                                              When you stop by, you can relax at a table in
 delicious hamburgers including the local favorite
 — the Bud VanDale Burger. To satisfy every             the open-air court, under a canopy, a table among       Twitter...
 taste, the cafe offers 19 different toppings for its   the trees, or along the banks of the Clarion River.
 sandwiches and burgers.                                When you’re ready to go, you can get a pint or
       Side orders include hand-cut French fries        quart of ice cream to take with you and enjoy
 and curly fries. There are also salads, onion rings,   later.
 pizza logs, chicken tenders, hummus with pretzel             You’ll find the Cooksburg Cafe on River Rd. in
 chips and more.                                        Cook Forest, a quarter mile from Rt. 36. The cafe
       The cafe serves 36 flavors of Hershey’s          is open 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. seven days a week to
 premium ice cream to cool you on those warm            the second weekend in October. (814) 744-8601.

                 Special Events JUST FOR KIDS
Children’s Fishing Rodeo             performances Sponsored by Elk
June 5, 1-3 p.m.                     County Council on the Arts.
Cook Forest State Park               June 6-11, call for times
Children’s Fishing Pond              Throughout Elk County
(814) 744-8407                       (814) 772-7051, eccota.com
calendar/list.asp                    Snake Hunt
                                     Hunt for rattlesnakes and harm-
                                     less species. Educational events
                                     and displays for adults and           Reynoldsville, PA                   Happy Birthday Carnival
                                     children.                             jeffersoncoyfd.org                  Children’s carnival with games,
                                     June 10-12, 8 a.m.-dark                                                   prizes, face painting, clowns,
                                     Sinnemahoning Sportsmen’s             Visual Arts Camp                    Chinese auction, 50/50 drawing
                                     Association, 15 Club Rd.              Sponsored by the Elk County         and carnival food.
                                     Sinnemahoning, PA                     Council on the Arts.                August 5, 5-8 p.m.
                                     (814) 546-2835                        June 20-24                          Holiday Inn Clarion
                                     sinnemahoning-sportsmen.org           Call for times and locations        Clarion, PA, (814) 226-8850
                                                                           (814) 772-7051                      hiclarion.com
                                     Jefferson County Youth                eccota.com
Kids’ Fishing Derby                  Field Day                                                                 Youth Day
Children fish for trout.             Shooting sports, archery, canoe-      Brookville YMCA                     Instructional displays, shooting
May 28, 10 a.m.-noon                 ing, and outdoors skill demon-        Cares for Kids Duathlon             bows and .22 rifles, trapping,
Brooks Run off Rt. 872               strations. Includes lunch, hats,      Benefits Western PA Cares for       snake handling, fishing, gun
Sinnemahoning, PA                    shirts, and other prizes. Free.       Kids. July 16                       safety, Game and Fish Commis-
(814) 546-2835                       June 11,                              Cook Forest State Park              sion displays, lunch.
                                     7:30 a.m.-3                           Cooksburg, PA                       August 13, 9 a.m.-2 p.m.
Summer Theater Camp                  p.m.                                  (814) 752-6452                      Sinnemahoning Sportsmen’s
Chance for kids to learn and         Reynlow                               brookvilleymca.com                  Club Grounds
produce a musical. Two public        Park                                                                      15 Club Rd., Sinnemahoning PA
                                     Rt. 310,                                                                  (814) 546-2835

                                     america Celebrates

      Fireworks Fill The Sky
                                                                                                          Bethlehem, PA. newbethle-
                                                                                                               Cameron County will
                                                                                                          set off thunderous fireworks
                                                                                                          celebrating our nation’s birth
                                                                                                          on July 2 at dusk. Cameron
                                                                                                          County High School football
                                                                                                          field, Emporium, PA.
                                                                                                               The I Love Clarion
                                                                                                          celebration will present live
                                                                                                          entertainment, music and
                                                                                                          fireworks on July 3, 7-10
                                                                                                          p.m. at Clarion University’s
                                                                                                          Memorial Stadium, Clarion,
                                                                                                          PA. clarionpa.com
                                                                             Check out the Arts,
     Brockway’s                      for kids also gets going.
                                     By 10:45 a.m. the musi-            Crafts & Food Festival in
                                                                                                               Scottish Heights Golf
                                                                                                          Course will host a golf tour-
     Old-Fashioned                   cal entertainment begins           Ellwood City, July 1-3. It        nament, live entertainment,
                                     featuring everything from          will feature over 200 art and
     Fourth of July                  patriotic songs to hard rock-      craft booths with paintings,
                                                                                                          and fireworks, July 3.
                                                                                                          485 Scottish Heights Drive,
     If you’re in our Great Out-     ing modern country music           candles, jewelry, stained         Brockport, PA. scottish-
     doors region on July 4th,       throughout the day.                glass, wooden gifts, woven        heights.com
                                                         Also enjoy     hammocks and more, plus                Marienville’s 4th of July
                                                    an antique          live music, dance groups,         celebration will feature food,
                                                    car show,           children’s activities and fire-   a parade, and fireworks, July
                                                    horse-drawn         works. Ewing Park, Ellwood        4, 1-10 p.m. at MACA Park.
                                                    carriage rides,     City, PA. ellwood-city-festi-          Be sure to stop by St.
                                                    bingo, art, craft   val.net                           Joseph’s 72nd 4th of July
                                                    shows, balloon           You can also see amaz-       Celebration featuring a
                                                    artists, kid’s      ing artwork from PA Wilds         chicken and ham dinner,
                                                    games and all       artisans at ArtFest/Week-         homemade noodle soup and
     the town of Brockway (I-80                     kinds of food       end in the Wilds. You can
     Exit 97) does a bang up job     both savory and sweet.             enjoy food from local restau-
     with its fireworks. But the          Brockway’s Fourth of          rants and fireworks. Happen-
     big fireworks show is just a    July parade will march down        ing in Driftwood, Emporium
     dazzling finish to the town’s   Main Street starting at 6 and      and Sinnemahoning, PA,
     full day of celebrating.        the spectacular fireworks          July 1-4. cameroncounty-
          The center of activity     displays starts at 9:45 p.m.       chamber.org
     for Brockway’s Old Fash-             For a complete schedule            St. Marys Area Chamber
     ioned Fourth of July is the     of events visit brockway-          of Commerce will sponsor
     town’s Taylor Memorial Park     fourth.com                         entertainment and fireworks
     right off Main Street on 7th                                       on July 2, 5 p.m. to dusk at      pies, games for all ages,
     Avenue.                         More Independence                  the St. Marys Country Club.       entertainment, $35,000 in
          Events kick off at 8:30    Weekend Events                     stmaryschamber.org                cash and prizes including 20
     a.m. with the 10K Fire-             Festivities will be tak-            There will be music, arts    handmade quilts. July 4, 11
     cracker Race. At 10 in the      ing place all Fourth of July       & crafts, and fireworks July      a.m.-4 p.m. at St. Joseph
     morning, the fishing contest    weekend throughout our             2, noon-10 p.m.at Gum-            Parish Grounds, Lucinda, PA.
                                     region.                            town Memorial Park in New         st-joseph-lucinda.org

 Groundhog Festival

  July 3
and carries
 on until
  July 9

       his summer’s Groundhog
       Festival in Punxsutaw-
       ney, PA will feature a
great line up of main stage
performances and other
      The weeklong event will
begin humbly with the True
Heart Quartet performing                                            joined on stage by a band of   ney, Led Zeppelin, Foreigner,
four-part harmony arrange-                                          top-notch musicians as well    and an epic collection of
ments of Christian gospel                                                                          one-hit wonders. Shows will
songs in Punxsutawney’s                                                                            be at 7:30 and 9 p.m. on
Barclay Square, Sunday, July                                                                       Friday, July 8.
3 at 4 p.m.                                                                                            Then on Saturday, July
On July 4 & 5 the sparkle,                                                                         9 prepare to have Fun, Fun,
                    spangle,            The McClymonts are an                                      Fun with Kahuna Beach
                    magic and      award-winning country music
                    wonder of      trio from Australia. These       an amazing vocalist Char-
                    the Kid’s      three singing and song writ-     lene Boldin. The band will
                    Day Circus     ing sisters — Brooke, Sam        perform at 7:30 and 9 p.m.
                    will delight   and Mollie — are known for       on July 7.
                    children       their vibrancy, beautiful har-        Midnight Special will
                    and the        monies and soaring melodies.     play a collection of classic
                    young at       They will perform at 7:30 and    ‘70s rock including music by   Party’s musical celebration
heart. This collection of chil-    9 p.m. on the main stage in      Queen, Styx, Boston, Jour-     of the Beach Boys. The band
dren’s circus acts including       Barclay Square on July 6.                                       will perform a light-hearted
little daredevils, tight rope           Hear ‘Ole 97 keep the                                      tribute to the early 1960’s
walkers, dancers and clowns        fire burning for the man in                                     and days spent at the beach
will stretch the limits of your    black—Johnny Cash. The                                          with surf boards, fast cars
imagination.                       group’s lead singer, Randy                                      and the promise of perpetual
      There will be two shows      Hunter, pays tribute with a                                     youth and beauty. Shows at
daily in the late morning and      style and voice that captures                                   7:30 and 9 p.m.
early afternoon.                   Johnny in his prime. He is

                                                 music and Theater
                                                                       Check out the Bluegrass &
                                                                       Country Music Jamboree,
                                                                       July 8-10 at Redbank Valley
                                                                       Park. The Music starts Friday
                                                                       evening and goes through Sun-
                                                                       day afternoon. A wide variety
                                                                       of country and bluegrass bands
                                                                       will be jamming throughout
                                                                       the weekend. Free admission,
     Summer Stage At Sawmill Center                                    but donations appreciated.

                                                                       Food and camping will be
             he Cook Forest Sawmill Center for the Arts buzzes with    available. The park is located
             excitement all summer long. Part of the fun is the        at 137 Park Rd. Fairmont City,
             center’s dynamic theater program at its Verna Leith       PA. (814) 365-5924,
             Theater. Here’s a look at this year’s line up of shows:
          The season kicks off with Southern Fried Murder, a de-                              Music Along The Allegheny
     lightful mystery/comedy that will answer the question “Who                                Foxburg is a charming town along the
     killed Auntie Magnolia?” June 2-4 & 9-11.                                                 Allegheny River in Clarion County.
          Keeping with the southern theme, you can enjoy Steel                                 The town is experiencing a renais-
     Magnolias, the comedy drama about the bond among a group                                  sance with a new hotel, shopping
     of women from Shreveport, LA. June 15 -17.                                                boutiques, restaurants, and a variety
          Also in June, let Gypsy entertain you. This wonderful,                               of music offerings. Catch a concert at
     award-winning musical tells the story of Gypsy Rose Lee, the                              Lincoln Hall at the town’s Allegheny
     famous striptease artist and her mother Rose, the ultimate                                Riverstone Center or something more
     stage mother. June 23-25, June 29-July 2.                                                 casual on the outdoor green.
          July will begin dramatically with The Skin Of Our Teeth.                                This summer the great bluegrass
     This Pulitzer Prize-winning play by Thornton Wilder cel-                                  vocal band, the Allegheny Drifters,
     ebrates humanity’s resilience, inventiveness, and will to         will perform on the green (between the Foxburg library and
     survive. July 6-9, 8 p.m.                                         winery) on May 28 at 7 p.m. Admission is free.
          In mid-month, Snoopy, a warm-hearted musical based                Recent Organist of the Year Donna Parker will play in
     on Peanuts comic strip will take the stage. The show is full of   recital on the Mighty Wurlitzer at Lincoln Hall
     laughs and life lessons on friendship and believing in your-      July 9 at 7 p.m.
     self. July 14-16 & 20-23.                                              Harold Betters, better known as “Mr. Trombone,” will
          Cook Forest will provide the perfect setting to see Into     play his remarkable brand of jazz and bebop on the green in
     the Woods. This edgy and witty musical by Stephen Sond-           Foxburg July 22 at 7 p.m.
     heim combines the fairy tales of Cinderella, Rapunzel, Jack            On August 19, the town will celebrate with a Scottish
     and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood, and the Baker and      Ceilidh, a Scottish folk festival with bagpipe music and cul-
     his Wife. July 27-30.                                             tural performances on the green
          August will start off with a true classic of American             For more information about these events call (412) 867-
     theater, Fiddler On The Roof. It tells the touching story         1816 or visit alleghenyriverstone.org.
     of Tevye, the father of five daughters, and his attempts to
     maintain his family and traditions while outside influences
     encroach on their lives. August 4-6 & 10-13.                      You can also enjoy country
          Disney Jr: Alice in Wonderland, a fast-paced stage           to rock ‘n’ roll music
     adaptation of Alice in Wonderland with updated dialogue and       every Tuesday
     new arrangements of popular Disney songs will run August
     18-20 & 25-27. And the end of the month will heat up with
                                                                       evening this
     Sin, Sex, and the CIA. This is a laugh out loud comedy about      summer at the
     a bumbling C.I.A. agent, sexy Secretary of State, evangelist,     Allegheny Grill
     and ex-marine in a safe house in the mountains. August
     31-September 3.
                                                                       at 40 Main St., in
          The Sawmill Center’s Verna Leith Theater is located at       Foxburg. (724)
     140-170 Theatre Lane, Cooksburg, PA (just off Cooksburg/Vow-      659-5701, visit-
     inckel Road in Cook Forest). All shows start at 8 p.m. For more
     information and tickets call 814-927-6655. sawmill.org

                     county Fairs

There’s No App For This

        ummer just wouldn’t
        be summer without
        the thrill of a county
        fair to liven things
up. Whether it’s the delicious
sweet smell of cotton candy,
the fine craftsmanship
on a hand-stitched quilt,                          ADD PIG PIC
or the sparkle and boom
of fireworks, county fairs
are fun for everybody in
                                                                                                 More Fairs
                                                                                                 The Elk County Fair will
the family. What’s more,                                                                         take place August 9-13 at
county fairs truly celebrate                                                                     the Elk County Fairgrounds
the best of farm life and                                                                        just south of St. Marys,
country living. They’re great                                                                    PA in Kersey. The event
opportunities for kids to                                                                        will feature food, animal
actually see working horses,                                                                     exhibits, demolition derbies,
dairy and beef cattle, sheep,    Clarion County Fair            energy and passion that has      amusement rides, music by
dairy goats, chickens, rabbits   Look for the Vincenta’s        taken them far beyond their      Big Tiny Young everyday,
and even pigs. Real and          White Tigers at this year’s    hometown of Pittsburgh.          and Smokin’ Joe & The
wonderful experiences you’ll     Clarion County Fair. Vicenta   NOMAD will take to the stage     Wild Horse Band on Friday,
never get from TV, video, or     is an extraordinary tiger      Thursday, July 28 at 7:30        August 13 at 7 p.m.
a phone app!                                                    p.m.                                  Juggler, magician,
                                 trainer and her feline co-
                                 stars are white striped             Also at the fair this       storyteller and animal
Jefferson County Fair                                                      year, look for        trainer, Jerry Brown The
The week-long Jefferson                                                    demolition derbies,   Monkey Man will be around
County Fair will feature                                                   truck and tractor
lots of livestock, fruits, and                                             pulls, amusement
vegetable exhibits, plus a                                                 rides and games,
professional rodeo, carnival                                               agricultural shows
rides and games, horse                                                     and livestock
pull, truck and tractor pull,                                              exhibits.
demolition derbies, and fine                                                    The Clarion
food concessions. There                                                    County Fair will
will be plenty of musical        Bengals. Their names are       take place July 24-30 at the
entertainment too with           Spirit, Fiona, Kia, Mikayla,   Redbank Valley Municipal
a weeklong Battle of the         Mohan and Taurus. They                                          to entertain you everyday as
                                                                Park, 1.5 miles from New
Bands. In honor of its 150th     will perform in daily shows                                     well.
                                                                Bethlehem, PA on Rt. 28.
anniversary, a special Civil     Tuesday through Saturday.                                            For more information
                                                                Get the complete schedule at
War Traveling Road Show will          The musical headliner                                      and a schedule of events log
also be at the fair.             will be NOMAD,                                                  on to elkcountyfair.net.
     The Jefferson County        which is short                                                       The Cameron County
Fair will take place July 17-    for North of                                                    Fair will also take place
23 at the Jefferson County       Mason Dixon. The                                                August 6-13 in Emporium,
Fairgrounds just north of        original hard-                                                  PA. The fair has been
Brookville. For a complete       rocking country                                                 of good source a family
schedule visit jeffcofair.com.   band combines                                                   entertainment, skillful
                                 great lyrics and                                                crafts, agricultural exhibits.
                                 melodies with                                                   cameroncountyfair.org

Your Southern Gateway
to the Allegheny National Forest
Visit New Center & Wildlife Habitat
Be one of the first to discover the new Elk Country Visitor Center
in Benezette —
• Sensory-surround Theater
• Interactive Displays
• Wildlife Viewing Areas
(814) 787-5167 • www.ExperienceElkCountry.com

       St. Marys Area
       To celebrate Indepen-
       dence Day the St. Mary’s
       area the chamber of
       commerce is putting on a
       fireworks display at dusk on                                   For more good stuff, be sure to stop by
       July 2. Food and drinks will be available                     the Tasting in the Wilds & Art Show tak-
       starting at 5 p.m. St. Marys Country Club.                    ing place July 23. It brings together area
       (814) 781-3804, stmaryschamber.org                            wineries, a dozen breweries, plus local
            Just south of St. Marys, the Elk                         restaurants to give you a taste of life in    St. Leo’s Summer
       County Fair will spring to life August                        the Pennsylvania Wilds. Artists from the      Festival on August
       9-13 at the fair grounds in Kersey, PA.                       area also participate in an art exhibit for   6-7 is an old-
       Look for great food, exhibits, amusement                      your viewing pleasure.                        fashioned church
       rides, musics, demolition derbies and                               Tasting in the Wilds is sponsored by    festival with
       more. elkcountyfair.net                                       the Ridgway Heritage Council. The group       food, games, car
                                                                     is also organizing a tour of Ridgway’s        show, and kids
                                                                     beautiful historical homes on
                       Ridgway                                       August 21. Call (814) 776-1032,
                                                                                                                   playland. It’s hap-
                      Visit Ridgway this summer                                                                    pening at the Ridgway
                                                                     ridgwayheritagecouncil.org.                   Firemen’s Grounds.
                       for the town’s
                        Fireman’s Celebration                                                                      stleosfestival.com
                        featuring carnival rides,
                        food fireworks and a big
                        parade June 6-11. It’s all                      Elk County
                      happening at the Ridgway
                    Carnival Grounds on North
                                                                       Rich in History, Tradition
               Broad St. ridgwayfire.org.                                 and Natural Beauty
           The Elk County Historical Society in
       Ridgway will hosts its annual Strawberry                             Paid for by the Elk County
       Festival June 17 starting at 5 p.m.                                   Room Tax Committee.

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